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The Advice of Fulfilling Vampire The Masquerade 20th Aniversary Character Sheet Form on the Computer

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Vampire The Masquerade 20th Aniversary Character Sheet Form Appeal Advice

hey everyone darts skeleton here and.today I'm going to show you how to make.a character for a vampire at masquerade.now vampire the masquerade is a part of.world of darkness and obviously the game.itself is about playing and role playing.vampire characters generally you start.out as what's known as a neonate which.is effectively a very new vampire who.hasn't been around for too long isn't.one of the older and more powerful.generations and you meander your way.through vampire society and the way that.you'd like to play whether that's.climbing the ranks of the camarillo.being kind of a vicious dog like this a.bat or going completely independent.altogether now as a pen and paper game.you need to make your character.generally to do that you would print out.a character sheet although nowadays you.can simply make the characters on the.computer I like we're going to do here.for the sake of screencast simplicity.and there's a few steps to do it but.actually it's one of the simplest.characters of any pen and paper game.RPG that you can possibly make it's a.lot quicker than shadow run for sure.that's for sure.anyway so the first thing that you.really have to do is pick your nature.demeanor a concept and clan your clan is.effectively the kind of race a vampire.you are it's very much based on the.vampire who Sai owed you which of course.is the vampire if you decided to.actually make you a vampire in a way.it's kind of like your father or a.mother but it's a very different.relationship inside of the game but.without getting into that too much.there's a bunch of different clans you.can choose from if you have the core.rulebook or you look online you can look.them up and it does determine a little.bit about how a character actually plays.out in game a lot to do with roleplay of.course since different vampire clans.tend to act differently but also.especially when it comes down to.disciplines which are your vampiric.powers different clans have different.powers so for instance if you wanted to.have thumb energy which is the blood.magic of vampire you'd probably want to.be playing the trimmer so we'll go ahead.and.put that in as our clan one of the ones.actually liked to play in the PC games.the concept for your character pretty.much self-explanatory but your character.is going to maybe loosely be based on.some kind of stereotype it doesn't have.to be but if you want to do a baseline.for your character would he be a farm.worker would it be a politician what do.you be a mechanic or maybe a computer.whiz what kind of character are you.trying to make here these three boxes.aren't necessarily going to have direct.impact on the gameplay but should kind.of give you an idea of who your.character is so we'll go ahead and do a.politician I mean why not not the kind.of character I would normally play let.me see that I events about that right.politician yes I believe so laugh at me.a bit of your if I'm wrong there cuz.yeah I think you should know that after.college demeanor demeanor is how you.actually present your character to the.world its how others in general are.going to see you especially in public.what image are you projecting onto the.world so a politician is probably.confident and kind of has a alpha.personality doesn't really take crap.from other people because he's at the.top of the pyramid or at least he'd like.to think so in this game probably the.top of the human pyramid but when it.comes to vampires a neonate yeah not so.much now as in nature this is more his.true self who he is under the surface.this might be the kind of thing where.only his lover or closest friends would.actually get to really experience as a.nature or other very perceptive people.might actually pick up on it so a.politician who's confident on the.outside might be a kind of a worse on.the inside you can also say I'm.confident but what kind of worse of.course I believe there are examples for.these inside the book I know there is.for concept but you don't really have to.go through it.they don't impact your stats you can.just make up whatever you want of course.you can pick a name and of course put.your player name and here as you go.along whenever you want or completely.after you finish the character for the.record these character sheets can be.found in the links that I'm putting down.into count the comments down below.I should probably mentioned that at the.start but hey there you go now the next.thing up is the attributes these stats.have a large impact on your characters.actual performance inside the game more.so than talents skills and knowledge is.due because as you can see there are.nine attributes over here and there's.quite a ton of skills knowledge as and.talents plus you can make up your own.and the non-core books and I'm sure.there's actually a lot more I haven't.really read them but and that's why you.you get less points to spend on.attributes than you do on abilities now.if you don't know how many whenever.you're making a skill check inside of.the game you almost always do it by your.storyteller will ask you to make a check.and they