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25,000 men and women work for the UK.Border Agency at home and abroad their.job is to seek out the wall breakers and.imposters who don't have a right to be.here.they are the UK for efforts tonight.unearthing Britain's biggest ever.immigration scheme with me upstairs now.at Heathrow the passenger looking for.more than just entry to Britain is a big.work and tracking down the Indian.holidaymakers who never went home.four years ago so your six-month visa is.will expire has been expanded will.expire.[Music].people all over the world want to live.and work in Britain in 2008 a hundred.and eighty thousand people applied for.UK work visas there are plenty of.businesses that offer advice to those.hoping to be among the lucky ones not.all of them play by the rules the UK.Border Agency and the police have joined.forces to combat companies putting in.fraudulent applications to the home.office this morning in West London a.team led by DC Andy Cornwall are.planning a dawn raid they are targeting.a company owned by an Indian national.called Jatinder Shan pastor Singh.suggested in Chapel Jatinder Shawn who's.supplying counterfeit educational.documents.the team believed Sharma is married to.two women Neelam and rocky and that all.three run a visa racket that has given.thousands of people access to Britain.who shouldn't be.to search his privacy please.yes he upstairs I'll come after you mr..Sharma's so if you come downstairs with.this I should explain everything to you.Sharma is a trained solicitor whose.previous clients include the hook-handed.Muslim cleric Abu Hamza the officers.want to contain Sharma and his wives so.they can't destroy incriminating.evidence address educational documents.any articles that they've used to.manufacture those documents okay I.understand that.Rakhi have a seat in that chair for us.please DC Cornwall has something else on.Sharma and his wives he suspects they've.used deception to stay in the country.something that he needs to say to eat -.you first.during the arrested okay I'm selfish of.obtaining leave by deception no harm.offensively.I'll mention one questions are they.going on occult practices this is Neela.you've been assisting the non EU citizen.domain the UK Neelam is suspected of.endorsing Rocky's fraudulent application.to stay in Britain while studies do that.same thing.I'm highly defensive do not mention when.questioned so later an encore.rocky is here on a work but has never.worked where she's supposed to you.should not be in Duquesne during the.rest for obtained the section which.Sharma and his two wives under arrest.for immigration offenses the team look.for evidence that they're behind the.bigger crime of running a fake visa fact.do you have any any documents in this.building.mr. Sharma in this fax that you.shouldn't have please feel free well I.don't do any kind of deception so far.we've found bank statements showing.large deposits we've also got various.what appears to be Indian certificates a.blank letter heads and we've also got a.stamp and a neat pad for the smile.dental clinic figure to read backwards.with its bangle or if the certificates.and the stamps are counterfeit it could.go some way to enabling unqualified.people to work fortunately as dentists.in Britain and while there's evidence.there moving large sums of money around.the world it seems Sharma likes to keep.it in the family and mr. P Sharma so.younger son is 8 any owes money his bank.accounts in arrears is that that makes.no sense.where's pence who's using who pshh.armories after two hours of searching.the officers have found six thousand.pounds in cash details of bank deposits.totaling hundreds of thousands of pounds.spans suspected fake certificates now.tucked away in one of the bedrooms is.perhaps the most revealing find so far.[Applause].which explains the fast quantity of.stamps different stamps and stuff start.making machines they will be used in the.facilitator before in the home office.with qualifications that maybe haven't.been obtained by the relevant person.using them the raid has thrown up plenty.of questions to put to mr. Sharma and.his two wines and that's after only.searching their home now the team have.their sights on their business address.what you've got here is people who are.abusing the privilege of living in the.UK and that's what we're hoping to prove.today in relation to these individuals.marvellous see Bacchus after actually.coming up no option but to release.repeat offenders who play the system.what people don't come back you're not.connected to what okay off you go.and homing in on the Sharma's business.leads to damning evidence I've got still.it anyway.he needs international graduate soon so.we have to show some course as fantastic.is the killer's there it's estimated.there are over a million illegal.immigrants living in Britain many choose.Britain because they believe it's a soft.touch they know the scams to stay on.illegally and avoid deportation the UK.Border Agency has 38 enforcement bases.whose job it is to track these people.down today a team in Glasgow are.carrying out a raid on the Royal India.restaurant in one of the city's most.affluent areas they have intelligence.the restaurant is employing illegal.workers.I know from emigration if you just see.my colleague ah hey there guys from.emigration you wait / listen don't.forest please make it real here meguri.oh the team find five workers and the.owner of the restaurant an employer must.make checks on his staff to ensure they.are allowed to work in the UK he can be.fined up to ten thousand pounds for each.illegal worker found on his premises.once