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City Of Houston Annual Update Form And Affidavit Request Guide

really enjoying this job it's very.exciting.alright I'm going to go ahead and move.on I'm sure everyone could take their.seats it is my pleasure now to introduce.your 2020 city of Houston elected.officials please welcome to the stage.the Honorable Amy Peck.councilmember elect district a.accompanied by her husband mr. Jason.Mullin the Honorable Jerry Davis interim.council member district be accompanied.by his grandmother miss rosemary curry.[Music].the Honorable a became an council member.elect district C accompanied by her.husband mr. Matthew Hansel.the Honorable Carolyn Evan Shabazz.council member elect district D.accompanied by her husband mr. Malik.Shabazz the Honorable Dave Martin.Council member district e accompanied by.his daughter Miss Julie Martin.[Music].the Honorable Tiffany D Thomas.councilmember elect district f.accompanied by her father mr. Albert.Thomas the third the Honorable Greg.Travis councilmember district G.accompanied by his fiancee Miss Julie.comely.[Music].the Honorable kala Cisneros.councilmember district H accompanied by.her husband mr. Jim Cisneros the.Honorable Edward Pollard councilmember.elect district J accompanied by his wife.mrs. Vanessa Pollard.[Applause].[Music].the Honorable Martha castex Tatum.councilmember district K accompanied by.her son mr. Jacob Paul Tatum.[Music].the Honorable Mike Knox council member.at large position one accompanied by his.grandson mr. Cooper Knox.[Applause].the Honorable Robert Gallegos council.member district I accompanied by his.brother mr. Michael Gallegos the.Honorable David W Robinson council.member at large position to accompanying.by his daughter MS ELISA Robinson.[Applause].the Honorable Michael kibosh.councilmember at-large position 3.accompanied by his wife miss Glenda COO.Bosh.[Applause].the Honorable dr. Leticia Plummer.councilmember elect at-large position.bar accompanied by her grandmother.Leticia Washington Plummer.and the Honorable Sally Alcorn.councilmember at-large position 5.accompanied by her husband mr. George.Alcorn the Honorable city controller.crispy Brown accompanied by his wife.mrs. Divya Brown.[Music].[Applause].and the Honorable Sylvester Turner mayor.of the city of Houston accompanied by.his arm is actually Turner.ladies and gentlemen I think if some of.you are already standing please remain.standing come out on backup for the.presentation of colors by the joint.honor guard from the Houston Police and.fire departments the Pledge of.Allegiance led by the children from the.Chinese community center and our.national anthem performed by soprano.Nicole Heaston of the Houston Grand.Opera.I pledge allegiance to the flag of.United States of America and to the.Republic for which it stands one nation.under God indivisible with liberty and.justice to all.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].please be seated everyone thank you to.our joint honor guard from the Houston.Police and fire departments the.beautiful children from the Chinese.community center.the amazing soprano Nicole Houston and.of course the Houston Grand Opera for.the moving rendition of our National.Anthem and now please welcome the.Houston Grand Opera chorus accompanied.by HT O's orchestra for lift every voice.[Music].Thank You hgo chorus and orchestra.ladies and gentlemen please be seated.and now let's welcome the mayor's pastor.dr. Ralph Douglas West founder and.senior pastor of the church without.walls to offer remarks and the.invocation this morning as we inaugurate.our mayor to his second term.[Applause].I want to invite you to pray with me.based on the words of Martin Luther King.jr. when he gave a vision of a better.city a new city he called it the three.dimensions of a complete life the breath.length and the height of life the length.the inner life the breath the outer life.the height of vertical upward life these.three dimensions can be found in the.life of me eternal one who cares and.tends to his inner life who cares for.our city the outer life and who has a.dependence upon his eternal God with.those words said would you bow your.heads with me and shall we pray on this.morning on this occasion Lord as we.inaugurate mayor Turner to a second term.we know that we cannot forget the world.because we have to live in it we know.that we dare not disregard the world.because it is your world and the work of.the world has to go on.we cannot entirely neglect money and.material things because we have to earn.them living for ourselves and for those.whom we love but at the same time help.us to see things in our proper.proportion and to keep things in that.proper place on this day grant that we.may never be so immersed in the things.of time that we forget the things of.eternity grant that we may never set.material profit and gain above the.claims of