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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Filling out Dna Test Form How Does It Look Like Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Dna Test Form How Does It Look Like

youtube video

Instruction of Dna Test Form How Does It Look Like

hi everyone matt from useful charts here.today i'm going to show you how to do a.23andme DNA test i'm going to show you.how to take the sample and then i'm.going to show you an example of the.results page and show you what you can.expect to find there and what kind of.information you get and how to use that.information to learn something about.your family history.[Music].the first thing you need to do is order.one of these kits there's a link in the.description that you can use to go to.the website and I it depends on which.country you are in in Canada there's an.option to get some health information in.addition to the ancestry information but.in this video we're just going to be.talking about the ancestry portion so.once you order the kit they will send it.in the mail and it'll come to you like.this again.this is the Canadian version so that's.why there's French on there as well I.think in the America you will only get.it in English so when you get this box.be careful opening it because you need.to keep this box because you're going to.use it to return the sample to them they.already have a return label ready for.you.so we open the box and first of all.there's a little welcome message make.sure you keep this card they give you a.little space to write down the ID number.in case something happens and it gets.lost so you can write down the ID number.here I'll show you where that is and.keep this card for future reference and.then inside the box is another little.box a plastic box and inside here we.have the instructions and the first.thing they tell you to do is to register.the kit so go to the website and.register the kit you'll need to find the.serial number again I'll show you that.in a second so there's a little.biohazard bag where the samples going to.go in the end notice there's a little.piece of paper in here you have to keep.that in the bag that helps keep the.sample fresh so don't throw that away.and then we have the test tube itself.and this is just the cap we'll get to.that in a moment on the side of the tube.here is the registration number and.you're going to need that when you.register at that website and then you.can also write that number down on your.card here for your own reference okay so.this is the tube that you're going to.use to collect your sample now.don't be afraid you don't have to fill.up this whole tube with your saliva you.can see here you're actually gonna fill.from this dotted line to the solid line.so just a little bit of your saliva is.what you're going to do now the.important thing is you cannot eat for 30.minutes before you do this so the best.thing to do is to do it when you wake up.in the morning don't worry if your.breath is horrible no one's going to.judge you don't worry about it the best.time to do it because there's no food or.anything in your mouth I also don't.brush your teeth just start collecting.the samples right away so they say the.best thing you can do is just sit down.think about something tasty that you.like to eat so your mouth will start to.water some saliva will come and you spit.into the tube now you're probably gonna.have to spit several times so take your.time sit watch some TV get lots of.saliva going in your mouth spit wait.repeat repeat and you keep doing that.until it fills up to this line if.there's bubbles make sure that it's.fully liquid to up to this line the.bubbles don't count so the bubbles might.go up even more than that okay so you.have your saliva in the tube now the.next thing you do is you close this lid.now make sure you don't do this until.you're done and ready because inside the.top is the special liquid that's going.to mix with the specimen and when you.close the lid there's some little.notches here that break open this seal.and then the liquid goes down into the.tube and mixes with your saliva so once.you do that you close it the liquid will.go down then you can take this top off.and you use the little lid that they.gave you okay so now you have your.saliva sample in here then you put it in.the bag.again make sure you keep that little.piece of paper there and you can put it.back in the box again make sure you got.the number off of that you need that to.register you can also write it down on.this green piece of paper if you don't.get the number you don't know which one.is yours so make sure you write down.that number.okay so samples ready to go it's gonna.go back in there and then it's going to.go back inside the box and they even.give us a little sticker here that you.can peel that off so that you can seal.it nice and tight and you could put the.return address here and it's postage is.already paid for you go you put this in.any post-office box and it goes back to.them then you wait I think about four to.six weeks they'll send you an email.saying your results are ready so now.let's go and look at what the results.look like so when you click the link in.the email and enter your login details.you should end up on a landing page that.looks something like this if you don't.just click on the ancestry tab and you.should end up here so right away you're.going to see a summary of your ancestry.composition so here you can see that I.got 46.8% French and German 32% British.and Irish and 1% Spanish and Portuguese.now this is fairly close to what I was.expecting I've done quite a bit of.research