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The Implementation Guide for South Carolina Official Waiver Of Minimum Treatment Standards Form

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Guide of South Carolina Official Waiver Of Minimum Treatment Standards Form

good morning my name is Tracy Linko and.I am with their apps services I'm gonna.go ahead and get started this morning.thank you so much for joining I am.sharing my screen and what we're going.to be covering today is we're going to.be covering the account setup that you.need for your new therap account you are.not going to be going live until.November 4th but we want to go ahead and.get you set up within therap kind of.gets you a little bit familiar if you.have questions as I'm going along please.feel free to use the chat box I do see.the questions that pop up and I'm happy.to answer them as we go along so.basically where I am starting this.morning is I am basically starting on my.Google Chrome page the great thing about.therap is no matter where you are at as.long as you have internet access you can.actually access their app so what I'm.going to do is up here for the first.time access I'm going to type in WWE app.services net what this does is this.takes you to our home their app page up.here in the right-hand corner is secure.login this is what I'm going to click on.in order to access our actual login.screen now on this page you can go ahead.and bookmark it once you get to the.point where you're in there up quite a.bit it'll probably be like my browser.which automatically pops up and I can.just click on it I'm going to be sending.all of you later this morning your login.name your password and your provider.code I'm also going to be sending you.some documents you're going to need to.make sure setup within your account now.those documents are requirements by the.state of.south carolina so the first thing that.you're going to see is you're going to.have a login name and it's going to be.just like I'm typing in mine it's gonna.be your first name dot last name for all.of you you're going to be provided a.one-time password what's gonna happen is.once you get signed in you're going to.be asked to go ahead and change that.password so I'm going to go ahead and.put in my password here and then you're.also going to need a provider code so.your provider is code it's going to look.like something like an e X it could be.an en and it's gonna be like a number.- SC you're going to notice that.everything I am putting when it comes to.the letters is all in capital letters.including my provider account code that.I'm using for this demo account the.provider code does need to be in all.caps if it's not in all caps especially.those letters you're going to get a.login field so just make sure that you.copy that provider code I'd give you.exactly and pasted in here or type it in.that so what I'm going to do is I'm.going to click on login and again when.you click on login the first thing.you're going to see is it's going to be.a page that's going to ask you to change.your password so you're going to type in.that password that I gave you and then.you're going to change it to a password.that only you know what you see here on.my screen is what we call a sign-up.agreement so this is one of the.documents that you are going to get from.me that's required by the state of South.Carolina and you are going to need to.set up this actual signup agreement in.your account what happens is down here.you have either a disagree or agree in.order to move on I have to click on this.agree button.if I come over here and click on this.disagree that I don't agree with this.it's going to automatically lock me out.so I'm going to go ahead and log back in.and this time I'm just going to click on.this agree screen after you get logged.in the first page you're going to see is.what we call this splash message it's.something that you can do within your.account but it's also something that.their app utilizes basically what we do.is anytime that we have a release that's.going to have quite a bit of down time.we're going to post this message so here.we're telling you that we're actually.going to go down this Friday and we're.going to be unavailable for 10 hours we.break it out by timezone so you can come.in here and you can see your specific.timezone so if we look at Eastern Time.it's gonna go down at 10:15 p.m. on.October 25th it's going to be back up at.8:15 a.m. on October 26 which is.Saturday the other thing that we always.post for you is release notes so once we.get done with this down time you're.going to see everything that's going to.be new in their app that we've made.changes to or we have added in addition.as you begin to use they're up a little.bit more we also provide offline forms.that you'll be able to use during that.downtime if at any time that you don't.want to see this message again you can.click on this check box do not show this.message again and you won't see this.message for my purposes here I'm not.going to check this box because I want.to continue showing it for training.purposes so what I'm going to do here is.I'm going to click on my dashboard so.when I talk about dashboard I'm.basically talking about the main page.the.you're going to see within their app so.we have a quick question so let me go.ahead and ask the question brandy you.cannot login because I have not sent you.your login information so until I send.that to you later this morning you are.not going to be able to log in okay so.this is your main page over here we have.these different tabs you see here that.my admin tab is highlighted and then I.also have all of these different tabs so.no matter what tab I am on or I have.highlighted if I click on dashboard it's.going to go back