honesty and honor grant that.we may never be so concerned with.getting that we forget about giving.grant that we may never be so.concentrated upon our own concerns that.we forget the appeal of those who are in.need.deliver us from all greed and from the.desires to possess what we have not God.give us grace always to make the best of.what we have and to give us to gift of.contentment with our lot give us in our.lives the right and the true ambition.the ambition to find our greatness in.serving others and the ambition to put.into light more than we take out of it.so save us from selfishness and put into.our lives the spirit of him who though.he was rich for our sakes became poor.and who loved us and gave himself for us.this we ask on this day on this occasion.in your love sake amen.thank you for your inspiring words.pastor West I think we have to agree.this is an incredibly happy day and now.please welcome the st. John's Downtown.Ensemble under the direction of David.Michael Wyatt singing oh happy day.[Applause].Oh.[Music].with cheese's wrong.[Music].my sins away.whoa.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].said it was a happy day.weenie wash my sins away.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].thank you so much David Michael Wyatt.and the st. John's downtown ensemble.ladies and gentlemen mayor Sylvester.Turner is a strong advocate of the arts.and of the written word so please join.me in welcoming 2019 s Houston poet.laureate MS Leslie Contreras Schwartz to.recite the inaugural poem the gift the.gift good morning to the woman who.washes sheets at dawn to the guard.getting off second shift and the cook.scraping yesterday from a grill to the.woman soothing the feverish baby a child.not her own to the mop sliding night and.today the drill marking time to the.city's sigh in bed to the washcloth and.the years of clothes being carried and.washed the oven and the stove cleaned.for years and it's coffee can of.quarters nickels and dimes to the roof.and bricks the concrete and ever green.lawns paths made clear of leaves and.debris working faucets the cool hum of.electricity it's quiet.surge good morning good morning and good.night.to the workers ever waking life even the.scuff of your shoe on the hard floor is.worthy of paintings songs.and symphonies every scrape and cut.loads and carrying that may never be.written or heard but what a thought that.in some other place every humans.dreaming is recorded along with our.ancestors the mothers and grandmothers.who spent lives washing and cleaning.clothes glory in the clothesline.holy sound from the scratchy grass on.their ankles a thousand trumpets for the.men who took dirt and metal shaped the.city from a ditch loud snares and wild.streams for feeding families and famine.going off to war and returning dirt poor.that in this other place how varied and.striking of narratives and how we listen.to them laughing and crying we listen.not in the audience but on the stage of.their lives which is ours to this stage.full of wild flowers and Sun sky.unbroken by clouds how we listen to them.our fellow citizens and what a gift to.humanity the things they tell us we like.fires at night to keep listening.[Applause].Thank You Leslie Houston is full of such.incredible talent and what a beautiful.way to memorialize all the people that.make this city and community as great as.it is by the way listen please help me.welcome former Mayor Annise Parker with.first lady.Kathy Hubbard or her wife Kathy Hubbard.and former first lady at least one year.we've had tremendous leadership in this.city and it continues now a Sylvester.Turner and our councilmembers please.welcome the Honorable Vanessa Gilmore.the United States District Judge.southern district of Texas who will.administer the oath of office for the.Honorable Sylvester Turner mayor of the.city of Houston and the Honorable Chris.Brown city controller good morning mayor.Turner and Ashley Turner would you join.me at the podium I state your name is.the best attorney do solemnly swear do.solemnly swear that I will faithfully.execute that I will faithfully execute.duties of the office the duties of the.office of mayor of the city of Houston.mayor of the city of Houston of the.state of Texas of the state of Texas.will to the best of my ability and will.to the best of my ability preserve.protect and defend preserve protect and.defend the Constitution and laws of the.United States the Constitution and laws.of the United States and of this state.and of this day so help me God so help.me God.