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greetings church it is Monday morning.and it is just checking here and making.sure that the volume works and this yeah.it is Monday morning it is 18 104 am.apparently I have fallen asleep here I.wasn't intending to fall asleep I'm.working on completing this just work.here got to keep all of the UM all the.paperwork together all the notes for for.this to trying to finish this Gospel of.Mark i was working on the outline their.earlier today and decided to take a.break eat dinner pray and then i laid.down for about five minutes and fell.asleep I wasn't expecting that and i.woke up of course in pain in my right.foot you know i think these people in.the apartment complex where i live at.don't understand how painful it is to.have somebody stick a needle deep inside.of the soul of your feet um and the.veins which carry our bloodstream when.it's puncture can be infected if that.area is constantly being poked right.this Haitian woman is here in the.building right now as i am speaking in.the background.and she doesn't sleep at night she's an.old woman and you know this Gabriel.Franklin she will not go back to her own.home state she will not go back to her.family members I'm not exactly sure hmm.why she was brought here but only to.judge an to stick needles in my feet and.in my hands and so on and so forth.yesterday morning so as I'm talking to.you right now my feet are throbbing in.pain my right leg was throbbing in pain.yesterday morning and it is an ongoing.thing that these people were right to.two and a half hours to talk to you guys.last video i completed basically.incident report record and history I.think was that was the title of the of.the video well we're not going to do a.video tonight for two and a half hours.because I think you got you get the gist.of what's going on here I'm a man who is.being abused by a Haitian woman and an.American clansmen for insubordination in.other words i won't subordinate myself.to John MacArthur or this Haitian woman.and her family so they've reduced.themselves to sexual assault and.physical abuse on the staff I guess I.don't know if they're divided or if I.think they're supportive of what is.happening here um they support what's.going on any apartment complex that I've.lived in support of John MacArthur I.guess he's got that Cora that that.spirit that says you know you better.submit to me or or else I'm carrying the.bag no the bag of snakes you know the.bag of tricks the bag of hits so.somebody better submit to me or else I'm.going to lose my mind you know um.I was here upside the head last week and.I can still feel it like right here and.i discovered this right here on my.pillow do that.it's a blood spot right there in other.words my blood was spilled from back.here on to this pillow here it's not.much but you know it's it's a it's a.stock it's it's it's almost like how do.you respond when someone is this is what.they're doing to you at home you know.they're they're bashing your head in and.leaving blood spots or they're sticking.needles inside of you and leaving blood.um but not necessarily you know she has.I don't know how many plate how many.towels and she she comes every night.this Haitian woman in John MacArthur.comes every night the police department.you know mmmmmm no and they sit in the.background in a whisper and and for them.it's almost like I don't understand the.kind of satanic mentality this woman has.that gives her permission to do that.what kind of a sick individual doesn't.it comes into someone's home rented.apartment he understand these european.americans who own this building are not.clean and this business that they have.is not a clean business and this Haitian.woman and her child her son different.should not have access into my home I've.said this so many times but I wanted to.show you the blood spot that you let you.know even at this hour it's 110 in the.morning you're asleep right you're at.home nice and peaceful.resting I'm here and I can't go to sleep.because as soon as I go to sleep they're.either jumping my bones um and my.genitals throbbing in pain or it's my.feet or it's my head being bashed in.here's another piece of information.church um i was reading christianity.today and i found that that christian.national let me get the magazine.so Christianity today I just read this.in an article and the article says the.article says this this is this month's.Christianity today writer it says this.is really painful my foot is in pain it.says the Seattle man sir is as paid to.pray scammer must reach Earth must be.fun money if they're of the bottom this.is paid to pray scammer must refund.money and there it is right there that's.the article I'm going to read from there.Benjamin rogova more than seven million.dollars but the site was a scam so this.guy was scamming on show some it says.that the Seattle man's the underline.right here the Seattle man's other.for-profit scam the Christian national.church was an online church run by a.fake pastor who offered ordination.certificates for 139 dollars this is.look as it what it says here says rogova.violated the consumer protection act in.the charitable soul it is so so Lissa.tation act the washington state attorney.general's office stated customers who.want their money back must apply for a.refund by june twelfth that was pretty.interesting christian national church.offers ordination certificates for 139 I.thought a while my certificate i paid a.2-over almost three hundred dollars for.mine it up and I thought how interesting.so I couldn't go back to master seminary.and and be ordained so I decided to go.to Christian national church for