into my family tree and I know.that most of the branches came to Canada.from Germany in about the year 1750 so I.was expecting German to come up number.one and it did I know that my maternal.grandmother side of the family came from.Ireland so I was expecting at least 25%.Irish and it looks like I ended up with.more than that there must be some other.British or Irish individuals.that intermarried into the other.branches of my family I do know that I.had a distant ancestor who was a.Sephardic Jew Sephardic Jews come from.Spain or Portugal so this 1% must be.related to that ancestor you'll notice.that these percentages don't add up to.100% I don't explain that in just a.moment so let's look at the more.detailed report so we click here view.your ancestry composition and it takes.us to a map and a table here on the left.that breaks things down further so my.ancestry is 100% European and that's why.you only see this part of the map.coloured if you have ancestry from other.parts of the world you're gonna see.those light up in color and they'll be.shown over here as well so again we see.French and German up here at the top.followed by British and Irish due to my.own research I know that this is.probably mostly German and this is.probably mostly Irish and here's a few.results I wasn't necessarily expecting.I've got a tiny bit of Scandinavian and.a tiny bit of Sardinian but I want to.point out these sections here at the.bottom broadly so it looks as though.14.8%.they called broadly north western.european now north western europe is.quite a large portion here so basically.what that means is those portions of my.DNA they weren't able to pinpoint it any.better than just this very broad.category so it's likely that this part.of my DNA probably fits back up here in.the German and that's why this number is.little lower than I had been expecting.but if you add this percentage into.there it bumps it up now you can go into.a little bit more detail if you click on.these down arrows and then view report.this is going to explore the French and.German ancestry a little bit more and if.we click here on Germany.it actually shows me the two regions.where it predicts that my ancestors.would have come from and based on my own.research I know that a lot of my family.did come from this area here so this is.to be expected not quite sure about this.but it's all very interesting and if we.click on France I does kind of the same.thing here so this makes sense because I.had ancestors in this area here not too.sure about this but again it's all very.interesting now I'm gonna go back to the.ancestry composition page and show you.all the tested populations that 23andme.tests so this will give you a better.idea of what your results might contain.now I should point out a very important.fact at this point the more people that.take the 23andme test the more accurate.these results will get so even if you do.it now if you check your results again.after one year or two years you might.actually see that your results have.changed slightly and they've become even.more accurate initially 23andme mostly.had some great information for those.with European ancestry but as more and.more people take the test you'll see.here at a moment that they're able to.break down into a lot more categories as.well so I'm just going to scroll down.here through the list so you can see the.various countries and parts of the world.that they are able to detect if you did.have ancestors from those areas so these.are all the various European areas you.can see there's a lot of Eastern.European areas as well also if your.ancestors were Ashkenazi Jewish that's.going to come up here and we can go down.and see lots of other European areas as.well and then the big broadly sections.but let me show you the rest of the.world as well because that might.apply to you so if you are from Asia or.you have Native American ancestors.23andme will detect Chinese ancestry.Filipino Indonesian and you can see that.it can actually even break it down a.little bit Japanese Korean and then for.Native American you can notice that it's.mostly Central American and South.American so if you're Native American.from the US or First Nations Canadian I.believe that's just going to show up as.a broadly Native American category so.let's keep going here you can see that.Fiji has its own category South Asian.it's going to be able to tell the.difference between Indian and Sri Lanka.and and so forth then it's got a big.section for sub-saharan African so if.you're African American you might see.some results here and you will be able.to tell what part of Africa your.ancestors came from so like I said this.section is going to get even more.detailed in future as more and more.people take the test keep going down.here you then get to the Middle Eastern.section which includes North Africa much.of the Arab world Western Asia here is.basically the Middle East and then of.course there's a category here at the.bottom for unassigned and that means.they just can't pinpoint that part of.your DNA you'll notice here that there's.a button where you can download the raw.data this is important because there are.several sites that allow you to upload.the information and they will give you.their interpretation of the results as.well as potentially link you to family.members so for example the site my.heritage allows you to upload your DNA.you don't have to do the DNA test for.them if you've done it through 23andme.you can upload your data there and use.their database to find relatives I'll.note that ancestry.com does not allow.you to do that they require you to.take their test so I'm gonna go back