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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Cbp Form 7401 Online

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The Definite Guide to Cbp Form 7401

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Instructions regardingCbp Form 7401

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had its own president when.we built her Capitol at Austin we built.it big like the one at Washington.Texas begins where Mexico leaves all and.nowadays along the whole thousand miles.of frontier the Border Patrol's on the.job day and night in the 1950s a number.of migrants crossing from Mexico spiked.and the Eisenhower administration.responded with an initiative officially.known as operation [ __ ] named after a.racist slur used to describe Mexican.migrants over 1 million people were.deported and Border Patrol enforcement.activities plummeted that is until the.70s.amid the flow of illegal drugs from.Mexico the number of deportations.skyrocketed to the highest levels in.decades since then illegal crossings.have increased and the Border Patrol has.continued to be scrutinized for.allegations of mistreatment toward.migrants the US Customs and Border.Protection has launched an investigation.into a secret Facebook group where.thousands of Border Patrol agents posted.sexist memes and joked about migrant.deaths according to ProPublica the group.had about 9,500 members we take all the.posts that were put out today very.seriously these do not represent the.thoughts of the men and women of the.u.s. Border Patrol.so who joins the Border Patrol today.about 19,000 men and women actively.serve in the Border Patrol.only 5% of the agency is female the.biggest gender gap of any agency in the.federal government more than half of the.19,000 active Border Patrol agents are.Hispanic.a lot of our agents who are Hispanic.grew up on the southwest border.so they grew up around Border Patrol.agents we are honored that over half of.the bore control agents are a minority.served as the majority in the board.patrol they want to protect and serve.the communities where they grew.and where they're from so how are Border.Patrol agents prepared for the field.basic training happens here at the.Border Patrol Academy in Artesia New.Mexico about 200 miles from the.us-mexico border.artesia is known for three major exports.refined oil pecans and Border Patrol.agents.[Music].every year about 1,000 trainees graduate.from the Academy before heading to the.field before they get to Artesia.incoming trainees meet in El Paso and.board a bus that takes them to the.Academy I first decided to go with.Marines and he'll gain some experience.and eventually come into law enforcement.I was in the army I had a edge to.continue my my career path I just wanted.something a little bit more different so.I'll get my research and local so it was.pretty much up that alley to what I was.looking for well it's a simple of.excellence is simple of pride that.people are willing to defend the United.States of America in a very thankless.dangerous job so those type of people.deserve respect and I wanted to one of.those types of people the Border Patrol.says that thousands more agents are.needed in the field but has historically.struggled to recruit and retain them for.the next few hours the new class will.experience entry on duty or EOD which.forces trainees to follow basic commands.under extreme psychological stress.they're gonna be put under stress and.there's a reason behind that why why.they have to be able to think they have.to be able to receive instruction that.build many decisions and then they have.to be able to execute those decisions or.actions under stress I appreciate their.here I understand the sacrifice their.their commitment to duty however you're.now on board until training you're gonna.start getting in doctor.in our world we prepared for this.profession why are you shaking why are.you shaking he's scared and that's what.smart man he gets to the field he's.gonna be scared.making it to reveal gonna be scared.gonna shake you think that's gonna look.good.know something criminals are gonna like.that look at you go I got him he's mine.but we'll teach you we'll teach you how.not to be scared check sir our does not.come right before tea and in between ass.am I wrong why are you staring at me huh.are to an adult just start like.two-year-olds take responsibility good.fix yourself go find the exes active.trainees are allowed to observe EOD but.when an officer called a group of them.laughing and joking they were quickly.corrected.[Music].hey zero nothing's even started yet.no one's forced you to be here you're.welcome to leave anytime you like.he looks my way out know something boss.you just decided look at me I feel like.you're ready to quit today you ready for.after this session we learned that some.instructors were addressed about using.language that encouraged trainees to.quit even though it was part of the.intended stress inoculation we're not.trying to get people to quit that's.certainly not the intent our senior.leadership historically and now has been.supportive of the fact that yes.absolutely we need more agents out there.on the line getting the job done but.that we don't need to lower our.standards in order to accomplish that.new trainees are issued uniforms but the.high stress levels endure these periods.of stress inoculation or intentional.induction of that high stress levels it.goes up it goes down and these things.subside.there you go good teamwork exactly what.I want to see start working together.help each other out do the right thing.when nobody's looking as the Sun begins.to set on yo Dee the tone from the.instructors has obviously started to.change promises sister trust me when I.tell you this you will succeed.maybe you listen to me everybody's gotta.work together as a team yes sir twins.over that's part of a family know start.acting like you start helping each other.out way you people are gonna make three.Academy it's by helping each other out.but you don't help take care of your.classmates you won't make it and they.won't make it do you understand no home.then you better take care of each other.the Border Patrol Academy sits on 3,000.acres of rugged terrain.featuring life-sized sectional replicas.of border fences when the trainees.graduate they'll leave with 14 different.certifications some learn inside the.classroom but most learned outside.and it all starts with fitness trainee.spend 178 hours in the physical.techniques Department since some field.agents work on the water trainees also.have to spend time in the pool when.they're prepared to jump from high.elevations using this an apparatus known.as Jacob's Ladder with a vertical drop.of 30 feet.[Music].if these trainees appear a little uneasy.it's because they're about to experience.perhaps the most dreaded part of.training OSI exposure Oh C stands for.oleoresin capsicum commonly known as.pepper spray.