an.ordination certificate I think I showed.it to you um this is one of the most.embarrassing and humiliating thing I've.ever endure yes Tula basically read that.on a Christianity today.here it says here your stuff I usually.put I put a dollar there all right with.the with the certificate um to remind me.and to remind the Lord that we ministers.need to be paid for the preaching that.we do because I don't get paid for the.preaching that I do um i watch your show.you something here it says your.certificate of ordination right I'm.reading this far right here certificate.of ordination is granting the full.authority of two what two solemn nuys.what does it say too solemn to solemnize.marriages and affect all other religious.ceremonies the Deacons of the christian.national church by virtue of the.authority vested in them have conferred.upon Kevin declare on on this day of our.Lord October 26 2013 recognition as an.ordained Christian ministry I wanted you.to see that written Christian national.church now here I'm reading right.so now here's the article I don't.Christianity today and here's a.certificate all right so I'm thinking.okay well i wasn't trying to scam my way.into christian ministry but with all the.problems I'm having with MacArthur for.me to read this article um concerning.this certificate and this is the only.certificate that i have i don't i don't.have another certificate of ordination.and i'm wondering if this is a trick.from john here this is a hit um you know.I mean it's one of those things were you.know you're being hit by a charlatan.minister or a man who is trying who's.pretty much taking everything away from.me right taking away your family taking.away your health taking away your purity.um went to 24 hours the other day and.have a very interesting experience with.one of the other people there and I.thought you know what set something like.that up you know or there so I got hit.by the gay community all right and then.when I came home to work on the book.here I got hit again by the gay.community remember the two and a half.hours of videos that I have produced.well on that day when I produced the.video i went to Powell's to upload the.video and and to upload the article that.goes with the video they were like 34.pictures I was trying to communicate.something through the pictures to you.church and they would not allow me to.upload the article on the I page account.they control the I page account and they.determine what goes up and let go what.doesn't go up if it's information that.brings out their seeing they say no we.don't want we don't want that kind of.information online on exposing our scene.right um they're choosing they choose.they make the decision as to what goes.up in one doesn't as if it's their.account as if it's their testimony but.it is not it took me 12 hours on.thursday i think it was thursday or.friday i think it was to upload the 24.videos to the library of congress.because they wouldn't allow it to then i.get an email from the Library of.Congress senses you know we received.your 80 videos that you submitted and.I'm like I didn't submit any videos I've.only submitted what I've uploaded.probably 80 videos but really it was.only 24 because they wouldn't they took.control over the computer and they.wouldn't allow me to complete the.submission of the work so you've got the.clan constantly there either beating.there either set me up in establishments.whether it's Powell's or starbucks or 24.hours here in the apartment wherever I'm.at you know it's almost like they have.to have complete control same thing when.I go to churches I feel more like I'm in.a battlefield and a black battle zone.than anything else it's like I can't.have any association with anyone um.they've got Haitians and African you.know bring black skin Africans and.Haitians that they use you know to.offend or to advertise or to insult and.say that I'm the races and these are my.people might know those are not my.people I don't know who those.now I mixed-blood it and just because I.you know one part of my family is his is.black doesn't mean that the other half.should be extinguished the Spanish.thought should be extinguished but you.know I wanted to make sure you.understand that even after the video.here is turned off they come out they.come out and they continue to a prep to.offend and tune into a press at the hint.and to her I would encourage you to stay.prayerful not to lose sight of the way.and not to veer off of the link because.these people will do it they don't you.know Jesus says that they don't know.what they're doing and with all the guns.in their hands and all the nuclear power.in their hands and all the powers that.be these people and has fulfilled what.Christ has said and they don't know what.they're doing they're really really dumb.I think these people are hungry for.power and hungry for recognition but.when it comes to dealing with Christians.who are committed to the Lord they don't.know how to deal with that some of these.people will do whatever it takes to get.on someone to recognize you know some of.these people will not go out there and.share the gospel with anybody unless.there's recognition attached this.Haitian woman has gone into my bathroom.underneath the sink looking for looking.for needles right so that she could.stick it and cut me waiting this woman.has no life for her life is hurting me.24 7 7 days a week or giving me oral sex.when Ellis Lee its oral sex and sticking.needles in my feet or beating my feet or.chopping off my hair I wake up and this.side of my hair is chopped off shorter.than this side.and it's because i have this permanent.in my hair that you don't that is not.even