up.here to the top and we'll go back to the.main ancestry page and see what else we.can learn if one of your primary.interests is in meeting potential.relatives you're gonna find this section.very interesting if we click on find.your matches it's going to give us a.list of potential relatives now let me.point out that your results don't.automatically become public you can opt.in or opt out of sharing with others so.that they can find you if you opt out.nobody's gonna see you on the result.page if you opt in cousins and other.relatives can find you so for privacy.purposes I've blocked the names of my.relatives here you can see that one of.my sons took the test so he shares about.50% of my DNA which is to be expected.and then I've got two second cousins it.shows here the amount of DNA we share.the amount of segments in our DNA and.then a bunch of second to third cousins.and if you keep going down it'll go to.fourth and fifth and so forth so using.this page you can click on any one of.those individuals and it gives you the.ability to message them and to look at.their ancestry in more detail let's go.back to the main ancestry page there's a.section here on Neanderthal ancestry.that's kind of fun it says here that I.have 284 Neanderthal variants and that.is more than 64 percent of 23andme.customers so I'm a little bit more.neanderthal than average and in all of.these sections that we're looking at you.can get a bunch of additional.information we'll explain everything in.more detail to you but we'll go back to.the main page and see what else you get.the final thing is haplogroups I'll do a.separate video on haplogroups.in the future explaining what those are.and why they're important to your.ancestry but for now know that if you.are female you are only going to get.maternal haplogroup results if you're.male you're going to get a maternal and.a paternal.if you're female you can find out your.paternal haplogroup through a male.relative basically what a maternal.haplogroup is that this is not.representing your entire maternal side.of the family.this is strictly giving information.about your mother's mother's mother's.mother's mother's mother's mother and so.forth.going back strictly mother to mother to.mother and a mother as far back as you.can go it's going to tell you where that.line originally came from and the same.thing with the paternal haplogroup this.is not information about your father's.side of the family in general this is.strictly your father's father's father's.father's father all the way back as far.as they can go where did that line come.from so keep in mind that these are only.two lines out of thousands in your.family tree so if you look at your.paternal haplogroup and it says you came.from such-and-such part of the world.that doesn't mean that all your.ancestors came from there it just means.that your father's father's father's.father did so if we click here it tells.me that my paternal haplogroup is our z1.56 and from other research I know that.this is a subdivision of r1b which is.nothing to fancy because it happens to.be the most common paternal haplogroup.for those with Western European ancestry.I think almost 50% of people from.Western Europe are going to get this.result but it does give you some.interesting information about the.timeline of that particular line and I.will point out this here it says you.share a paternal line ancestry ancestor.with king louis xvi now a lot of people.misunderstand this they think oh wow i'm.closely related to the house of Borbon.and the french monarchy or they say that.they're a descendant of King Louie no.that's not what this means it means that.King Louie and I and what it doesn't say.is half of Western Europe all share a.common ancestor from 10,000 years ago so.don't get too excited about that I will.note that I am planning to do a video.soon about how to find royal ancestors.so if you're interested in that you'll.want to check out that video so let's go.back up to the top and the last thing.I'll show you is the maternal haplogroup.so it says here my maternal haplogroup.is you for a and if you google.haplogroup you for a you're gonna get.lots more information about that and.again we get a nice little timeline here.that explains more information and all.of these pages that we've been looking.at give you lots of references where you.can research in more detail and there's.also you know really good explanations.of how they get all this information so.that was just a quick look at how to do.the 23andme test and what kind of.information you can get from it I find.it is helpful in confirming whether the.research that you've done is accurate.and it also puts you in touch with some.relatives that might be able to help.with certain parts of your family tree.that you're having trouble with if.you're interested in taking the 23andme.test I put a link in the description.that you can use if you find the topic.of DNA testing interesting and you want.to learn more let me know in the.comments if people are interested I.could also do a video about the ancestry.DNA kit and some of the other companies.that are out there thanks for watching.you.

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How does DNA work? Like how does it store information in coded form and how does it give instructions to cells?

Dna is made up of pentose sugar and nitrogenous base. In dna,sequence of nitrogenous bases provide information about amino acids, by which proteins are synthesis. For ex , AUG codes for amino acid methionine ,which is arrangement of rna formed from dna through transcription.

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