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Instructions regardingLg202 Internal Controls Worksheet Mn

hello and welcome to the session this is.Professor forehand in this session we're.going to keep looking at the journal.control and specifically we're going to.look at the component of control.activities and control activities we're.going to call it part three of five so.basically we finished the control.environment we finished risk assessment.so this is part one this is part two.control activities is part three so we.are dealing with part 3 of 5 of the COSO.framework this is an important part of.the internal control now that does not.mean that the other parts are not.important and this is important because.you will see it later on as we go.through every cycle later on when we go.through the sales cycle when we go.through the purchasing cycle when we go.through the payroll cycle you are going.to see those control activities so forth.today or for this session.you're going to get a small taste of.what control activities are those are.principles that applies to all the.counts so keep that in mind as we go.through it so we're gonna see we're.gonna see the big picture of things now.if somehow you found my recording here.and you're not sure what we did before.you need to go to my internal control.playlist or to my complete auditing.course whatever you'd like look at.internal control the purpose of internal.control we looked at control environment.we don't we look at risk assessment now.in this session that's gonna be this is.part 3 this is what I would list the.fourth the fourth lecture but the third.part of the internal control so what are.control activities again this is an.important topic simply put control.activities are policies and procedures.that help ensure that necessary action.are taken to address risk so policies.and procedures things that you have to.follow in the company that they tell you.to do to the what to achieve the.company's objective well there are many.things starting will show up on time.when you show up in the morning before.you process a sale make sure you have.the necessary of authority before you.make a purchase make sure to purchase.from from legitimate vendors vendors.that already own the company's list so.those are policies and procedures now.we're gonna be little bit much much more.specific but this is what we are.discussing here ok policies and.procedures and then the company there.could be many many control activities.some controls may be manual basically.before you can do some.you have to get a signature from the.from the supervisor or for example the.symbol returned some time with a simple.return you cannot do it until you have.these supervisors supervisors permission.or sometimes the the controls are.computerized for example once a once a.customer seat reaches a certain credit.limit we no longer sell for that.customer the computer tells you you.cannot sell that customer because it the.customer reached the credit limit okay.but simply put we're going to look at.the control from far from a five.different perspective so basically.control activities can be broken down.into five types and we're gonna do it.and list the types now and go through.each type separately so those are the.five types of internal can talk of.control activities that are part of the.internal control one adequate separation.of duties this is important we're going.to look at this later on now and we're.going to look at it much much more every.time we look at a cycle proper.authorization of transaction and.activities adequate documents and.records physical control over assets and.records and independent checks on.performance so I'm gonna go and explain.each one of them and you will see them.again later on when we go through every.accounting cycle.the first one is adequate separation of.duties or adequate segregation of duties.so this is one of five this is one of.the five types okay.here's what we're trying to say here.I'll show you this picture simply put.when it comes to separation of duties.here's what's gonna happen we're gonna.have four guidelines for adequate.separation of duties and the first one.so notice understand segregation of.duties we break it down into four types.of separation of duties what are we.separating we're separating four things.the first thing is if a if person a.maintaining the asset have custody of.the asset if a can touch the asset if a.can touch the asset then a should not.touch the records should not touch the.accounting record who should who should.be able to touch the accounting record.person B so person B maintain the.accounting record the and accounting.record and person a can touch the asset.have access to the asset no one person.no one person so a could not have.custody of the asset and maintained.records or B cannot maintain the records.and have custody of the asset why simply.put if that's the case you can say with.one hand and cover it with the other.hand so that's why you have to you have.to have those two separated okay.now also you want to have a person see a.third person reconcile the asset held by.a and the internet and record maintained.by B why because what if a and B are.colluding right because you remember.this is one of the internal control.weaknesses so you want person C to check.on both to make sure that they are not.colluding to steal money from the.company because a can steal became cover.or B can cover and a can steal and if.they collude there's a problem so C will.check on them on a regular