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Guidelines with regard toCincinatti 2015 2019 Form

we welcome all of you back to Louisville.Kentucky next up a Midwest region third.round encounter between the 8th seeded.Cincinnati Bearcats and a top-seeded.Kentucky Wildcats winner of this game.goes to Cleveland tomorrow.West Virginia Maryland will decide one.of the other spots in Cleveland hi once.again everybody Bernal untwists along.with Jim's plan Arkell Kentucky chasing.history of course five to go to complete.the undefeated seasons they didn't look.all that sharp early in their what a.good campaign now they had about 15.minutes where they did not play well but.one of the things about their team in.reading some of the comments they've.made they're not happy with the way they.played and they want to make sure they.leave this building having a good taste.in their mouth and obviously they are.really pumped up and ready to go they.have the depth they have the side.john calipari scheme I think will be.ready but I know that it's going to be a.Cincinnati team that's going to come at.them from the standpoint of aggressive.play Cincinnati survived their last game.against Purdue look at this shot burn it.just sits on the glass then they start.their celebration and everything working.from that perspective the result due.respect to my good friend and your good.friend Bill Raftery.they ended it with the smoochy.you didn't quite Gypsys emphysema there.now we're here.you saw Larry Davis The Associated head.goats they are very balanced this season.and Larry Davis the associate head coach.had taken over for Mick Cronin when Mick.suffered a brain injury back in December.the lineups on the less varrock table.Joyce called Bane hero of that win Gary.cork Jack Thomas Octavius Ellis and for.Kentucky the first wave Aaron Harrison.Andrew Harrison Trey Lyles.Willie cauley-stein and karl-anthony.towns and the head coach in his sixth.season.John Calipari Kentucky has the ball in.the.Andrew Harrison one of the twins.[Applause].Cincinnati comes out with an extended.zone defense initial look cocaine number.10 is guarding Harrison into the corner.Trey Lyles for three rebound Cincinnati.you know Verne one of the interesting.things I know these guys shake hands.before the game when they get introduced.sometimes both teams just came walking.out with a little bit of a swagger that.wasn't even like a touch on the hands.like a good luck or anything so I think.this game obviously means a lot in the.NCAA tournament but something tells me.there's an underlying current here.between these twelve the last time they.met was in 2005 Kentucky won that.Kentucky has won the last dozen or so.there's the bathroom shack Thomas the.junior out of Paterson New Jersey.despite their adjacency almost it's only.an hour and a half way between.Cincinnati and and Louisville they don't.point regular-season that one no good go.get it Bearcats for odd job they have to.be concerned whenever they start going.into the paint one of the things that.Larry Davis told is yesterday was Bern.remember don't get caught trying to go.over two bigs in there like that there's.the first block that's Willie.cauley-stein.gokane back to gob they're so tall.Kentucky they sure they come out with.cauley-stein they played a perimeter.with him five on the shot clock.Jack Thomas three on the shot clock.oh boy it's coming our way.[Music].one of the things Larry Davis as I.mentioned don't get caught in there and.now he loses the ball so that's kind of.a half a shot right there but.defensively they close look at how long.they are outside with miles coming out.watch for me yeah this is what they're.gonna start to do just pop it up as a.paint got the roll against an undersized.Hampton team the other night Byrne.remember they were tossing it in early.the first 10 minutes just trying to go.right over that so Cincinnati has to.find a way to start pushing bodies out.play aggressive basketball and I doubt.they're gonna they're not going to shy.away that's for sure there's Gary Clark.Larry Davis hoping that he has a big.role in this game jumper go pain in and.out but there with the follow is.Octavius Ellis.Octavius Ellis ejected from the game on.Thursday because of a flagrant two foul.allowed to play in this game because.there was no fight involved in the.flagrant two it was an elbow that he.threw at AJ Hammons.there we go looking pounds on the blocks.good stay good double team Oh.well take another look at this Octavius.Ellis white went to bow yeah and you.know he goes right at him and let's.let's Hammonds have it right kind of.under the chin there and very.disappointed after it he was going into.a block out but you can't condone what.he did in that that game and here's the.hard play and this is what Kentucky is.going to expect and this is what they're.going to get they may win this game but.if they win it they're going to have to.play a recive team basketball against.this Cincinnati ballclub and Ellis is.going to sit on for him is korede to.bury the averages only ten minutes per.game that because of the ejection he had.to play extensive minutes the other.night.for for you know the berry might have.been one of the key factors even though.cocaine hit that shot that's ended it -.OH - the berry played very well let's.see if he can continue with his minutes.he's a real strong solid player on the.blocks for our table boy those are the.types they will avoid here they come.Trey Lyles upstairs Aaron Harrison up.and under.oh look at did you see that yeah I.looked that was a foul my call Harris.and through Clark put his arms around.him and through and inside at the other.end knocked out of bounds Kentucky ball.fern if you come into the lane as a.Cincinnati player you have to make.better judgments even this redirect.pulling the ball away from them they're.just too long because they have bullies.time roaming around out front now watch.Harris well we're back to the line play.[Applause].on the floor Jack Thomas picks it up I.think he's gonna use that phrase a few.times today on the floor they're gonna.be bodies on the floor there's cocaine.to Shaq Thomas jumper over Lyle's nope.nice effort by Clark but he fouls the.heresy this is Andrew heresy that's a.good effort by Clark but he has to back.off on that one too and understand why.he's going for it.here we go look the scrambling begin.just a little extra.head coach Nick groaning out for the.season since December 20th he does watch.every game here's the alley I'm here.with Mick Cronin inside Rick Pitino's.private office now you told me you were.a superstitious guy you usually only.change up your locations for watching.games after a losing streak but you won.on Thursday you're changing it up today.what we had to check out of the hotel.it was either drive back home and get.there in time but I want to be here with.the with the kids no matter what the.result after the game unfortunately I.know the coach at Louisville he's got a.pretty nice office what was your.involvement with the team today the same.as normal you know be there for Larry.help the guys prepare I could work ahead.because they were focused on produce and.once they got that done I've been.watching a lot of Kentucky I'm a high.paid advanced Cal is this soundproofing.key in case you get a little angry or.want to yell out some cheers at the end.of the game.y'all just if I get a good answer I'm.gonna snoop around and you see what.Coach Pitino is got in here yeah I'm.sure he's got some good wine in the back.there's no doubt about that but the more.I talk to him the more it's gonna cost.me I'll buy an old horse eventually I'm.sure because all this conversation.always has a sense of humor things good.thanks Allen.Mick Cronin we get to spend a little.time within the other day he was an.assistant to Rick Pitino here at.Louisville for two years I asked him.what he was learned from Rick Pitino he.said I learned to go from light beer to.red wine beautiful that works and he and.Larry Davis have been great friends for.a long time.and Larry Davis has been and it is the.free throw by Marcus Lee Larry Davis.left a head coaching job at Furman to.join McCrone the here and cronin will.advise you quickly and emphatically that.he's willing.and just to add to that to Vern with.Mick and it's great we spoke to him but.it's it's great to hear the reports from.a medical perspective that he's doing.well and all the tests are coming back.great so more importantly than a.basketball game were glad to see that.he's doing well and his team is tied.with Kentucky at four.