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today alright wonderful so hi everybody.hopefully everything hear me yes my name.is Tammy and I'm going to talk about the.implementer and sickness benefit now.there's so much information for.employment insurance that I could go on.for probably this whole information.session just on this but I've just try.to kind of pick the most important.information but I can't start talking.about sickness benefits until I give you.kind of an overview of the rest of.employment insurance benefits as well so.a sickness benefit falls under what's.called a special benefit so all these.benefits including maternity and.parental compassionate care parents or.critically ill children they all have.different requirements that are of.course that they differ from regular.benefits so when somebody thinks of.employment insurance we think a lot.about when your company closes down or.they lay you off temporarily that's what.most people refer to as employment.insurance when it comes to regular.benefits there are different.requirements as to when why you stopped.working for your job how many hours.you've worked in the last year depending.on where you live so there are different.regulations for that you need to be.available for looking for work that is.all changes when it comes to special.benefit the requirement for special.benefits for all these benefits under.this category is different so for reg.the first item a for special benefit you.need to work to 600 hours of insurable.employment within the last 52 week so.that's from all employers combined so if.you've worked for more than one employer.in the last year the hours you've worked.for another employer will also count do.you need that bare minimum 600 hours to.qualify for sickness benefit.as well with special benefits you're not.required to be looking for work because.you're staying home presumably taking.care of yourself or taking care of a.loved one.the sickness benefits there are four.individuals are unable to work because.of sickness injury or quarantine now.when it comes to what type of sickness.what type of an injury as you can see.here you need a medical certificate but.it doesn't need to be specific in the.cases of a lot of applications for.disability a long term disability Canada.Pension Plan disability that you are.required to go to specifics about your.illness or injury or your disability.however for sickness benefits it's.really just a straightforward medical.statistic it's signed by your doctor or.simply on a prescription pad just.stating that you're unable to work for.medical reasons.nothing specific and ideally the medical.note is going to tell us how long you're.expected to be unable to work for now if.it's an indefinite amount of time that's.fine too ideally your doctor would just.say something to be effective this.patient is unable to work for medical.reasons for an indefinite period of time.or an unknown period of time so as I.said already you need that 600 hours to.qualify for up to 15 weeks of sickness.benefits so that's 15 weeks with.sickness benefits per claim so if you.were to go back to work after 15 weeks.or less and you were to accumulate the.600 hours again and then subsequently.you had to take off work for medical.reasons again you could then file an.application for benefits and collect an.additional 15 weeks of sickness benefit.now this way here you must exhaust all.your employer's sick leave credits.before being eligible so if you have.paid sick leave from your employer and.sick days off or if you've had a short.term disability plan then you want.exhaust those first and then you apply.for employment insurance so.you're able to collect sickness benefits.outside Canada only if you're going to.another country to receive medical.treatment not readily or immediately.available in Canada in other words if.you were to leave on vacation that's not.a problem you're just not payable during.that time if you were to leave the.country for five weeks for example and.you came back so let's say you collected.five weeks of your 15 you came back.after five weeks then you could collect.the remaining ten weeks upon your return.so all claims are good for our most.claims I should say are good for about.one year you have one year in which to.collect all the benefits that you could.be entitled to from too cynical Bach.real quick to this slide here so let's.just say you've had a regular benefits.claim in the last year and you went back.to work for a little bit of time but you.didn't go back to work for long enough.to get your 600 hours for sickness.benefit because you've had this coin for.regular benefits within that past year.you could potentially reactivate your.claim and collect your sickness benefits.on that same claim so you have the.ability to collect a combination of up.to 50 paid weeks of employment insurance.benefits within a 52 week period so just.keep that in mind if you've opened the.claim within the last year and you're.unable to work for whatever reason you.may be entitled to some type of.employment insurance benefits.so how to apply apply online anywhere.with internet access you could do that.at home you could do it a local service.Canada center it is important that you.do not delay in filing your application.so ideally you're going to apply on the.last day for which you're paid so that's.either your last day worked or your last.day of your paid sick leave or your sort.sending disabilities whatever that is.that that's the very early student apply.you cannot apply ahead of time so if you.know that you're going to be off work in.a month you're not able to do the.application ahead of time unfortunately.on the other end you don't want to wait.more than four weeks to do your.application because if you do then your.eligibility is determined in the week in.which you file rather than being.automatically backdated you may miss out.on weeks of payment and you might not.qualify at all depending on how many.hours you've worked in the year from.when you did the application there.shortly after applying for employment.insurance you're going to receive a.benefit statement in the mail now that.benefit statement is kind of a misnomer.because it won't actually tell you what.your benefits are going to be if.something that's mailed to you.automatically once you've done the.application it's automatically generated.by the system to be sent to you what.that busy statement does have is your.access codes and instructions and what.to do next.so we'll go over that access code and.what to do in the following slide you.generally have to complete reports every.two weeks which we'll also talk about in.a little bit as well.so normally the goal is to judge you in.pay within 28 days of you filing your.application now I have seen claims.process much faster than not that's.assuming that all of your records of.employment are in you don't require you.don't need your record of employment.should do an application and if actually.shouldn't wait for that because it could.take your employer a long time to issue.the record of employment some employers.are remiss in doing so days they don't.issue it at all or that a lot or a.little bit more of encouragement to.issue it so definitely do the.application right away to time stamp.when your benefits should be payable if.you're having trouble getting your.record of employment from your employer.then our steps to take through service.Canada to help you get that records.employment but you do need to make an.effort to get that yourself first.because in most cases you'll be able to.get that and that faster than somebody.from employment insurance is going to be.able to help you get it if you're not.eligible to receive UI benefit