[Applause].controller Brown were you and mrs. Brown.please join me at the podium I state.your name.I Chris Brown do solemnly swear do.solemnly swear that I will faithfully.execute that I will faithfully execute.ease of the office the duties of the.office city controller of city.controller of the city of Houston of the.city of Houston of the state of Texas of.the state of Texas and will to the best.of my ability and will to the best of my.ability preserve protect and defend.preserve protect and defend the.Constitution and laws of the United.States the constitutions and laws of the.United States and of this state and of.this state so help me God so help me God.congratulation.mayor Turner will you please come to the.podium now to administer the oath of.office to the members of City Council.with the elected officials who will be.taking the office for members of City.Council please stand and join me to be.sworn in when you raise your right hand.and repeat after and repeat after me.I state your name do solemnly swear that.I will faithfully execute the duties of.the office of City Council of the city.of Houston of the state of Texas and.will to the best of my ability preserve.protect and defend the Constitution and.laws of the United States and of this.state so help me God.congratulations and I look forward to.working with.[Applause].[Applause].judge Gilmore mayor Turner thank you so.much for presiding over our swearing-in.ceremonies and my heartfelt.congratulations to all of our elected.officials we are looking forward to your.leadership over the next four years and.now please welcome back the Houston.Grand Opera Orchestra and chorus to.perform make our garden grow with.soprano Nicole Houston and tenor.Lawrence Brownlee.[Music].but why.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].are you all doing this I'm doing us Wow.Thank You Nicole and Lawrence that.stunning absolutely stunning and there's.have a fun fact about the Houston Grand.Opera it's the only opera company in the.world that has won a Tony a Grammy and.an Emmy I think that's pretty cool what.an amazing accomplishment no other city.can boast and now ladies and gentlemen.it is my distinct privilege to introduce.a man that I truly admire for his.leadership compassion inclusivity.humanitarianism and strength please.welcome the 67th mayor 60 seconds mayor.of the city of Houston the Honorable.Sylvester Turner to offer his inaugural.address.thank you to former Mayor Annise Parker.and to at least linear to my own pastor.RAF dr. Rath D Wes and the other pastors.and ministers who are present to all of.the dignitaries that are befores the.Comptroller Chris Brown to the members.of City Council that I'll have the.privilege of working with over the next.four years and to all of you who are.here this morning let me just say good.morning to each and every one of you.four years ago four years ago the focus.was on shared sacrifice the city was.facing some serious financial challenges.requiring all of us to make tough.decisions and institute major pension.reforms and we did four years ago the.unfunded pension liability was eight.billion dollars today is a little more.than four billion we have balanced for.we have balanced for city budgets under.the revenue cap but not without.sacrifices and unmet needs in the solid.waste department our employees were.driving trucks that were purchase in.2006 and world.the rose during Hurricane.Ike the Memorial and Tax Day floods and.Harvey constantly being repaired those.trucks eventually said we have had.enough now come March of this year we.will have replaced 50% of the entire.frontline fleet.more people in our city are employed.working with labour and the business.community associated with the city.janitors security guards and airport.employees with the airlines are making.more now than four years ago with my.goal of getting them to $15 an hour four.years ago four years ago the city's.higher Houston youth summer jobs program.was made available to 450 students four.years later eleven thousand four hundred.students 16 to 24 were working the goal.the goal this coming summer is 15.thousand of our students working with.job opportunities with job opportunities.for some students during the entire.school year the private sector.spearheaded by the Greater Houston.partnership and the Workforce Commission.were responsible for 11,000 of those.jobs and I want to thank them for.partnering with the city four years ago.I said the city would access an address.potholes by the next business day Public.Works has filled more than 250,000.potholes and they have responded to your.calls by the next business day 96% of.the time but in many cases but in many.cases it's not just about potholes the.streets are in bad condition and need.panel replacements or need to be totally.repaved I have instructed Public Works.to present to me within 60 days a.systematic plan that identifies those.streets that need to be seriously.rehabilitated a potential funding source.and an estimated timeline for work to.commence you should see a noticeable.improvement by the end of this term in.some cases in some cases the city is.already partnering with Harris County.commissioners Jack Kegel.Rodney Ellis and then adrian garcia