[Applause].look at cocaine get into Berry's face.get the ball back out exactly and this.kind of whitey don't hand out whistles.when fans walk into the building because.they're all nasty right now they don't.like the calls this is getting more and.more physical and this is the way you.have to beat Kentucky I think you put.together a good effort and now the fans.get their way because it's going to put.the other way five-second call on.Cincinnati well we've got a fresh four.on the floor Harrison is out there now.the Ulis there's Eric Devin Booker is.out.we just talked about physical play these.officials may have heard us because.Johnson there gets calls for a little.bit of a moving screen not much at all.you have to consider you put yourself.down in plant in pitch cow looking good.over there in that suit but a bit like.that call you can afford it he can.afford it it's not the only one he's got.in his closet how do you like the way.it's been called so far the officiating.I think the officials came in just like.everybody who's following these two.teams they know it's going to be a.physical game that would be dakari.Johnson that time so I think the.officials are doing just fine.Booker's not falling early now.great Stefan Janna Kelvin Johnson who.was a starter Kentucky starts one of.seven they've established a defensive.presence but not offensively so far if.they get a look at the basket from the.outside or 15 feet they have to right.there they have to make the decision and.go look at this tip by the berry but he.tipped it out of bounds that I didn't.catch you that is it's a Harrison it's.Aaron Harrison number two he's up he's.always but he flattened a few.photographers it's physical on the court.Verne and guess what off the court also.he's okay yeah everybody in.photographers role thankfully is okay.yeah no it's lucky he didn't hit that.camera exactly so he's seeing a 2 to 1.Cincinnati slow down press it just takes.a little time off it now they slip back.let's see what they slip back and get.his switching this time then back into.their matchup Nansen that matchup zone.there's Ulis Booker.Willie cauley-stein and.karl-anthony towns are back on the floor.came on during the dead-ball 1 for 8.there so far so good in their defenses.packing it in next time down I'll talk a.little bit more about that matchup too.because it's important how they play it.nice that sure was the challenge by.Ellis with a good stride and some.aggressive play going to the basket all.set up by the guards and what I mean by.the matchup.Byrne when two guys in your area right.here you play a man-to-man if he vacates.Congress I wasn't gonna say it but I was.thinking oh oh what a spree.barks and a screen on units for three.sandurz that's the one guys have to hit.on the perimeter if they get the look.Germaine Sanders one of the seniors.here's Ulis back to Harrison little pump.and that there.[Applause].so Cincinnati trying to set it up in.this matchup and they go right over the.top and Fahrenheit you can pick your.poison any any kind of Defense's who.can't really stop that place but they.come back and they answer what do they.get they get a good look guys only at.about 27 percent on the year Sanders.knocks one back with every outside shot.is so important yes it is and we've seen.what happens when you're drawing go.inside if Cincinnati can put together.you know a 45 50% out you know from 15.feet and beyond shooting day they have a.chance.nobody hoho very positive start for.Cincinnati.11:57 to go first half.Bearcats of the lead.we're back in Louisville watch live.games on your Amazon Fire HD windows or.other connected devices with NCAA March.Madness live watch now at ncaa.com /.March Madness or download the app today.Savarin we're gonna take a look at the.Cincinnati defense against Purdue so.Cincinnati is in white from Thursday.night not to confuse so watch the way.they try to pack the middle of the floor.with the white shirts now they'll go out.to the perimeter but they're not going.to charge the perimeter you notice the.way they just put the hands up Clark.puts a hand up and then they contest the.shot but they're not going to run out so.they don't want people driving by them.and they don't sure you just don't want.them to establish Kentucky's offensive.clock game like we saw UCLA do in the.first game here there's cocaine guarded.by Ulis number 3 - berry gotta control.that's how you use your body you.neutralize that block shot blocking.rejected pathetic putback by.karl-anthony towns one of the things.then you watch them practice the other.day the ability of towns to run the.floor for a big guy is exceptional and.knowing when to release and go copains.booked her out on Johnson and he pushes.him even farther out gives them some.space to operate the entry pass take.away and foul their feet the very good.job just a fact since I'm adding the.four early turnovers now fowl is gonna.be called on Sanders I believe or from.behind that Sanders well we talked and.it's very interesting that Cincinnati.and Kentucky do not play all that often.there's the University of Cincinnati 86.miles to Kentucky only 77 to Louisville.now Louisville and Kentucky play every.year one of the most anticipated games.in this state speaking of which I'm.thinking now about one of the matchups.tomorrow.Kansas Wichita State another one very.good point Kansas will not schedule.Wichita State now they're gonna play.them so you're telling me they didn't.schedule this game the bracket scheduled.yeah.towns and when Kansas has been a little.up and down yes they haven't been in the.Kansas from the last three five seven.years not to say dose up doesn't have a.solid tough basketball team but not.running on all cylinders the table is up.now.Kentucky's with towns leading the way.there's climb back into then one just be.patient if you're Cincinnati notice how.they're just gonna try to run the clock.but if you get a good luck we must April.look at that baseline defense Booker.seven on the shot clock.takes the three great position he's just.pushing people around in a legal fashion.to get great offensive positioning.here's Ulis how deep is this team Ulis.fires a five foot nine and freshman he.has the fourth most minutes per game on.this team almost 25 there's Trey Lyles.entry pass to cauley-stein bad shot.towns.[Applause].the work the glass look at the right.side he just uses the arm the clear and.the beauty of that was there's a couple.of things there Vernon if the fact that.he gets inside the Kentucky player towns.but how about where he caught that.rebound kind of leaning his two hands.behind the towns probably could have.gotten that one because the Barry was.leaning forward parasu twins are back on.the floor this is Aaron Harrison for.three but look at cauley-stein go over.the back of Johnson for the rebound.three to sixteen for Kentucky so far.Vern alpha 12 out in these spots out.there let's see it.