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How to Finish the Neceros Pathfinder Character Sheet Form in 9 Steps on the Internet?

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get it guys and welcome to Oskar.pathfinders how-to video series where we.will be teaching you how to play.Pathfinder first edition first of all.we're going to be taking a look at.character sheets and what you need to.know to build and construct your very.first character let's get into it.[Music].all right gang so first of all we need.to know how to read this character sheet.because it is effectively you in this.campaign it covers all the abilities.your skills your attributes and exactly.what you have to interact with your RPG.so we're gonna be reading the character.sheets from top to bottom left to right.and just very briefly touching on some.tips and tricks for basically filling.out these sheets now if you have already.you know played RPGs or play Pathfinder.before and you are familiar with sheets.like this you know don't you know don't.fret we are gonna be throwing in a few.of my own personal tricks for you know.keeping house with my character sheets.so without any further ado let's get.straight into it mr. editor will you.pull up a character sheet for me okay.now this is ridiculous why am i so small.is that do I have to be small yeah okay.you sure yeah all right okay let's talk.about character sheets so first and.foremost starting from the top right.hand side right there is the character.well what I like to call the character.bio this is the information of what's on.your sheet and what's on what's to come.as well as a nice juicy bit of.inspiration to kind of remind you who.you're playing so character name what is.in the name it is butter rose no a.character name is very important and.something that you shouldn't throw away.don't be you know don't be afraid to.express yourself but at the same time.don't turn your name into a joke you.know there's only so many times you can.play a character called Kitty McKidd.face son of Kitty Kitson and he he has a.slave trade you know like it's maybe.funny when you make the character but.when people start calling you a kid face.you know maybe that'll grade on you.maybe it won't who knows but you know.character name very important always.remember to to choose something that's.gonna suit your game and you alignment.now okay.put down your torches and pitchforks I'm.not gonna be arguing about alignment but.here is essentially what it is there are.nine eleven.to choose for ranging from lawful good.lawful neutral lawful evil neutral good.true neutral neutral evil chaotic good.sorry Kelly evil neutral evil and lawful.evil now the chaotic and lawful spectrum.is about whether or not you follow a.code and are true to your word the good.and evil scale is basically the morals.of your GM and how this world functions.with those morals the neutral is kind of.like almost like a motivation Nullah so.if you are lawful neutral you don't.really you are following the law but it.doesn't matter if the law is good or.evil that's kind of what neutral fits.into so alignment is not a definition of.how your character needs to be but it is.a representation of your character's.alignment within the world for the.purposes of game mechanics only what.does that even mean well let's say that.your character is like Batman Batman.follows his own code he is lawful but he.can be kind of well a bit heavy-handed.when using it so lawful neutral right.he is a lawful neutral character it does.not mean that Batman makes decisions and.goes goddammit I know that I'm a lawful.neutral character therefore I cannot.kill the Joker no he just doesn't kill.the Joker because that's in his nature.you know that's that's how this kind of.works so alignment very important always.keep track of it well actually you're GM.will tell you if it changes but you know.keep track of it.next up who you are as a player very.important because you know in case you.forget who you are character level now.classes going here along with whatever.level your character is so if you are.taking levels of barbarian Ranger bad.all of these things that would otherwise.define your club your abilities your.skills and all of that sort of stuff.this is where you track exactly how much.you've come in any particular class you.can multi class if you're GM allows and.taking multiple classes and so this is.where you keep track of all that next up.is your deity your deity is your God.that you worship now bear in mind that.you do not need to.to be a divine class gaining powers from.your deity in order to be worship a.deity you could be a fighter who.worships the god of strength because yes.every time I go out to war I I want to.make sure that I'm covered.you know spiritually and daily very.important always a good idea homeland.where do you come from now if you like.me play on the Pathfinder world of.balerion your homeland can really help.define you as an individual cultures can.really help inspire exactly how your.character plays behaves what they.consider to be the lawful norm and what.they consider to be completely.wackadoodle but whatever it is your.homeland very important to kind of give.a good thought to your race that is of.course your genetics who you and what.you are these can be obviously your core.races such as the human half walk half.elf elf dwarf gnome and halfling or you.can look at