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against Fresno State well they're in.their comfortable confines of Aloha.Stadium but there are 4 and 1 on the.season and they are om4 on the road I.mean that is just schizophrenic.mike barrow will kick-off form idaho he.is one of only ten kickers who kicks and.punts TI TS and field goals it will go.to Ferguson.Furguson is elusive until the 25-yard.line when they close in on him so Jason.Ferguson on the kickoff return Laurens.kindness is there to make the stop for.Idaho Tim Chang is the quarterback for.Hawaii.2,650 nine yards 20 touchdowns nine.interceptions on the year tonight's.starting lineups are sponsored by enjoy.snacks it's time to enjoy life offensive.line is interesting to cousins Hercules.and Samson Satele e on that offensive.line.Hercules making his first college start.first down the ball at the 26 for Hawaii.Tim Chang fakes the handoff throws long.up the sideline and that is off the.fingertips of Britton crow Mina.at the 20-yard line Kamini had beaten.the defense deep that pass was catchable.and he could not hold on well boys he.came with a four-man rush Jim and the.offensive line this mix-and-match.offensive line did a good job of pass.protecting Anderson Burt a lot música.and Kenya and that offensive front.vibora Schneider the leading tackler on.the team number 47 and Nicholls the.linebackers and a Ruffin Stewart dykes.and Nathan in that defensive backfield.for Idaho they will be tested in that.game tonight.second down and 10 from the 26 Timmy.Chang comes in 15,000 yards in passing.there's a completion to Welch Welch out.over the 40 to the 42 yard line.take another look at this play well.Hawaii line three receivers up to the.left last game they threw one time to.draw out here the second play of the.game they go to him right away there's a.terrific job of running his routes he.does a little hook there Timmy Jang hits.him as soon as he turns around in an.Iago gets a little more actually yards.after catch 25th reception of the season.for Gerald Welch Jang comes in to this.game with 15,000 470 yards that's an all.time best time with all kinds of time he.decides to run and he's tripped up as he.gets over the line of scrimmage out to.the 45 yard line Brandon Chaney is there.to make the stop.Jania has missed only one game since he.was a freshman for Idaho number 86 63.241 pound senior from Pasco Washington.one interception and six sacks coming in.to the game tonight for the Vandals Tim.Chang also has 15,000 260 yards in total.offense rare run that time for Tim time.second down and eight the ball at the 44.Brewster which run in one midfield.booster inside the 40 all the way to the.35 yard line he was able to turn the.corner and then really turn on the speed.he's coming off 101 yards and a.touchdown against Fresno State last week.21 yard game Samson Satele he moved over.to Center saw his cousin Hercules to.television number 65 running in front.pulling over from the left guard spot.turning excellent job of blocking for.Brewster who's just been explosive this.year.Simeon's stewart finally halted his.progress first time for hawaii on the 35.yard line of idaho.[Music].Tim Chang triple wide receiver to the.left steps up throws over the middle.that's complete crossing pattern to.Camino and kamini inside the 20 to the.19 yard line and Hawaii inexorably.moving the ball 16 yard game Branson.Mascaro there to make the tackle the.sophomore out of inter Akala fornia went.to st. Bonaventure high school in.Ventura TVJ to the Knights I was.stepping up into the pocket committee.just runs in there catches the ball and.gets levelled as soon as he catches it.seems to have an easier time catching.the ball when he's going to get hit.triple wide receiver now to the right.[Applause].Jason Rivers the lone wide receiver to.the left Tang throws that is caught.caught by Camino and kamini at the 10.yard line gain on the play of mine.second down in one Herbert catch there.to make the tackle they put it on the 10.so Hawaii and within striking distance.and a very impressive opening drive.absolutely impressive the offensive.lines doing a good job of blocking and.Timmy chains got all the time in the.world he's got he's back there 4 seconds.and 5 6 seconds before he had to throw.the ball.Timmy Chang if he throws a touchdown.pass here it would be his 100th in his.career.Chang looking right throws endzone.touchdown.no come in a habit he had the touchdown.and the ball escaped just escaped from.him another drop pass that has plagued.of Hawaii offense all season long.yeah Jim again Timmy Chang with all the.time in the world he's throwing terrific.passes every pass so far on this series.right in Khomeini's hands it's the.second one that's hit him in the hands.and he's just dropped him third down and.one from the 10 yard line.see if Hawaii goes for the first down.here.with a running play.Brewster back with Chang.it is Brewster looking for the first.time past the first time he has the.touchdown but wait a minute a penalty.flag has been from Brewster running.around that end and he was in that.poorest secondary he scored the.touchdown but we have holding called.against Hawaii and will be third down.and instead of third down and one it.will be third down you'll see where they.put the ball referee tonight is Paula.Ben.we'll hear from mr. Lapham holding.number 65 on the offense.Kenyatta fairy called the figure spot.replay third down okay number 65 is a.left card here he is ready he's gonna.pull from his left guard position and.he's gonna have to make a decision of.whether to block the defensive an out or.to log him and block him down you're.hurt Lisa telly and that time he it.looked like he took the guy down the.referee right there threw the flag on.him.his offensive line rather biblical to my.cousin's Hercules and Samson Hercules.from mythology and Samson from the Bible.the Old Testament 11:45 left to play in.the first half and we come back Hawaii.we'll have it down.this college football presentation is.sponsored by Budweiser grab a cold fresh.Budweiser.after all it's game time third down 11.from the 24 Hawaii Hawaii had a third.and one and a touchdown but a holding.penalty moved the ball back now it's.third and 11 triple wide receiver to the.left Chang fakes changose hit and.dropped back at the 29 yard lon.excellent play by Cole Snyder.who leads who leads Idaho in tackles he.came in with 125 67 of them solo and.that's his fourth sack of the season.well idaho comes to the linebacker blitz.and a corner blitz the lamb burger gets.there they picked up the corner the.linebacker came free and I said too much.heat for Jimmy Chang the handle so a.field goal try from the 34 yard line.Justin I got I got 9 for 12 in field.goals as long as 56 kicks it this one.has the distance and hazard direction.his foot 10:57 left the play in the.first quarter Hawaii doesn't get the.touchdown but they do get the field goal.they lead Idaho 3 to nothing.[Music].3-nothing away with a field goal by.Justin I act 44 yard field goal and it.was necessitated by a sack by Cole.Schneider his fourth of the season and.it is the twenty fourth sack of the.season for Idaho Junior Ruffin is deep.I mean forward and kicking his eye on.kicks it deep to the near sideline.Ruffin watches it go into the end zone.and Idaho begins at the 20 the offense.for the Vandals of Idaho theory and Kiel.Schulte Tabak and Vanderpol or on that.offensive line with Luke Smith Anderson.Ryan Haycock Desmond Belton and Bobby.Bernal wouldwould is the leading.receiver and Rowley loom Bala the.running back first down at the 20.Michael Harrington is the quarterback.Barrington tool Ambala and lavalla after.a very short gain out to only the 22.yard line.Watson Cooley was there the middle.linebacker also met Bunga there's the.the defensive line Purcell from the.fungi and Komaki viola in that defensive.front.Allen Jones fully and clearly motto are.the linebackers with Moreland Peters.offenses a second-generation player and.Patton in that defensive secondary.second down and eight whistle blows we.have movement and we will have a false.start on Idaho.dead ball lost our number 45 on the.offense five-yard penalty replay second.down Luke Smith Anderson the tight end.moving so instead of second and eight it.will be second down and 13 triple wide.receiver for Idaho to the far side and.only to coverage man-to-man coverage.over though Harrington wit time looks.throws that is complete and that is to.burn all wood and went out to the 39.yard line there was some confusion as.far as the alignment the defensive.alignment for Hawaii 22 yard pass and a.first down for Idaho you're right Jim it.looked like there's a confusion he had.three linebackers out there to say two.defensive backs were up there on two of.the receivers but Landon consensus was.sitting back in his strong safety spot.and wasn't able to get to the receiver.time first time Harrington looking long.throws over the middle that's complete.to Barnard wood and went inside the 40.all the way down to the Hawaii 38 yard.line.so another completion this time 23 yards.Kenny Patton and consensus there to make.the stop so on first two passing plays.50 yard gain for Idaho Harrington comes.into the game with 2000 62 yards 10.touchdowns 11 interceptions the averages.184 yards per game.and he's coming off 328 yards in passing.in the loss to North Texas last week.first time from the hole a 38 was given.to some people into that secondary.carrying black shirts with him and he.goes for 11 yards and a first down.so Idaho now moving the ball making the.stop was Landon offenses offenses in.that deep secondary their safety.here comes Idaho.Desmond Dalton flanked to the far side.Bobby Bernal wood to the near side.Cipolla who is a tight end and now a.running back in the backfield it is and.Cipolla.able to move people on first time from.the 26 just outside the 26 he's able to.get it down near the 22 yard line super.law like you said Jim is that tight end.he's moved he moved over last week to.play a running back because they've had.injuries on the offensive line just like.Hawaii said most of the injury of their.injuries happening on the defense side.Boise has had their I mean I'd always.had their injuries happen on our.offensive side second down a long far.four wide receivers from the shotgun.Harrington dances then throws that's.complete and with it is Jimmy libido 510.senior from Peoria Arizona and he is.very close to the first time we'll see.where they give him forward progress and.again they're working on landing.offenses well I think what's happening.is Hawaii is trying to come up and play.the run a little stronger and it's.opening up the passing lanes for Idaho's.receivers 804 left the play here in the.first quarter.Hawaii leading three to nothing but.Idaho just nosing the ball into the red.zone in trouble.in control far from wide intended for.support.I will bring a four-time and we'll have.a field goal try by Idaho they have not.been successful in field goals.especially Mike Barrow he is 4 for 12.and field this was 44 Harrington will.hold the ball will be at the 27 yard.line.37 yard intent he got a super low down.on the bottom of the screen it's a fake.super low it gets it at the 21c for.Laura to the 10 yard line deep into the.playbook but instead of coming to the.sidelines stopped and then went back he.never left the field 10 yard game the.gamble worked and when you're 4 for 4 12.on field goals and you you're out there.to kick a few but the defensive team has.to be aware of your record on field goal.and watts for something like that.excellent call by Idaho just outside the.10 yard line.while it's giving to c4 lon.and sheep along inside the tent to about.the nine very short game that time so.when you're playing your last game of.the season and the season has really.been a struggle you go deep into that.PlayBook radically li mochou there to.make the stop for Hawaii the ball has.been advanced to the 9 and it is goal to.goal was right at the 10-yard line.second down goal to go for Idaho Hawaii.leading three to nothing.[Applause].Harrington throws the hitch pattern that.is complete great move.touchdown Idaho Bobby Bernal wood that's.his second touchdown reception and Idaho.vaults into the way great call by.Michael Harrington for Harrington that's.his 11th touchdown throw burn Idaho.comes right down the field for Noah wood.catches the ball and Leonard Peters has.a shot at him but brenell-- woods just.steps inside under Peters not able to.break down and make the tackle.nice move by Bruno woods be explained by.Barrow 642 left Idaho a team that has.struggled all season long leading Hawaii.7 to 3.hi-de-ho 80 arts in ten place four.minutes 17 seconds of elapsed time and.the touchdown pass from Harrington to.parole would an eight yarder Leben.touchdown pass of the season or.Harrington Jason Ferguson again deep for.Hawaii Idaho leading for the first time.barrel kicking off waiting for it.Ferguson comes up and takes it at the.six.