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youtube video

James Madison High School Transcript Pdf Form : Personalize, Finish and forward

okay guys so I had made a video but it.has been updated since then so I'm just.gonna do the whole thing in the in one.video I wanted to share my experience.with the James Medicine High School.which is online not the James Madison.High School that's in a location that's.all over YouTube it's also known as.Ashworth College because it's it's both.so I enrolled with them August 20th and.I called them right before I did it I.did a ton of research and found this one.was really awesome I had really good.reviews except for the communication was.bad but I figured I can work through.that because I have tons of friends who.homeschool and everything online I.shouldn't really need their help so I.went ahead and did it I was told that it.was gonna be about $2,000 and that's.from starting from ninth grade but.because I was getting my transcript it.would go down the price would go down so.I paid $200 upfront you can choose how.much you want to pay and then you can.choose your monthly payments on how much.they're going to be so before I signed.up I called them and I was like hey it's.I'm kind of confused when I try to sign.up it wants me to start in ninth grade.they explained that everybody signs up.in ninth grade and when you send them.their transcripts they adjust it on.their end and I was like okay cool where.should I send the transcript and they're.like whoa you have to enroll first and.then send the transcript and I thought.that was really stupid.but I went ahead and did it so I had to.pay upfront and then get my transcript.from my school and send it over so I.signed up I paid the $200 I put it at.150 for the month so I can get it paid.and they require you to have a minimum.of six months for their their schooling.because they only accept up to 17.credits I had 18 but the only accept up.to 17 so that means you're gonna have a.minimum of six credits do that you have.to go through James Madison High School.for so that was August 20th I signed up.so I got my transcripts and the woman on.the phone told me to get my transcripts.and to like I could either fax email or.ship them to them mail them to them so I.went ahead.faxed it and I waited three days because.it says it would take up to 72 business.hours to process and I called on day.four and they informed me that I am NOT.allowed to send it myself it has to come.straight from the school and I told the.lady I was like okay I'm not being rude.here I'm not being negative but I wish.you would have told me that because I.had to have my school mail it to me and.me mail it to you because I was told.that I had to send it or that I could.send it in and she's like okay well I'll.try to tell everybody to word it.differently which probably won't ever.happen but that's that's beside the.point.so anyways I contacted my school again.and I asked them to send them over they.sent them over at last Thursday morning.which was September 7th September 7th at.9 o'clock my time which would have been.12 o'clock.James Madison time so they got um and I.waited.so it takes 72 hours so I waited all.Thursday and all Friday all Monday and.all Tuesday that brings us to this week.so Tuesday I called them because my on.line it says that it's on I don't have.my computer here but what was the word.unaccepted I think it was so I called.them and I said hey why is it unaccepted.and they said that because it's not an.official document and I was like it is.an official document I went to an.alternative school because I dropped out.of real school and I went to an.alternative school.lots of bullying and no help from the.principal and the teachers so I left as.well and they said it's not an official.document call the school back and have.them send the official one I called the.school up and they told me they sent me.all or they sent the school all of my.records the official document with all.the signatures on it an unofficial copy.and all of my classwork all of my my.entire packet so I called them back we.got a new lady on the phone she said.that I needed to talk to student.resources and student resources would.not be back until the following morning.because they leave an hour earlier than.when I called so I called back yesterday.and I got two student resources.they told me flat-out it's an unofficial.document you need to call your school.and you need to get the official.document and I said okay I'm going to.call the school one more time and I'll.get this figured out so I called my.school and they said that's all the.records they sent over everything they.had it was an official copy and there's.nothing more they can do so I called.them up again yesterday and they.informed me that I have two options I.can either cancel the transcript and.start from ninth grade and just do all.of it or I could keep working to get the.official transcript I called my high.school they informed me that they don't.have my records because they sent them.to the alternative school so that's.where I had to go that brings me to.today I have called them five times five.times the first time I called them they.were transferring me to resources and.all of a sudden it hung up on me after.being on the phone for eight and a half.minutes not too long called him back.again kind of irritated because I was at.work I was getting ready to go to a.doctor appointment and I was just like.I've really got to get this done now.because my credit card is gonna be.charged on September 20th today is.September 14th and it's Friday so I.wanted to get it dealt with the weekend.before the weekend hit because that way.I