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your life there we gogood okay no let's see if we can makethis a little bigger there we go therewe goI just want to see if you guys canactually read shitoh yeah perfect so ODSP so it looks likelooks like the province has funded twohundred million dollars to ODSP insocial service the only problem is weain't gonna see any of that moneybecause the system that's gonna be usingthat money needs more of it than we do Imean we are catering to a system thatstill thinks four hundred and ninetyseven dollars for shelter is sufficientwe still think well you saw the forsetting pay now the federal governmenthas plans to give everybody 2000 fuckingdollars under ninety thousand dollarsrightmm the federal government has come upwith the number of two thousand dollarsthat's what they think you need tosurvive you not me because you need twothousand dollars remember that twelvehundred and sixty three dollars andtwenty-five centsyou see that does that look like twothousand dollars does this look like thedisabled are left behind once again evenduring a fucking crisisI mean can you not give a fuck about thedisabled anymoreso the feds say they want to giveeverybody two grand oh wait a minutewe're living on twelve hundred and sixtythree twenty five why are they gettingtwo grand if the federal government canmake me struggle and survive on 1063 25why the fuck are they giving twothousand dollars to everybody else Imean this was an issue before thisfucking virus came that they've beenfucking over ODSP okay we've beenwaiting for our system to be fixed foreight fucking years this Sam's socialassistance management software thatkeeps saying four hundred ninety fivedollars for shelter in 2020 I reallydon't care if you can see my personalinformation cuz you when you can dosteal twelve hundred dollars from me andthen only these words the onlyworthwhile it would be as if you were atstealing twelve hundred dollars from1200 ODSP people then it would beprofitable but yeah twelve fuckinhundred dollars and the friend the fedswant to give everybody two grand if Ican survive on twelve hundred fuckingdollars why the fuck can't the rest ofOntario what's the difference betweenthem and me the difference is wereworthless people that's what it is it'sgot nothing to do with anything anymoreit's got everything to do with equalityit's got it doesn't monetary valuesdon't the gap the ignorant in the gap offairness is so ludicrous that that thesethis doesn't matter just doesn't matteryou know it don't matter because thegovernment the federal governmentcouldn't give a flying fuck about peopleon ODS be like I could use some extramoney to buy gloves and masks and Icould use some extra money to pay myfucking bills because if the gun federalgovernment says everybody needs twothousand dollars and I only get fuckinoh my god I'm not complaininglet's get this straight I'm pointing outa fact here something that's obviouslywrong I'm not this situation existed forthe last eight years this this wouldhave been the perfect opportunity forour government to implement basic incomeand spread equality across the board toeveryone but for some reason we're stillconsidered fucking garbage collateraldamage bullshit that's what we areconsidered on ODSPmundane meaningless dead fuckin weightand that and and it just by them sayingthat the rest of society in Ontariodeserves two thousand dollars a monthand us on disability only get twelvehundred it just goes to show you howintently ignorant the federal government1is like this this is a business doesn't1it doesn't even make any fucking sense1you know and by the way I'm having a1hard time talking because ODSP took all1my teeth so if you find that I talk a1little funny it's because ODSP took all1my teeth out1because like I had a couple I had a1quite a few good teeth that I could that1partials would be able to hold on to but1ODSP doesn't pay for partials they only1pay for full dentures go figure1fuck you over for some more dignity I1this is nothing but the the lack of1dignity and respect amongst fellow1people in this country honest to god1it's like the government is promoting1like racism hate the fucking disabled1they're dead fucking wait they don't1fucking do nothing they're just dead1fucking wait that's what it looks like I1mean if you're gonna fuck and talk about1given normal people that don't have1disabilities $2,000 and then you're just1gonna give the disabled the same shit1they got really that's why I don't vote1any more in this country you know where1that you know the power of the vote a do1you people honestly know where the1fucking power is really think about it1for a second do you know where the power1is in the vote what kind of power do you1personally have by voting1the only power that's in the vote is1when you not when you vote or you don't1vote it's not who you vote for that's1not the power the power is the choice of1voting and you people consistently1fucking vote away you throw your power1away every time you fucking vote for1some ass clown on Parliament Hill you1throw the power of the vote away funny1it takes a disabled person to fucking1inform you you know of what your power1is by voting because you have no fucking1clue1oh well if you don't vote you got if you1can't find somebody to vote you vote for1the next best thing1no that's there you're CR