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everybody make prints and wane heart'll.here we're going to discuss py 2021.operations manual summary of significant.changes we're just going to go through.the document I'm not going to read to.everybody but when we see something of.significance we're going to go ahead and.mention it well start with section 1 the.program overview mentioned that we did.add some language here regarding a.central air-conditioning.we added some language here saying.replacements must be Energy Star rated.with a minimum seer of 15 14 seer for.mobile homes and then we also added this.language here that you know any laa that.has contractors installing 14 seers.designed to meet the 15 seer minimum.must include that a HRI engineering.report where the measure would be.considered a disallowed costs yeah and.basically I think there's some 14 seer.equipment that can achieve a 15 seer and.so we just need to document that here we.decided some language suma clarifying.that all window units being replaced by.a central a/c.would have to be removed from the.premises and taken to a recycling.facility with that one wayne sorry with.that one I think we still require the.recycling all of the paid documentation.and everything associated with the.recycling of that unit here under.replacement of refrigerators we added.some language to clarify that existing.refrigerators must be 14 cubic feet or.larger to be eligible for a replacement.so we won't be doing replacement of like.a dorm room refrigerator sir yeah and I.think the reason for this change or one.of the reasons is that many of the.smaller refrigerators they don't use.very much energy in the first place and.they don't make Energy Star.models to replace here we talk about how.window and door replacement under air.sealing can only be done with using HHS.and state funds and do ii came out with.a new ruling last year was a data along.while do ii funds for air sealing of for.a window and door replacement yeah the.last time do ii was here they were they.really liked our policy on having the.CFM requirement to replace them under.air sealing and then the next thing you.know they put out guidance saying that.you can only replace a window or door.with a positive s ir so we had to make a.change there here we were saying if.you're a during weather works data entry.to make sure you enter the window a door.replacement as an air sealing measure.and not a retrofit you know so you can.run it as a retrofit obviously if we get.a positive s ir it can be done there if.we don't get the positive s ir and we've.met the requirements to do that under.air sealing then we need to go ahead and.enter it as an air sealing measure we.just wanted to make clear that we do.expect for all mechanicals basically.furnace AC water heater refrigerators.that we need the serial number model.number and manufacturer date and.manufacturer manufacturer so that should.be included in all assessments.regardless of whether your these are.being called for a replacement or not so.it allows us back when we're doing desk.audits we can see verify the age if it's.been called for a replacement or we can.identify if they had missed the.opportunity for a replacement here we.added some.language just talk about using the.common sense approach when doing.assessments and callin for measures that.Assessors need to use sound judgment and.selecting retrofits just because a.measure meets HHS or state funding.allowances does not mean those measures.should automatically be called for and I.I just think that we created the braided.funding rules to create an avenue to be.able to replace some of these appliances.before with the SI our requirement you.know there were just times where we.would come and the water heater was.completely you know I'm basically not.functioning and there was no mechanism.to replace it so like I said just just.because you can replace it doesn't mean.you have to if there's a 10 year old.water heater and it's it's in great.shape and working fine you don't feel.like you have to replace that hey now.we're in Section 2 program eligibility.and benefits here we added it so it's.like a over a page to the discussion on.the eligibility this is all related to.applicant eligibility time being a.citizen or qualified alien and all the.different requirements for that and it's.basically it's straight out of the.LIHEAP definition in their manual just.to be consistent I was going to say we.just wanted wanted to have both manuals.consistent when possible income.eligibility we updated the income.eligibility guidelines table obviously.that changes every year here we're.talking about and we're now we've made a.change in terms of the maximum of labor.and material per funding source.it was 7,500 for funding source now it's.8000 and when you're using up to two.funding sources I.then that can spend up to sixteen.thousand yeah and I was just gonna say.Wayne we didn't touch the health and.safety cap or the incidental repair.seems like very few agencies use.incidental repair they usually model it.in the retrofit itself health and safety.we weren't we weren't really bumping up.against the limit especially on braided.funding jobs and so we didn't feel