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Tips on completing the Youth Intake Screening Forms For Healing Programming

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Instruction of Finishing the Youth Intake Screening Forms For Healing Programming

hello everybody now we're getting soclose to a hundred thousand subscribersbut we need your help please before thisvideo starts press that subscribe buttonturn notifications on and enjoy thevideowhat's going on everybody Jamie are fromFM's cow in today's video I am bringingyou a potentially another exploit nowI'm not sure if it is an exploit or ifit's just a workaroundthis is for you guys to decide apologiesif you guys already know about this Iliterally found out about this yesterdayand I thought I wanted to share with youguys straight away so I haven't done amassive amount of testing or I've doneenough testing to know it works and abig shout-out to James Harcourt from ourTwitter if you want to drop him a followthe link is in the description if youfind this extremely helpful like I haveand I honestly think this could kind ofchange the way you play football managergoing forward more like how it used tobe play a few years ago but if you didenjoy this video please hit that likebutton hit 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its1potential ability and just to see if is1how he fits in your team and then you1can look at the coach report just to see1if there's any any differences but again1make sure that you know the coach1reports and Stauffer by good staff your1scout report is good in terms of your1potential ability and and judging well1that is obviously based on your guys1team so I mean there's other ways to do1this now there was a lot of bad intakes1we all know this so one thing that you1could do is when you go to transfers go1to your intake you could filter out the1ones that you want to trial because I1think you can only trial 30 players at1one time in a club so you need to be1very careful of the players you bring it1in1because you might miss a lot of good1players so you can add these players to1a short list is the other option and1then go to the short list and then you1can look at the short list and you can1filter it by value so a good indication1of a player's good potential is is value1again you've got 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non1decent let's go back there's a four star1player that's that Josh Phillips and it1looks like these players the ones who1tend to take a wild generally don't1accept unfortunately one of them is that1Terry wouldn't been the guy I've just1been noticing him the guy who's right at13 million so if they've got really high1value and stuff like this they might not1accept they might just want to stay at2Chelsea I mean like let's check but2let's just see if he joins I've got a2game let me just go on holiday for one2day2well even if you can like it's2definitely a chance for you to find five2star potential players and I'm gonna2prove this to you in a second when it2comes to a bigger team like Tottenham2and then go into Brazil and finding2players so we've just actually had our2intake but if we just go forward and2let's show you actually some more of2them accepted so Munoz Joshua Munoz2accepted and but yeah that would mean2rejected unfortunately2we go forwards2so is let's say we're on Everton on a2normal save we've just bought in these2guys on trial you know there's no five2star potential player but they might2have been in in other nations2you know like Josh Phillips is four star2Benjamin ant we is four star one and a2half star potential already look at that2guy's got eighteen flare is sixteen2years old if you've seen this guy in2your intake you'd be very impressed2right so yeah it's I think it's really2interesting it needs a lot more testing2but I mean it's something new that I've2learned and I'm really happy about this2because I've absolutely hated not being2able to find or just scouting the2players in the intake and it taken too2long and then eventually they signed2their contracts and you can't sign them2and you're spending money and of course2scouting their players well let's try it2something different now with Tottenham2with a team in Brazil okay we've taken2over Tottenham now let's go and head to2the world tab we're gonna look for2Brazilians so let's go to 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see the reject message for that2well let's go forward and let's see how2many actually accepts I've got 842messages so you can see let's go so2you've got you know a few ones accepted2there he's rejected which I'm assuming2is a guy2who's already signed contracts um you2can see there's the mean it's quite a2few rejected and quite a few accepts it2so but a lot of players coming in but2I'm gonna see if I can find and sign a2five star potential player so let's go2forwards of course we can only have 302trials so you'll see some of them do get2theirs but definitely more than Vigo so2you can see a lot of these trials have2been cancelled which again comes down to2a lot of filtering in terms of the ones2that you want to trial whether it's2based on I guess a personality anything2like that because II you can see how2many have actually joined and this is2based on the Tottenham team which is2very good so let's see if we can find2any five star players I'm not gonna look2I'm just gonna miss it and hope 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to go forward and see if this3guy joins just to show you might take a3while is probably enough to try go for a3web here me but if you if it is going3for a work permit means is accepted of a3la look I'm still being bitter for right3now so yeah but honest luck say please3do let me know now let's just go forward3and see what we get in terms of messages3this guy five star potential Brazilian3like you can't you can't go wrong right3I've not tried it in other nation so I3think it works better the players in3your coronation in regards to like3homegrown players but you can obviously3do it and like I've just done it with3Brazil and also the web payment got3rejected so he's actually accepted the3contract so all I need to do now is3appeal and go through this well it does3need testing in other nations maybe3someone who's doing a maybe a preserver3German save maybe you guys could try it3for me and just try it everywhere but3the main thing about this is you've got3to be quick you have to be quick in3regards to when they come through on3their transfer intake because otherwise3if they sign that contract they won't3allow the trial so that is the main3thing about this if I go to youth intake3again it's what honestly we're just3using this this lot of date section here3and and just having a look3honestly daily if you know that the3Brazilian intakes can happen in3September just check it daily and daily3in September until you start seeing them3come through the quicker you do it the3better one the kids you're gonna get3unfortunately so yeah make sure you do3that my name's Ben Jamie hope you've3enjoyed this leave a like if you have3and I'll see you all next time3you3

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Youth Intake Screening Forms For Healing Programming FAQs

Discover answers to questions about Youth Intake Screening Forms For Healing Programming. Check out the most popular topics and more.

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