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117 Pay Order Counter Claim Wyoming Department Of Workforce Wyomingworkforce Demand Assistance

hello everybody and welcome back to.katie's corner where this is my corner.of the internet we talk about.all kinds of things including news.current event politics finance.business and right now most importantly.stimulus i have some very.what i think are very exciting stimulus.updates for you guys.and i cannot wait to share them with you.as you guys know i took some time off.this week.but it came back i now have a desk i.have a little bit of a setup.i got candles over here which is so.exciting.i have my laptop right here i got my mic.and we are ready to rock and roll and.i have new updates on some stuff and i'm.really really happy because it's some.stuff.that i have slowly been talking about.and lightly been calling.and i always get crap for it oh i'm.wrong i don't know what i'm talking.about but.bam it looks like we're gonna have.stimulus.passing in the next week possibly two.weeks but the next.week actually we have to have it pass.and we're gonna go into.that today first of all guys 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you.think it is and i hadn't yet had time.to really dive into the situation but as.i've said i'm getting caught up on the.last.week of missing some stimulus news and.i'm starting to piece some things.together so for instance if you didn't.see it yesterday i have a video.where mark meadows from the white house.he's the chief of staff from the white.house he actually gives some.insight and he talks about some things.going on when it comes to stimulus that.president trump is very pro-stimulus and.he's pro-bigger stimulus in fact.this week we had president trump saying.that he wants bigger checks he wants.bigger things we've been hearing this.for months.trump's saying i want more support.bigger support the american people.well it looks like we are going to be.getting.something very very soon as you guys.know last week they introduced.a new bill from the problems solver.caucus and it looks like so far it's a.great starting point to things that we.need it's a 1.5 trillion dollar bill.that helps with unemployment.gives no just one round but two rounds.of stimulus checks with automatic.stabilizers so if we need them.we can get them in the future gives us.e-i-d-l.the e-i deal has been dead nobody talks.about the e-i deal it gives us the e-idl.the ppp.guys this is a really really good.plan like i i like it so far so far the.only thing i haven't seen in there is.hazard pay which concerns me because i.don't know why.we don't care about our workers but we.haven't for a long time in this country.not saying we shouldn't i'm just saying.this is status quo because welcome to.america 2020.where it's always been this way about.not caring about our frontline workers.which drives me nuts.but so far guys it's a pretty good plan.however.there is a piece to this that i am.seeing as i'm researching and hearing.rumblings of.but i'm starting to put two and two.together especially with what mark.meadows said because mark meadows in the.interviews i brought up yesterday.he actually talked about the airlines.and he was merging the airlines going.hand in hand with stimulus.and i remember because you guys know i.have to read between the lines i read.these people i remember that and then.all of my research i'm seeing more and.more.wait a second the airlines are about to.shut down.they're going to be shutting down like.october 1st they're going bankrupt.what is happening and then i also saw as.i'm getting up to date.that uh the ceos of many of the major.airlines met.at the white house with mark meadows.and i was like something's going on here.so there i went i opened up my laptop as.i do i started doing my research and i.started to put some pieces together and.i think we have to have stimulus pass.this week we have to.first of all we've heard it from a few.different sources like yesterday mark.meadows saying this has to pass either.this week or within.10 days and secondly here's the thing.we cannot let the airlines go bankrupt.and i can hear the eyebrows right now.who cares about the airlines we need.help.it's not that i disagree with you i'm.talking to you not because from.this is katie's opinion of how i think.things should run.this is katie's opinion of how things do.right not even opinion.this is this is me showing you how.things do run right.of course we need more help and of.course in a sense who cares about the.airlines right now when we need help now.that we shouldn't help the people that.work at the airlines i consider them our.people too.but you know it's not like anybody's.traveling right now right but trump has.been very.very targeted and he's explicitly said.when it comes to the airlines.we are going to help them we are going.to bail them out now here's the.situation.so they had basically some bailout slash.ppp funds that they had from march.that are about to end or whatever that.situation is is going to expire.and they don't have enough money to keep.people on payroll right now because.nobody's traveling and you can't blame.people.how can they travel we're in a lockdown.in a quarantine and a pandemic and all.these crazy things.so being that that is the case.what's happening is that money and