there.was a need to increase ax.there's one to some very minor change.but a non-stationary campers trailers.and sheds I do not have a mailing.address are not eligible this came up.and at one agency during the last year.that we we saw it look like it was a.shed converted to living quarters and.did not have an address it was next to a.mobile home so the address was.associated with the mobile home not to.shed yeah and in that instance we didn't.even weatherize the mobile home itself.we we did all of the weatherization.measures on a storage shed and so we.felt like we needed to clarify that here.we add.language just to talk about trying to.maximize spending of DOA funds and at.least I don't know we staked us.elsewhere in the manual there ways well.made clear that we want to spend as much.do a fund's spend them first when.possible and given that do a funds are.the most difficult to spin and and we've.noticed in the last few years I mean.this year obviously there's going to be.a lot of carryover right over nineteen.but even in that previous years we'd had.significant carryover of DOA funds so we.just thought it's important and we did.some analysis to look at what kind of.spending were doing on terms of measures.with an SI or one or greater I looked at.a all py 2019 measure spending and found.that for of all material labor costs.associated with measures with an SI are.one or greater.only 39 percent of the cost was paid.using goe funds yeah you can see how.that would lend itself to having.carryover if we're not these are the.hardest funds to spend everybody will.agree on that we've only got 12 months.versus 15 or 16 with the other two.grants and so we really need to focus on.do we at the start of the year and and.use the funds when we can and another.thing Wayne the changes we made and.whether works will auto-populate do e.four measures as far as cost reporting.goes and so that's another tool that can.help folks utilize do we funding it's.not just looking at retrofits but also.trying health and safety measures to.trying to use dealies funds as much.there as you can and that's also.auto-populated in the SI r screen point.of clarity on on health and safety for.do heed and I hope it's represented in.the manual if not we can make an.addition but if you're using DoD health.and safety funds.you have to have retrofits associated.with that job that are also do eat they.don't want you just using do a health.and safety money on a project and none.of their efficiency money I guess there.is good that I said something.all right death the auditing I added.some language here just to clarify that.in-house agency review should be.completed by the was there at.weatherization coordinator or an.Assessor a final inspector other than.the next Assessor who performed the.assessment kind of a mouthful to say so.yeah we just want to make sure other.separation of on the review there we.also wanted to clarify in terms of what.should be included when you submit desk.audits to your weatherization text for.pre-approval at the beginning of each.program year here we've laid out two.four items that should be submitted to.complete a desk audit form obviously as.I our report footprint map of the home.in the manual J and if you're a.requesting your heating or cooling.system this to back to the weather works.changes we feel like those changes are.going to help everybody a lot as far as.their desk audits and making sure you're.within the allowable budgets retrofit.selection and they should help the.weatherization specialist in their.review of the projects as well just.making sure that everybody's under.budget and the projects are good to go.the song well how did the sentence here.just to make clear to everyone that desk.got a pre-approval requirement you know.having to with our text pre-approved.begins at July one for all new PYT 21.jobs including any of those jobs that.are at HHS or state carry over funding.yeah last year I think we had a few.agencies misinterpret that and they.thought because the jobs were.carry over into py 21 that they didn't.need to submit desk audits that's not.the case then we also just wanted to.make clear that state tax well even.after they've given yo self review.status to two agencies they will still.perform random deaths god it's on their.own throughout the remainder of the year.distance your compliance is continuing.to program here yeah and we had some.agencies that received self review.status but they continued to send their.desk audits to their check every job.just because they they liked that.safeguard of having the tech look at it.we you know we talked about this last.year too we just don't have the manpower.to continue doing those desk audits on.every project throughout the course of.the year so anyway just wanted to make.that clear all right average.weatherization costs for some reason.this little paragraph went missing like.three or four years ago that used to.always be in the manual but some reason.hadn't been in the last few years so we.had to just back in is to make clear.what the requirement is from DoD in.terms of average weatherization cost per.unit for this year the average material.labor cost and this includes retrofits.area ceiling and