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To Complete Form I 485, Follow the Steps Below:

Prepare your Form I 485 online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then fill out the details in the fillable fields. Follow the key elements given below to complete the form.

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How Do You Get Form I 485 and Sign It by CocoSign?

hi everyone it's me rustling and on this.video I will help you out how to fill.out the updated form i-485 that will.expires October 31st 2020 first so first.we need to download the form just go to.Google and then type I for it 5 and as.you can see here I 4 8 5 application to.register permanent residence USCIS so.make sure you will download your form to.the USCIS website ok so just scroll down.and you will see here the link form.i-485 just click this link and it will.automatically download to your computer.so I already download the form and I.already fill out the form so we can.discuss it faster ok so this is the.period form application to register.permanent residence or adjust status.USCIS form i-485 expires 10:31 2021 so.what is the updated form all about on.this form they added the public charge.or the form i-94 for questions ok so we.will discuss that how to fill out or.answer that question ok so on this.portion don't type or write anything on.this part because this is for USCIS use.only so we will start here start here.type or print in black ink so make sure.if you will print it it is on black ink.and if you will just write the answer.just print this form and make sure you.will use black ink and make sure your.hand written is readable okay elgyn.number you will find your alien number.on your Nova - so upon fill out this.form you need to bring or you have you.need to have your passport your notice.of action 1 you notice of action.- and the.you're I 9 494 because you need those.documents to fill out this form okay so.like what I said alien number you will.find this on your notice of action - of.your k1 application it is beside on.beneficiary.it started on letter a okay and then.part one information about you.individual applying for lawful permanent.resident so on this portion you have to.decide if you will use your married name.or if you want that to retain your.single name okay because if you decided.you will retain your single name and.then afterwards you wanted to change it.your married name you have to fill out.another form and then send it to USCIS.and pay another fee so once you fill out.this form you have to decide if you.wanted to use your married name or your.single name if you wanted to retain your.single name okay make up your mind and.choose one okay so I wanted to use my.married name that's why I put my married.name here my last name this is the last.name of my husband my name and then my.middle name and another name you have.used since birth if applicable.okay so provide all other names you have.ever used including your family name at.birth or other legal names nicknames.aliases and assumed names if you need.extra space to complete the section use.the space provided in part 14 additional.information so this is the part 14 this.portion if all your answer are.information you need extra space for.that you have to fill out this part okay.so let's go back so since I am using my.married name on this part I will fill.out this with my name when.I am single okay or my maiden name so.far my name given name and middle name.since I only use one name that is my.birth name I will not write anything on.three a to 4c just type an A Okay other.information about you your date of birth.then your gender your city or a town of.birth your country of birth your country.of citizenship or nationality.your alien registration number that's.what I've said you will find this on.your Nova - and then USCIS online.account number if you apply a petition.before through USCIS online the USCIS.will send you a online account number.but if not so you don't have any online.account number just type and a okay you.a social security number when I got here.and then after we got married I already.applied for my u.s. social security.number but if you don't have any social.security number yet just leave this.block u.s. mailing address so this is my.u.s. address so make sure that your u.s..address that you will indicate here is.complete because the USCIS will send all.the documents on the address that you.will stay on this portion okay and then.alternate and/or safe mailing address so.this is address is assigned address.aside from where you reside it's like Bo.box or if you are applying based on the.violence against women app or special.immigrant juvenile human trafficking so.you will put the address here okay and.then recent immigration history so you.have to take your passport because you.need your passport to fill out this.portion so passport number use at last.arrival so you will see your passport.number on the right side right.top side of your passport okay.then travel document number you said.last arrival if you did not use your.passport and you use travel document you.have to type here your travel document.number use at last arrival and then the.expiration date of your passport or your.travel document and then the country.that issued this passport or travel.document and then the non-immigrant visa.number from this passport so look at.your passport and find the visa and you.will find your nanny vicar a.non-immigrant visa number to the left.side of the visa stamp it is color red.okay so it has one letter and seven.numbers okay then place of last arrival.into the United States so on this.portion you need your i-94 it was.indicated on your i-94 where is your.last arrival this