I find out what's happening with.Macaulay's and relation to your Krishnan.and Olson have a chat with you and will.establish after they were working here.on normal first to be questioned about.his immigration status is the waiter.when did some idea four years ago on a.six-month visit these harnesses so you.know such month Aziza is will expire.will expire yes okay the scam of coming.into the UK as a tourist and staying on.to work has given this man up to four.years of illegal employment if his.colleague was hoping to pull off the.same trick.he wasn't banking on meeting the.Enforcement Team so soon how long have.you been in the UK two weeks do you have.permission to work how long have you.been working here I do one day.for this Indian man found in the kitchen.an encounter with immigration while at.work is nothing new.do you have a passport why don't you.have a passport looks usually poor thing.to immigration at the moment why are you.reporting to office.have you been spoken to by immigration.before gentlemen encountered and by.myself on a previous visit to a.restaurant on the opposite side of glass.for about eight weeks ago he was then.arrested at that point and served papers.as an illegal intern and those papers.would have told them he's not permitted.to work so you'd be phoned them yet.again working all eagerly when the team.arrested the worker last time they could.not find his passport and so were unable.to remove him from Britain all they.could do was release him on bail the.documentation that was issued to you.when you were last encountered by.immigration must have told you you were.not allowed to work you're not permitted.to staffing this moment the men do not.appear to be fazed by being caught.working illegally and this worker has a.familiar tale to tell.Iceland or the coffee shop last week.Tuesday okay how long you been under you.okay the man has also recently been.arrested by the team and he too was.released on bail and told not to work.how long have you been working here then.how much should get paid not be if the.man is not being paid he must be working.as a volunteer it's certainly a story.the owner wants to promote that's the.point.okay so you don't pay him any money no.what is it good game it's only came in.today.okay no no I saying but rich we pin a.mini money from here tomorrow.no so what does it get in return for his.employment.so he gets fits basically as the illegal.worker arrested last week is already on.bail and the team still don't have the.documents they need to remove him from.the UK all they can do is release in.once again sure so scared.calm last week yeah Gretchen Elliot.other people and Cee Lo you're not like.to walk in a country illegally was he.good.what does he do he goes straight back go.and get another job how long were you.intending to what four months years.until you get caught or here uh-huh.no no thought oh clock start early yeah.night sir you've been all about it what.today I guess good you don't believe it.no water what King okay yes the same fee.equal killer mate like Parveen kumar off.it vanishes the man has now twice seen.the consequence of getting caught.working illegally he knows that until.the enforcement team get hold of his.travel documents.it pays to exploit the system and to.find another job.okay need to come this way okay and to.the frustration of the officers the same.goes for the other illegal worker.already on them but the owner could be.hit where it hurts with a potential fine.so far of 20,000 pounds little wonder.then that he claims the men were just.visiting okay so did you employ a girl.went yeah okay so again using and your.kitchen dressed and chef wait.what's happened there's peas and carrots.on your premises and his wetness and.your kitchen preparing foods he's.working well that'd be an return of its.own a ton of money okay.okay off you go don't come back here.okay so you're not permitted to work.okay off you go the men already on bail.may be free to go but the remaining two.suspected illegal workers may not get.off as lifetime if they are arrested and.the team find their passports they could.be removed from the country within days.[Music].500 miles away the UK Border Agency and.the police continue their investigation.into the Sharma's fake visa business.after a dawn raid Jatinder sharma and.his two wives are brought to Southall.police station evidence found in their.house suggests they're involved in.manufacturing bogus certificates for.visa applicants I think all aware that.we were quite successful this morning.we've recovered rocks with 50 to 100.stamped in in all different sorts of.identities and for all different sorts.of companies which tends to suggest the.occupiers were involved in some sort of.fraud or deception against the home.office and we've seized bank accounts.which show that they're making money.from their enterprises I think some of.the accounts are got fifty thousand some.have got twenty thousand pounds in them.the officers have plenty of questions to.put to the suspects but first they want.to look for more evidence.the team believed that crucial documents.will be held at Univision the business.sharma runs with his wives rocky and.Neelam we've just arrived at phase two.the operation this is the business.address of universes this is where the.three people will be arrested at the.home address work so we've got a search.warrant to search this property again.looking for any items of documentation.of interest specifically immigration.related on the surface youna visas is a.legitimate legal firm giving advice to.overseas applicants for UK visas the.team suspected is a front for a racket.producing