CFRA last a1couple of days ago they one of the1members of parliament got on the on the1radio he says if these people aren't1going to listen then we'll just have to1hare will have to hang a carrot in front1of them and call them all in so the1federal government thinks you're fucking1firm animal if I'm not mistaken that ass1is the one that usually has the carrot1in front of it so our federal government1consider us all as asses donkeys fucking1farm animals farm animals and you vote1Freddie they call you a fucking farm1animal and you fucking vote for these1fucking pieces of shit shame on you1grow some fucking balls you know grow1some fucking nuts they're gonna monetize1this no actually I put it down that it's1not for children so it shouldn't be1monetized because this isn't this isn't1children stuff1this is children disabled children1shouldn't even be put through this okay1when the federal government says they're1gonna give everybody $2,000 right and I1look at mice my stub for my check1III I'm I feel a little bit of a left1out left behind1who gives a fuck pretty much don't worry1about the disabled they can't even get1together to voice for their own opinions1we don't have to worry about the1disabled they can't get together they're1useless they're fucking garbage people1that can't even gather themselves1together look at the pot smokers get1together on Parliament Hill and set a1precedent in the Supreme Court of Canada1right Ford takes away the fucking1disability annual increase of three1percent do you think they give a fuck1about the disabled in this country I1don't know where you people think that1they actually give a fuck because every1fucking corner that I look at it's just1them shitting on us I don't know what1the fuck you're reading but I can sundry1I'm looking at the fucking I'm reading1shit you know what I mean and all I see1that is then fucking passing us by2because they know we ain't it we don't2have a voice you know what I mean we if2we get really they can fuck us over2hardcore because we can't get together2on Parliament Hill well how are you2gonna get all the people in wheelchairs2that are on that are disabled on2Parliament Hill to stand as one we can't2although all the people that are2paralyzed paraplegic and all those2people that are disabled they can't we2can't stand as one and they know this2and that's why we always end up with the2short end of the stick it's always oh my2god the working people2what if where's the equality in this2country why are they so fucking racist2against everything always always a2reason not to fucking do something2always you know2I've been waiting eight years to get an2increase in my disability eight fucking2years I'm lucky to be living where I am2I literally had to send the Ontario2Ombudsman after my ODSP worker because2my ODSP worker was taken my rent out of2my check and I was 24 hours away from2being evicted so I had to write the2Ombudsman and when I wrote the Ombudsman2the Ombudsman went after ODSP and I got2a clerical error lat letter from ODSP if2it would have been just me2Shaun the disabled guy I would still owe2them $3,000 and I'd be living on the2street by now because that would that's2what they it did because I told them2I've been living here for four months so2they wanted all those four months money2back that was three thousand dollars in2debt outstanding debt that they put me2in immediately2yeah like when I told them where I was2why I lived and I was paying eight2hundred and twenty-five dollars2all-inclusive ODSP said no you're not2allowed to live there that's too much2money I think so I went around to all2everybody I knew and I said excuse me2can I ask you a question I'm paying2eight hundred and twenty-five dollars2all-inclusive do you think that's a deal2and everybody said well let me know when2you move and I told him well my2landlords gonna jack to rent up when I2move but I'm paying 825 do you think2that's a good deal a month all inclusive2he fucking right but yet my ODSP took my2my shelter expense out of my check2forcing me to be evicted from my own2fucking place that I had already moved2in2imagine that the people that were put in2place to help me protect me look out for2my best interest2try to get me on the street I don't have2this is not a lie and this is why I2really dis I really disgust me hate my2ODSP because they're the when somebody2says to you2here's ODSP they're gonna help you by2the way I didn't fight to be on ODSP2my medical history put me on ODSP I'm2chronic ODSP okay even if they tried to2do an investigation on me for fraud will2say because they think I'm not disabled2no I have $10,000 worth of medical2history given to me by the province of2Ontario to prove that I'm disabled2because for ten years before I lived on2welfare for ten years and when I told2welfare that I was disabled I was called2a fucking liar I was in the first2special ed classrooms in Canada I was2still called the fucking liar so not2only did I have to put up with mental2mental illness and all that kind of shit2in in the first special ed classes of2Canada but I had to be I had to put up2with ten years of being told I was a2fucking no-good liar by welfare I mean2how much does a person have to go2through in this country to get stopped2kicked in the balls what what does a2disabled person have to go through in2this country to get everybody to stop2lining