those.provisions are about to run out and.they're about to furlough like.19 000 people and they're all gonna shut.down.well we can't have the airlines shut.down we can't have it for the economy.and we can't have a country that doesn't.have.travel and transportation so it looks.like from everything i'm seeing and.hearing.this week at the very latest next week.we're gonna have a package pass.now it's just gonna be what is it.because nancy pelosi as we know is.trying to well i don't know if you guys.know this but this is what i've been.looking at she's trained to resurrect.the heroes act.she's trying to sidestep what the.problem solvers caucus has put out.and do the hebrews act which nobody.wants it's a super big bill.that only has one you know let me tell.you what makes me mad about this because.i see the comments guys and i hear you.guys and i hear people say they get mad.at me when i rail on the democrats.because they say.the democrats are the ones that had.something in and may but the republicans.didn't care.well you're right on all accounts the.republicans didn't care and they don't.care about us and yes.the democrats stepped up and put.something out in may however it's a.horrible package.it doesn't go far enough to help us it.really really doesn't so i am not at all.for the heroes package now i like the.problem solver caucus.i would be super on board with this if.they had some sort of hazard pay.provision but i don't know if that's.what ties into their state and local.because they get 500 billion for that.where the white house only wanted to.give like.150 billion 195 billion.but the democrats asked for almost 1.trillion will they meet in the middle.and give 50 bill.sorry 500 billion and so in meeting in.the middle of that i'm wondering if.that's where hazard pay comes in.but that's just my speculation i don't.know i haven't dove.enough into hazard pay there's only one.of me and a lot going on with me right.now.so i'm doing my i do have an assistant.hey assistant hey.she is amazing one of these days we are.all going to drag her out.on youtube i keep telling her i'm like.you have to come on the channel you have.to be on youtube.she's like me she's super bubbly and.she's super fun love her.but she keeps me saying she keeps all my.stuff together.and she's also started helping me.research she's fantastic but anyway i.digress.so um i have to really look into that.but i wanted to tell you guys like sit.tight.like hold on i think we may be getting.help if not this coming up week.then next week and i'm gonna show you.the evidence for it so you guys know me.i got my laptop pulled up.i have my notes and i have first a.little article of information that goes.over everything you need to know about.this and then we're gonna hear from.people directly at the white house.that back up all of this and give some.proof so let's take a look.and this is from cnbc.com it says.airline ceos meet with white house.in last minute plea for more virus.aid and here's some key points to it.airline ceos and unions are seeking.another 25 billion in federal.aid to preserve jobs through.march the requirement that no jobs.are cut expires september 30th.setting the stage for more than 30.000 industry furloughs and layoffs.the executives met with the white house.chief of staff.mark meadows u.s.airlines ceos met with white house chief.of staff.mark meadows on thursday making a.last-minute attempt.to convince officials to approve more.virus aid.as mass jug cuts are set to hit.the industry next month.after the meeting meadows said the white.house is open.to do a standalone package for the.sector.reiterating comments from last month.president donald trump late last month.said the white house.was weighing executive action to support.the industry.but provided few details airline stocks.paired earlier losses following the.meeting which was attended by.american airlines ceo doug parker.united airlines ceo scott kirby and.southwest airlines ceo.gary kelly but the shares.except for united still ended the day.lower airlines received 25 billion.in federal aid in march cares act that.prohibits.them from cutting jobs through september.30th with that date less than two.weeks away executives urged the white.house.to reach a deal on a new national.bailout package.as more than 30 000 sector jobs.are at risk next month.the airline chiefs and labor unions that.represent.most of their workers are seeking.another 25 billion.in federal payroll grants that would.preserve.jobs through the end of march.demand for air travel has been stuck.at around 30 percent of last year's.levels.after a strong rebound failed to.materialize.this summer generally carriers.most lucrative season it could take.three years or more for demand.to return to 2019 levels industry.leaders have said lawmakers.and the white house have been at.loggerheads for much.of the summer over the amount of aid.and what it would include though meadows.expressed optimism.about a deal this week additional.airline payroll grants.one public support from a bipartisan.group of lawmakers.and trump last month we had a very good.meeting.with the chief said southwest kelly.after exiting the meeting the first.cares act.kept this country out of a depression.and i think the only mistake that was.made.is that it didn't go far enough and long.enough.parker said the