basis on both.on both record and C has to be.independent from custody of asset and C.will have to be independent from.maintaining the record so C cannot have.access to either of those therefore C.have no incentive to lie unless a and B.convinced C then that's it this is a.problem then you're circumventing the.internal control so I'm going a little.bit you know about and beyond to explain.this because this is an important.concept in accounting segregation of.duties and if you're taking the CPA exam.many questions when it comes to internal.control deals with segregation of duties.so simply put let's let's name it so the.one afford principal it's the separation.of the custody of the asset from the.accounting record simply put don't mix.the custody with record-keeping as I.just showed you assets an accounting.don't mix so assets and venturi cash any.type of assets and the accounting record.should not mix okay.for example if when the customer sends a.check okay.the check is the money check is the.asset and what they send with the check.is something called remittance advice so.if you still send your bills manually.you would send basically a piece of.paper at school they remit this advice.that has your account information this.this information goes to the.record-keeping to the accounting.department and the checks goes to the.cashier so the cashier here is person a.and the accounting department is person.B for the sake of this example this.we keep them separate so this is one of.the principle of segregation of duties.another principle you need to separate.two things authorization whoever gives.the authorization of the transaction.should not have the custody of the asset.simply make to a great degree it's the.same principle it's the same principle.if you have if you can buy something if.you have the authority to buy something.you should not be able to receive it and.of course you should not be able to pay.for it because if you could receive it.pay for it and authorize it no one would.know what actually happened to that.asset you were able to buying it receive.it no one's checking on you so simply.put authorization and custody of related.asset are separate okay so you should.not be able to authorize a transaction.and touch the asset that's that's that's.the concept.you cannot authorize the payment and.they prove the dispersion so you cannot.say well this and we should pay this.vendor and at the same time you should.be able to approve the disbursement if.you authorize the payment then somebody.else should check before should check on.you before we send that check and simple.that's important so simply put I have.this term arc here it means.authorization record-keeping and custody.those are should be separate arc.authorization authorization for a record.keeping for two and custody court is.what's gonna protect your company you're.gonna have an art to protect your.company if that makes sense so this is.to our a for a separation of duties the.third one is operational responsibility.and record-keeping simply put if you.have access to the inventory you should.not be able to be able to change the.record for inventory someone else should.change the record okay so you should not.have operational responsibility and end.record-keeping same concept same concept.record-keeping is a separate department.from operation operation cannot create.its own record because everything would.looks good or they have the potential to.make everything looks good okay now for.separation of IT duties and users.Department what does IT Beauty's means.it means every time there's some somehow.the computer is involved.and some type of a control the computer.is the control system what's going to.happen the users of the program should.not be able to the program or to set up.the control for the computer simply put.users of IT let's assume you're a.salesperson you're in sales and let's.assume the computer the computerized.system decide and then decide on the.credit limit your credit for your.customers so sales people should not be.able to change the program the same.people should not be able to go in there.and change the credit limit for a.customer from 10,000 to 30,000 why.because if salespeople can do so because.sales people wants to sell so they have.every motivation to go in there and.increase direct the credit limit well.guess what if the computer if the.computer is setting the credit limit.sales people should not be able to.change that change that number now I.have a quick real example when I was in.went my first actually my first job out.of college my first job out of college I.was a loan officer basically a loan.officer what you do is you lend money so.I was a finance major so I still.remember one of the loan officers he was.really aggressive he wanted to.underwrite as many loans as possible and.what happened is this we collect the.records from the from the client then we.put everything in a computer system then.that computer system was basically very.primitive nothing fancy but at the end.of the day the underwriter the person's.gonna improve or not improve the loan.underwriting the loan would use a.program in Excel so I remember the Excel.had a formula had a formula basically.there was a formula an excel sheet an.excel sheet and what happened the the.underwriter the person that's approving.the loan will input everything in that.excel sheet and at the end of the day.the it will spit a number like you know.30% or 40% based on the numbers now.there's a formula that goes into this.what