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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Judgment Judgment 1287 Forms Online

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The Definite Guide to Judgment Judgment 1287 Forms

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Instruction of Judgment Judgment 1287 Forms

welcome back you can see again I'm.Robert breaker and today I've got a.message that I've been wanting to preach.for some time actually I thought that I.had already preached this usually this.is one of the first things that I like.to preach on and I thought that I had.this on YouTube and then I was studying.and praying about what to preach this.week and I said you know I better.double-check I'm gonna make sure that I.have that and we're going to talk about.today the seven judgments I believe God.uses the number seven and I've got a lot.of YouTube videos about seven this and.seven that like the seven mysteries.we've got the seven churches I've got a.youtube video on the Seven Gospels the.seven feasts of Israel actually did a.video on the seven raptures which I.thought was pretty fun I hadn't heard.anybody else ever preach on that but God.uses the number seven and it's just.incredible seven appearances of Christ.seven thousand years of human history.Daniels seventieth week seven.dispensations these are all videos that.have on YouTube and God uses the number.seven a lot and let me show you.something here when I was in Honduras I.put this together as a missionary and.this is well pretty much the entire.Bible laid out in one place and usually.when I'd lead people to the Lord and.wanted to teach them more of the Bible.well I would pull this out and this.phone in my wall in our house in.Honduras where we live where we rented.the house well we'd have Bible study and.this was right there over the kitchen.table and we'd always use it to teach.well here and although you see it is so.small but here I have seven mysteries.seven baptisms seven judgments and seven.resurrections now I've tied on the seven.mysteries a long long time ago and so.usually this is one of the first things.that I teach to new converts.when I win people to the Lord and of.course this is all in Spanish I got this.from a brother Vernon Hansen and his.English from up and glory Lane Baptist.but I don't know if he's still alive I.don't even know if you could still get.the English and I believe I've lost the.English one because I translated this.into Spanish and it looks a lot like.lorenz larkin chart Clarence Larkin but.uh I thought that I had already preached.on the seven.seven judgments and seven Rex.resurrections and I didn't so I said you.know what I need to do that so today.we're going to look at the seven.judgments in the Bible and I hope.that'll be a blessing and as the weeks.continue for Sunday well I'll continue.on this series of the sevens and we'll.do the seven resurrections and then.seven baptisms and I was preaching last.week I believe it was on the tabernacle.and I said Oh wouldn't it be interesting.if there are seven Tabernacles in the.Bible and there is so I said wow I might.just have to do a message on the seven.Tabernacles as well now some of this.stuff was things that were in Clarence.Larkins book some of this if you know my.old pastor my Bible teacher dr. Peter.ruckman when he taught on a lot of these.things but I try to make it my own.I try to take the seven and I try to.make my own sermons I don't copy people.sermons it's in the Bible we can preach.it they meant and we should so I hope.this is a blessing to you as today we.look at the seven judgments in the Bible.we're going to start today in First.Samuel chapter 2 and verse 10 and I'm.excited about this and I hope it's gonna.be a blessing to you so we're gonna.start the First Samuel 210 in 1st Samuel.chapter 2 and verse 10 the Bible says.the adversaries of the Lord shall be.broken to pieces out of heaven shall he.Thunder upon them and the Lord shall.judge the ends of the earth and he shall.give strength of him as king and exalt.the Horn of his anointed so here it's.talking about God the Lord shall judge.the end of the earth and who and how.will he judge the end of the earth well.if you know your Bible who's that.speaking of my Bible whenever it's a.prophecy of the future of coming of.Christ and his kingdom my Bible puts a.little star next to it and I think.that's quite interesting because there's.a little star right there in my Bible so.clearly that's a reference of Jesus.coming and Armageddon to come and rule.and reign in the Millennial Kingdom so.this is a Millennial Kingdom passage of.the millennial reign of Christ and he.comes and sits on his throne and he.rules and reigns.so he's the judge so I think that's.interesting I think that's a really.interesting in.awesome verse there in the Old Testament.of the future coming of Christ in his.glory at Armageddon and he's going to.judge the earth now let's go over to.another passage Acts chapter 10 and.verse 42 42 acts 10 42 and it says and.he commanded us to preach unto the.people and to testify that it is he who.will speaking about Jesus he which was.ordained of God to be the judge of the.quick in the dead of course the quick.would be the living of the dead would be.those who died so Jesus is the judge and.that's what we got to get a hold of some.day Jesus Christ is gonna judge all men.and so that's a wonderful thing to know.and to understand that Jesus Christ is.God he is the Great God the Lord and the.judge of all things now as we look in.the Bible there's a lot of judgment.God's judging his people but there's.seven main judgments that are good to.teach and to preach and to understand in.order to help you understand your Bible.this will be a very good dispensational.teaching if you will because we're going.to be looking at the seven judgments and.what I'll do is I'll number them one.through seven and some people when they.preach this they'll they'll put it in a.different order and I decided you know.what I'll do I'll just put this in.chronological order so that we have it.in chronological order so what we're.going to look at today is the seven.judgments and what we have is the first.judgment which is the judgment of sin.this is the judgment in which God in.heaven came down born of a virgin lived.33 years and died on the cross as he.shed his blood and he died and he shed.that precious precious blood for our.sins it's the blood of Jesus for the.Saints so let's start today in John.chapter 12 and in John chapter 12 verse.31 it says now is the judgment of this.world now shall the Prince of this world.be cast out and I if I be lifted up from.the earth will draw all men unto me what.is the lifting up well.it's putting him up on the cross he was.lifted up on the cross and that's where.he died in order to try to bring the.whole world to him it was so that the.world was said Wow.he died for me I'll come to him and.accept him and his payment for my sins.verse 33 this he said signifying the.death that he should die so here's how.Jesus died he was lifted up on the cross.so this is the first judgement so this.is judgment number one I want a number.each one of these so let me make sure I.put this is number one and so this is.the first judgment of sin and this is.the judgment in which Jesus Christ was.judged for the sins of the whole world.that is God in heaven the father another.Scott the Father God the Son God the.Holy Spirit one God not three