is your first port of.entry okay so mine is Chicago State is.Illinois then date of last arrival it.was indicated on your i-94 and then when.I last arrived in the United States I.since I came here through k1 fiancee.visa I need to click 22a.what's inspected at the port of entry.and admitted as for example exchange to.visit or visit or waved through.temporary worker or student so since I.am k1 visa I need to type here fiancee.visa okay and then 22 B to 22 D just.leave it blank or any then 23 a if you.were issued a form i-94 arrival.departure record so check your i-94 form.i-94 arrival departure record number so.you will find this on your i-94.then they experience Shawn exploration.data portal station on farm I 94.then status on farm I 90 for example.classified mission or paroled or if are.also I am fiance visa say number 24 what.is regarded immigrant status if it is.has changed since your arrival so fiance.visa then provide your name exactly as.it appears on your form i-94 so whatever.name that it's indicated or appears on.your i-94 you have to copy that and then.put it here type it here okay then PI 2.application type or filing category I am.filing this form i-485 are selected only.one box so I am a principal applicant I.don't have K 2 but if you are filling.this form for your K pool you have to.click the river type applicant ok so I.don't have K 2 so I am the principal.applicant ok and then note attach a copy.of the form I 797 receipt or approval.notice for the underlying petition or.application as appropriate so when you.send this form make sure you will.include your i79 7 notice of action that.is your noah to during your k1.application okay and then i am applying.as a principal or derivative applicant.to register lawful permanent residents.or adjust adjust status to that of.lawful permanent resident based on the.following immigrant category select only.one category see the form i-485.instruction for more information.including any additional instructions.thats related to the immigrant category.you select so make sure read those.instruction yeah.so as for me I am on the family-based to.see individual admitted to the United.States as a fiance or child of a fiance.of a US citizen form I 120.9 F or k1 k2 non-immigrant okay so mine.is to see if you wanted to see just.click what is your you know what is your.your category I take too long so what is.your category so employment leave it.blank for me especially immigrant a.silly refugee human trafficking or.victim no special program based on.certain public laws additional option.additional alien working information no.for me so you have to read all of this.if you are not k1 fiancee visa just make.sure you read all of this and click what.category you are ok so since I am k1.visa I will just leave all of this up to.ten so I will start answering number 11.are you applying for adjustment based on.the Immigration and Nationality Act I n.a section two five two four five I so.know the answer is no okay.if you answered yes title number eleven.you must have selected a family based.employment based special immigrant or.diversity visa.immigrant category listed above number.ten number two a to 8e so just read this.information about your immigrant.category if you are the principal.applicant provide the following.information since I am a principal.applicant so on this part you have to.get your Nova one okay for Nova - so.receipt number of underlying petition so.this is your receipt number so check.your Nova wine and you will find your.receipt number so that is for me it is W.a.see okay and the priority date from.underlying petition so if you are.looking for your Nova wine that is your.notice date okay but if you are looking.for your NOAA tool that is your receipt.date okay I hope that is clear.so the received aid from Nova - and the.notice date of no.1 wine is the same.okay.then part two if you are a derivative.applicant the spouse or unmarried child.under 21 years of age of a principal.applicant provide the following.information for the principal applicant.since I am already the principal.applicant and I already fill out this.form number 12 and 13 I don't need to.fill out this 14 a - 18 but if you are.filling out this form for your.derivative you have to type the.principal applicants information on this.part okay and then part 3 additional.information about you have you ever.applied for an immigrant visa to obtain.permanent resident status at the United.States Embassy or US consulate abroad.snow if you answered yes item number one.complete item number 2a and four below.so since I click no just fill out this.an A or just leave it down okay address.history provide physical addresses for.every where you have lived during the.last five years whether inside or.outside the United States provides your.current address first if you need extra.space to complete this section use the.space provided in the part 14 additional.information so this is my current.address here to the United States so.make sure this is complete and correct.then from so this is my date when I came.here and then to sol-type present okay.then physical address - since this is my.address since birth I only type the.address from the Philippines 787 H and I.will just live blank the 9 a to 10 B.because I live here on physical address.2 since birth ok so from this is my date.of birth and then 2 up to the date where.I stayed in the Philippines on November.17 2009 teen oh you know what that was.since I got here November 17 so I have.to write it here 16 okay sorry for my.mistake so make sure you need to check.that okay but if you still have an.address like let's say on physical.address - you just live here for one.year and then on this current address.you