incidental repairs may.not exceed five thousand six hundred and.eighty dollars in Stoney forests since.per unit and that goes up you know.changes every year so we'll update each.year and keep this paragraph in the in.the manual and then we also do mention.that the average health and safety cost.per unit.da week requirement is one thousand two.hundred and two dollars in the changes.and whether work should help everybody.be able to stay on top of this every.single time you're in the SAR screen.you're going to be reminded exactly what.your site averages and your health and.safety average this is in the screenshot.in this section overall project sa our.requirement I think this used to be.called whole house.si R we've kind of changed that to line.up with how we ported it in the update.to that si our screen um all this was.addressed in the the other webinar going.over the changes to other works but here.is you know main point here is that a.project Bessie R has to be one or.greater.yeah and I've told this story before but.he sat in on an HHS webinar that was.dealing with weatherization and they.kept saying over and over that they.wanted to do cost-effective.weatherization but but you don't have to.have an SAR of 1.0 or greater on a.measure and then the next sentence.they'd say but we want it to be cost.effective so you know Wayne and I were.just trying to figure out how can we you.know have the flexibility of the braided.funding and still show.cost-effectiveness we thought that the.1.0 whole house or overall project SAR.was the best approach and so that's what.we've done for py 21 we've done a.tremendous amount of testing and have.struggled to find a job that went below.1.0 even with the added measures that.we've selected air conditioning water.heater maybe doesn't happen that often.all right now we're moving a change to.the buy down options paragraphs basics.down to one citizens by downs are no.longer an option of single-family homes.for increase in si our measures to one.and do II had kind of conflicting policy.on this one of their wpn said it was.only allowed in multifamily another kind.of reference that it could be done in.single-family they came out and.clarified that a while back that you.cannot use do a funding on a high down.in a single-family scenario and.so we just you know we felt like with.the braided funding that it wasn't.really necessary anymore and again we.we've said this from the start we didn't.want to turn the buy down into a window.and door sales program and so we've just.we've just done away with the buy down.for single-family an option for.multifamily and we'll talk about that.later.okay we're under discussion on joint.funded projects and we added some.language here if it is determined that a.laa does not follow joint Iwalk utility.funding rules Iowa may prohibit the LA.from conducting joint funded projects.and we've had instances where agencies.did not follow the guidance they didn't.create catalogs for their utility.projects maybe the pricing that was in.the utility catalog was not split at 50%.there's been several instances.additionally agencies on the fiscal side.maybe weren't allocating staff time and.resources to the utility at all and so.you know we just if we're going to.continue this partnership we've got to.do it in accordance with OCA policy.Cedeno repair measures see in some.instances duct sealing can also be.considered health and safety if the work.is being done at ladyadey combustion.safety issue due to duct pressure.imbalance so this to clarify that it.doesn't always have to be incidental the.Iowa 80% efficiency heating system.waiver process used to be just a.mechanical cost way of her I think is.what was called we've changed that since.after I WAP at least there is no.mechanical cost waiver there is still.one available burned in the furnace.assistance program and we were just.clarifying the language was still kind.of murky in here with respect to cost.waivers and so we just wanted it there.appliance repairs replacement lerner.installed for a new water here would be.an incidental repair or the cost would.be included in the SI our calculation.for the water heater retrofit that was.just clarifying those costs can be.categorised a couple different ways and.they're historic preservation the.section 106 thank we just wrecked the D.address and added a length to if people.want more information on the section 106.review process all right this is a just.in the forms and exhibits part of the.section in each section we added this.HHS state funding allowance table it's.the same one you can get that the.training center has an oath laminated.little cheat sheets so we just decided.to keep having to manual to you and I.think we did make some updates to this.and the training center is going to.print out some new sheets.I forget what Lori calls that yeah the.chains only changes I think we're made.we're down here and yeah you know the.funding got the eight thousand now and.you wouldn't we had the correct the.average cost per unit for do e nothing.also things have changed in that table.at this point.all right now we're in Section three.your hazardous conditions and.notification we let's see building.structure and roofing we