fake documents to help.thousands of people stay in the UK.illegally it isn't long before they.discovered just the sort of papers.they're looking for yes it looks as.though these are applications for visas.for Chinese nationals to come here and.study English that's what it appears to.be anyway it's not something that the.genuine student should need any kind of.immigration adviser fans of why does.this need to involve universes.in another room there's more damning.evidence with potentially alarming.implications legitimise fortune.documents home address you doctor is a.fraud of documentation for dentists and.doctors etc these people are successful.it does make you wonder are they are.these people working illegally in the.medical industry the apparent scale of.universe's activities is even greater.than the investigation team had.suspected and now after a 3-hour truehl.the officers find evidence that lead.little to the imagination Sharma has.emailed a supplier of fake educational.documents on behalf of a client who.wants to stay in the UK all studied.anywhere.he needs international graduate soon so.we have to show some course as fast that.is the killer isn't it he's very fussy.and want some accredited UK club oh he's.quite a bit more money that's that's.what we've been waiting for isn't it.he's not studying anywhere it's been in.the UK for three years but his leave is.running out so he needs to get on to the.IG s is the International Graduate.scheme and this is a scheme supposedly.to keep quality graduates in the UK that.can switch into employment so we have to.show some course might be a diploma in.Business Administration from July oh.five to October 6 and then the post.graduate diploma so clearly that's a.request for a certificate so that it.matches in with a fictional study.history put in the first sentence there.hasn't studied anywhere so it is clearly.it's allied to facilitate the person's.permission to stay in the country.combine that with the status that they.were.store and the steps and home address I.think I'm trying to fool that the Royal.India restaurant the Enforcement Team.have had to release two known offenders.already on bail now it's time to deal.with the two other illegal workers okay.through here store cares and suspected.emigration offender don't have to see.anything anything you do say may be.noted may be used in evidence you.understand you're under arrest okay this.man is in the UK as a tourist and says.he's been here two weeks yeah it claimed.it came here with has it visa just for.the holiday but he's no what can always.friends families wasn't I probably doing.that tell them coming Brighton you know.and you commit and some good money so.they all know how to system what I've.been doing it for years and the owners.should know he can't employ a holiday.maker from India even if the man does.just turn up at the door and offer to.help so he came up to the back door just.one up the back door and said I've got.to his Fiza okay p.m. any money Sharon.comments Realty okay you've been.arrested okay because you punch.especially been an emigration offender.the owner also denies employing the.waiter who was overstate his tourist.visa by more than three years we're.gonna sweep but you're going to do what.we tell you to do okay because you won't.you must understand knows you arrested.the team have found for illegal.immigrants at the restaurant they do not.believe the owners excuses and serve him.notice that he could be fined up to.forty thousand pounds for me was have.been named on this okay none of them.have permission to walk and the you key.understand you say they're not getting.paid money but any kind of employment.will I be paid or unpaid.still classes rocking and it's still.illegal I've got no fish.to do so okay of all the employees found.at the restaurant only one is entitled.to work he has indefinite leave to.remain in the UK employ illegals the.thing is you've caught Eustace knows.there's lots of people harvest there is.that they can't claim look and it's help.for them so that's what we have tried to.protect the local population people who.are you had entitled to what Kiana and.there's other people that you can get a.job the team don't want to have to.release on bail the two men neighbor.arrested today but in order to detain.and remove them from the country the.officers must find their passports.[Music].passport for her we cannot remove them.we have to apply to and in embassy.trying our travel document which can.take up to six months.we can't detain him for six months so.what we saw and with this either you go.straight back to work again the.holidaymaker is cooperative and has.given an address where he's staying with.relatives thanks alright but the waiter.is being less helpful he claims to have.lost his passport and he can't remember.his own date of birth.why can't you remember your own birthday.it sounded the truth.since we have a diaper that you pass for.Ebola.by each one's remember today and put.aside your classical and lay it right.down.the man knows the less information he.gives the harder it is to remove him.from the country he has given an address.where he claims to live but he says he's.never been given any keys this meal as.tombak for his first day of what today.waiting the clothes had been counted the.man with only a mobile phone in his.possession and the boss fear to get into.work this morning.it's a common ruse illegal immigrants.know that if they're arrested at work.officers won't have the warrant to.forcibly enter and search their home for.a passport the staff around I've.searched houses like this before where.they've obviously one bloke who's