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well good afternoon kansas educators.i'm tammy mitchell i'm the redesign.specialist for the state department of.education and my colleague jay scott and.i.are excited to introduce you to julia.fabrice mcbride.vice president of the kansas leadership.center.julia is a certified coach and co-author.of teaching leadership.case in point at the klc julia oversees.teacher and coach development and has.created three professional programs for.leadership developers including an.international coach.federation approved leadership coach.training program.and an advanced leadership development.intensive that has drawn people to.wichita kansas from.four continents we're really blessed.to have julia in the state of kansas.before coming to klc she taught.leadership and management at the.university of chicago.columbia college chicago university of.massachusetts and the james p.shannon leadership institute julia is.the proud mother of a middle school.student.she is a kansan she's president of the.board.of the robinson middle school foundation.and she is a former.school board member for chase county usd.so julia thank you so much for spending.some time with us today.um you were going to be our keynote.speaker at.the redesign pre-conference should it.have been.at the hyatt like normal times.um but we're really grateful that you're.willing to just kind of chat with us.today so that we can record this.for kansas educators yeah it's.quite something to be able to have lunch.with my husband and my child and then.come and be with all of you so thanks.for that opportunity.yes thank you so one of the things that.i've appreciated.i've taken some of the training from the.kansas leadership center recently and.and poured through the resources and one.of the things that.really struck me that aligns with.the teaching of klc and what we're.trying to do with redesign.is that this notion that everyone can be.or should be ready to be a leader and so.in redesign schools we're trying to help.um principals and teacher leaders.grow the capacity of teacher leaders.and i know that um sometimes i work.especially with elementary schools.a lot of elementary teachers will tell.me oh i don't want to be a leader.because i don't want to be the principal.and so.they confuse the the idea of leadership.with maybe a more of a managerial role.and so um i think that that's a common.thread with.um all of the other people that you.coach in various industries and so i was.just wondering.what skills do you think educators.should have in order to be.ready to lead and can you define that.just a little bit more for us.yeah i love that we're starting with.this and.we like to distinguish positions or.of authority and in ural case.administration positions with acts of.leadership.so we think of leadership as a verb and.it's about.mobilizing people to do difficult work.and sometimes that looks like seizing.big opportunities and other times it.looks like.facing um what does education look like.in a pandemic but we need.acts of leadership from people at all.levels from our.pre-k teachers and paras.to our school administrators and i would.say too that there's a real.i mean there's an important role for.those administrators that is.this that overlaps but is somewhat.distinct from leadership there's an.authority role.that we need in schools it's all about.protection.direction and order and we.could not have society let alone.affected schools if we didn't have.the people in the state of kansas who.have that extra education.and that extra responsibility for.protection direction and order.and at the same time they and everybody.else.certainly in a redesigned school but i.think you know in every school every day.need to stretch beyond what's.comfortable or what they learned in.school.in order to energize their fellow.teachers.their their administrators people up.above to get them to focus on.what they might not be able to see that.a teacher can see in the classroom.so i really like that um uh julie it's.nice to meet you.by the way yeah it's great to meet you.too jay thank you.so it's so great that you're you're able.to join us for this um.this redesigned conference and uh we're.excited to have you.uh kind of kick us off so um changing.gears a little bit and i really like.that.what you brought up about the acts of.leadership i think that's a really.important piece.but also that you know the.administrators out there.who are and i wrote that down protect.direct.and and provide order right in our.schools.but also empower our teachers to step up.and lead.right and allow that to happen so the.changing gears a little bit.what lessons have you learned from.business and industry one of our.redesigned principles.is partnering with families communities.in business.and industry and we often talk about.the changes that are happening in.business or or industry.and how that relates and how that could.relate to education but what lessons.have you learned from business.business and industry about leading.through adaptive.challenges that you think are pertinent.to schools.yeah we have learned a lot from business.and in.industry and when teachers and.administrators come to klc.you've experienced this camera you are.in a group with.people from business people from faith.communities people from.government and non-profits and.individuals in our sessions i think.learn.that again yeah it's all.i love that you said empower it's all.about.empowering other people whether you're.the administrator.or whether you're the teacher in the.classroom empowering your students.or empowering people in your department.to think a little bit.differently but specifically some of the.things that we've learned.from the industry lately i'd love to.share with you.we as we went into or as we started.realizing that the pandemic wasn't.number one wasn't going to end soon but.number two was going to leave us.in a very different world on the other.side.i mean i don't doubt that my 13 year.old's.education first of all has been very.different.so far during this pandemic but i think.i mean if it's anything like what klc is.discovering.education in middle schools and high.schools and and grade schools is going.to be