added full roof.replacement is no longer allowed with.any I want funding source and we put out.language about that last year in Annecy.a broadcast again I think that came from.the same webinar with HHS where they.they made clarification that they did.not they would not allow full roof.replacement as a weatherization measure.and so we've just done away with it with.all three funding sources okay we I.think this one of the forms in this.section it's the Iowa application and.health and safety and intake.questionnaire and I think we decided a.couple of questions here really did that.does anyone in that home experiencing.health issues that would inhibit work.from being conducted this is kind of.related that we had similar questions in.the koban nineteen guidance where we had.a similar type survey question section.four on intake here we're talking about.prioritization here we added some.language and talking about the a.prioritization by county that did this.should be based on percentage allocation.by county that is used utilized in.determining laa budgets so the number of.jobs completed in a year in each county.should be similar to what they have has.shown in their index of need for each.county yeah and I think been used to put.out the budgets with each town he had.its own budget but it's been some amount.of years now that we're.he's quit doing that but we still.there's an expectation that the funds.will be spent.that's a methodology is that we're not.saying it has to be exact split that way.but it's got to be it should be in the.ballpark terms that and I think the.index of need is no it's only updated.like every 10 years right prioritizing.the waiting list okay so we added.another option for prioritization in.that then this is the approach OCA plans.to require when we have our new weather.work system.completed in the next couple of years.and this will be for LA is to prioritize.their waiting list and then take.applications based on this prioritized.waiting list this illuminate haven't.approved application from sitting around.for over a year and have to get a.redetermination right in and this is.really the way do we expect waiting.lists to be handled they expect you to.insert people of higher priority into.those waiting lists and I think you've.got a tool that we're gonna send out to.the spreadsheet that will assist in this.as well yep next year on this it's got.the link to where we're gonna have all.the forms and in spreadsheets and things.the tools we have that are going to be.available.they'll be here and include this.spreadsheet I developed for the waiting.list but you're talking about forms.Wayne - the plan is to have fillable PDF.forms for basically everything that's.represented in the client file or right.you can reform that you see in the.manual we're gonna have as a fillable.PDF that's in the works hopefully we'll.have that done early next program year.under key points under the.prioritization one clarification is.unlike furnace assistant clients they.are to be placed at the bottom every.year I want waiting list.they should not be inserted to the top.automatically because they come from the.furnace assistance program yeah and I.mean I think this has happened for years.where people get a light heat furnace.and then they just leapfrogged everybody.in weatherization and they weatherize at.home in that year that's not the way do.ii prioritisation works and anyway we're.just making that point I never in.Section six work authorization under.redetermination so after one year after.one years elapsed since applications.been approved you have to redo.redetermination on an income to make.sure they're still qualified we've added.some language to say if it's been two.years since the application was approved.then the weatherization and the.weatherization is still not begun and a.new application would be required and.the logic there's a lot can change in.the home in two years and hopefully we.don't have apps in this situation.especially if you've got a proper.waiting list but what if we do get to.that two-year point we need to redo the.whole app you made some language here.with all jobs with do a funding must.have all weatherization work completed.by June 15th and have final inspection.and any callbacks done by June 30th I.think that's because some even needed.this because it's a issue with whether.works when you have when it's not it.creates a reporting nightmare for us for.the OE reporting and so we're just gonna.you know we we've already got a 15-day.you know.limit from the end of worked when the.final inspection is has to be completed.so we selected the 15th as the day when.the Hammers stopped swinging that's what.Ben always says but anyway.it's just one change this year if those.go on to section 7 program requirements.okay for the training and certification.program TCP we've added some new.language that's starting in py 21 Iowa.ops going to require all potential tcp.students to take and pass the building.performance Institute's building science.principles certificate prior to.enrolling in tcp do you think this is an.excellent class the introductory class -.for someone who's going into the.weatherization I took this class when I.started with