more obvious or she'll chopped off.the side of the beard and then leave.leave it and she'll cut it it in any.case so now you know that my ordination.certificate is a fraud now the question.is do I contact this consumer protection.is a Washington state attorney general's.office or do I just keep the certificate.by do i do I send this all back now or.by a cycle you have until June 12 and.it's also how do you respond to this I.you read this in Christianity today I'm.goat cheese John the state of you used.the state of Washington to remove um my.trailer my truck my health you've used.the state of Washington Chu to remove.every I mean my whole life and when you.think of Washington you think of who.slavery when you think of George.Washington you think of slavery because.how far back you go Washington was the.first president right no here is George.Washington and the listing of all the.presidents all right what what's the.year they're 1780 what 1789 to 1797 so.whenever you think Washington right.you're thinking slavery all the way back.to slain things I Washington right there.from 1789 to 1797 so any time we think.of washington washington state.washington DC you're thinking back of a.man who lived in slavery days before our.freedom was even considered right before.freedom was I even considered um.almost almost a hundred years almost not.quiet but almost because in 1865 is when.we were released but these people in.almost a hundred years um but in any.case you know the state of Washington.has taken away quite a bit from me um.and that includes employment everything.that i was when i was in southern.california washington state took it.while it was in washington state that i.was introduced to homelessness it was in.washington state i was introduced to the.gay claimed it was in washington state.that i was interested i was introduced.to the terminal illness you know in.washington state basically reduced me.and now here again this article i'm.reading about and the name here Benjamin.R Ogilvie on that's not even the name.that was on the site when um when I made.this and I had waterless I I had ordered.this from this company or this church.ministry you know and you look at that.and you go is this what we've become in.the church today has the church becomes.so badly and so poorly led by men who.call themselves Christians today that we.now have to go to church sites and on to.to get the support that we need church.sites rather than Christians church.sites there's a certain mentality that.is flowing floating in American in.American society in America today that.is devoid of the holy spirit that is the.void of.of God and this is you know I don't want.to criticize you know you don't want to.bite the hand that feeds you you sort of.wonder what exactly is going on here.right hey you you have to you sort of go.back to the drawing board and go to now.what do we do right I mean these people.have been criticized as being false and.here you are holding on to one of their.certificates it's like being a master.seminary graduate having paid 15 got.fifteen thousand dollars twenty thousand.dollars or even fifty thousand dollars.for a certificate right having gone.through their whole schooling process.right and and only to find out that.MacArthur's a fraud and he's a fake and.you know the person that's been three.hundred dollars for the certificate but.they spent thirty thousand dollars from.the certificate only to find out that.the name of cars are now does not bring.joy and peace of the church but brings.pain and misery to the church because.you realize that the man wasn't fraud.the man was a fake the man was not what.he presented himself to be he wasn't as.Baptists colleague as he you know it's.like I'm looking at the certificate here.and I'm going well is that any different.than all the students who found out that.what karma was was not what he all that.he cut out to me will grace community.church in the Masters seminary babies.people back all the money that they are.thinking you know to you know to.basically restore these students back.there their self-respect you know.putting their faith in an establishment.only to find out that the minister there.is a is a cracker you know and he's not.true so the same way you know you look.at this and you go oh my god has the.article right no different than them.you know the article says that they're.fake and here it is right here Tom and I.think people who have graduated out of.masters some have regretted it because.of what MacArthur and his staff probably.have done to their lives I think some.people have come into the United States.and and gotten their certificate of.naturalization right I don't think I've.I'm here with me but only to find out.that they're not really Americans and.that their slaves and that they're being.forced to live as homosexuals and that.they're not equals and no certificate is.going to equalize no African to an.english european no certificate so no.certificate is going to give any.unbeliever or even a Christian the right.all right certificates are dangerous.especially from the people that you get.them from um and you have to it's.something that you have to earn I need.to earn it or you pay for it and and.sometimes you find out information and.things about those people and you wonder.you know is this true or not and if some.of it may be true and some of it maybe.not but in any case you know our calling.is an hour north in our ordination is.more in Christ Jesus Paul serve the Lord.with all his life and all his heart and.he was never given an ordination.certificate or seminary degree or.naturalization certificate but he was.Roman and he was educated