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Student Statement Form Demand Assistance

hi welcome to Eng vid I'm Adam in.today's video I'm going to talk to you.about writing a personal statement now a.personal statement is one of the.documents that you will have to submit.to a university when you're applying for.admission they're not all schools wanted.but most schools do want some form of.written document from you to apply with.now personal statement is just one type.of document but that's the type I'll.talk about today I'll mention the other.types but that will be a separate video.for them because there's a different.approach to each one so before you do.before you start writing your personal.statement you have to be ready now what.this means is you can't write a personal.statement the night before you can't.write it a week before some people spend.anywhere from six months to a year.preparing their personal statement now.personally I don't think you need a year.you just need to work hard for a while.but you need more than a week okay.there's a lot of work to do I'm gonna.show you some of the things you need to.keep in mind we're gonna look at six.different things you need to understand.about the personal statement but this is.such an important document such an.important piece of paper that you have.to spend time on it you have to know.what's involved okay.so we're going to start with that first.of all know the parameters now what does.this mean I've seen lots of people have.seen lots of examples of personal.statements where the people did not get.onto the school's website and find out.what they actually need to do they.didn't look at the instructions they.didn't look at the limits they didn't.look at anything they just started.writing a personal statement okay what.they didn't understand is what font size.can you use usually the school will tell.you they will give you some instructions.about what you can and can't do okay.if you think oh I don't have enough to.write I'll use a 14 font of size 14 font.to fill up the pages but okay the the.admissions committee the people who read.this they will see a 14 font garbage.you're done you're not getting into this.school they didn't even read one word.yet they saw you couldn't follow.instructions you obviously can't be a.good student.goodbye okay no the font no the spacing.do they want double spaced or single.spaced some of them don't care they they.say you can write double or a single but.make sure you know if they want double.spaced send them double spaced personal.statement if they want single make it.single some of them will tell you how.the margins they want one inch each side.they want two inches on the top and.bottom one inch on each side make sure.you format your personal statement the.way they want it if you don't it means.you can't follow instructions and this.is for a personal statement how are you.gonna do when your teachers give you.instructions right you can't follow.these basic instructions you won't.follow your teachers instructions they.don't want you to school you're done.they haven't even read your personal.statement yet now very very important.some of them will give you a word limit.some of them will say no more than a.thousand words some will say no more.than 1250 words some of them will say.900 words make sure you know what the.limit of words is now they might not.give you a word limit they might give.you a character limit character means.like each letter and space and period.and comma each one of these is a.character a 900 character is usually.includes spaces so make sure when you're.fine when your final draft is ready you.do not have more than 900 characters now.again.don't say they're counting each one make.sure you do this on word or some sort of.word processor that can count for you.okay and you can look at the top of the.tabs in word for example and they'll.there'll be a place that says word count.they'll also also show you character.count make sure you don't go over your.limit some of them will just give you a.page limit no more than two.double-spaced pages okay no more than.one single spaced page that's almost the.same thing but again know how much you.need to write don't go beyond it if.they're giving you two pages don't write.half a page if they're giving you one.page don't write a page and a half.generally I say anywhere between a page.and a quarter to a page and a half.should be enough that's usually the.standard.but again every school will have their.own instructions make sure you know what.they want make sure you give them what.they want okay now some of them will.just say write a personal statement.basically why do you want to come to.this school or why do you want to join.this program others will give you a very.specific question okay if they give you.a question make sure you answer that.question.make sure that you build your you.construct or organize your personal.statement around that question if you.ignore the question your again you're.ending up in the rejection file you're.not getting admitted now keep in mind.the personal statement is not the only.thing they're looking at but if you have.very good grades very good.extracurricular activities very good.volunteering but you still have a.terrible personal statement all those.things might not help you on the other.hand if you have so-so grades and so so.everything else but your personal.statement is like amazing that could.actually get you into university very.important document okay and sometimes.you will have everything the same though.let's say there's five seats in that.class you know in