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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Osse Dc Residency Verification Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Osse Dc Residency Verification Form

youtube video

Instruction of Osse Dc Residency Verification Form

thank you for joining the residency.verification training overview this is a.review of the information that were.presented at the live residency.verification training on March twentieth.today for this webinar we will review.the same agenda however I do suggest.that you review the slides in their.entirety as posted on the Aussie website.just a quick overview of residency.verification it is required as part of.the annual enrollment process so every.student that in Bros or re-enrolled in a.school in the district then they are.required to verify their residency with.that school and with that LA because of.this verification of residency as it's.tied to enrollment we did update the.residency regulations this year and what.we wanted to do was to try and provide.some clarity around the definition of a.student helping to ease the burden for.green growing families with electronic.verification assisting in enrolling.vulnerable populations and also in.ensuring that we have the means to.detect residency fraud when it presents.itself so a lot of this is just a review.of the regulations as they were updated.in one of the largest regulations or one.of the most important ones is we define.what a resident is and a resident is.someone that has established physical.presence in the District of Columbia.additionally by establishing that.physical presence and with establishing.a physical presence they provided this.foolery le a with the valid and proper.documentation that's identified in later.sections also to establish residency we.just we finally define residency for.students in non-traditional households.where the parents do not live together.and if they don't have a formal.custodial agreement it's determined that.that students residency as long as one.of the parents identified as a.by DC resident and that student is also.seen as a DC resident as well in.situations where both parents have or.the parents have a formal custodial.agreement there varying ways in which.there are custody agreements on the.parents can have joint custody shared.physical custody or share legal custody.and as long as one of those parents in.that situation identifies as a bona fide.DC resident then that student is also a.DC resident if there is one parent that.is awarded sole custody and they have.only they have sole custody of legal and.physical custody then that is the parent.that has to establish DC residency the.regulations also updated how residency.is confirmed in the methods by which a.family and enrolling family can provide.this documentation they can send the.information to the school in certain.circumstances through an opponent.representatives additionally we have.allowed for interagency data sharing.process and this is what's going to come.into play for the electronic.verification process so we have beefed.it up so that we're allowing families.more of a means to provide their.documentation to verify residency.additionally we wanted to make sure that.undocumented students were identified.and for them to establish for that.student population to establish.residency is very similar to all other.students they could provide the required.documentation that's listed in 500 4.2.500 4.3 or 500 5.3 they can undergo a.home visit or if their child is.unaccompanied and they're an.unaccompanied minor and they can go.through the homeless enrollment process.through using the mckinney-vento Act.additionally the regulations provide for.Ward's of state who know are no longer.award because they were permanently.placed on saying that they were adopted.and maybe they moved outside of the.District of Columbia in the best.interest of the.they can't continue with that grade at.that school that they were originally.enrolled in through the terminal grade.so the school this K 28 that terminal.grade is the eighth grade and that.students they were a formal board of.state would be allowed to remain at that.school even though they're no longer a.DC resident and an additional regulation.that was updated is allowing for adult.students and minor parents enrolling a.child to sense their residency using.that parent if they're still living in.that household so for adult students.students that are over the age of 18 or.minor parents who are under 18 but they.have a child also wonder 18 they can use.that the parents information and enroll.in the similar way that any other.student would by providing the required.documentation a home visit or a signed.statement that they live with their.parents so enrolling for homeless.students now enrolling homeless students.is covered through the mckinney-vento.homeless assistance act and they define.homeless children or homeless students.as those that do not have a fixed.permanent address if their shared house.dream they've been abandoned their.living in a public or private place.that's not determined to be a livable.condition migratory children.unaccompanied youth and youth in with a.federally appointed sponsor and so these.definitions identify who those homeless.students are that would fall under the.mckinney-vento homeless act when.enrolling homeless students and thinking.about the continuity of their education.that we want to try to do what's in the.best interest of the student and they're.allowed to remain in that in that food.that they were originally enrolled in to.try and to try and keep just a little.bit of stability for that student if.it's in their best interest additionally.it was defined.who Anna company uses and what that will.present itself as if they're enrolling.in your school and you who meet the.definition of home is and are not in.physical custody of a parent or a.guardian and that's what it's defined as.an unaccompanied youth additionally and.when enrolling homeless students that.are undocumented immigrant children or.youth there are certain caveat that are.in place that we want to make sure that.we do not discourage the enrollment of.the students that we don't request for.additional documentation that would make.them feel uncomfortable presenting.themselves to enroll for school and so.additional