executives are also in.contact.with white house speaker nancy pelosi.about a new national virus package.we airline ceos are here on behalf of.the people.that work for us keeping our country.moving when our country is.largely paralyzed americans parker.said after the meeting without action.they're going to be furloughed on.october 1st.and that's not fair american.which has been the most vocal about.additional federal.payroll support said it expects to cut.nineteen thousand jobs as early as next.month.united said it could slash more than.sixteen thousand employees.but it recently reached a preliminary.cost cutting deal.with its pilots's union that could.preserve.close to 3 000 pilot jobs at least.through mid 2021..airline executives have urged employees.to take leaves of absence and buyouts.before turning to involuntary cuts.tens of thousands signed up helping.lower.airlines payroll costs.southwest has said it does not expect to.cut jobs this year.after 17 000 staff members.about a quarter of its payroll.volunteered to leave temporarily.or permanently delta airlines this week.said.it won't have to furlough most of its.employees.thanks to voluntary leaves and buyouts.as well as.shorter schedules atlanta-based delta is.still.in talks with its pilots's union about.ways to avoid.the planned furloughs of more than 1900.people.starting this fall there's urgency.with our october 1st deadline said sarah.nelson.a united airlines flight attendant and.president of the association of flight.attendants.cwa which represents some 50 000 cabin.crew members.and nearly twenty thousand carriers we.need a relief bill now.before it's too late flight attendants.have been.demonstrating outside lawmakers local.offices.in recent days to urge them to reach a.new aid package.and plan to continue those activities.next week okay guys and now i want you.to hear directly from some of these ceos.when they were walking out of the white.house.when it came to meeting with mark.meadows let's take a look.good morning good morning good morning.are you all we deferred you guys want to.make statement we can ask questions.no let's make a quick statement look um.we're all here.we airline ceos are here uh on behalf of.the people that work for us.um who are doing great jobs out there.taking care of.of uh keeping our country moving when.our country's largely paralyzed with.fear.uh they're out there putting their.uniforms on going to work every day and.making sure we're moving.and without action uh they're gonna.they're gonna be furloughed on october.1st and it's not fair.it's not fair to them it's not fair to.our country uh there's enormous.bipartisan support.for an extension of the payroll support.program which would keep those people.employed.um and the only problem we have is we.don't have a vehicle for getting it done.we need to have a relief package that.includes that.so we're just here to plea with.everyone involved to get to a relief.package before october 1st.on october 1st those people are.furloughed and we just want to make.people.understand that without that that's.absolutely what's going to happen.in small communities we'll lose service.so uh we made that plea today.uh to mr meadows he's heard it before.and he understands.we believe they're very much interested.in getting to have in getting to a deal.and we're going to continue to work now.with the speaker as well.to make sure that she also is.understands the situation i believe she.does we've been in contact with her.but more work to do we need a relief.package done.to get this psp extension approved it's.not about the psp extension.enormous bipartisan support for that.it's about getting a relief package done.between now and october 1st.so just for housekeeping quickly you met.with meadows was the president.are you meeting with the president of.this group at any point today it was mr.meadows.and are you meeting with speaker pelosi.at some point today in person or.we have a great question we've reached.out yeah we had a very good meeting.with chief and uh as doug.said you know our country is is fighting.this pandemic we have a long way to go.to recover uh the first cares act.kept this country out of a depression.yeah and i think the only mistake.that that was made is it just didn't go.far enough and long enough so.we're we're obviously here supporting.the airlines and our people.um there's very broad bipartisan.support as doug was describing and.chief meadows assured us that the white.house.is very interested in getting something.done so we reached out.to the speaker just encouraged the two.sides to work together.so that we can save jobs and really in a.broader sense save this economy.and uh we're obviously very hopeful but.we're down to the bitter end of this.with the first.uh payroll support program expiring at.the end of this month.and a number of the airlines have.already announced.thousands tens of thousands of furloughs.real people real jobs that certainly.won't help the economy and it's bigger.than the airlines.uh we're just we're a small part of the.economy but a meaningful one.and uh we appreciate the time with you.all this morning.so how much we've got to go to how much.money specifically are you requesting.and how long could that last you.play an extension of the first extension.of the psp and just.start in other words bailout