some.people try to make it into three.different gods it's not the Trinity or.the Godhead is one in three three and.one and one and three and the one the.middle died for me that's Jesus Christ.so God the Father stayed in heaven while.God the Son came down that God can do.something we can't he can manifest.himself in three different places at one.time I wish I could do that but I can't.I finite I'm in this world as a physical.being and I have to have all three of my.parts together now when I die there's a.separation what happens with my soul and.spirit will go to heaven and my body.will be separated and and then at the.rapture why I come back together but I'm.still one I'm not three different ones.God is still one God he's not three.different gods but what did Jesus do.when he came down from heaven God the.Father was in heaven God the Son came.here on earth and what was the reason.that Jesus came well first John chapter.2 and verse 2 tells us these works first.John 2:2 and we read and he is the.propitiation for our sins and not for.ours only but also for the sins of the.whole world so Jesus came to be the.propitiation for the sins of the world.again in 1st John 4:10 here in his love.not that we loved God but that he loved.us and sent his son to be what the.propitiation for our sins the word.propitiation.literally means the act of appeasing.wrath so that's what that propitiation.is the act of appeasing wrath and I like.to explain it like this like a.substitute when Jesus died on the cross.of Calvary shedding his blood he was the.substitutionary blood atonement for the.sins of the entire world he died in our.place as our substitute for our sins so.that's the substitutionary death of.Christ by shedding his blood for me but.it literally means the act of appeasing.wrath so what he had to do is God the.Father was up in heaven and God the.Father sent the Son and God poured out.his wrath God the Father on God the son.on the cross and he poured out his wrath.on Jesus Christ now why did he have.wrath wrath for sin God hates sin I mean.he utterly despises sin and so God has.two choices.he can take mankind that he made and put.them all in hell because God won't allow.sin into heaven or he can make a way in.which he'll pay for their sins and then.forgive them to appease his wrath and.then they can come to heaven so what did.he do well we just read it in in first.John that because of his great love for.God so loved the world that He gave His.only begotten Son whosoever believes in.Him should not perish but have.everlasting life the son came and God.the Father poured out his wrath upon.Christ Jesus on the cross and Jesus.literally became sin go to first.Corinthians chapter 5 excuse me 2nd.Corinthians chapter 5 2nd Corinthians 5.and verse 21 in 2nd Corinthians 5:21.it's speaking of Jesus Christ and it.says for he who God the Father for he.had made him who's that Jesus got the.son to be sin for us who knew no sin.that we might be made the righteousness.of God in him Jesus Christ lift.33 years in this world without sinning.one time why because he was God God.manifested in the flesh.and as God he went up to the cross as.the sinless substitute the sinless one.who never sinned the innocent dying in.my place for my sins the innocent for.the guilty or as Peter says it the just.for the unjust so the just christ paid.my penalty in my place for my sins.and he took upon him all the sin of the.world and the wrath of god was poured.out on all that sin and now we're told.in the Bible if you will just come to.Christ and believe if you will accept by.faith that blood atonement then you're.forgiven of your sins and you have.forgiveness it's forgiveness based upon.blood atonement based upon someone dying.in your place for your sins.let's go to Isaiah chapter 53 you see a.lot of people they said Jesus died on.the cross but do they really think about.what was happening on the cross what was.happening when Jesus died on the cross.was the father had to pour out his wrath.against sin his anger against sin and so.Jesus became sin for us and God's wrath.was poured out upon Christ.he was our propitiation the act of.appeasing wrath Jesus basically said.look everybody in the world is a sinner.in the deserve hell what's hell the.wrath of God but let me take it for them.let me pay for their sin pour out your.wrath on me give me the hell let me.suffer in their place for their sins and.the father said okay okay and when we go.to Isaiah 53 we see that clearly Isaiah.chapter 53 and looking verse 5 it's.speaking of Jesus clearly but he was.wounded for our transgressions he was.bruised for our iniquities the.chastisement of our peace was upon him.and with His stripes we are healed all.we like sheep have gone astray we have.turned every one to his own way and the.Lord laid on him the iniquity that sin.loved us all so all the sin ever.committed past president future is laid.upon Jesus and Jesus took our sins and.allowed the father to pour out his wrath.upon him let me show you that leave her.safe he was taken from from prison and.from judgment and who shall declare his.generation for he was cut off out of the.land of the living for the transgression.of my people was he stricken and he made.his grave with the wicked and with the.rich in his death because he had done no.violence neither was any deceit in his.mouth yet it pleased the Lord to bruise.him he had put him to grief when thou.shalt make his soul an offering for sin.he he shall see his seed he shall.prolong his days and the pleasure of the.Lord shall prosper in his hand he shall.see the travail of his soul and be.satisfied by his knowledge shall my.righteous servant justify many for he.shall bear their iniquities Jesus Christ.bore my sin on the cross he took all my.sin and he said now God I'll suffer for.robber breaker here so that he doesn't.have to suffer in the future pour out.your wrath on me for his sin and I'll.take it and my sin was laid upon him and.God the Father pour out his right now.think about this for me your God no.you're not but if you were God that you.were holy you're righteous and you're.just and you just could not ever lie and.you just couldn't take evil.you wouldn't want evil you can't take.lying or stealing or anything your God.that is complete and total justice and.righteousness and you create me you give.him a free will because you have to give.them a free will because you can't have.love without free will so God created.them otherwise would have created robots.God didn't want robots.he said I'm gonna make me and I'm gonna.give him a free will so he can choose to.love me because not love without the.choice right and what a man do he said.and this perfect righteous just caring.loving God was so angry he said I hate.it I hate sin and he wanted to just he.just wanted to cast out and burn up and.just rip the pieces anything that was.full of sin but he said you know what.I'll do I'll allow a sacrifice to.appease my anger to appease my wrath so.he sent his son Jesus Christ.something his son came down here lived a.perfect life and fulfilled the law.without sinning one time then they took.Jesus Christ and they whipped him and.they beat him and they mocked him and.put a crown of thorns of his head they.nailed him to the cross and they put him.up there and they laughed at him and.made fun of him Bible says he was.completely naked they stripped him naked.and there he was before the whole world.ashamed and he didn't do anything wrong.God