[Music].shooters shoot don't they we're tied.that is Cincinnati early on let.Kentucky's defense rattle them and the.other combination is do they let these.fans get in their heads at all.Tory to bury.chance for the lead now for Kentucky.into the corner Trey Lyles.and if they score here burn the next.possession for Cincinnati will be very.important from the corner gym the last.three so here's these they go inside and.now look at this defensively a guy.turning is back defensively what does.that mean if you kick it back out he's.never gonna be able to recover that.quickly so once again good patience by.Kentucky with Aaron Harrison hitting the.long ball foul was called on Jermaine.Sanders.13:13.Lyle's goes left very talented player at.6:00 spend the ability to put it on the.floor and they found the seam against it.match up man-to-man as it's the free.throw line and you're able to put it on.the floor and have a decision-maker.there.here's that possession I was talking.about first league for the Wildcats.you don't want him taking that truck you.do want him taking that shot.very nice answer wasn't it yeah it was a.big one don't let Kentucky in the crowd.take over Kevin Johnson.but Cincinnati back lawn top.[Applause].wires.I'm thinking he's going to lay that ball.in yeah and he's got a little extra.extension on the left arm.Steele Ulis to our turn.well the ability of miles to stretch to.extend on the first one if you like that.extension watch this one for the finish.going away Chucky's doing well.game summary Kentucky with a slow start.offensively they hit their last three in.a row look at the bench points I don't.think that's gonna last I don't think so.either and you know it's one of the.things either you don't have that much.depth at Cincinnati.compared to Kentucky but you think about.it the fouls are mounting up for.Cincinnati but that's how they're gonna.play it they're gonna play it rugged.aggressive and see how it where the.chips may fall doing it their way well.Cincinnati's got to be pleased at their.position here with only 734 to go that's.the size what we just alluded to two.point Kentucky lead.three-point lead 734 to go we will.switch up here defensively can they get.it in time.just Farrelly's yeah this is for rod.Cobb a junior first year at Cincinnati.[Applause].and we've taken their time that it's.also because Kentucky's making them take.their time before in the track clock.rebound to Barry I know how to go over.those trees and to throw it off the.ceiling thickens out I bounce it off the.ceiling indebted to go inland great.offensive rebounds override to Barry.again he's just he's pounding the.thinner guys you know somebody they're.tall but not as strong as that but.getting go to the floor he did not get.out of balance he checks in at a hefty.69 275 and watch him here at the hands.he stops the ball Barney couldn't catch.it off the rebound so what does he do he.gets it and stops it with his fingertips.and then he goes up and away with it huh.and now watch him he almost pulled that.off - with the tip before he hit the out.of bounds line sure did well we've got.the the Harrison twins Ulis Trey Lyles.and Karl Anthony towns on the floor.right now for Kentucky one-point game.Harrison jump shot.to bury with another rebound yeah and.this pace that Cincinnati's playing at.both ends of the floor with their zone.it'll push down low to go to get ounce.but the pace bulk sides burn if they're.slowing it down they're limiting the.possessions and the first goal that.Cincinnati has in this game is to make.sure at halftime it's still a game right.so you don't want to say they don't want.to see John Calipari and company go up.10 12 15 points and you're fighting out.of a hole they'll take the time off the.clock where is everybody.hello no pain with that drive around the.corner and every single person the bigs.in particular weren't at home this is a.Kentucky team that leads the country in.defensive both will block and a foul.ball they're yielding 35.5% the Wildcats.and they fell asleep on that last in Val.they sure did and let's see where they.all go so here's one here going this way.one out here and who's home no one.terrific recognition if you can get an.easy layup.against this team take it all afternoon.but they're not many that they're going.to get like that Trey Lyles the freshman.out of Indianapolis ready to go home for.the final four now Booker is on and.Aaron Harrison heads to the bench and.this is where Kentucky excels right with.the depth that we've spoken about.the impressive thing for those who have.not seen them in person television.really does not do with justice with how.big these guys are when you see their.whole team in practice their guards of.big the Harrison twins are about six.five apiece right.uncle you one inch better than listen at.six six six seven well and these bigs.underneath let's get a block out Wow.Lyle's put a body on them here's Booker.he's going to give it back to Ulis boss.over didn't use the screen for the shot.so they look at how much time Kentucky's.take in on possessions and that plays at.the Cincinnati's favor as far as a.slowdown there you go defense just.clamping down everybody's helping out on.the blocks once again.kick it out approach the perimeter if.there's a shot how about this jumper Wow.well how about that jump.I'm wide right I didn't expect him to.sit he could have played he could have.played for Florida State football that.is oh yeah the best part about that with.top he made a decision Byrne coming down.the floor he knew exactly where all the.big guys who are right where are all the.big guys what he's running he gets out.in a hurry here now look it all in the.back all the big guys are back that.means he can attack little guy up front.go for your layup.[Music].4:46 to go first half Cincinnati by one.Monday on CBS.revenge of the mothers on an all-new.episode of NCIS Los Angeles LL Cool J.and Chris O'Donnell stars Monday at.10:00 9:00 central only CBS well Mike.game here first half of courts it's not.that Kentucky hasn't had close calls.they won here despite being behind look.at the back-to-back overtime games at.Florida at LSU and Georgia gave them.fits in Sec play.yeah it's burnin and the longer that.Cincinnati can keep this kind of.slowdown and not letting the team go up.and down when they score 75 points and.what they want to avoid in these dunks.they want to avoid the easy buckets and.they can just manage to get this into.the second half the 10 minute mark and.under you never know right now Kentucky.is not really figuring out this matchup.defense another turnover does what the.matchup does burn it looks like it's got.both pits a matchup because it's.man-to-man principles in in a zone and.you can really run a man-to-man offense.against it if you want now you sounded.just like referee thank you.demanda man principals would know so no.pellets with man-to-man Frenchmen that's.something like that.Dalton.another couple Oh 50 play by Kofi pour.on water Jack Thomas on the feed from.joy copain we've seen cocaine with some.nifty dribbling this afternoon but more.importantly for Cincinnati against.Purdue for that game tire.I like the edge that Cincinnati's.playing with Dave Arnett.Octavius tell us there's a double-team.and a nice speed out of a gun that was.Lyle's instead of being six pin and.going over the top squeezes the.defenders and finds a cutter.the noise is coming from the people.wearing boys more now you're watching.Octavius Ellis exit the floor head to.the locker room and here is what.happened Jim let's see if he takes it.and knee to the back right there.interesting enough to burn when you head.out I think I think hopefully when he.walked out it not so bad now let's check.in with Ally.it's definitely a lower back injury I.have no official word from the team what.the injury is but they did take him back.to the locker room he wasn't able to.take his hands off the lower back the.entire time he was in so much pain they.tried to do some stretching and when.they got him up to walk and he was still.in pain that's when he gave him the nod.and said take me back to the locker room.let's figure this out and Ally you know.what that's a great timing of your.report that's what I'm thinking is that.and I'm hoping here that speculating.that it's not that serious.but under three minutes get him into the.into the locker room and take advantage.of a longer time to try to rehab him if.in fact he can come back and that's just.a guess on my part at this point Sanders.both leagues ordered by Aaron Harrison.Biersack Thomas if you go upstairs had a.fadeaway instead not strong enough here.come just Kentucky yeah cauley-stein.will make you fade a little.nice rebound.they are the guards are helping out too.aren't they burn give that cocaine.