[Applause].out over the 25 to the 27 yard line now.in that drives that took four minutes in.17 seconds Idaho had a fourth down it.appeared that they were going to try a.field goal they didn't and you can see.the wink there by the by their head.coach Nick holt.it's an occult knew what was up and it.worked and the result was the first.touchdown of the game.for Idaho Wade will have it first down.at their own 28 yard line Brewster in.the backfield along with chang-chang.throws over the middle that is a leaping.catch and it is complete to Jarrell.Welch.watch over the 42 the 41 yard line 13.yard gain and a first-time Hawaii was.able to move the ball on their first.possession that all the way down inside.the 10 yard line and then a penalty even.after it appeared that they had scored a.holding penalty negated the touchdown.they had to settle for a field goal.first down at the 41 yard line their own.40.[Music].Chiang again steps up throws along over.the middle that's complete with in his.Owens Owens inside the 30 to the 27 yard.line that ball was put right on the.money.Cole Snyder finally chased him down 32.yard game for Owens and for Owens that.is his 70th catch of the year.well the offensive line gave Timmy Chang.a lot of time on that play and he he.waited enough time for the route to.ripen and for Timmy Chiang be able to.hit his receiver Chad Owens in full.stride that was a perfect pass then Chad.Owens just runs down field after with it.and he wants Chad Owens after he catches.the ball he got two defenders are going.to attack him he splits them and gets.another five yards first down the ball.at the 27 yard line of Idaho Chang.looking white checks off looks down the.middle throws down the middle that's.complete and that will be a touchdown.that was - Jason rivers the 100.touchdown pass of his career for Tim.Chang 27 yards.four rivers that is his third touchdown.reception of the season and he was so.wide open he walked into the end zone.well the linebackers dropped back into.their zone coal miner had rivers but.then rivers got in behind him and went.in each ain't got the bottom there's.nobody behind the linebacker safeties.weren't there.touchdown so Hawaii leapfrogs into the.lead nine seven I add him to try the.point after kick is up so we have seen.two very good offensive shows so far by.both teams take a look at this touchdown.pass again now watch how wide open the.receiver Rivers is he just Lopes into.the enzyme I mean there was no one.around him we're saying about the.offensive both both offenses being.successful on each of their possessions.tonight defenses both defenses.struggling early Jim so Chang already a.hundred thirteen yards in passing and we.are still in the first quarter so this.could be one of those get fat nights for.Tim Chang where the statistic just.started whirling in front of us Central.Pacific Bank sponsors the loyalty award.they'll donate $100 for every touchdown.Hawaii score Central Pacific Bank.fiercely loyal banking you know Jim I.think that touchdown tide Timmy Chang.which tied Denmark.or four touchdowns Thai temper has a.hundred twenty-one touch these club I'm.mistake he's close he's in he's in very.rare territory my bad.chicken off will be IATA is you take a.look at Jason rivers my kicks it deep.Ruffin will take it three yards deep.he'll bring it out.rotten fumbles and it is recovered by.Idaho.let's go down to russ yama know how you.know that touch on past bite by Jimmy.Chang puts him in an exclusive company.that you guys were talking about I did.mer leads away with 121 touchdown passes.he's not with the Atlanta Falcons Tim.Rattay he's got 115 Danny Wuerffel had a.brief NFL career 114 Chad Pennington 100.Jimmy Chang joins at Club D top five.touchdown passes at n-c-double-a.division 1 history all is complete -.Bobby Bernal wood and wood has really.become a pest early in the game 44 yard.game Harrington and wood burn all wood.well Idaho's lining him up in that slot.position on the left-hand side where.he's got to be covered by a safety.they're going they're picking on Coe.fences right now and confesses misses.step up and make some place or they're.gonna continue to pick on him all night.so the ball is advanced to the Hawaii 41.yard line.here comes Idaho again it has been an.offensive show so far tonight away.leading 10 to 7 Harrington back to pass.again throw sideline pattern incomplete.big hit.[Applause].and we have a personal foul call in.Jarno the tight end was the intended.receiver a consensus known for his.aggressive play and big hits that time.that hit might have come out of bounds.so Jarno is still down in the signage.across the world ball was thrown high.and he had to try to elongate his body.go up in here to try to make the catch.and then he was blasted blasted like.offenses received the vulnerability and.he was just a step out of bounds and.defenses low ball personal foul number 8.on the defense 15 yards from the.previous spot automatic first down.so you're know who is the son by the way.of John Jarno who played that Idaho from.1973 to 76 that he was Idaho's first.team all-american.the first one so Jarno is another.second-generation player and so is Coe.Fenton's played for thee.at the time the rainbows.you see the total offense very similar.129 to 128 first down and the ball at.the 27 yard line of Hawaii hitch paddle.that is complete and that will be a.touchdown Christian populist no check.that not Christian populist but desmond.Belton Belton up the near side that ball.was right to him and he went into the.end zone Hawaii again caught questioning.25-yard touchdown second touchdown pass.of this game so Barrow into try the.extra point out of the hold of.Harrington.Idaho comes right back and the kick is.up and it is good so Desmond Belton.Belton and Bernal wood are the two big.receivers this is his 14th catch and his.first touchdown reception gets it on the.hitch pattern and then he throws the.ball and Belton is at the other end so.in just an excellent play first of all.it goes to populist and populist will be.credited with the touchdown pass I seems.what's happening out there Jim when.Idaho overloads aside sends three.receivers to the right or left side.Hawaii's defense isn't sliding over on.that particular play there was not a.receiver on the opposite side of the.field but the cornerback was still there.they're not sliding over.so again deep into the PlayBook and it.is worked deliciously well for Idaho.double pass for the touchdown well until.Hawaii starts sliding over when the.offense when idle overloads the field.they're going to be out man on that side.they're gonna be one one defender short.on the overload side so 508 left the.play in an action-packed first quarter.if you know off this Barrow.Furguson takes it short at the 14 yard.line ferguson trying to get to the.sideline out over the 35 an out of.bounds ago Brandon Mascaro there to make.the tackle.so populist has contributed a touchdown.pass and Belton with a touchdown.reception we've seen a fake punt but his.work to that has been able to get Idaho.down deep on the 10-yard line gold to go.situation they're able to score there.they lead it 14 to 10.first down for Hawaii trying to take the.lead back we've been up and down this.field.Timmy Chang checks off left side looks.white gets at that's the 2015 sack of.the year for Idaho well Timmy Chang.steps back he steps up into the pocket.trying to find somebody nobody is open.and number 49 Daniel dykes they're on a.blitz from his staunch strong excuse me.number 29 bibbling bibbling right listen.in and finally brings Timmy Chang down.so bible' you see tackles for loss three.he's from Santa Ana California went to.Fullerton College number 29 and Tim.Chang has been sacked now for the second.time in this game.second down in 13 Chang lays it all he.tried to find Brewster out of the.backfield and overthrew him I will bring.up third down long yardage for Hawaii.413 left the play and I have always come.to play Idaho has to be near the record.for traveling eight road games over.24,900 miles that's around the globe.it's a circumnavigation.so Hawaii is played for brought games.they also have much mileage at eight.road games boy that's that's tough.third down thirteen Tang looking looking.eludes throws over the middle and that.is intercepted at the 46 yard line.[Applause].so intercepting the ball will be Javon.Butler Butler who wasn't even on the.travel roster has come in and he has.recovered a fumble and he has.intercepted a pass so for Timmy Chang as.far as interceptions are concerned this.season that's his 10th.you see Butler right away draws a crowd.but he holds on to the ball so a.turnover first down for Idaho the ball.at the 45 yard line ball is given to.Lambada and loom bala into that.secondary goes from the 45 inside the 40.and we they will put the ball down at.the 38 excellent the run on first down.Mel Purcell.there to make the stop herself comes.into this game leading in tackles for.loss that time he had to grab on and.hold on him a play of seven second down.and three Rowley Blum Paulo from Calgary.Alberta Canada.poreless fake to him Harrington sideline.pattern froze it short excellent.excellent up pressured that time by Mel.Purcell and we have a penalty flow in.the secondary 3:21 left.until Idaho has come in and they have.just I mean they've taken their playbook.and they have thumbed through it here in.the first quarter pass interference on.the defense number 22 penalty hit the.spot of the foul.automatic first down Lamar Broadway.called for the pass interference.so the Hawaii defense which has really.been stressed for the most part of this.season especially on the road where they.are owned for find themselves behind.here.now he did say pass interference now he.has given the whole deal called so mr..Levin.it's not going to explain anything more.the ball is moved inside the 30 to the.28 it is a first down.double wide receiver to the left.Harrington with room Bala behind him.Harrington to loom Bala cracks up the.middle for a short game goes from the 28.to just short of the 25-yard line.[Music].so what Idaho has done is that they have.presented the problem for the at times.perplexed defense of Hawaii my problem.is we are liable to do anything right.and Hawaii defense struggled there the.first couple of series and the I don't.kept going after ko fences to safety so.they they replaced the defenses now with.Broadway he comes in and it's a penalty.second down and eight Harrington steps.up in the pocket and he sacked.Harrington had time but he didn't have.an eternity back there and they finally.diagnosed surrounded him and dropped him.link in mono tie linebacker out of LA EA.comes in on a blitz good pressure by the.entire defensive line Lincoln and gets.there first and takes a quarterback down.so monotype will be credited with the.sack for mono tie that is his second.sack of the season.and he's another one of those injured.warriors you can see the bandage wrapped.around his right elbow and shoulder he.popped his shoulder out a few weeks ago.but he's just sucking it up trying to.play for his team third time 15.from the shotgun Harrington steps up.pump fakes in trouble Paul is loose.Hawaii I believe has a they do.coming up whether it is Louis funda.fungal number 99.all of a sudden looked out on the ball.was joyously rolling toward him and he.was able to fall on it before the Hawaii.turnover or the turnover from to benefit.from the turnover from Idaho the.defensive front from Y doing a terrific.job last couple of plays good pressure.up front by Darrell towel tophi number.95 in a million lip Purcell number 98.knocking the ball blues ball loose and.then coming up with it.double wide receiver now for Hawaii.Brewster back with chang-chang with 113.yards and one touchdown his 100th of his.career gives it to boost a big hole up.the middle rooster over the 40 tries to.keep his legs going and gets out to the.43 yard line.139 left the play here in the first.period.cold Snyder who leads Idaho and tackles.was there to finally wrap him up Hawaii.passes Samson Satele.Hawaii passes so much Jim that the.defensive linemen all just automatically.going to pass rush that helps the.offensive line and set up the blocks for.the draw play you see them just ride.their defensive linemen out and the.running back shoot up through the hole.second down and three.Wallace giving a booster trying to round.at the end and he gets really horse.collared as he gets to the 45 yard line.instead of going outside he was forced.back inside and he ran into a cold.Snyder man that middle linebacker really.gave it to him Paul Kaufman in the game.with the block on the outside trying to.spring Brewster very close to the first.down.Brewster comes around the corner here.Colts neither coming from his inside.linebacker position turns him inside and.Brewster goes down to the ground and.might a Schneider might have kept him.from getting the first down.and they are short of the first down by.Inter's Schneider very active linebacker.Jim he's got a hundred and twenty five.tackles so far this year one hundred and.twenty five fifty three seconds he's up.among the league leaders and not only.the league leaders he does lead the Sun.Belt Conference but the national leaders.as far as a total number of tackles are.concerned.third down in inches under Center is Tim.Chang see if there's a quarterback sneak.ooh for the first time.noses it forward that's a first time for.Hawaii Idaho leading 14 to 10 give and.take.offensive show here in the waning.moments of the first quarter 42 seconds.left so two quarterbacks who can throw.the ball Harrington and Chang both.coming into the game with over 2000.yards on the season Chang of course the.all-time pass yardage leader and they're.going to read they're going to reset the.clock the play clock starting a little.early so now we have an official timeout.play clock has stopped with 21 they're.going to have to reset it.well Hawaii broke the huddle and came to.the line of scrimmage.and the play clock was down to two.now they're gonna leave it at 21 and.give Hawaii another 25 seconds 21.seconds left the play here in the first.quarter Chang from the shotgun here.comes the Blitz Paul is giving up the.middle to Brewster stumbles over the 50.yard line and into Idaho Territory.