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How to put to use The Form I 924a?

[Music].hello and welcome to another jungle.tutorial and in this video we are going.to take inspiration from my five.differences between you and Challenger.video that I did in January except.instead of applying it sort of as an.overview or in that case using aatrox as.a specific example we are going to be.taking a look at the differences in play.style and effectiveness between your.average game player versus a top-tier.challenger cane player now this video is.a byproduct of my Camelot page so if you.have an idea for a video that you might.want me to take you can create a bounty.for me and you'll have a chance to have.your video topic featured on the channel.now don't worry this isn't yet another.split-screen Athan there will be fancy.effects and we'll be taking different.looks at what makes a challenger place.so good on cane versus the average.player and how you can apply those.principles to your own game in order to.improve your own cane gameplay now we.will be looking at this from a blue and.red perspective however there are some.more intricacies in regards to making.blue cane successful so we will focus a.little bit more on that and we're going.to go from an early to mid to late game.face showing what to do and what not to.do and because there's a change to his.passive recently you have a bit more.versatility in terms of getting your.home sooner provided you are studying.the game of right and in this case you.will see our challenger cane obviously.does the typical red - crux to wrapped.his clear.before heading to the top side whereas.that gold cane player has stuttered on.the Raptors and then goes and waits by.the scuttle lazily warding the enemies.blue there's no consideration for.scuttle control before the minions spawn.so you have no idea where the enemy.jungle is but at the same time you can.always do two camps before heading to a.scuttle depending on what your route is.going to be however you don't need to.start Raptors anymore getting a leash on.the red is always faster and help set up.the rest of your clear much more.efficiently however if you need to start.Raptors or supply you want to do you can.its just don't go from Raptors to the.scuttle you want to get that red buff.definitely before you head into rivers.now our Challenger Cain has gone and.taken that top scuttle and before he.does anything else he's already looking.for pressure a lot of Cain Mane's even.tell you hey know we need to farm we.need to play safe now.gank pressure that is the meta get that.form as soon as possible he uses the.rift Herald Pitt and a chain together.eat through all the terrain to get a.really nice angle of attack which is.basically the cool thing about ganking.if you don't have a good angle of attack.the gank is more doomed to fail than.otherwise now yes it's Challenger and.the enemy kha'zix I don't know maybe he.just woke up or something but he.shouldn't be trying to make it play in.the situation and he also falls now if.we switch back to our goal player after.taking that bottom side scuttle he tried.to move across to take the topside.scuttle you're not xin and secondly you.didn't even do your red buff yet he.finds that his blue is stolen so he.takes his wolves and then rotates all.the way to steal the enemy's blue before.falling back to his red that's a really.inefficient long roundabout waste of.time illogical clear now all of you.gonna come at hey I'm gold there's no.way this guy's gold he's gold and guess.what lots of people make these mistakes.and yes lots of people also do really.intelligent players at this level the.reason I'm showing you this one is.because it combines a couple things one.terrible misconception a.misunderstanding about clay roots and.ganking pressure early no concept of.what the ideal only game process is for.your champion to succeed now on that.second note you will notice that he is.not kiting camps nearly as well as our.challenger Kane they take a lot more.damage they don't actually kite they.don't avoid any order attacks from the.monsters and Kane is forgiving because.of the heal honors II people get a false.sense of accomplishment with their.clears because their health is sort of.decent well imagine it could be almost.full if you were actually doing what our.challenger Cain is doing versus what.your gold Cain is doing and that varies.from player deploy from yellow to elope.just pay attention to your health and.sustain in the jungle now going back to.our challenger Cain not only did he get.a gank off on the top lane after doing a.scuttle and three bot side camps he also.once he cleared the top side camps went.back and did the exact same ganking path.TP down flashed down.he wants his form as soon as possible.he's cleared us whole jungle and gotten.off to three kills that unlocks a very.early form now before we move into the.later stages of the early game let's.consider our challenger jungler and.another gold.when the situation becomes a bit more.difficult and they have to adapt to.their environment now the gold jungle in.this case does ain't normal clay except.again he's studying raptors going to the.red guys you're allowed to get a leash.as cane you're allowed to start off like.a normal jungler but in this case the.gold jungler goes into the river for the.scuttle crab and you have to understand.who you are firstly taking a second is a.bit more of a viable solution because.you can use that e to navigate the.terrain and heal yourself up between.those early camps we don't really need W.due to the fact that you have smite and.a low cooldown on q and because of this.he gets caught out in the river and.instead of just backing off immediately.he sticks around to fight a little bit.and then eventually he dies and now some.people might be asking well what's the.benefit of taking that east second.instead of W well look at this our.challenger jungler feels a bit cocky he.wants to invade the red have a delayed.invade but the enemy top laner is there.changes them