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[Music].good afternoon everyone I'm Brandi.Terrell deputy chief of staff at the.Veterans Benefits Administration and.it's my pleasure to welcome you to the.VA benefits progress and results webinar.for quarter one of fiscal year 2019.thank you to all of you who have joined.us today veterans and your families.Congress VA and VB a employees VSOs.state and county VSOs veteran advocacy.groups and any other partners or.supporters who may have joined us today.today we will focus on VBA progress.accomplishments and challenges during.quarter 1 of fiscal year 2019 I'd now.like to introduce our undersecretary for.benefits dr. Paul Lawrence he's an Army.veteran from an Army Family and an.economist by training and he has 30.years of private sector experience I.also want to introduce two special.guests we have with us today mr. Dave.McClintock and director of our appeals.management office and Miss Charmaine bog.interim executive director of our.education service we'll hear more from.them later now without further ado I.will turn it over to dr. Lawrence thank.you brandy for that introduction hello.everyone and thank you for joining us.today we're gonna cover a lot of ground.so get ready for a lot of data in the.next half hour or so also I'd like to.thank all the dedicated VBA staff who.worked to make a difference for every.veteran we serve together we're making.strides in the right direction with.their support we can track and report.this data to you which is critical to.ensuring our accountability let's get.started here's our agenda for today will.accomplish five things in our time.together first I'll present VBA results.in q1 of FY 2019 second I'll tell you.how all the employees of VBA are working.to serve veterans third I'll describe.the engagement we've had with veterans.to include what I've done and fourth.I'll provide an update on two important.issues Appeals modernization.I've s Dave McClanahan leader of EPA's.appeals team to join me to provide that.update and forever GI Bill I've asked.Charmaine Bogue leader of EPA's that.education team to join me to provide.that update and finally I'll answer to.questions from our VSO partners at.disabled american veterans and the.Wounded Warrior Project before I share.our progress in the areas where we're.heading in the right direction.I want to review my three strategic.objectives they are providing benefits.with excellent customer service fiscal.stewardship and strong collaboration.you'll see that as we talk about the.progress we've made and our continued.efforts to improve everything relates.back to these objectives let's get.started for those of you who may not be.familiar with how we're structured.here's a brief overview BBA is one of.three administration's in the VA the.Veterans Health Administration runs our.hospitals the National Cemetery.administration maintains our national.cemeteries at VBA we provide benefits.and services to veterans for post.service life you can see our mission.statement at the top of the slide in q1.we had twenty four thousand two hundred.employees fifty-seven percent of whom.are veterans themselves we have 56.regional offices 39 other special.processing and call centers and more.more than 500 other sites where we.provide services to veterans and in q1.we administered over 28 billion in.benefits to veterans and their family.members so let's talk about VBA.specifically within the Veterans.Benefits Administration we have eight.lines of business I'm going to provide.highlights for each of these for the.past quarter importantly for the first.time I'm including our new office of.transition and economic development in.this update let me start with the.results in compensation compensation is.a monthly benefit to compensate veterans.who've been disabled in military service.in q1 we serve 4.8 million veterans and.paid 20 1 point 1 billion dollars in.compensation benefits we completed.nearly three hundred and sixteen.thousand claims just below our target.for the quarter the difference is.explained by two unexpected holidays in.q1 the George HW Bush National Day of.Mourning.and Christmas Eve which the president.granted however we can.104 point five days twenty point five.days faster than our target we completed.1.6 million issues with an average of.5.2 issues per claim and we completed.them just over 95% quality compared to.the end of FY 2018 we are dealing with.slightly more issues per claim let me.draw your attention to the special.highlights last fall we realized we.needed to do better with MST and ALS.claims in q1 we designated specific.claims processors at our regional.offices offices to process military.sexual trauma and ALS claims to give.these claims to special attention and.care that they deserve now let's talk.about some of the very important.progress we're making in modernizing our.appeals process what used to take years.is now down to months appeals exist for.veterans who disagree with the decision.made on their claim first look at the.left side of the screen our rapid.appeals modernization program is an.early introduction to the new appeal.structure in q1 we had 66,000 ramped.opt-ins we completed thirty seven.thousand five hundred these opt-ins in.an average of one hundred and twenty.four point two days and awarded a total.of 155 point six million dollars this is.a huge improvement for our veterans over.the old appeals process which used to.take years and I'm so glad to report.that we drove down our days to complete.under our target goal so if you're.turning your attention to the right side.in q1 our legacy appeals inventory those.appeals submitted before ramp was.reduced to about two hundred and sixty.seven thousand very close to our target.our goal is to work all the VBA legacy.appeals by the end of calendar year 2020.now let's talk about another area focus.pension we offer a needs-based pension.to our low-income wartime veterans and.their survivors in the first quarter we.paid 1.3 billion dollars in pension.benefits to four hundred and forty-seven.thousand veterans and survivors our.claims completed we're below target and.they