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youtube video

Form I 129 Demand Assistance

hello and welcome to this free.immigration support Channel today we're.gonna be talking about the form i-129f.petition for a non-immigrant worker and.I decided to make a video about it.because recently I had a friend of mine.I've been helping him out to fill this.form out together with his employer and.I'll talk a little bit more about about.the details later but I decided to make.this video to kind of well my memories.fresh about how to work about this form.there's really nothing that complicated.about it.the only complicated part about this.form is that you have to actually work.together with your there's another.person involved that you're now working.with to have this form filled out it's.really the responsibility of your.employer to fill out this form but.considering that you are you know.non-immigrant worker and it's really.your status is due it's it's being done.for you you know obviously it's your.responsibility to keep an eye on it and.make sure that the process is done.correctly everything is filled out so.let's get into it and then we will kind.of talk more about it as we go so the.website as always is USA s that do we.nothing nothing out of the ordinary.nothing crazy there let's see you go to.the forms and the form number like I.already said if I 129 petition for.non-immigrant worker and unfortunately.there is no way to file it online.some forms you can actually file online.currently with USA s but not this one.this one you have to print out you know.some parts fill out on the computer some.parts fill out by hand and then actually.mail it so let's start with the actual.form we're gonna open it up and we also.gonna open up the instructions on the.next page so we have.both of those in front of us I always.recommend you know before starting.filling out the application to go.through the instructions now depending.on who you are the employer or the.worker doesn't really matter I guess.because you know you you're still.finding out the information for yourself.one thing that I wanted to point out in.this form is that there are a lot of.different statuses associated and we're.gonna talk a little bit about briefly.and I'll give you one specific example.the one that I was recently working with.and it was the O classification which is.for athletes but but there are a lot of.them out there even the most basic one.the h-1b classification which is the.just a regular worker basically also is.a part of this so there are a lot of.them out there anyway let's go briefly.through the instructions and then we.will go kind of will try to go briefly.through the application now we'll see so.here are the classifications so that you.are familiar approximately with what.they are there is this e 2 which is the.treaty investor there's h-1b which is.like I said the basic speciality.occupation worker it sounds fancy but.really pretty much in most of the.situations whoever you are hiring.overseas if you're an employer or if.you're a worker coming and working for a.company here.you're gonna have the status h-1b.there's also h-2a which is specifically.for agricultural workers there's h-2b.which is temporary non agricultural.worker which is also a very popular one.there's a ch3 which is a trainee l1 it's.a transferee all one which is the alien.of extraordinary ability in art science.education business or athletics now it's.it's very very specific is not very.common but.for athletes this this this is the one.this is the one and I'll give you more.details about an athlete even and you.know how does that work.Oh - we have accompanying alien.basically kind of like a dependent you.know if you know how you have the f1 for.example a student visa and an f2 is.dependent it's very similar.p1 major league sports p1.internationally recognized athletes.Entertainment Group is from group u1s.essential support personnel so far so.forth.q1 there's alien coming temporarily to.participate in international cultural.exchange program our one religious.worker II one treaty trader all the a.types are for the basically the treaty.investors three to eight traders and so.forth.so there are a lot of them obviously you.know like I said most of the times is.gonna be either the h-1b or h-2b but.still it's it's good to kind of figure.out and know where you're applying and.everything like that here is basically.your general information who is filing.the I 129 and I and like I said it is.the u.s. employer who is responsible for.filing this form so you're an employer.you are hiring somebody from overseas.you are filing this form and if you are.an international worker and you're.coming to the US and you're working with.an employer to get your immigration.paper straight you tell them that this.is the form that they need to figure out.I 129 obviously if they can afford to.hire a lawyer and do it with a lawyer.always most of the times better because.they can just walk you through that or.just do it for you but like I always say.on this channel it's good to know what.you are doing even if you are working.with a lawyer it's good to know what.they are doing so that you can take.responsibility for things and oversee ah.let's see.a small exception is recommended at h2a.and h2b petitions for workers from.countries not listed on the respective.eligible countries leaves be filed.separately so there is a special country.eligibility list which we're gonna.briefly mention further.now the general filing instructions we.have our evidence you must submit all.the required initial evidence obviously.which we're gonna go through and see.what it is.biometric service opponent for certain.beneficiaries will be working in the.CNMI so for some applications there will.be biometrics appointment scheduled.which is the fingerprinting and taking.pictures form i-94 sometimes you you.have it if you if you are already here.in the United States obviously you're.gonna have the form i-94 because this is.what they give you when you arrive to.the United States it's the basically.arrival the partial record and it's they.used to give it the actual card the.actual paper document attached to your.passport but not anymore you have to.actually pull it electronically and this.is where you can find it this website.right here CBP govt I 94 obviously.copies of all the documents whatever is.needed translations if the documents