been.actually living in a cupboard but the.reason why it's a transient is because.they moved from restaurant to restaurant.usually depending on whether they've.been raided by immigration the team.searching for travel documents for the.holidaymaker have had more luck I've.quite a passport forest object which.makes her beg toughness Theo's chances.are we'll be keeping a hold of them and.removing on back tender the passport.reveals the man was twice refused to.tourist visa to the UK having finally.got one he's been found working.illegally after only five days in the.country.the waiters evasive tactics have paid.off.all the team can do after questioning.him is release him on bail until they.have the papers needed to remove him.from the country and that's why so many.what he come here because in Norman.Bratton you know how the system works.you know.if I could add way up to detail people.harm play the holidaymaker is detained.for six days before being removed back.to India for employing for illegal.workers the owner of the Royal India.restaurant is fine twenty thousand.pounds coming up the passenger at.Heathrow with something to declare and a.setback for the team going after the.Sharma's missing millions thirty car.yeah remitted by Anil AM to India father.in custody that's not good.[Music].most of the 70,000 people who arrive.each day at Heathrow have a perfectly.good reason to come to Britain whether.it's business pleasure or simply coming.home but some people are trying to get.in and stay in the country illegally.officer Lisa Lee is one of Heathrow's.1,700 UK Border Agency staff today.she stopped a student returning to.Britain after spending five months back.home in Pakistan mr. khureshi with me I.have your ticket passport here okay sir.all right he says he's here to take.exams but a quick call to his College.throws his story into doubt they say.he's never attended at all officer Lee.wants to search the passengers bags as.they might reveal what he's up to.in the UK as a student the man is.allowed to work as long as it's only.part-time he's adamant his main reason.for being here is to study the only.problem is to be a genuine student you.need a genuine college I go to in my.college and everyday but they are not.studying and they are only.Nagesh enterprise please give me a.gesture it's my future yeah we'll talk.about that in a moment - you need to.wait for me you follow me.he's very nervous he's almost pleading.with me to let him in as I said to you.I'll talk to you in a moment okay said a.few things about his studies.i'ma going everyday but they are not.teaching or something so I need to try.and work out what he means but he's.clearly very worried he actually asked.me if I was going to deport him and I.said well I don't know what will happen.yet just you know bear with me and.answer my questions the passenger is.desperate to be heard he wants officer.Lee to investigate his college justice.is a big word all right so you don't.have to bear in mind yeah I have to.follow the rules.the college has give me a deceived to me.that's kind of interesting isn't it.he's claiming that the college is bogus.in that he was attending while he was.meant to attend and they were not.running classes now they have said to us.immediately we rang them he's never.attended prom Lee's got as he stayed.here for six months without doing it.appearing to do nothing and is now.saying he's coming back to find another.college so either he's not being.completely honest or the college is.flipping.officer Lee must find out who is telling.the truth it seems the college is.sticking to its guns backing up its.claims in writing facts from the college.which says that he enrolled on a 12.month course for an Advanced Diploma in.business admin we should have comments.last March 2008 they claimed to have.written to him concerning his poor.attendance but they never received any.response and so they've removed him from.their register which essentially means.he has no place to study so now we need.to get to the bottom of his allegations.as well and to make sure his allegations.are understood the passenger was asked.for an interpreter how long did you.attend the college for I on their off.day I was called six months on and off.and they didn't teach anything they.really did and the transition phase of.me how much did you pay them Olazabal 16.hundred pound okay we spoke to college.and they gave us this continued don't.know domain K College Appa yep Aaron.annuity he said I'm saying to you.investigate this college or many in.quick a letter receive link here there.are absolutely no crosses that go on and.I haven't received any letter from them.okay the difficulty I have is that you.were here for six months and you did.nothing about this college I mean every.other they had more money obviously.they're better or Margaret and they were.asking me for more money I didn't have.any further access to any funds and I.was afraid that they were going to.report me to the home office and removed.me when you arrive today he told me that.you were coming back to continue your.studies and that you would take exams in.March why would you say that if you're.not going to attend that college.straight because I am generally.eventually I would involved a different.College in the meantime I didn't want to.be stopped by immigration so you lied.yes I did so you sought to secure your.entry to the UK by employing descent.my god I had no money I had no other way.sorry life minute because Regan I've.always worked hard maybe father kidney.transplant patient time my father's a.kidney transplant patient oh my and.mother is old I'm a mother result my.thumb got get up