took longer to process while we are.exceeding our quality target for the.claims we know there is much more to do.here processing complex claims properly.takes time to ensure accuracy so while.we're improving on our processing time.we do not want to sacrifice quality for.efficiency sake we continue to closely.strike this balance in fact we just.started processing our pension claims.that our national work queue using the.same workload management approach we.took to reduce the disability claims.backlog and we're already seeing a.positive trend I'll provide more.information on that in our next.quarterly progress report moving on to.the next line of business I'd like to.talk to you about fiduciary we appoint.fiduciaries for veterans who are unable.to manage their VA benefits on their own.we had a hundred and seventy three.thousand fiduciaries helping our.veterans in the first quarter of FY 19.just under the amount from the end of.last year we conducted 19,800 field.exams field exam matter because we go to.the homes of some of our most vulnerable.veterans and check on their well-being.our pace of these visits need to.increase to match the number.examinations we did last year we are.aware of this and are working on ways to.meet or exceed our goals from 2018.however I'm very proud to see such.commitment to field exams a benefit.that's very important to our veterans so.let's talk insurance we provide coverage.for servicemembers veterans and their.families our insurance offering is a.strong product that is highly rated you.can learn more from the video we have.linked in the lower right you can also.find that on our vba youtube channel in.q1 we provided 1.2 trillion dollars in.coverage to 5.9 million individuals the.timeliness of processing insurance.disbursements is under the 4-day target.we also have a special project underway.to locate hard-to-find beneficiaries.upon and ensure inveterate passing in.the first quarter we located 373 such.beneficiaries and paid them about 1.5.million in death claim benefits now I'd.like to turn our focus to another.important benefit education.we provide education benefits under the.post 9/11 GI Bill and numerous other.programs on the left side you'll see it.on q1 we pay 3.1 billion dollars to 480.thousand veterans or their dependents.I'd like to talk about timeliness for a.moment you can see that our target is 28.days but our timeliness crept up to 32.point 6 days in October it evened out by.November in December dropping below the.target by about 5 days that October.spike was due to delays in implementing.parts of the forever GI bill which we'll.talk more about in depth later for now.let me turn your attention to the right.side we are also focused on restoring.benefits to veterans after a school.closure and q1 alone there were three.new school closures affecting veterans.we took quick action to notify the 1,645.students of their eligibility for.restoration of education benefits when.their schools closed if you think you.qualify for restoration of benefits you.can find the form at the link on the.slide which will be posted after the.webcast now let's talk about vocational.rehabilitation and employment a benefit.unique to VA VR&E provide special.assistance to a subset of veterans with.service-connected disabilities our goal.is to get veterans to positive outcomes.to explain a positive outcome that can.mean things like employment independent.living or continuing with in school.our goal is 16,000 positive outcomes.this year so we're on track it's worth.noting that in q1 FY 19 we exceeded the.number of positive outcomes achieved in.q1 FY 18 by 4.1 percent.we also promised to hire a total of 169.counselors to meet a counselor to.veteran ratio of 1 to 125 we're on track.to hire the counselors we need moving to.the right side now this past quarter we.rolled out tell counseling nationwide to.allow veterans to meet with their.counselors virtually this is a big deal.it has made it so much easier for.veterans who have had a hard time making.it to in-person appointments.through tell counseling we've been able.to help a veteran with multiple.disabilities who is also caring for a.disabled child a veteran with.significant PTSD which is exasperated by.traffic and a veteran who works and goes.to school full time and has a newborn.this new approach can and has made a big.difference for veterans we're on the.cutting edge of these new technologies.and we're using them to help bring the.highest level of care to our veterans.and their families the VA home loan is.backed by VA with typically no money.down no mortgage insurance and limited.closing costs on the left side you'll.see that in q1 we guaranteed nearly 35.billion dollars for new home loans we.also work with 23700 veterans to keep.them in their homes and avoid.foreclosure our target is to process 95%.of the home loan certificates of.eligibility within five days in q1 more.than 99% were completed within 5 days.well above the target now to the right.side and q1 our specially adapted.housing program began executing housing.adaptations for our veterans enrolled in.the VR any program to assist in their.rehabilitation this include adaptations.that help veterans live more.independently like accessible bathrooms.with curb freeroll and showers and grab.bars and widen doorways and hallways for.wheelchairs also in q1 we began to.strengthen protection for veterans.seeking cash out refinance loans from.predatory lending practices and ensure.the loans that ensure the loans are in.the veterans financial interests I'll.spend more time talking about this later.Oh Ted.last year we stood up our new office of.transition and economic development the.mission is to support veteran transition.from military service to civilian life.and assist them in finding post service.careers VBA can also help connect to.approve a network of partners working.together to accelerate their economic.empowerment and opportunity we did this.in November when we convene groups in.Puerto Rico to help veterans and service.members with claims job opportunities.and home repairs.in Puerto Rico we serve 900 veterans.that have benefits