[Music].Brandon change their the wonder cut him.Kenya has been just durable he is a.senior he's missed only one game his.entire career he finishes that career at.Idaho tonight on the field turf here at.Aloha Stadium in Honolulu and that's the.end of the first quarter Idaho 14:08 10.much more to come.[Music].14:10 Idaho over Hawaii as we begin the.second quarter play it will be second.down Hawaii will have it at the 47 yard.line of the Vandals.again from the shotgun.this time they squeeze in the formation.for wide receivers Chang he loots one.throws lon that is complete to Owens and.he steps out of bounds at the let's see.where they say at the 24 yard line.that's a first down so Hawaii with a.little bit different look that time.instead of spreading the formation they.kind of had it concise I'm not freed up.Owen Idaho playing zone defense chain.does a good job of avoiding the roster.on the defensive end steps up into the.pocket and his Chad Owens who found an.opening in in the zones and made a nice.catch triple wide receiver to the near.side.first time from the 24 Paulus getting a.booster and they squeeze him as he gets.to the 22 yard line I will bring up.second down and eight for Hawaii making.the stop was Ben Alexander the.linebacker the freshman 6 1 to 30 and.see wha.música.Masika from Milpitas California another.freshman yes he were also true freshmen.a lot of freshman playing out there for.Idaho Idaho leading 14 to 10 but Hawaii.very close to the red zone the go zone.they have it at the 22 second down and.eight idaho showing blitz they do blitz.ball is layed off to Brewster but.Brewster had not turned and the ball.went right by him well Timmy Chang had.to hurry his throw because of the Blitz.and Brewster ain't turn around he turned.around the way he normally does on that.play but because Timmy Chang had to.hurry the throw booster wasn't aware.that the ball was coming to him Mike.Anderson good pressure at that time for.Idaho that'll bring up third down fall.at the 22 Hawaii has to go to the 14.[Music].again triple wide receiver to the right.for the Warriors and motion his own.Chane looking left now throws over the.middle that is touchdown and it.is rivers again and that ball was placed.right in there because rivers was not.this time wide open in stark contrast to.the first touchdown in which he was so.wide open he walked into the end zone.this time that ball had to be right.there right on the money and it was well.I don't with a blitz that blitz two of.their linebackers and when you blitz.that many guys send him six guys.somebody's gonna be in man coverage and.that time herb cash was number 21 then.Timmy change did a great job of finding.the receiver on the in man coverage and.hitting him 22nd touchdown pass of the.year for Tim Chang is 100 and 1st in his.career Justin I got kicks the point.after and Hawaii Teeter totters back.into the late 17 for 2.click on the Big Island candies calm to.view their latest holiday specials the.new corner mocha shortbread cookie.combination is a sure hit to send a.family and friends Big Island candies.home of the famous original chocolate.dipped shortbread cookie and much more.I am will kick all away back into the.lead 1714 22 yard touchdown pass from.Chang to rivers.kicking off his I yachty waiting for.this Ruffin takes it one yard deep field.will return it roughing his hit after 12.gifts to the 14 that's all.here's the scarring drive for Hawaii 64.yards in eight plus two minutes and 43.seconds of elapsed time and the 22 yard.touchdown pass from Timmy Chang to that.man right there.Jason rivers first down for Idaho.Barrington gives the ball to see Pearl.or and super-lon out to about the 15.very short game Mel Purcell was there to.really board it up and that's secondary.and it will be suckin down about nine.and a half.good job by her so.for solace from Pongo Pongo American.Samoa went to lay on a high schooland.Pongo Pongo.[Applause].i formation behind harrington given to.the tailback super law chief a law is.rolled to the turf at the line of.scrimmage.Watson Huli Huli from Nanakuli went to.kamehameha.and he was there to get to the ball very.quickly I will bring a third down and.ten and all of a sudden the Hawaii.defense has stiffened third and ten.Belton and Haycock are to the far side.burn all wood to the mere saw Harrington.is sacked back at the 6 yard line London.Co fences talk about athletic justice.offenses who was picked on and picked on.I mean he came into this game and Idaho.acted as the school bully and all of a.sudden he comes back and he has a big.sack on the Blitz well Annie confessors.came off from a safety spot lined up on.the line of scrimmage and then looped.under for clear shot at the quarterback.in late a terrific hit on him it is for.thumb and Barrow will kick out of the.end zone deep is Owens and Owens has.returned three long-range punt returns.this season there's the punt by Barrow a.wobbler Owens comes up lets it bounce.and he plays it on the bots at the 45 to.the 40 oh and still on his feet down it.goes as they upend him as he gets to the.37 38 yard punt 9 yard return.Owens very rarely if ever calls for the.fair catch yeah and he got an extra nine.yards for his team but really he could.have that you could equate that to 18 or.20 hours because the ball would have.kept haunting past him if he didn't pick.it up let's go down to Russell you know.how Russ and Samson Satele e the Hawaii.Center playing Center tonight for the.first time he says since high school.because of the injuries on the holy up.that's a front I just talked him I said.how was it making the line calls out.there tells me he's having a blast he.said that last call is a little shaky.but all in all he's having a good night.out there especially with Hawaii and.shotgun for 90% of the snaps Wes Kelley.keeping is now in the game along with.Jane Jane steps up lucky.hich pattern to Killeen chief he gets a.block inside the 30 inside the 20 yard.line 16 yard game and that's a first.down Robert Davis 6-4 sophomore out of.Simi Valley California finally was able.to hold the rampaging keeper you.I don't coming the defensive ends are.coming up field really hard this game.Timmy Chang does a nice job of avoiding.the RushCard field and hitting a hilly.Kippy who then turns up field and like.you know Jimmy's been really hard on.Jimmy Chang now 174 yards in passing he.is 9 for 14 with two touchdowns and one.interception we're in the second quarter.Welch in motion ball is given to clearly.keeping kalenna keep he puts his head.down gets to the 17 yard line and riding.him to the field turf that time was.again Robert Davis.so a gain on the play close to four.yards second down and the long six Tim.Chang ventures over toward the bench to.get the instructions from Jim Jones Jim.Jones with his manila folder.Khalid keep he's still in the backfield.triple wide receiver to the left Chang.looking left now throws to the end zone.touchdown its rivers again.[Applause].incredible job Jim Timmy Chang finds the.open receiver again Idaho Idaho came.with a six-man rush blitzing two guys.Timmy Chang looking for rivers.immediately because somebody's got to be.in man coverage when they blitz so many.guys so rivers a nice job of getting.open and Timmy Chang hits him.rivers three receptions 65 yards three.touchdowns Hawaii now leads 23 to 14.Ayyad kicks the extra point and that's.good 10:23 left the play in the first.half a wave 24 idaho 14.Tim Chang having quite a night 190 yards.he has Ron for three touchdowns he is 15.attempts and 10 completion.and he's had two drops that may have.yielded more points 10:23 left to play.in the first half I got kicking off.roughen watches it sail in and out of.the end zone.Idaho again at the 20 Harrington Michael.Harrington is 6 for 7.remember we said he came in with a 65.percent completion rate on his passes.he's thrown for a hundred nine yards and.one touchdown and as long as has been 43.yards.Bank of Hawaii recognizes excellent on.excellence on the field of play tonight.we'll be selecting a player from each.team as the Bank of Hawaii most valuable.player.first time from the 20 Harrington.looking long throws over the middle that.is incomplete it was intended for Ryan.Hickok six-footer.redshirt freshman out of Spokane.Washington and covering on the fly was.to Marian Moreland Moreland is the.junior of West Palm Beach Florida.he went to Los Angeles Valley junior.college and it looked like hey cotton.had it had a nice catch but Watson.whoo-hoo-hoo Lee did a nice job of.dropping back from his inside linebacker.position and punching the ball out.[Applause].from the shotgun Harrington throws long.up the sideline the receiver Hickok was.open but the ball really thrown way over.his head and excellent pressure again by.Hawaii's Lois fund oh yeah a lot a lot.of pressure by Hawaii's defensive front.especially Louie Fuma Harrington not.having time to let the pasture out ripen.so he just heaved it up they're hoping.that his receiver could run under it so.Hawaii starting to proof a problem for.Idaho here in the second quarter last.two possessions Idaho has not been able.to move the ball with any consistency.third down long yardage here.Bernal wood is flanked to the far side.Dalton to the near soul and a big hit.and down he goes.[Applause].it looked like kela come on Kobe volley.there Kim looped under from his.defensive end spot Jim the defensive.tackle goes out and killer comic of.Ebola loops underneath made a terrific.hit the offensive line looked a little.confused there looks like he parachuted.in to get him there you see.come on viola he comes in and just.Blanton well how I came with two.bleachers on the outside the offensive.guard and tackle went left to pluck the.block the two Blitzers nobody picked up.come on you old like barrow in the try.the hunt see if you can get some.distance and Owens again is he there's.the punt Owens going back this will go.right to him takes it at the 45.Owens looking for blocking he's at the.50 he's at the 40 Donny goes at the 39.yard line 39 yard punt 16 yard return by.Chad Owens Brian Jarno there to make the.stop.Owens by the way when you look he has a.66 yard punt return against Tulsa 75.yard punt return against Nevada and a 71.yard punt return against San Jose State.all on this field wall at the 39 away.already leading by 10 after a first.quarter that saw both teams go up and.down this field.Chang looking for rivers checks off.rivers now throws long for Owens.incomplete covering on the play was.Daniel dykes dykes right with him good.defensive coverage that time but you.could see Chang thinking about rivers.again up the far sideline we have a.penalty floor Jim Jones talking past.patterns as he always does with Tim.Chang 902 left the play on first half.number 15 on the defense 15-yard penalty.automatic berth down Devon Butler called.for roughing the passer that will give.Hawaii excellent field position an.automatic first down Devon Butler hid.the fact from everybody that he had.changed numbers comes in and hits Tim.Chang they're gonna say doubt that it is.Mike Anderson.first time for jabón at the 23.Owens in motion while is given to Chile.keeping and he spins for a body yard.Jeff Edwards number 92 the defensive.tackled there for Idaho so we've had to.battle a lot of things here players who.are playing out of position because of.injuries because of necessity on the.part of both teams and players not.wearing the correct number those things.happen.suck him down and mine.Chiang again from the shotgun with Polly.keeping Chang looking right now steps up.throws over the middle that's complete.bossing pattern and with it is rivers.rivers inside the 15-yard line.he should have enough for a first found.so Chang has gone over 200 yards in.passing here in this first half and.they're still 8 minutes in 11 seconds.left the Chang does a nice job again of.stepping up in a pocket offensive line.giving him time he hits rivers you see.him hit rivers they're in full stride.and rivers are just trying to make it.little something extra happen but he.already had the first down so Jason.rivers 6-1 he's a sophomore out of.Waipahu in st. Louis school here in.Honolulu rivers goes to the far side he.has caught three touchdown passes in.this game already.Hawaii threatening again from the 13.yard line of Idaho Chang looking now.lays it off this is complete to kameena.he's at the five Femina touchdown the.ball comes up and it's too late.13 yard touchdown pass.that is the fourth touchdown pass of.this first half.kameena with his fourth touchdown.reception and so now Tim Chang with.twenty four touchdown passes on the year.a hundred and three in his career.excellent tub emphasis that time by.Hawaii especially with Rivers Idaho very.very mindful of the connection between.the quarterback Chang and the receiver.Rivers his time Chang checked off and he.was able to get it to kamini for the.touchdown i ahte with the extra point.744 left to play in the first half.Hawaii now leading 30 to 14.