are.important.okay so filling out the application.obviously make sure you are honestly I.say type it up okay most of most of the.areas you see they are grayed out you.can type them up right Mike you can type.them up and then print it out and then.whatever is left that you cannot type up.on the computer then you can write but I.do highly recommend typing it up on the.computer instead of writing it by hand.because it just you avoid you know a lot.of confusion.complete the basic form obviously and.any relating supplement if you need any.extra space complete any item go to part.number nine answer all questions fully.and.currently if an item is not applicable.or the answer is none type or print not.applicable this is very important I say.it pretty much in every video about.application process that I make.extremely important to fill out even if.this is if this this is if middle name.is not applicable you put not applicable.if you don't have a middle name don't.leave it blank it is very important.because I've seen a lot of cases where.you SAS they send you the application.back just so that you can put that not.applicable in that blank field don't.leave any blank field okay so further in.the instructions you will find it goes.through each individual section so if.you have going through an application if.you have specific question about section.you can find it in the instructions I'm.not gonna go through the whole.everything here to save you time but.let's get into the classification and.the initial evidence that is required.whenever you're depending on what kind.of whatever you are filing for so for.all justifications if beneficiary is.seeking a change of status or extension.of stay evidence of maintenance of.status must be included with the new.petition now this one is very important.because the friend that I was helping.with this form he was actually extending.his stay he was not changing status but.he was extending the stay and there are.a few exceptions that cannot file for.the extensions the alien admitted under.visa waiver program so if you're under.waiver you won't be able to do the.change of status let's see it's just for.a change of status but you're not.eligible and then the in transit the C.type a crewman D type k1 which is.fiancee her dependent K to a spouse of a.US citizen the k3 his or her dependent.k4 j1 exchange basically the working.travel program for students most of the.times and and one student to an age.classification if training receive.doesn't so make sure to go through this.these exceptions very important you.never know maybe your case is unique a.lot of times they don't apply but you.just want to make sure that you know you.go through all of it and then obviously.whenever you figure out what your.category will be also go obviously.through the specific categories here so.for example the h-1b non-immigrants.right the the big one you will you'll.write h-1b in the classification block.which we will talk about in the.application you will see it so the.petition must be filled by a u.s..employer or US agent and must be filled.with that's that's what I was saying.that your worker had not the worker your.employer has to fill it out the evidence.that labor condition application LCA has.been certified by the US Department of.Labor and this is something that your.employer will have to file directly with.US Department of Labor so it's just not.just one thing and that's it evidence.showing that the proposed employment.qualifies as a specialty occupation.because it's a speciality occupation.type visa your employer will have to.show to the US Department of Labor that.bringing you is an absolute necessity.and there isn't someone here that they.can hire so they have to justify.bringing a foreign worker if that makes.sense.evidence showing that the beneficiary.has a required degree by submitting.either a copy of the beneficiary u.s..bachelor's or higher degree so that's.your stuff that you will be providing to.your employer obviously you know.probably during the work application.process a copy of a foreign degree.evidence of Education a copy of any.required license a copy of any written.contracts between the petitioner and the.beneficiaries so far so forth you get.the point all of this information will.have to be provided obviously to your.employer and then the employer will have.to provide it to the US Department of.Labor to show them that you are a.necessary asset for them for their.company and they have to bring.they all have to do it again themselves.besides this application now you don't.really need to do any of that whenever.you are extending this stay let's say.for example if you have already been.granted that h-1b visa right and.obviously the US Department of Labor.they have all of that information.already from the first application and.now you're just extending your stay in.the same type of visa obviously you your.employer will not have to do all of that.all over again all they need to do is.just file this application with a few.other documents like for example a.contract showing the employment contract.showing that you are gonna be working.let's say for another year and you're.extending this thing okay so let's move.on here again there's all this.information for h-1b like I said because.it's the bigger one most of the.information here is on the h-1b h-2b all.of this information that needed to be.provided by your employer now less so.quickly a little bit about the specific.example that I wanted to mention here is.the o1 classification which is we can.find it here a 1 this one is a 1 a now.this is for those who have extraordinary.ability in the sciences education.business or athletics so this is for.athletes obviously not very common one.but because I wanted to kind of give you.a specific example there would be good.now the friend that I was helping he is.a professional athlete and he is working.obviously with his employer not really.an employer but the manager who brought.him here and who is obviously managing.all his athletic bout right he is.considered in this case he's considered.the employer.he was the one filing initially all of.the documents for this athlete showing.the US Department of Labor that okay.this is the athlete and I'm obviously.you know it's it's obvious it's not an.engineer or anything like that you you.can't really say that oh yes there are a.lot of Engineers here in the United.States