off chunks him and now.you've got a problem you can't get a.leash there's not enough time to go to.raptors and so what a lot of people.don't realize is you can actually get.level 2 off of wolves so he hits two.wolves and takes those and now look very.carefully takes E and he uses the full.extent of the East mobility to get to.the scuttle crap and take that also so.he's got scuttle crab control because.they have Ward's in the rivers to see.where the enemy jungler might be there's.no need to be like the goal jungler.where you know the Leeson started on.that side of the map given you would.have paid attention to where he showed.which lane showed late in terms of.leashing and you also would have known.had you just placed one trinket ward in.the bush to see hey look lee sin is.coming to the scuttle perhaps i should.just go to the top side and take that.one so look at how he uses his e to.navigate the map the map scaling he goes.from the top side to the bottom side.using the tower as a conduit to keep.that e active a lot of less experienced.less able K mains will not even use his.Q or e for map skilling and that's gonna.be a transcending factor that we're.going to talk about in the later stages.of claim blue cane and now the safety.net of our challenger jungler is playing.with high IQ pathing and intelligent map.movement he's able to quickly take all.his camps get those off the map secure.his buffs and when.goes and looks for that respawn of the.scuttle and he gets collapsed upon he.doesn't stick around he uses that II and.he gets out of the situation give it up.it's not worth dying over.and he knows eventually he will have a.moment where he can gank get his form.and apply pressure contrast this with.the goal jungler who didn't give up the.scuttle took the wrong ability second.wasn't kinda camps properly and then.instead of giving up camps when being.invaded goes in and dies multiple times.to the Lee sin who is applying a lot of.pressure and it sucks and your Lane is.aren't gonna rotate and low yellow but.the worst thing you can do is put.yourself further behind and feed the.enemy by dying to them and we shall look.at the play style required to get that.as well as to really dominate the game.however let's look first at the mistakes.made by an average game player looking.to carry as a shadow assassin you will.see clips on screen now are various.occurrences in the game which are.hindering his ability to do anything.good to try and win and this is where.the risk comes in chat assassin you have.to be much more aware of your actions.and the punishments you can get if you.don't do them properly so you'll see.missed skill shots not using the full.duration of the e ability to really.flank and dominate the map also gross.overestimation zuv damage versus enemies.that are two levels up putting yourself.in bad situations where the enemy can.collapse on you because you are thinking.hey I'm shadow SAS and I can go all in.with all my damage well you know you.kind of need items golden level for that.especially is a squishy assassin and if.you're in a neutral game or behind like.in this one it's very important that you.are playing intelligently and we will.see examples of plays while playing.ahead versus playing behind from a.challenger cane in a second but for.example look at this play from the blue.cane in gold he's sitting to try make a.pick however they're behind which means.he doesn't have the item and raw damage.to be able to take out two or three.people at once and basically it looks.quite funny because he's using his ian.he's rotating around in circles.eventually goes in and dies it looks.like he's done a lot but he's actually.done nothing he just died and you see.multiple occurrences of trying to rush.in from the front and he just ends up.dying and that's not great at all so.let's reverse and now compare what you.just saw on screen or at least a sample.of it - what a challenger cane player.would be doing in the same situations.now obviously he is ahead because.of his early game actions which makes.life much easier but that's part of.playing the blue cane build you cannot.afford to shoot yourself in the foot.over and over and over again and be.behind by having an inactive early game.right now step one here even if you.don't have your phone quite yet which.you might not always at level six the.patience exerted by our Challenger cane.is excellent he uses his cue to go over.walls into pink water bushes where you.know the enemy is not going to be and.then have the patience of knowing when.to go in now if you don't have your form.yet you obviously don't have as much.benefits to ears when you're blue cane.already but having patience to know when.to go and to use your alt is one of.those deciding factors now in this.situation he does just that to get a.kill on the zowie and then he can fall.back into his jungle to clear his own.camps same principle as always and now.to demonstrate the big difference in.early late early game canes is this.after clearing those bottom side camps.he uses his e once again insane map.scaling he changed it together for a.much longer period than you see.lower-ranked canes do he secures a.scuttle again goes to the Baron pit use.that Baron pit and dragon pit for.mobility your pending on what side you.on gives you easy access with your Q and.E to follow up now he wants to go for.that invade however the Zoey has cut him.off which means again don't stick around.and try and fight even if you don't have.your form just use your e to get some.vision and then get out of the situation.however if you're passing and mobility.and presence is this much better than.the enemy jungle as it will be if you.are such a high rank player you can.always turn that around that negative or.invade around by going to the mid lane.and trying to get a gank off now while.he doesn't get a kill and he moves to.what he thinks is a secure place to go.back to base when the Zoey.tries to snipe him from going back he's.not shopping he's watching the map he's.looking for an opportunity at the