up to kick me in the nuts this is2what I'd like to know what does it take2I know what it takes2basic income get rid of ODSP get rid of2fucking welfare get rid of the pen3system and replace it all with basic3income you know what I mean that's gonna3be around well our federal government3says $2,0003well when basic income the pilot project3you are only going to get 1,200 so why3did the federal government go to two3grand instead of 1,200 why would they do3that because there's more corruption in3making money off of a new system that's3gonna have flaws that align people's3pockets then approach a pilot project3that's been professionally put out twice3in Canada and has proved to work twice3in Canada but yet we still go and feed3the corrupt bullshit in this country3when will this stop3honestly when will it stop3it's not going to be much longer before3ODSP people are gonna get fuckin violent3you know if you're disabled go and shit3in the hallway wherever you live cause3havoc if you're in a wheelchair empty3your urinal bag in the fucking hallway3make noise make make yourself be noticed3regardless if it's in a good way or a3bad way3make yourself noticed I think this is3the plan we're gonna have to do well you3know what I mean because these are the3only things that disabled people can do3go and shit in the hallway if you live3in a fucking in a subsidized building3for for mentally challenged whatever it3is they're building likes Alice3I suggest that everybody that lives in3these buildings go and shit in their3hallway so that maybe they'll be a story3in the newspaper where ODST people are3shitting in the hallway to get noticed3empty your urinal bags in the public3areas see we can't get together on3Parliament Hill like all the dope3smokers did and set a precedent and get3what they deserve no we can't do that3we're disabled we have no voice3so yeah shit in the hallways I swear to3God what else are we gonna do what else3can you do if we all start doing crazy3shit3maybe we'll get noticed enough for3people to start giving a crock again you3know would you be able to fix might be a3suture yeah I can fix your PS yeah yeah3I can see it you know we're not useless3fucking people I can fix a ps23controller I also can spit pretty far3but I haven't tried lately because ODSP3took my fucking teeth alright if you3can't get any demoralizing than that I3don't know what the fuck you fucking3losers on Parliament Hill I swear to god3man everybody on disability shit in your3fucking hallway is empty if you're in a3wheelchair3empty your urinals in fucking public3places like petrol can and fucking3quickie right there in the fucking place3empty your bag get noticed it's gonna be3a bad notice but at least you're gonna3get noticed and then eventually there's3going to be stories about people doing3this and then they're gonna ask the3questions why are the disabled shitting3and emptying their urinal bags and3public areas because it's a protest we3don't have a voice we can only do3actions we can't voice we can't get3together we can only do personal actions3oh man now he wants to pay me3yes bring it over bring it over done3okay get back to the video you know yeah3he's gonna give me a couple of bucks for3fixing this ps2 controller right because3my federal government don't give me3enough money to fucking live everything3I have here everything you see is old3and broken okay there's nothing new here3there's nothing there's nothing new in3the background here you know what I mean3everything is old and broken because I3can't afford anything anymore if I have3something and it breaks I have to try3and fix it or I go without simple when3you live on ODSP if you have something3and it breaks you have to fix it because3you will have to go without because3anything is above your pay grade you3know so the federal government thinks3everybody else is better than disabled4people now because the federal4government wants to give them $2,0004when we only get twelve hundred and4sixty fuckin dollars that's how much4their federal government cares about us4because they would have said when they4said oh every Canadian is going to get4$2,000 and oh sorry we got left out4again that surprised you as a disabled4person living in Ontario in the country4of Canada does that surprise you like I4said start putting your shit in the4fucking empty your shit bags if you're4in a wheelchair your urinal bags and4public places everybody that's on4disability it's time to become irate4in a non-violent way bring attention to4yourself in a non-violent way shit on4the sidewalk empty your urinal in4Walmart on the floor draw attention to4yourself4this is the only way that we're gonna4make change because nobody sees us we4are fucking sightless we are out of my4hey they're already given us $1,2004we're outta sight and out of mind even4though there's a corona virus going4around you're still got $1,200 but the4problem was before there should happened4$1,2004was way to below the poverty line other4countries there disables get more than4we do you understand this if you look on4the world news and they talk about4disability in Canada they talk about4Canada like where we in Canadians we4fuck over the Odia we fuck over the4disabled people because we don't treat4them well we under pay them we shun them4we sweet we put stigmatic fucking labels4on them okay oh you're getting