different after the pandemic.same as it's going to be different and.disrupted in.industry and we went and did some.research.actually a literature review of.how people in business.have responded in the past to.disruption and to crisis and.what tends to who tends to succeed.in those situations so our third floor.research is a.piece of klc and we did some.in-depth literature review and came up.with.four findings that i'll share really.quickly with you and then i'd be curious.if any of them.seem particularly relevant to schools i.see some relevance.one is the companies that succeed.after and during crisis.are those that have all along invested.in relationship.those are the most resilient.organization.the one that's the ones that really.support.employee rights and safety that are.consciously committed to a diverse.workforce.and that tend to be very.transparent and open about their visions.resources.information in the organization and then.in the community and i see.relationship there with what you all are.up to.number two so the first one is invest in.relationships.and you'll be more resilient the second.thing that we've learned from business.is those with a culture of diagnosis.have a greater ability to survive a.crisis.and thrive and klc focuses a lot of.you experience this tammy in our program.a lot of time on how do you really.diagnose complex challenges.so companies that spend.time looking at where they looking in.advance.at where will we be vulnerable in a.crisis.who's going to do what and what are our.limitations.if we face crisis and.shifts in the way their stakeholders.are perceiving them the companies that.pay attention to that.tend to be more able to deal with a.crisis they're more.practiced in understanding and.predicting.what people are thinking about them and.how they're going to survive.the crisis the third thing.and these these third the third and.fourth might be the most interesting so.another.lesson from business is first of all.most companies.in the face of crisis will retrench.they'll focus on short term survival.and their they'll opt not to innovate.they'll cut down on.innovation some.companies will.invest and innovate and they're drawn to.that.the ones that tend to really thrive.after a crisis are the ones that do both.that are brave enough to where necessary.reduce staff think about.other ways to reduce.retrench and stay focused on innovation.so i thought that was really cool.a great lesson from the world of.business.during a time of crisis and the other.one that i thought could be really.important.to redesign or just seems to be.almost like you knew this before the.companies knew it was.multinational companies that allowed.units or subsidiaries to.play by their own rules create their own.rules.outperforms those who insisted on.uniformity.so autonomy equaled high performance.i love that and i love that connection.to.what you're up to with school redesign.yeah and those all four wow just.really hit at the heart of some things.that our redesigned schools are living.right now.especially i think.looking at their vulnerabilities um.during.crisis yeah but also i want to call out.uh.the whole idea of playing both sides of.you know scaling back right on things.but also.still thinking and acting creatively and.innovatively i think that's a really.important piece.so just a follow-up question um.how might the education community get.more connected.and engaged with business and industry.leaders in their communities.yeah you know i wish i could give you an.easy answer to that i.think you know i think show up at klc.and see who you meet would be it would.be my easy answer but i.i honestly think.ask for what you want and.identify companies.in the community and even beyond that's.one thing i was thinking about.is we have i mean that's one upside.of the pandemic is people who would not.have been available to you.or you whom you'd have to have spent ten.thousand dollars to bring in.to your community are available to you.and i think feeling pretty generous.with their time when it comes to yes i.can come in and i can.talk to your teachers for.a half hour during one of their work.days.so ask for what you want and make it as.easy as possible for.people from business to show up and.build relationships with you.and.be curious about who they are.before getting curious.about what they can do for you.yeah that's that is very profound it's.it as communities come together it.goes back to those relationships and.get to know each other build those.relationships and figure out how to.tackle those challenges together instead.of.approaching with that this is what you.can do for me kind of.approach you know and the other thing.that.occurs to me is that schools.and teachers administrators.can be conveners and there's some.really interesting opportunity right now.to again convene people.my world has almost gotten bigger.because.i'm i'm just more connected.to people around the country and around.the world.who i wouldn't be traveling to see it.just was not going to happen.and i wonder if.it would be an exercise of leadership by.a team at a redesigned school.to engage businesses and maybe people.from other sectors.around the question and maybe it's not a.question.[Music].directly related to a school but related.to something like what kind of community.do we want to be.and you will learn and you will build.relationships.so you mentioned briefly you know that.maybe teachers could get.engaged with the kansas leadership.center can you tell us more about the.resources.that you provide and and how can schools.plug in.and utilize some of those yeah we.have i'll start big.and then we i'll go to small like what.you could do next week.we have something called a leadership.transformation grant.and we've had many school districts.who have applied and received leadership.transformation grants it's a competitive.grant process where the timing is.perfect because.it's open or about to open right now as.you're listening to this.and it's it's not a we don't give cash.we give places in leadership development.programs.so a school district would apply.for a grant you'd talk about the big.hairy adaptive challenge that.you're working on you'd talk about a.team.that was committed small team