a particular course.there are 10 people each of them have.basically the same grades the same.experience the same volunteer experience.etc what's gonna make the difference.between who gets in and who doesn't the.personal statement okay don't.underestimate the value of this document.now the next thing and this is where a.lot of people make a mistake do they.actually want a personal statement okay.or do they want a statement of intent or.a statement of purpose called both ways.do they want an essay do they want a.personal statement of intent make sure.you understand what it is they're asking.for a personal statement and a statement.of intent are not the same thing okay.this the way you write this and the way.you write this are different okay that's.why I said I'll make a different video.for the statement of intent because.right now we're just concentrating on.the personal statement so let's take.this question and go to the next step so.what.talking about a personal statement what.is the first thing you have to notice.about personal statement first thing you.have to notice is that they want a.person it's personal.okay what they don't want to know is.they don't want to know what are you.they want to know who are you they want.to see the person they want to see the.personality okay they want to see the.person is going to be coming into their.classrooms and interacting with other.students interacting with faculty.interacting with school staff somebody.who can lead somebody who can work hard.and succeed and go on to give the school.a good reputation once they enter the.working world so they want to see a.person now what does this mean they want.to know your personality they want to.know what have you done or that shows.who you are they don't want to know.what's on your transcript they see your.transcripts they know what's on your.transcripts don't tell them that in the.personal statement again you can take.out highlights I was in the top 3% of my.class in whatever sure that's not on.your transcript necessarily but don't.tell them I took this this on that.course and I got A's and everything yeah.they know they can see your transcript.don't tell them that here they don't.want to see a student they want to see a.person okay and I'll say that many times.if you're if you have to submit a CV or.a resume don't tell them what you've.done in terms of work or volunteer.experience they can see it in the resume.they can see it in the CV show them the.person don't show them the worker show.them the person don't show them the.student okay.all of that they have other documents.for again all they want to see is the.person now you're asking okay yeah I.understand you're you've said it enough.times but I can tell you that I can I've.set it to people ten times and they.still didn't do it very very important.to make sure they see a person okay.they want to see uniqueness they want to.see some sort of imagination.okay they want to see creativity if you.go online if you do a Google search or.Bing or Yahoo or whatever.search engine you use and you just put.personal personal statement samples the.internet is full of them.read some of these you will read.examples of what not to do and you will.read examples of what to do I once read.a sample of a girl who got into all the.Ivy League schools.how does she organize her personal.statement she basically put all her.information into a story about going to.Costco for those of you who don't know.Costco is a huge supermarket and the.stays in Canada and everywhere she.compared her life and she compared her.academic career and her work experience.to a shopping trip to Costco now you're.saying well that's a little bit strange.yeah it is a little bit strange but it.worked and what what did it show the.most that she was thinking outside the.box so this is very important think.outside the box be creative be original.be fresh the people who are gonna be.reading your statement they're gonna be.sitting in a room they're gonna have a.stack of statements okay it's extremely.boring work but they have to do it and.the more boring your personal statement.the more average it is the more bland it.is the more unoriginal it is the more.tired you're making them and a little.bit more angry you're making them don't.make them angry give them something.fresh wake them up.as soon as you've woken them up you've.already have you already have an.advantage in your admissions process.okay very very important be a person.don't be a student don't be a worker now.I'm gonna talk a bit more about how you.should do this especially the.introduction paragraph is super.important we're gonna talk about that.soon enough okay so now as I mentioned.time right so your next step is to plan.now you have to plan your you have to.plan your overall approach to the.personal statement so what you have to.do is you have to find your theme or.your arc this is an arc basically right.so this is your what your what is.holding your whole personal.together and then all the information is.gonna come under this under the arc and.it's all connecting to one central idea.and that's why I also call it a theme.like if you're into sports.that could be your theme if you're a.refugee from somewhere and you're.looking for a better life and you're.looking for a second chance that your.theme or another way to look at it is.you're in the one thing that lets you.into the story and then you build your.story from there right very very.important to have this theme you're not.gonna just list down random information.you're gonna tell a story okay and.that's what you're looking for you're.looking