to.repair city streets and their precincts.and I want to thank.personally for their cooperation the.passage of Metro necks will also help us.design and construct a city that is more.pedestrian friendly and provides more.transit options for people to move.thoroughly throughout the city.throughout the entire metro region.especially as our city then survives the.focus of our transportation tread.transit network must be moving people.safely and quicker on bus or light rail.faster than they would move in their.cars or trucks while they conduct their.business on Wi-Fi connecting them to.major employment centers airports and.other neighborhoods transit oriented.development and building more building.major highways that mitigate the risk of.flooding minimize the adverse impact on.historical neighborhoods enhanced parks.and green spaces connect rather than.divide communities and it's.transformational in its construction.while they are pending administrative.and litigation issues we are hopeful.their construction of the high-speed.train from Houston to Dallas in 90.minutes traveling at 205 miles per hour.will start in the third quarter of this.year 2020 as the city densifies those.who are sleeping on our streets become.even more noticeable in conversation.after conversation people talk to me.about the homeless problems pedestrians.don't feel safe about walking to the bus.stop the home owner is concerned about.them sleeping close to their.neighborhood the business owner is.worried about them driving away their.customers and then there are those who.believe the city is not being.compassionate enough since 2011.starting with mayor nice Parker's.administration the city has housed.approximately 17,000 homeless persons.working with our homeless coalition.partners under the umbrella of the way.home.today there are nearly 4,000 homeless.persons living on our streets.throughout the Houston region they.require more than just food and shelter.they need mental and behavioral.healthcare substance abuse treatment.they require housing with supportive and.wraparound services as the federal.funding through the 1115 waiver is.reduce the burden on local governments.is greater and we must find ways to fill.the gap though Houston is a model across.the country on how to address.homelessness by Houston standards we.must do more and everyone must play a.part over the next two years starting.today and ending on December 31st 2021 I.am asking the private sector.corporations nonprofits the.philanthropic community and individuals.to contribute 50 million dollars to the.way home over and above your normal.giving for supportive and wraparound.services for the homeless.if we do this you will see a noticeable.difference on our streets and at the.same time it will be the city's goal to.reduce the homeless population to thirty.five hundred or less by the end of the.year and under 3000 by December 2021 the.Bible says in the twenty-fifth chapter.of Matthew then the king will come to.those on his right come you who are.blessed by my father take your.inheritance the kingdom prepared for you.since the creation of the world for I.was hungry and you gave me something to.eat I was thirsty and you gave me.something to drink I was a stranger and.you invited me in I needed clothes and.you clothed me I was sick and you looked.after me and I was in prison and you.came and visited me whether we are.living in homes or on the streets.flooding has no respect of persons we.saw that with the tax day flood Harvey.and tropical storm emailed them that is.why we are building a city that is.stronger more resilient and more.sustainable we are doubling the number.of storm water projects in every City.Council District Public Works is.implementing our green infrastructure.initiatives project Braves will be.completed by the fourth quarter of 2021.we are providing more detention three of.the four priority infrastructure.projects have been approved by FEMA and.fully funded and should be completed.while I am in office the inward forest.attention will hold more water than the.astrodome King wood spillway gates there.will be ten of them a North Canal.stormwater project which has been.discussed since 1940 the largest storm.what a project in the state of Texas.will be completed while our Met Office.we are working closely with the county.on the 240 projects funded by the public.approved bonds and we are working.closely with the county asked in the.state G alone to spend proportionately.more of the 4.3 billion HUD.infrastructure dollars in the.geographical areas impacted by Harvey to.keep those projects on track as well as.others we are paying special attention.to the cities permitting process.streamlining systems outsourcing where.needed and using more our online.applications we are committed and are.working diligently to repair and/or.rebuild people's homes damage from.Harvey as quickly as possible