happened that aggressive loan.officer went into Excel and somehow he.was able to change the formula obviously.the formula was password protected but.no one knows how he changes the formula.how he changed the formula and what.happened he change.the formula and he lowered the credit.rating from like I don't I don't.remember that was long long time ago.from like forty percent to 0.35 so he.lowered the standard now the underwriter.one when the underwriter was putting all.this information of the excel sheet the.underwriter did not know that the credit.limit went down and on the right would.be the excel sheet will have approved.loans so because based on the numbers.were approving the loans but what.happened the formula was changed so this.is a clear example of IT duties and.users Department so the users the.underwriter did not know that someone.changed the numbers the underwriter did.not change it but somebody else the.sales worse the salesperson changed one.of the salesperson.now obviously the auditor caught this.and the person was fired it was a big.investigation actually the company went.out of business long long time ago I.used you know many of many of those loan.loan providing companies went out of.business but that's long long time ago.that's even before the 2007 loan crisis.what I'm talking 2000-2001 okay long.time ago okay but this is an example of.people who who are using technology.should not be able to change the program.and people who are changing the program.obviously should not be able to and and.on the other hand think about if someone.a programmer in a bank IT duties can.program the can program the software.then guess what you'll be able to also.can work at the bank and what's gonna.happen the IT person will send money to.themselves I basically they'll create a.program where they will send point zero.zero one of a penny from every account.okay and if they're working they can do.this because because now they have.access to the customers record so if.they they can program the software they.should not have access to the computer.but if is this end point zero zero one.pennies from every account no one will.notice.but if the of the cost of the bank has.100 million accounts okay now it matters.okay so they will send point point zero.one of a penny every month from an.account no one will notice so that's why.those two should be separated control.activities 205 the proper authorization.of transactions simply put do not.operate without proper authorization the.company should have policies were.for certain transaction you have to have.authorization so no transaction should.be completed without the proper.authorization.again if you're noticing this is this is.difficult for companies to implement.it's a few Muslims every time you need.to do something you need unit you need.permission that's a lot of work but.companies might have what we called two.type of authorization they might have a.general authorization GA or specific.authorization I'm gonna call it si so.what are general and what are specific.authorization most probably already.guessed general authorizations this one.management established policies for.approving all transaction within the.limits set by the policy okay for.example a good example will be once we.get our inventory to a certain point so.once inventory goes down to 300 unit of.X product we can reorder the inventory.so we don't have to wait for for.authority we don't have to wait for.someone approving this order once.inventory goes down to 300 unit.sometimes the computer automatically.does this reordering credit limit for.example we set the credit limit for.customers so not every time we need to.sell a car when we need to sell on.credit we need to obtain another credit.limit the credit limit already set those.are general guidelines now if we need to.increase the credit limit we might have.to need to get proper Authority specific.authorization and a little bit different.specific authorization applies to.individual transaction when do we have.specific authorization you guessed it is.when the transaction is important when.the transaction is important when.there's a large dollar amount when the.consequences of this transaction going.wrong is important we need specific.authorization okay so for certain.transaction management to prefer prefer.to authorize each transaction for.example a large trade for doing a large.trade for example if you are trading.securities you want to have proper.authorization of the trade exceeds for.example a million dollar or if a bank.given a loan for five million dollars.then you will have you need specific.authorization or if the loan is for.$5,000 then you don't need anyone need.anyone's authorization the person D the.loan officer can sign on that loan and.specific authorization could go down to.a simple return I'm pretty sure that you.experience this firsthand when you go to.return something and some stores the.clerk cannot return the island they'll.have to.for the manager therefore they will flag.the manager you'll have to wait the.manager would have to come in and.process the return so this is a very.simple example but this is a specific.authorization word you cannot make a.return without someone authorizing this.return and then some other source the.club that's working can process the.return so notice different companies.will have different type of policies so.this is what we mean by proper.authorization that's a proper internal.control adequate documents and record.the first thing before you order the.company