about five.people.that's committed to spreading the word.about klc.and getting a bigger group of 20 or 30.or 40.to come through klc programs and we.know that partners are our.former leadership transformation grant.partners as well as people from.business and industry.organizations that come through klc.and who send that critical mass of 30 or.40.people through klc they start thinking.about leadership differently.you know they start thinking about it as.something that's not top down but that.it's really embedded throughout the.organization they start thinking about.it as an activity.and their cultures.become more open and equitable.more flexible more able to make progress.on adaptive challenges and that's i mean.i'm still excited about this this is new.research in the last few months.that has is starting to give us that.kind of data.so if you're really fired up explore.the idea of this leadership.transformation grant for your district.and just know that we'll be encouraging.you.to yeah bring your superintendent but.also.bring that department head.or that pera or the preschool teacher.and just make sure that you get these.principles that klc.teaches and the leadership behaviors we.teach a.teach embedded throughout your.organization and you can do that.at no cost to the district.other than if hopefully we sometimes go.back to in person.then there would be travel and lodging.and that kind of thing.so that's the big one.just a step down from that if you want.to you know if you're thinking about it.and you're thinking maybe.2022 is the right time for that.well then you can get in touch with us.and we can.help you get scholarships to send a few.people to start exploring the idea.few people to get acquainted with klc if.that's not even.able if you're not able to do that you.can sign up an.individual any individual can sign up.for our two-day.your leadership edge program and get on.what we call the path.and it's a path from this two-day.program where you're working on yourself.to a longer program called lead for.change where you're really thinking.about how do i mobilize my system.to another two-day program called equip.to lead.where you are learning how to bring.those ideas back.to your system to run.book clubs to run conversations to get.other people thinking and practicing the.klc ideas.and there are scholarships available you.can pay to come and it's.highly subsidized by the kansas health.foundation.so very accessible to people and for now.all online so accessible to you from.your very own home.and then i promised i'd tell you what.you could do next week.we also have free.hour-long online weekly.just drop in and it's called.they're they're called video chats and.they're on a different topic every week.and we also have.an el balcon which is a spanish language.uh hour-long workshop drop.in on facebook live so those are.available and there's information on our.website about those.thanks julia when we're at the end of.this i've got a slide that i'll show to.everyone so that they know where they.can.tap into that information super.yeah and i i can just see that that.first option you laid out being.tailor made for a school redesign team.right and just.go in and really dig in um that's that's.a wonderful.opportunity i know of many educators who.have been through the program and they.rave about it so uh thank you for for.offering that up.um from your perspective julia what do.we need from administrators.in order to stay the course through.these challenging times.yeah i think.what we need from administrators to stay.the course is.a lot of focus on making meaning.on purpose on.why are we doing this and.so on on meaning making on reconnecting.to what is the world we want to live in.and what is the role that education.broadly but.our school our district what is the role.we have to play.in a future that to quote the.kansas leadership center mission a.future that is.healthier stronger more prosperous.communities.what role do we have to play to so to.to not only just speak that but to let.other people speak to that.because i that's one of the most.inspiring things to me.about working at kansas leadership.center.is it's a great place to work by the way.and i think it's because like.people from all walks of life.come into our building or there's.86 people in our virtual space today.who all have come to improve their.skills.for a purpose and.they can talk about that purpose.but they don't always talk about it.unless they're asked.so bottom line.advice to administrators ask your people.about purpose.and give them space to talk about it.i love that we just uh wrapped up last.month in august.uh our plc focus was on reigniting your.vision reigniting your why.and so it was it was a we were kind of.tenuous about it.did we really jump into this in august.when you've got this whirlwind of.reopening going on and all those.logistical details.but we were shocked at not shocked but.pleasantly surprised at how our schools.gravitated towards that.what you just said making meaning.creating purpose.how do schools and other organizations.carry on and then follow through on that.purpose.i how do.jay i think they've got to just return.to it.every day and i love what you're saying.that you know we didn't know.there's so much in terms of tax.tactics and logistics even strategy.that we could be talking about today but.we chose vision.we chose purpose and so even if you're.spending.you know five minutes at the beginning.of the day.talking about purpose or i use poetry a.lot.because often a poet can say.in a minute what it would take me six.minutes.to attempt to say so don't be.afraid of using things like poetry or.quotes to help and it doesn't have to be.a full day or an hour just.keep people focused on purpose and thank.them.for that focus on purpose and on kids.that's great thank you.so julia just last week i was listening.to a webinar.with ronald hi fitz oh good he's one of.those.the co-authors of um let's see the book.right here.leadership on the line and several other.um.references that your book from the.kansas leadership center quotes quite.frequently.and he was saying and this was from this.summer and he was saying that.this is in education and probably in a.lot of other