in claims clinic.providing more than a quarter million.dollars in benefits immediately VBA.hired or will hire a total of 71.full-time VBA employees from a hiring.our heroes event we work with our VSO.partners Team Rubicon Wounded Warrior.Project and the Mission Continues who.enlisted 60 volunteers to repair 5 homes.as you can see the results were strong.the feedback was positive and we saw an.immediate impact in the office of.transition and Economic Development is.planning to do even more I'm looking.forward to reporting out the difference.that this office is making in our next.quarterly progress report engagement I.know it's important to lead by example.in this area and so I spent a lot of.time in the field this past quarter I.traveled across the country visiting and.meeting lots of VA employees vsos and.veterans differences in q1 included a.roundtable with student veterans at.Texas A&M giggle an engagement during my.visits to VFW posts I washed the.memorial at DAV and did Facebook.postings on dates of special.significance to veterans last quarter.for those of you want to keep track or.watch I try to post some of these.activities regularly on social media.because I'm a veteran and meeting a.supporting fellow veterans is very.important to me it's all about serving.those who have served us VBA more.broadly conducted over a thousand.outreach events at her over and our.overseas military service coordinators.had 4,500 interactions with.servicemembers and veterans.we listened to you in terms of combating.robocalls and began working with the FCC.to deal with those who would try to take.advantage of our veterans and we were.very fortunate to have VA secretary.Wilkie visit four of our offices this.past quarter to see firsthand how we.administer benefits so now let's turn to.the numbers and look at our budget our.budget for FY 19 is 4.4 billion dollars.as you can see were one-fourth of the.way through the year and we spent.one-fourth of our budget we're on track.and managing our resources prudently.being good stewards of EA's resources.one of my top priorities so that we.continue to take care of our veterans.part of our commitment to being good.stewards requires transparency and.accountability to Congress the VA is.part of the executive branch as such the.legislative branch Congress in the.Senate provide oversight as we execute.our mission one of the ways this is done.is through congressional hearings in q1.we participated in four hearings.explaining our operations and responding.to questions.Gao examines how taxpayer dollars are.spent and provides reports to Congress.on how agencies can more efficiently.work in q1 we began working directly.with Gao to resolve operational program.issues they have identified at VBA our.goal is to improve our program to better.serve veterans and their families and in.turn get off the GAO high-risk list.excuse me next we're going to provide an.update on two important issues we've.been managing in quarter one Appeals.modernization and GI bill and we've.brought in the leaders of each effort to.speak with you first we've asked mr..Damon clinic and hooli's VBA Appeals.team to provide an update Thank You.brandy well I'm happy to report that we.are on track to implement the Appeals.Modernization Act on time for example.this month we published our final.regulations that we will use to.implement the new law in addition to.that in our FY 2019 budget we received.additional funding to hire six hundred.and five appeals employee employees and.we are going to use those employees to.establish two new decision review.operations centers at our st. Petersburg.and Seattle regional offices I'm very.happy to report that due to some very.hard work at those two regional offices.that hiring is complete and those two.centers are fully staffed and ready to.begin doing higher level reviews in the.new process On February 19th we will.actually go live in the new process what.that means is.that decisions that we make on benefit.claims honor after that date will be.reviewed in the new process if a veteran.disagrees with the decision that we make.this is good for veterans because it.provides all the advantages of the new.process to include more options and.control over the process as they are.seeking reviews also after that date our.goal will be to process those higher.level reviews and supplemental claims in.VBA in an average of a hundred and.twenty-five days which is a dramatic.improvement over the legacy appeals.process finally I'm happy to report that.we will continue to focus on legacy.Appeals as we implement the new process.after February 19th we will have more.than 2000 employees focused on.processing legacy Appeals and.implementing the new process and.operating it and as the undersecretary.has told you today our goal is to.complete our legacy appeals in 2020.Randy thank you Dave next we VAX miss.Charmaine Bogue who leads our education.service to provide a forever GI Bill.update as you can see Charmaine has been.with VA for over ten years.the last five years with education.service and she's married to a veteran.thank you brandy at the time of the last.webinar we were in the midst of IT.delays associated with implementing.sections 107 and 501 of the Co marry Act.also known as the February bill these.two sections impact the way we pay the.monthly housing allowance for post 9/11.GI bill students to remedy the IT issues.we instituted a reset with a new.deadline of December 2019 to ensure that.these important changes are implemented.correctly and GI bill students are made.a hundred percent whole we regret that.these delays caused any inconvenience.and I am happy to report that we're over.the home and that timeliness continues.to improve let me quickly explain what.happened and where we are now.the longer wait times for the fall 2018.enrollments.were results a v8 having to process all.fall enrollments in a compressed.timeframe because of the IT challenges.associated with implementing sections.107 and 501 also because of the delayed.implementation a student's monthly.housing allowance for terms beginning on.or after August 1 2018 were paid under.the old