[Applause].copain is 6 4 he's got a 7-footer on him.and the 7-footer changed the shot well.that's one of the things about a.cauley-stein could go out and guard the.perimeter and then he can retrieve.justice fast is not a guy in the country.who can do that as well as he goes back.outside.and to cook her.[Applause].only eight of 26 unity for Kentucky in.this first half which has 90 seconds.remaining back to Ulis jumper over.Thomas he's impressive this young man.Lima Ohio freshman.all SEC all-freshman team this year.don't hurry right now for Cincinnati get.it back out.if that's one of the few times that.Larry Davis's team's gotten out of.control that's one that you're just not.going to go to go get and you have to.drift a little bit they're going to time.that perfectly four-point Kentucky lead.seven on answer now for the Wildcats.cauley-stein staying in your defense.don't let them bait you outside ulis.garrison 4-3.well design great executions to get the.long-range all of a sudden Kentucky is.taking control a bit down the stretch.with two minutes to go in the half ten.unanswered that is only the second.three-pointers thus far boats by Aaron.Harrison.[Music].UCLA advanced earlier first time in.school history that they've advanced as.a doubled engine see the reason for that.is they very seldom are at double-digit.ACC teams have had a good tournament.thus far back twelve as well and the.first team into the sweet 16.the Bruins of UCLA how important is this.possession burn oh boy.so it's cocaine there's a screen set by.Gary Clark.Booker picks up cocaine about a.three-second difference shot clock game.clock Kentucky has a couple of fouls to.get more than a cup of the dates they're.gonna give up the whole shot clock Bell.if they do that yeah there's one.coming up on AT&T at the half Greg Clark.Kenny and Charles they're well enough.known to be just first name guys they'll.have highlights of UAB UCLA and catch.you up on the latest NCAA tournament.news that's all coming up on AT&T at the.half so the question is this cow 100.fairy and uses fouls or is that an.accidental foul I think they may want to.play it straight up unless they get in.trouble.12 seconds remaining no pain.oh here's one that's not for ya let it.roll let it roll let it roll don't pick.it up go to lip he could have totally.let that ball roll right to the.out-of-bounds and track it down and the.clock would have disappeared on them the.watch now it goes back to my eye Vern.it's going so slowly.Harrison might have caught up to it then.you pick it up even less time you could.have worked that clock down don't foul.out here.we have reached the break.[Applause].let's go to Ali who is with John.Calipari coach offensively you started 3.for 16 why the slow start we want we.talked about the physical plane but.God's got pumped and they were trying to.draw a foul it's gonna make baskets I.think we're getting to a better rhythm.will be fun.Cincinnati's trying to eat up every.second of that shot clock do you try to.speed him up a wee up I think we're up.eventually someone's got to shoot the.ball again seven footers what we don't.want to do is give them baskets they can.make which are layups and open threes so.we're I like what we're doing right now.we missed a bunch of shots I would have.rather been up 10 or 12 that this is fun.thanks coach.he's always kind of retort he does but.you know what he's walking in there.thinking what is he gonna do he's gonna.say to these guys you didn't play real.well the problem is they may have a.little carryover here from the first.game against Hampton which is kind of.interesting to me but he'll get them.pumped up Cincinnati on the other hand I.think they stated their guns you know.and Larry Davis is going to say to that.team he's gonna say for about 18 minutes.17 minutes we executed okay hopefully.Ellis will be back that is the end of.the half 31 24 as Calipari said are we.up we'll send you to AT&T a path after.this message and a word from your local.station.welcome back to Louisville midwest.region third round encounter undefeated.Kentucky leading 31 to 24 big story.Octavius Ellis with a back injury and.we'll take a look at these plays burn.this Bend some contact with them but the.guess was you know in terms of the.twisting and turning that can cause more.problems than a kick sometimes for more.on the injury let's check in with Allie.as you see Ellis he headed to the locker.room a second with Allie who is with.associate head coach Larry Davis coach.we saw your team's leading scorer.Octavius Ellis exit with the back injury.what's his status for the second half.the trainer has done a good job on him.he'll be back this half he's okay just.spasm and so he'll be back for 17.minutes of that game your team was in.the driver's seat how do you make it a.full game well we got to go back and.make sure we got great spacing on.offense we panicked a little bit on.offense which led to a couple of run.outs and that's when they got their lead.and then we got to stick to the.defensive game plan which is you know.keep them out of the paint off the pass.and keep them out of the paint off the.dribble and force them to shoot.contested jump shots at the top and then.we can block out thanks coach good luck.you guys.and your reaction my reaction is that I.think if he can correct that now once.again that's young kids playing this.game against a very good team panic is.one word.anxiety a little tick to hurry but if.they can just settle down and get backed.into the same routine that they have.first five minutes burn what they want.to do is get to the ten minute mark and.have this thing at about five three.points to try to get Kentucky to press.mentally a little bit we'll see if.Cincinnati can do this cincinnati has.the ball to open the second half.here's Octavius Ellis back spasms that's.not good for a backs pads exactly what I.was thinking hey Ellis will go to the.free-throw line but they need somebody.in there challenging the berry did a.very good job in the first half of.really challenging the bigs and hitting.the glass it's important to get.something out of him I don't know how.far he's going to go but you know what.if it's a back spasm that's why I said.it with three minutes left in that first.half I think that was a good move.getting him back to get some extra.medical treatment and hopefully he's.ready to go and just get out out play it.and forget about it.but the adrenaline take over for the.game now Cincinnati is one of two at the.free-throw line first two attempts in.the ball game.here's cauley-stein now that that is a.decided mystery cauley-stein at seven.feet go pay nat64.but if they can keep him out 17 feet.away that's neutral on her jumper Ulis.on Kentucky yes take a look at the.halftime numbers just remark burn I.think you know you look at it I think.the 18 points is terrific for Cincinnati.the free throws but we talked about in.Ali's point the second question she.asked right she asked about the driver's.seat for 17 minutes they did a terrific.job of keeping this under control that.quick run out really really hurt him.baseline drive jumper from the quarters.Kentucky rebound that's a shot you have.to take though if you're open book her.he's normally deadly with that.three-point shot he's been