weatherization about three.years ago it's it it's all online it's.some she can do on your own time and.it's a good introduction and we're going.to require this that they have to.provide that certification to the.training center before they can start.the TDP class yeah my advice would be.that new hires know this right up front.that passing this is the condition of.employment and and obviously passing the.tcp course this should be a condition of.employment as well.I only spend anything I'm here this is a.stun procurement monitoring we just made.some clarifying language that will.occurs during paramedic monitoring.includes a review of Market Analysis.advertising planned procurement.approached the one one point when.they're on the quality assurance.monitoring process we used to call it.quality control we kind of stepped back.and thought you guys are doing quality.control monitoring that's what your.final inspection is our monitoring with.the weatherization specialist that's.really quality assurance what we would.like to see in in any corrective action.required in a letter is not only how you.fix the job but how you corrected your.process and so we might be making some.changes in her letters and such that she.may talk about that right here right.here we had in a new section here.talking about assessing the overall.health of la weatherization programs so.beginning in py 21 OCA is gonna conduct.an annual agency assessment we're.calling it the Iowa scorecard and it's.the basically measure the overall health.of the eliezer ization program and it's.it's based on the several factors we'll.look at production and funding.expenditures look at the weatherization.program and overall agency staffing.staffing capabilities and then we have.also looked at the monitoring we look at.programmatic quality assurance and.fiscal monitoring we use all those.factors to come up with a score for each.agency yeah I think it says there that.you know eventually if an agency is is.falling behind or below where they.should be on this.scorecard that we could potentially.solicit an alternate provider for.weatherization services I want to make.it clear we're not looking at pulling.the rug out from underneath any agency.we're gonna continue to work with.agencies and help agencies that are.struggling wait this is just a tool or.to kind of help us identify which.agencies to look at a little closer and.then yeah definitely do we have to.another thing that we're looking at.doing is technical assistance plans kind.of in alignment with what they do in.CSBG but if we see an agency's.struggling you know we're probably going.to move towards a technical assistance.plan basically outline the deficiencies.and then the agencies will tell us you.know their plan on how they they expect.to fix any of the deficiencies and a.timeline who's responsible for.correcting the issues things like that.sooner general I want requirements we.just added some language at all.refrigerators freezers and air.conditioning units that our replace must.be removed from the home and properly.disposed of I think it's pretty much.just to be consistent with the standards.another.ocation all plumbing work must be.completed by a licensed plumber again.we're not doing full replacement every.yeah back to the plumbing that's not a.pipe rule that's really a law in.Illinois the language here on the.disregard for Iowa policy that la la.should include language in their.contracts with contractors to make sure.they are aware that they could be.prohibited from participating in the.program if DCEO finds that the.contractors egregiously disregarded I.want policy refrigerator freezer.replacement this was again I think this.to be consistent with the standards for.German freezers located within the.thermal boundary the home are eligible.for replacement yeah and I think the.field standards actually said.refrigerators only yeah refrigerators.anyway it's both refrigerators and.freezers this is largely due to the fact.that they're the manufacturers don't.warranty them when they're outside of.the thermal boundary they're not.intended to be used in a garage moving.on and under deferral walk away policy.see we add yes we want to start.systematically tracking deferrals so.we're asking each agency to maintain a.spreadsheet attracts all projects that.have been deferred includes information.on the reason for deferral and such and.then we've got a template a spreadsheet.for agencies to use that will make.available on SharePoint yeah this has.really become like a hot butt.issue throughout the nation trying to.find ways to alleviate deferrals and.other funding sources but whether works.doesn't really do a good job of tracking.them at all and so you know we have to.come up with another process that can.work and I know some agencies are.already utilizing a tool doing this but.it's just something we were being asked.from either Nass cast do-e whomever you.know how are we tracking this and we.don't have a good response right now.when we get our new system dissolved so.yeah this will be in the within the.system all right what are we under here.under health and safety plan we just.added some Lang things there we go just.added to make clear that health and.safety