information is provided in.and the full slides but this is just an.overview for you can you can dig a.little deeper or contact the homeless.education department as well so when.you're enrolling homeless students also.you want to that information is.documented and so there are additional.forms that are provided and what you.want to do also is ensure that their.student is identified through the quick.safe application on our side we do.identify that student in this layered.system and there also is a click app now.there is a homeless education program.mckinney-vento confidential referral.form that form is for the benefit of the.school or the le a that is it rolling.that student and it's not going to be.used as supporting documentation for the.enrollment audit what's going to happen.is that we'll look at the information.that's provided and fed through their.various systems that are used to.identify this student population the.contact information just because this is.also just an overview of their residency.verification training so this is the.contact information of the homeless.education program and their department.so a big update this year are the.residency verification forms on this.year we do have the forms that are for.school year 17-18 and we want to make.sure that we identify that there now to.residency verification forms depending.on who which student is enrolling in.your school there is a form one it.should be noted that all students.returning re-enrolling new students can.you form what form to however is only.for pre-k students and new students.enrolling in your school so there is a.distinction between the two forms.additional updates that were provided is.that we combine sections so that the.parents can just complete one portion of.the form and also identified in form two.is that there is electronic verification.of residency and enrolling families will.have to consent that the school le a and.offi have access to that information is.being fed over from these systems from.Department of Human Services and the.office of tax and revenue so like I said.there are two forms for residency.verification or two new forms now so.what was formerly the DC RV is now form.one and form two and form one again is.for all students that are enrolling.however it should be noted that any.student that's enrolling in pre-k 3 or.pre-k for they have to use for one also.that student is new to your le a then.they have to use form 1 also any.re-enrolling student that chooses to not.use electronic verification will use.form 1 so on one is similar to last.year's just the DC RV it's a very.similar format and not much has changed.on their forum forum to is only used for.re-enrolling students students that are.returning to your le a that are not in.pre-k 3 or pre-k for.and the enrolling family parent guardian.or adult student is comfortable and they.want to consent to allow hace and the l.EA to review and verify their residency.using information from authors of tax.and revenue or DC financial assistance.so this is just an overview of all the.forms that are available during the.residency verification process in any.updates that were made for school year.17 18 again the what was formerly known.as the DC RV is now form one in form to.form three other primary caregiver.verification which was formerly owned.just a DC RV form but it's now on its.own separate form to allow for more.space form for is the attestation and.there weren't any updates for that form.form five didn't have any updates either.it's a sworn statement for the other.primary caregiver home visitation.consent form informed 6 and the home.visit verification form is formed 7 and.that form was just updated to allow just.a written description area so that.families or schools in areas that are.completing the home visit have a more of.a means to describing and detailed.information is found there versus.thinking that there's one prescriptive.formula for all home visitations.additionally for Part C the.documentation that's required for.residency verification it has not.changed this year so they're providing.one document is still a paste of proof.of financial assistance certified copy.of the d40 military housing orders or an.embassy letters they're providing the.one if they're providing two forms then.it's the motor vehicle registration.motor vehicle operator's permit.generally a driver's license or non.or non driver's license leave for rental.agreement with proof of payment and a.utility bill with proof of payment also.so one of the new methods of verified.residency this year is through.electronic residency verification and.there too we're using two interagency.data sharing agreements and the first.one is through the office of tax and.revenue and in using the office office.of tax and revenue it's going to be very.similar to which use at the DC tag.office for for high school graduating or.students that are continuing their.education and a post-secondary.institution so the enrolling family is.going to enter in their information.their first and last name social.security number and we want to make sure.that they have also completed their.taxes for this year so for by April.fifteenth is when this system will be.open but we need to ensure that that.family has completed their taxes because.it will just for verification and.validation method it will request some.information from there additionally the.enrolling person or the enrolling family.member will need the first name social.security number or date of birth of the.enrolling student so this information is.not going to be held IRC by the le a.that information is just sit directly to.the office of tax and revenue as a means.of verification the only information.that Aussie and the le a will receive.back is that yes this person is verified.as a DC resident and that information.will feed into Slayer and then we're.eliade will verify that that enrolling.students residency was verified using.OTR now the secondary means of.electronic residency verification is.through financial assistance so using.information from the Department of Human.Services I see have created a clique app.and is click app is going to identify.all students that are receiving snap.TANF or Medicaid benefits.so that it's already identified to the.le a who this student population is in.addition to that that student population.is the family