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The Definite Guide to What Is Fsv Visa

youtube video

Guidelines with regard toWhat Is Fsv Visa

this conference will now be recorded.hello everyone how are you thank you so.much for joining to the reserve webinar.and physio gateway our mission is to.educate all physiotherapists across the.world to go from one country to other.country we are a group of physicists in.different part in different countries.and we suffered a lot of hurdles while.learning all this things so we don't.want others to go through the same so we.are sharing this information into this.app is topping FCC PT and focus is a New.York State is because it's a little.different and the today's the guest.speaker is Ashish Patel and he is going.to talk about all the information he has.about credential evaluation and whatever.the information he has if you are.watching this on youtube don't forget to.subscribe this channel because we are.creating more and more content during.this Kovach time so don't forget to Like.and subscribe or comment and share this.with your friends with so now fascist.thank you so much today for giving you.time you're very busy and thank you so.much for your time so let me start with.the topic which we have given a topic to.you so what is the process for the state.of New York for credentialing and how.New York State is different from other.states so if you can give us some light.sure good morning everyone.okay let me start with some words which.I'm gonna repeat again and again like SS.PPT OFCCP t cg f NS and NYSED what is.the role of fsvp t FF twe.takes the exam which is called NP te.national physical therapy examination.and full form of fsvp G is Federal State.Board of physical therapy.second at sea cpt what they do and CG.FNS what they do they are doing.credential evaluation they are doing.credential evolution for all the state.except New York they are doing visa.screening certificate for New York FSB.PT and CG FNS both they are doing.document verification so what they do.they get your document from your.Institute they verified it and they.forward it to the NYSED NYSED help them.own credential evaluation report so you.don't have to apply credential.evaluation service in fcc PT or TTFN s.if you are going for New York State if.you are going any other state then yes.you can go for either type one or there.are some other options in fcc PT and CG.FNS both the website like for example.you can go for New Jersey you can go for.Virginia credential evaluation but for.New York it has to be.initial evaluation verification for New.York State so first step is always at.CPT or CG FNS I would recommended you to.go for FC CPT why because let's see if.you start from New York State and if you.want to move to other state you don't.have to ask your Institute to send the.documents again the same document can be.used for any other service of the FCC pt.if you are going for type 1 or visa.screening certificate service from the.FCC PT and if you are asking your.Institute to send the document for these.two services and in future if you would.like to go for New York then you have to.ask that your Institute to send the.documents again they not going to.evaluate the same document for the New.York State because they have their own.credential evaluation system so.definitely you have to choose your state.first and let's see we are focusing more.on the New York so let's see if you go.for the New York State credential.verification so the part what CJ FNS and.FC CPT are doing they just verified your.document they forward it to the NY SCT.once you verified your document you have.to go to the NYSED website you have to.fill the form you have to do the.application and be the fear I think for.physical-therapy they have two hundred.and ninety four dollars fee to do the.credential evaluation ok second thing.if you are going to start with the FCC.PT.if occations Orbis of New York State.what they do they send one letter to.your Institute back in your country.let's see for example India.that document has to come with your.transcript and syllabus if that's.document is not with the transcript and.syllabus they not gonna valid that.document that is the main step.after applying from Etsy CPT you have to.go to the website at C CPT library and.from that library you how to download.couple of forms like let's see there is.one from safe not free there is one form.to send to the our Institute and one.more for mr. so like that you have to.download it not rate forwarded to that.City BT and they stall absolution PT we.take care of it they will contact to.your Institute they will get your.document from your Institute only you.have to tell your Institute that once.you receive the later formats in CPT put.that later inside the document and.forward it back to that CPT.it's take usually one month or one and a.half months to do the credential.evaluation for New York State you have.to email them if your credential.evaluation is turn or not or you can.call them and find out if your.calibration is done or not they are not.going to inform you most of time so you.have to call them after one and half.months if you are done with your.credential evaluation if they say yes.you are eligible to give the license for.physical therapy then the third step.comes F FS PPT you have to go to the.fsvp D website you have to issue your.alternative identification number or if.you have social security number of us.let's see if you are not in u.s. then.you have to get AI n number alternative.identification number.if you have social then you can register.exam they have some specific date you.can choose any one of them and you can.register the exam so what fsvp will do.they will contact to your state both New.York they will ask this candidate is.eligible to give exam or not if they say.yes then they will update them profile.automatically so you can register the.exam and you can go to the Prometric.website select your time and date pay.them and you are good to go for the.exams let's see if you are not eligible.to give the exams for some reason that.your credential evaluation is not match.with the first u.s. professional degree.of physical therapy then they will give.you some course each Institute.transcript has them own way to create so.you know everybody has their own.requirement so if you are not eligible.you have to fulfill that requirement to.do the courses that courses can be done.from the accredited university you can.get the list of the accredited.university from accessibility website.they have all the list of the name ok.and.thank you so much.Ashish it was a really valuable.information so whoever has a question.they can unmute themselves and they can.ask a question so you are on mute right.now so put up by a scroll to the mic but.in an unwitting your self and ask a.question I'm Angela.hi hi I'm Aaron hi Ashish thank you for.that wonderful talk.actually we I have I have done my.accessibility credential for New Jersey.and have been found to have some.deficiencies following that so I have.I'm planning to enroll in