plans and confined space plans.that they need to have those and because.that's something we've noticed and.during our programmatic reviews in the.last year that some agencies didn't have.these yeah and and again this is this is.really an OSHA requirement but we need.to make sure that le A's have those it.should also flow down really you guys.need to make sure that your contractors.have those right this is the lead hazard.pre-renovation letter sample that's we.just made some updates as we found an.updated version of this and some ep8.luckily this is an air conditioning.cooling the medical condition.verification form that's something we.have we've had this in existence and a.client file it's just we didn't have it.in the manual so we decided to include.it yeah and this eventually had this as.a fillable PDF as well as all the other.forms under section 9 and the final and.in progress inspections we make.reference to a client survey we also.made reference to it.the assessment but really it's something.that should only be done at the final.inspection so so we make a reference to.it but we didn't really have a heavy.survey so we've developed one and I'm.we've had received one at another a that.Nancy was using kind of reworked as.somewhat and developed us a survey that.agencies can use yeah we didn't invent.this form this was basically being used.by an laa we kind of reworked it and.made it something that we thought would.work for the whole network it's got a.client satisfaction part and it's a.needs assessment used you know by your.CSBG right folks or whomever to use some.of this information as well we're always.looking out for Adrian and the folks of.eg we just made some updates here on.that checklist the client file checklist.the the one they had we had that liked a.checklist within in the text of this.chat of this section and then we have in.Nia exhibits part we have the six tab.and five seven there wasn't always.consistency in terms of order and some a.couple things were missing so did just.making sure we're consistent there yeah.and it's important we see this every.year in monitoring where an agency will.be in the next program year and they're.using an outdated checklist for their.client files so make sure at the start.of the year you start using the new.client file checklist doesn't look like.just too many updates all right this is.similar to what we have in single.families we have the overall project SAR.has for a multi-family building has to.have an SI R Warner greater in terms of.meeting that putt and this pikers a.little more often in the multifamily.where it's there's some that you know.below the little owner near it so.there's at the project's si RS below one.there's basically three options for.moving forward they can remove measures.from the project starting with the.measure with measures with the lowest si.R they can negotiate with a contractor.to adjust the project costs adjust them.enough to get their overall sar-21 or.they gonna have the building owner make.a contribution of funds so that the SR.of one could be one or greater and this.is this the once I finally a retrofit.buy-down waiver form similar form we.used to have for both single-family and.might find analysis for multi thing it's.not screwing alright shouldn't fourteen.fiscal procedures so I'll see Honor we.did some under the obligation of grant.funds as a result of insufficient.production this was new last year we've.made some tweaks to it this year just to.be more clear we're going to be.reviewing the levels and production of.production and the budget expenditures.and if there's no closed jobs in whether.works or current program your budget.expenditures are zero the department may.be obligate up to fifty percent of local.agencies do e HHS and state grant funds.so in like this year we had some.agencies ahead and you know they had.some production during the first six.months but it was only using HHS and.state carryover and funding it wasn't.using any new funding so we wanted to.add some language we expect current year.funding to be spent by January 1 in this.is a 12-month program historically we've.had a majority of the funds being spent.in the fourth quarter well it just.doesn't give us a lot of confidence here.when we see agencies with very very.little production in the first half of.the year and oftentimes that results in.a lot of tremendous amount of carryover.because those agencies don't get the.funding spent the idea is is that we'll.be able to pull some funding back from.agencies that are you know not getting.any production done and we'll be able to.allocate it in that program year through.a mod to an agency that is you know.maybe ahead of schedule we just can't.keep carrying over so much funding from.year to year right and then our our.fiscal staff made some significant.changes on the discussion on equipment.in terms of equipment acquisition all.equipment purchases of 5,000 or greater.require prior written approval from OCA.that used to be a thousand correct oh I.think we tried to get an insistent with.to theater that's right yeah then they.have my language here in bold the Iowa.program does not allow for shared.ownership of grant-funded property and.equipment