Adam I'm the only son.made a mouth guard back while he was in.any sense I'm not going to go back.because my dad my father will have an.auto tech money made money today he.saying.don't ruin me help me if the passenger.is to avoid being sent back home he.needs officer Lee to believe his.allegations and to accept that he's here.to find a new college Jatinder Sharma.and his wives.neelam and rocky have been in custody.for the last six months awaiting trial.they are accused of submitting.fraudulent visa applications on behalf.of foreign nationals hoping to work in.Britain DC Cornwell and his team have.sifted through 90,000 seized documents.and have unearthed the biggest.immigration scam ever seen in this.country Sharma and his wives forged.papers to secure visas for more than a.thousand people through their company.universes the universes have generated.income tax return forms they've.generated education forms and they've.also generated generated pay slips and.employment records and there's proof the.rubber stamps found at the Univision.office have been used to endorse the.bogus documents so that's the stem.office of the joint income tax officer.which is this stamp here now our.scientists have studied that impression.a tender stamp and they've they've.concluded that there is no doubt.stamp has made that impression yuuna.visas charged would be foreign workers.up to 4,000 pounds of time for fake.documents to back up their applications.the police believe the company may have.raked in more than three million pounds.most of it still unaccounted for it's.down to DC Andy Cornwall and DC simon.Prothero Jones to track down the missing.money today they are at court where.Sharma rocky and Neelam are due for a.plea hearing all three have already.pleaded not guilty but they have good.reason to change their minds.the judges made it clear that today is.the last day that a discounter sentence.is on offer and without a doubt for all.the defendants any discount which I get.from an early plea is going to be.substantial we are talking years off.their sentence as a result of that.things are getting fairly heated in.there between the between the defense.teams and the prosecutor it is very.fraught but there's a lot of stake rocky.and Neelam stick with their pleas of not.guilty but Jatinder sharma tries to.strike a deal with the prosecution he's.willing to plead guilty on one condition.he was prepared to plead guilty provided.we excluded his house in in south or.from any sort of cash confiscation that.kind of set us thinking really why is he.so concerned about his house it led us.to sort of Muse that perhaps there's a.load of cash stored somewhere in that.house which is why he doesn't want that.the house the subject of any.confiscation and the area go.the only way to find out is to go back.to Sharma's house to take a closer look.and it would appear that their business.over the 18 months it was running has.turned over probably three million.pounds now if you look at that and we.say maybe a million pounds of that has.gone in in expenditure over the 18.months we've frozen assets in their bank.account of four hundred thousand so that.leaves us short one point six million.the reason we were back at home address.today pretty much is that we're looking.for anything which could have been mini.it could be as simple as a big pile of.money underneath the floorboards it.could be bank documents relating to an.account which we didn't know accounts.shares stops in in somebody else's name.anything which is going to lead us to.the outstanding funds I still think.there's a lot more money in this town.somewhere so we're gonna go back in.lifts or balls if we have to go up into.the loft.lift the insulation just absolutely.every nook and cranny you could look.around the house around us it's a state.here's a man that had hundreds of.thousands of pounds in the bank this one.house with a very limited amount of.equity and it's what he's desperate to.keep hold of or is he so desperately.hold of a house which is literally.filthy and falling.you know ripping out floorboards and.insulation doesn't reveal the cash the.team are looking for openings to Dresden.Elam unearths bank accounts the team.didn't know about Punjab National Bank.we found a bank account in the name of.Neil and for this account which we.weren't aware of up until now contains.just over 20,000 pounds so that's of.interest again there's another forty.fifty sixty thousand pounds at least.so she alone has the best part four.million pound in her bank accounts the.arrest of Neelam does not appear to have.stopped large sums of money being moved.between her accounts yeah Neelam to.India yeah interesting though the last.one was on the 17th of the 1208 17th of.the 12 yeah while they're in custody.while they were in custody that's not.good even though Neelam has been in.prison awaiting trial some of the.illegally gained money in her accounts.has been squirreled away in Indian banks.but there is still over a million pounds.missing this search has been worth its.weight in gold literally tercer would.immediately traced tens and tens of.thousands of pounds I suspect once I.take all these paperwork away with me.sit down a desk and go through in a lot.more detail it may will help me trace.hundreds of thousands of pounds and.that's getting towards us all figures.and we're looking forward.we've had a fantastic result really I'm.pleased to tenders pleaded to absolutely.everything I know he's guilty he knows.he's guilty he's finally done a decent.thing and admitted it there is a real.sense of satisfaction I've actually seen.Jatinder stand in the dock in in the.court and finally The Miz's guilt yeah.he has done all of this stuff wrong he's.lived a good life outfit he's made an.enormous amount of money hugely.satisfying but still a lot of work to do.the officers still have the painstaking.job of preparing for a trial it will be.for a jury to decide whether rocky and.Neelam helped Sharma to perpetrate.Britain's biggest visa scam coming up.things get desperate for the Pakistani.student at Heathrow and the verdict is.in for the Sharks.