some class of.courses right now what exactly is AI and.that he mentioned because because we.don't have social security because since.I am on dependent visa so how do we get.an AI n to register an FSB PT okay.so go to the eps SBPD website and find.the alternative identification number AI.n number there is one form that form you.have to fill your information your.address and all give you submit to the.fsvp t through the mail and after two.weeks they will give you some particular.number through the mail it should be.through the mail everything gonna be.through the mail not online so you have.to send it to them your information that.you are your last name first name and.your address and and it is a very simple.form only one page form give it send it.to them fSV PT and after two weeks.within a two weeks or three weeks they.will give you that form back with that.form they will give you an implication.number so that number they all get in.your profiles with them so when you see.you go for the FS PPD website for.registration when you enter that when.you enter that number particular given.by the fsvp t your profile already set.by them so you can go ahead and register.from that number because you don't have.social numbers so.you have to have get the ein number okay.which I have was so this should essence.I have some deficiencies and I I need to.clear them this should be done only.after I clear the deficiencies and the.FCC PT re-evaluation is report comes.back right yes yes okay so because I.can't do it now since I'm from NJ and I.have to exact here for the jurisprudence.exam you know even that is through the.FSB PT website so so all that can be.done only after I finish the course and.then the evaluation before that's come.back okay thank you our shishio anybody.helps any question now you can unmute.yourself and ask a question.meanwhile other people ask a question.actually I have a question many people.have this is DPT required to for.credential process that's a very common.question I'm getting what are your.thoughts and stand or that no depends on.the university to get the admission I.did my d PT from University of Montana.so they have them own curriculum let's.see if you are graduate from outside of.the US if you have a license in the US.if you have no license in the US so they.have them own you know curriculum let's.see if you have bachelor degree from.outside of the US then they have 30.degree at 30 credits core curriculum if.you have a master degree already then.they have a 20 credits it's all up to.the university but for visa credential.and to be eligible for exam dip it is.not mandatory is that correct no DPT is.not mandatory you can always go for the.credential evolution without DPT okay.okay and so you were talking to me.yesterday about there is a trick to go.with New York first it did you cover.that part already or you can if you have.to add something into that look as I.said already like the same document can.be used for there any other services.let's see if you are you if you have the.document for the New York service.and if you want to go for the business.that's cleaning or if you want to get a.credential evaluation for New Jersey.State for example then same document can.be used but if you are going for visa.screening and if you are going for.credential evolution for example New.York oh sorry.for example for New Jersey or Virginia.then same document cannot use for the.New York State yes okay that's very.important things the document newer once.you review the document for New York.State that document can use for any.other service of the FCC PT for New York.verification document if you are if you.planning to use for any other service.use document which you got all ready for.you know okay what about the TOEFL exam.is every state has different.requirements and FCC PT has different.requirements how is it yes the fsvp t HC.CPT and each state has their own.requirement for the TOEFL this is you.know it's it's very complicated.let me tell you it from 2020 this they.need fsvp T TOEFL to make you eligible.for the license so no matter what now.you need the tousle now how much score.on 2016 speaking and in general I guess.79 I think list of 3 so writing.listening and 2015 speaking you need it.and reading is also okay what else.that's a requirement and requirement for.New York there is no TOEFL requirement.okay so you can start with your.credential from New York even if you are.eligible when you go to the fsvp t.website to register the exam they not.gonna give the date unless until you.have the top because they need your door.oh I see so soon or later you need your.Tosa before it was not like that did.they be.for New York there were no TOEFL.requirement and even before like for FSB.PD there were no TOEFL requirements so.people what they used to do they used to.come in New York they used to do the.credential evaluation for New York one.stay eligible they can go to the fsvp D.website register for the exam and give.the exam but right now the situation is.New York they are not asking for the.TOEFL but the fsvp they are asking for.the TOEFL Wow okay if someone wants to.come to you as just for the exam on a.visitor visa is it the same process for.them first go to FC CPT and get eligible.yes first go to the FCC Petey get.eligibility is so I you know.automatically FCC pretty ones they just.for New York they just do verification.of the document they don't do credential.make sure you know they don't keep.expectation that they're gonna do the.credential evaluation they just verified.your document and forward it to the.NYSED New York State Education.Department New York State Education.Department they do your credential so.once you are you know good to go for.exam they they don't ask for you know to.view the exam they don't ask.anyway you should have your to ID for.the exam of your passport and any ATM.card or you know any ATM card okay one.more question I have Ashish who needs a.visa credentials and who does not.you mean we just screening certificate.that's really yeah yes whose those need.a bulk permit like h1 they need a visa.certificate we we just screening.certificate but h4 EAD they don't need.we just screening certificate even if.you are on opt f1 you don't need visa.screening certificate but for h1 you.need that is the h1 rules that any.healthcare provider yeah any healthcare.provider has visual screening.certificate then only they are you know.and who gives a visa credentials and.what are the different crafts is there.any different guidelines do we have.whatever we need to do that with for.mrs. Sweeny and if some specific.guidelines only only if you're you need.your TOEFL or you have to have master.degree from us or there is some more.countries like you know Canada also but.not queue back from Canada New Zealand.Australia UK if you have a master degree.from this year countries then you don't.need TOEFL taken wavy or tosser okay.for business cleaning and this document.they can use it from the same process.what you did it for the license so you.know so now because F SPT also needs