expanded races of the more.unusual and exotic varieties such as the.cat folk the thule the Naga G the Tengu.a whole bunch of other ones they give.you powers and abilities based on.obviously what type of creature you are.and of course where they genetically.came from for example dwarves are very.comfortable in the ground working with.stone and obviously hate orcs because.they've had a long running history with.them you know things like that are very.flavorful so don't limit yourself by.choosing a class and a race just because.some stats match up play a dwarf wizard.oh god my kingdom for a dwarf wizard all.right.let's move on oh sorry yep sighs sighs.gender age height weight hair and eyes.I'm gonna just zoom through all those so.good luck editor um.sighs is basically you know you're you.know how big you are how small you are.ranging usually from small to medium.with some very rare exceptions making.you large your gender whatever the hell.you want it to be your age obviously how.old you are your height weight and hair.like you know all those physical.descriptions it's always good because it.helps you with your you know describing.yourself to people when you enter a.scene you know.willow jumps in of the wind blowing.through his hazelnut hair.smoldering lips.you know post I don't know something.something romantic that I can't actually.think of right now okay moving on we.then moved down to our ability scores so.the ability scores are basically what we.are and what our makeup is we have three.physical ability scores and three mental.ability scores our physical scores are.our strength dexterity and con or.Constitution and our intent 'el ones are.our intelligence wisdom and charisma.strength is your physical prowess lift.push pull chop.you know melee attacks that kind of.thing dexterity is your accuracy your.aim your nimbleness your agility your.ability to get the hell out the way your.Constitution is your health your.hardiness and your endurance these are.your physical stats your in mental stats.are your intelligence which is your.ability to understand and learn.knowledge --is and your ability to.recall information wisdom is your.ability to perceive and interpret so.your perception your sense motive your.ability to kind of judge things and your.charisma is your ability to express.yourself so the ability for you to lie.to someone or convince them your.opinions right it is that form of.expression now all the mental stats also.double up in certain classes as spell.casting spell casting stats which means.that the higher those stats are the.better at casting spells you are so when.you choose your class always be aware.you understand which of your you know.mental stats you really need to boost up.okay shifting to the right we now see.our hit points which is basically our.health when our hit points hit zero we.are knocked unconscious when we hit.negative hit points equal to our.Constitution score we are dead dead.deadly dead they're dead dead dead dead.dead dead so yes you want to make sure.that you've got nice chunks of hit.points to be able to survive this game.next to that you can kind of see there's.a few other little boxes there's D R.which stands for damage reduction this.is a special ability that very few.people actually get outside of magical.items but it reduces oncoming damage.usually with some kind of weakness for.example it would be written for a.werewolf dr silver v sorry dear.five slash Silva what this basically.means is that if you were to use.anything but a silver weapon you would.have your damage reduced by five.well physical damage that is that's dia.below that we have wounds and current.hit points that's pretty.self-explanatory how much damage have.you taken how many do you have left.non lethal damage now non lethal damage.is basically tracked separately to.lethal damage because once you hit.effectively zero hit points with the you.know total of your lethal and non-lethal.hit points you are rendered unconscious.however more lethal damage needs to be.done before you are killed this is.really good for taking dudes alive but.generally speaking incurs a penalty on.attack rolls if you are - without some.special help try and knock someone out.you know ok below that we go to.initiative which determines your turn.order in combat this is calculated by.applying your dexterity modifier pretty.simple you rolled your d20 dice which we.roll for pretty much everything you add.your own initiative and Bob's your uncle.you know what turn you go in alright.continuing downwards we go to AC or.armor class this is of course your.ability to defend yourself now a lot of.people ask whenever I make an attack hey.can I defend myself or can I dodge out.the way or can I you know pull up a.shield all of a sudden all of that is.taken into account in the armor class so.starting from left to right you have.your total armor which is of course your.base armor whether that adds all of your.little factors next is 10 which is our.starting value no one starts below 10.you just have 10 armor bonus which of.course is the armor you are wearing the.physical suit of armor that you have the.shield bonus which is granted by.whatever shield you have your dexterity.modifier now just to kind of clarify.here we will be doing a video on the.ability scores and what modifiers our.modifiers are basically what we take.from the score to add bonuses to.everything and they're not