for the plot of you the story of.who you are and you're going to present.that to the admissions committee the.people are reading it again I can't.stress this enough take time to do it.and you'll be surprised I've had lots of.help lots of students writes personal.statements okay and it's amazing to me.like they always send me their first.draft and I always almost always send.them back an email and I say yeah we're.gonna have to start from the beginning.because you're not doing what a personal.statement is you're not telling me a.story you're giving me facts a lot of.the facts which I can get from your.other documents okay so we're gonna.start from scratch and what I do is I.create a list of questions for for them.and what you can do is create a list of.questions for yourself but be very broad.with your questions okay make sure you.ask ask all the who what when where how.which etc why why do you want to come to.this school why do you want to study.this when did you know you want to study.this so you're applying for example to.medical school okay why are you applying.to medical school why do you want to be.a doctor.did somebody push you to be a doctor did.you ever have an experience at a meta at.a doctor's office when you came out you.said you know what this is what I want.to be this is what I want to do with my.life what is that point in your life.that that light bulb switched on and you.realize this is what you want to study.if you're going into business why why do.you want to go into business do you want.to be rich okay good you're not going to.say that on your personal statement you.what you can say is why do you want to.be rich do you want to make lots of.money so that you.help poor people you want to make lots.of money so you can control the world do.you want to be president always ask one.more question whatever your answer is go.a little bit more what again very.important I want you to dig deep into.yourself don't be afraid of asking.yourself these questions okay now when I.help students write the personal.statement I send them minimum 15.questions sometimes 30 questions and I'm.not going to use all the answers in the.personal statement I'm not going to ask.them to you do that.but I want them to think I want them to.find that little piece of information.that little piece of their history to.build a story around okay I want them to.find their theme okay.ask non-typical questions so I don't say.why do you want to be a doctor okay.obviously that's a question you need to.think about but I want you to think why.do you want to help people.why does seeing somebody sick become.unsick make you feel good how does it.make you feel good what situation what.example what experience in your life has.helped you understand that feeling about.yourself okay lots of questions give.non-typical answers to typical questions.even if you're in your list of questions.you have very typical questions why do.you want to go to this school look for.non-typical answers why do you want to.go to MIT well yeah it's the best.technical school in the world but why.MIT why this particular school there are.lots of good technical schools well MIT.has on campus they have this particular.building where you can do this that and.that be very very specific with your.answers now all the details you're going.to collect are going to help you come up.with your theme with your arc the one.thread that goes through all this.information and connects it all together.the one thing that helps you create a.story okay because again they have your.transcript they have your CV they want.to know who you are as a person okay.think of it like this when you get to.university you're gonna meet lots of new.people you're gonna meet new classmates.new teachers new people who are not your.classmates but go to your school and.your dormitory you'll meet them at the.cafeteria or whatever your gonna start.interacting with people people are going.to find want to know who are you do I.want to be friends with you why do I.want to be friends with you well tell.them here tell them in the personal.statement make the admissions committee.people want to be friends with you.because you're a special person okay.and don't think sorry one last point.before I go on everybody thinks they're.special which is fine everybody is.special but if everybody is special.nobody is special right so don't assume.that everybody is basically different.and you're the one special one okay.another thing that a lot of people.forget and I forgot to mention this.before - you're not the only one.applying the admissions committee is.reading a lot of these things what makes.you stand out okay what makes you.different from the other people so I had.one student she was applying to a.program that on average every year they.had 700 people applying 700 applicants.for 25 seats in the program so one of.the questions I asked her what makes you.better or what makes you more qualified.or what makes you a better candidate.than seven then 675 other people okay.that's what she had to think about and.come up with an answer as best she could.and then we walked we worked through it.and got her theme okay now you have your.plan you have your theme you're ready to.go are you going to start the research.in the school not yet you can start.thinking about your introduction all the.other details will come later because I.want you to establish your theme I want.you to establish your story that's.happening in the introduction okay.the introduction is what is going to.make or break your personal statement.this is where you catch the reader's.attention you