the Father in heaven is looking down.he looks around the Angels he says look.at that look at what they're doing to my.son Gabriel Michael look at this look at.my son look and Godfather looked again.and he goes what what is that what is.that that's not my son but that's sin.and God the Father allowed the sins of.the world to be placed on Christ and God.the Father says no no I hate see all of.his anger and all of his wrath and.hatred towards sin he poured out on.Jesus Christ and that's where the sins.were paid for and Jesus Christ became.the propitiation and the act of.appeasing God's wrath and now through.that blood through that sacrifice.through that atonement that has been.made forgiveness is offered to any man.that will receive that atonement will.receive that sacrifice God judged sin at.the cross and yet we have people in the.world today that don't understand that.and yet that's the whole theme of the.New Testament.we have people today that claim to be.religious they call themselves.Christians and they think well I have to.live a good life I have to do this and.do that and old fingers crossed I hope I.make it to heaven because I'm doing the.best I can.Oh God accepts me haha he won't because.you're a sinner and God will never.accept sin and if you reject the payment.for your sin God rejects you because you.can't pay for your own sins won't I.guess you can in hell but I don't want.you to go there where the people pay for.their sins that's what hell is hell is.where you go to pay for your sin and.because God is an eternal God well then.you have to pay for all eternity so you.have a choice you can receive the.atonement romans is 5:11 with joy and be.happy and say thank god jesus paid it.all and my sin was judged at Calvary or.you could say no no I don't want that.and you can go pay for your sins.yourself down here but why why would you.do that when it's already paid through.through Christ our propitiation so.that's the first judgment the judgment.of sin the next judgment is the judgment.of sons of God this would be saved.people today and this takes place here.on earth there's another judgment of.Christians of save people that takes.place in heaven so I'm going to put this.number two right here because this is.taking place on earth when you get saved.the Bible says you're sealed with the.Holy Spirit of promise you are now a son.of God.John 1:12 but as many as received him to.them gave he power becomes the sons of.God even to them that believe on his.name so when you believe when you trust.the finished work of Christ Paul says.you are begotten first Corinthians 4:15.through the gospel and let's go to.Hebrews chapter 12 now you are a son so.when you get saved the save people that.are saved today we're called sons of God.now what saved is this we have a body we.have a soul we have a spirit and when we.get saved our soul is saved and God.gives us the Holy Spirit and this is.called the new creature so now that.we're saved why thank God we become a.new creature in Christ and we're sealed.with the Holy Spirit but the Bible says.reckon the flesh dead because the body.is your flesh and unfortunately even.though our Souls been saved our bodies.not yet we don't get a new body until.the rapture of the church so we've got.to live in this body of flesh that is.sinful and wicked and desires to do.wrong and Paul said we're supposed to.reckon the flesh dead Paul says we're.supposed to fight the flesh and crucify.the desires of the flesh because the.flesh is sinful and we have a sinful.body that we all live in that wants to.sin and yet when we're saved we're a new.creature inside with the Holy Spirit.that doesn't want us to see that's why.the Bible says walk in the spirit that.you fulfill not the lusts of the flesh.and the Bible says grieve not the Holy.Spirit we're by your seal until the day.of redemption so we're supposed to live.a Christian life by walking in the.spirit reading our Bibles praying living.a holy life doing everything we can to.put down the sinful wicked desires of.the flesh but what happens if we sin.well some people erroneously erroneously.say well if you see then you lose your.salvation and you go to hell no now.somebody's not reading their Bible Paul.says we get the holy spirit Ephesians.1:13 and we're sealed with it the very.next verse says it's purchased it's.called the purchased possession when I.got saved this Souls no longer mine it's.God's and it belongs to him it's going.to heaven because the Holy Spirit's.taking it there when I die or when the.rapture comes so I can't lose my.salvation but I can sure lose my flesh I.can sure lose my life if I continue in.sin I can die because I'm following the.flesh rather than the spirit can't lose.your salvation but you can sure lose a.fellowship with God you can sure lose.your testimony you can surely lose your.health.you could sure lose your life Hebrews.chapter 12.here's Paul telling us about how God.deals with his sons you see there's.there's good sons of God say people that.are living right and then you got sons.that are bad then choose to sin there's.oh they're lost know if you've trusted.the blood atonement of Christ you're.safe you can be saved and sin you.shouldn't but you can be so there's.obedient sons and disobedient sons what.happens if you're saved and you sin.well that's the second judgment Hebrews.chapter 12 and verse 5 says this Hebrews.12:5 says and ye have forgotten the.exhortation which speaketh unto you as.unto children my son despise not thou.the chastening of the Lord nor faint.when thou rebuked of him for whom the.Lord loveth he chasing it what is.chastening it's disciplining and.scourges what is scourging whipping.every son whom he receiveth.if you dirt chastening God dealeth with.you as with sons for what son is he whom.the father chasing if not but if you be.without chastisement whereof all are.partakers then are you bastards and not.sons and so the Bible says that God has.a very long belt you know the old days a.child been wronged your son did wrong.his father pulled his belt off and.spanked his butt and what was that was.that because he hated him no that's.because he loved him he's disciplining.him he's trying to show him look this.isn't right and I don't want you to do.that again because it can lead.ultimately to you dying and going to an.early grave because the farther you go.into sin the sooner you die sin is like.a poison and so in the Bible it tells.you about how to discipline and so in.the Bible if you're saved and you fall.into sin and you go well I'm just gonna.I can't stop I keep doing it God's gonna.discipline you and that's God judging.you in your flesh no you can't lose your.salvation but that's not an excuse a lot.of people live that go well then I'm.going to just keep sinning.you better watch out gods about to.discipline your flesh he's going to put.you through some stuff go to Galatians.chapter 6 go to Galatians chapter 6 see.this ought to scare you if you're saved.you shouldn't want to sin and if you do.sin as a saved person you better say God.I'm sorry and get that right as quickly.as possible otherwise get ready.judgments coming and God has a very long.belt to whip his sons Ephesians chapter.5 and verse 6 let him that is taught in.the Lord communicate unto him that teach.it than all good things be not deceived.verse 7 God is not mocked for whatsoever.a man soweth that shall he also reap for.he that soweth to his flesh shall of the.flesh reap corruption but