to this main page and.up here is this dashboard so you're.going to kind of see me use this quite a.bit today you can come up here and use.your browser back buttons but I'm going.to caution you against using that and.the reason for that is because if you.get into a page that is using sensitive.information such as Social Security.number Medicaid number date of birth etc.we don't want you to be able to kind of.back up back into a page that has that.so we're going to give you an error so.it's better to use the buttons that we.have at the bottom of all of the pages.or if you want to do a quick exit which.you're going to see me do a couple of.times I'm just going to click on this.dashboard up here at the top so that.first page we saw I called it a sign-up.agreement so I'm going to scroll down.here and here is this sign up agreement.to add your sign up agreement you're.just going to click on new you're going.to give it a title and it could be like.you could call it the dds an agreement.this document here is what you're going.to receive an email with your login name.and password and provider code so all.you can do is come down here and just.and paste this entire paragraph come.back to their app paste it here in the.details up in that top section we.indicate that this needs to be done as.every login I'm going to click on cancel.here and I'm going to come back down.here to that sign of agreement and just.click on list so here's kind of where if.you ever want to commit and make changes.here's that therap services use perdy.DSN here's that agreement that we have.and that type is every login if you.create other signup agreements you can.easily come in here and deactivate them.or you can change that type and you do.have the choice of first time login or.every login but again for this specific.agreement from South Carolina State you.want to use us as every login so I'm.just going to quickly go back to my.dashboard and just click on dashboard as.you can see it just brought me right.back to this main page as part of your.account all of you are going to be set.up with a super bowl so when I talk.about a super roll I'm basically talking.about here's what access you're going to.have within their app and what you can.do with that access so I'm going to.click here on super roll manage and it's.going to kind of bring up a list of all.the super rules we've kind of created in.this demonstration account again all of.you should have an initial super bowl.set up in your account closer to the.go-live of november for it so i'm going.to click over here on this initial super.roll and I'm just going to click on edit.down here is a button to create a new.super roll the only difference between.that edit and that new is this is.already created when you go into that.create new super roll it's going to show.you the same screen you're going to.notice up here.that that name there is an asterisk that.red asterisk basically means that this.field here is required in order to save.it so all you're going to do is put in a.name if you would like to add a.description down here in this box you.can easily add that it could be you know.this is a super role for a specific.staff like a direct support staff and it.contains these roles so it's something.you can use you can always live like.this case I've left it blank down here.is a section of all of the modules that.we have available within therap so your.account may not look exactly like mine.we have quite a bit turned on for this.demonstration account but just to give.you an example if we look here at.attendance you could go through and say.do I want to give staff the ability to.submit attendance should they be able to.approve that attendance maybe they need.to be able to go in and be able to make.changes so they're going to need that.update role or it could just be.something that I don't want them to be.able to do anything with an attendance.but they just need to be able to see it.so they would have that view role you.could easily have all of these boxes.marked you could just have one or two or.three boxes marked it's just up to you.depending on what type of access you.want your employees to have within that.module you can see that each module is.going to be a little bit different so if.I look at my behavior event record.you're just going to be able to submit.you or delete if we look at the plan.then you've got that submit view update.approve and delete so it just depends on.the module as to what you're going to be.able to do for your initial super role.that you are set up with in that you're.basically going to have a service.authorization approve role and also that.view.in addition you're going to have what we.call individual data so you're going to.be able to view the information on the.individual you're also going to have.access to that individual home page so.that individual home page is kind of one.of those one-stop places where it lists.everything for the individual and gives.you those shortcuts directly from that.individuals page to go wherever you need.to.within Thera so down here if I make any.changes I can come down here and I can.click on this save if I didn't want this.super role anymore I could always delete.it.or I can click here on cancel and it's.just going to take me right back to this.list so I'm going to come back up here.and I'm going to go back to my dashboard.the next thing I'm going to go over is.caseload so I'm basically building upon.the super role that says here's what.access you have and what you can do.within a module but caseload takes it.one step further caseload basically.defines what individuals you can see.within their app so I'm going to click.here on caseload manage if you're going.to be the only one in the therapy count.you're probably going