to.fill someone who is looking for visa.screaming there is no extra documents.there is no extra documents they need.just extra process there is is that tell.you how to have to do application pay.them fee and yeah you don't need to do.any other things they will do it just.the basic stuff you know you have to go.to the website and download couple of.form for be a screening shame like not.Rianne one a particular form or your you.know your information and you give them.permission to do your via screening and.it's very simple form one or two forms.are there okay one more question what.are the difficulties people are facing.in getting their transcripts from.different countries so we already know.that there is a problem in getting a.transcripts from any other countries so.what is the best way have you have you.found any best way that we can find out.that we can get transcripts to FCC PT on.time.there is one furbish from FCC PT that.you can give them a FedEx number and.they will create a labor or you're.sitting okay that's a FedEx number and.that is the quicker way you can get your.wrote on ski from your country let's see.if you want to get it from India then.usually it's take at least a month to.receive the day later from a.bippity to your school or you know.college from from India so usually they.send one letter to your school that this.particular person is applied for.credential evaluation and we need the.transcript we need a syllabus for this.particular person so by the time you.have to keep calling them your school.did you receive any letter from the.abscissa PT did you receive any requests.from FCC PT if they say yes then you.have to submit your document transcript.and filibus with that later and you know.you have to make sure they mail all the.document to the executi okay with that.later with that later with that letter.do we have to contact university or.college oh you have to contact your.college onto University so I remember in.certain cases we applied for rajagaha in.your city in certain cases we applied.for our college in your transcript so.can you show throw some light on that.who needs the university transcript and.who needs a college transcript force to.get the admission in u.s. like the.master degree or you know some any any.any further study you know some.universities required the transcripts.from your University back in your.country.rajiv gandhi university but for FCC PT.and for cg FNS or you know any other.agency like IC or they don't need your.unit yeah they don't need your.transcript from you University need your.transcript from your college college and.also the syllabus yes okay okay thank.you so much I will again once again if.any of any of you have any other.question I give you opportunity to.unmute yourself there is one more.question yeah Manjula go ahead and ask.your question Ashish actually well you.will you mentioned about CGA feni's and.FCC PT so what is the advantage of one.over the other because we I started off.with FCC pt.and that time I did not know about or.rather just thought CGF anus was for.nursing and this was for physiotherapy.when right now when I check the rates.the FCC PT fee structure and the CGI.furnace fee structure you know it's the.so much of difference that it's easier.when it is much cheaper so what is the.advantage of FCC PT over CG FNS that.everyone is going through them like most.of them let me tell you my personal.experience I have a vision screening.from GG FNS and I have credential.evaluation form FCC PT I have both both.files but the advantage is to to do the.credential from FCC PT they they most of.state out of I would say like 50 most of.trait they accept the FCC PT reports but.some state they don't accept the CG FNS.reports so CG FNS you know very limited.options you have it they lower they.accept the city of Venice nuture New.York they accept CG FNS but some state.they don't accept VG FNS proposed they.accept the facility report even I I call.the CG FNS when I was doing my.credential I call them and ask them that.can you tell me the list of the state.that what are the state your reports.credential opposed so they said no you.have to call to your state board.whichever state board you are planning.to let's see if I am planning to.Tennessee then or how to call them and.find out whether they are using the CG.FNS credential reports or not but 100%.all the states are using C f/c CPT.credential evolution people so you know.I would recommend it FCC PT is better.than CGS almost I would like to add one.more thing we had a previous video with.another FCC PG group and there are.actually four agencies who is doing it.this evaluation thing we have covered.that in detail in a previous video I.will send you the link of that if you.have subscribed for my emails or YouTube.channel you will see that video.in that link otherwise I'll post my.phone number and you can text me because.we have limited people so I have no.problem sharing my I'll send you the.link of that ashes that means anything.else are we missing anything or any of.other struggles that we faced and let.let me let me let me give you some more.information regarding the previous.question from Manjula see if you go and.do the cg FNS credential evaluation they.not gonna say no to any other you know.candidate they will do your credential.evaluation but it's all about the state.whether they are using that credential.evaluation or not that report so you.have to make sure with your state that.are you going to use my credential.evaluation reports on CG FNS if I am.going to send.so you have to make sure with your state.whichever state you planning to do.premature because each and every you.know a Institute they have their own.credential version but to FCC PT they.are using I think but cool six now most.of state even for a particular state.they have them were own vault over to.for taxes they are using I think bulk.tool for that is too old most up now.state they're using whirlpool six so you.know you have to make sure with your.state board if you they are you they are.accepting the credential evaluation.reports from the cg f NF or FCC PT or.what are the other agency there are a.lot like I think three or four are so.are other Institute's are doing these.are screening because we know access if.it is blink so all of the no no only.only two agencies are doing we just.coming FCC PT and CGF and s not any.other agency if you need a visa spinning.you have to stick to this to Institute's.only okay.wonderful Ashish thank you so much thank.you so much ashish you did wonderful and.thank you so much for your help for the.viewers if you have any further question.if you're watching on youtube please.subscribe to the channel if you have any.questions feel free to put it in the.comment section and we will try to cover.that part in the next webinar during.this corona time we are trying to.generate as much information for people.across the world so physiotherapists do.not struggle thank you so much I'm Anne.Judah for your comment it's very kind of.you thank you so much Ashish I will.close this Qri so.

