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Hi, my name is Alexia, and I am going to pray.for us today before we begin..God, I just want to thank you for bringing.everyone together today, even it is virtually..God, thank you for this journey that you've.given each of us, and thank you for this next.chapter that you're bringing each of us on..God, I know that you're with us today, and.God, I hope that everyone feels your presence,.God. You are so good, and you've gotten us.through this journey and through every single.test that we did our prepare groups for, God..I am so thankful that you've brought us.all together so we can glorify you. God, I.know in this next journey everyone's going.their different ways, but God, I know that.ultimately, you've got us. God, I pray that.you give everyone a sense of peace and guidance.as they go into this new chapter. God, thank.you for the friends and faculty that have.come out of this journey, that have carved.our futures. God, you know the path that we're.on, and God, I just pray that every day in.our jobs as nurses, that we learn to glorify.you to the best of our ability, and God, I.pray that you teach us to be more like you..God, I pray that you change our hearts for.the better. God, thank you for this journey;.thank you for the faculty. Gosh, we know we.wouldn't have gotten through this without.these amazing teachers and these amazing friends.that we've created a long the way. God,.thank you, and I just pray that as we go through.this pinning today that you'll just lay.your hand on each person in here and allow.them to fill your presence, God, for you are.so, so good. In your name I pray. Amen..Hello, my name is Rebecca Maddox, the director.of the Associate Degree Nursing Program. I.want to welcome everyone to the pinning ceremony.for the graduating class of 2020. This has.been quite a journey for these graduates..Nursing school is challenging enough, but.to complete the program during a pandemic. well boy, do these folks have a story.to tell..There have been so many times during my career.where unusual; amazing; awe-inspiring; gut-wrenching;.and strength-building things have occurred..Most nurses think at least once in their career,.I could write a book..Well these graduates tonight have already.started writing their books. The pinning ceremony.this year is quite special for many reasons..Yes, we are celebrating the graduating class.of 2020, but we are also celebrating the International.Year of the Nurse. The reason this year is.the International Year of the Nurse is because.it's the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale,.a British social reformer; statistician; and.founder of modern Nursing..Florence Nightingale was born into a wealthy.family, educated beyond most women of the.time, and who wanted a career in Nursing when.most young women stayed home. When she announced.her plans to study Nursing and become a nurse,.her family was so embarrassed that they paid.her a monthly stipend to move away..She later recruited and trained a group of.38 women to go to Crimea as nurses and assist.in caring for the British wounded in the Crimean.War. These women found inadequate food, no.supplies, poor housing, and substandard medical.care. Care for the wounded soldiers was being.delivered by overworked medical staff. Medications.were in short supply; hygiene was being neglected;.and mass infections were common. Soldiers.more often died from typhoid fever, cholera,.and dysentery than from their battle wounds..Nightingale set about cleaning and making.significant changes in how the wounded were.treated. She implemented hand washing and.other hygiene practices. As a result of her.actions, the death rate was reduced from 42%.to 2%. Every night, after others had gone.to bed, Nightingale would make rounds through.the wards of the wounded men. The men were.very grateful and referred to her as the lady.with the lamp..In 1856, Queen Victoria awarded Florence Nightingale,.The Red Cross of Saint George, for her service.in the Crimean War. But Florence's accomplishments.didn't stop there. Her social reforms included.improving healthcare for all sections of British.society, advocating for better hunger relief.in India, and expanding acceptable forms of.female participation in the workforce..She published many works during her lifetime,.the most notable was, Notes on Nursing What.It Is and What It Is Not. She was dedicated.to spreading medical knowledge written in.simple English, so that it could be understood.by those with poor communication skills. She.was a pioneer in using graphic visual representations.of statistical data, to enhance one's ability.to see patterns and trends. In 1860, she started.the Nightingale Training School at Saint Thomas.Hospital in London. Ms. Nightingale used a.medal similar to the Red Cross of Saint George,.to reward outstanding Nursing students..Let me give you a few more historical highlights.that bring us up to tonight's ceremony..In the 1870s, the Wolverton Royal