free4money really really really really like I4said in many other videos I haven't4heard anybody say it lately it's been a4few years4well actually shouldn't be wrong I was4in the food bank line two days ago and I4said to somebody that we might be4getting $200 on top of our 1,200 and4somebody turned around and said why the4fuck are they getting any more free4money and I looked the guy right in the4face I said I'm on ODSP watch what you4fuckin say and I told him I get twelve4hundred and fifty fucking dollars to4live on a month4what the fuck do you get honestly I'm4looking at you you're wearing a brand4new jacket you're wearing a hundred and4forty dollars fucking jeans your your4shoes are at least the fuck and a half4150 I'm wearing the inside part of an4old fucking jacket I got duct tape on4the shoulder to hold the rip together so4it doesn't open up I got shoes that4smell like fuckin dog shit dog piss cat4piss dog piss rotten fucking feet4decaying fucking food4my shoes are rotting ah my boots I'm4lucky I bought a pair of boots but I4bought the wrong boots the boots that I4bought were too heavy and now I get4really bad cramps in my thighs when I4need to go out really really really4people want to complain that people are4no DSB really we live like fucking like4scum we eat like scum so the federal4government thinks everybody deserves two4grand and ODSP deserves 1250 we're less4of a curse but we're not as we're not as4good as the general population as you4can tell we are not treated as equal as4the general population as you can tell4in all honesty it's 20/20 and and we4should be thinking about equality not4monetary values equality because when4you use the word equality you bring4happiness you bring dignity to the table4you don't bring shame and despair to the4table like you do now4okay people on on on ODSP have no4dignity it's been taken away it's been4taken away by being forced to live in a4non dignified way that other people shun4ODSP makes us live in a scenario that4normal working people look down on and4shun and call us names okay4that's what ODSP is doing creating a4stigma and ripping our dignity away from4us like it was nothing like were5worthless nothing dead fucking wait5people and the federal government thinks5everybody else's were two fucking5thousand dollars but all us disabled5people were only worth this5how fucking degrading how fucking evil5how disrespectful how judgmental how5unequal I'm almost5I'm ready to walk up right in the middle5of this Corona shit I'm ready to go and5just protest on fucking Wellington in5front of Parliament Hill this one aside5ODSP kicked me in the balls some more5Parliament Hill take more from me5I don't know whatever we got to do5something to get the point across that5were not fucking garbage people and that5we do fucking we are a prod a productive5part of society okay I mean there are5some of us that are totally totally5incapable of doing anything that are on5disability and there are some like5myself that we are capable of doing5things but not in the atmosphere that5you think is normal okay5because I I suffer from I don't know5what you want to call it can't hold your5tongue5I suffer from this dyslexia dusty MIA5prolonged exposure to negativity a whole5pile of shit a whole pile of shit but I5can still be productive if I was given a5fucking chance but they don't want to5give us a chance so we got to start5getting noticed swear to god man we5should you start shitting in the5hallways pissing in the hallways because5like what else can we do to get noticed5absolutely nothing cuz nobody gives a5fuck about us look at her own government5thinks normal people are worth $2,0005and we're only worth 12 they put a5monetary value on our fucking head I5might as well just get that tattooed5right on my fucking head twelve fifty5five sixty limit and you know because5the federal government is telling5everybody right now that they're5everybody else that doesn't have a5disability is worth $2,000 I just want5the same I don't want more and I5definitely don't want less I've been5living with we've all been living with5less for last past5eight fucking years when they stopped5fucking increasing our annual increase5with the cost of living on us - fuck man5it's been a spiral downhill fucking run5for people on disability for the last5eight fucking years and there's no5fucking lie man there's no fucking lie5really gets me upset man my government5thinks I'm less of a fucking human than5anybody than the other than the working5stiff I can't get over that one if they5give us $200 on our check this month5take that $200 listen to me listen to me5listen to me listen to me this is this5is the only thing we can do cuz nobody5gives a fuck about us okay this is the5only thing we can do if they give us5because right now we're not expecting5any kind of extra money whatsoever right5so our plans are plans to our money what5we've planned out because we have to5plan shit because we don't get enough5money so we got to tick off and cross5the t's and dot the i's or else we're5gonna go without right so if they give5us $200 extra and it'd be nice if5everybody on disability could save a5hundred dollars out of that disability5and save it for transportation fees what5I mean is if they want to give us money5let's use that money so that we can get5together and show them who we really are5and what we