he that so it.to the spirit shall of the Spirit reap.life everlasting let us not be weary in.well-doing for a new season we shall.reap if we faint not this is the law of.sowing and reaping so you go out and you.sow and whatever you sow you will reap.what is sowing well I just did a video.not too long ago where I'm planting seed.out into the yard here because I won't.like my grass to fill back in so I go.and sow the seed and I'm waiting to reap.the benefits of a beautiful yard so.whatever you're sowing that's what.you're gonna reap so if you sow good.seed while you get some good stuff but.what if you choose to sin I don't have.you ever heard this expression but in.the old days when a man was 18 19 20.years old he left his parents house the.parents usually said hey live right son.do right don't go out and sow your Wild.Oats if you ever heard that saying don't.go so your Wild Oats what does that mean.don't go live in fornication don't go.get drunk all the time and waste all.your money don't steal and lie and cheat.be an honorable upstanding good citizen.and do right don't sow your Wild Oats.why because if you sow to the flesh.you'll reap to the flesh if you smoke.cigarettes don't be surprised when you.get lung cancer and you said.like this happened oh god what am i.dying of lung cancer because it's your.fault don't blame God you reap what you.sow you go out as a Christian you start.fornicating with people and then you get.a sexually transmitted disease you get.gonorrhea you get syphilis you get crabs.you get me there's all these different.things and then you go oh god wait wait.it's your fault buddy because you reaped.what you sowed the more you do wrong the.more you're gonna pay for it in this.life if you claim to be a Christian and.maybe you are maybe you are truly safe.but you go rob a bank.well knock knock knock here comes the.SWAT team and you go to jail don't tell.me it wasn't your fault you robbed the.bank that's where you deserve to go so.in this life if we do sin God will allow.us to be judged for it if we have an.unrepentant sin in our life and you reap.what you sow so that's the second.judgment a lot more I can say about that.but that makes me want to do right now.yes sometimes we do right and bad things.happen to us that's just part of life.but I sleep better at night when bad.things happen to me knowing that I.haven't done wrong knowing that I've.sowed good seed and I will reap in.heaven rewards for doing right if I'm.suffering down here but God forbid that.I suffer in this life because I did.something stupid like I fornicated with.somebody that wasn't my wife or I was.smoking or I was taking drugs and I was.doing this and I ruined my testimony as.a Christian god forbid that I'd do.something like that I don't ever want.that I'd rather not be judged in the.flesh down here I'd rather do right down.here well the third one is of saints and.this one will be in heaven so in heaven.and what we have here is number three.and it's going to be up here in heaven.the Bible teaches that there's the.rapture when the rapture comes everybody.who's saved is going to go up to what we.call the the judgment seat of Christ and.at the judgment seat of Christ God is.going to look at what we did in our life.and the things that we did for Jesus.will get rewards for the things we did.for the flesh we won't so let me show.you a couple verses on that and a lot of.people they talk about this they call it.the Bema seat and I've had people email.me to say brother breaker in the Bema.seat the Bema seat and I understand why.they say that I don't call it that.that actually comes from the word in the.Greek language Bheema which is talking.about the judgment seat of Christ so I.just want to throw that out there in.case you hear someone talking about the.Bema seat and you go what's the Bema.seat I don't never hardly ever use that.word because I don't like to run to the.Greek came in I've got an English Bible.I don't need a Greek Bible but some.people do some people call it the Bema.seat so if you hear someone talking.about nabina that that's for save people.at the rapture we go up and God gives us.our rewards for what we did for him and.if you live for Jesus you get rewards if.you decided to live for the flesh well.what a thoughtful thing you won't get.anything that's why it's important to.serve the Lord Romans 14:10 but why does.not judge that brother or why does.they'll set it not thy brother for we.shall all stand before the judgment seat.of Christ.some day we're gonna stand before God.and give a count of ourselves you can.say hey why did you do this hey why'd.you do that the context is judging.another brother in Christ that is.something I do my best not to do I don't.come to youtube and make videos about.that guy and that guy and that guy and.that guy talk bad about him because I'm.scared to death what if I said something.about him wasn't true I'm gonna have to.give account to God for it up there so.best thing to do for me is just not.judge them just say well Lord bless them.take care of them and help them get.right I'm gonna do my ministry they can.do theirs.and just keep on keeping on well you go.to up.second Corinthians 5:10 again it's.mentioned 2nd Corinthians 5:10 for we.must all appear before the judgment seat.of Christ that every one may receive the.things done in his body according to.that he hath he hath done whether it be.good or bad now what's it gonna be like.what is that going to be like we that.are saved at the rapture go up to heaven.and we're going to be judged but you.know what we will not be judged for our.sin our sin is under the blood our sin.is forgiven here so this judgment is not.for our sin this judgment is for our.service basically what did you do for.Jesus and the Bible tells us exactly.what it's going to be like let's look at.that in 1st Corinthians chapter 3 and.verse 11 it says for other foundation.can no man lay than that is laid which.is Jesus Christ If any man build upon.his this foundation gold silver precious.stones wood hay stubble every man's work.shall be made manifest for the day shall.declare it because it shall be revealed.by fire and the fire shall try every.man's work of what sort it is so there's.three things you can get for serving God.and then they mentions three things here.that don't look like they're worth.anything the first three things are gold.silver and precious stones and they're.worth something they're valuable then he.mentions wood hay and stubble.well wood hay and stubble what do they.do they burn up so it says every man's.works will be made manifest for the.nation because they'll be revealed by.the fire so what it sounds like is up in.heaven God's gonna have a little fire.going and he's gonna say now look at.this let's take everything that you ever.did for me and let's put it in the fire.and let's see here's all that you did.for me your service for me because you.love me and whatever you did for me you.will go through the fire and come out as.little pieces of gold and precious.stones and pieces of silver and you know.I don't know what kind of stones or what.they have it I mean or anything but some.people say why would we have precious.stones in heaven what's that all about.well.if you think about it the Bible talks.about the crown you can get a crown and.water in crowns well what do you put in.a crown stones you ever seen any crowns.of kings from the Middle Ages now they.have all these precious stones in them.so