Hospital.of England became the first Nursing school.to award a pin to all graduates. The first.three Nursing schools in America, founded.and based on the Nightingale model, started.in 1873, in New York; Boston; and New Haven,.Connecticut. In 1880, Bellevue Hospital School.of Nursing in New York became the first American.school to offer pins to its graduates. By.the 1900s, pinning had become a common ceremony.in Nursing schools. As each new Nursing school.opened, it designed its' own unique pin,.and awarded it to their graduates as a symbol.of academic work well done; entry into the.profession of Nursing; and as a reminder of.Nursing's historical mission to serve the.sick..Another reason that 2020 is special is because.it's the 50th anniversary of the college..Georgia Highlands College started as Floyd.Junior College in 1970. As I mentioned just.a moment ago, each new school that opened.chose a unique pin, or a unique design for.its' pin. The first graduating class designed.the Floyd Junior College Nursing pin..If you stroll down the main hall at Heritage.Hall, you will see picture of that first pin..It was oval and featured the bell tower that.is located on the main campus, along with.the Nightingale lamp, and the caduceus. The.lamp has come to signify, not only Florence.Nightingale, but the Nursing profession; and.Nursing knowledge, as it is acquired and used.to improved patient care; the caduceus, traditionally.associated with healing..There have been some changes to the pin during.the history of the college. The first came.when Floyd Junior College became Floyd College..The pin was basically unchanged, except for.the removal of the word \"Junior\". But.as the college grew and expanded to neighboring.counties, it was decided to change the name.of the college to a name that better reflected.that geographical expansion, and thus the.school became known as Georgia Highlands College..At that time, the pin was redesigned to the.pin that the graduates will receive tonight..It is a round pin that no longer depicts the.bell tower but continues to contain the Nightingale.lamp and the caduceus..Graduates, when you accept the pin, you also.accept the many responsibilities of Nursing..The Nursing pin communicates to the public.that the wearer is a competent nurse, educated.and knowledgeable, and who professes the professional.attributes required for Nursing..When you accept the pin, you join the generations.of dedicated and talented nurses who have.come before you, to take an oath to serve.the sick, to advance Nursing knowledge, and.to improve patient care. You are now part.of that continuing line of nurses, stretching.from ancient times to present; this line includes.the names of those Nursing leaders that you.have studied, and the thousands of men and.women whose names will never be known..Wear your pins proudly and remember that they.represent your hard work and accomplishments.at completing this program and much more..I am proud to welcome you, each and every.one, as my new colleagues..On behalf of Wellstar Health System, congratulations.Georgia Highlands College Nursing class of.2020. During this unprecedented time, you.have accomplished a significant milestone.in your life. The Nursing profession is truly.a gift, and you should all be so proud of.your accomplishment. Let me be among the first.to welcome you to this amazing career of Nursing..Congratulations..Hello class of 2020, today we celebrate our.accomplishments. It is an honor to be a part.of such a wonderful class. We have had to.overcome obstacles that no other class has.had to overcome, yet it is in this time of.uncertainty that resiliency and determination.are most present. Despite the ups and downs,.our class has persevered to become courageous.and adaptable nurses that this world so desperately.needs..I'm sure we have all heard the saying that.Nursing is a work of heart. This is especially.true during this unprecedented time. In this.time of adversity, we have come together and.lifted each other up to help each other succeed..We have spent countless hours preparing for.the day that we can call ourselves, RN..We have continued on, even when we felt like.we didn't have the strength to do so. We.have maintained jobs, attended class, raised.families, and sacrificed \"me time\" for.study time. It takes a heart full of compassion,.and a willingness to serve, to commit to a.career in Nursing. We understood that the.reward was worth the sacrifice, to be able.to help a human being in need. That is why.Nursing is truly a work of heart..As we embark on this next chapter of our lives,.I would like each and every one of you to.remember how special you are, how powerful.you are, and how much you are deeply needed..In the words of Rawsi Williams, \"To do what.nobody else will do, in a way that nobody.else can do, in spite of all we go through.