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Home Based Business Application Form City Of Edmonton : Custom-make, Finish and share

and thenthanks to owen kern sport and partnerliaison and live active coordinatorwith the city of edmonton and if youhave any questions or comments pleaseuse the chat boxand and owen will be moderating thatwe're going to go through some kind ofopening comments and then a fewa few slides and some information fromroger and garyand then we will hopefully have time forsome uh questionswe do have some questions that have beenalso sent in advance and we've kind ofgone through thoseto take some frequently asked questionsand we hope to provideanswers to that um as i've always saidas i've said since march 13th everyone'sdoing uh the best they canand we hope to answer uh as manyquestions and get as much informationout atat this time but also um informationand and knowledge i think is changingquickly sowe hope to provide as much informationtoday as possibleum and we hope to frequentlyadd to frequently asked questions as wemove along herethrough websites and things like that umso as i open uh january march 13th uh ororin and around that weekend things thingsclose pretty quickwe all went into um a bit of that newnormalbut now we are in a place of thatrelaunch and that reopeningand there's lots of questions as we aswe move along that processso i'm gonna run i'm gonna just start toshare my screen and we're gonna gothrough the presentationit's thanks brian i'll start whileyou're getting that up umthanks roger welcome everyone i'm rogerkennedy i manage the wreck facilitiesbranch for the city andi want to thank all you for joining allof you for joining us todayuh as you all know this pandemic's beentough and it's continuing to challengeusand it's going to really take all of usworking together to be innovative toadapt andand find new ways to keep antonia'sactive and healthy and build communitiessowe appreciate you all being here tostart we're just going to show a shortvideo from our colleagues at the city ofvancouverit's less than a minute so so bear withme while we just run that for you to getus startedokay so thanks for that i like kind oflike the tone of the video when i saw itit made me feel good and kind ofremember why we do this soi hope you enjoyed that as we getstarted today city edmonton doesn't havea videowe do have a toolkit for daily living onour website and it does have a sectiononstaying active and healthy that you youmay wish to check out uh when you have achanceso like everyone on this call the city'sbeen following the guidelines for healthservices and the province in our branchour facilities we've laid off1703 people when the province closedfacilitieswe didn't recall staff for seasonal workwe're not hiring any of thesummer jobs that we normally do so it'sbeen a it's been a hard three months forus as it has for all of youit's very noted we worked hard to startto close facilities and park amenities1to ensure public safety when the1pandemic started in march1and now we're using the new guidelines1for hs to develop plans of reopening our1facilities and programs and1we're excited by that because we believe1it's really important to get support1back safely1and more opportunities to safely be1physically active so we're happy to be1with you1and as we work on this together later in1the presentation we'll give you some1examples of the work we've done to get1some of our facilities ready to open1we've reopened a few now and we'll share1some of our learnings with you1and it's our hope that you know sharing1some of our learnings will be helpful to1you as you look to restart your programs1and open up your facilities1another next slide brian so really1quickly1this slide there's a lot up there but it1shows kind of how we're all working1together1on the left we have over health services1in the province and1like you we're taking our direction from1our health services1the province declared the state of1health emergency and through the chief1medical officer they've issued the1orders and guidelines to help keep us1safe1some speculation the province will lift1the state of health emergency1but it's our understanding that the1orders of the chief milk officer1are remain in place for 60 days or until1she lifts them so1even if they do left the health1emergency those same orders will be in1place for1a couple of months as we go forward we1also note that minister here is hosting1a town hall on thursday on jim's1studios arenas and sports fields i think1from 5 30 to 6 30.1so we're curious what that may bring we1understand some of the previous town1halls have been really good and1shared some new information so uh we1will1we'll be watching that as many of you1will be with some some interest and1i would know too that we've noticed that1the province has updated their1guidelines in the past that they don't1really flag that it's changed so1you may want to check back often as you1as you're referring to the guidelines1getting your programs ready to roll1so in the city in our box we have1declared a state of local emergency1i think we've only issued one order1under the sole and that was about1vehicles for hire and a day or two later1the province issued a similar order1so we haven't really used those unique1powers1what the state of local purchasing does1is delegate authority to the1administration to make decisions and act1quickly1to implement changes and services rather1than have to go to city council as we1normally do we advise city council our1emergency advisory committee weekly on1the decisions we've made1and thankfully we haven't had to use the1soul because of the good cooperation of1edmontonians1so as departments we've been trying to1work to share our services comply with1all the provincial order1and working with our covenant 19 task1team to make recommendations on changes1to our services1um changes of course include things like1closing playgrounds1by also closing lanes to open up space1for pedestrians to walk more safely and1now we're working with you know in our1processes to reintroduce services and1we'll continue to treat the guidelines1if they're rules and not suggestions and1that's sort of the approach we're taking1of the city that these are things we1really need to follow to the2to the letter and