struggling a.little bit I think it was six the last.game out about all my gosh Zach Thomas.then he got a foot in the posterior.over-the-air television broadcast.Jack Thomas has a chance every always.see what you have to do with the second.guy coming in towns normally you.probably would check Thomas he'd be.thinking of going up and probably trying.to dunk that he didn't get a good.elevation but he has to worry about the.second guy in all the time when you're.playing Kentucky.this is Ulis cauley-stein Aaron Harrison.cooker and karl-anthony towns the five.on the floor for the undefeated Kentucky.Wildcats they love they go pain that.away now you're trying to get Mike's.book huh.the game-winning shot the game-tying.shot the other night this one just.didn't stayed on the ring exactly gets.Perdue good reference there burned right.on the money with it what does he do.we're all the big guys again they're.behind them drop looking at the way it.laid up there but you're right the other.one laid up on the rim for about what.five minutes or so de eautifully done.though Troy no pain at the line and how.about the way he rebounded that ball.about four feet off the floor to beat.the taller guy down to the floor to.scoop it up like the shortstop put on a.short hop Bearcats get the first three.points of this.I'm thinking 10 minute more 10 minute.mark would be in my mind from Cincinnati.to just be possession by possession keep.this close up again.Harris you have the drive and the layup.one of the few times that Cincinnati has.given up an easy bucket with guard play.drive into the basket now Booker on.cocaine Clark backing in short walk.picked up those two fouls in the first.half so he never really gotten to rhythm.screen set by Lyle's hooker come on call.me I can't find it here we go again.put that no Clark mr. 2/4.pair of possible easy layup attempts.with Cincinnati in and you don't get.more than one extra shot Lyle's was.trying to stop it out of existence.I don't think he did a thing wrong in.that case I really he tried to slap the.hand away that's the third on Clark.Ellis is smiling yes see the only thing.there with Ellis and Lyle is just then.that that play comes after the whistle.and you know what your point its.aggressive.yes and dirty play on pataskala whistle.anyway basket does not count.well Ellis we mentioned this one he was.thrown out of the game the other day.somebody just got teed up in there it.was.[Music].it may be a Kentucky player just results.in ad watching Alice's reaction it is.really starting to pick up like.intensity on the floor and here oh here.we go that's a little brush little push.off.[Applause].they're gonna get Aaron Harrison.Harrison and I think she'll do.let's wait to get the call it is Aaron.Harrison so he gets an earful of John.Calipari now the first thing that goes.through my mind right now burn you're on.the floor playing in this game with what.we've just seen for twenty seconds there.I'm driving the ball almost every time.for the basket looking for the officials.to really continue and they haven't lost.control over this but it's getting.chippy right I mean this I know there's.some sometimes you have to let things go.but I think they recognize the intensity.of what's going on and how it's growing.right now we have not seen a technical.foul called yet it looked from from.Ellis's reaction as though there was.going to be one what we saw was a nudge.by Harrison this will be interesting.because to my eye I thought I saw one of.the officials and let's see what they're.doing right there down now let's go.antonio petit is talking to calipari.from 20 feet away and wiles is going to.the line for his two free-throws and the.initial fouled is it a tooth now we're.going to be told here in just a second.[Applause].all right Jimmy.so we have the two here from what we.just stated and then there's a contact.technical foul on number two Kentucky.which is Aaron Harrison as we touched on.so he'll get two shots here Cincinnati.will then go down to the other side of.the floor and they'll get two technical.foul shots copain goes to the line ball.comes back to Cincinnati right so there.wasn't the traffic.this should foul right there so that's.that's a two-shot foul no problem there.and then it was the graze and one of the.officials couldn't help which efficient.came in and hit Harrison with that.technical.cocaine gets one and here was the.contact technical and they're really.going after Ellison and cocaine gets too.much the coaches react.[Applause].this is this is gonna it's starting to.boil over.yeah yeah we can drop some eggs and this.is I think about three minutes how.do you like them.go to the basket Clark not only missing.quick outlet here comes hooker two on.three.Booker takes it all the way.[Applause].[Music].that gasps it's a goaltending call.[Applause].that's kind of interesting here's Clark.he's gonna jump over people I like the.effect that he's going after it he had.those two fouls in the first half and.the Gulf goaltending ball goes the other.way and the two on the board for.Kentucky.[Applause].blackboard pressure look at the screen.and is Octavia zealous he's involved.no little chippy yep he's got to stay.still they'll nail him on that one he.moves just a touch on any of these.screens they're gonna call it here's.Ellis look at the hands now to try to.drive something if they're putting their.hands on you drive them copain gets the.screen to Mel SC xopen cocaine makes the.shot however and there's Great Physician.from cauley-stein.here's jumper Harrison no nice rebound.Gary Clark for the rebound where and I.think he makes a difference for this.team obviously Clark missing those.minutes in the first half they can keep.the one look at that are gonna get.cauley-stein.I just want to complete submit narrative.on Octavius Ellis which we will do after.this timeout.so let's looking down here in the lower.right there jockey and they're pushing a.little bit but you know what after.what's occurred that's going to be a.foul whether you agree with it or not.there's our debt is a foul.of the country last couple of plays Jim.so here's the goaltender in that one.though Vern because that was deflected.the shot was deflected I guess they.called it it was up over coming down.again and there you go Octavia's Ellis.kind of interchanging Ellis and walked.on the one-on-ones down low to see if.they can jump over people three-point.ball game six to 1527.they're just gonna shuffle and outside.to keep an eye on the shooters and then.still trying to pack it in here the.fellas they sit Vanilla's and Kentucky.makes the play Wally Stein has gotten.better and better each year in his.offensive game he's known as a runner a.shot blocker but now all of a sudden.they can't get at the towns on the.blocks they would go towards him a.little bit more and he's got good.footwork in he's very very fast.Parag Cobb and he is a tun cauley-stein.at the other end.Booker takes it all the way that was one.of those I'm not sure if I'm going to.get to the rim at the other end then.cauley-stein just faded off.you react with your Cincinnati okay your.call time out there you go.so cauley-stein playing very well right.now.we've seized nobody in the middle of the.floor they start to close up coffee.split just drop steps here comes the.second guy in if Harrison doesn't make a.play right there he's it's an easier.layup chance and Booker finishing it off.put Kentucky up 7.daaamn seven-point margin and Cincinnati.called timeout when it got to that point.as a kick for the August yep quick point.Jim you know normally Calipari platoons.he's only gone to the platoon once.thrice at the 4-minute mark essentially.he's used a seven man rotation in this.case a terrific point and one of the.things Cincinnati has done Vernon's.they've looked for guys on the block so.watch for the second man in to help them.out with a block shot and that's a break.you know who had the most minutes number.320 in and out Ellis there's the flushed.Larry Davis sit when they shoot the.basketball they want three guys at least.going to the basket on the offensive.glass that was effort that was good.hands to effort burn you right on it and.the hands and also not walking with the.basketball so three things came at the.play right there Gary.set screens Ellis's sentence created all.the guards and the Kentucky fans.hollering is a steel on the line Andrew.Harrison couldn't quite contain it here.comes lies get a shot take it and look.at the three block outs they're trying.to go by people and finish and then all.of a sudden watch this one hands.composure and not walking out of a jump.a jump into a rebound Ellis takes a seat.on the bench okay doesn't it yeah.