will say combine a attribute.like strength with a skill a talent or.knowledge possibly melee like if you're.trying to swing a melee weapon I think.it's actually dexterity and melee to hit.and then your strengths place at impact.on the damage um yeah basically all.roles are going to be a combination of.these two and the dice pool that you.have in total generally at least the.base dice pool is going to be equal to.the number of dots you put in each of.the two so if you have three and melee.and three in dexterity that would be a.base six dice to try to roll successes.in order to hit but I'm not going to try.to cover the goals and depth here this.is just for making a character so for.stats you can see at the bottom of this.character sheet seven five and three.that means you get three different pools.to distribute among your attributes you.can pick any category you want to have.the seven I need to have the five and I.need to have two three since this is a.true miracle II blood mages they're very.intelligent and they highly guard their.secrets so this is the kind of character.who needs to be very intelligent so.we'll go ahead and make this the.seven-point Khattak.immediately putting three into.intelligence if we put two more over.here and to perception then that makes a.total of five points we've spent the.first one of course is free to all.characters you can't go below one so.let's see five let's put one more in.intelligence to Max's intelligence a.super brilliant character and a little.bit of voids because that never hurts I.feel like making this second category.social my politicians should have some.charisma and some ability to manipulate.people so that's three points right.there I haven't put one more.manipulation and then one in appearance.as well so a fairly cur is Matic person.well above the average for any human and.looks all byte as well so then we have.three points to spend on physical we'll.just put one point in each which.effectively makes it fairly average.nothing too special there now we move on.to skills talents and knowledge is which.I believe this thirteen nine and I was.going to say five at 39 and five I am at.7-7 for the last kind of way.okay so 13 points we'll put that in.knowledge is nine reporting skills and.five will put and talents so knowledge.is politics that should obviously be.maxed if this is a skilled politician.then he should be a political genius a.very good at manipulating people and.crows Matic really knows his way around.politics probably should also have a.base knowledge of law although I'm sure.he has lawyers to her system I mean you.could argue it could be higher because a.lot of politicians are lawyers but yeah.whatever so he spent 7 points that would.mean 6 left.so medicine a little bit of a cult.science sure and computer skills those.are pretty important a little bit of.academics okay if we put two no no we.should have one in finance as well okay.so that makes 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.13.okay great knowledge is is done now for.skills ability to drive car share one.point now you don't actually need to.have drive as a skill in order to drive.a car that's mostly a skill for doing.stunts that are a little bit out of the.ordinary if you're pressured or if.you're driving under dangerous.conditions then that might be when you.need to use driver Cisco advocate oh yes.you definitely need that as a politician.okay so that's four points and five more.to go.firearms chin a little bit of that.performance sure stealth a little bit um.one more point into etiquette even and.every vampires gotta defend himself in.mailing from one time to another so one.five six seven eight nine just to.double-check yep nine down there okay.that was a little bit strange anyway so.we have our nine points down here in.skills and we have to put five in.talents so we can pick from down here.alertness versus awareness I believe.alertness is more of your physical.senses and awareness is more of your.social conversation awareness like if.you can pick up on things that are a.little bit confusing I could actually be.wrong on that though um athletics now at.all no politician doesn't fight with his.fists that's a bit uncouth I believe.everything you wait no no intimidation.and leadership though one the.intimidation side for and we could put.one into streetwise I believe I knows a.little bit about crime organizations.gangs and all that other stuff so now we.move down to disciplines now as I.mentioned at the start of all this.depending on your clan you have access.to different starting disciplines though.later on as your character gains.experience you can branch out into.non-standard disciplines that your plan.doesn't normally practice in but you as.a character can so for the Treme clan.you're three starting disciplines are.aspects dominate and Thamud OG now you.can choose any number of points in these.up to three of course which as you put.more points in your powers get stronger.in that category.you'll have to actually go look up in.the books or online resources exactly.what each of those powers are and what.they do as they are powerful you're.gonna want to probably use each of them.inside the game in order to really play.your character to the fullest.so we'll just actually go ahead and put.one point in each of them okay dominate.and thumb Arthur G spots something