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available..Is that too much?.Do I have to build an adapter?.>> Well, depending on.the format of your data,.may well be some be restructuring.of the data that goes on..But I'll show you in.a second few ways.that you can get data.into the service fairly.quickly but using.other components that.we have in Azure like.functions, and so on..But, just quickly, if you.wanted to get a FHIR Server,.you can see I already.have a demo environment.running here that I'll.get to in a second,.but let's say you just.wanted to FHIR Service..We now have this as.the first party service..So I can just go here in.the Azure Portal and type of a FHIR..Then there is actually.the Azure API for FHIR,.which you can see as a preview.service here and I will simply say,.create the few details you.would need to fill in..I probably need a resource group.for this here Azure Friday,.I should say and I would.also need to give it a name..Here we go..There's an additional details.around who has access.to it and so on,.we use Azure Active Directory,.is the identity source.for this managed service..>> All right..>> But once you've.filled in these details,.you simply say Review and Create,.and then a few minutes later you have.a FHIR API up and.running and ready to go..>> Awesome..>> So that makes it easy.for people like yourselves,.that want, I want to place.for my on FHIR data the land..>> Yeah..>> You can be quickly up.and running with this,.but also partners that we.work with that are.building applications.on top of the file standard,.but they're not necessarily in.the business of making a FHIR server,.but they need this as a component.where they can securely.store their data and have.somebody who run that for them..>> Exactly..>> That's the service that.we have available here..>> Yes, if I feel like.I'm qualified to store my data.and worry about my data,.but I rather not run a FHIR Server?.>> Yeah..>> I'd rather you run it for me..>> Yes, you would like to.have somebody else where.the pager in middle of.the night, that's what we do..So but of course this is.just a FHIR Server and an.API is not super exciting.to play with on its own..So if you want to get.your feet wet and play.with this a little bit,.we've actually created.a little buddy repository.here which is called.FHIR Service samples,.where you can go in and spin up.a small scenario that shows.not just the FHIR API,.but also a number of.client applications accessing this..So it's available on GitHub as well,.our team maintains this,.so we keep it up-to-date with.the latest developments that.we have in the FHIR API..>> Cool..>> So few diagrams that.you can find here,.but this is basically this scenario.we're deploying here,.there's of course.the FHIR API itself..Then we have a couple of different.dashboards and now I'll show them,.but different flavors of.applications that you can.play with take apart..Then we have something called.SMART on FHIR application..So SMART on FHIR is.a framework that's built on.top of the FHIR standard..It describes that you should.exchange healthcare.data in the FHIR form,.and using the FHIR API,.but also how a third party.application may go and.access a FHIR API in.terms of authentication,.getting a token, and so.on, and that whole flow..That's something that's.very common among.with electronic medical.records as well..Third parties can develop SMART on.FHIR applications that can go.to the FHIR Server and say,.how do I authenticate?.Go through the whole flow, get a.token and then access the FHIR data,.and I'll show a couple.of examples of that..Then in this scenario, to enable.input and output of the data,.we have an Azure.Function here that can.grab patient data from.blob storage pull it in..Then we also have a Data Factory.that could pull it out again in.the Bolt FHIR Format.and the FHIR community,.and hopefully we'll have.a chance to look at that too..So what I've done here is,.I've already spun this up,.it takes about five minutes.to stand up this environment..There are some.instructions here on how.you do it and how you configure it,.the different flavors.of this environment..We'll skip over this here.in the interest of time,.but it's pretty straightforward,.we have some automation to do this..I've spun up one of.these environments all here,.and this is all the resources.that get plopped in here..It looks a little bit overwhelming,.but I'll walk through what.some of these things are..So first of all, there is.an Azure API for FHIR here,.which is the central part.of our environment..Then because what we do when we.spin up this demo environment,.we also create a dummy users and.various identities and stuff,.so that you can play with.this environment for a little bit,.and restore the details for.those users in this key vault.that's available here,.so that you can go and.grab these various things..So for instance, you.can see here there's.an administrative user here.and he has a password..I'm going to grab this password.here from the Key Vault..Then there are a number of.Web Apps in their number.of App Service apps,.where we host some basic code.that we've created.ourselves for demo,.but also what we host some.smart on fire applications,.that we don't actually.write ourselves,.but we pull them in from external.repositories to show that we.can have third party applications.work against our service..So I'm going to grab one.of these dashboards here..This is a JavaScript one in.this particular case here,.and I'm just waiting.here for the URL to.show up for this which.will hopefully do..Here we go, I'm going to open.this up in a private window here,.so that I can sign.in with a dummy user.that I created or that.the environment created..