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to.prevent.a second wave our science correspondent.palette ghost reports.the latest figures show that there are.more than 3 300 new cases a day.in the bma survey doctors said that it's.not a matter of.if there's going to be a second wave but.how large it's going to be.they say the main cause is likely to be.a failure of the test and trace system.and confusing public health messages now.is the time every day counts.that we identify those who have the.infection.identify contacts and isolate people.that is the way.you will spread the infection senior.scientific advisors say that infection.is also being spread.because far too many people aren't.isolating when they're asked to.a government spokesperson said that it.had made significant strides in stopping.the spread of coronavirus.they added that nhs test and trace was.testing hundreds of thousands of people.every day palab gauche bbc news.boris johnson's former attorney general.jeffrey cox has become the latest senior.tory to condemn.government plans to override the brexit.divorce deal.seen a newspaper article this morning mr.cox said going back on the deal would be.unconscionable let's get the latest from.our political correspondent ian watson.who is uh live from westminster for us.this morning.good morning to you ian so there's signs.of a rebellion but.will it affect the prime minister's.plans to get this vote through.it won't affect his plans today dan.basically they'll be the first vote on.this.internal markets bill as it's been.called uh this evening and there is.indeed a growing rebellion but he's got.an 80-seat majority something which of.course theresa may didn't enjoy.so he should clear that first hurdle but.there is a lot of criticism.now coming from his own backbench mps.and i think what is interesting about.jeffrey cox's interventions of course he.is a brexiteer.certainly some people in downing street.very dismissive of john major and tony.blair former prime ministers who backed.remain.in the referendum they expect them to.speak out and to be critical but you've.got.jeffrey cox who's involved of course.giving legal advice to the government.during the withdrawal agreement.and he echoes criticisms by another.former conservative leader michael.howard lord howard.who was very critical of the.government's approach breaching.international law in a limited and.specific way they say well that's what.the bill would do.and there is a growing clamor to get the.government to change their mind.i think what would be more interesting.is that next week.they're going to look at potential.changes to this bill and they're being.spearheaded.by again another lawyer who's an mp bob.neal who chairs this cross-party justice.committee.and what he's trying to say is that if.the uk were to break international law.that should be a decision not for.government ministers but for parliament.parliament should have a veto and i.think phrasing things in that way.may maximize support and put pressure on.the government either to change its mind.or potentially.encourage more conservative rebels to.vote for his position.and to give parliament the final saying.this matter but we won't get that until.next week tonight.i think what we'll see is a lot of.dissent rather than a decisive defeat.okay and thank you for the moment we'll.be speaking to the policing minister kit.malthouse at 7.30 this morning president trump's.opponents have accused him of being.in denial about climate change after he.said that wildfires sweeping through the.west coast states.were caused by poor forest management.fire's been raging in california oregon.and washington state now for three weeks.killing at least 33.people simon jones has the latest.some of the biggest fires the west coast.has ever witnessed.raging now for three weeks the scale and.the sheer number of them.pushing firefighters to their limits.high winds are now threatening to fan.the flames even further.an eerie quiet has descended on berry.creek in 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were.selected.some of the pictures will be displayed.in cities around the uk later on this.year.our planet is home to millions of.species.but they're vanishing at unprecedented.rates one.million species face extinction we are.at a turning point what happens next is.up to.every one of us extinction the facts.streaming now on bbc iplayer.it's always a treat to see a new natural.history documentary by sir david.ashenbra.on a sunday night did you watch it last.night it was called extinction the facts.it was on bbc one and it was full of.striking camera work as you expect music.and commentary.the sort of stuff you would normally get.from a david attenborough film however.it also contained a stark warning which.may have caused a few.sleepless nights let's have a look at a.clip of it.this is about more than losing the.wonders of nature.the consequences of these losses for us.as a species.are far-reaching and profound.