to.expedite the process the city and the.state G alone have entered into a.collaborative agreement starting Monday.which we both hope will expedite the.review and approval of people's files I.want their homes repaired or.reconstructed and I want their lives to.be placed back in order.Harvey shine even more light on.communities and neighborhoods which were.already underfunded and under stress ORS.for decades many of the residents in.these communities were already living on.the margins margins however Harvey.pushed them down even further.four years ago I said I didn't want to.be the mayor of two cities in one a city.of haves and have-nots in the first term.we talked about building complete.communities with the goal of making.every neighborhood a neighborhood of.Hope promise and inspiration for a.community to thrive you need housing.quality grocery stores parks green.spaces that would accent any.neighborhood in any part of town good.neighborhood schools retail financial.and business opportunities a safe and.clean community free of illegal dumping.ambitious yes can we transform every.community at the same time no we started.with five and now have ten and Sunnyside.example we are taking those 300.contaminated acres from a landfill that.have been there for a long time and we.are turning that into the largest urban.solar form in the United States it will.make a difference.we have signature parks but we have 250.local neighborhood parks which often do.not get the attention they rightfully.deserve.I've asked 50 businesses to partner with.us to take on 50 local parks and they.have stepped up and I want to thank them.for that.the h-e-b the h-e-b McGregor Market.store is already a game-changer but if.we start and stop there we will miss.tomorrow we need the same quality.grocery stores in every quadrant of our.city so that it can be a giant.game-changer in their neighborhoods.affordable housing we want people to be.able to stay and live in their.neighborhoods in the city and not feel.compelled to go to the lands we ask.financial institutions businesses.developers nonprofits endowments to.leverage their resources with the city.and with one another to share the risks.and expedite the transformation though.many have stepped forward to assist we.are still missing that level of support.the investments that will serve as gang.changers for those underserved.communities in our city.I look forward to personally visiting.with CEOs of corporations and banks to.seek your participation in the complete.communities Improvement Fund how do we.all benefit our community made better.produces a stronger resilient and more.sustainable City and though we have.added two hundred police officers over.and above the number that existed four.years ago and we are committed to adding.another 400 over the next four years a.community a community of.and promise working with law enforcement.produces a safer city in a city that.inspires especially for our children a.couple of years ago I had the privilege.of speaking at a boys to men luncheon I.got there a little bit late the program.had already started so instead of just.walking to the front I took a seat along.the side of the banquet hall and waited.for my turn for them to call me up but.kids as I walked in with the mayor's.detail kept looking to see who was this.person.with all of these Secret Service agents.walking inside the luncheon home and I.don't know what possessed this.ten-year-old black kid to get up from.the middle of the luncheon room and walk.all the way across the room and stood.right in front of me while I was sitting.in my seat he looked at me I looked at.him and finally I said to him what's up.and he asked me he said are you the man.I said yeah partner I'm the man what's.up.he said I came over just to say hello.at that point they started to introduce.me and I told the fella look I got to.get up it's my turn so I stood up and I.started walking towards the front of the.stage as I walked this 10 year old.african-american kid started walking.with me and as I came up on the stairs.this kid walked up on the stairs with me.I said to myself let me see how this is.going to play out and so I came behind.the podium and I proceeded to speak this.10 year old kid was standing right by my.side I decided that I wasn't going to.reduce or cut my time and so I spoke to.them for almost 24 minutes this.ten-year-old kid never left my side at.the end of my presentation I said to.those in the audience please join with.me in thanking my friend who stood by my.side and gave me what I needed in order.to make this presentation.let me say to you this morning just like.that 10 year old kid stood by my side we.in this city must stand by their side it.doesn't matter the ethnicity of this kid.it doesn't matter the language of this.kid it doesn't matter whether this kid.was documented on documented it doesn't.matter the sexual orientation of this.kid these are our children and we must.stand by them they're our children.