[Music].at Heathrow the pakistanis student is.waiting to hear if he can come into.Britain but first he said he was here to.take exams now he's accused his College.of being bogus and claims his intention.is to find a new college officer Lee.refers the case to chief immigration.officer Sarah Dyson he can't explain why.in the six months that he was here.before going to Pakistan he has made no.serious attempt to re-enroll or to find.another college well I mean I think just.by doing that impacts on his credibility.don't know and whilst he says no no this.College you're just taking money off me.they've never provided me with any.lessons I don't that's a good enough.argument no and that shows that it's not.a genuine student who's committed to.studying in the UK and and also who died.soon as he got to the desk out there he.gave a complete rubbish stories.disappear he's secured his entry yeah so.you have to question his intention my.chief immigration officer has decided.that we are going to cancel your visa.this is because we're not satisfied that.you have been making any attempt to.study in the UK you can have new Glee.and that you lied when you came to the.desk on arrival in order bunny knew it.had better dog over he goes I've been.deceived before like that again with you.did that's why we're known for the bad.video he goes if if there's any studying.go now that quoting man make a good man.I'm going to write a report from the.information you've given me I will make.sure that is passed on to our College.the people that look at it colleges okay.so they will be looked into I can.promise you that do that I mean I can't.do anything sir okay the rules are there.for a reason.I can't just permit you to come into the.UK as a student because you're not a.student you never have been you must.understand the reason.we have to enforce the rules it's hard.to say whether he's been a victim or not.from the fact that he maintained.throughout the interview that he'd paid.money in good faith and had not received.what he paid for that he may well have.been a victim the minute we then contact.the college concerned it could be that.they didn't want us investigating them.so they've denied all knowledge of him.who's to say who's telling the truth and.who isn't it's just the bare facts are.that he didn't study when he was given a.visa to study that's why it's been.canceled the passenger was detained.overnight and put on a flight back to.Pakistan the next day officer Li handed.the information about the suspected.bogus college over to colleagues in the.investigation team it's been more than a.year since the UK Border Agency and.police raided the offices of univee zé's.and discovered fraud against the home.office on a massive scale company boss.Jatinder Sharma has already pleaded.guilty well Alice one of the many.striking things about this case is the.arrogance of the man who ran the scam he.was so confident he could get you into.this country illegally.he offered clients and no-win no-fee.option today after a four-week trial the.jury is expected to deliver their.verdict on Sharma's wives Neelam and.rocki rocki she's offered a number of.Defense's you know if one fails we'll.try the other if that fails we'll try.the other and first of all I didn't know.anything about anything.but then if I didn't know or if the if.the jury believed I didn't know about it.then I'm going to offer a defense of.marital coercion.Neelam's defense is just I at the time I.wasn't aware of any wrongdoing if it.happened and she says kind of accepted.it did happen then it's down to is down.to rakion and Jatinder it's for the jury.to decide if they're telling the truth.by gambling on a trial the women risk.receiving tougher sentences if found.guilty it takes four days of.deliberation before the jury reaches a.majority decision very brilliant result.today we've now had all verdicts.returned on rocky and Neelam Neelam was.convicted on the money-laundering charge.rocky was convicted on everything all of.the charges against her we've just come.out of court tind has been in the dock.with them and all three have been.sentenced the jury accepts that Neelam.was not behind the fraud but she is.sentenced to four years in prison for.laundering some of the three million.pounds that poured into universes rocky.conspired with Sharma to defraud the.home office by submitting bogus visa.applications she is sentenced to eight.years in prison Jatinder Sharma is given.credit for his early plea and is.sentenced to seven years thanks to their.criminal activity there could be.thousands of people in the UK who are.not entitled to be here any visas.obviously an immigration consultancy.there are hundreds of those operating.throughout the capital and throughout.the country and and a lot of those will.be running similar sort of scams so what.we've really dealt with over the last.twelve thirteen months is is I believe.the tip of the iceberg it's been a long.and complex investigation but it's not.over yet.there's still the missing money to track.down and seize as for Jatinder sharma.and his two wives.they'll be deported to India after.they've served this.[Music].

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