and they've added a equipment.acquisition pre-approval form that must.be submitted to the weatherization.specialist for review and approval prior.to purchase and again that's for any.equipment of $5,000 or greater see.equipment tracking must also include.detailed information regarding the.transfer disposal of equipment purchased.yeah again this goes back to fiscal.monitoring where there's been agencies.that still have equipment.on the books that may have been.transferred other agencies that received.transferred equipment that had never.made it onto their tracking spreadsheet.and so we're just trying to clean up.that process a little bit again with the.equipment disposition I think that's.below actually we're trying to clean.that up and and really make it more.clear to the laa s how to get rid of of.your equipment some of our fiscal.monitors our way of looking at closely.they go to the agencies see you know.here we talk about equipment.dispositions let's see they had language.here according the photo regs items of.equipment with a current market value of.five thousand or less may be retained.sold or otherwise disposed up with no.further obligation however OCA policy is.that any funds collected for equipment.sold with a value of five hundred.dollars or more must be returned to the.program that's a local agency from which.it was purchased basically you can't.sell a car for $5,000 and just keep the.funding as agency funds we expect that.if you sold a piece of equipment that.you would put that those earnings.towards and the next piece of equipment.you needed makes sense wing yeah okay.yeah okay and then.here talks about the options for.disposition and they're already order.they've laid them out here trade in for.a new I walk equipment again here you'll.have to submit an authorization for.disposition of property form and then.proceeds received from the trade in shop.keep their original federal identity.that's a point a second option is offer.for transfer to other L AAS in the Iowa.Network here you send an email to your.weatherization specialist and in the DCO.weather d CEO of weatherization manager.just to notify them and then they'll.send out a broadcast to the network to.see if there's any I'm interested and.third option is a public auction can you.submit the author and submit the.authorization for disposition of.property form la la a must ensure that.proper public notification is given yeah.we want to make sure that this way if we.are selling something on an auction site.or something that it's properly.advertised and we'll be taking a look at.that for sure you notice that public.auction is really the only way to sell.quote-unquote a piece of equipment we.just thought that was a fair way to do.it and and definitely more competition.than perhaps just selling a piece of.equipment or something outright all.proceeds from the auction are to be used.for replacement equipment or docile set.future I want expenses fourth option.being scrapped that's obviously the.option we the fourth of a bit option.available.let's see shall only be scrapped when.the residual value of the equipment is.less than what the estimated value would.be for trade-in or auction.so if you've got a car sitting around.that's been in your parking lot for.twenty years and it's got trees growing.up to it it might be the right the right.Avenue at that point and we've seen some.event and I feel like we saw that.because our language wasn't clear enough.on how to dispose of the equipment and.so here we are then some language on.equipment tracking see you Department.fiscal staff and periodic reviews for.analyze agency equipment listings and.actual equipment purchased and they'll.be doing verification of tag numbers and.serial numbers and so on if there's.anything else to say they know I mean.it's just again we're gonna be looking.at that in the physical monetary value.state and see contracting operating.policies and recording weatherization.jobs to the general ledger see a.recording of weatherization work.completed within the OAS assigned.territory must originate in the.weatherization fund the LA cannot submit.invoices from their ECU's to the.weatherization fund for reimbursement.we're just talking to a select few.agencies right now if you've got.questions we can set up the call have.been and have a discussion yeah.that okay now here what this is the.equipment acquisition pre-approval form.used to be in a approval forms and now.there's a pre-approval.it requires agency and the dossier.signature and then there's also an.approval or a final approval form that.also must be submitted yeah here it is.the equipment acquisition reporting form.it's don't form they submit after.they've made to purchase also a new form.that's it if that is it having a webinar.over the next couple weeks we're gonna.let you guys digest all of this.information watch the virtual conference.of air quotes there but anyway take.notes feel free to send us questions in.advance for that live webinar but yeah.shortly we'll be sending out a.notification on when we're gonna have a.live webinar to discuss all the things.you've seen here today thank you.or if y'all soon.

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