that sort of look for2kind of liberal interpretation of them2of course your organizations also need2to share compliance with the agent's2orders and the guidelines and2plan your programs and solutions2accordingly2so the city does have responsibilities2to ensure our parks that facilities are2being used in accordance with the2guidelines2um we've had peace office issues and2warnings and tickets where we've2seen compliance and we have taken action2to close facilities when the publication2responded2uh and followed the guidelines from the2province so last week it's an example2where we temporarily closed two2skateboard parks and two basketball2courts2dude overcrowding even though they were2allowed to be open now2so i'll turn back to you you can talk2about the guidelines that were2released last friday2just advancing here2so as roger indicated these are the2guidelines that were announced last2friday2by the minister of uh by the chief2medical officer of health2uh so one important more important2context is sometimes we feel like it's2it's a certain area of the government2that's making these decisions but2essentially2uh feedback from the sector or in in2this case um2a sport or an activity that goes to the2chief medical officer and they2constantly are updating this as roger2said so this was updated last friday2with essentially um guidelines for2outdoor recreation sport and2physical activity2uh here's just one example maybe of2where where decisions are made and also2important to understand how these are2streamlined so2this was an example with tennis uh which2did a great job um2did a fantastic job and was one of those2early ones so essentially2uh tennis canada um is the governing2body over tennis alberta2and we had examples such as um here's a2set of guidelines for a participant but2here's a set of guidelines for that2environment that that participant plays2in so tennis canada approved these2guidelines submitted by tennis alberta2and that was an example of a of a sport2or an activity that was able to be2reintroduced2in a safe way adhering to the chief2medical officer2of health recommendations2and then soccer is another example which2is which is going through their2processes now2um essentially uh the same thing uh2soccer alberta has a governing body in2terms of soccer canada2and those recommendations are being made2um to get2to get soccer definitely in a bit of a2modified format2back into our our fields2and here's an example from athletics2canada which is a a similar process2where we're trying to work with our2national support body2provincial sport body and then obviously2work with the environments that that2sport is involved with to try to get2back to2participation but participation2obviously in a safe2way with a lens of public health2thanks brian um2one second here so i appreciate you2sharing those we've2certainly had calls from any sport2organizations wanting to2the city to give the rules under which2they could be open2and clearly that's not something we're2able to do for every sport and2so i'm getting lots of feedback there i3don't know if it's my computer or3something else going on3all right3um go ahead roger yeah my apologies i3just lost the presentation so i gotta3get it reopened here3because i try and if someone could stall3for me let's say one second3hi this is haram3i will just actually we'll just wait to3the end for for questions3um uh but after that after the3presentation ever3after presentation we have we'll we'll3get the questions on that3okay i'm back just gonna get cut up my3apologies everyone3so yeah we appreciate those guidelines3as as i said folks have been reaching3out to us asking for the guidelines for3their3specific sport and how they could3reintroduce it and how they could run3practices and3that's just not something the city is3able to do so we appreciate those psos3and3and other organizations that have helped3put the guidelines in place for their3particular sports3but for us closing facilities was hard3but reopening them has proven to be much3harder3as an organization we put in place some3principles to guide our work3for the services that we are considering3reopening and our first consideration is3can we adhere to the orders3and the guidelines if we can't do it3safely we're just not going to do it3we'll wait until we're prepared3and it can be certain that we'll be able3to do it safely another consideration is3can we afford to relaunch this service3with our physical realities3um we're facing the rallies that not all3facilities and3services will reopen um as soon as3they're able to3and certainly they won't reopen in the3same way they have in the past3for economic reasons not public health3reasons there'll be some3facilities that we you know we'll3probably launch it to it in a more of a3phased approach with some facilities3opening3when we're able to and others following3suit over the weeks and months that will3follow3and you know kind of as we're3approaching we're saying just because we3can reopen something doesn't mean we can3afford to do so3and i say that respecting all of the3demands and desires of the public3and support groups to get back into our3facilities but our approach will be a3stage staged one and3kind of move forward um in a very3thoughtful manner3we're also planning to be able to dial3things back if there's a second wave and3we3if we need to quickly respond to3changing health conditions or3new orders from the province and and3finally we need to make sure that others3in the organization3and the city can support us if we're3able you know if we are going to3re-launch successfully we need the3support of all the other3departments and branches that help us to3deliver our services3as a branch we've developed some3additional principles for consideration3as we as we move to reopen as i said3we're in a difficult financial position3and a result of colvin3and we're going to need to demonstrate3our ability to operate within our budget3before we can reopen3we do expect an increase in operating3costs initially as we institute3additional3cleaning protocols and likely have some3additional staff to help manage3cues in our lineups and help with the3public education and about how our4how the facilities will operate in their4in the new environment4we do anticipate our revenues to be4reduced