\".That is what it means to be a nurse..Congratulations again, class of 2020. Thank.you..Hello, this is Jan Tidwell, Chief Nursing.Officer at Cartersville Medial Center, just.wanting to wish the 2020 class of Georgia.Highlands College congratulations; great job;.and hope to see you all soon..On behalf of the 2020 Nursing class of Georgia.Highlands College, I would like to begin by.thanking all of the alumni who walked this.path before us. Each of us were influenced.in some way, directly or indirectly, by your.presence in this program and in our lives..You have experienced the rollercoaster of.Nursing school and have supported us through.our many years that led up to this moment..We hope to make you proud and continue to.influence those that come after us..I would also like to take a moment to recognize.the professors and staff that helped us navigate.through the past two years..Ms. Maddox, you have spent many years of your.life devoted to this program. Your dedication,.and hard work has paid off and flourished.into a successful Nursing program. Although.we are sad to see you go, we are thankful.that we were able to have one last year with.you. We are confident that you will never.forget your last year at Georgia Highlands,.navigating an obstacle that no one could have.ever anticipated. Thank you for directing.and encouraging all the professors who helped.mold us into amazing nurses. You will be greatly.missed..Dr. Paula Stover, you were always offered.a calming voice. This is the voice that I'm.sure each of us will think about when a situation.needs to be deescalated. I know that you will.continue to share your joy for life and Nursing.with many more students after us..Ms. Shae Walker and Ms. Lynn Herman, I'm.fairly certain that you will never want to.hear the words Coronavirus; Zoom; or you're.static ever again. You two women went above.and beyond to ensure that our class graduated.on time. Your dedication to our future is.irreplaceable, and for that we thank you..The support staff and other professors, without.all the hard work behind the scenes, from.people like Jenny Walker scheduling our clinicals;.Chance Hooper answering all of our questions;.and professors like Dr. Amason; Ms. Hyde;.and Ms. Smith; and anyone else not mentioned,.we know that this rollercoaster of emotion.called Nursing school would have not been.the same without each of you..Finally, is the woman whom our class has chosen.to speak at this time-honored ceremony, Ms..Marta Sanderson holds a special place in the.heart of every student in our class. When.it felt like hope was lost, she held our hands.and told us You will be nurse. You can.do this. Thank you for being our cheerleader,.confidante, best friend, mentor, and educator..There will definitely not be another like.you, and in a world full of basic nurses,.we will all strive to be a Sanderson..Welcome to the 2020 Georgia Highlands Nursing.Pinning Ceremony Day..For my ASN graduates, I am honored and humbled.to be speaking on your Nursing pinning day,.and I also welcome our baccalaureate students.during their pinning day ceremony as well..Thank you very much for the invitation..To friends, families, and loved ones of the.class of 2020, I want to acknowledge your.sacrifices and considerable support you have.given to make this day a reality for these.graduates..To my fellow faculty and GHC leaders, I thank.you for sharing your enthusiasm for the Nursing.profession, and enduring wisdom that you have.imparted to me and our graduates..To Ms. Rebecca Maddox, I applaud and celebrate.the more than two decades of teaching and.leadership you have provided this program,.as you retire this summer. Thank you for being.a visionary for the program and being a relentless.student advocate..I didn't think that I would have the privilege.of speaking to you again, after falling while.walking to a disaster meeting, planning, a.disaster-planning meeting in March, and it.was just a few days before were all hit with.the American start of the Coronavirus epidemic..We, our education platform was immediately.changed, temporarily and in some aspects,.permanently. I grieved on so many levels,.as I had been with these graduates since their.first day of Nursing school. I had formed.bonds with many of them. I had to watch from.a distance. It's very odd to be in centerstage.today, without all of you here with me..This year I've had the pleasure of experiencing.truly exceptional nursing care during the.birth of my first grandchild, and then in.the recovery from my hip fracture. I thought.of each of you and was proud to realize that.all of you would be rendering and were capable.of providing the exceptional care I witnessed.and received. I admired the tenacity, flexibility,.and ability of the students and faculty to.change and respond to this healthcare crisis.and the impact upon the educational program..This class has already endured hum, hm, humorous,.humorous changes, but numerous changes and.adjustments to the implementation of a new.Nursing curriculum that of concept-based.Nursing, which very different than the old.traditional Nursing curriculum. Simply, even.those scripts; schedules; and classes had.been