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Steps of Customizing the Youth Football Camp Lees Summit West Titans Docs Lsr7

these are always fun this is the reason.I quit lease on a west football so on.Tuesday of this week it was the day.before the first day of school which I.was planning on making a video but all.this stuff happened I wasn't in a good.mood that day the day before the first.day of school we have team pictures and.I was given number 20 and last year my.number was 27.the managers gave it to me and I get.called over by a coach this coach his.name is coach Cal and he's the equipment.manager kind of for the team he's also a.DB coach and I go over I'm like hey.what's up like why do you need my jersey.he says you're not supposed to have.number 20 it's not your number um I'm.standing like I was saying I like yeah I.know I know I'm number 27 I asked the.managers for number 27 they said it.wasn't available it wasn't there that it.may have been given away already because.what they do is like first time first.server you know you get the number you.get you shouldn't grab the right dirt.you should gotten the right jersey asked.again figured it out so I say okay I'm.sorry.so I'm standing there and he's like well.I just gave away number 27.I asked why like if he was dragging the.other jersey why didn't he just hold it.for a second and then give it to me and.give you know the sophomore he already.gave 27 number 20 after I give it back.to him.he says I don't think you deserve the.Jersey about staying there it's like why.don't I deserve the Jersey like confused.like I've been with this team three.years broke my collarbone for the team.staying on the team and he goes I don't.think he deserved the jersey because you.haven't been here majority of the summer.you know it's my last summer of high.school I was trying to kind of enjoy it.but yes you know come at me as part of.the plan like be there or don't I just.did being angry about that but not to.this extent.I was I was confused like your players.like I'm thinking in my head your.players are like your star players your.quarterback you're my receiver the two.players that I haven't been here awesome.relation to on Monday they already have.what they need like they have everything.they showed up for an hour and got.everything they have flex helmets one.has a special helmet the other one.he just gets what he wants one's a K you.commit the other ones a another name.come in for baseball and I'm standing.here still really confused um I just.asked again I was like why don't my.desert to the Jersey he says you don't.deserve it and if I give you this Jersey.you can't quit I said okay like I'm not.gonna quit then like I had no intention.of quitting I was playing being there.for the team all year he continues.saying if you quit I will come and find.you knowing well that he has my address.my phone number my mom's phone number my.email my school email and everything he.needs to actually come and find me no.matter where I am he can contact me.any time of day he could come to my.house sight to me personally I took this.as a threat you know you're not gonna.say you're gonna come and find me in an.area of where I live my personal.property or my mom's personal property.you're not gonna come here.so I said okay I'm not gonna quit I kind.of brushed it off like it's no big deal.you know coaches say stuff all the time.and I take the jersey go get ready good.pictures take pictures go home then.later that day I had a scheduled.appointment with a counselor to go.change my schedule because I wanted to.do seven classes first semester and.second semester just kind of breezed by.if you want to say that and then so I go.to practice on Wednesday first day of.school I'm there I'm I practice I do.what I can.week and a half before this I had pulled.my knee so I went to the trainer and he.put some tape around it tried to help it.out I do everything needed in practice I.go to the conditioning after all this.stuff he continues he's he's like okay.whatever don't miss another practice.like as if if I missed another practice.he had kicked me off the team.and you get three unexcused absences.from practice and I had I had gotten one.for Tuesday Monday I don't think was an.official practice I'm confused I'm like.I have two more unexcused absences and.this one's even excused right like this.one's for school this should be excused.I shouldn't be threatened to be kicked.off the team when I was doing school.stuff you know school comes first.Thursday Thursday comes along secondary.school third official day of practice I.go in.to school I'm running up the stairs and.I hear loud pop like I'm just trying to.get to class I hear a lot of pop in my.knee and automatically I think I refold.money you know I have pain going down my.leg everything's hurting like I'm like.okay I'll tough it out during practice.I'm gonna go tell coach that I read.pulled money and that I'm gonna do what.I can.I don't know what all I can do because I.was I was I've been babying it for like.two weeks and so he comes he I go up to.him I'm like hey coach you know I.refilled my knee I pulled it a week and.a half ago I don't know if you know this.and automatically he goes he snaps he.he's like well you quitting or not after.I was like really I have not said.anything all year.my whole four years of participating.with the team I've never said a single.word about quitting not even when I.broke my collarbone like I'm just.thinking all this stuff in my head and.like you know I don't have any.pretensions to quit and the conversation.continues I'm like yeah every put my.knee he was like you should have been.going down to the trainers and me.personally I didn't even know they were.open at 6:00 a.m. when there's not.school if I would have known it would.have gone playing a simple it that's it.I would have gone because I I don't take.I take injuries very seriously now after.my collarbone and after that he.continues and he makes some comments.suggesting you know it doesn't matter if.I'm on the team or not I'm emotionally.hurt at this point you know he they.always say you guys everybody on this.team has a purpose everybody on this.team matters but in these past three.days I've been showed the firsthand.nobody matters but the starters.they don't care you could be the most.talented person on on the field and they.don't care because you're not starting.I'm not saying I'm the most talented but.there are some people out there that.deserve positions that aren't even.getting looked at.they play favorites like a few parents.have donated you might get a starting.spot if you have been friends with this.proach for years you would get a.starting spot so after this conversation.I go into a locker room and I I grab my.stuff it's about it I go to meetings.after the locker rooms clear out I go in.I grab my stuff I grab my help.Namah have I got my shoulder pads that I.bought my cleats Bandhu shirt my shorts.my girdle grab my clothes that I was.wearing during the day because it was.hot it's about it.I