really are5we're not useless fucking individuals5we're not dead wait we're not a $1,2005person compared to the $2,000 people5that our federal government thinks all5Society is here in Canada you know by5being by saying that there are very5discriminatory5very very discriminatory because we're5used to starving and struggling we5should continue doing so I think not if5we get extra money any kind of extra5money that is not equal to what5everybody else is getting I think we6should save that money use it for6transportation fee and we'll make a date6where we can all join on Parliament Hill6as one and speak as one and show them6the power that the disabled people6actually have and and and it's gonna6cost they're gonna see that it costs us6to try and get together because we're6not normal people we can't do things6normally so it's gonna take a it's gonna6be hard for us to get together and by6them giving us a little bit of money6that might help us be able to get6together to show our federal government6that were not worth twelve hundred we're6worth two thousand just like the working6stiff when I cut myself my blood is the6same color as everybody else's it's not6blue it's not green it's red just like6yours okay there's no reason why I6should be treated or anybody else on6this disability6treated like any less of a person all6because our federal government wants to6put a stigma on us a nasty fucking just6nastiness if our federal government6wants to say we're worth twelve hundred6and everybody else is worth two thousand6we got to stand together we got to do6something about this I'm getting tired6of fucking not being able to do anything6about what's going on here I'm sick and6tired of fucking eating the shit that6they odious be tried to get me evicted6out of my own fucking place I'm sick of6this6I'm sick and tired of fighting for what6equality imagine that I'm tired of6fighting for equality something that's6supposed to be given religiously to6every individual equality and I'm sick6and tired of fighting for it and every6time I turn my head they take a little6more dignity away from me I don't know6what to tell you people put in your6comments below do you think we can all6get together as disabled and show up on6Parliament Hill on a certain date and a6time you know like this day all day if6you can get to Parliament Hill on this6day great this is the day that we're all6gonna stand together to get equality and6stop this looking down on us like we're6fucking children this is insanity okay6we need to get together like the6potheads did and get our dignity back6you understand I'm sick of being fucking6shit on and looked on like I'm a fucking6loser and be labeled as a fucking6lowlife and a loser and a freeloader and6deadweight I'm sick of this shit I'm6getting fucking sick of this shit and I6think maybe you might be getting sick in6his shit too6Wow6I don't know what to say to you people6men you're if you're disabled you're my6brother if you're disabled you're my6sister if you're disabled you're my6cousin if you're disabled you're my6relative these are the only things we6have in common being disabled we're in6the same sinking ship and the sad part6about it is the fucking racks have left6already and we're left here alone on6this sinking fucking pathetic sinking6ship it's so bad that the racks have6already left even the rats considered6the ship a goner6they've already split the only fucking6people that are on the on the ship are6the disabled and it's going down quick6I could be a little a little upset too6with because somebody stole my wallet6two days ago it took me a year to get6all my ID my passport my birth6certificate my Ontario public identity6card my my fucking OHIP card and6everything else that meant something to6me like my amateur radio license that6cards gone all the things that actually6made me a person are gone now and I6don't even I'm so I'm so upset there6that I don't even want to go and renew6any of my ID because you know why I6don't like I'm not a person that does6well jumping through hoops it's another6one of my disabilities I get anxiety and6then I start getting mouthy and don't6worry I know but it's hard to stop7something that's an illness okay it's7like Tourette's men okay when I see I'm7getting fucked I yell when somebody7hurts me I scream what are we gonna do7or any of the things that I said7plausible I need to know what we can do7cuz I'm sick of this shit man I'm sick7of not having a voice I'm sick of seeing7other people get what they deserve7and we get left behind every fucking7time fuck fuck7fuck makes no fucking sense what's going7on here and if you want to make people7fucking go to the hospital even more7keep this shit up how many people do you7think are gonna be so upset and angry7that they're gonna be fuckin frustrated7and hit anxiety and trigger all kinds of7emotional dysfunctions and end up in the7hospital because you didn't want to make7them equal to everybody else well then I7guess you fucking deserve the heavy load7on the healthcare system right because7you're not doing anything to fix it7you're not making any beat anybody7happier or healthier by what you're7doing do you not see this do you not see7between 1974 and 1976 in Manitoba that7at everybody on disability and welfare7was living a happy life and that the7health care system in Manitoba was7amazed to see the difference