[Applause].[Music].and see if we'd get to bury the ball.down low he's going to try to use his.body in the shot clock.yep - cocaine shot clock violation I.think you know what the bench not going.to matter but the benches indicate when.you look at the bench the Cincinnati.burn one of the things you can look at.now the guys on the bench react to.whether that ball hit the rim or not.because they have the best view and.anybody in the building there from that.seat as to whether that plants the front.of the rim let's take a look just from.their reaction I'm going to guess this.is going to hit the rim okay look at the.way it goes straight down oh yes.[Applause].and they are so they can look at it.should have been a live ball the shot.clock is disappearing but yeah that hit.the rim and watch the bench behind this.is a good catch see they're all starting.to stand up yep and because that clock.is at zero right there that doesn't.matter because this shot that shot was.taken before that was a that was a good.shot is what I'm trying to say there.wasn't a violation.[Applause].is probably looking at why they gave the.ball to Kentucky here as the shot clock.winds down and think they're gonna.answer it by saying that the Cincinnati.player is touching it and was out of.bounds probably Lyons they don't mean.about that part Gary Clark and just to.clarify the circumstance they went to.the possession arrow and it was pointed.Kentucky's was the berries back wrong.he's going to go.we got to cauley-stein you can swipe at.the berry you better I mean he's going.to get that ball up Irene watch this.effort the ferries going to get this.shot going up you can take a SWAT at it.from the offside and Booker but you got.to make sure you're grabbing that big.guy's arms because he is powerful that's.the third foul on Booker and to bury at.the line over the course of the season.65%.and very not seeing every single game.right of Kentucky to help how.infrequently probably did they get in.foul trouble because of their depth.right exactly so they rotate a lot of.guys and that's the luxury of having.them and not knowing for sure how many.times they've had that but I would think.it's not been a big problem for them the.very according to Barry shoots one more.or two Wow look at park park for.Cincinnati.get up Marcus is putting out a terrific.effort now he's got six rebounds with.limited minutes because the two fouls in.the first half copain Johnson.[Applause].wow this is impressive very no foul.called and Lyle's push them to run out.here's Ulis Harrison to Harrison I might.have been a little shuffle step 2 out.front.by Aaron Harrison Andrews got it now.limiting the possessions of both ends if.your Cincinnati and stepping back.outside the ulis laundry.Aaron Harrison long-range shooting.pedicured SEC Tournament.the first team and Kentucky fans know.how important that shot was three of 13.from three-point range and this is.Kentucky's largest lead cocaine.beautiful path even.but a foul is going to be called.cauley-stein the berry was thinking.about taking down the backboard on that.one how aggressively was going to go and.remember a minute ago I said when Booker.tried to grab them you know you're not.going to stop them with a touch foul but.here's the kick-out.Harrison unloads from long range put.Kentucky up 842 34 field goal percentage.both under 30 Cincinnati.four of seven free throws how about the.physical play thus far Jim Kentucky knew.it was coming their way there's a little.one that the one that happened after the.whistle had blown and that led to the.Harrison technical and then down deep.Ellis trying to get position right after.that play no Christmas cards this.December for these guys back and forth.not at all well you see Booker and.cauley-stein three fouls each Karl towns.has fouled out six games this year but.as a team.Kentucky has only had five additional.men fell out 11 total one they've got.two guys in three fouls in this room to.vary at the line 65% free-throw shooter.on the season - Verne.both the two so far in this game that's.the margin to seven.Octavia cell is still on the bench left.with 244 in the first half with back.spasms.not pretty no there comes Aaron Harrison.and Andrew Harrison back to us.[Applause].settling back into the same zone we've.seen pretty much all game long.Cincinnati towns and trot and miles are.the bigs on the floor right now.[Music].garrison miles offensive board.terrific offensive glass work thereby.Lyle's Cincinnati as a team said yes.what you may get this offensive rebound.against Larry Davis's team but you are.not getting the layup right here I can.guarantee you that look at this they're.got five guys of collapsing down.underneath the basket to help out Lyle's.two of four at the free-throw line today.and that is the fourth foul on Clark.that it might have been called on.cocaine but it was Clark.unless times we made the floor without.raising your hand for the foul.it'd have been smart for cocaine to.raise in Sam sit the officials going to.gone that way because that's a big loss.for them right it sure is.he was getting pork gets about three.rebounds a game to burn so in conference.one of the best ones in there confident.offensive rebounding which they they're.going to need here down the stretch is.this dinner closest just uh ten fifty or.so to go.Cincinnati out of the American Athletic.Conference there.Mike aresko is friendly today with Mike.Mike longtime friend with a former.colleague at CBS Kentucky ball.10:39 so Ellis hang in the head just a.little bit there.this finger pushed it out between.[Applause].Kentucky fans do sense when they need a.stop and when they need a bucket rather.knowledge before they know yeah.and I've noticed the last couple of.substitutions Big Blue is booing every.time Cincinnati takes a guy out before.there's miles up and under for the three.quarters on the way around the rim well.I don't know how that missed terrific.positioning once again murad Cobb knows.Calvin Johnson Kevin Johnson.I have to find the bucket or the.free-throw line Kentucky has 17 fouls.not as bad time to be driving that ball.at them even though they've swapped some.of those shots.oh that's going to bring a huge response.and look at Ellis he looks up in grins.see that's the concept of the second guy.in that's a perfect constant whiles does.the work beforehand to make it difficult.to get an explosion to the basket that.delay allows towns has taken a rest.right now to get a little extra time to.step in and block the shot and so you.bring cauley-stein back off the bench.number 15 replacing whiles the bearing.loss to the Corey Johnson took it away.Cincinnati needs to settle it down right.now probably talk things over.Paul.the clue.is alive right now there's a little bit.of the seemed good decision he almost.pitched that up ahead to.all goes to the offensive rebounders.because timing-wise defenders are.expecting it to hit the rim.eight forty three to go.