overall based on limited4capacities and4potentially limited demand we know some4folks will be concerned about4the health of their kids or their own4health to come back into public4facilities4we also know some people won't be able4to come back for financial reasons4so we're trying to do some research to4dissipate consumer behaviors but4we don't anticipate everyone will rush4back and we'll be at 100 capacity4as we were before both for reasons of4limited capacity and just4sort of the demand from the market so as4i said we're not planning to reopen4everything for sunni on the first day4that we're able to do so4we tend to work in a measured phases to4reach to do services in some facilities4some may remain closed for the balance4of 2020 and some may have to remain4closed for an extended period of time4and that's not certain yet but it is4something that we're looking at just our4ability to4afford to reopen everything all at once4or even4even throughout the year those we are4opening we're going to make sure we're4completely ready to4before we reopen we'll get the buildings4physically ready4and with enhanced protections for staff4and the public we're going to4recall our staff and share all the4training on new procedures to comply4with the health orders are in place and4ensure our own4ohs controls are in place and up to date4we're in constant conversation with4other municipalities in the region and4across the country and4and this is good sharing as we're all4trying to learn from each other and4what's working in certain jurisdictions4and what's not working so that we can4hopefully4learn from their mistakes and they can4learn from ours which i'm sure we'll4make4and we know there'll be pressure to open4everything in the morning after the4province announces that facilities can4reopen4and that's that will not happen when we4do open we'll have many new4operating procedures and and we really4think our programming will be different4and gary will talk more about that as we4get into some of the specific examples4so i think i'll turn it over to gary4jurnow to give you some detailed4examples4of our reopening planning as we said4earlier gary's the director responsible4for many of our big multi-corpus rec4centers and he's4co-chairing our branch re-launch4committee so he'll give you some more4concrete examples of the work we've done4and4are doing now to get ready to reopen4thanks so much roger4so um yeah we have been having a little4bit of fun4um working towards opening a number of4our uh4experiences and opportunities um today4we have uh reopened golf courses so i'll4talk a little bit about that we've4also had an experience where we've4re-engineered if you will or reimagine4the delivery of a couple of our services4i'm going to4share a little bit about those insights4um4we've had some work put into to4developing some opportunities that4haven't panned out and we've also4uh started to really contemplate the4sequencing4of the reopening of our recreation4centers and i4i expect there might be some interest in4in that approach that we're taking5so golf courses were among the first5city of edmonton rex5opportunities to be reintroduced as you5may recall5on april 30th the province announced5that golf courses could reopen5as soon as may 4th is a pre-stage one5activity5in their reopening plan the timing for5us was uh let's just say less than5optimal5uh we had expected a later reopening5date and we're in the midst of5transitioning to a brand new tea time5reservation system5in addition our golf course staff we're5also working with a new food and5beverage provider5to get their services up and running5protective equipment5and material supplies were and well5continue to be in short supply5and much of our corporate procurement5resources have been focused on other5priorities5like ets or the expo center5while operating guidelines uh specific5to golf course would eventually be5announced by the province5our golf team in consultation with other5golf5professionals spent countless hours5developing and refining5comprehensive procedures to ensure the5safety of staff5and patrons uh from enhanced cleaning5protocols and modifying play instructs5instructions to expanding the role of5a player's assistant to include5marshalling people when they enter our5parking lot5and renewing the new uh reviewing the5new rules of play5uh it was clearly not business as usual5as ross rogers suggested um and we can5actually ryan advance to the next slide5uh as uh roger suggested staffing5provided5uh staffing provided a significant5challenge5as we had not um as we had not recalled5our full complement of seasonal staff5and needed to work with our hr5department on a redeployment program5but finally our reopening plan was5subject5to approval from the city's executive5leadership team5this required uh an extensive briefing5note which included5uh detailed operating procedures a5business case complete with a whole5bunch of financial information5uh the the approval resulted in victoria5and riverside golf courses opening in5may of5may 11th i should say and i would5suggest that5considering government bureaucracy uh we5would consider this5a birdie5all right the next experience touches on5how we have had to reiman5reimagine a business opportunity each5spring5uh matar conservatory offers a public5plant opportunity5until opportunity uh the event is very5popular and has proven5an important revenue source for the5city's attraction which as many of you5know is currently closed for renovations5so a large inventory of plant materials5had been secured5and prepared um earlier in the year so5canceling the event due to covid was not5really an option5or nor could we offer the program in the5way it had previously5previously been staged with hundreds of5gardeners cramming into our greenhouses5to shop for their plants5while creating an online sales platform5might not seem that extraordinary5given the fact the city only recently5adopted a new merchandise management and5point of sale5program it was a big deal and took a lot5of effort5in any event was just 10 days notice and6online catalog was created and 606of the valuable in available inventory6was sold on the very first day6by the end of the program all the plant6materials were sold6and revenue grew by 20 percent another6important element of the