hold it and make them want.to go on.read the other important information so.you need a hook.you need that first sentence to just.grab there the reader's attention and.hold it and that comes in the first.sentence now I've seen lots of personal.statements whether somebody says my name.is Bill Smith and I want I really want.to go to your school no terrible.sentence why hey they have your whole.application package they know your name.they know you want to apply to this.school because you sent an application.they know you want to go here.don't tell them the obvious you're.writing a story grab their attention.give them something unique okay.I had one help one person write a.statement I found out she liked sports.that was her hook we started straight.with the sports analogy what makes.successful people successful in sports.it's their ability to win it's their.ability to play in a team and to.strategize to have a target and work.hard to reach it again I'm obviously.paraphrasing here but that's the key.point we use sports as her theme sports.is a very good theme by the way if.you're into sports but again if you're.gonna use sports make sure that your CV.has a lot of sports stuff on it she was.on to university teams so it was very.good I think she was captain of one and.won a championship with the other now.what should you not do so again don't.state your name don't state your.hometown don't state your area of study.my name is Bill Smith I'm from Florida.and I study economics they know all that.don't waste words and time in your.personal statement now if any of this.information is part of your story let's.say your name is uh you have some.strange name in from your country let's.say you know non-english speaker your.name in your country is a regular.everyday name but when you come to.America your name is very strange okay.or has a different meaning so that name.is part of what shapes your personality.it's part of what your experience as a.person then yes.talk about your name but again don't say.my name is make sure that that name has.linked to your overall personality and.your overall goals.same with hometown if you're from a.country like if you're a refugee from a.country then yeah you can say I'm from.this place and I had to run away from.here to start a new life here and this.is why I'm applying etc if it's if this.information is relevant to the story of.who you are use it if it's not leave it.out if it's just plain information they.don't need it they already have it okay.and even if it is part of your story try.to incorporate it a little bit later in.the essay in the body or if it's central.then yeah use it in the introduction as.well don't state your interest in the.school again you applied they know okay.now I I shouldn't have to say this but I.do have to say it.don't flatter them I'm applying to your.school because you guys are the best in.the world and you have the best teachers.and the best graduates and I want to be.a part of that they don't need to know.that they know they know how good they.are yes you can mention rankings you can.mention how good the state-of-the-art.equipment and the reputation in the body.don't do it in the introduction.don't flatter them don't fawn so want.too much you want to go to MIT it's such.a great school I'm you guys love you.guys you're the best no they don't need.to know any of that they know they're.the best that's why you're applying.there do not beg I really really need to.come to your school because if I don't.my parents will kill me they don't care.and you're not getting into this school.because that if that's your main reason.for coming here you're not gonna be a.good student you're coming here because.you have something to offer them don't.make it like they have something to give.you it's always about you helping the.school not the other way around okay the.school needs to want you to come there.because why because you have something.to offer you will you're a leader you're.gonna make your classmates work harder.you have fresh ideas you're going to.help everybody be.if you're saying I want to come there I.want to improve my English I want to get.the best degree in the world I want to.make lots of money.you're not getting into this program.okay.don't plead which basically means the.same as beg please please please don't.explain anything if you had a bad score.in one of your grades don't explain it.in the introduction you can bring it up.later as part of the story it could be.like I had somebody in my family passed.away or somebody in my family became.really sick and I had to take care of.them which is why this particular class.III did badly in because I didn't have.time to study but then after everything.was resolved you'll notice that my marks.went straight back up to A's so it was a.difficult time but it made me stronger.again take the bad make it into good but.don't give an excuse nobody wants.excuses they want results okay don't.justify anything don't say that all my.school isn't the best in the country but.my school doesn't have the best.reputation but I promise you that I'm a.very good and hard worker don't tell.them that show them that and we'll talk.about the show don't tell again don't.give excuses any of that stuff and I'm.just gonna mention very quickly whatever.your theme is and whatever your.introduction is make it in such a way.that when you get to your last paragraph.your conclusion paragraph you can.somehow tie it all together and make.like a nice tight circle and you have a.nice package a full complete story okay.so we know what a POS is we know what.our instructions are where