if they don't have adequate.records and documents they're not.audible therefore you do tell them okay.I'm gonna give you a year I can you know.hire another company or if we don't do.it if we can't if we if we cannot lose.our independence we might be able to.help you but if they have no record.proper record the company can not even.order the company okay so adequate.records or adequate documents are.essential for correct recording of.transactions and control assets.otherwise you cannot audit the client it.happens it happens in the past the city.of Washington DC and the 80s.the auditor could not order the company.because they're simply they would not.they don't record was so bad that they.could not be audited it was that bad it.took them a year or two to fix the.record before they become audible you.can audit them okay.certain principle declared the proper.design and use of documents a record.should be like now we can look at some.proper design some general rule that you.have to follow now this list is not.exhaustive obviously there are many many.principles but those are certain.principle one is pre-numbered.document consecutively so when you're.using documents for example sales.invoices it should be prenumbered sales.invoices in consecutively and you have.to use them consecutively this way if.there's any missing document you would.know that the document is missing or.purchase orders for that matter all.documents checks they all have to have.pre number they have to be pre numbered.consecutively and also it will help put.something we call the completeness.assertion if we want to know if we.accounted for everything well if we have.pre number document we know if we are.missing something but if we don't have a.pre numbered document we could be.missing something without us knowing.be timely preparation of documents when.you need to prepare document do it as.soon as possible otherwise you are you.will forget I mean do you remember your.head for dinner last night most probably.you don't okay I don't I have to think.about it so this way you minimize error.so the policy should be document should.be prepared as soon as it's practical.free now now you're revealing what.computerized system computerized system.basically design documents for multiple.use what does that mean that means on.the same document you could do more than.one thing you could release the goods to.the shipping you could inform billing of.the quantity of goods to build you could.have the appropriate date of the billing.and update perpetual inventory again.here we are dealing with computerized.system on the same screen basically you.could have more than one control.activity so to release the goods it's.the on the same place what do you build.the customer and obviously two different.people can access those parts but when.someone is reviewing this information.it's all on the same screen therefore.it's much more efficient to do so again.here here we are dealing with.computerized system now if you using a.manual system it's gonna be very hard to.put everything on the same screen.another example is another example of.proper documents and here we were.dealing also what computerized system is.forces correct preparation what does.that mean you could create internal.checks and we're gonna see this later on.when we when we deal with IT internal.control and we can create internal.checks that you cannot submit for if.it's not completed some people I'll tell.you for example this is an example that.that's personal to me I'm in charge of.ordering the books for my department I.work at at a university and III I.ordered the books for the other for the.faculty so what happened is this before.I ordered the book I have to specify if.the book is required or optional so if I.don't check required and optional if I.don't check any of these boxes I cannot.submit the order.I cannot submit the order if there's no.is the N number so there's no ISBN.numbers I cannot submit the order ok.I cannot submit the order of there's no.Arthur okay the I have to list the.author of the box those are internal.checks to make sure when I submit those.orders to the bookstore the bookstore.have have all the information so the.bookstore said the document in a way.that nothing could go wrong nothing.could go wrong also obviously the Ekta.the company should have a chart of.account so this way you know what.oh so adequate record would require the.company to have a proper Charter become.basically a chart of account is a list.of all the accounts that you are using.so this way you don't miss classify.transactions you're supposed to have.enough accounts that's gonna serve your.business control activities now we're.going to be looking at the physical.control over assets and this is four out.of the five principal control over.assets and records that's obvious.basically what we are are we dealing.with here is basically physical physical.control do you have physical control.what happened if you don't have physical.control over assets and records assets.could be stalling damaged records could.be altered or lost so and that's obvious.you need to have good record-keeping.good good physical control visit bit.physically physical control protection.okay what happened if you have the.assets falling damaged or records.altered or lost you're gonna have.disrupt you're gonna disrupt your.operational and accounting process now.bear in mind if you have a computerized.system the problem is even multiplied.because everything in a computer system.is all lost at