grab what I do all right what I need.walk out the back I leave get home first.thing I do I sit down on my bed I grab a.little laptop for school I get on there.I start writing this email I'm I'm going.at I'm like man I need to tell this.coach why I quit there needs to be a.good reasoning behind it because there.was he needs to know everything that.happened between me and Trump to tell.him all this other stuff so this was the.email so I sit down first thing I think.is like let me be respectful let me be.honest truthful anything I can be except.for me so I'm sitting here I'm like dear.coach care as well I am no longer going.to be a part of the Titan organization I.was so proud to call myself a Titan for.three years I wanted it to be for dad.thought that I.every intentions of making it through.the season with all the coaching staff.and players I like to call my brothers.you know when you're on a football team.those people are your brothers.regardless if you don't like them if.you're fighting for them for ticket a.spot like that your brothers you're.gonna support them good or bad like you.guys have gone through all this together.there's no reason that not be so close I.worked I said I worked all offseason.preparing for this I did I went I played.for his 77 team you guys have seen the.videos if you're subscriber I did my.best to become better to be recognized I.said I wanted to be one of the people.you look to and said good job that's all.I ever wanted from this coach I never.even got it I said I love football and.it was my past passion the reason I.decided to quit is I showed up for a.week practice practice and like the rest.day after doing Joe's with my teammates.doing all these my receiver drills like.there was one day we stayed after a good.45 minutes just running the route tree.there was a voluntary kickers practice.on a Saturday you know it's like my.second to last weekend on the summer I.could be going doing whatever I want to.do but I'm over here with the team I'm.kicking field goals punting the ball.because we need a kicker I pulled my.knee that Saturday after that I came.back the first coach to talk to me as.torch teller he told me I was in the.wrong for taking a jersey number given.to me by the managers who were doing his.job while he wasn't there said I did not.deserve a jersey he told me if I quit.the team that he would come and find me.in photos as a threat knowing he has the.information to find where I live for.this act by Calum I decided to report.him today and let the school board know.what happened then today I was growing.up the stairs refilled my knee and heard.a love pop had nothing but pain going to.and I was hurting and wanted to let you.know face to face I wanted to go see a.doctor I never even got to tell him I.wanted to go really see a doctor I said.I want I'm trying to get my mom to.schedule an appointment said like guys.he was walking away from me after he.already said everything he's like what.doctor are you scheduled to go see I.said we don't have it I don't have a.doctor we make schedules for the ER.because we moved here four years ago we.can't find a doctor and he said I said.you made it clear to me it didn't matter.to you or the rest of the coaches if I.played for the end made me feel as if.I'm not welcome to have a spot on the.team I decided after that I would go go.grab my stuff and save you the struggle.I remember when I first met you freshman.year two I was so happy to meet you I.wanted you to accept me as a person on.the team so badly you gave me the first.locker as a freshman with blaze here.beat me and blaze you're probably the.first freshman to get a walker I was so.happy about that too.I worked to make the team better that.year I put my all into it sophomore year.I broke my collarbone and I was.devastated I wanted to give up lose hope.and stayed and watch a team succeed and.fail but as a team I did I broke my.collarbone I wanted to go sit on that.couch so they had me put on for who.knows for four weeks I think it was I.was sitting on a couch doing nothing and.it sucked.I lost all my muscle mass in my left.side my body I couldn't move much.without pain like I was I was probably.most depressed have been my entire life.I said I played my junior year against.all odds that out I was told that I had.a 40% chance and never putting my arm.above my head I can do it that way I.went against odds I beat the odds it was.also clear to me that hope was given up.on me I stayed and watched until the end.of rockers which was our final playoff.game last year where we lost to a team.we have never beaten I went on saying.you know my Jersey.my medium pants my silver practice.Jersey a freshman practice Jersey was.given to me at the beginning of the year.by accident so it's been in my locker I.said my blue practice jersey was given.to me accidentally my helmet is all in.my locker.it's unlocked for easy access I said I.thank you regardless for the chance to.be a Titan then I will forever be.grateful for the experience on the team.I've had some of my best members on that.team some of my worst - but I'm still.grateful for it I am sorry for putting.you through so much trouble and please.tell Kellan the same CI I'm already.apologizing to kill him when he's the.one who threatened him threatened me.doing a hard thing I've ever done - this.guy was I turned my stuff in late last.year and he detained me on the school.for that you're not supposed to do that.I said I hope to see a great season for.you in the end the team and maybe even.see championship ring this year on my.brothers fingers thank you again coach I.am forever grateful for the memories and.that's the end of it I said.sincerely Ashton I don't even know if.he's opened this email yet it's been.four days is it I don't even know if.he's even tried doping I bet you've seen.it because being a head coach you have.to check your email so that's the reason.I quit.Titan football I've been playing.football for her literally as long as I.can remember I played firm when I was.four when I was four I was training.three years - when I was seven when I.finally got to play I quit at the age of.17 because of the code.is not treating me well because I was.threatened not just because they weren't.treating me well it's hard for me to do.posting this video editing this video of.doing this video right now is really.hard if you want to be respectful to a.coach say yes sir if you want to be.respectful to a player please think.about what they're doing what they're.going through out I beg I hope to see.something done about this I have.reported coach Callum to the board of.administrators I hope you guys enjoyed.this video you know leave a like comment.let me know what you think of the.situation what should be done to coach.tell them what should have happened what.shouldn't have happened what I should do.what should what I should have already.done thank you guys once again I will.see you guys in the next video.expect one up in the next week thank you.[Music].

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