[Applause].as crazy as it sounds that put back.maybe a big play just to keep their.rhythm down oh boy.it's starting to make it happen.cauley-stein just enough to get in the.way to allow the drive to the basket boy.that's a beauty.Andrew Harrison tilting the body.extending the balls to make sure it was.not going to get tip deflected or.blocked and it was called on Ellis.sometimes destiny if you haven't.are they undefeated I think so are we up.to quote John Calipari - Allen the floor.set that's great.they're that wide them down that's for -.they are indeed chasing history this.would be their 36th win in the 35th.[Applause].poor son I think that part no it's on.Octavius Ellis here comes cocaine little.dribble let's big guy Johnson now.Johnson doesn't react to the perimeter.as nearly as well as call inside Stein.so that was a good read by copains.understand the personnel adjustment that.was made defensively.[Applause].well Octavius Ellis we mentioned earlier.ejected from the last game flagrant two.has had a troubled career at Cincinnati.kicked out as a freshman he was one of.four members of the team involved in a.terrible freakish against Xavier also.got into a bar fight.Octavius Ellis has had a very troubled.upbringing among the things that.obviously have affected him throughout.his life his stepfather killer of his.mother when he was a young boy it's.tough to get over something like well.that's right for you to even say but.just to help you understand the kid a.little bit better all right exactly.[Applause].keeps it under control in the emotions.they're gonna need him right here he's.got the ball.[Applause].coping love this kids style foil it's on.the line 7 minutes and 30 seconds away.and it seems that the Wildcats have.grabbed control.we'll return to Louisville and the final.seven and a half after this.feed that guy that knows everything.about your favorite peas before the rest.of your friends.download the team stream app from the.bleacher report to get all your team's.news first.you know you come to these tournaments.and you make new friends you do and you.never know how old the young friend is.going to be this is thirteen year old.Sam Shamoon from UAB Birmingham err you.got a ago now the first for the other.thing or curtains like yellow pink all.game long and he came up to us in the.hotel last night he and his family and.he didn't have the wig on know that I.didn't recognize him but he's a he's a.good one there's Ellis double power.they got towns and Ellis.[Applause].take another look.[Music].you can't tell if his one guy doing.something to the other without the other.guy doing it right back.simultaneously.[Applause].so that's going to bring the big man for.Cincinnati back coordiante de berry.Ellis will sit double foul his new pals.also now after Cincinnati in the last.timeout then I got to believe that this.way we got to go after it.Bob I thought he might have given it up.a little earlier he didn't give it up at.all well somebody was behind towns.though they were wanted right by him.huge penetrates you don't think those.big guys that play do you you see that's.where Cobb was Cobb was how he thereon.towns.it's a terrific defensive effort by.Cincinnati and at the other end turnover.now you have to get out of your.personality a little bit of your.Cincinnati you have to start to think.about how do we extend defensively and.right now there a look as if they're in.a man-to-man will they fall back into.the same zone maybe a matchup for no.minute minute or two then they have to.come out of it dogs.beresan and Ulis Booker entry pass.cauley-stein back outside.I'm not going to get it to a mouth.ulis Leaney yeah about that loose ball.foul ball.the big guy I'll get the free throws but.the little guy did all that at work.watch this hesitation the floater which.is a difficult shot especially from the.side and just because he got back in.there and got to the glass they get an.opportunity at the line with a 74% free.throw shooter in Lyle's and two freshmen.Lyle's four of five through freshman.combining on that play.[Applause].five of six from the line.[Applause].one of two this trip six and a half.remaining winner goes to Cleveland next.weekend haffley's tipped but in the.hands of court.likes to jump all the people walked.again Lyle's that time.don't stop tip good yes.see how cocaine how to adjust better to.get back in a hurry.Harrison Aaron Harrison.12-point Kentucky Lane.[Applause].[Music].Aaron Harrison may be holding that left.hands or wrists a little awkwardly.[Applause].that's off cauley-stein.so towns is coming back in Andrew.Harrison as well it's going to Aaron.Harrison he does seem to be favoring and.they make a bucket and then they're off.to the races.Harrison coming down and then keep jams.that maybe a little bit on that fall.which was a little bit awkward okay.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Jack Thomas number three 522 go.take your pick on that.[Applause].ball.these guys make redwood trees it look.like elm tree is do you think you have.an opportunity and there's the double.jam right there and you get another shot.at it.then towns is waiting for you and just.going straight up with his hands.cincinnati has to has to go aggressively.verno so wide if you shots blocked you.got to keep going after this time's.running out go cane.Harrison appeared to be injured on the.last July ali-baba decide the team that.it's the left elbow contusion he was.okay to play through it thank you.yeah it was probably hit it on the way.down.alley on that drive and looks like he.may have slammed it on the floor.[Applause].[Applause].we get it.not sure just a lot of activity oh wow.[Applause].oh my goodness to the block party.finally falls into an assist yeah.looks like a volleyball my goodness.it keeps the Bearcats breathing a little.though for 35 remaining Ulis for three.I'll tell you one thing they talked.about this team is all won and Dunn's in.John Calipari I think it gets quite.gansley gets a bad rap on that.and his top seven score is only three of.them are French then there was one there.but these guys have a combination of.youth experience and their gutsy.Octavia's Ellis is foul.let's take a look at both possessions so.here's the block shot pitches it just.not sure if he got that off.[Applause].and then this is a big shot wide open.ulis at 42% from long range on the.season.their confidence.Clark backs it out after the rebound.two out of three officials had the same.call yeah.[Applause].so there's the arm there's the extension.and when you get a five nine guy who's.155 defending he flies a little bit.quicker and faster than the other big.guys fly.so here's the change in defense burning.that was speaking about that I got a.rattle it up Cincinnati defensively.timeout.401 to go and this is a Kentucky timeout.Kentucky wasn't ready for that just then.their deep point lead very close to the.36 win in a row 56:43 is Kentucky going.after its quest for a piece of history.and they don't make any bones about it.now no they don't.it's it's important to the entire team.and here are the list of undefeated NCAA.champions some guy named Bill Russell.was on that San Francisco team and of.course the last was Indiana a 1976.three-on-two if they want it Ulis.then we stood waiting to break of.defensive full-court trap just then.[Applause].ulis fouled time call we're gonna step.aside how many blocks by Kentucky do you.ask.well they have the one series where they.had four in one possession and this team.is just long the guards help out they.know how to funnel people for the bigs.and the bigs are very patient.staying away from most of the time foul.problems and there's a reason why this.team is as good as they are number three.in the NCAA - on top of that look at.their seven leading but they hold teams.down burn 255 points on average.approximately number three in the NCAA.and we looked at the score but look what.they've done to Cincinnati.only 43 points two of two free throws.coming out of Tia's I beg your pardon.Ulis is now three of three he was two of.two and the other thing - Verne they.seven just the five turnovers for.Kentucky today against that defense now.that defense is a little passive with.the matchup but still now coming down.the stretch they're gonna be rattled a.little bit or tried to be rattled by the.Cincinnati pressure we'll see how they.handle the ball coming down in the last.four minutes of this game.