and.and he was chosen by God and His Son and.spirit she were to do the work of the.ministry and it was costing you know.there's rioting in the New Testament as.a result of the Holy Spirit there is the.cross of Christ that we have to bear.because of the whole spirit and there is.um and there's a cost a price to be paid.and the price may be that you find out.things about people you Minister.alongside with or people that are you.know i'll use this passage this is the.last passage along the news but you know.Hebrews 7 says remember those who let.you who preach the Word of God to you.and imitate their faith you may find out.that the faith that these people are.professing you know you might have gone.to them for instructions for a period of.time but then later on find out that.they were false you don't stop.practicing the Christian faith because.you find out that the former leaders.were flawless former teachers were false.you keep going whether or not the.certificate of ordination well at the.time when I when I made the purchase or.what I it was real to me and it was real.to them at the time when you know two.years ago three years ago whenever it.was that I went forward with it it it.was real I don't know what happened.within that time frame all right there.was a time when I was a master seminary.student and it was real to me then but.what has happened since 1998 when I left.a probably a gazillion things by my.relationship with them in the opposite.direction because things about them that.I didn't know has surfaced and very.little but enough for me to know that.they're not as clean as they appear to.be on all the education that I have with.them is gone.it's out of my head out of my mind I.don't remember any of it you know if.anything just the general tools but.everything else just went out the door I.don't have a certificate to show that I.even went to the school I can't do.anything it's more like a memorabilia.you know oh yeah one of the you know.that's that's how I would have used it.if I have earned it the certificate and.of course now the money is lost because.you know you'll $50,000 for an education.that you can use but for those of you.who might have gone to a school or God.nor gained by church and ordained by.some men have been ordained by churches.and they put their hands on them and.only to find out that the church folded.the church no longer exists the church.has split you know a gazillion things.happens you know in lives and so you.can't put your life on a certificate you.know while while you're there with the.people it may be all good but then.something happens in and God removes.that ministry and God removes that that.work for whatever purpose of reason the.person have to turn or the person how to.turn away from the ministry you know you.don't know what Satan will do you know.it might have been Satan's gold to.sabotage the ministry of these people.might have been saying who's going to.sabotage the leadership I mean saying.this forever doing something evening.against let me look at what he's doing.to me now I have an online website.ministry and I preach out into public.and I visit the churches but you know in.most people and I have a Friday night.Bible study but nobody shows up on.fighting that I go down there and I.leave my Bible in my backpack and nobody.ever comes up to me and say hey Kevin.they having bible study or you know they.did it up or on sunday morning i sit.there or i show up late and nobody ever.comes knocking on the door to say hey.are you having church or what's going on.here are we meeting on because you know.the devil has his ways of discouraging.the church the devil has its ways of.cutting down the church look at the son.of god what did you do to Jesus why.Jesus came to seek and to save that.which was lost and we got his head.bashed in by a bunch of prickly thorns.stuck in his head and on this brow you.know and you got a 39 lashes to his back.I mean he got pierce here and piercing.ear piercing his feet and so you know.sometimes a person could have the.brightest and the righteous of intention.but then you know is completely.demolished by the completely demolish.its frame that's like well Jesus you.know we spent three and a half years.with you and um you didn't do anything.but disappoint us can we have our time.back now are you going to give us the.money that we could have earned in our.jobs for the last three and a half years.now that you your your you know you've.really disappointed us and you're going.to die can we at least have something in.you know in return for the time that we.spent following after you which was a.waste of time you know and for some.people it's almost like that anytime.you're dealing with Christianity you're.dealing with God who is in heaven and.you're dealing with sinful man which is.on earth and everything that you as a.redeemed christian is going to do to.bring credibility back to God Satan is.going to do everything that you possibly.can to take away the credibility of that.you get to go everything that you do is.going to take away that credibility on.everything that you do that means.whether it's a certificate of ordination.a seminary graduation education to.become a missionary Satan well if you.will run a field day on you you will.destroy your puran your manhood he will.take away your licenses he will take.away your education you'll take away.your health he will do everything that.you possibly can he will use your own.mother to molest you to abuse you to.reject you your own children if you.having your own life your own spouses.Satan will go to the end of the earth to.kill and destroy you if you give an.ounce of credibility to God so