like.that so go ahead and put one point in.each of those all that means we have.access to the base level powers of each.of those three disciplines which isn't a.bad way to go it kind of makes you a.little bit jack-of-all-trades.in some circumstances that's good and.some it might not be ideal just probably.you want to actually play a most in line.with who your character is.at least that's how I would do it.because I like to play in character a.little bit more but if you're the kind.of person who really likes to power game.and make your character a total badass.then by all means look through the book.and figure out which of the disciplines.are actually best for a winning quote.unquote okay and we get 5 points in.backgrounds now when it comes to.backgrounds these are mostly kind of.describing where your character came.from but they do actually have in-game.benefits so if you click them on the.drop-down list you can see all of them.right now all of these I believe you can.have under any circumstances except for.black hand member for that you have to.actually be a member of this a bot sect.first the sex I didn't really touch on.it but as if the clan is your characters.vampire race then the sect is more like.your political party.there's the cameras the support the.annex and the may have actually been.wanted to more than but they said but.just to quickly go over it are very.packed like kind of vicious often.violent considered to be for the most.part sort of mindless and the black hand.are of course very violent very.merciless but.the black hand as a membership does.actually get you benefits if you choose.to go down that path now there are other.ones that I think might make a little.bit more sense to this character such as.contacts for one a politician needs to.know people and influence as well as.resources I think you're gonna have.money you want to have influence and you.want to have some contacts so we'll go.ahead and choose those three and.distribute the five background points.accordingly okay so one in contacts find.resources and we'll put two there and.two there and then we move on to virtues.these would have to do with your.character's morality especially when it.comes to holding in the Beast all.vampires struggle with having the.thoughts of going into a feeding frenzy.especially if your vampire gets very.hungry.obviously the sight of blood is kind of.a turn-on for their hunger trigger so to.speak and the higher these are the more.human-like your character really is in.certain aspects so a courageous vampire.would you actually be able to stand up.in the face of possibly dying or would.you run away like a rabid animal.same with self-control will you.basically turn into instinct and if your.character was to be put in a dangerous.situation would he kind of freak out and.go into a frenzy or would you actually.have the mental discipline the.self-control in order to avoid that and.conscious and conviction more dealing.with the morality side of things does.your character actually take morality.into consideration when he's doing is.choosing his actions or is he kind of a.selfish deck who wouldn't think twice.about murdering basically anyone that.would supposedly be close to him so four.virtues I believe you get seven points.yeah some.you can distribute them effectively and.they will affect your humanity and path.as well as your willpower down here so.let's go ahead and put them in.politician may not have too much of a.conscious but you know may have a little.bit who knows we'll put some points in.dick it's just just one one into each of.those and self control of a politician.definitely gonna have a lot of self.control so well max that so do still.have one point left over so we'll go.ahead and drop that into courage now as.I mentioned earlier down for Humanity.and path these starting scores are.actually based off of the scores that.you picked up here so you will power is.equal to your courage at its base and.then your humanity slash path is equal.to your conscience plus your.self-control so that's seven for.Humanity now the base path is humanity.which is where your character is on the.path of struggling with containing the.beast within and maintaining their.human-like demeanor well nature really.there are also other paths that you can.go on if your character is really trying.to be something different instead of.just trying to be human-like but has.other goals or aspirations you can look.you can look those up if you want but.Humanity is actually just fine for most.characters and if it's very well with.the base theme of vampire the masquerade.now you do still have 15 remaining.freebie points you can see this as seven.five two and one that refers to how many.points that actually costs to boost up.these other stats over here now you.don't have to spend the freebie points.on stat stats there's also a section.over here for merits and flaws.so you can take a merit which is if.you've ever played something like D&D.it's kind of like a feat where your.character has something special about.them which gives them a bonus to.something very specific or some other.kind of unique thing that only that.character can do.that would cost freebie points and you.could put merits over here flaws are the.opposite of that where they have.something that cripples them whether.it's mentally socially or physically and.if