don't have to deal with it at crunch.time right before they charge my card so.I called them back and I said hey you.transferred me and hung up on me and.she's like let me do a soft transfer.which means that she's gonna transfer me.but she's gonna sit on hold with me.until somebody answers the phone no big.deal somebody answered the phone so she.laughed he then informs me that I have.the wrong line the wrong Department and.he would transfer me again I hung up on.me because he didn't do a soft transfer.so I called a third time after my.doctor's appointment and I said look.I've been transferred it keeps hanging.up on me I need this dealt with today.and she goes okay I'm gonna do a soft.transfer and I know I was like no.they've already done a soft transfer.it's still hanging up.me she's like well I'm gonna do it this.is the phone number for me to call if we.got hung up on I said yes okay.so me and her sat on lot on hold for 20.minutes 20 minutes i sat on hold and I.lost service so that was on me because I.was walking home from the doctor's.appointment and I lost service I was.like okay well she has my phone number.no big deal she'll call me back she.never called me back so I called a.fourth time I called and I said look I.want to cancel this I am tired of.getting my phone calls dropped I am.tired of the runaround tired being.transferred my credit cards about to be.charged.I just want to cancel and she had the.nicest sweetest calmest voice and I'm.too nice to be mean because it's a it's.a new person every time if it was the.same person I could kind of see being.more mean because you're just getting.frustrated and they know it but she had.the nicest calm and sweetest voice and I.was like I cannot be mean to this lady.so I explained to her the whole.situation she goes I'm gonna soft.transkei I was like no no more soft.transferring I just want you to put me.on hold please go find somebody I could.talk to and just get them on the phone.and she's like okay I can do that for.you so she put three on hold for a few.minutes and she comes back and she goes.well it looks like everybody left for.the day and I was like oh my gosh you've.got to be kidding I was like I'm ready.to cancel and be done and she's like.okay let me look again and she put me on.hold and the line went dead.so that was call for so call five brings.me to now just a few minutes ago I.called to cancel I said I'm done with.this I'm done I don't want anything.to do with this company anymore I want.to cancel and she goes ma'am you are so.welcome to cancel but we cannot give you.a refund for the 200 that you paid and.there's a 250 dollar cancellation fee.freaking kidding me.and I explained to her it's not my fault.it is not my fault that my school has.sent you everything all the records and.you cannot use that.it is not my fault that the school will.not send anything else it is not my.fault that you will not accept.transcripts from me it says official.copy on the top of it it is not my fault.that the official copy that was sent to.you which is the same I have you will.not take because it's a you're saying.unofficial and she goes well you have.two options you can either pay the 250.and not get a refund or you can start.back from 9th grade I would be more than.happy to start from 9th grade if I.honestly had the time and that might be.a cop-out I don't know I have four kids.I have a business that I run and I have.a house to run I have kids to deal with.everything I don't want to start from.ninth grade I only needed 6 out of 23.credits and I'm super frustrated about.this I have an official copy in my hand.and they won't accept it the school has.sent over a facial copy and they won't.accept it so and I explained to her I.was like ok this is just me stating my.frustration to you.you guys force us to sign up before.sending the transcript ok that in itself.is wonky you should get the transcript.and then evaluate where we're at and.then let us enroll because everybody who.signs up signs up at 9th grade so they.have you on a plan of paying around 2.thousand dollars and then when they get.your transcript they'll deduct the money.and they'll update your back-office.to where you need to be and your courses.you can take that to me is screwed.because you only have five days to.cancel five days and three of those days.is the waiting period for them to update.your transcripts in their system which.means you must send them the transcripts.on day one or day two otherwise your 5.day period will just be gone and I told.her I was like it makes no sense to do.that because you guys are scamming me.you know in a way it is a scam because.you only get five days yet you require.three days to process the transcript.which is.only fine I get that I get that it takes.a few days to process but after a full.week of doing this.I sent the trailer out the school sent a.transcripts on Thursday on the following.Thursday I called and they had not.bothered to tell me it was unaccepted.but it was in the system they didn't.call me they didn't email me they didn't.send me a letter they didn't notify me.in my back office nothing.I had no communication after a full week.that it was not accepted and the woman.that I originally called she's like oh.well it was just unaccepted today well.when I called this fifth time she.informed me that it was unaccepted today.it came in on the seventh so they.require you to wait up to three days for.them to process it which they processed.mine the first day and unaccepted it but.they never bothered to notify me so.there's a couple loopholes in there and.a couple things that kind of got wonky.in there but I'm kind of bummed I don't.drive but I actually did drive