martial is.the borrowing the airlines are not.looking to borrow right you're looking.for a.clean extension of the psp the exact.same provisions.now i want you to hear about larry.kudlow larry kudlow i have a clip of him.from september 4th it's a little bit old.but he's talking about the airlines and.i think it's very telling.let's see what larry has to say go on.curmudgeon let's talk about a targeted.effort then.and the airline specifically the.president of the united states said.recently we'll be helping the airlines.you have to help the airlines.arguably the most free-market approach.to helping the airlines is not throwing.aid at them.it's having a proper testing regime at.airports across.america and getting that new york to.london corridor of which i've got skin.in the game right now larry on the other.side at the moment.trying to work out how to get back how.we get that reopen and how we get these.airlines back to work i think that's the.key for these companies.it's not about throwing money at them.it's how we establish.safe testing regimes and i'm just.wondering why we haven't seen a big.effort publicly to make that happen.larry why not.well because there's been a huge effort.privately and we will be.unveiling the uh positives of that.private effort.we are in constant communications with.the air.air carriers we agree with what you're.suggesting.uh with respect to testing and taking.temperature and a host of other.measures we also are working with the.airlines regarding contact tracing.and the feasibility of that without.incurring too much.additional expense we're looking at.telephone apps.for that we're looking at testing before.you get on the plane.and after you get on the plane i mean.when you land on both sides of the pond.so you won't have to have a 14-day.quartering we're looking very intensely.at that.all that said i will add however the.president has said a number of times.uh airlines are crucial it's one of the.key arteries our economy.transportation and so forth if they need.additional assistance.we stand ready to work with them to.hammer out additional packages.secretary mnuchin is leading that charge.so we've got.information testing additional.assistance.on the table for the airline business.when we hear about it larry you've.talked about it privately when will we.start hearing about this publicly when.it is the.big unveil so to speak um without a.specific timetable i i would say it will.be.a matter of weeks.right now down two and a half percent.larry and now we have president trump.talking about the airlines this is a.clip from.august 5th 2020 because again this has.been a known date that this is coming up.for the airlines and something needs to.happen so let's see what president trump.has to say about this.i wanted to ask you the group of.republican senators are backing 25.billion dollars.in payroll assistance to keep the.airlines uh.uh being able to pay their payrolls do.you and.you know to endorse that republican.senator.can senators want to go ahead with.another 25 billion dollars for airline.airlines to keep their payrolls going.well if they need it certainly that's a.business some businesses are doing.better than they would normally.obviously we know what those businesses.are and.obviously the airline business is not.doing very well you have.shutdowns all over the world and you.have airlines that are essentially shut.down.some airlines are doing you know modest.best they're doing is modest.i think it's very important that we keep.the airlines going they'll be.very good times very soon i hope and we.don't want to lose our airlines so.if they're looking at that whether.they're republican or democrat i'd be.certainly in favor we can't lose our.transportation system.and then the last thing guys i have my.clips from yesterday they're short clips.from mark meadows where he's talking.about the airlines talking about the.economy and talking about a couple.things when it comes to this.so let's take a look let's see what he.has to say and then we're going to.discuss about all of this.and what this means for us president.said he wants a bigger deal.he wants more than the republicans are.asking for you've been.you've been there every day every hour.if something substantial goes on.mark meadows is in that meeting what.number did he tell you he wants.well he was certainly uh willing to.embrace the 1.5.trillion dollar number that was put out.in the last uh.day or so it really depends on what the.priorities are.you mentioned uh earlier uh airlines and.the need for.help there i'm meeting with airline ceos.today we've got tens of thousands of.people that are about to be laid off.so if nothing more let's go ahead and.put that package on the.on the floor and pass that because.hopefully uh.all of us can agree that laying off.airline workers at this particular time.is not something we should do.you know it's funny just listening to.you i mean we've had obviously speaker.pelosa we've had.treasury secretary mnuchin we've had uh.majority leader.uh mcconnell uh on and on and you i this.is more optimistic than i can remember.somebody being in terms of the.possibility of getting towards a deal.at least in a in a couple of months.would you agree yeah i'm probably more.optimistic about the potential for.a deal in the last 72 hours than i have.been.in the