are here for a couple of months so.it's only like one and a half years so.you have another address that you stayed.for one year you have type it here.provide your most recent address outside.the United States where you live for.more than one year if not already listed.above okay.employment history provide your.employment history for the last five.years whether inside or outside the.United States provide the most recent.employment first if you need else a.space or provide to complete this.section use the space providing part for.it in additional information so employer.your number one name of in employer or.company so mine is I have work when I'm.in the Philippines that is insurance.company but if you are not working just.type unemployed okay then the address of.the employer the country your occupation.so date of employment okay so that is.the only employment for me for the last.five years so 15 to.22v just type in a so part for.information about your parents.information about your parent one parent.first legal name so this is the married.name of my mom and then parents first.name at birth if different and above of.course it's different because on one am.one see this is my mom's married name.and then to a two to see this is my.mom's name when she is still single or.her maiden name.so type here okay and then the date of.birth gender city country current city.or town residence con current country of.residence and then information about.your parent - this is my father's name.so far parents sick second legal name.and a parent second name at birth.so since it's the same on ninety eight.or nine see just type here in a then.date of birth gender city or town a.birth country of birth and current city.or town of residence so it's deceased.because my died is already dead then.current country of residence of deceased.okay then part five what is your current.marital status I am married click.married if you are married this your.spouse a current member of the US Armed.Forces or US Coast Guard so no how many.times have you been married.including annulled marriages and.marriages to the same individual so I.only got married once but if you got.married like twice if you're an odd or.your divorce you have to count down.count that and then type here okay.information about your current marriage.so this is the information of my husband.okay my current husband my one and only.husband so family name given me a middle.name alien number my husband has.alien number because he is a US citizen.current spouse date of birth date of.marriage to current spouse current spawn.space of birth city state country then.basis of marriage to current spouse.series the state of province and country.is your current sponsor plying with you.no because my husband is already USC the.same information about prior marriages.so just what I've said before if you are.an out before or divorce you have to.fill out this form but if not just type.in a ok and then in part six information.about your children indicate the total.number of all living children including.adult son and others that you have no.the term children includes all.biological or legally adopted children.as well as current step children of any.age whether born in the United States or.other countries married or unmarried.living with you or elsewhere and.includes any missing children and those.born to you outside of marriage so all.your children and the children of your.husband just count all how many just.type it here since I don't have one in.my husband I don't have one so yeah just.type in a or just leave it blonde so.since we don't have children to a up to.sixteen leave it blank or type in a.because we don't have one so part seven.biographic information ethnicity not.Spanish or Latino race I am Asian then.your height your weight your eye color.make sure your eye color is your right.eye color what I mean is your you know.you're really I call or not your contact.lenses because someone asked me I wear.contact lenses so what should i type in.here what should I click in here my.contact lenses color or my you know so.it's your eye color natural contacts.color so your hair color the part in.general eligibility and it in.admissibility grounds okay so have you.ever been a member of involved in or in.any way associated with any organization.association find foundation party club.society or similar group in the United.States or in any other location in the.world including any military services so.my answer is no but if you answered yes.you have to fill out two to number okay.it's a number thirteen V okay so part.eight general eligibility and in add in.admissibility grounds continuation so.I'm sorry if I read it fast okay or if I.answer it fast because someone like.comment on my other video that why are.you talking so slow you are like a like.a turtle so that's why I am reading it.like it's I think it's not that too fast.for you to not understand what I'm.trying to say so yeah so if you have.other questions you don't understand.just comment on my video but I hope the.way I speak the way how fast I read all.the questions I hope you understand okay.so part number eight so from part 14 to.24 I click no but make sure you will.read it and understand one by one.because the USCIS will check all of your.answer and they are doing investigation.on your part.so make sure all your answer here is.true and answer all the questions okay I.will not read it one by one because it.is a lot okay if you answer just on item.number 20 for a complete item number 20.for B and C so yeah since I answer it no.just leave it blank then criminal absent.violations like what I've said you have.to read one everything and understand.everything and then make sure you answer.it