[Music].Hawaii leading a misspoke I said 3214.it's 31 the 14 coming a 13-yard.touchdown pass from Chang puttin on.yards in three planes.last time a minute and 24 seconds Ruffin.has been busy with kick returns Ruffin.averages 20 yards a return as long as of.the season 39 yard is kicking off again.as I got.Ruffin five yards deep will not return.it so we begin again at the 20 yard line.Tim Tang has had time in which to work.his magic he's been able to look off.receivers and then all of a sudden hit.two receivers on crossing patterns on.short hitch pounds your one-stop shop.for anything related to you a chattel.etics is Hawaii athletics dot-com and.visit the Hawaii website for information.about us teams and fan activities first.time from the 24 Idaho Michael.Harrington is the quarterback.see pole or and loom bomber are in the.backfield behind him double wide.receiver to the far saw.Harrington rolling throws that's.complete to see per law see below is a.pendant as he crosses the 27-yard law.well seafloor getting a lot of playing.time tonight he's played last last week.at a running back.- we've been injury-plagued Jimmy's been.hurt the last two years that's some knee.problems there you see make a nice catch.and run for his team.Kenny patentee there on the tackle Cain.on the play of nine second down and one.when Bala NC pearl or again in the.staggered back field behind the.quarterback Arrington ball is given to.loom bomber Lambada with the first down.and much more 4050 still on his feet and.down at the 40 yard line of Hawaii able.to get into the secondary and then angle.to the left side and he found the going.great almost as if he was an on ramp to.the freeway.31 yard John yeah he's a big running.back 6 to 241 he's one of a couple of.nice looking running backs that Idol has.loon Bala and also with Jason Bird he.did both true freshman he seemed kind of.lumber along there he's hard to bring.down with that kind of size.Leonard Peters finally run him down.first down at the Hawaii 41 yard line.Arrington gives the ball again and with.it is loom Bala and loom Bala is down.about the line of scrimmage.Tony Akbar the converted basketball.player who has fought a subluxed.shoulder for most of the season there to.make the tackle for Hawaii 615 left the.play in the first time Hawaii really.battled Idaho even game in the first.quarter Idaho at one point led the 14 to.10 and it is now 31 to 14 so he's been.able to run up the score here in the.second period.boom Bala and sea pearl or again in the.backfield Harrington looking throws that.is complete an excellent catch by Delta.on a look in pattern to the 30-yard line.and that is enough for a first time was.a quick throw by Harrington Belton who's.a big receiver 6-4 180 pounds being.defended that time by number 10 - Mariam.Moreland gets in front of him and.shields the defender off with his body.so Morgan could do is try to get in.front and swatted the ball and I didn't.do it didn't do it that time so it is.first time as you see the catch by.Belton.first down at the 30.in motion is Jarno Paul is given to.Ambala Ramallah into that secondary and.ylim Bala fighting the Blackshirts and.then carrying the defenders with him.Leonard Peters finally halted him.boy when loom Baba gets into that.secondary is very clean cheapy light and.he is a freshman the Canadian out of.Calgary Alberta 6 to 241 so he's a low.there's a nice job by the left side of.that offensive line of opening up the.hole he gets through there and then.Leonard Peters has to come up from his.strong safety position to make a tackle.they see leather Peters come in grab.hold on with kal Monta and finally bring.him down first time from the 16 yard.line here comes Idaho tip to the far.side moon baba trying to get outside.breaks one tackle but they chase him.down as he gets to the 15 to Marian.Moreland would not let him go he's able.to grab and hold on gain on the play of.only one.[Music].so it is second down the ball at the.15-yard line.Purcell had a chance at him but now.Purcell missed the tackle.[Applause].Lamballe a single setback.in motion is Jarno Harrington fix it to.Lambada throws into the endzone batted.away.excellent play that time by Hawaii and.that is Landon capensis he's learning.yeah well terrific job that by that time.bike offenses I don't go idaho goes with.the play-action fake her they faked the.run and they try throwing to Luke Smith.Anderson offenses just right there.there's a late throw and confessions.didn't I cha nice job of defending it so.Idaho another trip into the red zone or.the go zone on the ball at the 15 407.left the play in the first time and.timeout being called by Harrington.[Applause].so we'll halt the proceedings here with.407 left in half number 131 14 warriors.[Applause].third down and nine peacock and burn all.water the wide receiver sheep the law is.a single setback Harrington looking for.the enzone watts it into the endzone.touchdown.excellent catch by Bobby Bernal wood and.Harrington places that fall perfectly.for the score.covering on the play was to Marian.Moreland.well Hawaii came that time Jim with a.max blitz they blitz seven guys only.four guys back in coverage so morning in.man coverage on a 6-2 receiver and like.you said Harrington through a terrific.pass right up there or only he did where.only the receiver.Bobby Bernal would could get to it or.not what five catches 111 yards and two.touchdowns here in the first half Baro.is in to try the point after out of the.hold of Harrington it is down it is.kicked and it is good let's go down to.Russell Yama no hard line one of the.more animated coaching SAS I've seen.here in Aloha Stadium this season they.are pumped up on every play they've.called a couple of trick plays already.they called that timeout to set up to.the up the plate to score the touchdown.you know these guys they can't get out.there and play but you know there's a.little player left in them and they are.a very excited Bunch down here on the.Vandals sideline they are jacked up.ready to get in there Nick Holt his ties.to the University of Idaho are very.strong he coached UI's defensive line.from 1990 until 93 and was the Vandals.defensive coordinator from 1994 to 1997.he took the job as head coach after.three years as linebacker coach at the.University of Southern California and so.this is his first head coaching job in.his first year so he has been through a.troubled season but his team very.competitive in this game against Hawaii.it's 31 to 21 let's take another look at.this touchdown Harrington lost it to.Bernal would Bobby Bernal would.second touchdown catch of this first.time now you see the scoring drive.line drive kick it is fielded by.Ferguson on the 7 Ferguson to the 30.Ferguson trying to get to the outside.he's at the 40 running out of room and.out of bounds he goes and he is hit down.in front of the speaker's looking for a.flag will see where the contact was made.away fans want a penalty they're not.going to get it Mike borrowed the player.who kicked off was there.to finally make the tackle excellent cut.right there by Ferguson and there you.see oh he's way out when he's hit no.coal that's a bad guy's an absolute bad.no call good two yards out of bounds.before he got hit.first time for Hawaii and they have it.at their own 47 yard line.they lead 31 to 21 this is a wide-open.game Tim Tang steps up in the pocket.again throws long over the middle that.is complete two rivers rivers is down at.the 15 and Chang two rivers tonight has.been I mean it's been subatomic you.might laugh at this year but got to.credit the offensive line.I'd always blitzing six guys seven guys.sometimes most times six times and the.offensive I'm doing a terrific job of.creating the pocket for Timmy Chang and.guide the defenders in man coverage and.it's an easy throwing catch for Jimmy.Chang and I Jason rivers the low ball is.advanced to the 15-yard line.113 yards three touchdowns for rivers in.this game he is flanked to the left.Chang is fakes the handoff throws for.the endzone rivers touchdown it just.keeps going on 15 yard touchdown pass.the fourth touchdown pass of the game.for Timmy Chang and the third touchdown.reception of the game for rivers.so a 15 yard touchdown pass six catches.a hundred twenty-eight yards and four I.said three four touchdowns.lose track 37 to 21 is up by yacht and.it is good it's just an amazing night.for rivers what's happening to him is.most of the teams that have come in to.Hawaii played against Hawaii they played.the kind of defense where they rushed.four guys and sent everybody back into.pass coverage idaho tonight so far is.trying to rush more people blitz more.people and put their corners in.man-to-man coverage putting them on an.island and right now Timmy Chang is.eating them up.Timmy Chang in the second quarter is.having a quarter to remember eight of.ten 153 yards and four touchdowns he's.thrown five touchdowns in the game he is.thrown for 266 yards he is 14 of 19 five.touchdowns one interception and when you.look at the receiving Jason River 6-4.128 yards and four touchdowns 38 to 21.and again I got to say you got to give.credit to the offensive language so many.blitzes are coming and they give the.quarterback time to pass they lead the.WAC team they've given up the fewest.sacks in the WAC and for a team that.passes as much as Hawaii does that's an.incredible accomplishment so I got will.kick off it has been an offensive.explosion a pandemic of scoring.I uh kicks it deep cruffin weights.Ruffin will return it.roughing up the 20 good cutter for 25.gets to be outside only I got to beat he.beats him and then it's taken down from.behind I yacht was there to slow him up.just enough and we have a penalty flight.59 yard kickoff return him that's the.best return but Ruffin has had all.season long bad line warning Hawaii.sideline warning Hawaii here's a replay.of that great return by junior Ruffin.he's out of Detroit Michigan and Citrus.College six footer 167 pound senior.great cuts and there you see I got just.reaching out slowing him down enough so.the ball at the 41 yard long here comes.Idaho 307 left to play here in the.second quarter they have been up and.down this field Harrington 9 for 1341.yards and 2 touchdowns.gives the ball to umballa he just moves.up the middle like a sickle and he's.just cutting away in that Hawaii defense.and he's all the way down to the 31 yard.line that's very close to the first down.they're not going to give it to him they.give him nine yards instead of the ten.so they're second out about a half yard.to go boom Bala.in rushing seven catches 66 yards.rather in a rushing 66-yard Harrington.gives the ball to sequel law and see.Paulo it gets the first down and.advances it to the 25-yard line of.Hawaii.remember the Warriors came into this.game 117th in the nation against the.rush that is on the very bottom.what's an holy credited with the tackle.Watson holy Bliss's in from his.linebacker position he gets hung up at.the line of scrimmage.that makes it spin and the running back.actually runs into him he grabs the.ankle and brings him down Belton is.flanked to the far side and to the near.side Bernal wooden ball is given to.super Lord and see Paulo who was.penciled in on the roster as a tight end.but with the possibility that he may.play in the back vol II he certainly has.he's from Portland Oregon went to.Roosevelt High School in Portland Oregon.6-2 259 pounds single day he's quite a.load 6-2 259 there's some teams in the.country with offensive linemen that big.he moves really well with that size.second down about seven Paul is on the.23 ball again is given to cheaper law.and he's become a workhorse now and he's.moved it just short of the 20 yard line.that will bring up third down with 1:21.left to play here in the first half so.timeout will be called timeout.have you seen sideline warnings in any.other game this season have you seen.that call in any other game this season.no I have well maybe once or twice but.certainly not as as frequent as the.Hawaii team gets cold for that I can't.say I recall have you seen one your.season Jim well it's I don't know when.they came out in the first quarter Jim.they're passing a lot he was successful.and it's kind of interesting for me.because I thought they come on and start.running white right away but they saw.the defense that Hawaii lined up in and.they took advantage of it now you see.them going to the running game the last.series in this series and being.successful with it Jason rivers by the.way is four touchdown receptions that's.a universe of the FO a record and he has.been able to get that record with his.performance just in the first half four.touchdowns 128 yards best game of course.of the season previous to this rivers.came in.with eight chapters in a game but did.not have the yarder nice he's really.come on strong Jim since the Boise State.game is he's led the team in researching.yards the last three games you know so.he's really coming to his third down and.five and a half woods and Ryan pecan to.the far side Harrington drop straight.back for Mankato lays it off that's.complete to see Paulo he has the first.down and he is upended as he gets to.approximately the 10 yard line an.11-yard pickup excellent call by Idaho.and you're right terrific call by Idaho.Hawaii fortunately this time did not.blitz the linebackers if they did that.would have been a touchdown it's time.the linebackers went back in coverage.they threw the screen pass and the.linebackers were there to make to make.the tackle Belton and burn all water.flanked to the right.Arrington turns gives the ball to super.long super long fumbles it it is picked.up near the goal line and it will be.returned up to Saigon and with it as.Leonard Peters and Peters is spun out of.bounds at the 20.