whatever you do for Jesus will come.out as gold silver and precious stones.but whatever you do for you in this life.will come out as smoke and you know what.great day that'll be I'm really kind of.looking forward to it to see what I get.as far as my rewards for Jesus but I'm.kind of scared to how much smoke will.there be because the smoke will be the.things that I did for me and not for.Jesus so that's what the Bible calls the.judgment seat of Christ people call it.the Bema seat because they want to run.to the Greek because that's the word in.Greek but we'll just call it what the.Bible calls it the judgment seat of.Christ now let me should go to the.fourth one now let me just ask you.before I do have you done anything for.Jesus are you sewing to the spirit.living for God passing out tracts.witnessing to people are you living for.the flesh if you're a fleshly carnal.worldly Christian be prepared for all.the smoke you're gonna cause in heaven.someday never too late to get right and.go do something for Jesus well the next.one here is this the judgment of Israel.now what's interesting to me is Israel.was called God's first born son so in.the Old Testament God looked at Israel.as his son but this is the of Israel in.the tribulation now there's a lot of.times when God judged his people Israel.in the Old Testament but this is a.specific future judgment of Israel.that's going to take place here in the.Tribulation Period when God judges.Israel now I told you that God called.them his son let me show you that in in.Exodus 4 verse 22 and then will continue.I just I hate to say something and not.back it up a scripture so I try to give.you the verses God speaking in an exec.and.exodus 422 he says and thou shalt say.unto Pharaoh thus saith the Lord Israel.is my son even my firstborn so the Old.Testament God looked at Israel as his.people as his son and so he took a real.interest in that nation in that people.and he looked at them always as though.they're fine they're family they're my.people.God said I've chosen them above all the.nations there if they're mine.and what did they do well sometimes they.serve them and sometimes they turned.against him and he had to judge them how.often times he put them into exile on.the Old Testament and God judged them by.putting them into captivity for 70 years.in different times but there's a future.time see there was a guy named Daniel.under the law and God gave this prophecy.to Daniel called Daniels 70th week and.it was about the future time period in.which God would finish up his dealing.with Israel and then he would come back.as the Messiah and he wanted to do that.back here and he showed up just in time.but they rejected him and so that final.seven years of that prophecy has to be.future so it's got to be out here so.God's going back to dealing with the.nation of Israel but this final seven.years is when God judges his people and.here's what it's called let's go to a.couple verses let's go to Deuteronomy 32.let me it's called the time of Jacob's.trouble I'll show you that verse here in.a second but Dharana me 30 to 36 get.around me 30 to 36 God says for the Lord.shall judge his people who is this.Israel and repent himself for his.servants when you see it that their.power is gone and there's none shut up.or left and he shall say where are their.gods their rock in whom they trust so.there'll be a time in the future when.God will judge his people and then he'll.repent himself from it repent means.change direction right now God is.dealing with the church and in the.future God is going to deal with the.Jews Israel so today say people then.after the rapture goes back to dealing.with the Jews let me show you another.verse Deuteronomy 4 and verse 30 God.knows the beginning from the end the.Bible says so God knew that Israel as a.nation would ultimately turn against him.and he put that in the book of.Deuteronomy many many many years before.it even happened didn't wrongly be.chapter 4 in verse 30 when thou art in.tribulation who's he talking to the Jews.when thou art in tribulation all these.things have come upon thee even in the.latter days if thou turn to the Lord thy.God and shall be obedient unto his voice.then what's going to happen God talks.about how he's he'll go back to dealing.with them again so this is called the.tribulation it's in the latter days it's.the time when God goes back to dealing.with this room but they had to be judged.first for rejecting it I guess you could.make part of the judgment these last two.thousand years what the judgment of.Israel continues till the end of the.tribulation and let me show you that.let's go to Jeremiah chapter 30 Jeremiah.chapter 30 in Jeremiah chapter 30 verse.7.this final seven-year tribulation has a.name.in the Bible it's called the time of.Jacob's trouble.Jeremiah chapter 30 and verse 7 alas for.the day is great so that none is like it.it is even the time of Jacob's trouble.but he shall be saved out of it so this.is what we call the time of Jacob's.trouble now what do you do with that if.you're one of these people today that.runs around and say God's done with the.Jews God's no of the Jews there's no.such thing as Jews why well Jesus is.coming back but there's no Jews hey ya.not teaching right doctrine are they.because the Bible teaches that in the.last days even in the tribulation is the.time in which God goes but God's not.done with Israel don't let anybody tell.you otherwise and sadly a lot of people.today at the end of the church age and.what the Bible calls the time of.apostasy many people are falling away.from what the Bible teaches and the.Bible teaches that God's going back to.dealing with Israel.and we're already seeing that today.their nation again and they've they.became a nation in what 48.well they declared themselves in age 47.the UN allowed them to go back and.appointed them a portion so you have.Israel go to Zechariah 13 Zechariah 13.there are so many passages in the Old.Testament of the future coming of Christ.to Israel so Israel must not be Dillon.and God must not be finished I've got.this book here I just finished reading.not too long ago.dispensationalism before Darby and this.author here does a great job of showing.about how in the 1516 1700s people would.read their Bible and say man you know.what I don't think God's done with.Israel there's too many promises in that.Old Testament I believe in the future.rebuild the nation of Israel and oh they.were laughed at and mocked and ridiculed.when people make fun of him hahaha.you're an idiot no no we believe in.replacement theology God's done with.Israel and then in 1948 boom they're.back in the nation rebuilding it's just.it all boils down do you believe the.Bible or don't shout that's what it all.boils down to now Zechariah chapter 13.verse 8 at night here we go.during this time it's gonna be sad what.happens but Israel is going to go.through some stuff in this time of their.trouble and yes the Bible says the Book.of Revelations the final three and a.half years they'll be saved.God let them go out and for 1290 days.three and a half years while they'll be.kept safe by God out in the wilderness.but not all of them and it sounds like.maybe in the first three and a half.years a lot of Jews are killed by their.enemies because it says here in.Zechariah 13:8 and it shall come to pass.that in all the land saith the Lord two.parts therein shall be cut off and die.but the third shall be left therein and.i will bring the third