[Applause].and the reality is but for the grace of.God I would not be standing before you.today over the last couple of years we.have been working together to transform.Houston and to Silicon Bayou we.currently have over 20,000 students.studying computer science within a.four-mile radius of the eye on the old.Sears building on South Main we will.create and attract high paying tech jobs.so that those twenty thousand students.can stay and work right here in their.own communities in Houston it makes no.sense to graduate students from Texas.Southern University of Houston rise in.st. Thomas and then they go someplace.else.to find high tech jobs in early 2018.Rice committed 100 million dollars to.build out the innovation hub for Houston.worthy of the fourth largest city in the.United States twelve months from now the.iron will open as a center for.innovation research investment and.workforce development and as the heart.of a 16 acre innovation district in 2019.Microsoft committed several million.dollars to the development of smart.cities technology for the city of.Houston and through its support of the.AIA on smart cities accelerator this.program will be launching 15 pilots with.the city leveraging technology for.everything from waste management waste.water management to traffic mitigation.to student safety Houston is making.rapid progress to become the clean.energy capital of the United States and.for the first time in the city system.else history the first climate action.plan will be presented this month.in 2020 the Texas Medical Center plans.to break ground on his forthcoming 37.acres TMC three research campus Ursaring.in a dynamic new era of collaborative.health care research and leading the way.for the region to continue to use to.earn the moniker of the Third Coast for.Life Sciences TM c3 will break ground in.April and will be the largest life.sciences development project in the.world we have begun to attract leading.nationwide accelerators plug and play is.expanded from Silicon Valley to Silicon.Bayou bill comm has come from Bill from.Palo Alto to Houston Texas generator has.come from Wisconsin to Houston.MassChallenge has come from Boston to.Houston.are you padding capital factory and.others have also expanded to Houston 50.years ago from Houston we landed a man.on the moon four years from now from.Houston a woman shall take that walk.last year last year Travis Scott was.nominated for a Grammy for his album.astral world it is my hope in Houston we.can make astro a world to another major.amusement park come alive.[Applause].four years is not a long time but I.firmly believe that if we work together.in the next four years we can set the.stage for this decade I look forward to.working with you over the next four.years and with city council including.the record number of women who will be.serving in leading positions.[Applause].[Applause].when my parents moved to Houston in 1954.they never imagined that their son some.62 years later would be sworn in as the.62nd mayor of the fourth largest city in.the United States as the poet wrote I've.dream many dreams that never came true.I've seen them vanish at dawn but I've.realized that enough of my dreams thank.God to keep me dreaming right on for as.it is written no eye has seen no ear has.heard no mind has conceived what God has.prepared for those who love him God give.us wisdom to direct our path and give us.direction that we made together lead.your city.god bless Houston god bless america.and the best for Houston has yet to come.Thank You mayor charter we look forward.to working with you and our new City.Council members and our returning.council members with you at the helm now.everyone please welcome David lion.senior rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel.and Imam Abdullah Rashid Masjid white at.doo-deen Muhammad as they offer.inaugural prayers good morning peace and.blessings to everyone please join me in.this great honor by assuming your.preferred position of prayer with the.name of God the merciful benefactor the.merciful Redeemer dear God as we prepare.to conclude this beautiful ceremony we.pray that you bless all the citizens of.the city and allow us to live as a.prosperous City of many in one and dear.God bless us to be people of faith who.take pride in human decency industry and.service to our city and to our nation.grant our great cities heart for charity.compassion repentance and mercy to.continue to beat strongly within all of.us.please favour us that we have more Hope.than troubles and when confronted with.catastrophe we continue to endure.together regardless of our cultural.differences dear God grant to the.citizens of Houston Texas that we.continue to understand one another.better as we work together as brothers.and sisters with a shared interest