last.moment to turn if necessary this allows.him to avoid CC and then sneak back in.with the e to kill the Zoey yes he had.to burn his flash but what began as a.very nice kill on Missouri ended up with.a clear of his whole map a scuttle crab.and invade to see what camps were up a.tower dive and then an opportunistic.kill as she tried to punish him all of.this possible.with his high use of the map scaling.available in this champion and you also.do have good.active control he uses the dragonpit as.I said you can use also to wait to do.the dragon he's trying to bait someone.into come and do that scuttle so he can.pound to them and get that assassination.however at the same time the kha'zix.shows bot line for a gank and while.basically this stage when you are so far.ahead as shadow assassin that's a free.kill and from there you can take.scuttles dragons counter jungle take.everything you want the core principle.is to move fast with purpose and use all.of the tools available to you you can't.trust this with the gold Caine who.wasn't doing any of these things that.was just basically running in to.people's faces trying to get kills.that's not exactly how you do it.also look at situations when they're.behind and you get caught out in a tough.match or you're getting collapsed on and.you either blow caine you don't want to.bcc'd using your q e in corners to get.out of situations like our challenger.does here is very important to be able.to do rather than just sitting there and.dying now look at these clips when you.are trying to close out a game or in.late-game situations how the blue Kane.flanked from the sides and even if you.die or even if you're not exactly.getting of all the kills you want you're.at least taking one or two targets with.you you're coming from the side using.long-range attacks which means you can.dive the backline without having to run.face first and dying and getting chained.into the CC you're burning GA is your.burning zhonya's you have that suction.effect and obviously teams and lower.lows won't always follow up but at the.same time there won't always be.perfectly group like that there'll be a.lot more chaos where you can pick people.off if you're passing using the examples.you see on screen now to get off maximum.damage and maximum attacks hopefully.you've seen a difference between the two.different gameplays and how they.approach the map the early game as well.as the late game skirmishes and.assassination attempts now a lot of.people do go rust as a byproduct of.really doing nothing.look at this fast forwarded example what.does it look like in comparison to what.we've seen earlier in the video a lot of.staying on my side of the map a lot of.farming my own jungle showing up here.and they're not really ganking oh look.I'm red Kain that's not really how you.want to get it and if you are gonna go.read Kain in this challenge example.where you have multiple CC enemies high.tanky targets you want the percentage.max HP damage you have to be very.careful about how you approach the game.as.fast you can get cated up much more.against comps that have a lot more range.and slipperiness however if you are good.at landing your w's if you know when to.peel engage in disrupt you can still.have good success and accomplish the.same sort of task just with more.survivability and let's just say more.disruption however if you're going to.run the map inefficiently you're gonna.not really know your true purpose in.fights you're gonna overestimate your.damage and survivability you're not.gonna be able to 1v4 with a ton of CC.either hitting your W on the right.targets at the right time having those.engages with follow-up can be the.deterministic factor whether you can.carry or lose with rust now in the gold.examples you're seeing.I didn't choose again when he was behind.it shows a game when he was neutral and.they actually did end up winning but you.do see the numerous mistakes.yes he's able to get off some good.damage but he's in the wrong place he's.positioning is off rusts power is in his.survivability and how difficult it can.be to deal with when you are far ahead.especially as a squishy but even more so.as a tank because he has percentage.damage HP you have to be able to dodge.CC skills with your ultimate with your Q.and our gold player just really wasn't.doing that until this very end of the.fight where he gets altered by the Lulu.and he actually does a lot more.frontline sustain and survives while.picking up a few kills now if you.contrast this to the challenge of plays.we see even though double use are missed.the in-and-out gameplay and the.survivability is much more prevalent.including a triple kill and it attempted.at stealing the Quadra and whereas with.the shadow assassin you would try hover.on the sides threatening that insane.backline dive with red cane you're.flanking with your E which is much more.limited with the W knock up CC because.if you can get that off followed up with.some Q's in an R it can actually take.someone off the map even without your.team's help but you're acting as a.frontline and sometimes lower rank plays.and this is where the mechanics side of.it comes into it again if you're missing.all your double use and your skill shots.yeah you might get a kill by accident.just as being more forgiving as a.champion than shadow assassin but with.rust you want to be able to hit those.knock ups and you want to be able to.disrupt accurately in teamfights.fighting like a fighter in a good way.but the early and mid-game.is very much the same in terms of how.you get your form and how you.and clear so hopefully able to get a.good idea of some examples of what's.good and bad when you're playing both.the shadow Sasson and rust thank you.very much for watching thank you to.Camelot for allowing this video to be.made please like share and comment if.you did enjoy consider subscribing for.more League of Legends and jungle videos.coming very soon and as always I will.see you all in the next tutorial.[Music].

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