[Applause].unbelievable turn about that time hey.you ought talk about a young man who's.having a terrific year.Leonard Peters leading the team this.year in tackles hurt early in his career.he's had a couple of interceptions now a.fumble return he's just having a nice.year so Leonard Peters giving away all.the way into the end zone and he's able.to come out to the 20-yard line.48 seconds left the play here in the.first half Hawaii leading 38 to 21 it.has been a circus of offense into the.game for Hawaii comes Ross Dickerson and.he is flanked to the far side for.meaning to the near sown four wide.receivers Wallace given up the middle.with it is Brewster bounces off a man as.he gets to the 25 and let's go down to.Russell yam in Ohio you know Jimmy know.what happens when you get about four.touchdown passes in one half of football.Chris and Nathan in herb cast at two.quarterbacks that have been guarding.your Jason Rivers for the University of.Idaho they got a they got a.tongue-lashing from the Idaho coaching.staff both of them we're told to sit out.of this ballgame if you're not going to.step up a play they were not happy with.that and both of them here on the.sidelines as Hawaii goes back on offense.see if they return in the second half 39.seconds left both of them seniors jimsy.know they don't want to sit over 70 on.the replay first down holding is called.them tella Ysera. operator please put 42 seconds on.the clock.42 seconds.so the penalty moved the ball back to.the 10-yard line.what our first time Tim Chang 266 yards.five touchdown passes rivers under 28.yards six catches for touchdown.receptions Chang just a little shovel.pass with it is booster 2530 Brewster is.grabbed from behind otherwise he would.have been gone.Robert Davis and Simeon Stewart saved.the 24 yard game nice call by you H de.neuf iressa is come in at a right has.right tackle he made two blocks that.made that play possible first off the.line of scrimmage and then downfield on.the linebacker number 30 47 Cole Snider.first time they have it at the 36 maybe.the last play of the first half ball is.thrown low intended on the far side for.rivers back in the game.and they're seven seconds left the play.in half number one.Hawaii leading 38 to 21 so here's a team.that performed you have to say the biz.Mele last week against Fresno State on.the continent and they come back here.and admittedly against a team that is.young that has been able to win only.three games but this is a completely.different offensive look again it is.Brewster and that should be the end of.the first half and it is some bravado.going on.following the whistle Hawaii leading 38.to 21 at halftime but record-setting.performances in the first half when you.look at Tim Chang I mean he ties his.touchdown in a game with five he had.that against Louisiana Tech last year.and he does it in the first half this.year let's go down to Russell I coach.the Jason Rivers kind of eat me up here.in the first half how you gonna plan to.stop him in the second half well we.might have to play with 12 or 13 guys.who just we just gotta get back to.basics and get a little pass rushing and.do what we're supposed to do we kind of.getting a little unnerved here and a.little undisciplined with some of our.coverage stuff well we'll get back we'll.correct it at halftime we'll be okay the.trick place kind of had Hawaii on their.heels a little bit yeah you know some of.the stuff we worked on but you know.we're doing a good job on offense we.can't turn over the ball so if we place.all the solid football we'll be okay all.right coach thanks a lot for stopping by.first year head coach from Idaho Nick.Holt we pause along the network it is.half-time from Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.Hawaii leading 38 to.one.well it's 38 to 21 it was a real.offensive show to say the least.in the first half I mean that especially.in the first quarter both of these teams.went by one another and then the other.one would come back up as a real.teeter-totter affair in that first.quarter now what is interesting is the.way Idaho's attitude was when they came.into this game because they had been.able to win only three games the entire.year so they say hey why not let's go.deep into the PlayBook and they went to.their trick plays and they worked to.perfection and the first one is the fake.field goal and that ball goes outside it.is caught and that will be down for the.first down in at the 10-yard line.and so the Vandals were able to score.then and then you have the double hit.here from populous to Belton Belton was.in the end zone populist was able to.throw the ball and that that really led.them to say to everybody here and to the.Hawaii defense hey you know we may be.three and eight on the year but we can.still play we may be a long way from.home we may be in our eighth Road game.of the year but we've come to play and.they have yeah Hawaii's defense got.caught off guard those two times really.off guard because on the p80 the point.napped or the field goal attempt they.didn't count how many players are on the.field they had ten guys on the line of.scrimmage.where was the 11th guy he trotted off.like he was going off the field and then.turned around caught the ball so Hawaii.stand in the second play Hawaii's.defense didn't rotate over to cover the.three receivers so but Hawaii in the.second quarter stepped up and did a nice.job of defending this offense.what is him really amazing in this first.half is the performance of Tim shank 298.yards and five touchdowns and his.receiver and his receiver was.unbelievable though that's Jason rivers.rivers had four touchdowns that was his.first one and you can see Chang looking.for him again that time that ball had to.be placed right in between double.coverage the.third one goes into the corner and he's.able to pull it down for his third.touchdown catch of the first half and.he's not finished yet here's the fourth.128 yards six catches and four.touchdowns that sets a University of.Hawaii record of four touchdown.receptions in one game and he did it in.the first half we said in the beginning.of this game that this could be get that.night for for the quarterback Tim.changan and also for the receivers what.we mean by that is they can really go.for the big statistics so that all of.these statisticians have to work.overtime to keep up with them and so far.here in the first step that's exactly.what's that well to injury-plagued.offenses the offenses are going off.they're having a terrific night Timmy.Chang and Jason Rivers I haven't seen a.game like this in a long time it's.really nice to watch yeah Hawaii much.different at home than they are on the.road and this game is evidence of that.more to come from Aloha Stadium.[Music].since we're still a little scary there.but hopefully we can keep the pressure.on them Jimmy Chang almost 300 yards.five touchdown passes well I didn't know.the statistics but I know that he's been.pretty sharp tonight on offensive lines.playing well with a lot of rotating guys.in there coach we look to you in a.second half okay second half Hawaii.leading 38 to 21 Hawaii would like to.get a lead for where they can put in.many of their reserves in the second.half and of course Idaho doesn't want.that to happen but Hawaii has two more.games this is the final game of the.season for the Vandals the Vandals by.the way that name comes from the.basketball team in the late 1800s in.which they played a style of basketball.in which they vandalized their opponents.and they remembered that adjectives and.in the early years of the 20th century.around 1917 1921 they were able to adopt.the name of the Vandals so that's where.that comes from.Hawaii still has to play Northwestern.and Michigan State northwestern comes in.here next week in Michigan State will.finish out the season on the 4th of.December they are Ruffin who had a.59-yard return in the first half biggest.return of the season standing at the.goal line at kicking off will be iocked.so we are underway in the second half.Ruffin one yard deep hill returning up.the numbers to the 20 and down he goes.so the special teams able to get to him.and it will be first down at the 20 yard.line for Idaho.Michael Harrington 152 yards in the game.10 for 14 and 2 touchdowns.I formation behind it.Harrington is it to seek the law and the.law gets out over the 32 about the 34.yard line where the Blackshirts finally.converge on a 14 yard gain.excellent maneuverability that time by.both SEPA law of the tailback and the.quarterback Harrington you see see the.law coming off just a little hint of a.limp Bernal wood is flanked to the far.side and to the near side is Belton.Ambala.he is in the back knee on the single.setback gets the call trying to turn the.corner away trying to string him out.he's at the 40 and not a bonds he goes.at the 45 yard Laura so a 12-yard gain.and idaho comes primed for more yardage.here in the third period and noticed.loom Bhalla patience he runs along the.line and as soon as he sees an opening.he's supposed to go up through it and he.decides to wait he runs all the way to.the end of the line and then opens up.for him and he just goes right through.defense is trying to hold on term as he.went out of bounds that's a first down.now the ball is at the 46 yard line tips.of the near side and with it is super.law.people always up endeth tamari and.Marlin came up from the secondary.lincoln mono tire also in on the play so.a loss on the play of one.38 to 21 as we begin the second half.there comes out of home Idaho will be a.member of the Western Athletic.Conference next year Jarno number 36 in.Ambala in the backfield sheeple law is.in motion Harrington doesn't like what.he sees some uncertainty on the.offensive side so he will call a very.early time out here in the third period.[Music].13:37 remaining in the third period 38.to 21 Hawaii leading and a very early.timeout called by Michael Harrington.Barrington six one to ten the junior out.of Portland Oregon with the Central.Catholic High School in Portland and his.brother Joey Harrington out of the.University of Oregon and now the.quarterback for the Detroit Lions.