you know.when you read an article like this and.you know that these people may have had.the brightest of intentions you know to.to have the certificate of ordination.there because hey you know what we have.brothers who are from other countries.who want to be ordained and you know an.international soil and they didn't have.time to go to seminary or they didn't.have the support of a church staff to.ordain them and so they needed the.church to recognize the fact that.they're doing the leadership of the.ministry and somebody needed to know.that this is who they were and they.needed some sort of backing and support.right Paul didn't go into the ministry.by himself the Twelve Apostles Mathias.included without Judas you know they.laid their hands on him and prayed for.him in and sent him on his way but in.our day and age not everybody has that.Adam buddy can um not everybody can have.the support of a church group or Church.church pastors and church elders and.church leaders because it's ton of our.times are harder today than what it used.to be it's been things I've become more.complicated right when I was sitting at.master seminary classes it never dawned.on me that my ordination wasn't ever.come from grace I didn't know that it.was going to come from an online.certificate on add that I will find you.know giving me permission to perform.marriages and I couldn't be commissioned.to to perform ceremonies the children.dedications and maybe the funerals I.don't know you know but with the with.the certificate you have you have.permission to do those but then when you.read an article like this that says hey.you know this thing was a scam you know.how many Christian churches that you.walk into an.morning and you walk out and go this.year this is a scam right I mean hands.down this is the scam because these.people there's no Holy Spirit here and.these are a bunch of fruit leaders right.a bunch of people that are living in.saint or a bunch of a hardcore Klansmen.or a bunch of Africans are they've got.that mindless slave because they're all.subordinates of some sort you can feel.it in their spin it right or these are.internationals they don't know what.they're saying they don't know what.they're doing they're mixing you know.this religion with this religion and.calling it Christianity right and then.there's the so there's there's a bunch.of groups out there who their intention.may be well and good but only to find.out what you may walk away I'd say it's.a scam don't know right if it is a scam.they're you know they're in trouble with.God they're in trouble with God and I'm.and I'm not and I'm just using such a.certificate but here as a platform to.say that you know how many other groups.are out there using Christianity or.using the Bible as a platform not if it.was for making money on the work at the.Ministry says that in the bible it says.that those who preach the gospel can get.their living from males I've been.preaching the gospel since early part of.two thousand i don't have the support.support group I that I mean I didn't.work for the money I did it for the.salvation but how many church churches.and um church leaders and Christians.could have supported me how many.Christians could have her own Bibles in.the West Coast could have supported my.pension I walked I mean I walk home.every day and I there's nobody nobody.supports the preaching of them.nobody comes up to me and says hey how.are you are you being supported by the.by the Lord's Church for the to that.message hey thanks for preaching that.message that's fish that was a great.message instead what do i get i get my.head bashed in and hit i get instead I.get raped in my genital or I gets.needles stuck under my feet that's the.response of Americans who don't love God.and don't appreciate the gospel of.coming right instead they want somebody.to be subordinate to them and so they.may say well this this view your what.you're preaching is a scan your scan.lines all you are after is the people's.money but even though the Lord says.those who preach the gospel can get.their living from it but yet I've never.got my living from the con school I'm on.Social Security right and I do it for.the salvation but I also do it because.it's my calling in life um you know I.don't know what to tell the rest of you.Christians out there who might have.gotten your certificate of ordination.from this church I know that it's in the.hand of gum and i would say pray that if.it is a scam at the lord will uncover or.discover or exposed the true nature of.the same committee but if it's not that.God will protect the look invisible holy.spring all right I mean it's either one.or the other all right and for some.reason to hit if it has fallen on on the.side where now it's being you know all.the years that it was there I don't know.when they started look like everything.was fine but now it's being called a.scam a money-making scam um.and so with everything that I'm going.through you know God just added you to.my plate of wolves you know and if I.don't have and if the certificate is not.in the certificate and this is a copy of.the of the certificate this isn't even.the one that was saved this is just a.Xerox copy um you know when you look at.that and you go well that was the only.one that I had and it's like sometimes.people look at the Bible and they go.well you know this Bible here there's.something wrong with it right they find.things wrong in the scriptures and.they'll tell you well this is a scam.this isn't even the word of God all.right so what do you do with the book.you do not believe the testimony of the.book do you throw it out the door if.that's it got that if that text is