the other.day and I actually liked it so I am.learning to drive and I'm just gonna go.get my GED test done but I really wanted.I didn't mind high school and I was.really excited to do the actual.experience even if it's online I was.excited to get my six credits with the.actual experience of taking the tests.and learning the lessons and everything.versus just taking a GED test and.getting it over with I feel like doing.the whole experience and six months is.gonna give me more knowledge and more.learning than just studying and taking a.test and for me I was really excited.about that.but it's kind of been diminished and I.just don't really care anymore to even.get my GED and that sad because ever.since my youngest started school last.week or this week on Monday so today was.day five I have found that I really want.to get back into what I loved as a child.which is herpetology which is the study.of reptiles I've owned and rescued many.many many reptiles snakes lizards and.turtles I used to work for a reptile zoo.and I really have a love and a passion.for reptiles and I was really excited to.get back into herpetology and.this experience while it's not going to.stop me from getting my GED and moving.forward it's pissing me off.because I am now out four hundred and.fifty dollars and I have nothing to show.for it absolutely nothing to show for it.so I don't know maybe my frustration is.not warranted in this situation because.I could totally start from ninth grade.it's been two grand on it just because.they won't accept the official document.so I don't know I the communication that.I have had from when I called the school.they're all super friendly they're all.super fast and they help but it's just.not the information I wanted but they do.help and they are really fast so I will.give him credit for that the signup.process was super fast super easy but.you only have five days to cancel it.should you need to cancel or want to.cancel and that that's not enough time.honestly that's that's really really not.because if you figure you have to send.over transcripts if there's an issue.with them or anything like that you're.screwed and I don't know I just I I'm.not impressed I'm super super not.impressed so that's been my experience.with James Madison College I am now.going to go to my bank and fight the.fees and hopefully I can get them taken.off because it's not it's it's not my.fault.and while life isn't fair it's really.not my fault I don't know what else to.do.to make this work I really don't there's.no reason for me to spend two grand.start back from ninth grade when I only.have six credits needed and I could just.take my GED and be done with it so I.personally will never ever ever.recommend James Madison High School the.online which is also AHS worth college.to anyone ever never ever ever but I.know that it has helped a lot of people.and a lot of people are happy with it a.lot of those people are not paying the.bill their parents are so I kind of feel.like they're a little bit biased in that.way but I have seen that a lot of people.are getting amazing.helped an amazing results and are loving.the online school and that's awesome and.I wish I would have gotten that.experience I really do and now I have to.fight with my bank and hope that I can.get this figured out otherwise I'm Sol.so I now have to figure this out before.Wednesday because Monday is the 17 18 19.20 so I have to figure this out before.Thursday before my credit card is.charged again to make sure that they.won't charge my credit card so and.thankfully they don't have my social.security number either because for some.reason they didn't ask for it so we'll.see what happens I guess but that's my.experience at the moment with this and I.have a feeling it's not over yet but I.want to know your guys's experience let.me know if you had a good experience bad.experience if you've had a similar.experience like I know it's not a scam.because many people use it I just feel.like in a way I was scammed into.something because I signed up and then.had to transcend the transcript and it.is an official document and they're.telling me it's not so what am I.supposed to do to get a where how do I.get a different transcript how do I go.about getting an official transcript to.their standards and I don't know if I.mentioned but she actually told me okay.cuz this is the crazy part she told me.that maybe the way she faxed it made it.unofficial and I said how does how is it.unofficial the way she fax it you put it.in the printer you hit the phone number.and you send it and she goes wow I'm not.really sure but maybe she just sent it.unofficially and I'm she didn't.elaborate she just went on to tell me.that was my opinion and what would she.like me to do but I don't understand how.you can unofficially fax an official.document because it's from the school.with her signature and everything the.director of the school's signature and.whatnot so I don't know but anyways guys.that's it for this video feel free like.I said to leave your um your experiences.down below and I know from saying the.word scam in another video it wasn't.asking.but I felt scammed so I am repeating it.Ashworth College / James Madison High.School is not a scam I just felt like I.was scammed out of an opportunity and.out of the money that I've paid and now.have to pay more so there we go just for.clarification but anyways guys I hope.you have an amazing weekend it is Friday.September 14th 2018 tomorrow's my.daughter's birthday so we're gonna go.have fun probably go to Chuck E Cheese.and let her be an 8 year old so anyways.guys have a great day stay in school.

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