planned and drafted in detail. Every.day of their program was filled with edits.and changes. The students and the faculty.exhibited remarkable adaptability, quantum.leadership, and compassion for each during.these two years..When asked, what is the hallmark of the class.of 2020? One could simply answer, they were.the first class in a new concept-based curriculum.to graduate or they survived the Coronavirus.impact in their last semester of Nursing school..I reply that the hallmark of the class of.2020 is their generosity. These nurses, my.newest colleagues, have the rare but often-sought.ability to form and function as a team..Nurses are called to a profession, where collaboration.and teamwork are essential to improve client;.community; and global health outcomes. The.class of 2020 is the embodiment of these professional.values and identities. Your class invited.new members into your groups, included those.who struggled scholastically and personally,.and in into any group project or clinical.group you were within..Indeed it often appeared that your groups.functioned as if they had been established.on day one, instead of the membership changing.each semester. Rare was the incidence of incivility,.bravo. This exceptional ability, which allowed.each of you to provide the best nursing care.with esprit de corps, that our profession.is capable of, is at your fingertips. Plant.this ability to collaborate and be a team.member in all your future endeavors..Your program has been rigorous, the workload.immense, those clinical experiences were not.always easy or comfortable. The good new is.the first leg of your Nursing education is.over. The bad new is that after NCLEX, the.hard work and sacrifice is not over. Not only.are you challenged to attain your baccalaureate.degree of Nursing, but you will necessarily.be professional lifelong learners. Your first.year as a registered nurse will be filled.with immense changes in healthcare, as you've.already discovered in the Spring; long work.hours; and new colleagues with decades of.experience that will not be as generous or.team spirited as you are..I remember at the end of my first year of.nursing in 1982, stating what I learned.in Nursing school could fit on the nail of.my thumb, compared to what I learned during.this past year. And so it was, my knowledge.and expertise grew exponentially, not linearly,.year after year such as I think yours.will..The good news is that you will be rewarded.and enriched by these new experiences on a.daily basis. Clients and families will forever.remember your thoughtful gestures, your healing.presence, and your thirst for knowledge. You.will live with more purpose because of your.appreciation of how chaotic, unpredictable,.and how short life can be. The rewards of.the Nursing profession will eventually outweigh.the struggles and the opportunities when things.did not go well. You will be proud of your.ability and integrity in saying I don't.know; but I will find out and then doing.so..After 39 years of nursing practice, I still.find myself excited to be a nurse and a nurse.educator. Most of you know that while I have.been an educator and leader most of my nursing.career, I'd only recently decided I was.fit to be Nursing faculty educator. Although.always eager to educate and steward knowledge,.I perceived that I had an R rating,.when it came to teaching the pre-licensure.Nursing student. Finally I found my voice.that conveyed the reality of nursing, while.simultaneously encouraging all to join and.to become a member of the best profession,.a cheerleader as it were..Nursing is perceived to be the most honest.and ethical profession, decade after decade..How laudable, how amazing. Nurses truly have.the ability to positively influence clients.and communities to become healthier physical,.socially, and emotionally. Our communication.approaches such that we often translate for.the healthcare team and its experts in a caring.manner that is relatable to any client in.many diverse situations and environments..Our scope of practice with a myriad of opportunities,.can provide us with great autonomy and financial.wellbeing over a lifetime. It is absolutely.great to be a nurse, and it's still after.all these years, great to be a nurse..During this program you've heard many times,.a nurse is an applied scientist. Our profession.has many times tried to quantify how caring.and compassion fit into that definition and.equation. Our caring, professional demeanor.has to be harnessed and delivered with evidence-based.practice; hence unique in professions, nursing.is both an art and a science..You are not sent out into the professional.world as expert task doers, but as exquisite.observers; assessors; and implementors that.render care compassionately. Details do matter,.especially in nursing. Look up every medication.you don't know. Double check your calculations..Read the clinical practice guidelines. Be.systematic in your assessments. Resist skipping.a step on a busy day. And provide education.at every