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hi welcome to this first session.in my class on accounting now when i.look at accounting from the outside and.many accountants will disagree with me.i think it's a role of accounting to.first check transactions and make sure.that the transactions that are being.recorded actually happened.to record those transactions in a.consistent manner and then to report.them in ways that we can understand.what's being reported.i don't think it's a role of accountants.to forecast the future.or value businesses or assets and as i.said many accountants disagree with me.on this.bluntly put i think accountants are.historians.their job is to record what's already.occurred not predict the future.so i'm going to take that perspective.and think about the three big questions.that i want accounting statements to.answer for me.and as we go through these statements.you can decide for yourself.whether they do a good job an average.job or a bad job in answering these.questions.when i look at any business small or.large public or private.here are the three questions i need.answers to first.what do you own as a business what do.you own what are your assets.and what you know when did you buy them.how much are they worth now.second what do you owe after all as a.business you might borrow money.i need to know how much you owe third.how much money did you make last year.now you can talk about this as earnings.or cash flows.but basically i need to know whether.you're a money making business a money.looking.losing business or a business that's.just treading water.what do you own what do you owe how much.money did you make.simple questions right but questions.that we need answers to.and there are three statements that.accountants use to try to convey these.answers.there might be others but these are the.three primary statements.the first is a balance sheet a balance.sheet done right should record what a.company already owns.and what it owes at that point in time.and because it reports what it owns and.what it owes it will give you an.estimate of what the equity or ownership.stake in this business is worth at this.point in time.that's a balance sheet then you've got.an income statement.the objective and an income statement to.answer the question how much money did.you make.defined through the accounting.perspective of accounting earnings.so in an income statement you record.what you did over a period.what you sold what it cost you and how.much money you made during the period.and finally there's a statement of cash.flows.at least on the face of it the objective.of a statement of cash flows is trivial.it's to explain why your cash balance.changes over the year and by how much.but in reality.a statement of cash flows it was a.recording of cash in.and cash out how much cash you brought.in as a business how much cash went.out and what the difference is balance.sheets income statements.statements of cash flows now we're going.to come back and take a deeper look at.each of these but let's at least get a.big picture perspective and what's on.each of these statements.let's start with the balance sheet.you've got assets you've got libraries.on the asset side broadly speaking.accountants categorize your assets.first into fixed assets in accounting.terminology often.physical assets go in your land building.equipment machinery.assets which have a life of many years.fixed assets.then you got current assets current.assets have a shorter life.life less than a year inventory accounts.receivable.cash is sometimes thrown in you then you.got financial assets these might be.investments you made in other companies.stocks or bonds that you might own as a.company financial assets.and then at least broadly speaking you.have intangible assets.now if you're not an accountant you're.saying that makes sense you've got brand.name and technology.as we will see an accounting definition.of intangible assets might be very.different from your definition in my.definition.that's the asset side of the balance.sheet on the library of the side of the.balance sheet.you got current libraries things you owe.in less than a year accounts payable.supplier credit.debt that's coming due before the next.year is up.and you got long-term debt you could.take the form of bank loans corporate.bonds.then you've got other liabilities these.are things that accountants worry might.hang over the.pension fund obligations health care.obligations.depending on where you are in the world.different things can show up here.and finally of equity equity in a.balance sheet becomes a plug variable it.explains the difference between assets.and non-equity libraries.the balance sheets objective is to show.what you own.and what you owe at a point in time.let's move on to the income statement.income statements generally start with.revenues what you get when you sell the.products or service you have as a.company.from that you net out the cost of goods.sold these are the costs directly.associated with producing the products.and services you sell.get gross profit gross profit measures.the profitability of overall production.what you've sold as products and.services.but you might have other operating.expenses that are not directly related.to producing those products or services.but indirectly they need to be there.marketing expenses general and.administrative expenses.these are operating expenses not.directly related to production but they.get subtracted out to get to operating.profit that measures the profitability.of the overall business.from that you subtract out financial.expenses sounds fancy.but if you borrowed money you've got.interest expenses you might have other.financial expenses you net them out.and then you mop up to the extent that.you might have non-operating assets.investments in other companies cash and.marketable securities.the income from those show up below the.operating profit line.you get a taxable income in most parts.of the world you're going to get taxed.on it.you pay your taxes you get net income.we'll talk.more about the accounting constructs.that go into producing an income.statement but an income statement's.objective stands a question how much.money did you make last year.viewed with the accounting definition of.making money which is accounting.earnings.and then you get to the statement