you know how.to plan we have our introduction more or.less lined up we have our theme what's.next okay so now we're going to look at.the next couple of points now before I.go on the thing about the introduction.once you've more or less written it you.have your idea your theme you've put it.in into in a way that you can start your.essay you're a personal statement you're.not done with it it is not the final.draft this is just to get you an idea so.then you can go on to the next part.you're going to do research and this is.very very important I mean every step is.very important but this is super.important.because the school needs to know that.you know why you're applying to this.school the hope that makes sense they.don't want you to apply because you're.applying to every program in every.school in the country that offers it.you're applying to this program for a.reason now how are they going to.understand that you really want to come.to this program because you will know.what you're talking about when you're.applying you will do the research you.will read everything on the website.about the school and about the program.you're not gonna read the pages of the.other faculties because it's not.important but about the school in.general about the students about the.general place itself the campus life.where it is why it's famous what's good.about it was bad about it and of course.everything about your area of study.you're gonna read about and you're gonna.read other things you're gonna read the.rankings okay where does this school.rank in the world or in the country for.this particular program you can read.reviews like what do X students say what.do other people say about this school.about this program you're gonna read.whatever news you can find about the.school in this program okay through all.throughout your research you're gonna.collect keywords now yes pay attention.what words keep coming up and when in.this particular school what words do you.see regularly on the website what words.do you see regularly when this program.is discussed right make a collection of.these you're gonna try to use some of.these words in your personal statement.that's how they know that you know what.you're talking about that's how they.know that you've done the research you.can say and a lot of people say this I.really want to go to your school because.you have state-of-the-art equipment and.you're world-famous really how do you.know that you can say that about more.schools these days right don't tell me.show me so this is a very key idea in.writing.don't tell me anything show me show me.that you understand show me that you.know something about the school don't.say oh yeah I know about your school.okay anybody can say that not everybody.can show that they know something get.those key words make sure you use them.if you're gonna talk about.state-of-the-art equipment or.state-of-the-art laboratories show me.that you have in a real concrete example.like this particular school has the new.whatever system put that into your.personal statement so they know that you.have done some research okay what is.their pride and joy okay when this.school promotes itself what's the thing.that they concentrate on the most what.makes them the most proud of themselves.what makes them very happy to talk about.themselves find that out make sure that.you incorporate that into your writing.okay again all you're doing is you're.showing them that you have done the.research and you have a real reason to.apply there it's not just because you're.applying to every school hoping to get.into one okay and never mention that.that's what you're doing if that's what.you doing incorporate all this into your.theme now you're not going to just.randomly throw all this information into.your personal statement you're going to.connect it to the part of the story that.is you okay how do these ideas how do.these keywords connect to your personal.story and again never forget even once.you're past the introduction never.forget that this is still a personal.statement this is still a story of who.you are and you're connecting yourself.to the school you're showing how your.story and the school story are.compatible okay that's what you're.trying to show them your story makes you.a good fit for this school that's why.you have something to offer them and of.course they have something to offer you.make sure that the relationship is clear.make sure that compatibility is clear.okay then once you have all this go back.to your introduction rewrite it in a way.that's going to set up the rest of the.information that's going to come in the.body of.personal statement make sure your.introduction is brief don't make it too.long don't give too many details brief.establish the hook establish the story.make it impressive and then get into the.details now one thing you can do once.you have your theme in the introduction.and you know all the things you want to.mention in your body then create a sort.of storyline that you can connect each.paragraph has a different point so this.is your main theme and then there's a.sub theme something something sub theme.sorry and then you can connect all the.information that you learned about the.school and all the information about.yourself into that sub theme into those.sub themes and the story let's say.you've done all this and again I'm.making it much simple than it is you.need to see a lot of sample statements.to know how to write them well I'm not.gonna talk to you about grammar I'm not.gonna talk to you about sentence.structures about vocabulary again.remember this is not an English