to want to have.this AIC all individual case look what.this basically means as the first.individual that is admitted into your.account therap automatically creates.this all individual caseload so anytime.individuals are added or I should say.admitted into your account they're.automatically going to be added to this.caseload so it means you're going to.have access to every single person in.this account if you are adding.additional staff and maybe they don't.need to see every individual.this is where you can start and create a.specific caseload.so if you have like 20 individuals in.your account and that staff person only.needs to see maybe five of those.individuals you can create a caseload.where they just see those specific five.individuals not the entire twenty it's.pretty easy to do down here I'm just.gonna click on this create new caseload.and here under caseload type I'm going.to select individual up here we have.this red asterisk so again this is a.required name.so maybe this is Basin day services this.first section is what we call the.assignable individuals these are all of.the individuals that are in the account.underneath this we have the assigned.individuals what you're going to notice.is as I go up here and I say let's add.Alex maybe alex is part of the stay.services and we have Andrew and we have.been down here as I click on that ad.you're going to notice they're being.added to this bottom group this assigned.individuals.so this assigned individuals is what is.this caseload so this is going to become.this base and a services caseload the.nice thing about a middle name or last.name so let's say that Maria is a part.of this as I start typing in her name.it's going to bring up the possible.matches so here's Maria I can click on.add she's added down below maybe Marvin.is also a part of this.at anytime the minute I clear out this.field it goes back to this main list now.down here under the assigned individuals.we have this removed.so this basically means we can come in.at any time and if we made a mistake and.maybe Marvin's not part of this I can.click on Marvin click on remove and he.just goes back up to this list so I'm.going to go ahead here and click on save.so caseload is your clients so when I.talk about individuals it is the clients.that are in your account so I hope that.helps clarify that so in order to see.those service authorizations that you're.going to get from DDS n you actually.have to have a caseload so all I'm kind.of going over is if you are adding.additional staff and you wanted to only.have that staff see certain service.authorizations this is how you would.come in and create a caseload if you're.the only one in this account you're.going to have this all individual.caseload so does that kind of make sense.when it comes to the caseload now.okay.what we're gonna do now is if you need.to add additional staff to therap we're.going to go through of how you add that.staff up here we use the term user so.anytime that I talk about a user I'm.talking about actual staff so your.employees individuals then are going to.be your client so to add a new staff.member up here under user I'm going to.click on new you can see that I have a.lot of red asterisks here so it means.that we have quite a few required fields.so we're going to go ahead and I'm going.to put in a name so I'm going to put in.that Beverly Louis I'm gonna use user.initials and the reason we require user.initials is because we have grids.elsewhere in their app that those.initials are used and it's a lot easier.to use initials versus using that full.name ok so the question came up of why.would I add staff are you talking about.my caregivers our office staff why would.we need to add employees the reason I'm.talking about adding staff is because.they're going to be agencies that have.other people that need to see those.service authorizations so it's not just.you that could be logging into Thera.they could be a larger provider and they.have maybe a backup person that they.want to be able to come in here into.their app and see those service.authorizations so that's why you would.add in additional staff because without.giving them a login account there.going to be able to access their app and.we really do not want you giving out.your user name and password because that.should just be for you going back to.kind of setting up a new staff I'm going.to type in a login name so just like.what you I'm giving you and what I.signed in with I'm doing first name dot.last name you can easily use another way.of doing it you could say it's B Luis.it's just up to you my recommendation is.if you are going to add additional staff.or employees into therap that you kind.of come up with a system where it's.always the same for that login one thing.I do want to point out is once you.create this login name it cannot be.changed you can come up here to the.first name or you can come here to the.last name and you can make changes but.not to this login and we consider this.something of a unique identifier within.Thera.so the only way to change that login.name would be to deactivate this user.profile and recreate them when you do.that user initials can only be used once.it doesn't matter if that user was.deactivated.so like if I had to come back in and.redo this for Beverly her user initials.would be something like be l1 or if she.had a middle initial I would use that.use middle initial and maybe say it's VA.L password whenever you create this.password and give it to like Beverly.Beverly is going to be required to.change her password the first time she.logs in so you can go ahead and keep it.actually very simple for this account I.actually have this set up with a.specific password policy.the password that I have used doesn't.adhere to