rates most recently in December.we installed the new rates for academic.year 2018 through 2019 now you may ask.what does that mean for a student.most students housing payments for the.spring 2019 term will equal to or higher.than their current payment we corrected.all payments for students who were.underpaid this past fall and we issued.students a check for the difference I.also want to thank the schools for.continuing to work closely with VA to.submit enrollments as soon as possible.for the spring 2019 term as a result of.this collaborative effort we are.positioned to complete the work within.our targets of 24 days for new.applications and 14 days for RIA Ruhlman.thank you thank you Charmaine I know.that your office has been working around.the clock and we're all committed to.make sure that every post 9/11 GI Bill.student is made 100 percent home now.we're going to move into the Q&A portion.we've asked two of our vehicle partners.to record questions for us today first.we'll hear a recorded question from Jim.Martha Lac from disabled american.veterans hi dr. Lawrence my name is Jim.Marrs liqu I'm a National Service.Director with DAV there's been a lot of.news coverage lately.I brought predatory refinance loans to.veterans what is VA doing to protect.veterans from these predatory practices.thank you Jim for your question we're.working hard to protect our veterans and.give them flexibility to use the.benefits they've earned cash out.refinances offer many benefits but there.have been some problems to provide.protection we published a rule with.parameters on when and how it can be.used let me explain.give an example and then describe our.proposed rule.cash out refinancing lets a homeowner.withdraw equity to do things like pay.off debt fun school or make home.improvements the slide has a quick.example of a home purchase for $100,000.but grew in value to a hundred and fifty.thousand dollars.the homeowner uses the cash out.refinance the $50,000 to remodel the.kitchen our rule requires waiting.periods between refinances provides.information so the veteran makes an.informed decision to use it and requires.lenders to provide the veteran with the.overall cost of cashing out home equity.our goal is to provide flexibility to.the veteran this is after all a benefit.that has been earned but also provide.protection based on some of the bad.actors we have experienced next we'll.hear a record a question from Renee.Bergdorf with Wounded Warrior Project.hello dr. Lawrence.this is Renee Barr Dorf senior vice.president of government and community.relations at Wounded Warrior Project.since you have assumed office what steps.have you taken to improve communication.to both veterans and veteran service.organizations like ours Thank You Renee.for this question and for all the.support the Wounded Warrior Project.provides to our veterans.I believe communications with veterans.and VSOs is incredibly important and.it's a priority we have a monthly.benefits bulletin that we send out to.our veterans if you want to receive it.the link is at the end of this.presentation.I consider the VSOs our partners working.together to get veterans the benefits.they've earned we meet regularly.multiple times a month to share.information and get back feedback.earlier we conducted a survey and.identified specific projects we could.work on together one such project I want.to highlight is what we call letters to.veterans which goes back to improving.communications to veterans we know our.letters can be improved and to do this.we set out to get feedback from veterans.and VSOs using this feedback we.completed a new VR&E letter to tell.veterans about services available we are.now revamping the drill pay notification.letter to improve clarity of debt and.payment communication I also want to.hear directly from as many veterans as.possible I've gone to conventions.universities state VA offices and even.VFW posts if you'd like to invite VBA to.attend your event please contact your.local office you can find the directory.at the back of this presentation now.before I turn this over to brandy let me.recap the purpose of this first quarter.webcast was to demonstrate what we're.doing with your money and your trust as.I described everyday we're doing.tremendous things for veterans we're.completing claims and processing.benefits on or near target with.increasing quality next month is Dave.described will successfully launch.Appeals modernization on time as.promised we are on budget spending your.money carefully and prudently we rolled.out a new office to better support.transitioning service members and.veterans like everyone else we know we.can improve and we're doing that as.Charmaine described we're addressing the.reset implementation of the GI Bill.directly but from my perspective there.are many things going well at VBA every.day more than 24,000 employees come to.work with the sole purpose of serving.veterans it's their passion it's what.motivates them and I've seen their.dedication I'm privileged to be part of.this team.secretary Wilkie when asked about the VA.under his leadership will often say it's.better highlighting the advancements we.are making for veterans when I compared.our performance at VBA and q1 to how we.performed in q4 of last year I can also.say it's better and the reason for that.is focusing on the three priorities.we're better at providing benefits we.were better fiscal stewards and we were.better collaborators with veterans and.VSOs and that's what I want to leave you.with today Brandi this completes the.first quarter fiscal year 2019 VA.benefits progress and results webinar a.recording of today's presentation will.be available at benefits VA govt slash.stakeholder for VA customer service you.may call one eight hundred eight two.seven one.to learn more about VA benefits visit.WWF if VA govt you can see the boxes on.the bottom right with links to the.benefits bulletin and regional office.directory that dr. Lawrence referred to.on the previous slide this concludes our.call today thank you again everyone.we're glad you were all able to join us.and we look forward to the next time.[Music].