the.only thing that God is given to us to.speak now you can say that about.anything concerning the churches would.want all these books behind all right.the books that I learned and the books.that you might um somebody could look at.the books that you write it now right.under this is a scam this is it this is.this is just another money-making thing.I don't know George be on your guard and.careful um anything anytime you're.dealing with Church issues are the body.of Christ or god there's going to be.pain there's going to be blood I showed.you my blood all right they've got to.smash you bashing beat you rape you.they're going to do it they're going to.they're going to forget them for their.going after they're going after you.they're gonna lefty that you to do some.serious damage so be on your going be on.your guard on some of you may have.certificates that have your hand your.hand you know their their hands might.have been put on you and you might have.been sent out with full power and in.front of a church congregation and then.have had a party after that but then.afterward um you know you find out that.the churches of the church fell apart.right and so there's a season at a time.for everything I when it when when Jesus.was having of the supper what the.disciples that we break right you know.when they were fellowshipping with the.women that was great but then with a.book crucifixion dude they completely.destroyed the whole fellowship so for.every good there's evil job have ten.children and he raised them and they.partied and had a good time with each.other but then Satan steps into the.picture Satan stepped into the party and.destroyed Jesus's fellowship with the.disciples Satan stepped into the party.of job in his ten children and wasn't.human destroyed every time the devil.steps in and whatever format or another.every time Satan steps in he destroys he.destroys testimonies he destroys lives.he destroys leadership he destroys.families he destroyed he kills he steals.he destroys he steals your manhood he.steals your your hope your desired if.you are in Christ the devil will send.demons that look so good you will devour.the demons flesh.and not even think about what you do.until later on you're just gonna hope.what came over me what was that what was.that book whoa wouldn't I just do here.all right then when you like when you.get your composure back you're just like.that wasn't me what was that Satan will.do amazing things and it's it is to.discredit the name of Jesus Christ to.discredit to destroy the glory of God I.to discredit the Ministry of Christ to.remove the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.and to destroy the glory from them he.will do it to all three the Father the.Son in spirit and if that means removing.certificates of ordination that may have.been good intention at one time and now.has become bad or it may be that there.this is a hit against their ministry um.look at the hit against my ministry I've.been doing ministry in Portland for five.years and what are my disciples all.right I know a bunch of gay guys I lots.of gay guys I didn't know come on Kevin.you know you wanted but what about the.brothers are praying right what about.the brothers who time what about the.brothers who want to community where are.they how come they're not supporting me.they all own Bibles and some of them.have certificates of ordination others.of them have Pastoral Ministries some of.them have campuses and campuses where.are where all the supporting burgers.what happened right then they'll offer.to you but you don't.so sometimes and let me pray and then.you guys probably is right right now 147.a.m. it's monday the 16 and I was trying.to figure out if I should go to sleep.get a couple hours of shut-eye or if I.should try to work on this this book.here because it's going to take me at.least we'll need to finish it and these.people have the tendency when I'm doing.writing books they'll come in and.they'll remove a paragraph than one move.on sentence they'll remove versus double.and for what reason what reason to turn.my legitimate work into a scheme to take.what I originally wanted to do with my.life and turn it into a joke and the.mockery and the pain is mine but the one.that's hurt even more Israel just cries.because the Gospel of Mark is about who.is about crimes right so when we.Christians try to legitimize our.ministries and the fact that what we're.teaching is really where our hearts are.people who are not of the same mindset.people who are not of the same.conviction and they're jealous they're.envious and they can't take that same.position because that's not their.conviction and they don't have the.blessing of salvation they become.hateful they become violent um they got.the apartment where I'm sleeping at and.then they come and they sabotage and.they hurt and they destroy not because.I've done anything to them but because.they want to remove credibility from me.you know they have a old woman sitting.you're eating my flesh on video camera.and taking pictures and mail uploaded.why just to discredit me let me ask you.something church what have unbelievers.members of your family are members of.former churches are members of the gay.community and the clan members of the US.government members of the police.department unit are in the community or.in the city where you live at from the.local government what have they done.against you and chew you to discredit.your calling your leadership your.ministry your family and everything that.you stand for that has the name Jesus.attached make a list and trail break.before God and consider that this is.what God has done in accordance with