name rolling adult parent.caregiver signs off and consensus that.they'll use form to to say yes I agree.that I use this at the l EA has access.to this information and that can be used.to verify my information so in these.situations where an enrollment family is.using the electronic verification then.what will the le a itself need to do now.if the students residency is being.verified using the office attacks of.revenue the confirmation is inflated so.what the school will need to do at that.time it's just print that screenshot or.save an electronic version of some form.to have it available to verify influence.that student the students residency was.verified using that method for DC.financial assistance that click that.click application where provides that.that screenshot or that information or.that snapshot of that student that was.verified that should be printed out in.the school should keep a copy of that as.well well we know that financial.assistance is allowable over the course.of 12 months there are different reasons.that a student may or may not remain on.that feet if the family stopped.receiving services are no longer.receiving services but at that time of.enrollment as long as that family.verifies their residency using that.method at that time of enrollment is.longer for school has a documented print.out of that information then that can be.used as the supporting documentation for.residency verification non-resident.tuition paying students now there are.some students that are allowed to attend.DC DC Public Schools and pay tuition.their various steps that moves me to go.through to ensure that these students.are allowed in the school and it's not.to the detriment.a resident student that wants to.actually attend that school as well so.if a non-resident student is is allowed.to attend that school and the le a must.first verify that there aren't any.residents that that would like to attend.their school and take that place for all.to misha paying students obvious the.office that will collect that tuition.some additional regulations that were.provided for tuition paying students is.that just to point these out as part of.the tuition paying process is that an l.EA can enroll the non-resident once they.determine that there aren't any.additional residents on the waiting list.for that school additionally students.should be if they are trying to continue.through that school through the terminal.grade then the tuition means to have.been paid through July fifteenth prior.to the start of the next school year.also if the student is a tuition paying.student and they completed the final.greater than school they're not.guaranteed space at the feeder school so.they're already in an elementary school.and they want to go to that next middle.school they'll still have to go through.the same process of verifying that there.aren't any tuition paying students on.the roster and then if they can actually.attend the school and start paying.tuition there additionally solution.paying students can students who are.already enrolled enrolled in the school.as a resident and their status changes.they can actually decide to remain in.that school and become a tuition paying.student this means that they move from a.resident status to a non-resident sex.now exclusion so at times there are.instances where students are our tuition.payment they know and they stop their.payments the only the only authority.given and mrs. in the regulations is.that Aussie can exclude students.tuition paying students from schools for.non-attendance the to mission collection.process and again this is just a review.that first you have to check the.waitlist to ensure that there are no.residence on the waitlist that would.like to attend the school then a letter.is sent to the parent on so that they.can confirm and sign off on a tuition.agreement throughout the entire school.year parents will make that payment.directly to our fee and students will.once I he says that yes they have signed.the contract we are receiving payments.and that student is allowed to finalize.their enrollment and attend classes with.your ally yet if a student who was.commissioned pain actually moved into.the city what we need to do is ensure.that that student goes through the same.residency verification process but at.that time it's not just handled at the.school because I she is already involved.and we want to ensure that we're.following similar processes and.procedures and so I see will verify.their residency and that documentation.can be sent to offering so that we can.verify yes the student is no longer.tuition pain they are now a DC resident.and they're removed from tuition pain.status residency fraud so a lot of times.it will present itself for you and what.we wanted to do is just a brief overview.to go over what exactly is residency.fraud and it's important to note again.that we finally define what a DC.resident is and someone that's.established for physical presence and.provided that documentation so residency.fraud is where a student or an enrolled.and family will present themselves as.residents when they actually are not a.non-resident came into DC school only.affair tuition bank student and they.follow that process that was previously.identified so the process for residency.what if you think that there is.residency fought in the tip is submitted.what happens in our office is that will.verify their various systems to.double-check that that student isn't in.McKinney Vento database as student isn't.receiving to that planet for Medicaid.benefits and those are clear.distinctions that the student is.actually a DC resident so with that is.identified as a no then what we'll do is.request that documentation the residency.verification in the enrollment forms.from the school and that's when the.investigation has invented determination.is made and so documentation that.assists in for tests are the enrollment.forms the residency verification forms.and supporting documentation so you're.submitting tips what happens is that the.more information that we have the easier.it is to make a final determination in.determining if there is actually fraud.taking place or if there isn't fall.taking place until the more.documentation of that and just a couple.of questions that that come up in.regards to residency fraud and what what.we're looking from in the school is