>> All right..>> So this is-..>> It's a quite your-.>> Yeah, this is.a test tenant that we have,.I didn't want to create.all the test users here..But now we can see what I'm.going through the flow here,.and it's asking for.permission to access.my healthcare API in the background..>> Okay..>> So this app is.now going to pop up,.and I had no patients.in this environment..So I'm going to see.an empty list of patients here,.and I'm going to go ahead in a.second and import.some patients into it..But what do you do have available.in this test dashboard is.a little about me link here where.you can see what FHIR API.I'm connected to here..Also actually grab a token.for this if you wanted to put.that over into post man and.just play with your API..Of course, it's not.something you would do in.a production app, but here for-..>> Of course..>> For a sandbox,.this is quite handy..So if we go back.to all the resources here.in our demo environment..One of the things that we have.deployed here is an Azure function,.and this function listens.to a storage account..Once we dump some patient data.into the storage account,.it will get ingested.into this service,.this particular function here..So we don't actually use the URL.endpoint here of the function,.but you can just check that it's up.and running and make sure.that everything is working..What we're going to import into.this here is a synthetic data..So we can't of course put.we'll live patient data into.this as we're playing around,.but there's actually,.you can just see actually there's.a little message here saying.that the healthcare API that we.just deploy it was in fact done..But, what we're doing is we're.generating synthetic data that.we're pulling into this environment..I'll get back to what.does this in a second,.but there's a little import folder.here that you can go.into and just say,.\"I want to import some patients\"..What we're importing is what we.in FHIR called bundles of data..So each of these files here represent.a bundle of data that is.everything that's connected.to a specific patient..The way that this data was.generated was with.a project called Cynthia,.which is actually.an open source project.that has been developed very.much in this community as well..What this is really like.a patient simulator..A patient gets born,.they go to the pediatrician,.they get weigh, they get measured,.they have healthcare events,.they may have a symptom,.and then there's somebody.roles are biased,.they may sim City,.but it also works the FHIR lifecycle..So it basically takes.people through their lives,.and as they go through.their lives they interact with.the healthcare system in.various points in time..>> That's cool..>> Generating.observations, medications,.encounters, all these things that.happen in health care system..>> That's cool..>> So if you work with.health care data,.this is super useful because.you get a very realistic,.it's not real but it realistic..>> Yeah, realistic but not real..>> Yeah. So what.this little function does is,.it grabs these bundles of data that.contain all this information.and then just make.sure all the internal.references are correct and.then pushes it all into the FHIR API..So if I now flip over to.my demo application and refresher,.I should see that I now.have some patients in here..>> In [inaudible].>> In my patient dashboard..I could see in this case.I imported 11 patients..In this little dashboard,.you can then, if you're not.familiar with the FHIR standard,.this is neat for just.browsing around seeing.what FHIR actually is,.so hopefully I can.take a look at those patients.see what our data looks like..>> Okay..>> I've Just..>> [inaudible] infection..>> Yeah. I was just not.being patient enough,.I'll grab this patient.here, for instance..>> There is the API itself..>> So this is of course.again you would not.have this in a production app,.but this is useful for getting.familiar with the standard,.I can go in here and grab.this patient here in this case..See there was a bunch.of different things,.encounters and so on going.on with this patient here..I go back to my list of patient,.I had another one up here,.and again he has.sinus infection and so on..I can grab these..Look at what the different FHIR.resources actually looked like..Of course, there are.many other resources.than these particular ones.that we're looking at..We just got some conditions,.encounters of like.four observations down here..For instance, you can see.an observation would be things like,.body weight, or hemoglobin.of the things that get.measured on these patients..But of course there.are many other things.that happen to a patient..There's billing information..All of this is also in the FHIR API..So you can go in and play with.the applications and.modify these things..But there was then.these third-party applications that.you can use with your FHIR API..Once your data is in FHIR form,.there's this ecosystem.or applications out.there that adhere to.this SMART on FHIR standard..So what we've done here.in the environment,.I could just pull.the