his.scriptures as he he warned us in.Scripture that were going to suffer you.know make that list right you make you.may make a list and then one day end up.being in Christianity today or some.other Christian periodical magazine you.know saying that so and so was what he.was ordained here and he was pastoring.here but now he's a scam artist here and.it may be true that he's a scammer we.don't know we don't know why he would go.in that direction right there's always.there's always one percent truth to what.to what you mean at least one percent or.else they wouldn't go as far as putting.it in this this this magazine so there's.always some and there's usually a good.reason why why or it could be completely.false right all I could say is be on.your guard be careful those of you who.love God and you're not going to make a.whole lot of money doing Christian.ministry you're not going to get a whole.lot of recognition.right during Christian ministry if you.do it because you love the Lord then the.love of the lord is all that you get.what if you're doing that to you to make.money and to get rich and I gotta get.rich being a Christian you're not going.to get rich serving Christ this isn't.the way to go it's not a money making.thing no Christianity is not a.money-making business it's trying to.begin God's self-respect right think.that the respect that we owe him as his.creation so enough said um I think I.brought you up to date in the last.couple days nothing has changed um as.soon as I turn this off here it's either.go to bed or and get some more blood you.know more beatings that was the voice of.Jonathan Sabo from Cal State University.Northridge 94 96 and of course with him.is Gabriel Franklin and John MacArthur.than most people and so you know they're.in the back even a child clock in the.morning so the only thing I would.encourage you church is that I'm going.to have a perfect ministry today and.tomorrow you're called a scam because.you've been put in a position to.compromise you've been put in a position.to disintegrate you know there's a time.for everything um it's a time for.everything the scripture says all right.when the Solomon was King when he first.started out he was the man was given.wisdom by God when Solomon ended his.career as the third king of Israel it.was the enemy he plucked a thousand.women and they all misled him into.idolatry right he had 700 wives and 300.drunk.and he had more add hundreds of children.and when you first started out he was a.man of great wisdom and everybody came.from all over the world to hear the.wisdom of Solomon but when the end of.Solomon ended Solomon was an idolatrous.ping him them in the temples and.building temples of a false gods right.so it's not how you start it's how you.finish I think that's my problem.MacArthur's model you know you start out.great with wisdom in your pin with.wickedness so from whips from wisdom to.waken this because you don't know what.Satan is bringing or is going to bring.into your life right you may be sitting.there going to 24 hours thinking am.going there to work out and out of.nowhere out of the corner of your eye.you know I just got here wait hold on.here oh wait hold on they're doing.something I don't know what they do I.don't know what they're doing I don't.know what what in the world is that what.in the world is this this is me object.anyway I guess they don't want me to uh.to tell you guys about the 24-hour.experience but if it's if it's effective.it if the origin of it is satanic you'll.know about it okay if the origin of it.is satanic you'll know about it because.I don't want nothing to do with say um.you go to powell's to get a cup of.coffee all right and all of a sudden.you're being bombarded by a bunch of.homosexuals who are trying to distract.you and keep you from from from doing.that from from doing the very thing that.you go there any time you go into an.establishment you know and and and the.program changes know that you're dealing.with demonic influences you go to church.and in mckinney and you start fighting.the people there right what are you.doing here what do you want why are you.here.don't want you here you need to leave.you know it's like wait a minute I.thought this was a house of worship any.time you go into an establishment and.somebody changes the program of what the.establishment stands for you know you're.dealing with the devil right you know.you're guilty so if you were to church.and all of a sudden it becomes a fight.you go to a place to work out at all of.a sudden it becomes up I need you know.you're dealing with the devil um you go.into food shopping and they're in the.background murmuring and insulting you.you didn't do that why didn't you do.that is that your believe you need to.you need to come out you need to come.out hey you up there give us there and.then they start doing and they're in the.background you know and they're talking.you know it's almost like you used to.enjoy going to the supermarket but now.it's become one it's become a war zone.you know be careful church this is not.home right this is not our planet that.we are not home yet all right we're just.passing through and so don't you know.don't get too attached that's why Jesus.says to not love the world during the.things of the world I don't get too hung.up on recognition and all of that.because the devil it is not here to.support the ministry of the holy spirit.he's here to discredit it and to destroy.and if you try to and if you forget that.this is a temporary situation here for.the Lord a temporary setback in.restoring his authority in divinity this.is just a temporary thing you have to.understand we don't even have to be