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How do I fill out the CAT Application Form 2017?

To fill the CAT Application Form 2017 , you will need to log on to the official website of CAT 2017. First, you will have to register on the website and generate your login credentials. When registering, you will be asked to enter personal details like your Name, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, Email Address and similar fields. Here, ensure – 1) your details match what’s written on your school certificates and other documents. 2) All the information is correct and valid. After registration is complete, you need to log in using the credentials generated and start filling the CAT Application Form 2017. The information asked in the form includes your personal details, academics, work experience, programmes and payment details. When the form is filled and submitted, you finally upload your scanned documents and photograph and it’s done! In case you wish to correct a few fields in your application form, you can do it till the first week of October.

How do I fill out a CLAT 2019 application form?

How do I fill out the college preference form of the CLAT 2019? If you are AIR 1 and eligible for admission to all 21 NLUs, which one would you prefer? That is your first choice. Your first choice is not available. Out of the remaining 20, you are eligible for all 20. Which one will you prefer? That is your second choice. Your second choice is not available. Out of the remaining 19, you are eligible for all 19. Which one will you prefer? That is your third choice. Repeat the process till you have ranked all 21 NLUs. All the best.

How do I fill out the NEET 2019 application form?

Though the procedure is same as last earlier only the dates has been changed (tentative) yet to be announced by cbse u can fill form in October for the exam of February and in March for the exam of may if u r not satisfied with ur previous performance. All the best

How do I fill out the Delhi Polytechnic 2017 form?

Delhi Polytechnic (CET DELHI) entrance examination form has been published. You can visit Welcome to CET Delhi and fill the online form. For more details you can call @ 7042426818

How does a veteran register with the VA?

Not that I know of. Nor do I know of any case where registration wasn't required (Where did you hear that applications only started in the Clinton era?), since access to VA healthcare depends on factors such as whether one is disabled due to a service-connected disability, was a POW, a Medal of Honor recipient or whose income was low enough. Also, not everyone sees the benefit of access to VA healthcare, because if one has choices, the VA system may not offer the most convenient or accessible care. Also, the VA avails benefits to veterans that are unrelated to healthcare for which one must apply, Continue Reading

How can I get a copy of my VA award letter?

f you have lost your EIN Verification Letter from the Department of Treasury, you can request a new one. To do so, call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line toll free at 1-800-829-4933 between the hours of 7am and 7pm in your local time zone. Request a 147c letter when you speak with an agent on the phone.

What is VA 10 10ezr used for?

PowerShell is basically a DOS non-GUI, command-line interface, a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft, using associated scripting language. Microsoft PowerShell

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