last 72 days and it's it's really.a.key and uh a.clarifying point that you put forth that.i think is accurate.that if we're actually willing to engage.what keeps us apart is smaller than.perhaps what the headlines have been.so much of it's been focused on a 2.2 or.2.4 trillion dollar number.and a 1.3 trillion dollar number.this proposal actually gives us some.real specifics to talk about.and the other thing uh if if the speaker.is willing to stay in.uh i'm willing to stay in the secretary.is willing to stay in and ultimately the.president has encouraged us.uh that if they're really wanting a deal.that he's willing to make a deal.finally mark i wonder you know retail.sales came in this morning.for august it was a little bit lighter.than we thought but it was up four.months in a row.and uh that's of course including a.period where those enhanced benefits.had expired there's still a school of.thought that says.this is not necessary households have.built up a lot of savings.the banks have been pretty optimistic.this week is there any reason to think.the white house.would argue this is the last deal if.we're going to get a deal this is.it well i think what we have is is some.very encouraging numbers.both economically uh and and really as.we start to look and you just mentioned.a number of those indicators that uh our.economists and certainly uh secretary.mnuchin.are are uh tracking very closely at the.same time i don't think that there.is uh any belief that we're totally out.of some of the concerns on small.businesses the airlines and others.that would allow us to look the other.way so if there's going to be a deal.that actually helps us make a soft.landing.i think that deal has to happen in the.next week to 10 days.uh and if we get that deal then.hopefully it.is targeted towards those that are are.still struggling or have the potential.to.struggle in this latter part of the.third uh.and and fourth quarter okay so let's.start with the airlines.the airlines basically were saying okay.we basically need an extension of what.the ppp was for us because people were.trying to kind of nail it down and ask.what do you want sounds like you're.wanting a bailout you're wanting this.you're wanting that and that's where.they kept trying to clarify.you know basically we're wanting like an.extension of the ppp which.i can see that i don't think there's a.problem with that right.especially because this is something we.have to have as a country.granted we need to stay in our homes but.it's not like the government cares.it's talking about this stuff is so.beyond frustrating.so then we have larry keller let's go.over exactly what curmudgeon.larry says larry said the president said.recently we are helping the airlines and.we have to help the airlines.arguably the most free market approach.to helping them is not throwing money at.them.but having a good testing regimen how do.we get them to reopen.and how do we get the airlines back to.work i don't think it's throwing money.at them it's about testing regimens.we haven't seen a public effort to do.that why not and he's talking about why.the airlines aren't.open but i mean we places keep shutting.down it's.it's not that simple but granted this.argument was from earlier this month and.in a couple weeks.as you know with the pandemic things can.change drastically.so larry says well because there's been.a huge effort privately we be.unveiling the positives of the private.effort.we are in constant communication with.airline carriers.we agree with what you are suggesting.about testing.and temperatures and we are working with.airlines.on contact tracing without it incurring.you know with too much expense he says.look at.that he's like we're looking at the.telephone apps testing before.and after being on a plane so there will.be no quarantine.i just don't know where the money would.come from from that and is the testing.immediate.i've never had one of these tests so i.don't know this is stuff i'm just.throwing things out there i'm just.thinking like is that even.is this even doable is this a thing.would people have to pay for their own.before and after.tests on this stuff like how much would.that cost again gets weird.all that said however the president has.said a number of times.airlines are crucial it's one of the.keys.to keeping our economy open if they need.additional assistance.then we are willing to do other packages.for them and steve mnuchin is leading.that charge.we've got info testing additional.assistance on the table for airlines and.then the interviewer says.when will we hear about it larry you.talk about it privately but when is this.going to be this big public unveiling he.says.without a specific timetable i would say.a matter of weeks and then he clarifies.and says not months.weeks so i don't think this is i think.this is on the right track but at the.same time like.this was a september 4th right we.haven't heard anything else since then.granted he said weeks but.i don't know i'm kind of wondering when.it's even going to be safe to do things.like.airlines and you know what is that.called cruises.say ocean liners which i guess would be.correct doing cruises you know doing.just.at this point even doing like you know.cross-country travel.staying in hotels that's all really.risky behavior right now but then again.the media