diagram up here again..So remind everybody, we have to.FHIR API and we're looking at.the data in this dashboard..From this dashboard, I can still.run this other application,.it's actually hosted.by somebody else,.but pointed to my FHIR servers.and say grab data from here,.and it will initiate.the authentication flow and so on..So I could grab this patient here,.which is a child in this case.and then I could pull.up a growth chart for this patient..So the growth chart application.is one of the more famous examples,.in the SMART on FHIR community.it's shown a lot..But it was developed as.an example of something where you.have something visual to look at,.the pull and number of different.measurements from a patient..That's also something that.if you have a child yourself.or have ever taken a child.to the pediatrician,.you'll know that this.is something that.the physician typically pulls up..>> This might be a silly question,.but is that effectively.a stateless application?.Because it didn't pull.the data and make.a copy and then squirrel it away..It it pulled the data it needed.to make the chart, it made the chart,.then I read that and then I close.the app and that data.just remains in FHIR..>> In fact, in this case,.it's a pure JavaScript app..Nothing ever goes back to the server..I just happened to have.taken it out of the SMART on.FHIR GitHub repository and.put it into a web app,.because I had to stick it somewhere..So it's a single-page JavaScript app..It initiates and then it goes to.model FHIR server and says \"How.do I authenticate myself?\".It discovers that the endpoints,.it initiates the flow..I'm already logged in this case,.and then it's able to.pull all the information.out and then display this..So this now creates this ecosystem.where somebody else can say,.\"I want to develop this really.cool app that can show me.my blood sugar or how I.might track various things.\".Then I just focus on the app.because there is the standard.that I'm building on top of..>> That's fantastic..>> Then the data can be.hosted in Azure as well..So if we go back and.look at our scenario,.we've taken some data,.we've taken from from.Blob storage, imported it in,.and now it's in.our FHIR Servers and we.can drive all these.client applications..There are of course also.customers that want.to work with this data.more in a analytic way..The REST API is not always.the right tool for that..Typically, they want to pull it into.something like Databricks.or something else..So in this little scenario here,.we've actually set up a Data Factory..By the way, here where we.imported all the data,.if I refresh here now,.we can see all these files.are gone because.they actually got imported in..But if I go back to.my resource group here,.I have a Data Factory.that we've configured..We've actually configured.it in a way that.this would work pretty.much with any FHIR Server..So there are different.export capabilities that.a FHIR API can or cannot implement..In this case, we're doing.something very simple,.where we're just.interacting directly with.the REST API to pull.the data out to stage it..But the format that we end up.putting into is the format that.the community call [inaudible].around in terms of bulk export,.which is a new line.delimited JSON format,.so every line in the FHIR.would be a new resource,.and you could generate.these giant JSON files.that you can then for.instance do stuff with in.something like Databricks..So the template here.that we have the deploy.this stuff sets up export pipelines.for various resources..So here's for.instance patient and we'll.just go in here and.initiate the export..It's actually a two-stage.process in this case,.but we'll be just using.some basic functionality.in Data Factory to.interact with our API..It goes into Blob storage and.we format it a little bit..You see the first stage is done.here and in a couple of seconds,.the second stage should.be done as well..So now we've actually exported.all of our patient data,.and I could just for.completeness here we.export a little bit more..So I'm taking out.all my observations as well..>> Then in the interest of time,.once you've worked.through that process,.now a data scientist.could go to town?.>> Yeah, exactly. So we've actually.put into this repository here.a little IPython Notebook that.you could import into.Databricks just as an example..Shows how you could connect to.the storage account that's.associated with this Data Factory..Create temporary tables pulling.out various observations,.some from demographic information,.some that's actual weight.and height information,.do various queries.across it and joints,.and so on, and do.more population scale analytics.on the data that you might.have in your FHIR API..>> Fantastic..>> So go try it out..>> So this is in preview right now?.>> Yeah..>> Folks that are interested in.this can get involved on GitHub..They can look at the server..They can as you said go.into Azure dashboard and make.one of these themselves..>> Yeah..>> As you've pointed.out, there's more than.enough synthetic sample data.for you to play with..>> Yeah..>> I know I'm going to play with.this with my own personal data..>> Yeah..>> Fantastic. I am learning all.about the Azure API for FHIR,.and all the great new.things happening in.health care on Azure.today on Azure Friday..[MUSIC].

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