[Music].what we now know about the natural world.is everything is joined up.from a single pond to a whole tropical.rainforest.all of biodiversity is interlocked on a.global scale.and all parts of that system are.required to make it function.we tend to think that we're somehow.outside of that system.but we are part of it and we are totally.reliant.upon it the problem is.we're now changing those ecological.systems.on a massive scale right across the.globe.and it's threatening food and water.security.we're losing many of the things that.nature provides.us.it was absolutely um fascinating to see.what's going on and let's look at.what some viewers thought of it ray.wrote on twitter.i hope everyone watches david.attenborough's program on extinction i.hope even more that it.influences policy this one came from.sarah this program was so.impactful scary and hopeful too we can.focus on.oneness she says and make changes.however small they matter.alex called it a painful terrifying.watch and said that it's.hard to draw any positive conclusions or.hope.from this catalogue of human failure is.it all too late.and paul found the program really.powerful recommended watching he said.hopefully it will encourage us.to act but what action can we take well.we're joined now by kathy willis she's a.professor of biodiversity at the.university of oxford and.you might recognize her if you watched.last night she featured on the programme.thank you very much nice to speak to you.on breakfast this morning.so give us enough for those who didn't.watch where are we at the moment give us.an idea of the current situation we're.in.well the current situation and the.program was sort of underpinned a big.report that was carried out last year.where about 500 scientists looked at.over.well looked at thousands of papers that.have been published since 1970.and all of them showed these dramatic.declines in all species that were looked.at.and so we're at the edge of a sort of a.precipice really.between that point where we still got.those populations but they.the size of them is so small now that.many of them will will go extinct unless.we step in and do something right now.lots of those uh viewer comments that.we've read through this morning are.talking about you know what the next.step is what we can do.um if people are watching this morning.thinking about practical steps what sort.of things are available.well there's there's three things we all.ought to be doing the first is we ought.to be loving.our government and governments across.the world to really take biodiversity.conservation.very seriously as seriously as climate.change we need to really get those.policies in place to conserve these.incredible habitats not because they're.pretty but because they underpin all.aspects of our well-being.the second thing in here is we need big.businesses to to start to value to put a.financial value in biodiversity.it does have a cost it's not a freely.available resource that we can just.plunder.and businesses are starting to do this.they're starting to do it because.there's a report released earlier this.year or one of the reasons.which showed that if you remove all the.functions that nature provides.and you have to put you have to put in.place technological replacements.it's going to cost businesses by 2050 50.trillion dollars.so they start listening at that point.but the third thing what can we do what.will i do what can everyone else do.look in your fridge look in your fruit.bowl and look at the foods that you're.eating and the clothes you're wearing.and ask are they from a sustainable.resource.do i really need to have this amount and.do i really need to take these.or eat these crops and plants that are.from the other side of the world.all of those things will make a.difference market forces are really some.of the most powerful powerful things we.can do.we saw those who did watch the program.last night will have seen some of the.experts.um having their uh views sort of.downplayed by.um senators in america.as part of the program we saw that do.you think do you still feel that there.was that feeling of banging your head.against a brick wall or is the message.getting through.i think programs like this really do.raise the profile but.quite often yes i mean i have had to.people to say to me or biodiversity is a.luxury that we can no longer afford.i you know building houses building.railways.health food all these other things are.sort of more important.what they forget is that biodiversity.underpins all of those things.so therefore by the way is it's not this.luxury it's something we really really.must now take seriously.and we can stop it this is the good news.that we can see and we saw on the.program this.evening you can turn things around.nature will bounce back.but we have to give it a chance.professor kathy willis.lovely to speak to you this morning.thank you very much and that program if.you missed it last night it's still.available.on iplayer yeah it was a hard watch but.there was you know at the end there was.a note of optimism wasn't there.[Music].see the headlines as they happen and.watch bbc news live in the app and get.the full story with bbc dot co dot uk.forward slash news follow the story for.all the latest with bbc news.

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