that policy so just to keep it.simple for Beverly to log in I'm just.gonna say I'm going to ignore this.password policy it's just this one time.again when Beverly logs in she's going.to be prompted to change her password.and then she will have to adhere to that.new password policy time zone is based.on where your account is created so for.South Carolina you're going to see all.of the time zones as Eastern Account.Settings is not a section that you need.to worry about so just ignore it and.skip right over it the last red asterisk.that we have is for a job title so job.titles are very easy to add I'm just.going to click on this plus button and I.could go ahead here and I can add in a.new title so maybe this is office.assistant and then I can click on save.once I type it in and click on save you.can see that it automatically adds that.title here it also adds it to this.drop-down box as you can see with this.account we have quite a few job titles.so I could go through here and I can.always use any of these job titles that.I have created these last few fields are.more for HR and this would be if you are.using your therapy camp for much more.than just the service authorizations so.I would just ignore these last two.fields here what I'm going to do now is.I have everything in here that I need.I'm going to click on save what it's.going to do is it's going to take me to.this personal information page you don't.really have to fill anything out it's.just more information of contact or.emergency contact if anything I would.come down here to preferences and I will.enable the.notification I'm going to go over.notification towards the end and it's.basically just a quick way that if you.have a new employee or excuse me a new.individual added to your account or for.those service authorizations you can set.it up to receive notifications that hey.you've gotten a new notification you've.had a new individual admitted into your.account kind of prompts you to be able.to log in to their app without having to.go in and check and all this check mark.is doing is going ahead and turning on.that notification so down here at the.bottom I'm going to click on save I've.basically set up that new user so.Beverly I have the option that I can.continue setting up additional staff or.employees here I can go directly to what.we call a user privilege so this is.where your super roll in your caseload.is going to come into play it also has.additional privileges that you can give.it to a single employee instead of going.into the user privilege from here I'm.going to go back to my dashboard because.I want to show you how you're going to.be able to access this page when you log.in down here the fifth from the top.under general we have user privileges.and this is where I'm going to come and.I'm going to click on manage your list.is going to be much shorter and it's.just going to have your name possibly a.couple of other names it just depends on.how many have been attending the.training from your agency and I'm going.to click on Beverly Lewis she's the one.that I just created so here I'm on the.user privilege page and you see this top.section is called profiles up here is.asking for a super role and down here is.our caseload so here's where we start to.assign that super role and that caseload.so again with like.click on super roll I'm talking about.what access within therap am I going to.have.and then within those modules what am I.going to be able to do so here you're.going to be able to come over here under.action and you're going to click choose.next to that super roll that we have set.up for your account under here for add.caseload again this is the individuals.that you're going to be able to see.within their app so if you're the only.one here in their app you're going to.click on add for this all individual if.you're adding other employees and maybe.they only need to have specific access.to individuals I could come in here to.base and day services and I could click.on add what I can also do is once I'm.done I can just click on this X and it's.going to show me this specific case load.now I can continue to have as many.caseloads as I want but if I have this.all individual caseload which let me go.back in and show you if I click on this.all individual caseload it takes out all.of those individuals again the reason.that you're only going to see this all.individual caseload is because it's.already giving you complete access to.all of the individuals or the client.within this account we're going to also.be sending you out closer to November.4th a video of how to go in and set up.this super role and this caseload.because at this point you don't have any.individuals in your account we want to.give you access to kind of come in and.get a little bit familiar with their app.get comfortable with moving around and.kind of setting up some additional items.that you need kind of like that sign up.agreement I'm going to be going over.passwords so being able to set that up.so when November 4th comes you have you.can add your super role your caseload.and you're ready to see those service.authorizations.underneath and that profile is what we.call the agency-wide and administrative.roles all of you are set up as a super.admin so basically what this means to.that is this means that you have.authority within your account to make.requests for reports or to change.current reports in there if you choose.to use those it also means that you are.a point of contact for your agency for.Thera.so if you do give out that super admin.role to other users kind of keep that in.the back of your mind that you don't.want to make everyone a super admin you.have a backup and then yes it's probably.going to make sense.for them to have that super admin role.in