[Applause].Germain sender's number 15 now you have.to go in a hurry but that's what shot.blockers feast on when you're a little.out of control.Sanders again there's Ulis.there's Harrison there's Ulis well give.me a chance huh look at Ulis with a big.bread.he ate gets just sense that they were.closing on yeah I'm gonna put this up.there and I know what's gonna happen he.gets in there's the fake and he could.just feel that one more guy he's gonna.get in this play well he certainly.responded of permissibly that's tough to.say this in the game.that's I don't even know if it makes.sense affirmative.[Applause].crossover No Octavius Ellis.took an extra step.I'm gonna say he was pushed into that.step.[Applause].so he has the block out gets the rebound.I don't know.[Applause].cauley-stein Calipari over on the.sidelines wants him to just run some.clock right now and that's the bad part.about playing a matchup zone Verne they.can take this thing down as low as they.want because look now you have to.eventually get out of that to go.straight-up man-to-man.[Applause].they've where's the clock down to ten.and they get miles off the glass for two.more and it's a 17 point Kentucky lead.so if the rest of the field is thinking.that this team can't react to a matchup.zone.or they rattle easily because the team.competed with them for the first half.think again.most of the folks in blue most of them.are standing.two minutes to go.the minutes - you should explain who I.was in the failure mr. Zink off the PA.address the longtime Philadelphia 76ers.years ago oh dear no.cauley-stein is looking what trying to.do to me did you see the guy that this.under my body goes upstairs.but you know what he was just standing.there yeah Chloe Stein goes over him.[Applause].[Music].Octavia's Ellis is out hey guide you and.there you see those two red shirts.behind there yeah see people go find a.couple of more red shirts in this.building because I've been struggling to.look for it all afternoon they're.actually back right our theater right.yeah but other than that section there.is not many of them some back to the.left not many not many I'm just thinking.Kentucky fans know people probably.there's one section of it in that.section of full Cincinnati people look.at the rest of this course it fits this.is the Louisville ya arena cauley-stein.he's going to get a chance to rest for.the final 140.we've really improved his game from just.a defensive guy 94 seconds away coming.next on CBS that was cocaine and very.reminiscent of the tying basket he made.the other night.another example - you know Cincinnati.put up a good competitive fight here at.this afternoon but this was a 7 point.game at the half and it just shows you.how good Kentucky is I know that's a.statement in itself right I don't mean.that in terms of how they can adjust.we're gonna put a man-to-man where.they're playing match up a straight zone.they they they have depth they have size.they have talent but they also have the.ability to understand what they're doing.and they look for one another they're.unselfish and coming next just to.complete that thought Ohio State Arizona.that's the next game coming up on CBS.[Applause].Gary Clark.be replaces Cory DeBary.so the Cincinnati season is going to end.at 22 and 11 tip line.locked.[Applause].that's four three and a foul one.[Applause].Kentucky's going to win this just a.matter of by how much and they are the.second team into the sweet 16.they're headed for Cleveland as the top.seed in the tournament and they await.the winner of the West Virginia Maryland.game that's tomorrow night on TNT.[Applause].dakari Johnson.that is just one more well in his first.year there is a character that's a.friend of all of ours.Barry Rohrssen known with great.affection as slice.he's a Damon Runyon character he could.have had a part in Guys and Dolls and he.goes back to John Calipari to the Howard.Garfinkel camera they've got a five-star.camp they were roommates 35 years ago.and slice slam mr. rorish and I should.call him right well I first met him when.he was on Ben Hollins staff at.Pittsburgh he served as the head coach.at Manhattan John called him and he said.I think I'll join you I think would be.on the bench.you'll go undefeated dapper do it always.zavier Georgia Georgia state I beg your.pardon.they tip on TNT and Ohio State Arizona.520 etern tip that's next on CBS Kevin.Harlan Reggie Miller Dan Bonner will.have the call from Portland Harrison.will inbound.just to attend to the second less than.two minutes ago.[Applause].hookers.[Music].[Applause].wasn't their best showing today in terms.of Kentucky but have to give them credit.for the way this game is played.aggressively by Cincinnati the matchup.they reacted well let's take a take a.look at what potentially might be in.front of them they defeated Hampton.they're gonna win over Cincinnati in the.Suites and we're picking the highest.seeded teams here.Maryland Kansas a lot of folks in.Wisconsin and Kentucky meet in the Final.Four.like the badgers there's not a lot of.folks that that would that's a mystery.some yeah yeah yeah well I think with.those teams and once again we are.assuming that they they are the team but.rather the teams are in the front of.Kentucky going forward are going to look.at this tape and they're gonna review it.they're gonna look for signs of where.did Cincinnati have the most consistent.success against them in the first half.and they packed it in a little bit but.then again second half the guards really.started shooting the ball much better.for Kentucky margin is 15 right now.[Applause].miles back to Andrew Harrison Powell is.going to be called on Shaq Thomas.Larry Davis serving as the associate.head coach has a winning record join.Mick broman staff nine years ago he's.got to lose this one as the associate.head coach but Mick Cronin apparently is.fighting this illness he's yet he's have.successfully told us he's got two more.tests to pass he will not coach again.this year and now John Calipari is going.to put his starters on the bench.most of them.[Applause].learn the other thing just in closing on.the Kentucky points you know that guards.are not only big but they can handle the.basketball too.so it's a good combination you know.Harrison brothers are just under 80.percent so these guys shoot free throws.that they're gonna be a tough out the.Kentucky Wildcats are 36 and 0 4 games.away from history.final score 6451 Wildcats continue their.quest coming up next here on CBS Ohio.State in Arizona from Portland four gyms.for narco and Allie LaForce.I'm Vermonters saying so long from.Louisville we'll send you to our New.York studio after these messages.you.

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Cincinatti 2015 2019 Form FAQs

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We DO like sports.opening day of baseball is a big deal. high School football..a big deal. Labor day weekend…… SUPER Fireworks show on the river, Rozzi’s are BEST fireworks and it’s synched to a soundtrack on FM……. probably 500,000 people will show up lining both sides of the river and on boats. In summer I like the lightning bugs. Year round.. we got pretty ladies and good music. we got good local beers now (did not used to be so) and pizza at Dewey’s, Sushi at either place in Mt Lookout… BBQ at Eli’s (best in Ohio..easily). as a FOODIE… ain’t NUTHIN’ like Jungle Jims. It’s bigger than the big Continue Reading

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