program was the6curbside pickup6which was orchestrated using a new uh6online6reservation program suffices to say6the sale was a blooming success and the6plan is to replicate the same approach6next spring the province's reopen plan6and we can flip to the next mature uh6the province's reopen plan included6museums and galleries as part of stage6one which commenced on may 14th6turns out edmonton valley zoo is6technically considered a museum6so it could be considered for opening6for reopening with6uh restrictions it's important to note6um that regardless of whether the zoo is6open to the public or not6we still incur as you can expect6operating costs associated with the care6of6the animals and their enclosures when6coveted struck6there were concerns that some of our6zookeepers might be impacted by the6virus6our business continuity plan was enacted6resulting in staff from across the6corporation6with known related experience and6qualifications being seconded6and trained as relief staff as you can6imagine6uh the need for unique operational6procedures for an attraction like the6zoo was great6uh the zoo team worked closely with6other zoo operators to build a6comprehensive plan6uh which resulted in a very which will6resolve i should say because we haven't6quite opened yet6in a very unique experience for our6guests6including enhanced cleaning and6custodial servicing which has had to be6established6the capacity will be limited to 50 a new6time ticketing reservation system is6currently being built6as guests will need to schedule their6visit in advance6so this system will be certainly new to6us and new to our patrons6like golf courses protective equipment6and materials procurement has proven a6challenge6and again a thorough briefing note6complete with a detailed business case6financial analysis operating procedures6was prepared6and approved by our executive executive6leadership team well we look forward to6opening the zoo6with some restrictions not quite the6same experience6on june 15th our6experience let's just say with summer6camps does not come with6a happy ending day camps including6summer school6with occupancy limits were announced as6part of stage one in the province's6reopening plan6as those of you who are planning summer6programs well know6the guidelines provide some challenging6restrictions6namely a limit of 10 people in a program6including staff6and children coupled with a need to6adhere to strict physical distancing6requirements a pro our program team6established a comprehensive plan6with multiple sites a staffing strategy6a focus of i should say a program6focused mainly on6outdoor recreation and sports and6built-in capacity to6ensure it was accessible for those6economically disadvantaged6again a complex business case was6developed reflecting reflecting various7scenarios7and unfortunately in the end it did not7prove7um financially viable7as budgets for these activities had7already been reduced as part of a7council approved service level reduction7related to the final financial impacts7of7cobit finally i thought you might be7interested in the approach7uh we are working on related to the7sequenced opening of recreation centers7originally uh when the province's reopen7plan was7announced rec centers were identified as7part of stage7three we subsequently learned last week7that they will be green lighted with7restrictions7prior to stage three with details7expected7as early as this week we've been7reflecting on the reactivation7principles and considerations that roger7referenced earlier7uh it's important to note i guess that7not all our facilities amenities7will open at once we simply won't be7ready7we're establishing a phased approach7with each with each phase being7influenced by7the alberta health guidelines7our readiness and our required financial7resources7we expect and feel that facility and7amenity hours7will vary even within a facility so7depending on the facility its collection7of amenities and capacity as dictated by7the province7it's conceivable that for instance uh7the fitness center may not be open the7same time as the gymnasium7or aquatic center during the early7phases7of reopening we also anticipate that7given the short notice it will be7difficult for us to7provide aquatic opportunities7immediately the need to ensure a safe7environment for staff and patrons has7required us to reimagine7the opportunity so like the zoo a timed7entrance entry advanced booking7reservation system7is being established right now for7facility access including7drop-in classes and amenities this is uh7a move away from a practice we pride7provide pride ourselves on in with our7community recreation centers7where visitors could always in the past7expect spontaneous access to most of our7facility amenities those opportunities7will be restricted for now we are also7we are also having great success with7online7uh program delivery workout um7workouts posted um on facebook featuring7some of our more popular7fitness instructors are enjoying7literally thousands of views7we've also been running online programs7including a very popular online7babysitting course via zoom and the7participants are7really really enjoying it and finding it7quite7accessible some folks i guess would7suggest or believe7that we will pick up uh from where we7left off when7we reopen our facilities i think the key7message that i wanted to leave you with7is that it clearly is not7business as usual and in fact don't mean7to be a pessimist7but would suggest it it will likely7never be business as usual or at least7as it was7and i'll leave it there7thanks gary i'm just gonna stop sharing7so i can see7okay good thanks gary and roger uh gary7thank you for that7blooming update filled with birdies that7was good7um so i'm gonna go work through some8submitted questions uh8and then if we do have time we will get8to some of the chat uh questions8uh from those from those two updates so8we've had a lot of questions on8organizations so non-profits um8sports organizations within the8community that are not8um essentially very closely connected to8their pso or nso8we do recommend that those organizations8or those leagues8do adhere to the national sport or8provincial sport8guidelines and also to the provincial8guidelines that were um8that were presented earlier in the8presentation