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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Finalizing Indiana University Plagiarism Test Answers Quizlet Form Online

CocoSign contributes considerably to your business by enhancing mangement of document workflow and optimizing business processes. Curious to know more about the Indiana University Plagiarism Test Answers Quizlet Form? Read on to find out how to create and complete your form easily.

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Indiana University Plagiarism Test Answers Quizlet Form

youtube video

Comprehend How to Fulfill the Indiana University Plagiarism Test Answers Quizlet Form

this is a short talk on the issue of.plagiarism how to recognize it which is.what the test will be on but also how to.avoid it first why should you know about.plagiarism well it can have disastrous.consequences first thing they could be.legal you can enact infringement upon.intellectual property law and copyright.conventions you'll see information on.that in Moodle more importantly they're.really more importantly it goes against.the professional ethics of our.profession but is of academic research.and that's where it can get you here are.some examples German education minister.quits of a PhD plagiarism you can lose.your job they can find out years later.that you stole someone else's words you.thought you were safe you thought you.were a doctor they got you in the end.another one lost her PhD a German.minister that is minister in the.government in India we find the case of.a former vice-chancellor that is head of.the university sent to jail for.plagiarism and if you look around on.Wikipedia there's an article on.plagiarism in India and the list is long.of academics who have been caught out in.Australia for my own country one of the.vice-chancellor's that is the wreck dot.the head of the university had to resign.after admitting plagiarism in his PhD.thesis so don't do it ladies and.gentlemen first though.to find out what it is most of you will.say I will plagiarism that's when you.copy someone else's work and that's it.what do we mean by copy though there are.various degrees of it the one that.everyone thinks about is is.word-for-word plagiarism and then you.ask well how many words is one word.copping no not really because we all use.everybody else's words what about a.phrase you know an idiom if I say make.hay while the Sun shines that's an idiom.in English or carpe diem which is the.same thing in Latin live for the day is.that plagiarism well no these are.phrases that are in common knowledge.there in the stock that belongs to the.language and the culture and they are.relatively awful asst phrases from.shakespeare circulated in common english.and we don't have to cite them because.they are being used all the time the.phrases from the Bible permeate a lot of.English as well no as a rule of thumb.and this is the rule being used in the.source that we're going to use for the.test here we could say if there's more.than seven words that is more than a.phrase usually and it's not an idiom.it's not in the general stock of.knowledge of a language then you are.committing word-for-word plagiarism.unless you put those words between.inverted commas and you tell the reader.where they come came from that is you.reference the source correctly and the.second part of this sir this unit will.be on how to do that referencing here's.an example it's taken from the Indiana.University tutorial which is what we're.going to use for this section okay at.the top original source material we find.the phrase or phrases the first.technology was the primitive modes of.communication used by prehistoric people.and for the development of spoken.language again it's fairly complex.utterance and we find exactly the same.thing in a student's work it's just cut.and paste from their put into their no.inverted commas no referencing that is.word for a plagiarism you fail do not.become a minister in the government in.Germany don't become a vice champion.India or Australia actually it's paid.nobody gets sacked nobody resins you.might actually get away with it but who.knows ethics might come to Spain as well.how to do it correctly over here you can.see Frick 1991 believes that open.inverted commas those three dots.indicate that you'll be there was.something preceding it you don't really.need those three dots to tell your truth.close inverted commas and the page so we.know freaking 1991 page 10 we really.goes to the reference freaky 1991 and.it's a page 10 in this book no need to.give the page number there if it's a.book whoops so in thought okay that.should be fairly clear that's plagiarism.that isn't if you go to use somebody.else's words do this if you go to do.that we will discover it how do we.discover it well I made the Lotan that.that education paper by the Chinese.author if we find lots of English.mistakes or we find your hispanic.interference in english and then we get.to a very well written paragraph alarm.bells ring and we say well something in.here is not write this as a shift it's.very easy to pick up a complex syntactic.structure do a search for it find that.the Kotex that takes perform and after.is the same as what you copied we've.caught you believe me if you think we're.not going to find you you're wrong don't.risk it now there's also.software that does it automatically but.at the level of what we can tell the.different qualities of English pretty.well here's another example of.word-for-word plagiarism this is a bit.more complex here the original text up.here the concept of systems is really.quite simple a system has parts that fit.together to make a hole okay that's a.fairly simple recognizable sentence and.then it gets complicated when how those.parts are connected or related to each.other the plagiarized version has.exactly those words it's given the.reference freak 1991 but it hasn't used.the inverted commas you can see this.over here in the correct version and.hasn't given the page reference okay.that is worth web plagiarism doesn't.matter you've given the reference the.shop we know what you're doing but you.haven't used the inverted commas to.indicate which parts have been taken.exactly from the text and you see here.in between the two citations there is a.paraphrase but but so don't come on to.us and say oh but i changed the middle.bit i put my own words in there so it's.not plagiarism like hell it is.plagiarism because that part's exactly.the same and that part's exactly the.same even if the middle part is.paraphrased you're not going to get away.with it the case would be very clear.exactly which words you are cited look.at.fun I think we've moved on to paraphrase.translation paraphrase translation is.when you don't actually copy the words.but you copy the sequence of ideas.you're recognizably leaning on someone.else's thought I had a case of this.actually with a PhD student and an.academic from from Manchester wrote to.me and said look I've read your students.work here