test.this is a test to see your ability to.express yourself but again it's more.about showing who you are but having.said that when you finish writing it.okay that is your first draft you will.have many drafts you shouldn't submit.anything until you've gone at least four.or five six drafts deep okay you're.gonna rewrite you're gonna add it and.then you're gonna edit some more and.then you're gonna add it some more and.then you're gonna give it to a friend.that you trust or to a professional.somebody who you know can look at it and.see all the things that you missed and.give you feedback and then you're gonna.rewrite and then you're gonna add it.some more okay now you can have many.drafts by the end you should have zero.spelling mistakes zero grammar mistakes.zero punctuation capitalization word.usage zero mistakes anywhere because any.mistake shows carelessness and you don't.wanna be careless you want to be.meticulous you want to be perfect so.that they know that you took this very.seriously and you're going to put the.same effort into your studies at the end.of the day schools want to admit.students who will succeed because when.the student succeeds the school succeeds.when you graduate from the school and.you go get a good job and you start.making connections and networking all.over the place.and people ask you or where did you go.to school and you say oh I went to this.school this school looks good okay.that's what they want they want you to.be successful and then go promote them.because they made you successful okay.show them that you're not careless have.zero mistakes in it and again make every.single word work for you every word.should have a purpose and every sentence.should be saying something should be.moving the story along should be.creating a full picture of who you are.what you can offer to the school why you.think the school can offer you something.in return and the relationship you're.gonna have and ideally find someone you.trust someone who's good with the.language who's good at writing good with.English get them to put fresh eyes on.this thing you will read this thing a.hundred times 200 times mistakes you're.not gonna see them because you read it.so many times you know in your head what.should be there if it's not there you're.not gonna see it anymore get somebody.with fresh eyes to read it for you.give you feedback make corrections etc.and then again rewrite edit edit edit.don't be afraid to hire a professional.editor okay there are people there are.agencies that do only this again it.might not be very cheap but it's worth.it because this is basically the story.of you this is what the admissions.committee is going to decide your future.on this piece of paper okay or this.statement make sure it's perfect make.sure it's telling a story.make sure it's impressive now I'll give.you an example I helped a young woman.apply to medical school okay so she send.me her first draft and I again I told.her no we have to start from scratch.here's a list of questions answer me.from all the answers that she sent me I.wrote her I helped her write sorry a.completely new personal statement.because there was information in there.that was super valuable that she didn't.even think to include she didn't think.to include the sports that she was.participated in her grandmother was the.first woman to graduate from medical.school in her original country that is.very important to why because it shows.that you have a legacy to live up to it.shows that you come from a family where.education is very important it shows.that you're determined you want to live.up to your grandmother's reputation you.want to be the next in the line of.family members who accomplished.something it shows determination the.school the admitted missions committee.they want to see that you're determined.that you're motivated that you're going.to succeed this story helps them see.that because you have a reason to do it.right.she didn't even think to include this.originally I helped her include that in.her story so get somebody to give you.feedback it's very very important okay.now if you go to Ingrid comm there's a.quiz there although it's not really a.quiz it's more of a review of the main.steps you have to keep in mind go there.and so think of it as a checklist of.what you need to do when you're.preparing your a personal statement now.a lot of you who are watching this video.are not applying to university you're.not going to apply to university but.keep in mind that all the points made.here can and do apply to you if you're.applying to a job and you have to send a.CV or a resume and a cover letter the.cover letter is the same idea you have.to sell yourself you're not selling the.resume they will look at your resume.they will get all the details of your.experience the cover letter is where you.show them a person okay.treat it the same way as the personal.statement show them a person show them.why they want you okay why they need to.hire you why they would be losing if.they didn't hire you what can you offer.them and what can they offer you make.sure that relationship is clear and that.why that's why all of these notes apply.to lots of people out there okay.if you have any questions please go to.innovate again there's a comment section.you can also visit my website editor.proof comm you can find out more.information about what you need to do.with personal statement or if you need.some help with that if you liked the.video please subscribe to my channel on.YouTube and come again soon for more.good videos I'll see you then.

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