um so those are the8guidelines that we have for8sport recreation and physical activity8and whatever level of sport or league8you are in8you should be adhering to those to those8guidelines8um so gary and roger i'm going to throw8you a few questions and8and these were some of the more popular8ones that came in8um gary you've made answered this a8little bit but8if ahs moves rec centers into phase two8will the city of edmonton reopen rec8centers8or keep them closed and i think that8goes back to the phased approach gary8just i'm reading myself yeah that is8exactly right uh uh will8our triggers will be certainly um the8the province and their announcements8so certainly that will be rooted there8okay8uh do local sport organizations have to8provide relaunch plans to the city8to use facilities yeah i'll take that8one we're not sure yet we're just8working on our booking8procedures and right now the guidelines8say you do need to have written plans in8place8uh sweden may ask for those to be8submitted but we're really not in a8place to evaluate8the plan for each sport or each activity8to to ensure that it's compliant so8um i think everyone will need to have a8plan whether we request it as part of8the booking process or not well8we're still trying to figure out if8there's value in that okay8can we have one on dressing rooms um so8will dressing rooms remain closed to the8public8after reopening8yeah gary meek you'd help me on this one8but we're working on that one i mean8right now the guidelines are encouraging8people to change at home and not use8locker rooms8i think locker rooms and bathrooms are8going to be some of our biggest8challenges in reopening how we do8how we use those spaces safely in a way8that people be comfortable so we're8i think that's still an area we're8really working on um8we anticipate they'll be open but8whether you know sport by sport whether8you've been able to use locker rooms the8way we have in the past8um any time we'll tell gary anything8from8your team to add to that yeah well i8i think we need to consider the overall8facility and it has multiple amenities8and so8it's it's a matter of certainly that's8what the congestion8may lie is in a change room like8specifically heading into8an aquatic environment for instance so8yeah that we're we're watching that8carefully there's going to be8instructions when you're coming in we're8going to8encourage people as much as possible to8not necessarily rely on our change8room certainly currently ahs guidelines8recommend that participants change at8home8for outdoor activities for sure okay9and as the uh weather is getting warmer9this is question number one is uh saline9pools9so any uh information on something the9swimming pools9so they're currently closed the course9um by ahs9where you know when we reopen uh it'll9take some time to get our pools going9outdoor pools will stay closed all9summer9and that's a financial decision not a9covey or health9decision we decided early on that we9just wouldn't be able to reopen those9this summer so but we do hope as soon as9we can we'll be able to get some of our9indoor pools open and get people back9into them9thanks roger owen do we want to address9a question from the chat box9sure thanks brian there's there's a9couple coming in and related again back9into that uh9that idea of them of compliance around9these guidelines and whose9responsibility is that is that the city9is that the province is it a combination9of both so as facilities open9are they going to be monitored9yeah i think there's a few things in9their own like we'll certainly need to9follow the9hs guidelines to open our facilities and9we'll9we'll do that as close as we can it9really isn't9our role necessarily to be monitoring9you know practices9or camps that are going on to ensure9compliance9but you know there may be some pressure9on us that9if people see things that aren't9appropriate um like we had to do9skateboard parts and shut things down if9if they're not being used in adherence9with the guidelines so we certainly9don't want to be the sport police9we're trying to put that responsibility9back on user groups and support groups9and coaches to run their programs9appropriately9because there's a lot of different9sports um a lot of different activities9we're involved with so it would be tough9for us to9to really dictate how that works but if9you see not compliance we would have to9do something to9to step in9great i'll i'll jump in with one uh9roger9is there any approximate time frame on9community leaks9now as far as we know community leagues9were included as rec centers so they'd9be able to reopen9when rec centers can reopen99officially they're still in stage three9of the province's plan although we hear9that may be accelerated or stage three9may come sooner than we had9maybe thought a week or two ago9okay i'll go one more on on venues or9environments um9you'll look for reopening city arenas9and indoor soccer centers we haven't9discussed indoor soccer centers9um for training and skill development or9league play so9we believe those are going to be or have9been or will be announced that they can9reopen in stage two9uh so it'll be a little sooner than9maybe we've thought before9so we do have a plan we we kept ice in a9number of ranks and we'll be looking to9open those up9um as soon as we can and i think soccer9is in the same position that they'll be9ready to9we're working on their reopening plans9to to get kids back in their people back9in the facility9uh i start making some money again for9them as soon as they're able9so we we think phase two and that could9be as soon as a couple weeks10that's just my speculation i don't know10that for a fact but that's10what we've been hearing10any fun questions um10well funding funding is always fun10roger um10so a question around will the city be10compensating affected non-profit10associations in the form of grants10or subsidies so they can continue to10offer their good work10to the community in the future so i10think this is looking at10um as we as we recover10yeah that's a tough one i mean our10financial situation is similar to many10many of the not-for-profits that we work10with we do have a report going to10council in june10talking about some maybe emergency10relief for some organizations that may10fail10uh coming out