opportunity. You'll be the nurse.that picks up on subtle change that will save.a life or forever improve an outcome. Your.ability to collaborate and be a team member.will be contagious and will revive those of.us more experienced than yourselves..Remember, you're a leader at the point of.care. Every time that you enter data into.the client's electronic health record, you.are participating in research. You are an.advocate for every client and community any.time you provide education and provide useful.resources. You are and can be an agent of.change. However, remember, being an agent.of change is hard work. Remember to self-care,.recognize symptoms of compassion fatigue,.and after - and alter your personal and career,.just a little bit, or maybe even a lot but.take care of you, as you are the agent of.change..Lastly, I congratulate those of you who've.already conquered NCLEX. I'm encouraging.all of you who will soon take NCLEX as well..I envy your first hour on the job. I am a.registered nurse, soon followed with What.do I do now?.The faculty and I congratulate the class of.2020. It has been an honor and a pleasure.to partner with you on your journey to becoming.a professional nurse. Certainly, your halos.are a bit askew, our humor suspect at times,.but at the end of this day we are professional.nurses..To paraphrase and to rephrase a t-shirt I.am fond of In a world of basic nurses.and nursing students, be as a member of the.GHC class of 2020. We wish you success, health,.and happiness. Thank you..Rebekah Biddulph.Sheila D. Blevins.KyLeigh B. Carney.Jessica D. Carrier.Laura Charlier.Alex Chitwood.Alejandra Cisneros.Chelsea Davis.Maria DeBlasio.Deborah Dobbins.Saron Eaton.Rachel Echols.Haley Epstein.Jessica Fuchs.Jessie Fullagar.Paige Garmon.Heather Gooch.Breeann Gray.Joseph Blake Griggs.Mason Hamilton.Ellie Hanley.Taniesha Harrison.Brande Holm.Chase Hund.Hailey Nichole Hyde.Drew Xavier Jefferson.Crystal Johnson.Taylor Johnson.Christal Kelly.Bethany Kinard.Matt King.Kaitie Kiser.Vanessa Lilly.Stephanie Locke.Alexia Nicole Loudermilk.Brittany Lynch.Jake Martin.Giselle Martinez.Alisha May.Jane May.Amber McClure.Melinda Lynn Meade.Heather Renee Meeler.Melissa Michelle Mestizo.Marjorie Miller.Michelle Nash.Rebeka Neal.LaQuisha Q. Pillow.Laura Pintar.Titilola Popoola.Kristen Prejean.Princesa Reyes.Mayra Rivera.Madeline Roberts.Jessica Robinson.Marie Robinson.Andrew H. Rudeseal.Elesa Sanders.Alexander Smith.Thomas Smith.Zach Spears.Jeremy Thomas.Christienne Nicole Tolero.Rebekah Hope White.Laura Whitehead.Dijana Whitlow.April Winslow.Congratulations, graduates. I'm Dr. Stephanie.Jones, the Chief Nursing Officer at Redmond.Regional Medical Center, and as a former alumni,.I understand what a great foundation you all.have had in Nursing. What outstanding nurses.that you're going to become. I look forward.to seeing what you all are going do for the.profession of Nursing and in your careers..Again, congratulations; you've done it..My name is Sheila Sutton, and I'm the director.of the RN-to-BSN Program at Georgia Highlands.College. We're here to recognize the registered.nurses who have completed the Bachelor of.Science in Nursing degree during the 2019-2020.academic year..So what does earning a Bachelor of Science.in Nursing really mean? Why is that important?.According to the American Association of Colleges.of Nursing, baccalaureate Nursing programs.encompass all of the coursework taught in.the Associate degree programs, plus some more.in-depth treatment of the physical and social.sciences, the humanities, Nursing research,.public and community health, and Nursing management..The additional coursework prepares the nurse.for broader scope of practice and provides.a better understanding of the social, cultural,.political, and economic issues that affect.patients and influence the delivery of healthcare..Throughout the last decade, it has been widely.recognized that in Nursing, education does.make a difference. In 2010, the Robert Wood.Johnson Foundation published a landmark report.on the future of Nursing, which detailed the.need to increase the number of baccalaureate-prepared.nurses, in order to transform healthcare..So why is this a need? Because BSN nurses.see things through a broader perspective..The result has been shown to improve outcomes.and healthcare delivery..Earning your BSN is an indication of your.commitment to the profession of Nursing and.the goal of providing quality healthcare..From this point, some of you will continue.your education with the goal of earning a.masters or a doctoral degree; others will.assume a formal leadership role; and still.others will lead informally at the bedside..You are prepared to pursue your goals. But.whatever your dreams and aspirations, we encourage.you to always be a leader, and never stop.learning..Now I present to you, the BSN graduates for.2019-2020, beginning with Fall semester 2019..Misty Nicole Bankston.Anna Elizabeth Bean.Robin Dawn House.Jennifer Lee Little.Makeda Jasmine Parker.Sherri Lightfoot