areas.the biggest adaptive challenge of our.generation.with all of the ramifications of school.building closures and.quarantines and and trying to.get a vaccine so we really have a unique.opportunity.to um to apply what we've learned about.adaptive challenges but really in a.context we've never ever experienced.before.and so in addition to all of the great.things that you've you've said and.you've reminded us.reminded us of what words of.encouragement.do you have for kansas schools and.kansas school leaders at this time.yeah i at at klc.and this is straight out of ron heifetz.and marty linsky.we i mean our short cut.for diagnosis is o i.i observe interpret.intervene and.my words it's a little bit words of.advice and then there's a p an.encouragement piece but the advice is.work that cycle.get yourself up on what we call get it.getting up on the balcony.get yourself up on the balcony regularly.look dispassionately.at what's happening make some.interpretations.and don't be afraid to push to some.tougher interpretations things that.might be hard for you.and for others in your system to hear.name those interpretations.and then confidently you can do this.i mean you have experience you have.training.you have that love for your children and.love for education.so know that you can come based on your.observations and your interpretations.there is a next experiment you can try.you don't have to fix everything you.don't have to make it better for.everybody.you just have to observe.make some interpretations even the tough.ones and then.try a next experiment and there's no.failure to be had.your motives and purpose are right your.love.is strong keep experimenting.i love that that's so encouraging.because i think that.there are some of our colleagues out.there that will watch this.that maybe feel a little overwhelmed and.paralyzed.like they do have to fix everything.in the first two weeks of school and so.this quick cycle.of observe interpret and intervene.can be repeated rapidly and.and you can learn as you go and i love.that analogy of getting up on the.balcony.um you know it's it's like being in the.nosebleed section.of the basketball game right you can see.you can see everything that's going on.and you just have a different view than.when you're.you're on the floor or on the court so.and you got to get on the court you got.to get sweaty yeah.yeah and you got to trek up there to.make some observations and the thing is.if we're.all doing that even you know.the three of us like that's the other.thing about leadership.because it's an activity nobody can do.it all the time.we have to rest we have to get some of.the.you know technical tactical things done.we have to keep providing protection.direction and order.it's an act of leadership to go up on.the balcony.and if one of us is doing it every once.in a while and the other is doing it.every.other once in a while we will be fine.thank you so much well um jay do you.have any other questions for julia today.um.those were all of our um planned.questions.i've i've taken notes i've got sticky.notes all over the place here so i can't.can't wait to re-watch the recording and.straighten out my notes but jay do you.have any other closing comments for us.today i just want to say we just so.appreciate we're grateful to have.strong leaders and leadership experts.like you julia.in kansas and at klc i know they've done.tremendous work and will continue to do.tremendous work.but today really did personally has.reinvigorated me.and and let me know that no matter what.that moving forward our schools well.if they really uh listen to this and.drink in what you've talked about today.that no matter what um despite any of.these obstacles that that are facing.them pandemic or not.that they're still going to reach their.vision regardless.and so thank you so much for your.wonderful insights and.information today you are so welcome jay.thank you jay thank you tammy and.thanks everybody for for listening and.for the important.and hard.and loving work that you do every day.thank you and so you should be able to.see a slide here.to learn more about the kansas.leadership center.there are some links there that because.this is a video you won't necessarily be.able to access.but if you want more information about.about klc you can of course.go to kansas leadership center dot org.or feel free to reach out to jay and i.you can email us at redesign ksde.org.and we can get you connected.thanks again for this coffee chat time.julia thanks for.your passionate work in kansas we're.super.blessed to have have you in our state.and.helping us in our journey with redesign.and.in just equipping leaders all across.all industries in our state so thank you.

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Some of my top tips: Get to school early so you can read the lesson plans, find the classroom, find the seating charts, and prepare for class. It’s much more stressful getting to school right before the bell rings and trying to prepare on the fly. Get class started and hand out the assignment before you take attendance. Attendance can take a while, so it’s best to quickly explain the assignment and have the students busy before you start sorting out attendance. Insist on students remaining in their assigned seats according to the seating chart. This will make your job so much easier. Take attendan Continue Reading

How do I get my subbing license?

It would probably be easier to get e-residency in Estonia. That will enable you to obtain an Estonian money business license without having to physically live there. Then you can do business anywhere in the EU and still have full control over the company.

How do I get a Kansas teaching license?

You will need to be more specific. Are you currently living out of the UAE and want to know how you can work as a teacher there, or are you presently living there and want to know how to obtain one? This directly relates to the answer I can give.

Can you teach in Kansas without a certificate?

Depends on the private school and the state you are in. In most cases, if they don’t receive state or federal money they do not have to meet state or federal guidelines.

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