[Music].you've got to know how you're going to.react if someone attacks you with the.same thing I have had one of my agents.sprayed with that stuff by a murder.suspect they've got to know what it's.going to do to them should it be used.against us after being sprayed the.trainees have to describe vehicles.parked hundreds of yards away I'm gonna.carve a motorcy gonna see the suspect.you have to present three there's not.open your eyes you see four to the.trainee must then confront an assailant.detain him and successfully call for.backup finally they're able to wash off.do see.but the pain lingers.so how do you feel now you seem okay my.face is on fire this is probably though.that would be worst thing I've felt not.be able to see I can't even see for the.past 30 45 minutes my nose burning and.everything it's pretty bad I think if.we're putting our suspects out there do.the same thing we're going through we.might as well feel what it feels like.just you know how to use the actual.tools properly.it's definitely torture but it's a good.kind of paid another major component of.training is driving when they leave the.Academy most of their day they're going.to be operating within a vehicle that.will be their office for the day they.may be out in the desert and some rough.terrain they may be called to pursue a.vehicle at high rates of speed.[Music].these students are running through a.scenario that trains them to deal with.what to do after they perform an.offensive driving technique trainee.spend over 130 hours with the firearms.department while they're at the Border.Patrol Academy place single trainee will.shoot 6,000 rounds of the pistol.ammunition and about 10,000 rounds of.the rifle we start very slowly we just.initially give them a firearm and we say.okay look at this weapon touch this.weapon there's no ammunition there's no.magazine let's take the weapon out of.the holster let's start getting.acclimated to how this weapon feels and.then we move on to the precision part we.fire the weapon and we see where the.rounds go.so they're taking everything that we.have taught them and they're now putting.it together with movement and that.really is the culmination of everything.that we're trying to do here once the.trainees learn how to use firearms right.they then learn when to use them more.importantly when not to this exercise is.known as judgment trainees face off with.role players may or may not be a threat.some role players are owned with weapons.others only with cell phones the.trainees have to make a split-second.decision of whether or not to draw and.fire the trainees apply their skills in.a variety of tactical scenarios such as.a hostage situation with an active.shooter we get our learning objectives.from what the field is telling us they.need.in this scenario trainees learn how to.interdict a group of drug smugglers.trying to cross illegally into the.United States let's get er done quickly.we use a lot of role-playing a lot of.role players both from the local area as.well as detailed agents and instructors.here at the academy assigned on a.rotational basis the hired role players.play a huge part and perhaps the most.important aspect of training at the.academy Spanish over 90% of the.individuals that we arrest will only.speak the Spanish language or the.Spanish language will be their first.language we don't expect them to be.fluent Spanish speakers but we do expect.them to at least be able to have a.conversation to communicate with them.efficiently and safely more than.anything that way they are able to.safely do their job trainees spend 182.hours with the Spanish Department while.that's the most time spent in one.specific department it represents less.than a fifth of their total curriculum.most of which is focused on law.enforcement what we did not observe.during our time in Artesia or any.scenarios that specifically involved.working in detention centers or caring.for children which is a daily.responsibility of some Border Patrol.agents working in the field in regards.to how trainees are instructed to work.with children the CBP spokesperson told.Business Insider that the Border Patrol.Academy trains and teaches agents about.policies and regulations related to the.current case precedent that governs.children in short-term custody we asked.CBP what level of responsibility the.Academy should bear in terms of.preparing Border Patrol agents.deal with the current situation at many.processing centers they said the Border.Patrol Academy has implemented the.medical emergency decision scenarios or.meds into its curriculum this is a.medical response so they have to.approach the injured subject they have.to determine what is wrong with the.interest subject that way they are able.to get the subject help as soon as.possible this is not a scenario this.footage was shot at the us-mexico border.in El Paso where Border Patrol agents.have to screen hundreds of migrants.crossing into the u.s. every day and.oversee crowded detention centers where.the migrants wait for days and even.weeks to be processed.as a new class prepares to graduate are.they ready for what awaits them in the.field on graduation day friends and.family make the trip to Artesia to see.their loved ones before they're deployed.[Music].less than a hundred years and we have a.hundred and twenty eight line of duty.deaths that's more than one a year.that's too many at the beginning of.training each trainee is issued a silent.partner one of the 128 Border Patrol.agents killed in action represented by a.card that they carry with them at all.times this is what we're trying to.change mistakes we've made in the field.things that we've done wrong hopefully.nothing ever bad happens to one of your.loved ones but in the case that it does.you'll always be part of this board trow.family.[Music].we're going to prepare them from day one.how to take care of themselves their.partners the people that they encounter.treat them just like they would want a.family member to be treated and then go.home to their families I want them to.look back and say every day I was.willing to put my life on the line for.this country and I served admirably and.I made a difference in the protection of.America.[Music].meanwhile boot camp is just beginning.for class 11:20 that's the group we.first met on the bus from El Paso and we.were on hand for the message that.Academy Chief Dan M Harris jr. delivered.to the class on day one of their.training the afternoon class my name is.Dan Harris jr. and I am the chief of.this the United States more control.Academy and there are a few things that.I need to tell you that you need to hear.directly from me I promise you you're.going to have to take someone's freedom.away and you are going to get that right.when you leave here let's hope you don't.ever have to take someone's life away.but you're asking me to give you the.authority to do both of those things and.let me be crystal clear if you bring.dishonor to the United States border.patrol if you bring dishonor to the.uniform you are wearing I'm going to.fire you is that understood.every single class tells me that same.thing there are men and women out there.on the street on patrol right now in the.desert who needs you as their backup.they need your help out there right now.I need you to graduate from this Academy.but again nothing will be given to you I.wish the best of luck to all of you and.the next time I talk to you will be day.112 I'll see you then on your feet.all yours.[Music].[Music].you.[Music].

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Cbp Form 7401 FAQs

Check the below common misunderstandings about Cbp Form 7401. Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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