part through the.fire and will refine them as silver is.refined I will try them as gold is tried.and they shall call on my name and I.will hear them and I will say it is my.people and they shall say the Lord is my.god in the context is a tribulation.because chapter 14.starts out with Armageddon Wow so it.looks like the Jews have got a lot.coming up in a lot that they're gonna.have to go through I think it's two days.or my good a lot that they're gonna go.through a matter of fact they've been.through a lot already I mean over six.million killed in the Holocaust and even.today people go all that didn't really.happen really no no it happened there.were a lot of Jews murdered you can.debate how many all you want but it was.enough to know it was a catastrophe it.was the judgment of God upon the nation.of Israel for rejecting their Messiah.but God's not done with the Jews now who.are the Jews I don't have time to get.into that I'm not gonna go there a lot.of people argue oh well there aren't the.real Jews that are in Israel I don't.know who's the Jews all I know is the.Bible says in the last days Jesus Christ.will sit on the throne in Jerusalem and.rule over the nation of Israel his.people Israel we that are saved will.come back and rule with him in our.glorified bodies but there will be Jews.that are there in their natural bodies.and somebody must be there somewhere so.I'm not going to go around saying well.these are the real Jews these aren't I.don't know all I know is that they got.to be somewhere and there probably are.in Israel today if not they'll be.getting there soon and that's all I'll.say about that now the next thing number.five boy I got to move here is the.judgment of the sinful nations.here's the judgment of the sinful.Nations and this happens here what do.you mean by that mr. breaker okay let's.go to Matthew chapter 25 after the.tribulation Jesus returns at the Battle.of Armageddon in destroys the Antichrist.and his army and then Jesus sits on the.throne to rule as king in his kingdom.we call this the Millennial Kingdom of.Christ which is Jesus and so when Jesus.sits on his throne he's going to judge.the nations so this will be a judgment.in which God judges the nation's we find.this in Matthew chapter 25 starting in.verse 31 and this is quite revealing.Matthew 25:31 31 when the Son of man.shall come in his glory and all the holy.angels with him then shall he sit upon.the throne of his glory and before him.shall be gathered all the nations okay.so here's the judgment of the nation's.and he shall separate them one from.another as a shepherd divided the sheep.from the goats and he shall set the.sheep on his right hand but the goats on.the left then shall the King say unto.them on his right hand come you blessed.of my father inherit the kingdom.prepared for you from the foundation of.the world for I was a hungered and he.gave me meat I was thirsty and you gave.me drink when I was a stranger and you.took me in naked and you clothed me I.was sick and you visited me I was in.prison and you came unto me then Seldon.righteous answer him saying Lord when.saw we thee an hungred and fed thee or.thirsty and gave thee drink we saw we.thee a stranger and took thee in and.naked and clothed thee or when saw we.thee sick or in prison and community and.the King Jesus shall answer and say to.them verily I say to you inasmuch as ye.have done it unto one of the least of.these of my brethren ye have done it.unto me he's a Jew Jesus Christ and he's.telling the nations if you help the Jew.that I'm gonna let you pass but if.you're a nation that was against the.Jews Oh.verse 41 then shall he say unto them on.the left hand.are from me you cursed on the.everlasting fire prepared for the devil.and his angels verse 46 and these shall.go away into everlasting punishment so.when Jesus comes back the Bible says he.divides up the nations and he rides up.the nations into two parts he divides.the nations let me do it this way into.sheep nations why Israel looked at like.a sheep and then he's divides it up into.the goat nations and those that are the.goat nations he pitches straight and.down and what makes one different from.the other is the ones that God saves are.the nations that help the Jews so the.nations that help the Jews are the ones.that God allows to exist now what.nations would those people I don't know.I know if you go to the Middle East.today there are many nations that are.run by a certain so-called religion and.that religion says they hate Christians.and they hate Jews and they want to.eradicate the world of all Jews and what.so-called religion do they believe why.Islam and Islam hates the Jews so I.wonder if that's the nations that God.cast out but all the nations that are in.favor.what would that be well the United.States of America is an ally of Israel.Honduras Guatemala ally of Israel I.don't there's some others but maybe.those are the nations that are saying I.don't know all I can do is show you the.scripture let's go to Isaiah chapter 2.and I'm anxious to see how that pans out.amen because I'm on the winning side I'm.gonna be with Jesus coming back on a.white horse at the Battle of Armageddon.and then I'll get to see the righteous.judge of all the earth sit down on his.throne and judge in righteousness Isaiah.chapter 2 verse 1 through 4 the word.that Isaiah the son of the Mol's saw.concerning Judah and Jerusalem and shall.come to pass in the last days that the.mountain of the Lord's house shall be.established in the top of the mountains.and shall be exalted above the hills and.all nations shall flow into it and many.people shall go and say come ye and let.us go up to the mountain of the Lord to.the house of the God of Jacob and he.will teach us of his ways and we will.walk.in his paths for out of Zion shall go.forth the law in the word of the Lord.from Jerusalem and he shall judge among.the nations and shall rebuke many people.and they shall beat their swords into.plowshares and their spears into pruning.hooks nation shall not lift up sword.against nation neither shall they learn.war anymore and again we see that in.micah chapter 4 I won't read it make it.for one through five says almost the.same thing so in the blending of Kingdom.it's going to be peace there won't be.any war until the very end.and that brings us to the next one the.next one is the judgment of Satan now I.don't know why God does what he does but.he does because he's got so God can do.whatever he wants amen.but the Bible says that when he comes.back in Armageddon and cast the devil.into into hell or a lake of fire that.for some reason he lets him out at the.end of the Millennial Kingdom and when.he lets the devil out well the devil.deceives some more people and then God.puts them into hell so let's go to this.to Revelation chapter 20 and here we see.God judging the devil revelation 20.verse 1 through 3 and I saw an angel.come down from heaven having a key of.the bottomless pit and a great chain in.his hand he laid hold on the dragon the.old serpent which is the devil and Satan.and bound him a thousand years and cast.him into the bottomless pit and shut him.up and set a seal upon him that he.should deceive the nation's No More till.the thousand years should be fulfilled.and after that he must be loosed a.little season so God judges the devil.and puts him down here into Hell or lake.of fire or whatever you want to call it.and he's there for a thousand years then.he comes out for a little