Vaughan.For Spring 2020.Jeffrey Paul Barber.Erica New Barnes.Ashley Porterfield Barr.Christy Jane Belcher.Brianna Nicole Benefield.Kristen Wilson Bratcher.Amanda Nicole Bray.Koryna Renee Briggs.Mary Elizabeth Brumbelow.Sarah J Burks.Madelyn Grace Carter.Betsy Anne Chamblee.Ashtyn Blanton Cochran.Emily Marie Cook.Shannon Leigh Dean.Samantha Codi Dempsey.Laura Julie Flores.Catherine A Furtado.Ashlan Nicole Garey.Andrea Marie Gibson.Clare M Gomez.Shirley Teems Greenway.Shelly Ruth Hester.Hannah Brook Hood.Brooke Scott Kirby.Cindy Malee Landing.Hannah Mchelle Laury.Britney Nicole Maner.Lauren M Martin.Laurei Newton Morris.Yvonne Coker Myrick.Cassander Ann Okonofua.Allison May Parks.Trisha Anna Phillips.Christopher Shields.Misty T Shinall.Nicole Lynn Sikes.Carolina Sneed.Michelle Louise Stamper.Brittany Shereece Sublett.Michelle DeLay Suzal-George.Vanessa Rosales West.Jennifer Brooke Wright.Nicholas Yarbrough.And for Summer 2020.Charity Evans Sneed.Jennifer Renee Schubert.Congratulations to all graduates of the BSN.program at Georgia Highlands College..Hi, I'm Dr. Sheila Bennett, Executive Vice.President and Chief of Patient Services for.Floyd Medical Center, and I want to congratulate.all of the graduates for 2020, from Georgia.Highlands College. Thank you for all you do,.and I'm looking forward to you entering.the healthcare arena and doing great things.going forward..Nursing graduates of Georgia Highlands College.class of 2020, will you please stand and recite.the International Nursing Pledge with me..In the full knowledge of the obligations I.am undertaking, I promise to care for the.sick with all the skill and understanding.I possess without regard to race; creed; color;.politics; or social status, sparing no effort.to conserve life, to alleviate suffering,.and to promote health..I will respect at all times the dignity and.religious beliefs of the patients under my.care, holding in confidence all personal information.entrusted to me and refraining from any action.which might endanger life or health..I will endeavor to keep my professional knowledge.and skill at the highest level and to give.my loyal support and cooperation to all members.of the health team. I will do my utmost to.honor the International Code of Ethics applied.to Nursing, and to uphold the integrity of.the nurse..Hi, I'm Vicky Hogue, from Wellstar Paulding.Hospital, Chief Nursing Officer. On behalf.of Wellstar Paulding Hospital, I would like.to congratulate the Nursing class of 2020,.Georgia Highlands College. Yay Way to go!.Congratulations!.In closing, I would like to offer a moment.of pray for our class and faculty..God, thank you for bringing us here today..Thank you for the opportunity to do this pinning.even though it is virtual, God, you gave us.the ability to do that, and God, I thank you.for that. Thank you for allowing everyone.to join today, with their family and friends..We have unlimited family joining with us this.way since it's virtually instead of at the.church. God, I know that through you we can.do anything and that you know your plan for.us. God, I pray that as we go on as nurses.into each new chapter that this journey brings.us, God, I pray that you lay your hand on.us and just guide us through this journey..God, I pray that you give us peace and confidence.as we go. God, I pray that you keep everyone.safe. We know it's a scary world out there,.but through you we can do anything. God, I.know that you can keep us safe. God, I pray.that you do that. God, I thank you for the.faculty, and thank you for this family that.you've brought us through these students..God, without the faculty and without these.friends, none of us would have made it this.far. God, we know ultimately you know that.plan that you have for us, and God, I pray.that through this journey as nurses, you really.lead us into where you want us to be, God..I pray that you give us confidence and peace.when we're scared or worried. God, I pray.that you lay your hand on each person right.now, and just allow them to feel your presence,.and give them what you know that they need,.Lord. God, I pray that you lay your hand on.each person who has lost someone or something.during this journey to become a nurse. God,.we know it was very hard, but God, through.you we were able to do it. God, thank you.again, for this faculty. They've become.like family to us, and I'm so thankful for.each and every one of them. God, again I pray.that you keep everyone safe as they go on.to each of their own journeys. In your name.I pray. Amen..Now I want to leave you guys with a clip of.our journey together over the two years that.we were together..Music.Becca Maddox, congratulations on your 22 years.at Georgia Highlands College, working with.our Nursing program. Thank you so much for.the service that you have provided to our.institution and to healthcare across Northwest.Georgia. You have always given this fine balance.between high expectations and a love and compassion.for our students, and I just want.to say thank you..Music.