when basic7income was implemented are you that7fucking stupid or did somebody hi is7somebody telling you different7information like are you are you7listening to somebody that's lying to7you I don't know what the fuck you7people are doing what are my brothers7and sisters doing men what are you doing7see when I'm fighting I'm fighting for7everybody behind me all my brothers and7sisters the same way is if I see you7fighting for what's right you're7fighting for me we're only in this7together there's nobody else that's7gonna come and help us we've been7waiting for that for some time eight7years we've been waiting on disability7for somebody to give a fuck7and it hasn't happened eight fucking7years we've been just going to the7shitter cuz nobody cares what does it7take for all of us to get together now7because that's our only choice I mean7unless you want to do things like draw7attention by emptying your fucking your7your urinal bag in the hallway shitting7in the hallways of pub of your public7building if you live in a like a place7that has all handicapped people in it7you just want to go shit in the hallway7and then when they ask you why you're7shit in the hallway is because you're7getting no respect okay other people7other Canadians are worth $2,000 but you7are only worth 1,200 that's why you're7shitting and emptying your fucking7colonoscopy bag in the fuckin public7hallway do you think they'll start7they're gonna get mad at you okay7they'll get mad at you and they'll7fucking threaten you and you just sit7there and say what are you gonna do to7me that my federal government already7hasn't done that makes me feel this way7to begin with what the fuck do you think7you can pull off7there is nothing anybody else can do7that can fuck us over as much as our7government has here by going out there7and telling every other Canadian that7they're worth two thousand dollars a7month and all the disabled people are7only worth twelve hundred we are less of7a being when concern to our government7we are deadweight7we're garbage were pieces of shit we're7freeloaders we're dead fucking wait7well I'm sick of that what's it gonna7take for my brothers and sisters to join7me7and struggling for equality what are you7guys gonna back my play on equality are7you just gonna sit there and continue to7fucking cry when you don't have any7money to do anything and all you want to7do is go downstairs to the store and buy7a popsicle but you can't really really I7think you and I are worth 12 $2,000 just8like every other capable Canadian that8is walking and breathing out there right8at this moment we are worth as much as8they are period nobody is worth more8than anyone else8in this country we as Canadians strive8to be decent fucking people what8happened where did we go astray why did8we stop caring why it's because you8people thought that we didn't need money8to live on we don't do anything we8shouldn't get that much money oh well a8person just sitting on the couch only8burns about a thousand calories so why8give them enough money to buy food8that's worth 2,000 calories when they're8just gonna waste the thousand calories8because they're just sitting on their8couch8the fucking food bank gives out two8fucking days worth of food and you can8only go there once a month how does that8make fucking sense ha ha ha who does8that make fucking sense8hang on I'll give you the keys out of my8fucking head oh sorry8somebody already took those8you have no idea how fuckin demoralizing8how degrading it is to have to walk8around and talk with no fucking teeth8all because your government fucking8yanked them all and when I look at8people and they talk to me and they look8at me and I and I can't pronounce and I8tell them I tell them or DSP took all my8teeth because ODSP only pays for full8dentures not partials so any good teeth8that I had that would make me feel good8they took them there you go that's how8bad ODSP is they will demoralize you8they will make you and mold you into8what they want you to be you do not8understand that ODSP is a Nazi8dictatorship it's not a pension you8understand that it's a Nazi dictatorship8and that's how my ODSP worker was able8to try and save ODSP money by coming8after me and saying I was paying my rent8at 8:25 everything included was too much8and that cunt of a fucking ODSP worker8was gonna get brownie points for putting8me on the street fuck you fuck you fuck8you fuck you fuck you fuck fuck you8fucking put me through three weeks8crying every fucking day anxiety right8out the fucking asshole fucking not8knowing if I was gonna have a roof over8my head or not every minute of the8fucking day crying wondering what the8fuck why are they attacking me why is8disability making my life a living8fucking hell8you fucking cocksuckers what gave you8the right to dictate that to say that8825 all-inclusive is too much for a8single person who the fuck do you think8you are you're lucky I didn't go down to8the office and kick the fucking shit out8of you and then you'd wonder why I8kicked the shit out of you and then8you'd use it against me but you caused8it you started it8you fucking initiated it you cocksuckers8at ODSP you initiated it8you motherfuckers and then I gotta go8around explaining to people why I'm8running around crazy out of my fucking8mind taking all kinds of medication to8try and calm down I'm running