season it's.very very short time because look what.happens next verse seven and when the.thousand years are expired Satan shall.be loosed out of his prison he shall go.out to deceive the nations which are in.these four corners of the earth Gog and.Magog to gather them together to battle.the number of whom is as the sand of the.sea and they went up to the breadth of.the earth encompassed the camp of the.Saints about in the beloved city and.fire came down of God out of heaven.I heard them they made so much for the.devil you know if you're following Satan.you're gonna always be on the losing.side come to the winning side come to.Jesus side and and what happened well.verse 9 and they went up into the.breadth of the earth and compass the.camp of the saints about in the beloved.city and fire came down from God out of.heaven and devoured them and the devil.was deceived them verse 10 that deceived.them was cast into the lake of fire and.brimstone where the beast of the false.prophet are and shall be tormented day.and night forever and ever.bye bye goodbye devil see you later nope.not again.we won't see any more goodbye Satan.that's the end of you buddy.and they got for that and I was going to.take you to Isaiah 14 verse 12 through.17 but I just don't have time so let me.go to the last one and this will be the.judgment of lost centers of lost.sinner's this we have a name for we call.it the great white throne of judgment.the GWT team and it's over here and it's.actually at the end of all things and we.call it the great white throne judgment.and it is for people who weren't saved.all the way back to Adam to the end.anyone that was lost and went to hell.that's where they are and they're stuck.down there and they're burning but.someday don't get out of hell when will.that be at the end of the Millennial.Kingdom the Bible says God is going to.destroy everything the heaven and the.earth.heavens in the earth he's going to make.a new heavens and a new earth after this.judgment but before he does that he's.going to take everybody out of here and.he's gonna judge them at the great white.throne of judgment now if you're saved.if you're a Christian you don't have to.worry about that because our sins were.judged here and we'll never have to face.our sins again because they're under the.blood all we'll have to do is stand.before God to be judged for our service.what rewards would get but we will not.be standing there being judged if we're.saved and I think God for that but this.is for all.people Bible said in Hebrews 9:27 is.appointed on a man that wants to die.after this the judgment so when you die.if you're not saved you go down here.then you come out at the end of the.money of Kingdom and you're judged by.God and look what it says about this in.Revelation chapter 20 verse 11.Revelation 20:11.and I saw a great white throne that's.why we call it the great white throne of.judgment and I saw a great white throne.and him that sat on it from whose face.the earth and the heaven fled away and.there was found no place for them see.God destroys everything the heavens of.the earth he's gonna make a new heaven.new earth after this judgment for the.righteous to dwell in but it says here.verse 12 and I saw the dead small and.great stand before God and the books.were opened and another book was opened.which is the book of life and the dead.were judged out of those things which.were written in the books according to.their works almost sounds like there's.an angel riding down everything that a.lost person does and someday they'll be.judged every time they lie every time.they steal every time they commit.adultery.every time they murder every time they.do some wicked evil thing and verse 13.in the sea gave up the Dead which were.in it and death and he'll delivered up.the Dead which were in them and it says.that they were judged every man.according to their works you know today.we're not saved by our works thank God.we're saved by faith but these people.that didn't get saved guy says okay let.me show you why you're down here let me.show you just how evil and wicked you.are you know they won't be able to deny.it they will never be able to deny it.and death and he'll were cast into the.lake of fire this is the second death.and whose summer was not found written.in the book of life was cast into the.lake of fire so this is the Last.Judgement this is where people go who.aren't saved you see we say well you go.to hell you're going to burn there.forever and that's not quite true you do.burn in hell but there's one time when.you get out and that's at the judgment.but then from there you're cast into the.lake of fire.then that's four.the lake of fire which burns with.brimstone forever and ever.so there are your seven judgments again.I'm sorry that I didn't preach this.before I thought for sure I had taught.on this subject now I know I've made.some videos about it we did a video.entitled the last days which I talked.about a lot of these things we did a.video entitled the end times and there's.seven parts to that each one of those.videos but I never did one on just the.seven judgments and just lay them out.like this so that's what I wanted to do.today I forgot to write number seven.over here let's see if I even have room.barely have room to to put it right.there but these are the seven main.judgments in the Bible now let me close.with this first Peter chapter four and.let me ask you now that you know this.are you saved.have you been to Jesus from cleansing.power are you washed in the blood of the.Lamb is this your future home heaven or.is this your future down here and then.having to go to that judgment and then.going into the lake of fire it's not too.late to get saved first Peter 4:17 says.for the time has come that judgment as.we're talking about judgment must begin.at the house of God and if it first.begin at us what shall the end be of.them that obey not the gospel of God.what is the gospel it's first.Corinthians 15 1 through 4 and the.gospel is all about how that Christ died.for our sins everything Jesus did was.for our sins as he allowed himself to be.judged in our place for our sins and if.you accept that well you get saved and.you go to heaven when you die but if you.don't oh no it says what so the end of.them be that obey not the gospel of God.and if the righteous scarcely be saved.where shall the ungodly and the sinner.appear therefore let them that suffer.according to the will of God commit the.keeping of their souls to him and well.doing as unto a faithful creator where.do the ungodly and sinner up here well.the Bible says and Psalms 917 we.she'll be turned into hell and all.nations that forget God well I'm glad.I'm saved I'd sure hate to forget God.forget salvation forget about these.things these are quite important and.it's quite important that you understand.jesus paid it all on the cross and the.only way to escape this place is to come.through Jesus Christ trust in what he.did for you because he allowed himself.to be judged in your place for your sins.you accept that you go to heaven and.that's the only other judgment you'll.know to see what rewards you get if you.reject that you'll come down here you'll.come up there and be judged and then.you'll end up back down burning for all.eternity.I don't want to see that I want to see.you safe that's why I preach on this.what trying try to be a blessing and I.hope you come to Jesus for salvation.thank you for watching see you next time.