and you can you know it's an.athlete so pretty much you know.depending on the sport unique right and.of course if you have a lot of.achievements.you know athletic achievement that you.can show behind app this obviously.becomes much easier to show to US.Department of Labor so the point is the.point that I'm trying to make is it is a.little bit of an easier process whenever.you're filing is for athletes because if.the athlete does have a lot of.accomplishments that that you can show.to US Department of Labor they will have.much less questions there it's easier.but still here's what we are what we're.dealing with here a written consultation.from a peer group or a labor-management.organization with expertise in the field.which could include a person so for.example if you are let's say a boxer.write a written consultation from a peer.group would be a letter from your.country's boxing association right.showing that all your achievements they.can write it out because they should.have the record of that a copy of any.written contracts between the employer.and the beneficiary again if you're a.boxer this is where you're going to show.the contract of between you and your.manager you know you're boxing contract.an explanation of the nature of the.events or activities again this is going.to be part of the contract saying that.what the manager is giving you right the.compensation the living expenses.how many bouts you know if that's a.professional box boxing how many bouts a.year will you be provided with and stuff.like that.evidence of the beneficiaries.extraordinary abilities such as receipt.of major nationally and internationally.recognized awards or prizes for.excellence in the field the commutation.of the beneficiaries membership in.association if the field was required.outstanding achievement again you get.the point this is where all the rewards.all the certificates everything that.shows that you really are that athlete.and with great skills so far so forth so.you get the point this is pretty much it.we go through each and every each and.every category will have their own.certain requirements specifically so.again find out concentrate on finding.out your specific category to make sure.that you can go through and read it and.find out now petition petition only.required for an alien United States to.change status or extent stay now this is.for the extension of stay and like I.said in the beginning of this video this.is what I was helping my friend with now.written consultation for oh and peanut.immigrants written consultation certain.classification require a written.concession where's recognized peer.groups now we already talked about that.with you know with whoever your for.example the Boxing Association would be.from your country liability for return.transportation and then the filing fee.for the form is four hundred and sixty.dollars which is should be accompanying.the form in the form of a check or the.money word okay.so when to file generally a form i-129f.petition may not be filed more than six.months prior to the date of employment.is scheduled to begin so keep that in.mind I would recommend however to give.it at least three months so don't wait.past three months in advance because.this is how long this form can take to.process you know after your files where.to file we're gonna go through those.addresses also you where to find them.now everything else go go through the.or Magan readed let's take a look at the.actual application just to see what.information is required in there to kind.of help you understand again don't leave.any blank spaces try to fill it out on.your computer because you can actually.fill everything out you can save this.form and then later finish it or you can.just directly print it and then the.signatures whatever you need to write by.hand you can do that as well so we got.your name we got your company.organization you are the employer.filling out for your workers so this is.your gonna be your information so.employer employer your information your.information employer company and then.the address the contact information of.the employer federal employer.identification number which you should.have or if you don't if you're an.individual then you're it's gonna be.your IRS tax number your social security.so let's get into the actual the main.stuff information about this petition.requested non-immigrant classification.this is where you will put the.classification athlete one specialty.worker H that's one B or I think it was.H one there's be one of those h-1b.basically and then basis for.classification is going to be either new.employment or continuation of previously.approved employment without change with.the same employer like I said it was.already approved by the Department of.Labor so there's not much that needs to.be done you're just extending the state.change in previously approved employment.now this one is you know change in the.previously approved employment so.there's something that that that change.in something that was already proven for.new concurring employment change of.employer so if you're changing for.example if you're an athlete and you're.changing your manager that's that's.what's going to happen change your.employer and amended petition.if something needs to be changed provide.the most recent petition application.receipt number if none again don't leave.it blank food none requested action.notify the office in part four.so each beneficiary cannot can obtain a.visa or be admitted change the status or.extend the stay extend the sale of each.beneficiary amend the stay extend the.status of non-immigrant again this is.you're specifying in this application.what this is for beneficiary information.ok total number of workers included in.this petition how many workers are you.getting so let's say it's just one like.in the case of my friend so beneficiary.information this is where we are putting.you the worker the the person who is.trying to get the visa the work is if an.entertainment group provide a group name.if not applicable then you make sure to.put not applicable provide the name of.the beneficiary so let's say John Doe.actually though John because this is.given name first name in this laughing.you just pay attention when you feel it.out middle name if nothing but not.applicable keep in mind very important.provide all other names the beneficiary.has used so if there were any