of kovind possibly some of10the bigger facility-based organizations10and leaseholders that may have to be in10a position of turning their facilities10back to the city10so considering helping them rather than10having to10take take over operations and keep those10facilities going10as far as increasing grants or reduced10rental rates or fees or anything we're10really not looking at that just giving10our own10financial challenges to try and get10things open under our current structures10oh and we're falling behind on the check10questions but there's some good ones10yeah we got uh got quite a quite a few10and now so10similar type of question um maybe the10community leads but10the idea of joint use facilities and in10particular schools and how would they be10phased back in has there been any10conversations yet10on that10i did you know yeah we10i i'm uh associated with the joint use10committee and certainly10the the initial focus was on summer for10the time being10and and and clearly um the school boards10are10are faced with financial challenges just10as the city is10and so uh they're not in a position at10this point to offer10the traditional summer access uh to10their gyms10uh for july and august uh they're10revisiting the approach10uh for the fall and haven't and haven't10firmed that up just yet10there's a little bit of uncertainty10regarding their status at this time10yeah and then the same type of question10uh responding to10senior centers for example like10millwood's i could speak to that one10certainly10um so there in one of those town hall10meetings there was one specific to the10subject of10of senior centers last week and it was10in fact announced or confirmed by dr10hinshaw in that town hall10session that um that senior centers10would open up as part of stage10uh two of course this is all um10on the on the premise that they're ready10to open at that time10so the city is responsible directly for10uh for three of them we've been working10with our association partners10to to determine our best approach uh for10when we feel we'll be prepared and ready10to open10i just that's a good point if you don't10mind uh owen and brian i want to make10reference to and i10i meant to speak about it when we were10talking10about our plan sequencing for rec10centers uh there's just we we expect as10roger suggested that there's going to be10lots of pressure10um when the green light is given and so10that the province has said you could11have these facilities open11uh we expect that everybody will will be11really wanting to get access to the11facilities um11and and and us partners uh and uh and11perhaps facility and opportunity11providers11will likely face the same pressures um11we we think i think a lot about um11what's happened with restaurants and and11while there were guidelines11introduced and and the opportunity for11restaurants11to open with certain restrictions and11guidelines11uh as we've all experienced many of them11have opted and chosen11not to open just yet uh they want to11make sure that they're prepared11and that they can ensure the safety of11their staff and their patrons and so11i i just i just can't emphasize that11enough because i know that we're all11equally going to be facing those11pressures and so it's just important11to ensure that we're prepared11thanks gary and last two to sort of11before we switch back over to11brian again um two questions really11around11um this idea of screening or or uh11almost like a cover declaration so the11first one is has the city considered any11health screening technology for11um for admission to facilities and then11what is the approach to11cover declarations for all participants11and visitors has there been any11any thoughts of that you know amongst11the task force within11within the city well there's11there's there's certainly at this point11it is going to be some rigor put into11assessing folks uh screening folks as11they're coming11not necessarily the use of of uh having11confirmed that it'll involve the use of11technology to do so11um but as you've experienced as you've11entered11a number of facilities uh whether it's a11hospital a wellness center whatever the11case may be11those those those questions will be uh11asked of you and they'll be posted on11signs and11and will you'll be expected not to enter11if you've11been sick if you've been out of the11country or whatever the case may be11so but but haven't confirmed whether or11not we'll be utilizing technology to11support that11yeah daily staff have to do a11self-assessment um11under the guidelines before they can11report to work and they'll have to11keep a record of that and show to the11supervisor that they're declaring11they're safe and11healthy to work so that's another new11process we're putting in place to how we11do that11okay brian back over do you have any11other questions11uh i and i if i missed it my apologies11but private clubs11how are we are private clubs following11the same11stages as our uh as our recreation11centers yeah we believe so and they'll11have to follow the same guidelines11we may put additional guidelines in11place that private clubs aren't11aren't going to exercise those same11cautions and measures but11we should all be reopening at the same11time i know there were some earlier ones11around tennis that private clubs could11open11and in the city hadn't declared yet but11i think that would maybe be an anomaly11that11when they announced we can open arenas11whether it's private or public will all11open at the same time11okay thanks roger um questions on ppe11who will be responsible for providing11appropriate ppe or related safety items11public is asked to clean playground12equipment as required12where does the responsibility lie yeah12let me share it i think12we'll certainly have to provide ppe to12our staff and things like hand sanitizer12and soap and12we're looking at our washing protocols12on towels instead of air dryers perhaps12but within the specific activity it'll12be up to the coaches and participants to12be cleaning their equipment1212you know if there are masks required for12coaches that they would need to provide12them12those kind of things themselves12okay and um there's there was a lot of12funding questions so12questions around and i think you you hit12this roger that you