says it's okay to protest and.not okay to stand in line and vote like.the hypocrisy of it all who knows by the.way i'm super pro protest.we have a lot of issues in this country.and they need to be fixed and i support.your right to protest.my laughing is not about protesting my.laughing is about the media being.hypocrites saying one is okay and the.other isn't.that's it because i think they use the.narratives of the problems in this.country to further their narrative.without actually caring about them.thus ending up hurting the things that.need to be fixed so says me and my.assessment of looking at bs.24 hours a day with this step so then.let's go ahead and let's go.into uh what mark meadows had to say now.this is what the interviewer said the.interviewer said we had pelosi and.medusa mcconnell and you and this is the.most.optimistic that i've ever heard at the.possibility of getting a stimulus deal.in the next couple of months.that most that i've ever seen us be at.would you agree.he says i am more optimistic about the.potential of getting a bill.in the last 72 hours than i have been in.the last 72 days.and it's really a key clarifying point.you put forth.um that is accurate if we are willing to.engage.what keeps us apart is smaller than.perhaps.what the headlines have been so much.focus on the number of 2.2 trillion or.2.4 trillion or 1.3.this proposal and he's talking about the.problem solvers caucus this proposal.gives us specifics to talk about if the.speaker is willing to stay in.i'm willing secretary steven mnuchin is.willing.and the president has encouraged us that.if they are willing and they want a deal.to make.a deal and we just recently heard the.other day nancy pelosi saying it's time.to come back to negotiating tables so we.have both sides saying.we need to negotiate let's negotiate.okay y'all how do we do this.do i need to call you guys and do a.three-way phone call to get y'all to.talk like.not that anybody would pick up the phone.for me but i'm just saying you both have.now said you need negotiations.where are y'all at why y'all ghosting.each other so then he says.retail sales came in for august they're.lighter than we thought.but up for the fourth month in a row.that's including the enhanced.unemployment benefit expiring.school of thought says that maybe.stimulus isn't necessary.this is very offensive hold on to your.seats.the households have savings built up.that's right during the pandemic where.we got one 1200.check and unemployment stimulus has just.run out for everybody.and there aren't enough jobs to go back.to work nor is it safe.we just stockpiled money away at this.time.guys like the fact that an.interviewer would even say that it's so.out of touch now granted i'm not that.upset with the interviewer because i.think.i think what he's saying echoes what.like the republicans think about us.right then oh i guess they're okay well.they're just getting by because they're.stockpiling the money they're just.saving all this money we're saving all.this money not working we're saving all.this unemployment money.like it's absurd it's absurd and it's so.offensive i'm sorry.i have a hard time even reading that.it's so offensive.so he says the banks have been pretty.optimistic this week.any reason to think the white house.thinks this might be a.last chance at getting a stimulus deal.and he says i think what we have is very.encouraging.number both economically and as we start.to look.you just mentioned um those indicators.that our economists and nutrient are.tracking closely.at the same time i don't think there is.a belief that we are.out of the clear for small businesses.and airlines and others.that would allow us to look the other.way and that can.be ignored if there is a deal we can.have a soft landing on then i think it.has to happen in the next week to 10.days.hopefully the deal is targeted at people.struggling.and helping them in the third and fourth.quarters so.you might be looking at me and thinking.okay katie what does all of that mean.that was just a lot of nonsense.here's the thing we can't let the.airlines go bankrupt.we have to help the airlines but to do.that we're gonna have to have a bill and.from what we are hearing and the things.behind the scenes.is that they are trying to marry any.stimulus bill related with the airlines.to the regular stimulus bill this is.what they are trying to do and they're.going to be pushing.forth both of them at the same time in.one bill they just want to put it.all in one bill and we.have to have a resolution for them we.absolutely have to as well this week.we're supposed to be doing the cr.actually that was last week.they had yesterday was the deadline for.the cr that's the clean resolution that.is the stimulus.package that helps keep the government.open because the government as well.is going to be shutting down october 1st.if they don't do something and it looks.like something is going to pass.but you know as congress does why.actually be on time and help people.let's be last minute and late as.possible so.they're looking at that this week also.as well something i haven't been able to.even dive into yet we had one of the.supreme.court justices ruth bader ginsburg.and she passed away rap girl so she.had uh i believe she had about with.cancer for a while so you know.condolences to her and her