[Applause].second down and 11.ball at the 45 yard line ball is given.to Rowley loom Bella so the Canadian.with a short game.Lemar Broadway coming up from the.secondary that'll bring a third down so.third and long yardage for Idaho Idaho.from Moscow Idaho.and that's just over the border from.Pullman Washington and Washington State.back to pass Harrington sideline pattern.and Bernal would unable to run under it.covering on the play was to Marian.Moreland Bernal would had an excellent.first half in receiving five for 110.yards and two touchdowns so that will.bring up fourth down and Barrow who does.all the kicking for Idaho will come in.and he will punt hunting for the third.time he said two punts of 39 yards and.Chad Owens is deep standing back at the.15 yard line.punts it away excellent punt Owens right.at the 15.takes it he's hit down he goes back at.the 10 38-yard punt no return junior.Ruffin the gunner came down together so.today are Ruffin who knows what it is to.look up and receive kicks as he is the.leading kick returner for Idaho kind of.returns the favor he timed that.perfectly yeah he did he's right there.as soon as uh Owens caught the ball and.it's the first time I've first time I've.seen Owens not able to avoid the first.guy there first time for Hawaii at their.own 13 yard line Brewster back with.Chang triple wide receiver to the right.in motion as Owens first time in ten.bullets given on the sweep to the Nassau.and clock from behind.his Owens Owens coming from his slot.position trying to get around the near.side Cole Snyder the leading tackler for.Idaho the middle linebacker there to.make the stop.well here's Owens right there he's gonna.come back around he goes in motion they.come turns back around and takes the.handoff.nice job by number 47 Cole Snyder he was.coming in on a bliss recognize the play.that there's a running play change.direction he came up with a nice tackle.second down and 10 from the shotgun.Chang quick pass that is complete -.Jason rivers rivers with moves out to.the 29 yard line that's enough for a.first down 17-yard pickup so more totals.go into the Chang column and also the.rivers column you know Jim MERS is a.young guy he he didn't redshirt last.year's a true freshman he was in high.school two years ago and you really can.see the growth now from last year to.this year even from the beginning of.this year the difference between rivers.the beginning of this year and the.rivers now is just incredible it's a.huge difference the moves he makes the.coffin is he shows and going up and.catching the ball first time the ball is.up to 30 yard on there you see Jason.rivers seven catches hundred forty-five.yards Chang checks off left throws right.that is complete to kamini at the 45.yard line he's out to the 48 that's.another first time Daniel dykes and.Simeon Stewart finally double-team him.another 18 yard games.and there were chameleons wasn't the.only guy open.I don't host defense having a hard time.covering these receivers for Hawaii and.changed us through to the deepest sky.and that happened to be coming in so the.ball is at the 48 yard line.and a first down for Hawaii they lead it.38 to 21 were in the third period with.1105 left Tim Chang quick pattern that's.complete to jason rivers and rivers.inside the 45 yard line of idaho Chris.Nathan there to make the stop number 19.West kaliki peak comes into the game for.Hawaii second down in to Tim Chang now.335 yards and five touchdowns in passing.and rivers eight receptions 153 yards.and four touchdowns.[Music].[Applause].Chiang checks off now goes back to.rivers and throws it over his head the.contact was made with Chris Nathan land.it could be interference also we have a.flag up field and we could have holding.on Hawaii.so the referee Paula been holding number.70 on the offense pass interference.number 19 on defense penalties offset so.they'll just won the play again well I.sure got called for the holding that.time and shaking his head what happened.was he had his hands extended out in his.he grabbed on to the defenders chest.plate and when a defender spun did a.spin move.they looked like a Sarah had him.clothesline and referee right there.threw the flag through it kind of late.though second down and two following the.offsetting penalties.kameena Owens and Welch are to the far.side to the near side is Jason rivers in.motion his Welsh.all is given to the big guy Kelly.keeping.he's able to just blast his way inside.the 40 to about the 38 yard line.cold Snyder there to grab him around the.ankles so that's enough for a first down.and it moves the ball to the 37 yard.line of Idaho.first time at the 37 Chang again eludes.the rush now lays it off holding the.ball is Cle keeping and he's able to get.it inside the 30 and very close to the.first down good ad libbing by West.caliche people told Schneider again.diagnosed the play for Idaho.Jim Chang feel some pressure he sets up.into the pocket he starts running with.the ball and lets the ball go right at.the last second before he gets tackled.and can he keep it there a nice grab and.then little juggle well he's a little.coming at you you got to get along when.you want to tackle if you want to tackle.West can you keep you second down less.than a yard to go for the first term.Welch in motion they overload the left.side with three receivers now Owens goes.back in motion Paul again is given to.click EP and he has the first down as he.gets to the 25-yard line.Josh Bausman making his first tackle.along with Mike Anderson the defensive.end so they are able to double up on.caliche P first now markers move and it.will be first down for Hawaii at the.25-yard line of Idaho.843 left in the third period same.offensive set see what Chang does here.four-man rush.Chang shovel pass just gets it to clean.keeping he's able to motor inside the 20.to the 19 yard line and then the white.shirts gang tackling but they will give.him forward progress inside the 20.Baumann Schneider and Stewart triple.teamed him for the fabulous that's a.nice play that screenplay it's a nice.play to call against a team that's.blitzing a lot Jim in that time the.Idaho showed that they were gonna blitz.and then they backed off at the last.second so the screenplay it was.successful one for some yards but not.excessive successful as it could have.been because I don't have backed off at.the plate second down and four the ball.at the 19 of Idaho giant looking end.zone again.[Applause].spins and down he goes at the 11 that is.enough for a first time.Josh thousand got a look at the.choreography and decided to end the.shenanigans as soon as he was able to.make contact well the way this guy.convention is just something special he.gets the ball instead of going out of.bound he stops on a dime turns back in.waits for a block by Khomeni.and then gets another three or four.yards first down that can still get.another first down to the one-yard line.bullet is at the 11th rivers is flanked.wide it to the line for meaning to the.right Chang backs up steps up in the.pocket throws tavius complete to lunch.touchdown.so Gerald Welch his fourth touchdown.reception of the season for Tim Chang.that is his sixth touchdown pass of this.game so he could see the variation on.the theme that time as Chang really had.his reads looks right looks left and.then finds the crosser and that is Welch.Chang in the third quarter so far is 6-4.6-4 77 yards on 11 yard touchdown pass.kick is up and it is good by iuck it's.now 44 to 21 and we have 6 minutes and.59 seconds left to play in the third.quarter.Tim Chang now six touchdown passes in.this game 369 yards what is incredible.here he has completed 22 of 28 and it's.Ron one interception there you see they.see Welch Gerald Welch who has been on.the receiving end of Tim Chang passes.ever since the eighth grade iaat kicks.it deep Ruffin will not return this and.Idaho will begin at the 20 yard line.45 to 21 Hawaii leading so Idaho has to.play catch-up and we'll see what kind of.play calling is involved here Harrington.on the other side Harrington and his.quarterbacking 11 for 16 166 yards and.two touchdowns and populist with that.double pass for a touchdown from the.trick play.category of the playbook is one for 126.yards and that is his first touchdown he.is.she pull a motion.Harrington Rowland throws that is.completed within his reach Smith.Anderson and Smith Anderson out over to.the 35 to the 36 yard line 16 yard game.Lamar Broadway intermarry and Moreland.able to double-team in there well I tell.you a really super super law it's been.such an effective weapon wherever he.moves now or at least on that play but.Leonard Peters has been mirroring him.recently and when Leonard Peter mirrors.that means the Safety's not back there.and they hit the tight end right where.the Safety's supposed to be on that play.triple wide receiver to the left.andhe Center is Harrington boom Bala is.a single setback Hawaii jumping around.on defense while it's given to lymphoma.sports a secondary gets it on first down.out to the 40-yard line it will be.interesting to see what Nick Holt can do.with Idaho.now Purcell on the tackle along with.Matt Fonda it will be interesting to see.what this young coach does he's out of.Delevan High School in San Jose.California.and he has paid his dues she was at.Idaho he was at Louisville and he was at.the University of Southern California.and what he says is that he has learned.under some very excellent coaches.Harrington pitch pattern that is.completely took them all war threats.attack Oh midfield and finally runs out.of room there no wood with another.reception on that quick hitch Lamar.Broadway over to force him out of bounds.10-yard game and they will move the.chains you see breaking one tackle and.finally Broadway goes over to bang him.out of bounds ball just inside Hawaii.territory Rowley Lamballe a single.setback double wide receiver to the.right.Harrington audible izing at the 49.Hawaii showing blitz and they do ba.let's give'em Ambala hit in the.backfield by many peters and down he.goes that looks like a number 43 brad.khalili moku made that tackle nice.looking player young guy freshman his.older brother Chad was the linebacker.last year so I'm sure she Chad at home.he see him coming right here from his.linebacker spot he's seen the Blitz in.untouched to make a nice tackle on the.on the running back I'm very big running.back like I said Chad his older brother.was a starting linebacker last year sure.he's giving him some good advice second.down and 12 another hitch pattern to the.near side this is Vermeil wood and it.gets it to the 48 yard line of Hawaii.now to bring up third down long yardage.for Idaho.I don't know I had some catching up to.do Hawaii labium 45 to 21 boy really has.explored at that secondary for Idaho.with excellent results Jimmy Chang with.six touchdown passes and he has three.hundred and sixty nine yards.still four minutes and 33 seconds left.to play in the third pool belton to the.far side along the paycock and again.Harrington has to call a timeout because.the clock was ticking down and he.couldn't snap it in time so they burned.two of their three second half timeout.call one eight hundred nine the three.triple five 100 or click on to Big.Island candies dot-com Tori your.favorite sugar-free chocolate dipped.shortbread cookies Big Island candies.from Hilo Hawaii put people on the Big.Island.third down a date.for Idaho all at the 48 oh boy.Harrington tries to set up the screen is.patted down by Mel Purcell boy no.Purcell just loomed up right in front of.Harrington when when as a defensive end.when you get by alignment and you.realize you got by too fast and that.something's happening behind you you can.either stop turn around and try to chase.the play or accelerate and try to adapt.to ball down Purcell that time elected.to accelerate and get a nice job of.stopping that play.fourth down nine yards to go and then to.do the punty this Mike borrow and back.his Chad Owen so the adventure begins.again high snap.gets it away excellent hunt waiting for.Owens lets it go it will go into the end.zone for a touchback so it'll be Hawaii.at 220 48 yard punt and no return that.was the fourth punt of the game for.Barrens.Nick Holt in his first year as a head.crack.and he's been paying his dues in the.coaching profession all of his.professional life and now he is paying.his dues so dispute as a head coach.trying to formulate a program I thought.was interesting was talk about how they.used to dominate Boise State back in the.80s and early 90s and now Boise State is.just murdering them every time they play.and now they're doing the wack stepping.in there with Boise State - Tim -.waiting looking after hands of Jason.rivers he was open the ball goes to the.turf that part right over the defense a.couple of players were there who.appeared to have a chance at it at the.ball would not be captured I think what.the safeties are doing are playing.really deep way away off the ball.because they got beat deep earlier by it.by River so that time he goes takes it.inside in front of the safeties and.there's a lot of room there for him to.get the catch last time these two teams.met was during the 1981 season.two-six where the quarterback to that.game for Hawaii well this one that is.complete to crouch makes the catch at.the 25 gets to about the 27 that'll.bring a third down semion Stewart out of.Tacoma Washington for Nick hope is going.to spend a few days in Hawaii his team.and their season tonight so they will.fly back to Maas Moscow but he is going.to recruit in Hawaii well that's another.thing that's changed for them by joining.the wag is they get to recruit I think.they can recruit better on the west.coast in the mulch Aang throws that is.intercepted and returning women is dykes.is a 27-yard line and then we have a.penalty flag coming in.Phil Kaufman maybe called for the.personal foul we'll see so that is the.second interception of the game and for.Tim Chang this season that is his 11th.and there's 78 of his career.talking to the referee pause on the fin.dead ball personal foul number 67 