to.review those documents to ensure that.that students and enrolling families are.meeting the residency verification.requirements ensure that the person.that's enrolled in the student is.actually am a legal guardian a parent or.a primary caregiver and we know at times.there is always or sometimes there is a.family member that will present.themselves as not the caregiver but they.are DC resident and that would actually.be fraud but the school official.participates in residency fraud there is.there is a fine or imprisonment or.retroactive tuition that could happen in.those instances and so that is actually.determined at the end of the.investigation and a lot of times what we.do is is identify or say that there's.fraud on the face of the document and.what we're looking for when we say that.our documents that are out of day.documents that look like they have a lot.of white out clear copy marks that that.they look like they've just been.doctored up or they don't look to be.very truthful in their presentation and.so this is just the investigation.process and what happens when those tips.come in when we determined that an.investigation for residency fraud needs.to take place so the final determination.for investigation if the investigation.was completed a couple of things can.happen we determined that the the.enrollment student or family they.actually are a DC resident and it was.closed there are non resident and so.they'll go through an administrative.review two ish it may be assessed in a.finding that a finding letter it sent to.the enrolling parent guardian or.caregiver sometimes during the.investigation has found that the family.or this student was actually homeless.and at times there are non-responsive.parents where the tuition collection.process is immediately triggered then.there are two methods to submit.residency fraud tips and there's a fraud.hotline it's important that you have the.information that additional information.just saying I think a student doesn't.live in DC you don't have the name or.the school is it helpful so if you call.the hotline they'll try and get.additional information from you then.there's also the fraud form and we.should try and use that same the same.information because it is very.beneficial when completing these fraud.tips and a review of the updates so a.lot of the updates that came from the.regulations that come down into the.practice that's going to take place for.this residency verification season is.the definition of a DC resident.residency for various custody agreements.for formal and informal and they.as long as one of the custodial parent.physical or legal custody for more or.informal has or is a bona fide DC.resident and that student is also seen.as at DC resident also one of the new.ones is the electronic residency using.information from Department Human.Services or the officer tax and revenue.and growth students must be established.residency if the residency changes after.October fifth adult students or minor.parents can establish residency using.the parent that they live with using the.same documentation home visit forms and.tuition paying students that are.delinquent 90 days or more may be.excluded from attending based or.non-payment so for review this is form.one is used for all students.specifically pre-k 38 pre-k for students.any new student to your le a and any.student that chooses to Matt.electronically bear upon perform one is.going to look exactly almost exactly.like last year's forum dear for the.school year 1617 then there's form two.if the family is returning to your le a.they are not a pre-k 3 or pre-k for.family and they want to electronically.consent that we can verify their.residency using our data sharing.agreements with other DC agencies on.three four and five are used for primary.caregiver sworn statement attestations.you clean those once before on they.haven't changed in the updates in form 3.which is separated out from the vcr.deform form 67 and form 6 and 7 or for.the home visitation so there's the.consent form and the residency.verification form and formate is the.mckinney-vento their confidential.referral form and again this form issues.internally for the school I want to.thank you for joining the overview or.you an overview of residency.verification all of the slides arm that.were presented on the live training on.March twentieth are also on the website.for office of enrollment and residency.at the Aussie website if you have any.questions or concerns please feel free.to contact me clarity the Edwards I'm.the lead compliance officer and I am.assisting or leading the charge in this.residency verification process thank you.

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Osse Dc Residency Verification Form FAQs

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It depends on the purpose. If you’re doing so to be considered an in-state candidate for a UC or Cal State university, you need to have filed your taxes in California. Or if you’re under 24 - your parents will have needed to have filed their taxes in California. The year of record for students entering college in 2018 is 2016 - so the tax return will have had to have been filed for the 2016 tax year.

How long do you have to live somewhere to be a resident?

Are you perhaps asking about being a resident of a U.S. state? This varies somewhat from state to state, but in general you are a resident of a state if you live there and don’t claim to be a resident of another state. For most purposes you don’t have to live in a state for any extended period of time. It’s a little more complicated than that. You do need to establish a residence (house or apartment) and have documentation of your residence (this also varies but almost always includes such things as a drivers’ license, voter registration card, house contract or rental agreement, bank account, ut Continue Reading

How do I establish residency in DC?

Over 180 days of residency. A google search and contact with the state will give you the rules. Enjoy your life here in Alabama. After my 43 years in the DC METRO it's a welcome and astonishing lower cost of living. Plus the people and outdoors, fishing etc, farmers markets and low crime is great. Also, it's really easy to get a concealed carry permit. People are really nice down here.

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