other.names make sure to mention them date of.birth gender US Social Security if any.if none just type in non alien.registration number might have already.especially if it is the extensional stay.or change of status you're probably.gonna have that alien registration of.already country of birth province of.birth country of citizenship if the.beneficiary is in the United States.already so in case of extension of stay.or the change of status this is you.gonna definitely be filling this up date.of last arrival arrival departure record.number which is the i-94 I showed you.where to get it you can find it in the.instructions passport or travel document.number passport issue date expiration.date travel document country of issuance.current non immigration status which is.a pulldown and you can see there are a.lot of options out there pretty much all.of the visas that are available not very.computer friendly but just use your down.arrow to kind of go through date status.expires student and exchange visitor.information system it's a series is.basically if you are a student f1 type.you have that CDs number but you if you.don't just type in not applicable.employment authorization document if you.have one you most likely do if you're.you know extending your stay because you.already lived here and you already were.able to get that EAD document and then.the address of yours.processing information now if a.beneficiary or beneficiaries named in.part three which is we just filled that.is are outside the United States or a.request that extensional state or change.of status cannot be granted state the US.Consulate or inspection facility you.won't notify if this petition is.approved so basically if this is if you.are an employer filing just now for.someone who is still outside of the.United States this is this is the stuff.that you're gonna need to fill out in.type of office is most likely going to.be a consulate in the embassy right and.then the office address and then.beneficiaries foreign address so your.workers foreign home address whatever.wherever they live that's each person in.this petition I felt a spurt yes most.likely are you filing any other petition.with this one let them know are you.filing any applications for replacement.initial I 94 button are you filing any.applications for dependents with this.petition.again that they will just go through all.of this information make sure to answer.that don't skip anything basic.information about the proposed.employment and employer now this one is.important what is the job what kind of.job is it if you do have the LCA.or an ET a case number make sure to put.it in there.if you don't just not applicable address.where the beneficiary will work if.different from the address part one so.if you provided your company address in.the part one that's probably going to be.the same but if it's not then make sure.to enter it here did you include an.itinerary with the petition.again the ten area will show exactly.what is going on you know kind of lay.out know what's going to happen will the.beneficiaries work for you off site at.another company or organization location.will the beneficiaries work exclusively.in the Commonwealth of the north and.marina island is this a full-time.position make sure to fill all of this.up you know about the position type of.business the current number of employers.gross annual income net annual income.and stuff like that now the next is the.certification regarding the release of.control technology or technical data or.foreign persons in the United States.this is for certain companies for.certain companies the license is not.required Department of Commerce and for.some it is required so make sure to read.through it and select the right one now.the last part is the declaration the.signature of the employer here you know.last name first name title signature.obviously you can fill out a signature.here on the computer you'll have to.print it out and then sign it by hand.make sure don't forget but everything.else you candidate everything you can.fill out by hand.if someone filled out this form for you.this is where they will put their.information if nobody did make sure to.fill up not applicable everywhere okay.preparing form other than the petitioner.against the same thing here okay.so additional information if something.you did not have enough space that's.where you're gonna fill up but we are.not done yet with this application.there's something very important that we.have to go through because each specific.classification has a specific page so.because I'm doing a specific example.we're gonna do the old one which is the.athlete.here so let's find it this is e1 e2 so.this is not for us trade agreement.supplement again it's not for us.specifically for e 1 e 2 then we have H.classification so everybody in H status.h 1b h 2b whatever going to be here all.right.this is what you will be filling out.here and as you can see it's it's very.specific specific to that type of.category to the visa category so we go.further complete this section if you are.filing for H 2 a or HTTP classification.okay so we are looking for the O H 1 B.and H 1 b1 data collection and filing.fee exemption supplement again.specifically for h-1b keep in mind L.classification is keeping that o and P.okay so this is us this is Oh always for.athletes so let's do it.so name of the petitioner now petitioner.is going to be the employer or in this.case the manager someone who is filing.for the athlete to come down here who's.gonna manage his business right so this.is going to be the mr. manager the.employer although it's not really.technically an employer because the.athlete is kind of an employer of the.manager because it's the team right the.athlete is the main guy and then he has.his managing team but he is in a.position to you know if he doesn't like.that managing team he can change them.kind of a little bit of a different.situation but again for us a s for.immigration this is this is how it looks.name of the beneficiary and this is the.the mr. athlete all right the total.number of beneficiaries one in our case.and then classification salt which is.what we are trying to find which is a oh.one a alien affectional rehabilitate.this is last.Oh one B which is the Ellen of Chernobyl.in the axial curvature in the motion.picture or television specifically Oh to.accompany annually so for us is going to.be all one a so