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How easy is Georgia Highlands College?

Georgia Highlands is a great school. It changed my perception of two year colleges. I took Business Admin. It is not easy but not hard by any means. I really hope people in the areas it serve take advantage of the college. I most certainly did!

What is the procedure to fill out the DU admission form? How many colleges and courses can I fill in?

I saw this page which is really helpful and will guide you with the correct way to fill the registration form Login • Instagram . The form is applicable for all the colleges and courses under DU except for Stephens and JMC, that have their own form. You can DM them with your other queries too!

How long does it take to become a LPN in Georgia?

Here are some amazing and completely free resources online that you can use to teach yourself data science. Besides this page, I would highly recommend following the Quora Data Science topic if you haven't already to get updates on new questions and answers! Step 1. Fulfill your prerequisites Before you begin, you need Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Python. If your math background is up to multivariable calculus and linear algebra, you'll have enough background to understand almost all of the probability / statistics / machine learning for the job. Multivariate Calculus: What are the Continue Reading

How long does it take to become an RN in Georgia?

There are various programs depending on which schools or programs chosen or accepted. Currently in the US the length of time is: 18 months, 2 years and 4 years. The 4 year program is recommended but usually includes more core non- nirse related classes for the earlier taken classes giving a BS degree. Then one has to sit for their Boards (testing).

How long does it take to become an RN in GA?

There are various programs depending on which schools or programs chosen or accepted. Currently in the US the length of time is: 18 months, 2 years and 4 years. The 4 year program is recommended but usually includes more core non- nirse related classes for the earlier taken classes giving a BS degree. Then one has to sit for their Boards (testing).

How many years does it take to become an RN?

In Canada there is no such thing as an “Associate's Degree". Nursing programmes are are offered at the University level and are 4 years full time or 3 years if you do the accelerated programme which means carrying a full course load during the Summer. If you choose part time it can take considerably longer. There are also Advanced Practice Specialty programmes which can take anywhere from 4 to 18 months, graduate diplomas, Master's Degree programmes, post-grad, PhD, and post-doc. It all depends on what you want to do and how many years (and dollars) you are willing to put into it.

How long does it take to become a RN in GA?

Here are some amazing and completely free resources online that you can use to teach yourself data science. Besides this page, I would highly recommend following the Quora Data Science topic if you haven't already to get updates on new questions and answers! Step 1. Fulfill your prerequisites Before you begin, you need Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Python. If your math background is up to multivariable calculus and linear algebra, you'll have enough background to understand almost all of the probability / statistics / machine learning for the job. Multivariate Calculus: What are the Continue Reading

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