around8like a fucking retard because I don't8know if I got a roof over my head or not8because the people that are put in place8to protect me and take care of me are8fucking me in the ass8imagine that nowhere to run to nowhere8to go no one to yell for help nothing8nowhere nobody fuck all and you think8you could get away with that8you're so fucking lucky that I'm not8that stupid8you thought I was pretty fucking dumb8they you you fucking people at ODSP you8thought you could fuck me over and kick8me out of my own fuck8tell us because you the Nazi8dictatorship sada I was paying too much8let me come to your house and throw you8out your front fucking window8you think I'm fucking upset my fucking8Lord wouldn't you be if the people that9are paid by the federal government to9take care of you are the ones trying to9fucking wreck your life imagine that go9figure9and this is true I don't give if you're9from ODSP and you're watching this fuck9you go look at my fucking file my name9is right there9twelve twelve sixty-five go look at my9fucking file and go and take a9first-hand look at what your fucking9people did to me you cocksuckers I had9to stick the fucking ombudsman on you9fucking people because you were crawling9up my asshole9why because you the Nazi dictatorship9thought 825 for an all-inclusive9apartment for somebody that has social9skill issues and mental ill issues about9being next to other people I live the9life of quarantine isolation bullshit9fuck you my life is isolation I have no9money to do anything I sit in my fucking9apartment all the time the only time I9go out is when I get fucking cabin fever9because going outside is above my9fucking pay grade you fucking lowlifes9at ODSP what are you gonna get the9fucking hint you cocksuckers we're all9suffering and you're doing fuck all and9our own fucking federal government's9telling me that everybody that works is9better than me cuz they are gonna get9$2,000 and I got a suck cock for 1,2009fuck you fuck you cocksucker9telling everybody that they're worth9$2,000 and everybody on disability9remains the same you fucking lowlife9you're lucky that some crazy person on9ODSP doesn't find a fucking weapon and9kill all you cocksuckers because you9know what if somebody does I'll show up9at this guy's Court cases and I will9applaud every fucking court case I will9applaud him I'll even fucking go and9visit you if you do something ok I'll9even going to visit you in prison9I'll even fucking bring money for your9fucking canteen because you know what if9you did something like that I wouldn't9look down on you for because it's9well-deserved9I am surprised in the past eight years9well you know what somebody almost did9take you fucks out once up there on9Parliament Hill that guy running around9with the rifle the one you took away his9right to leave Canada the guy was crazy9and he wanted to leave Canada and the9feds took away his passport go figure9you deserved that guy running around on9the hill with the rifle I'm I'm upset9that he missed and he didn't get a few9of you because for the past eight years9every day9every month every year I struggle I live9my life in survival mode because no9other mode will sustain this9sustainability only a survival mode9isolation I've been living isolation9survival mode for eight years waiting9for my federal government to stop9leaving me in the dirt9like I said I'll come to your court9cases and I'll speak positively about I9don't care I'll show up at all your9court cases and speak positively about9you I'll explain I'll say why you did9this9cuz I know why I'll explain to them you9asked for it you stupid cocksuckers you9driving these people to insanity you9wonder why your health care is is9heavily burdened keep fuckin with these9disabled people and they're just gonna9swamp your fuckin hospitals even more9cause and effect you stupid bastards9you can't even fuckin think right and9you run our country you fuckin losers9you and you and fuckin disability ODSP9you're both like sick cocksuckers you're9like the twisted fucked up couple that9just doesn't fucking weirdos you know9you're the sick twisted fucking9perverted couple ODSP and the federal9government you're doing each other and9in the process we get fuck word to9collateral damage I'll just leave on the9note that the Canadian government thinks9that every Canadian is worth two10thousand dollars but people on10disability this is your amount this is10what your life is worth right there10that's what your life is worth that's10what the federal government is saying if10you're on disability that's what a10that's what a corpse on disability is10worth because the federal government10says people that work are worth $2,00010I'll just leave you on that note enjoy I10know it's gonna be hard to swallow10try not to gag

How to generate an electronic signature for the Odsp Forms Online online

You must into a adaptable solution to electronic signatures for Odsp Forms Online. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Finding, a single online app that does not need any other installation.

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Chrome has been more and more popular as a convenient browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to choose the form that fulfill your need without searching for it in a long time.

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