explain the nature of.the event all right so this is where we.specify why are we traveling so in in in.in in this particular case because we.are going there there is no specific.event.it's the managing team that is getting.the athlete.signing the athlete here you can explain.that this is a professional athlete.getting describe the duties to be.performed the duties to be performed.participate in professional bouts so far.so forth if filing for an o2 or pea soup.or classification list date of the.beneficiary prior work experience under.principle or one or PLN does any.beneficiary in this petition have.ownership interest in the petitioning.organization explanation if there is and.thus an appropriate labor organization.exists for this petition again is there.specific labor organization for example.for your F athletic whatever you're.doing is the required consultation or.written advisory opinion being submitted.with this petition if yes then after you.say yes now all one extraordinary.ability like I said because it's an.extraordinary ability you have to show.the name of recognised peer labor.organization right so let's say it's.your whoever from your home country.let's say Romania so Romanian Boxing.Association right for example and then.they they're their address in Romania.and this is this is not applicable.because this is for motion picture so.all this is.me not applicable let's see complete.this this section if filing for or P.classification continue yep Oh - we are.not doing that so not applicable in our.case and then statement by the.petitioner so again this is again the.petitioner that is signing it not the.beneficiary the petitioner so the.manager in this case this is gonna be.mister manager and their signature and.everything and then we got the q1 so.very important again make sure once.you're done with the main part of the.application make sure that you find the.part specific to the classification that.you're filing for very important because.it's easy to miss it right because you.think okay done there's signature last.thing and that's it done but no there's.actually for each specific category.there is a specific page that you need.to fill out okay so we are done with.pretty much everything let me show you.where to file it's very simple to find.on this page on USA s that govt /i - one.two nine you can find where to file and.you can click here and it will give you.specific categories and where you will.be filing so for example in our case my.example.Oh Oh petitions right they give you the.address where to file let's see so.opposition if you are filing with USPS.let's see wait as you can see there are.two service centers that you can file -.there's a California service center and.there is also a Vermont service center.and where you're filing depends on where.you live which state you live in.petitioner so let's say I live in.Florida so I will be filing to.California service center filings ok so.I file to California if you live in New.York you will be filing to Vermont so.California if you are filing with USPS.which I do recommend most of the times.USPS just file it send it with USPS.this is where you're gonna be the.address where you're going to be sending.it the PIO box if you are sending it.with FedEx UPS and DHL this is where.you're going to be sending it to there's.also a premium processing which is for a.faster processing expedited processing.and the form i-9 of seven this different.address so keep that in mind and then.there's a premium processing email Attis.keep that in mind but most cases this is.where you're gonna file and the same.thing for the h1 visas all other h-1b.petitions regular cap advanced degree.exemption stuff like that be Conrad.there you go most of them again there is.there's another one there is a Nebraska.one Vermont California Texas and.Nebraska so there are four service.centers again depending on which state.you live in is where so if you live in.Florida you're gonna actually file to.Vermont service center this time if you.are filing under the h-1b so pretty.straightforward.nothing to it like I said if you are.able to work with the lawyer to do that.great go ahead hire a lawyer and do it.with them but make sure to keep your.eyes on it go through the application.make sure that everything is filled out.just so you know what's going on and.that you are in control of the situation.and if you do have any questions you can.drop them in the comments below if you.have any requests for videos really any.kind of topic in immigration I will be.happy to help again let me know what the.comments below and I will try to address.them thanks for watching if this was.useful subscribe I guess more videos.will be coming this way I'll see you.guys in the next video.

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It takes you in an instant to put an e-signature to the Form I 129 from your mobile. Load or share your form as you wish.

How to create an e-signature for the Form I 129 on iOS?

The iOS users would be gratified to know that CocoSign proffer an iOS app to make convenience to them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Form I 129, make use of the CocoSign application relivedly.

Here's advice put an electronic signature for the Form I 129 on iOS:

  1. Place the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Select the section where you want to sign and press the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Type your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can email it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Form I 129 on Android?

The giant popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can place the application for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can put an e-signature for Form I 129 on Android following these instructions:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Open your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by clicking on the "+” icon.
  3. Navigate to the section where you need to put your signature and design it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by clicking the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Load and share your document, as desired.

Get CocoSign today to make convenience to your business operation and save yourself a lot time and energy by signing your Form I 129 online.

Form I 129 FAQs

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