on the.deep end we had a dead ball portal file.72 dead ball 92 those penalties offset.you penalized the first foul 15 half the.difficult ago automatic first down a lot.of penalties on that plug well jason.rivers beats the corner off the bat.Timmy Chang thinks he's got him open but.like I said earlier the safeties are.playing really deep Daniel dykes another.true freshman comes over from his safety.position makes a nice break and a good.grab for the interception second.interception of the season for dykes so.the automatic first down that moves the.ball deep into Hawaii territory.Kenny Paton over on the far side and.he's talking to the receiver having a.nice pleasant conversation.it's talking to Pelton in the meantime.the officials continue to muddle this.confab has lasted a long time is he.going to talk to us again all three.files were dead ball foul they all.cancel the ball will be at the dead-ball.spot first down so they've changed it.instead of half the distance to the goal.an automatic first down.all of all of those penalties cancel.each other out.and so the ball would be at the spot.where the ball went dead following the.return of the interception and you know.the down marker on this side of the.field on the opposing side of the field.doesn't move until they're just about.ready to snap the ball so the reason.they're able to it helps them get back.to the original spot because the down.marker is still in place so it will be.first down following the interception.form Idaho but it is first down on the.27 yard line Belton and Bernal would our.flank to the far so early Harrington has.been very effective from this distance.Harrington gives the ball to Rowley to.empower and he explores the hole a.secondary all the way down inside the.20-yard line.so again again on the play of about.eight Fred khalili moku there to make.the stop.you know Jim loon Bala doesn't look like.the quickest guy out there but he's big.and look at the patience he shows.running the ball he calls it the ball is.designed to go play site to the right.nothing there he cuts it back side for a.nice game.[Applause].second down and two.[Applause].Harrington to throw Harrington steps.away Harrington in trouble down he goes.Oh big sack.[Applause].one of the Hawaii defensive linemen is.still down now Purcell and Watson holy.fire it made finally made the stop but.you see the pressure you see the.pressure there by number 99 Louis fuga.yeah Hawaii crowded the line of.scrimmage and Louie Fuma right out the.back rub.beautiful swim nude swim move beats the.guard and he's the first one to the.quarterback gets him at about shin level.it's not able to bring him down new.quarterback has come into the game now.for Idaho and that's a Ryan Moy.[Applause].no I will call his first play with two.minutes in two seconds left the play in.the third period third down and 15.noid pump fakes he sank down heat goes.he fumbles the ball.[Applause].willie super-long finally goes over and.falls on it.they talked earlier about what a.terrific year Leonard Peters is having.leading the team in tackles this time he.comes in unblocked blitzing from his.safety position and just drives his hat.right in tannoy causing the fumble so.Peters credited with the sack and now it.is fourth down on the ball all the way.back to the 39 yard lon.I mean Idaho had been able to advance.the ball inside the 20 to the 19 now.watch out for a fake here never can tell.oh and standing back at the 1000 in to.the end zone.there's the punter aiming for the corner.comes down comes down and it goes into.the endzone so again from the 20 39 yard.punt and there will be no return because.of the touch bag so the holy defense.really coming to the floor here in the.third period.they've really stepped it up and I think.they're they're blitzing and they're.timing their blitz is really well Jim.they just happened to be there when.Holden.I don't always trying to throw the ball.and they're disrupting idles often so.nice call blitzing calls by the coaches.for you H the Brian noise just into the.game at quarterback.it's a rude awakening from the Hawaii.defense it is first down for Hawaii at.the 20 yard line so here goes.Tim Chang back to work 376 yards 23 431.hits the ball up the middle and with it.is Brewster and Brewster is slammed to.the turf.[Music].Cole Snider there to make the stop for.Idaho so a very quick play and the final.seconds ticking off here in the third.period you see number 47 they're gonna.come up avoids the block by the.offensive lineman number 65 hurt Lisa.tele it makes a nice play second down.and six and a half for Hawaii the ball.just short of their own 25-yard line.again it's given to booster booster.takes one step into the secondary now.Mandy has tripped up and again the first.guy there is a cold Snyder number 47 and.that's the end of the third period.Hawaii.leading 45 to 21 Tim Chang having a big.night.the Idaho vandals come into this game.here at the Aloha Stadium tonight with a.losing record three and eight they've.got nothing to lose I went over to check.in the quarterback situation and looks.like they just made a change just.coach's decision it doesn't look like.there's anything wrong with the starting.quarterback they just made a change.right there so I don't all trying to do.anything they can to get the win here.against Hawaii tonight yeah that changed.late in the third period as he looked at.the starting quarterback Michael.Harrington Harrington with a hundred and.96 yards in passing to touchdown Tim.Chang again gives it to Brewster trying.to turn the corner he does at the 30 up.the sideline to the 40 Brewster's still.on his feet at the 45 and we have a.penalty Florida at the line of scrimmage.17-yard pickup for Brewster.Brewster was the only positive force in.last weekend's debacle at Fresno State.when he ran for a hundred and one yards.holding number 66 offense 10-yard.penalty from the previous spot replay.third down Brandon Eaton call for the.hole Brandon Eaton pulled over from his.right guard spot and was blocking for.the for the running back Michael.Brewster when he saw Brewster go around.the outside and the defender was between.him and the running back but they ate it.anyway like he didn't just grab the.whole the defender just into the fourth.period triple wide receiver to the right.Brewster remains in the back of the.longest with Chang.James steps up their newest act too much.time you can credit the secondary that.time of Idaho for the son Curtis.giveaway will be credited that will.bring a fourth down and Hawaii will punt.in this game for the first time.so Curt moon will come in to punt this.is his 40 second punt of the Erie.averages 30 9.2 he was fifth in the.Western Athletic Conference.Daniel dykes is the returner he's.standing at midfield out of the endzone.by mill excellent pod back stikes up to.his own 39 yard line.Thanks looking for Running Room he's at.midfield head plucks his way to the 45.and finally the Blackshirts corral amer.it will be first down for idaho 49-yard.punt and 18 yard return.good strong return by dykes thanks.moments ago with an interception or.idaho so we'll see now the quarterback.situation and it will be Brian Lloyd no.in passing 20 of 44 for 233 yards and.one touchdown on the season he has been.intercepted three times he's out of.Pendleton Oregon.so it will be first down for Idaho.excellent field position however for 44.of Hawaii Sea pearl or it's a single.setback they fake it to him in trouble.Lawson the play of about four want a.weekly reminder of upcoming u.h athletic.events then subscribe to H me on the you.h website Hawaii athletics dot-com.her cell CJ Alan Jones able to get to.the quarterback well this is like you.said Jim everybody was covered Noah has.good time here.he's in the pocket his offensive lines.doing a good job he needs to let that.bowl ball go and held onto it too long.he fenders got to him second down and 14.the ball back to the 48 yard line.knowing in trouble again at the 45 yard.line of Hawaii's Lois fungal that is the.seventh sack of this game for a wave.they have sacked the quarterbacks of.Idaho seven times four minus 99 yards as.you look at Lois funda and when you talk.about paying dues Louie fingers in his.sixth year all the medical problems that.he has had where he could not play and.he could not play in the a to go to the.NC double-a and say Frank give me.another chance he's getting near the end.of his career it's been a long one third.down long yardage third down in 20.father's thrown incomplete almost.intercepted.Bobby Bernal wood was the intended.receiver and that will bring up fourth.down Brett khalili mochel covering on.the play as a terrific stand by Hawaii's.defense Idaho does a good job on the.punt return takes it up field into.Hawaii territory and the defense just.stops up two sacks and almost an.intercepted pass there a nice job.so we dial up Chad Owens another time.hunting for the sixth time is mike.barrow played with ten men on the line.of scrimmage.it'll take a while to come down here.xoans takes it at the 20 eludes the.first man oh and still on his feet.trying to get outside but he finally.runs out of room and Laker alum 34-yard.punt 5-yard returned Chris Nathan down.on the special teams to make the tackle.on Chad Owens 11:49 loved.well a brand new quarterback Jack roll.of its the brother of Nick Rowe Levitch.6-3 to 21 redshirt freshman on in Novato.California and Samuel in high school is.in the game for the first time with 1139.left to play here in the fourth quarter.ball is given to keep you still on his.feet during white shirts with him Hawaii.really started to put in some reserves.now renamed renamed Nelson who's also in.the game at the wide receiver they see.Timmy Chang 23 of 31 376 yards six.touchdowns and two interceptions with.1124 left in the fourth period so Jack.Ravitch you see where the role ditch.throws or whether he keeps it on the.ground.triple wide receiver to the nearside for.relevance.[Applause].[Music].look at you throw throws long down the.middle and that's almost picked off.through in the double coverage is.intended for Jason rivers and what a.night Jason Rivers has had rivers with a.hundred 53 yards on the reception's so.Jack Rowe love it.there's his brother Nick who had.remember we were talking about eight.touchdowns in a game that's the record.held by Nick robic and he's looking on.looks just like him got an arm like him.too.[Applause].third down and seven all at the 30 and.very excited official runs in from the.side dropping his flag and he's going to.call it on the center let's Mike.Lafayette Lee he's back in the game a.little snap number 63 five-yard penalty.replay third down.it's the interesting thing about Mike is.they moved him over to the defensive.line a few weeks ago to help them out to.help shore up the defense and now he's.back yeah he was the backup center.before moving over then when all moved.down the center when Farabi got hurt.and now Marino's hurt too so they had.Samson Satele move over so Mike Lavallee.is now the backup center again third.down and 11 he was called for.shenanigans with the football moving it.when he shouldn't have.Owens emotionally relevant looking.throws long and throws way long that was.intended to for Jason rivers so one.thing that jack role of ik is.considering right now is it's not as.simple as one thinks look at the head.coach but you were also looking at a.possible heir to the throne for next.season Daniel dykes will be back to.receive the punt I curt Milne.[Music].bill gets it away.and that takes it on the run.[Music].and down down he goes 31 yard to hunt it.was a end-over-end punt semi line drive.and only a four yard return next week.northwestern comes to town parth Western.of the Big Ten.so Hawaii a team that always seems to.play well on their home field will be.interesting to see how they fare against.the Big Ten team and it is one of the.two last games for Tim Chang 376 yards.he just keeps adding to that career.passing yardage record.Ryan Loy in at quarterback it is first.down from the 46 boy drops back he's in.trouble again and down he goes Louie.funda the first to him good pressure by.Louie fundo and then his Blackshirt 'add.comrades came in to finish the senator.Raj salt and the right guard shade tad.Vick are having an incredibly hard time.trying to block number 99 Louie fully.saw their song they're just SWAT the.shoulder hammer the shoulder of the the.right guard and sent him to the ground.on his way to harassing the quarterback.second down in 17 eight sacks now.for Hawaii pump fake by knowing down it.goes again this is becoming habitual.louis volga is having one of those.experiences where he can do no wrong he.is showing up in a hurry and louie is a.very happy young man.also met Bunga.fungi and fungi they're going to go into.the plumbing business and they're going.to say their motto is we stop leaks.