you take a flaw you actually get.bonus freebie freebie points to spend on.other areas now if you wanted to make a.really interesting character you could.go ahead and look through all the merits.and flaws until you get something just.right to your character and I think.there's also a limit on how many flaws.you can take but we're just going to.make it simple and spend the 15 freebie.points on our stats skills and.advantages so for a attribute it costs 5.to put another point into one of these.things abilities it's two points per ba.per little circle disciplines are seven.and that's because a point in discipline.is a huge deal you get a lot more.powerful when you go from 1 to 2 to 3 to.4 and any of these disciplines and then.I believe and then I believe for.backgrounds it's one point per actual.box in here they do get you some in-game.benefits but not so much directly on.your character more about the power he.wields within the world who your.contacts are of course you know if you.want to call on some black hand members.etc that kind of stuff.also generation is actually a pretty big.deal that might be one of the ones that.more directly affect your characters.power because if you start from a higher.generation you get more blood points and.you can spend more blood points per turn.I don't know if you can actually boost.your generation high enough that you can.do that but that is one option to look.at so by the way your base generation.that is 13 which gets you 10 blood.points as your maximum and 1 per turn.and we're gonna make a 13th generation.character so good and fill that in now.blood of course is kind of like your.magic points if you've played another.RPG use.special abilities like thaumaturgy magic.might cost blood points and the only way.you can get blood points back is by.sucking blood from animals or humans in.order to restore it and you also lose.one per day if you have a blood pool.that's too low you'll go into a.berserker feeding frenzy when they no.way to continue virtues cost two points.per thing and then of course merits are.varying so let's go back up here to.these stats do I want to boost any stats.with the 15 freebie points I think that.those stats are actually quite.acceptable as they are maybe another.point in leadership so that's gonna cost.two so 13 3 B points remaining let's.boost thaumaturgy up one because blood.magic is pretty sweet but that does cost.seven points so now we have six points.left uh his virtues that's quite fine as.it is context we do need more context.and influence and resources so that.takes four points right there and we can.finish it off let's say by having a herd.now I heard would be basically if you.have points in herd the idea is that.there are humans that you can easily.feed on that are readily accessible to.your character the more points in herd.you have the bigger that group of humans.is and it gives you a bonus to hunting.humans for blood collection it's not bad.to have it all and I believe that makes.15 points so our character is actually.done of course this doesn't describe all.the rules of the game you'll have to go.through them and read a bit of them.yourself.remember that sooner or later you do.want to pick your name obviously about.your player name here and you probably.need to consult your storyteller for.this but your sire the vampire who.created you made you from a human into a.vampire good stuff to know beyond this.base character sheet of course if you.want to get heavier into the roleplay.you.can create a full-fledged backstory with.text or you could you know go into.Microsoft Word.make a four-page essay on it however.deep you want to get with the game um.but just having this probably gives you.a pretty good idea of who your character.is I mean we clearly know who this guy.is he's kind of a scumbag politician not.much morals but he is charismatic he's.intelligent he's manipulative he doesn't.really do much fighting on his own but.he's a pretty smooth talker and he knows.his way in politics and as a result he's.also got plenty of contacts influence.and resources and he's truly a premier.really maximizing that thaumaturgy.blood-magic well not maximizing it but.two points in it is pretty powerful.and of course on the path of humanity.trying to keep that beast within himself.generation 13 which means that his blood.is actually further descended from the.original vampire of course that is Kane.in the vampire universe and as such.doesn't have a crazy amount of blood.power that you can spend on every turn.but that's also for the sake of balance.the vampires who really can do that are.typically elders or the supposed.antediluvian which may or may not exist.with inside the world but are rumored to.still be around.of course those would be.third-generation vampires which would be.insanely powerful if you did run into.one let's see yeah that basically gives.you a good idea of how to make your.character I would keep in mind the rule.book the more you actually read through.the better it will be but this should.get you started so I've been dog.skeleton thank you guys for sticking.around and making this crazy politician.character with me and and we'll see you.all next time.

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How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

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