family not.that they would ever watch this but.you know this channel we want to send.love and positivity so that's awful and.she.did a lot and she really paved the way.for a lot of.the big feminist movements so hats off.to her she did a lot of great.work but there is a whole kerfuffle.i love that word kerfuffle there's.there's a lot going on.right now even when it comes to that.that has become political of course it.has.because now the republicans are trying.to rush somebody through and mitch.mcconnell change the rules so they can.get somebody through while trump is.president.but the democrats want to wait to see.who's actually going to be taking.over the senate the house and the.presidency coming.up my prediction is i don't think much.is going to change.i don't think the american people super.like the republicans but they absolutely.hate the democrats for things like the.way they run their cities.let's look at san francisco and portland.and seattle and chicago i can go on and.on about the homeless epidemic and the.crime because.apparently it's a human right to be.homeless it's not.say a human right to just let everybody.be in a home in fact you know this.really bothers me.i've done number crunching before and.looked at statistics and analyzed.data that shows it's actually cheaper.to help house homeless people get them.off the street and help them.than it is to allow them to stay in that.state.but you know what do i know i'm just an.average citizen trying to actually help.translation i'm not the government as.most of us aren't.but i wanted to go over this guys.because i wanted to let you know there's.still hope coming and i know some people.like to think i'm full of false hope.it's that i can see between the lines of.certain things.that's why i was one of the only.channels to call emergency stimulus that.happened this last summer.and i'm telling you from all the hints.and things i've been showing you.i think we have a really good shot at.getting something passed if not this.coming up weeks and.then next week so hang on to your hats.guys.hold on to your seats i think this is.going to get interesting and make sure.to stay tuned to this channel because.we're going to keep you up to date on.all of these.things i'm going to be interested to see.what happens with the airlines because i.really do believe it goes hand in hand.with what we're going through and if.that's the case we have a good shot.not all hope is lost okay guys if you.like this video please give me a big.thumbs up like the video subscribe hit.notifications so you can be notified.daily what is coming with a pie playing.for you and your stimulus money.also sound off in the comments do you.think this means we're headed.for stimulus bill this week or a vote on.a stimulus bill or next week.do you think this is absolutely nothing.they're pulling our leg and nothing's.gonna happen until the election because.we're just political pawns in their game.sound up i want to hear everything or if.you have information i don't.y'all know me i try to be humble i try.to be open would love to hear what you.guys.have and guys please share this content.with as many people as you know who are.struggling right now.people who are on unemployment waiting.for an employment waiting for stimulus.checks.sb loan and grant issues bill issues.i've got tons of tools and tons of.resources on this channel.to be able to help people through this.difficult time and i would love to help.as many people as.possible okay guys and the more you like.subscribe comment notifications share.the content the more the channel grows.the more my channel grows the more.things i can do to get back to you guys.like your 100.gift card giveaway so simple all you.have to do to win like your video.subscribe hit notifications comment.share the content boom.that's it you're eligible that's all you.have to do make sure and do it for.yesterday's videos all of today's videos.and at this point if you see a video.just make sure.like comment and share on the off chance.i'm doing a giveaway i want to make sure.as many people who are.able to be entered are entered also.somewhere in today's videos i will be.announcing gift card winners.stay tuned for that because i would love.to see if you.win i want to give you guys as much.money as i possibly can also guys if.this channel goes down add my backup.channel so you can find me on youtube.katie's view k-a-t-i-s.v-i-e-w links in the description links.are up top and facebook katie's corner.official like the page join the group.katie's corner official go in there ask.all the stimulus questions you want.because we're helping you.on a more one-on-one basis we have an.awesome little community there and we.would love to have you there.can't wait to see you okay guys i will.end this video here now but we have a.lot more coming to the pipeline so make.sure and stay tuned.because i want to show you exactly where.things are going as i've said before.i'm an optimistic idealistic realist.i'll make sure and show you the reality.of the situation and what it is but i'm.going to look at the optimistic paths.for it and see where we can go to get to.where we need to be.okay guys until the next videos which.are coming up i will see you soon take.care and blessings all right.bye guys.

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