in his literature review he.follows exactly the same authors as my.student does who's studying the same.thing so somebody has played you I.somebody we had to bring the two.together we figured out that my student.had followed exactly the previous.authors who had written on this was.leaning on the prior scholar without.referencing them I mean it's not a bad.thing you know obviously we don't know.everything by intuition we're working.from previous work sometimes you go to.say oh this guy's done the literature.review really well I'm going to follow.that I'm going to put it in my own words.but if you're following the sequence of.ideas then reference it say as a noun.spine and then the name of author and.the date and the reference give them.credit for what you're taking from them.it doesn't mean you can't borrow you.can't use ideas or work done by other.people you just have to give them the.credit for it all right so here we have.the original text complex skills in the.classroom key ingredients teaching.pigeons what to play ping-pong into ball.inducing a response reinforcing subtle.improvements in the behavior proving the.desire stimulus okay you've got four.things in it but they do what pigeons.can play ping-pong yeah alright laconic.in the plagiarized version complex.skills in the classroom studying complex.skills and any.setting induced reinforced scheduled.again you've got the four things they're.all right different words yes they're.different words of you then we can't.find seven words that are the same when.we can find one two three four and.there's one two three four this person.is working from that person the way to.do it is simply to give credit okay.exactly the same text but here we put in.according to grandeur 2001 it's not a.page Rep needed because it's it's a.whole train of thought can be several.pages but we've given them credit this.is paraphrase plagiarism it's not word.for word it's paraphrase it's a sequence.of ideas and here you can do that as.long as you give the reference correctly.okay I've taken these examples from the.Indiana University website the tutorial.gives more examples i really suggest you.go through them very carefully to look.at them okay this is my final example.from their website i think they give.five of word for word and probably five.or paraphrase here it's a bit more.complicated the original text during the.last decade there has been a shift from.instructive approaches towards.constructivist approaches in the field.of instructor with this approaches.reflect the belief that the role of.knowledge is basically to represent the.real world okay instructor fast.approaches yes okay discuss where.meaning is determined by this real world.and its external to the understand orica.here the student has changed syncing.over the last decade becomes over the.last ten years okay you put it in your.own words there has been a marked change.from instructive as points of view to.constructivist uh-huh okay they've.changed some words but it's still.plagiarism in the sense of paraphrase.plagiarism it's a suit to close that is.plagiarism paraphrase plagiarism but if.you get the.leaf that the role of knowledge is.fundamentally to represent the real.world okay the belief that the role of.knowledge is basically to represent the.real world that there that little bit.there that is word for word plagiarism.as it got seven one two three four five.six seven eight oh yes okay it meets the.criteria and just by replacing are.basically with fundamentally you don't.get out of it so what we've got here is.actually two things this is up here this.is paraphrase plagiarism and this is.word-for-word plagiarism doesn't matter.that they gave a reference in the list.of references they didn't put that in.there okay they didn't put that.reference in next to the text here's the.correct version they've got rid of the.word for word they're using paraphrase.that they're giving the reference okay.in the text and in the reference section.at the end in the test you'll find quite.complex cases like this and you're going.to have to look at them very carefully.if in an example you find both.word-for-word plagiarism and paraphrase.as we did there and you're asked to.categorize it please categorize it as.word for word that is send the person to.prison for the worst crime they.committed ok or upwards in that case if.you can do that you might get through.the test I'll summarize this and this is.to help you take the test the test is.really hard okay you do the.undergraduate test but no you'll fail in.a couple of times I confess I did it.took me I think four attempts before I.actually got the certificate so please.read the tutorials carefully when they.fail you they'll indicate what you're.doing wrong go back and read those notes.it won't be easy this is the hardest.plunge plagiarism test.I have found anywhere you're going to.know what we're talking about okay here.we go summarize this is people looking.at you student does it take ideas yes if.it doesn't take ideas not plagiarism a.while that's good at least one idea is.direct word-for-word quote or seven okay.at least several words if it is it's.over here okay if it's not then we're in.the realm of paraphrase okay is the.paraphrased idea missing the in-text.citation that is nothing wrong with.paraphrasing the idea but if you don't.give the the indication in brackets of.the author and the year then you are.over here paraphrasing plagiarism if you.do it's fine it's not plagiarism okay.that is if the reference is not missing.that not plagiarism over here you've got.the word for word quote if there's a.inverted commas and the specific locator.and as a reference to it in the end it's.not plagiarism you'll find if you.haven't done that if you haven't put in.the inverted commas and the proper.reference then it's word for in play.tourism okay so basically there are two.crimes word for word plagiarism.paraphrasing plagiarism if you find the.case with both go forward forward okay.how to do the test i'll just show you.this is the website we've given take a.look at it it's got the definition okay.it gives some cases but i've given you.others the examples please look at them.carefully go through the more you can do.a practice warm up and then take the.test when you do the test say I'm an.undergraduate don't go to the other one.you want facet go to as an undergraduate.okay put in your email put in your urv.email other ones will work but the euro.fever will enable me to find it.afterwards.you're going to have to create a.password for yourself off you go and you.do the test when you've got the.certificate upload the certificate to.Moodle and all know that you've passed.but believe me people take you a few.goes before you actually pass the test.don't cheat by copying each other.because the test is different each time.you enter so you will take one test and.your colleague will take another test.you're going to have to work on this one.with that good luck.

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