one for one.so if you have 10 decks you do not have.10 modifier so let me just clarify that.so yes your dexterity modifier goes here.your size modifier.modifiers generally go in the flavour of.medium creatures have zero to their.modifier small creatures have plus one.or minus one two something large.creatures likewise have plus or minus.two something as well so if you have a.size modifier that is where it goes.natural armor is kind of like scales and.stuff like that.thickness of your skin deflection.modifier is things like usually from.magic items like a ring of protection.where you know blow is sort of deflect.and dodge off you and whatever other.miscellaneous bonuses you can apply to.your AC now touch armor class now touch.on the class involves your armor when.all they need to do is lay a hand on you.so things like your shield your natural.armor your actual armor none of that.matters they just need to touch you in.order to deal their effect or damage for.that calculation all you really need to.do is remove any of the armor bonuses.shield bonuses natural armor bonuses.that would be applied to your AC you.would still maintain things that would.allow you to dodge or just completely.avoid an attack such as your dexterity.your size and your deflection modifiers.as well as a few other extras like dodge.and things like that they would be.applied to your touch AC flat footed AC.is literally the opposite where you have.only your armor to rely on because you.for some reason or another cannot dodge.or cannot move this will obviously.remove your dexterity your deflection.bonus and of course ice right no not.you're the first but it's just your.dexterity and your dodge bonus so your.ability to kind of get out the way.now size and deflection both you know.apply to everything because your size.doesn't really you know change whether.or not you can move on art and your.deflection is always just kind of.passive so don't worry about them they.always get applied ok oh and one more.thing in the event that you are.flat-footed and all they need to do is.touch you then you are royally screwed.because your base is 10 plus your size.modifier and any deflection modifiers.you have that is it you are at their.mercy at that point ok who went through.that one a bit moving down we go to our.fortitude wreath.and will saves now these saving throws.are basically how we resist certain.abilities effects and influences from.our world.so fortitude is your ability to resist.poisons and diseases and stuff like that.reflux is your ability to dodge.explosions and just jump out the way and.will is your ability to kind of negate.any kind of influence that seems to come.from exterior forces someone like trying.to control your mind going from left to.right we have our base save now this.base save you can actually find in your.character class and there should be a.big table whatever your base save is at.that level that is what they are for.each of them you then have your ability.modifiers so fortitude would use the.modifier of the Constitution score.reflex would use the ability of the Dex.modifier and the will save would be the.wisdom modifier once there's a reply do.you then move on to magic modifiers now.these could be things like spells or.abilities or items throwing them in.there very important temporary modifiers.such as buffs and stuff like that will.go in there and you would tally them all.up for the total which would be what you.would add to your d20 role when making.one of these checks all right.let's move down basic I'll actually no.I'm gonna go with tips and tricks or.tips and tricks here whenever I add my.race to my character sheet and I have.something that gives me a boost to one.of my saves there's a little box here.you can probably see it that's where I.always put it down right I mean I could.put it down with the races but that.means I have to turn a page don't bother.turning a page just add in the modifier.they're like plot like elves plus 2.versus enchantment boom immune sleep.magical boom you know just make sure.that it's clear where your saves are.what save bonuses you get if you know.certain circumstances happen all right.next up is the base attack bonus now.base attack bonus is literally your.calculation for any kind of aggressive.action this could be trying to trip.someone trying to hit someone with an.axe trying to shoot an arrow at someone.your based attack bonus represents your.training to be able to mess.that is what it is so obviously classes.like the fighter are really good and.have high base attack.whereas creature aware as characters.such as wizard and sorcerers in not so.much so we'll come back to base attack.bonuses because I've got a whole thing.there but just gliding over right.slightly you could see spell resistance.now spell resistance is very rare as.well and what it represents is a check.that spell casters need to make in order.to try and affect you with spells if.they cast a spell at you and the spell.requires a spell resistance check they.need to roll a d20 plus their caster.level plus their stat and they have to.overcome your spell resistance if they.don't the spell simply fizzles again.very hard to get not an easy thing but.that's where it goes all right back to.base attack bonuses now some of the.attacks that we are going to be looking.at your CNB and your CMD now this.represents your combat maneuver bonus.and you'll come back