of.cash flows in many ways and i'm going to.repeat this statement.as i go through this class it is the.most honest of the accounting statements.in what sense well accounting rules.can't change cash in and cash out and.broadly speaking accounting statements.of cash flows.are broken into three groups at the top.you usually get cash flow from.operations.starts with net income but basically.these are the cash flows associated with.changes in working capital.and you add back any expenses you might.have as a company that are non-cash.i don't want to be mysterious but things.like depreciation amortization.so that's the first stop is to stop and.ask what are my cash flows from.operations.second stop in a statement of cash flows.is to look at cash flows from investing.how much do you invest in capital.expenditures.land building equipment machinery if you.did acquisitions and you paid with cash.it's going to show up here.it's cash flows from investing and you.might even have.side items like investing in financial.assets.cash flows and operations cash flows and.investing.the third and final stock is cash flows.from financing.broken into two groups there's that cash.flows from debt will be new debt you.raise cash flows to debt will be.repayments of old debt.short term as well as long term but you.also have cash flows from and to equity.cash flows from my equity would be new.stock you issue if you're a publicly.traded company.or new equity you raise as a private.company cash flows to equity can take.the form of dividends.maybe even buybacks if you're a public.company or if you're a private company.the cash you take out as the owner of.the company.cash flows from operations cash flows.from from investing cash flows from.financing.one of the features of the statement of.cash flows when we come back and talk.about this the cash flows preserve their.signs.positive cash flows are shown as pluses.negative cash flows are shown as minuses.that's why i call it the most honest of.the financial statements.now if you aggregate all those cash.flows.you're going to get a change in your.cash balance.put broadly if you have lots of cash.flows and operations you don't invest.much and you don't give back much to.debt holders equity investors your cash.balance will go up.but you have very low cash flows from.operations you're reinvesting a lot.and you have lots of debt payments your.cash balance will go down.income statement balance sheet statement.of cash flows.now these are not three independent.statements because choices you make on.one will affect the other.in what sense what you show as.depreciation amortization is an expense.in your income statement gets added back.in your statement of cash flows.in fact the statement of cash flows.shows changes.from year to year in the balance sheet.what do i mean by that.if you've invested more in fixed assets.your balance sheet will show the larger.fixed assets.but the change in the fixed assets will.show up as a capital expenditure in your.cash flow statement.so what you see are three statements.that are interconnected.and to make sense of a company you have.to read all three statements.and look for the interconnections now.along the way you have to understand.how accountants think accountants love.rules.it's a rule-driven process and over time.these rules have been formalized.and you can read the accounting rules do.it when you need to go to sleep quickly.because they're incredibly boring and.incredibly detailed.but there's a reason why they've been.formalized first is you need to.standardize the process so when i look.at 10 companies i'm not relearning.accounting with each one so i can.compare across companies.the second is accounting has its own.principles sometimes it violates its own.principles.and the rules are written to make sure.those principles get forward.it's a rule-driven process and broadly.speaking there are two sets of rules you.would see out there among most publicly.traded companies.u.s companies are governed by gaap.generally accepted accounting principles.they've been around a while they get.changed and adapted and modified over.time.and most international companies are.covered by ifrs.international financial reporting.standards now before we make a big deal.about two accounting.standards i have to tell you i've seen.these two.converge over time they share a lot more.in common and they're different.and much of the world is now under.international accounting rules.30 or 40 years ago this was not true.today if you open up the financial.statements for companies around the.world they share a lot more in common.than they have as differences there are.parts of the world where you've got to.be cautious accounting rules can be.different.and there might be some accounting rules.where there are differences across.regions.but we are at a point in time where we.have more in common than we have.different.so the bottom line the raw material that.we need to do financial analysis comes.almost.always in the form of financial.statements those financial statements.are prepared by accountants.so you might not like to do it i.certainly don't.but you have to learn to think like.accountants when you go through those.accounting statements.i'm going to say something that sounds.mean but i mean rather than ask.does this make sense ask yourself.does it make a counting sense the two.don't have to be the same.but you have to understand how.accountants think the challenge is.accounting keeps shifting over time i.talked about the fact that i don't think.it's the accountant's job to forecast.the future and value assets.well guess what accounting has been.overtaken by what is called broadly.fair value accounting and accounting is.trying to do exactly what i said it.should not.and as we go through the financial.statements i'll talk about the problems.that get created for the users of.accounting statements.because accountants try to do too much.so across the next few sessions we're.going to go through the financial.statements.and we're going to take a look at what.accountants do right and what they can.do better.and keep in mind that as we go through.this.our end game is to ask the big questions.about companies.i hope you found this session useful and.i look forward to seeing you.in the next session.

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