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By managing your expectations; that is, by informing you that filling out the forms does not guarantee that you will be chosen for the job. Companies should further manage expectations by describing the actual selection process in more detail and including a time line for the final selection. Armed with this information you can decide whether you wish to spend the time required to fill out the forms.

How much is the fee for DS 260?

I am not a lawyer and this does not constitute a legal advice. (This answer is for individuals who are citizens of the United States) Alright good question, It depends on your situation but here are the fees taken straight from The cost of I-130 is $420 The cost of DS-260 is $325 The cost of I-485 is $985 + $85 Now, Your parents and your sibling falls under different categories: Your parent can get a LPR status almost instantaneously after I-130, DS-260 and I-485 is approved. However, your sibling needs to get the I-130 filed first then wait for their priority date. (Mind you, they are currently working on sibling applications that were filed in 1994 to 2004.) Then they can file the rest of the application. Of course, you will need other stuff like medical, flight, passport and etc. So it actually depends on the case by case. Here are the links you may need: Green Card for a Family Member of a U.S. Citizen Green Card for an Immediate Relative of a U.S. Citizen Family-based Immigrant Visas Fees for Visa Services Visa Bulletin For October 2016 Now for LPRs, You can not bring over your parents or you siblings. Green Card for a Family Member of a Permanent Resident I hope this answered your question Thanks for the A2A Thanks for reading

How can someone get a translator for a USA tourist visa interview? Is there any form to fill out or do they give a translator during interview time?

Generally, Consular Officers can speak the language of the country they are in. When they cannot, local staff provides translation. Check the webpage of the consulate or embassy where you plan to apply, if you speak an unusual language for that area and want to check if they provide services in your language. If you are applying near your home, most likely they do.

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