in.the condition and future of all the.citizens of this great city please help.us dear God to find ways to nourish the.bonds of trust between all of the.citizens and the government of the city.so that all historians make made.together share the good and honorable.life that you dear.have intended for us bless the efforts.of the mayor and all of our government.officials please bestow upon them the.excellence of statement ship so that.they may build a better Houston a.Houston that accommodates the.inalienable rights that preserve the.life and the unity of our nation this we.pray amen.four years ago Sylvester Turner prepared.for the day he would be mayor of Houston.Texas now four years later this day has.been prepared for the man who is.Houston's mayor Sylvester Turner in a.chapter of Jewish wisdom we are taught.in a place where there is no leadership.strive to be a leader a corollary also.teaches in a place where there is.leadership do not strive to be a greater.leader today we are surrounded by.leadership and at its helm is the man.who was elected twice to provide a moral.compass enduring wisdom and sage council.after here's a public service Sylvester.Turner has walked a path few can.duplicate from the streets of Houston to.the halls of Justice and the legislature.he's amassed a fortune of learning that.accrues to the citizens of Houston every.day in trying times.mayor Turner has taken the high road to.seek justice and model our city's values.he has earned the privilege to make the.hard choices and accept them first for.himself before he has asked us to accept.them too and he has proven to be a.gifted counselor whose advice is sought.by those who are already leaders and.those who strive to be just like him.one day therefore we pray O God whose.presence we walk each day died the city.controller the City Council and Gotha.head and heart of Mayor Sylvester Turner.that his words and his deeds will be.filled with gifts of justice mercy.then we may all bear witness to your way.for you have taught us what is required.of us to do justice love mercy and walk.humbly with God in the years that lie.ahead in a new decade that is just.emerging.but our strengths be shared generously.that our virtues be example others will.follow.and let our prosperity lift us all up to.find in our respective faiths and our.shared hope a future worthy of all God's.gifts to us from strength to strength.mayor Turner and to all who serve with.you god bless you amen.Thank You rabbi line in a mom Rashid.we've heard this a lot today about our.diversity and inclusion because Houston.is the most diverse city in America and.we are so proud to be a welcoming city.you can see our diversity throughout our.neighborhoods our economies our food our.languages and through the Performing and.visual arts I am very excited to.introduce our next performance this.group is one of Houston's most.sought-after new groups from the.University of Houston.please welcome mariachi Pumas under the.direction of Jose Longoria.[Applause].[Music].[Music].and the minute you don't.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].baby baby load and shine.[Music].[Laughter].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Thank You mariachi Pumas go Cougs.alright we're not done crown the big.homie for the city.Houston rap legend trade the truth is.not only a musician but a father.philanthropists humanitarian and civic.leader his countless good deeds for.those in need are really too far far too.many to list and today we're making.history with a unique and exciting.collaboration between a world famous.opera company and a celebrated Houston.rap artist.so please woking welcome trade the truth.performing even though it's hard with.the Houston Grand Opera Orchestra.conducted by Patrick.[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].lately I've been dealing with pain I.rather fight like I'm stuck in the night.sky without a.[Music].[Music].[Music].would you get that occasionally you.crazy just throw us somebody disposal.like you was trashed with me controlling.the oysters.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].I want to make some noise but he's the.grand upper one time and I need you to.make some noise for Marc mayor your fear.the city of Houston Mayor Sylvester.but you thought I could leave here do it.just one song I want everybody to put.the H up for me one time man if you got.love for Houston you rebel see you stay.we gonna have some fun let's do this.stay on your feet we could have some.kind of surprise.man how you doing my brother you guys.relieved games and a lot of people don't.be an all-time hero you get to see me as.trader to buddy.