correctly and truthfully okay.so I will not read it one by one because.all my answers are no okay no no no okay.you can read it and you can answer it.and your only the self explanatory so.you can do that okay here public charge.those who are subject in the public.charge ground of inadmissibility under I.in a section two one two a four must.complete form i-94 declaration of.self-sufficiency and may also have to.submit form is six four if it habit of.support under Section two one three a of.the eye and answer the questions below.to determine whether you need to submit.these forms together with this form.i-485 so declaration of self-sufficiency.form i-94 number 61 are you exempt from.the public charge ground of.inadmissibility.so the answer is no we are not except.those who are exempted are are the.refugees a sceles petitioners under the.federal violence against women act.certainty and you visa applicants and F.grants and I IRA G's with special.immigrant visa those are all exempted.but as we are not we.not accepted unless you are one of those.exempted that I mentioned okay so the.debtor mean if you're exempt from the.public charge ground of inadmissibility.and therefore exempt from filing form.i-94 for read the form i-485 instruction.what evidence must be submitted on item.number nine public charge accleration of.self-sufficiency four nine nine nine.four four in affidavit of support under.Section two one three a of the I na for.mine eight six four so since we are not.exempt we don't need to fill out 62 able.us we are not exempted but if you're.exempted just read this and then click.what is applicable for you okay okay so.just leave this blank we will go to 63 a.have you ever failed or refused to.attempt or to remain in attendance at.any removal proceedings filed against.you or on or after April 1 1997 so - no.if your answer is yes just click yes I.like what I've said read it clear.understand it and answer it correctly.and truthfully okay so all my answer.here is oh no no no no no no no no no I.will not read it one by one because it's.a lot okay so part 9 accommodation for.individuals with disabilities and/or.impairments with the information in the.form i-485 instructions before.completing this part so are you.requesting an accommodation because of.your disabilities and/or impairments so.my answer is No since my answer is no.just leave this black okay.so part 10 applicants statement contact.information certifications.applicants statement select the box for.either item number 1a or 1b if.applicable select the box for item.number 2 since I can read and understand.English and I have read and understand.every question and instruction on these.applications and my answer to every.question so I click 1a but if you are.using interpreter and just click 1b just.type the corresponding answer on this.portion if you are using interpreter.okay then applicants contact information.data and telephone number mobile.applicants email address so make sure.your contact number in your email are.odd or active because USCIS will send.you know any documents on your email and.then they will contact you at least it.is active okay applicant certification.so once you print the form make sure you.will sign here using black ink don't.forget that because there is a lot of.applicants who got their RFP or request.for evidence because they did not sign.the form and then did it okay if you use.interpreter so fill out this form the.interpreter will fill out this form then.the address information from an.interpreter signature then prepared.preparers is the one who fill out this.form aside you okay so the preparer is.full name all the information of the.preparers okay Paris Paris Paris and on.this part 13 signature at interview so.do not complete part 13 until the USCIS.officer instructs you to do so at the.interview so just leave part 13 black.okay and then part 14 1 8 1 C 2 1 2.number 2.yes automated ok so that's it so I hope.it was clear if you have any questions.clarifications just comment on my video.and I will make another video how to.fill out form i-94 4 okay so have a.great day everyone.bye bye.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Form I 485 online

CocoSign is a browser based app and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most convenient method to e-sign their Form I 485.

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Google Chrome is one of the most accepted browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of lots of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

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The iOS users would be satisfied to know that CocoSign give an iOS app to assist them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Form I 485, work with the CocoSign app wthout doubt.

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Form I 485 FAQs

Here you can recieve replies to the most FAQs about Form I 485. If you have specific inquries, choose 'Contact Us' at the top of the page.

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Who can file Form I 485?

You may pay the fee with a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check. When filing at a USCIS Lockbox facility, you may also pay by credit card using Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions . If you pay by check, you must make your check payable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Service centers are not able to process credit card payments.

Who needs to file Form I 485?

Yes, your work permit will not be approved until you meet the Affidavit of Support requirements either with your wife earning at least 125% or having a joint sponsor.

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