you're.going to receive a notice within the 28.day time frame you'll get that notice by.mail it will tell you why it is you.didn't qualify if you disagree with that.decision then you're able to ask for.reconsideration.now most claims require you to serve a.waiting period which also is a bit of a.misnomer because that waiting period.isn't how long it takes to actually.process your claim it's a period in.which you're not payable to benefit.that's a one-week waiting period so.let's say it takes 28 days for them to.process your application they're going.to back pay you for 21 of those days now.in cases where you've received sickness.benefits from your employer and you've.exhausted those sickness benefits that.waiting period can be waived if you're.covered under sickness benefits plan.through your employer and you've.exhausted those benefits they would back.pay you for the whole 28 days.now the basic benefit rate is 55% of.your average insured earnings that's.your average gross earnings.up to a maximum of five hundred and.forty three dollars per week.so there's just this nifty little.example here which I won't really go.over now what they do is it go for an.average based on your record of.employment typically if you are somebody.who works in the same amount hours and.gets the same amount of pay typically.every two weeks or whenever your paper.is then that's all that they need is the.record of employment but if you're.somebody who doesn't work on a regular.basis who possibly work 60 hours in one.week and 20 hours in next one of the.measures that they've implemented is.calculating your benefit rate based on.your highest weeks of earning this was.effective April of 2013 so your benefits.can be calculated using your highest.week over the last year and it depends.on your fam region so your VI region the.rate of unemployment in your area the.higher the rate of unemployment the less.amount of weeks you need to provide for.your highest week so for example if.you're in Vancouver it's about 22 weeks.at your best runnings that you would.want to provide and what will happen is.employment insurance is going to base.that your benefit rate and your highest.weeks of earnings in no 22 weeks rather.than over the past year so that could.increase your benefit rate when you do.the application is going to ask you to.provide those weeks on the application.if you don't have that readily available.of course what you can do is you can.continue the application without it your.benefit rate will be based on your.record of employment until you provide.employment insurance with your best.weeks and then there's going to be.calculate their benefit.now keep in mind that any earnings paid.on separation might be allocated to the.beginning of your claim so anything.that's paid out in a lump sum like.sevens pay for palliative notice and.their other ones that are not on this.list here.anything that spit in a lump sum might.be allocated to your home in other words.you may not be payable as soon as you.stop working there might be a delay in.receiving a payment so if you take a.look at this example right here if you.receive severance pay that accounts for.twelve weeks of salary whether it's a.lump sum payment or weekly payment your.benefit will be delayed by twelve weeks.and then your payable so the time that.we've taken away from that one year.period like I was saying before you have.one year in which to collect your.benefit and that one year won't start.until this allocation of this twelve.weeks in this example here until that's.been exhausted you'll still have a year.in which to collect whatever combination.of benefits you're entitled to is just.that your first payment and in this case.sickness benefits is going to be delayed.by twelve weeks and potentially if you.have a one week waiting period while.another week as well.so you talked about that access code.what it serves for so the first thing.that's the most important is the.internet reporting service so when.you're receiving employment insurance.fitness benefits you need to log in to.the internet reporting service or callin.typically every two weeks to let us know.the answers to series of five pretty.simple questions one being we utter the.country during this time another being.did you work during this time.question will be were you ready rolling.incapable of working during the.periodicity report and while you're.receiving sickness benefits the answer.is going to be no you're not available.for work even if you do happen to work.which you can although your benefits.will be deducted the amount that you.make is going to be deducted dollar for.dollar anything you've earned gets.kicking off of your employment insurance.while you're on sickness benefit you can.work but there's no real incentive to.doing so.so after answering whether or not you're.available for to which the answer is no.it's going to ask you if you've taken a.training course during the period of.this report and then it's also going to.ask you if there are any other monies.that we don't already know about now.these monies that they refer to would do.stuff that arises from employment so if.you would received anything after the.fact that we didn't already know about.like severance pay or retroactive salary.adjustments whatever that may be.you would want to let us know about that.if you receive any other money such as.lottery winnings or somebody gifted you.some money or you've got an income tax.return those are the types of things.that you do not need to report as there.a lot money to get arose from employment.you.the second thing that access code is.good for is to create a my service.canada account so if you already have a.can of a Revenue Agency account you.don't need to create one of these.because they're actually now linked.together so that's very useful the.Service Catalog account - the view a.little screenshot of that this next.slide here ok there we go and this is.where you can view your latest.employment insurance claim you can see.your records of employment so if your.employer's told you they submitted the.record of employment electronically this.is where you do it just to make sure.that they have actually done so.sometimes employers will tell you.they've submitted the record of.employment to employment insurance array.but what they've done is they've.actually just send it to our.record-keeping department if you are.given a paper record of employment but.clearly handwritten it's usually on a.carbon copy paper you want to bring that.in or mail it in to your civic Canada.Center.this is also where and we're going to.talk about this later you can view your.town of a pension plan contributions see.what you would get if you were to retire.relieve your tip to pension 60 versus 65.or 70 and also what you would get if you.were to apply for Canada Pension Plan.disability okay and as you can see here.you can also head on over to Canada.Revenue Agency website and then come tax.time you can print your to force.you.well that's quite a that's good for.sickness benefits at the moment but I.did want to cover a compassionate care.benefit as there is somewhat related to.sickness benefit so you are how did you.take time off to take care of a family.member.please gravely ill or with a significant.risk of passing away you can take time.off that form of 26 weeks to care for.that person so yes you need to have.accumulated that $600 in the past 52.weeks and you need to provide medical.proof of course that this person is at.risk of passing away it's just something.to keep in mind if you need to take care.of somebody you do have the ability to.do this it used to be six weeks of.benefits it's now gone up to 26 weeks.

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