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].seriously you would have imagined the.Houston Grand Opera Grand Opera.Orchestra would be on the stage.accompany one of Houston's most beloved.rappers and baby Houston I was historic.it was diverse and it's one of the.reasons the Houston Grand Opera is the.best opera company in the world only in.h-town Silicon Bayou space city now I'd.like to take this time to thank all of.our performers the children from the.Chinese community center our poet.laureate Leslie Contreras Schwartz.Houston Grand Opera soloists Nicole.Heaston and Lawrence Brownlee the.University of Houston mariachi Pumas the.st. John's Downtown Ensemble under the.direction of David Michael Wyatt and of.course our special guests artist Trey.the truth in baby Houston and a huge.round of applause to the Houston Grand.Opera course under the direction of.chorus master Richard bado and the.Houston Grand Opera Orchestra contacted.by artistic and music director Patrick.Sommers.thank you as well to Perrin leech.managing director of the Houston Grand.Opera and an incredible staff they.welcomed us back into their house and.let's also thank an odd girl producer.Susan Christian and her team from the.mayor's off of the special events the.inaugural committee co-chaired by cindy.clifford and elizabeth brock and miss.Brenda bazan and her team at Houston.first who made this event so special for.a list of everyone who has contributed.to this in support of this event take a.look at your program finally our elected.officials have to go to work so they're.going to be shuttled over to City County.Hall for the first council meeting of.the year they're going to be escorted.back during our finale I ask everyone.please stay in your seats until the end.thank you for being here stay dry stay.safe and without further ado maestro if.you please.[Music].[Music].the.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].

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How do I get updates about the government jobs to fill out the form?

Employment news is the best source to know the notifications published for govt job vacancy. The details are given in the notices. The news available on net also. One can refer the news on net too. It is published regularly on weekly basis. This paper includes some good article also written by experts which benefits the students and youths for improving their skill and knowledge. Some time it gives information regarding carrier / institution/ special advance studies.

How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?

If your bank is national but has a branch in your town/city you can enter your town/city as the bank's address. Your employer is not relying on the bank's address you enter on the form.

What happens to all of the paper forms you fill out for immigration and customs?

Years ago I worked at document management company. There is cool software that can automate aspects of hand-written forms. We had an airport as a customer - they scanned plenty and (as I said before) this was several years ago... On your airport customs forms, the "boxes" that you 'need' to write on - are basically invisible to the scanner - but are used because then us humans will tend to write neater and clearer which make sit easier to recognize with a computer. Any characters with less than X% accuracy based on a recognition engine are flagged and shown as an image zoomed into the particular character so a human operator can then say "that is an "A". This way, you can rapidly go through most forms and output it to say - an SQL database, complete with link to original image of the form you filled in. If you see "black boxes" at three corners of the document - it is likely set up for scanning (they help to identify and orient the page digitally). If there is a unique barcode on the document somewhere I would theorize there is an even higher likelihood of it being scanned - the document is of enough value to be printed individually which costs more, which means it is likely going to be used on the capture side. (I've noticed in the past in Bahamas and some other Caribbean islands they use these sorts of capture mechanisms, but they have far fewer people entering than the US does everyday) The real answer is: it depends. Depending on each country and its policies and procedures. Generally I would be surprised if they scanned and held onto the paper. In the US, they proably file those for a set period of time then destroy them, perhaps mining them for some data about travellers. In the end, I suspect the "paper-to-data capture" likelihood of customs forms ranges somewhere on a spectrum like this: Third world Customs Guy has paper to show he did his job, paper gets thrown out at end of shift. ------> We keep all the papers! everything is scanned as you pass by customs and unique barcodes identify which flight/gate/area the form was handed out at, so we co-ordinate with cameras in the airport and have captured your image. We also know exactly how much vodka you brought into the country. :)

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