maneuver defense.which are basically anything that is an.attack but not an attack confused.excellent ok so what I mean by this is.things like grappling someone tripping.someone bull rushing someone tackling.someone throwing dirt in someone's eye.or using the feign kind of maneuver to.kind of duck and dodge to kind of get.them off side all of these are combat.maneuvers and use this calculation in.order to both attack and defend with so.your CMB or your combat maneuver bonus.is what you would use to instigate a.combat maneuver it is your base attack.bonus plus your strength modifier plus.the size modifier and any modifiers you.would have from feats or abilities you.calculate that total you would roll a.d20 against the CMD which is calculated.with a base attack bonus plus the.strength modifier plus the dexterity.modifier plus your size modifier plus 10.so very similar to the way that AC and.attacking works this is how the combat.maneuvers work generally speaking if you.beat the CM if you roll a CMB and beat.the CMD by 5 or more you'll usually get.another effect for example if you were.to bulrush some.that is to push them back 5 foot and you.beat the CMD by say 10 you may be able.to push them an additional 10 foot on.top of the initial 5 foot that you push.them so you know it's good to kind of.have if you are that kind of combat.specialist all right now below we get to.the tasty bits the weapons yes that's.right I love weapons all right so.starting with of course what weapon you.are wielding always best to also include.any kind of enchantments or magical.bonuses that your weapon has in this as.well so if you have a +1 flaming.longsword right flaming longsword +1 you.know etc etc next up is your base.Asura is your attack bonus which is.calculated by your base attack plus.either your strength or Dex depending on.if melee then you would use strength or.range in which you would use at.dexterity you would then add any kind of.weapon enchantment bonuses or.enhancement bonuses and that would be.your base attack your attack bonus gotta.get it right all right so your example.of this would be say an axe so let's say.I have a strength score of 14 which is a.modifier of +2 I would have a base.attack bonus of say 3 +2 from my.strength modifier plus by weapon which.is let's say a plus 1 X would then leave.me with 5 and that is what my attack.bonus would be all right moving next to.that you have your critical hit range so.your critical hit range is basically if.you roll a natural 20 how much extra.damage do you do do you multiply your.dot your damage by 3 or by 2 what.happens here so that's what your.critical hit is type refers to the type.of weapon you're using in the event of.most weapons you are looking at.bludgeoning piercing and slashing BP and.s your range is obviously half what the.range increment is for your weapon most.melee weapons do not have a range.increment some such as the dagger have a.10-foot range whereas full-on ranged.weapons have a usually about a hundred.plus feet worth of range bearing in mind.that this.not the maximum range but simply a range.increment the maximum range increment is.usually five multiplied by that range.but every range increment above the.first receives a negative two penalty to.the attack role made when it is shot.ammunition what kind of ammunition does.your weapon use if arrows bombs crossbow.bolts whatever the case may be that is.where it goes.lastly your damage what type of damage.do you do and how much of it gets done.all of that tends to go in that area.there and is rolled once you have.successfully made an attack role against.the AC of a creature if you have equaled.or 6 or exceeded it that is when you.deal your damage and remove the amount.of damage you've dealt from their hit.points okay okay so I'm gonna go on to.the right side of the screen now and.right at the top and we're gonna look at.speed.I hope the editor you know sort of did.this cool zoom thing I mean maybe you.did maybe he didn't um all right so.speed your land speed refers to how fast.your character can move you can find.this on your race race guide and what.racial abilities you have dwarves for.example have tiny legs and thus can only.move 20 foot whereas most other races.move the full thirty foot you can also.see there next to it is with armor so.when you were wearing armor certain.heavier armors will slow you down it.will be listed on the armor entry be.sure that you are traveling at the.correct speed dwarves do not need to.worry because dwarves have no modified.speed when they are wearing or carrying.heavy things next up I think that you.could see this fly swim climb burrow.these are very common methods that can.be attained by different races by spells.by abilities and they function.fundamentally the same okay this stuff.that we've just covered now is what I.like to call the combat side of RPGs so.all of this stuff that I've just gone.over is well quite frankly just the.stuff that you need to know in order to.you know get into a fight really rough.really quick and.get it done we're going to break this.video up into two parts so this part is.now going to be concluded with our.combat stuff next we're going to be.looking at interactions and of course.skills as well as the second page where.we will talk about abilities so till.then we'll hopefully see you soon.[Music].[Music].[Music].

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