once okay and it's.impossible to construct and if you're.following the news and I hope you are.I'm sure if not you should know that.Equifax breach.Equifax the credit report company 143.million records were lost somehow.somebody went in the net into that.system installed them name addresses.social security number so notice here.the the the physical control of assets.was was not good how I'm sure you heard.of target target is another example 110.million customers were impacted their.names email addresses credit card and.debit card numbers pin numbers and.mailing address were stolen from target.that's another example now what should.the company do now we're gonna see later.on specific control for specific asset.but generally speaking you need to have.God's.security cameras physical barrier.fireproof safe.safety deposit vault outside backup of.computer software and data right and.we're gonna look at this ite control.later on what what principles do you.need to protect your ID but this is.basically common sense you need to.protect your asset okay for example for.data you need to have multiple backup.just in case one is stolen on one of.this loss you could still have you could.your business would be running because.you would use the backup data and.obviously you would need to backup on.the regular basis sometime one once or.twice a day this way you don't lose your.data.the last control activity is independent.checks on performance or what's called.internal verification and this is part.five of five this is important this is.actually the most important in a sense.that you need to have careful and.continuous review of the other.components now okay the other components.are great but if you don't keep checking.on them on the regular basis they may.not they may not be working why because.over time people could change people.they get tired they may not happy.working for the company so what they do.they they don't they're not doing their.job okay it could be you know lazy who.knows okay also internal control change.over time so you might have a control.that it was working perfectly when it.was manual and other control is.computerized and the person that's.that's doing the work confused they.don't know how to control is working.therefore they misinterpret the.information so that's why you need.continuous check-in on your internal.controls now obviously whoever check the.internal control must be independent.must be independent from the person.that's processing the control for.example a bank reconciliation is done by.a person independent of the accounting.record and handling of cash of course we.talked about that the person who handles.the cash should not be able to handle.the accounting record so ever whoever.prepared the bank reconciliation should.not have access to the cash should not.have access to the accounting record now.it comes to the computer system because.you remember we we said a lot of.controls in our computer so for example.the computer can turn can prevent.processing payment on vendor invoice if.there's no matching purchase order or.receiving report number so for example.the computer would not allow you to.write the check if the computer doesn't.see.a matching purchase order and a matching.receiver report did we order this item.that you receive it well if no one.entered the information you cannot cut.the chat now bear in mind as we talked.about when it comes to computerized.system it carries its own risk so the.computer system is very risky as well.but we'll talk about this later on we're.gonna have IT control but this is just.kind of just to give you an idea since.we're covering a lot of bases here so as.I said we're gonna cover a lot of.territory here but not very deep just.kind of touch upon them you need to know.those principles the control activities.principle so now we can finish the.control activities we finished the risk.assessment in the next session I think I.might I might combine those two internal.control together and finish the five.components of internal control now make.sure to read your textbook make sure you.complete your homework and if you're.studying for your CPA or CMA study hard.it's worth it good luck.

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Lg202 Internal Controls Worksheet Mn FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Lg202 Internal Controls Worksheet Mn . Let us know if you have any other questions.

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How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

What is the right way to fill out Two-Earners Worksheet tax form?

You might have found answer, but I am posting a link to help others who hit this question: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/IRS-Withholding-Calculator This gives a fairly accurate guidance

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?

While I did not study physics this is something that relates to my field as well. One thing to remember is the scope of the field which you are talking about. With physics it might seem narrower than History or Archaeology but I suspect that when you boil it down it isn’t. It would be impossible to cover everything in a subject even going all the way through to gaining a doctorate. The answer you got and posted up is very accurate and extremely good advice. What a lot of it boils down to in education (especially nowadays) is not so much teaching specific facts but teaching themes and how to find Continue Reading

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