haven't had this12this um you haven't moved towards this12yet but there was a lot of questions on12reducing12um fees for for venues and things like12that as as they return12and then some questions around on12advocacy um so i'll maybe just jump in12on a provincial advocacy piece that12uh sport physical activity and12recreation is advocating to the12provincial government12um around the grand importance um12as we come out of coved around sport12physical activity recreation12community-based activities12and um and there's been no answer but uh12to12the point earlier that there is town12halls coming up that is important12for people to join those town halls town12halls and speak about the importance of12support12uh physical activity and recreation um12you're on the fees question brian right12yeah we're not really looking at any12reductions in fees12um you know any drop in our revenue12would mean more facilities that we need12to keep closed for longer12so it is kind of counterproductive and12we know it's gonna be tough for sport if12you can have less participants or it's12you know fewer athletes there are more12coaches and more supervision required12and everyone's going to be challenged in12the same economic environment with12the families having challenges trying to12get their kids back into things or12even adults renewing their memberships12or signing up for leagues12so we we get the pressure but we're sort12of feeling the same pressure and12and want to get things reopened and i12keep more things closed and offer some12things at a discount or further discount12but12um maybe not a fees question but a12process question um12so the booking of rentals um12how do we see facility bookings happen12and when will they start12yeah a couple of pieces of that um12sports fields in particular we're12looking at12being ready to start taking bookings12again after the 15th12we do have another challenge in that our12city operations that cuts most of the12fields has really paired back their12service levels over the summer12i think they're on a once every 21 days12cycle so we don't want to book out12fields that aren't going to be playable12some of the premier and staff sports12fields will continue to be12you know maintained at a higher level so12we'll certainly try and get group into12those12how the exact process will go for the12summer um12we're working on those details now but12we will start booking fields again i12anticipate and12we're trying to make sure if we do book12you on to one that it's one that's going12to be playable for your sport12um on the inside piece on the facility12side we want to make sure we know what12we're opening12and when we'll be opening before we13start taking booking so that no one's13forced to13you know have to redo schedules or13cancel programs because the facility is13not able to open so we want to take our13time on that but make sure we get enough13time to13communicate that so we can everyone can13plan their programs appropriately13okay i'll go i'll go off script uh13and give people some time if they do13want to add some questions to the chat13box13um roger something that's been really13well received is the closing of roads13and the shared use roads13um any insight on that and um13maybe from perception it seems to be13quite successful but any any thoughts13from the city on13continuing initiatives like that yeah no13no insight13um your right has been well received and13other cities are making those lane13closures permanent13so i know there's discussion about that13i don't think anything's been decided13but1313we'll wait and see how that one plays13out i don't have any any inside scoop13for you13uh in in terms of just natural physical13activity and people getting out13which i think is um which has been most13appreciated by people it's been13been very well received for sure13yeah those they've been busy a lot of13those lanes as well as parks and river13valley trails13um and for the most part people have13been good they have been respecting the13physical distancing and13and you know so we haven't had to take13any action in parks or river valley13trails13so that's been positive that people are13getting out but not not doing it in a13way that's13putting themselves or others at risk13correct any questions we missed on in13the13in the box there no it's just please13link it back in again and thanks13everyone for submitting the questions13just looking at um13maybe one for for gary just how would13you deal with13the queue for facility bookings you know13and that idea that if13they're going to be sequenced to opening13you know in terms of a booking format13yes certainly that's a fair question i13know we mentioned the the sort of the13time ticketing was13the notion of having to reserve a spot13before you come13so it speaks to some of the actual13operational supports that we'll need to13have13on the ground when people uh visit us so13this this notion of sort of a marshall13checking you in you're here for this13this is great you'll need to go13directly to there um it will be very13much13orchestrated and and we're we're drawing13out13even pathways to uh for how traffic will13flow13through the building into change rooms13into different amenities13um and and and so there will be extra13efforts put required to sort of manage13that potential uh congestion and and13just on that note as well13um we're we're giving giving great13attention to just the physical layout of13our spaces13trying to maximize their use so for13instance um13at commonwealth community rec center13maybe some of you are familiar with13um we're we're looking at wanting to or13moving a13number of the fitness equipment off13their out of their some of their13traditional areas13in and around the track so taking the13track offline as sort of a14a walking running amenity and putting uh14um equipment around it so that it it'll14allow us to14ensure a safe uh physical distancing uh14and allow for for more participation so14i just wanted to i guess i didn't maybe14touch on that in the past but we've been14putting a lot of rigor and planning into14making sure we can capitalize as much as14possible when we are able14to open yeah i just said that you know14there's no certainly how this will14evolve and we're gonna need to be nimble14the plans we put in place