[Applause].no again sideline pattern coming back.with a sliding catch is Ryan Hickok but.that is only about a three hour game to.the 39 yard line.Mar Broadway was covering on the play.Jimmy looks like it looks like to me the.offensive line for Idaho they've just.given up there they're ready to go home.they're not blocking they're not giving.the quarterback a decent chance and you.see on the sidelines guys you know we.can see from here that the people.watching TV can but they're their coach.is just digging into it.yeah he's not happy so Beryl will kick.it again he'll hunt again the chat oh.this is a shortcut.angling toward the sidelines and out of.bounds it goes that is not a good fun at.all that was the worst effort of the.night for Barrow 817 left in the fourth.when we come back it'll be Jack.[Music].Jack relevant back in at quarterback for.Hawaii with 817 left to play in the.fourth period.first down for Hawaii of their own.forty-four relevant throughout sideline.time and that's complete and it is.complete the jason rivers and rivers has.the first time they've jocelyn they.throw them to the turf at about the 43.yard line of idaho Daniel dykes and.Herbert cash there to make the tackle.and Herbert cash is one of those.defenders that got beat earlier beat.deep for touchdown they see they're 10.yards into his pass route he still had a.big cushion the defenders are still.giving him giving rivers a nice cushion.making it easier for roll of this to.connect with him hundred sixty-seven.yards now for rivers as he goes out.first down they have it at the 42 yard.line of Idaho.Marcus means has come into the game.number 89 and the Weems may have missed.the interpretation of the snap and he.will be called for a false 5-yard.penalty replay first down I'll tell you.one thing about Paul of been his accent.is is so pure that you think he's gonna.ride a horse away from the stadium.tonight.Williams's to the far side to the near.side is renamed Nelson and Els om second.down in 15 minute Jackrabbits with time.throws long and it is intercepted giving.ground back to the end zone is her birth.cash cash comes out over the 25 and they.dumped him at about the 28 yard line.so Herbert catch his first interception.Jackie Romo his first interception.so relevant comes out and he has new.ground of to explore he gets his first.completion he gets his first.interception you see jack gets hit as.he's thrown trying to go deep to Weems.Weems running downfield needs to come.back and fight a little harder for that.ball he kept running the ball was going.wall was throwing it to a well defense.man the cornerback was with him.the Williams could do a better job of.fighting for that ball Brian law at.quarterback he's had a tough time pitch.pattern out to Fernald Woodley and what.a very short gain on that hitch pattern.as the defense shows up in a hurry.Ikaika allama Frances I was there.so a very short game that'll break up.second down and about nine and a half.six minutes 45 seconds left in the game.in Hawaii in control 45 to 21 so Idaho.coming up on the end of its season as.you look at Bobby Bernal wood and the.wide receiver Noi quick throw that's.complete to burn all wood 40 out of.bounds at the 42 yard line.so he's hit out of bounds by Kenny.Patton 14-yard pickup and more yardage.for Bernal wood.so the bomb is advanced to the 43-yard.line three wide receivers as you see to.the top of your screen.no with time throws over the middle and.is that intercepted no hit the ground.hit the ground in front of Defense's.that'll bring up second down clock is.stopped with six minutes and 20 seconds.left.you know June Jones Jim obviously feels.like this game is well in hand because.he's brought in the substitutes for.office for his offense defensively.however there are no substitutes they've.been hit so hard by the injury bug the.guys you see on the field of the guys.that play all the time.second out in ten for Idaho from their.own 43 yard line.ball is given to see pull or are these.out to the 48 he's been a workhorse.tonight.sheekha law in Russia that was his 12th.carriage larry's that defensive front.now for Hawaii third down and fought for.Idaho clock ticking away from the.shotgun is north.triple root for wide receivers.noise looking for an open man throws and.that is incomplete unable to hold on was.a cough Haycock came back for the ball.made contact but he could not gather it.in yeah and hold no when I avoided.avoided pressure rolled to his right.made a terrific pass look like hey cog.it looked like hey had it but he.was bumbling it and he went down and.touch the ground incomplete pass.[Applause].so on fourth down they are going to go.for it in motion is Jimmy libido no.looking for Bruna would now checks off.and throws it to see the law coming out.of the backfield and he may be short of.the first down.Hawaii may take over on downs tried to.go to the near side.Kenny Patton would have none of it so.Hawaii for all intents and purposes here.see full or coming down to the backfield.and you see number of 39 going to the.left he makes the catch but then he is.written he is written out of Ireland.and they're gonna measure this one.gender taking their time making sure you.didn't get the first down Lucchese Carol.was able to get to him and stop him.before to the first down mark.so they measure and Hawaii will take.over on downs but 5:30 left to play in.the game.[Music].Central Pacific Bank sponsors a loyalty.award they donated $100 toward the.Central Pacific Bank endowed scholarship.fund for every touchdown and Hawaii has.scored six touchdowns tonight so color.welcomes a level has come in and after.running back along with Jack Rowe.Levitch lot to sell Oh 50 good run not.too shallow from lakiya out of Kahuku.high school yeah a lot to sell was an.all-state er Auto Co who I believe in.1999 Jim interesting thing he he decided.to he signed with the University of Utah.out of high school they didn't actually.make it there so he got married has been.working trying to get into school you.age and it's now a freshman so Hawaii.playing their reserves double wide.receivers a lot to sell Oh back there.with relevant relevant quick pattern.that's complete to Melson.and 39 on first down and follow a Mac.12-yard that pick up by law to sell you.so that will bring up second down in 9.Hawaii is in no hurry and the clock.continues to wear down.[Music].Chad Collins come into the game as.offensive tackle.[Music].all of it.second down and nine steps up throws.that is complete and the knee touched on.the far side - Marcus wins.so Marcus Weems gets his first catch of.the season and he gets it on November.the 20th late in the Hawaiian night well.not that late about 9:00 9:05 Hawaiian.time with 352 left to play against Idaho.so there you see June Jones and he has.really taken some criticism for how his.team has played and he admits that it.was embarrassing.but he has two games ahead of him now.against big cam competition and he must.win that if he expects to go to the.Hawaii ball Obama gets inside the.30 that's enough for a first down crowd.likes that the jack Rolla carrying.the ball for a first down.now the ball is advanced to the 28 yard.line.of Idaho nice job by Jack pulling the.ball down fluke like he's about to let.it go the receiver was covered though.Jim so he pulled it down and ran and.although he's young he's not stupid you.saw when he got to the linebacker level.he dove he slid to the ground he's not.taking any hits.Chad ik knows also hit on that offensive.line while is given to LA to cellar.angling off the left side runs into the.combative white shirts and they're able.to stop him Robert Davis led the charge.for Idaho a lot to say low carrying the.ball to 43 left so Hawaii very content.to keep it on the ground knowing leading.45 to 21 that they have this game in.their pocket but they will be five and.five going into the eleventh game of the.season against Northwestern next week.roll of its lookin throws and a good.sliding catch on about the 8 yard line.by Jason Ferguson Ferguson usually see.him on the special teams but he is a.receiver he is a tough target at 5:5 157.pounds of freshman out of Los Angeles.and Fairfax High School and I like I.like what role of itch did because of.the running back call a lot to sellers.lined up to his left so when he took the.snap snap he he slid to his left behind.where the running back was an extra.blocker in that side gave him the extra.time to deliver the ball see a nice.slide by Ferguson first time gold to go.at the 8 yard line Palmas give him to LA.to sell oh he's it at the 10 Cole Snider.just nailed him they drilled them on.might run they lost on the play of at.least two I tell you Snyder's he had.he's had a terrific game he's been.everywhere he's had a terrific season.125 tackles before the game started like.you see him scraped there untouched.comes up and plays a nice hit a lot to.settle he's only a junior he'll be back.next year as a WAC member time ticking.down on the seniors for Idaho second.down and goal to go from the 10 again at.his lot to settle down seeds outside.gets to the 5 and leaps to the 4 yard.line Josh Bausman finally halted him.good block by Marcus wings on that play.and less than a minute to play in the.game Hawaii could be very content here.and sportsmen like to take a need.because they have been able to win this.game we want to wish the seniors for.Idaho well in their future endeavors.they you always remember your last game.always your last game.third down goal to go they are not going.to take the need 29 seconds left la luce.ello again bouncing outside touchdown.so Colin lot to sell Oh is first rushing.touchdown of the season.after several five carries 24 yards and.a touchdown that pushes Hawaii over the.50 mark you watch dr. celery he.hesitates waiting for something to open.up nothing does so explodes to the.outside and you see his running style.he's good at keeping his shoulder so to.score trying to keep his shoulders.Square to the line of scrimmage and that.allows him to make cuts and move in.different directions so I got trying to.make it 52 to 21 and he does 23 seconds.left to play in the game Hawaii.way out in front now they leave by 31.[Music].tonight's Bank of Hawaii most viable.players for Idaho Bobby Bernal wood 9.catches 139 yards and two touchdowns and.Jason rivers of Hawaii 9 catches 167.yards and 4 touchdowns Bank of Hawaii.salutes these two very deserving play.junior Ruffin and his deep as you take a.look at Jason rivers what a night he is.hurt.[Music].kicking off will be I act and he has.been busy tonight.kicking off he has one field goal and he.is kicked off many times.[Applause].kicks it deep Ruffin two yards deep he.will return it the 10 the 20 the 22 yard.line 18 seconds left and the clock stops.now with 17 seconds left to play in the.game.so Hawaii will be 5 and 5 on the season.because they are Hawaii they get an.extra game they would play 12 on the.season and Idaho finishes 3 and 9 this.is a very young team 17 freshmen have.seen action this season I mean true.freshmen and 11 have starting 8th Davis.now has come in at quarterback for Idaho.a 6 foot 200 pound freshman what else.from Oxnard California he went to st..Bonaventure high school.[Applause].and he hands the ball off to Justin wall.and wall gets out over the 25 yard line.and that could be the last play and it.is the last play of the game so Hawaii.wins it or is it no no they're gonna.call a timeout.they had one more left and so they will.call a timeout so I I turn to you dougie.and I said here is a team that lost 72.14 speaking of Oy last week and Fresno.they come back and they post 52 points.against Idaho now granted Idaho is a.young struggling team making the.transition a new coach they see the.players talking to Patton is talking to.the head coach of Idaho and that's Nick.hold anyway your impressions on.tonight's game because Hawaii certainly.looked better tonight than they did last.week my impressions of this team I think.they just have a really hard time.traveling it's incredible how much of a.difference is between the University of.Hawaii playing on the mainland and the.University of Hawaii playing here at.home.they said it's a absolute total.different look at different team timmy.chang throws better here the receivers.run better route so a line passes better.defense plays harder it's just a.different team it's amazing in it it.really is eight seconds left.Kitt's pattern and that is incomplete.that was intended for Brendan cameo.cameo was in as a wide receiver and he.played this game as a defensive end so.he is gone both ways Tim Chang tonight.by the way 23 of 31 376 yards six.touchdowns and two interceptions now we.said it was Kenya it's double numbers.and it's Rory.Tipton Rory Tipton from Nampa Idaho we.want to give him credit.so Tipton unable to catch that pass and.running with it as Justin wall and.that's the game wall finally tackled by.Lamar Broadway and Hawaii is the victor.52 to 21 but Idaho ends their season.with extreme hope for next year they're.a very young team and next year they.will be bona fide members of the Western.Athletic Conference so both teams will.shake hands hopefully.

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