a.part of it we humans don't even have to.be a part of this restoration process of.God's obvious right.so anyway I've been talking to you for.nearly an hour now and you know me I'm a.motor meth I can talk I can talk and I.can preach when it comes to dealing with.Christ and so on I'm going to put this.away and for my certificate away I don't.I don't know if it's gonna do me any.good to to order this you know to send.it in and to stand with this fake pastor.I don't even think that this name here.Benjamin robobee was the person that.sent me the certificate that wasn't the.name that was on the arm that was on the.site when I ordered it and so I'm not.exactly maybe they share the same name.and they're not even the same ministry.you know but pray for me pray that I.don't get bashed in the head again pray.that they stop bashing my feet because.if they bash my feet and break my bones.I'm not going to be able to stand.straight and a lobster so you know.Christians are getting hurt don't trust.Haitians that's the other thing i want.to tell you do not trust the haitians if.you're going down there to start.ministering to the poor because you feel.sorry for them to not trust the haitians.do not do not trust them there's the.side of the Haitian people where armed.dull submit to you they'll submit to you.but then there's another side of it.while they turn I'm dealing with that.turning side right now you know and I.would caution you you know those of you.who are Christians and lay mean well you.may have the desire to to serve God by.going to foreign countries and bringing.food and water and medication and.education and family I would caution you.to be very careful because some of these.people turn right and when they turn.they might submit to the wrongs spirit.in the one group which is what the.station family has done against me they.have not stop abusing me for 35 years.first it was the belt now it's the.needle and the sexual assault so you.Christians you know that you may be.helping them today tomorrow you may be.the victim right and I mean I mean.deviations or a Christian and you.Americans that are Christian be careful.going into that Island and seeking you.know don't get any closer than you need.to all right don't get any closer to.keep it within the boundaries of.Scripture don't do anything outside of.the word of God that's gonna bring you.shame and that's going to bring their.old habits and you know bring the devil.into it to do anything so I would.caution I'm not saying you don't go but.I'm saying be careful as you come.because the devil is a liar and he will.do terrible things he will do terrible.things father I pray dr. you would be.with the church this morning and I'm.sorry if I am being redundant and a lot.of the things that I have said but lord.I pray for your church and I prefer.their protection pray that you would be.with them I know even here in this.country worked out I've had to.compromise um and not i'm not always.walking the narrow way because of issues.the sin of the american people and my.old Seng so I pray father that for your.protection I know I've been hurt in.dealing with the flesh issues and.trailer God that you will protect the.Saints and you would watch over them in.this one li'l accounting.in October them this day larger.commercial observer observing this this.video pray that he would remove the.Franklin's out of the back a gay.community with their violence pray that.they will stop smashing me and behaving.beating my feet and sticking needles in.my feet you have said in your word.vengeance is mine and over paint make.loan from the wrath of God lay around.fall upon most nerve cause my my body to.bleed what I brought forth my blood made.you judge those work on who whether.although young pray that you will punish.them to the email effington allenham.trailer God across the board of the.church would be protected and that he.would bring rap an indignation and and.against those who hurt their money.against those who hurt the church what.the scripture says better that a.millstone be walked around their feet.are the Nick and we thought in the.ravine that the cosmati little monsters.too it's a father I pray that you.remember your work to us though it was.written 2000.yet it still applies today because Jesus.Christ is the same yesterday.

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Printable Ordination Certificate Form FAQs

Discover answers to questions about Printable Ordination Certificate Form. Check out the most popular topics and more.

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What is the purpose of ordination?

Licensed Lay Ministers have limited practical education, usually from a particular denomination that requires their ordained ministers to be more thoroughly trained.

Can you be a pastor without being ordained?

Yes, but not necessarily with their endorsement. Ordainarion in any context shouldn’t be taken lightly. Are you called to church ministry? How do you know? Who agrees with you that is ordained already? Are you committed to Baptist theology? Many questions need to be considered.

What is a certificate of ordination?

How To Legally Get Ordained To Perform A Wedding covers this pretty well. The requirements for who may officiate vary from state to state, so consult your state law (call the county clerk) and find out what is needed. Ordination in any religious group is typically not needed.

Do evangelist have to be ordained?

II don’t think it is legally required except in regard to claiming benefits regarding. Taxes. organization and churches may require ordination and seminary training,.

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