might only be14valid for a week or two and then the14guidelines may change and14you get relaxed and and we'll have to14continue to shift back into something14that looks14more like we were back in early march14rather than what we might look like in14july or august14yeah that's a good ice question um so we14talked about the14staggered opening of rec centers um if14if you could14if you could guess gary or roger would14there be a staggered opening to14uh ice arena yeah particularly if they14can announce this stage14two we don't normally have ice in all14our arenas anyway through the summer14lots of our concrete pads and lots were14just closed completely over the summer14so we would bring back probably as much14ice in the summer as we normally do14we typically don't have ice and14everything until sort of the end of14september and all the arenas so14we've continued with that approach still14not 100 sure whether we'll be able to14open every arena14there's a council motion last week that14we have to go back and respond to about14the potential closing facilities is that14overall cost saving measure for the city14so we'll have to look we haven't made14any decisions or have any14recommendations yet but14we'll have to look at arenas as we look14at pools and multi-purpose rec centers14and14and everything we have in our inventory14to make some recommendations to council14on that front14um maybe a question on there's a lot of14provincial conversation around what14unstructured sport and organized sport14is any any thoughts on14how we're defining organized sport14um that's a tough one probably 10014people in this call could answer that14better than i could but14i think it's really if you know we're14starting to put practice plans and as14coaches14and it's it's structured versus you know14kids or families going out on the field14and14engaging in some some play so i don't14that's a good answer or not but14really the league plays the kicker right14now and the any kind of14sanctioned activities some many sports14have still have no sanctions activities14so it'll kind of be a combined process14between14standard cells and pso's starting to14sanction things and14and facilities and parts being reopened14for use14okay great uh so maybe i'll just give14one last opportunity if somebody has a14question in the chat box um14as a father of two young children i14would say thank you for opening up the14playgrounds14um so quickly when you announced it on i14think it was a friday anyways14the yellow tape was off by around noon14that day so14um so kudos to the city for uh for14moving where we can uh for sure with14public health concerns14did you see a question pop up from donna14around concrete pads and we will look at14opening subarenas for concrete users14this summer14that'll be certainly in our plans14any um gary or roger any any thought15last thoughts15no i i mean i hope this was helpful to15folks the the rules keep changing15rapidly we think we have a plan and then15there's an announcement and we respond15to the plan like you do or they respond15to the announcement and the new15guidelines15uh it is a lot harder to reopen than it15was to close and we thought closing was15hard and15many long days and thoughtful meetings15about how do we do that what's the right15thing to do15and we're there again trying to figure15out how do we reopen15uh how do we get people back doing the15things i love how do we get the city15active how do we get people engaged15and do it safely in a way that we can15afford so lots of15layers to it it's not you know we wish15it was as easy as just turn the lights15back on unlocking the doors and inviting15everybody back in but15we got a lot of work to do to get ready15to open and and hopefully provide15facilities and parks and sports fields15again for everyone15i just wanted to touch on one thing as15well roger you've mentioned this already15but i know15many are looking at developing their15detail operational plans at this stage15and relying on the guidelines that are15introduced or15located on the alberta biz connect site15um what i've found my experience because15we've been building a lot of these plans15um is that you need to revisit those15guidelines quite regularly because they15have been updated15and and it and it's really important15that our plans sort of dovetail15and and are are connected in some way to15those guidelines so if they change you15need to change your plan so15and just it's a lesson learned from my15perspective and i just want to make sure15others15benefit from that and and what watch for15new developments on that biz15connect i i'm sort of trying to bookmark15it and try to be in there15a couple of times a day just to see what15new updates have been put in to put in15there15yeah they certainly don't say it's15version 2.1 or 2.2 or highlight the15changes in red so15it's tough to tell when they change but15also you'll notice there's some new15guidelines that15that appear in the middle of the15document if you look at an updated15version15there are even some plans i don't not15going to criticize them because i think15they're doing a marvelous job15but there are there are still links to15documents that are15that contradict sort of the newer15documents that are there as well so even15the reopen strategy is still there and15it references15things that have since changed so again15just make sure you're looking at the15most15current information15wonderful so thanks everyone for the15questions15and the um and the active discussion15uh gary and roger appreciate making15yourself available um15and all the information and thanks to15thanks to everyone for joining us today15thanks to the support council for15putting it on yeah thanks so much oh and15roger15um i i noticed that we we talked about15uh15being we couldn't decide how to dress15for this particular um15particular forum and so i thought15perhaps15uh maybe it might be evident that we15weren't too15too uh formal if we were to stand up and15take a bow15oh i don't think you you didn't have to16get the shorts going for today16yeah all right that was our funny bit we16we spent a lot of time on that i hope16you enjoyed that16okay hit the golf course16they're open they're open thanks16everyone16you

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