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Judgment Judgment 1287 Forms FAQs

Check the below common inquries about Judgment Judgment 1287 Forms . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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How do you find out where someone works to collect a court judgment from someone who was abusive?

A2A. My only experience of this is acting for others. Unless it's obvious from a quick internet search or credit check tool, etc, I would simply hire an ethical investigation agency / private detective. Yes, ethical ones do exist and if you hire an unethical one (basically hackers/social engineers or worse) it can and ought come back on you as a professional conduct issue. That means some people get away, particularly in the international context, but if you haven't figured out how to serve on and collect from people maybe you shouldn't have sued them.

How is God’s work of judgment carried out?

The Christ, the Lamb of God, will open the Books that he wrote the names of the Souls in as they entered into the world, and wrote down all their works, good and bad deeds beside their name and on Judgement day they are judged according to their works. There will be some that the works were so bad, that their names and works where removed from the book of life altogether.

How do I take emotion out of judgment?

wait everything u can do is to wait until u justify ur emotions u till it become mild so it cant interfere with ur judgement Enjoy ur emotions and wait to judge just wait :)

How do you figure out what career you want to do without parental judgment?

That’s a challenge, and I have no easy answer. Bottom line, you must find that career that suits your talents and interests, one that will give you a decent standard of living, and then live with it. Your parents raised you, but at a certain point it’s up to you to take over the job of caring for yourself and making a life for you and, perhaps someday, a spouse and family. You cannot worry about your parents’ judgment concerning your career. Once you have decided, then you can tell them your choice and thank them for raising you to be a responsible and independent person.

How is the judgment by compliment defined as love and judgment by identifying truth defined as hate? Is pointing out wrong truly hate? Is hate the response to being called out for being wrong?

It would seem hate is the initial response for many when they are “called out” for being wrong. Think of a child who gets in trouble. What’s the first thing they say? “He did it first!” or even to a parent “I hate you!”. The child lashes out in hate at someone. Even as grownups, people deflect blame and direct it at others. Another seemingly popular response is to do something wrong because they have been wronged. That’s also a form of hate, as it often brings harm to innocent bystanders. Love has to be the motivation for all. Your response to being called out has to be love. Your calling out so Continue Reading

Can I settle a debt after being served?

Absolutely. Most lawsuits are meant to ‘motivate’ the person to settle. The truth is a judgment is not that easy to collect in most states. Fear and intimidation are the only weapons collection agencies have to get people to pay up. When you call to negotiate a settlement just tell them that you are ‘judgment proof’ meaning you have no stable job nor assets to seize therefore whatever number you offer is the best that you can do.

How do designers at Twitter, Facebook, and other tech companies balance their design instinct and judgment against the engineer's impulse to use A/B test data for every change? Do you doubt your design judgment, or the effectiveness of big data?

Companies with a huge amount of traffic and users use that data wisely and very precisely too. Sites like Netflix keeps you hooked for hours, same with youtube. The motive to use data is to make the experience more personalized. Yes, it is easy to get swayed by certain trends and get confused with the mixed opinions reflecting in the reports of the user behavior. The simple way to balance is by running thousands of experiments each day to know which works and which doesn't. “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.” Jeff Bezos, CEO Continue Reading

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