addition you're given all of these.different roles down here so like user.individual provider setup we do have a.document out there called list of all.roles that kind of goes in and defines.what each of these mean and I will kind.of show you how to you can access that.document but let's say for Beverly I'm.gonna make her a super admin I'm gonna.kind of give her a lot of these roles.that you have I'm going to come down.here under the Escom roles and I'm going.to select this multi provider Escom when.I talk about s comms or secure.communications.it is therap subversion of internal.email within our software case managers.and staff at the state of South Carolina.all have their up accounts in order for.them to be able to send messages to you.and for you to be able to send messages.to them you have to have this multi.provider Escom role it basically enables.you to send messages outside of your.specific account.because you're just starting out and.using therap just for service.authorizations you're not going to need.anything under the module roles nor are.you going to need anything under the TMS.roles TMS basically stands for our.training management system under common.roles if anything if you want to export.anything outside of there up into Excel.you do need that export to excel role.everything under this electronic billing.you are not going to need so I would.leave this blank.at this point I've added everything that.I need and I'm just going to click on.save so now all of my user privileges.are set up and when I come back here to.dashboard any questions so far ok the.next thing that I want to talk about is.passwords if you have additional staff.all of you have the ability you have.this change password in which they can.contact you and say hey I forgot my.password can you reset it for me.you'll be able to go in and do that.password reset and as she's clicking.here on the user list I can bring up.Beverly and now I can change her.password again when I give her this new.password she's going to be prompted to.immediately change it so as you can see.here it didn't meet that password policy.so here I can just again click that.ignore password policy.for all of you that may be the only ones.in your account you're going to want to.come in and you're going to want to use.our self password reset this is a.feature that we just added this year and.allows you to reset your password.yourself it's going to be here under.user and it's down here called self.password reset the last two columns that.you really want to pay attention to is.this enable disable self pass reset and.this self password reset enabled if it.says enable and this column says no it.basically means that the self password.reset has not been turned on it's.basically a two-step process step one.starts with you as a super admin of.coming in here and saying yes I want to.turn this on and to do that you just.click on that enable and this is going.to turn to yes so that's going to mean.yes password reset is turned on if at.any time you want to turn it off you.just click on that disable and this.turns to no so that's step one is coming.in here and clicking on this enable so.this column says yes now I'm going to.come back to dashboard for all of you.once you click on that innate or enable.and that last column turns to yes.log out of your account and log back in.basically what you're doing is you're.giving your account a refresh when you.log back in you're going to come down.here to your settings tab and you're.going to see a self password reset.configure so this is step two this is.for every staff that you enable this for.including yourself under the self.password reset I'm going to click on.configure and you're going to put in.your password.this is basically our way of verifying.that it's actually you that is logged in.and that you didn't walk away from your.computer and someone else sat down and.is now using therap as you you're going.to go ahead and you're going to put in.an email address in addition you can.also put in a phone or a text if you're.going to use this phone text message.email come over here and click on this.question icon and come down to this page.the reason for that is number one you.want to double check that we have your.cell phone provider we have most all of.them but there's a few that we don't and.you're going to notice then under this.SMN SMS address that you're going to be.used and it's going to be your number at.and then depending on who your cell.phone provider is it's going to kind of.read like an email so if it's AT&T your.number at that txt att.net so like with.me I have Verizon Wireless if I come.down here to the bottom of this list my.number is going to be my number at V.text comm in order to get that text.message if you are using a pager we.support Verizon and global column which.is formerly Cingular Wireless once you.put in that email and/or phone you're.going to click on this update that.basically means your self password reset.configuration is complete here's what's.going to happen I'm going to log out a.second and anytime that you come to this.page where it's doing a countdown you.can just click on this login again and.it's going to take you directly back to.this page if you forget your password or.you get locked out just click on this.forgot password down here.we're going to require your login name.your provider code and then whatever you.put in that email or text so if you want.it to go to an email address that email.address that you put in here it needs to.match what we just did in that settings.as long as all three of these fields.match we're going to send you what we.call a token it could be numbers it.could be letters it can be a combination.of both you're going to take that token.and on this next page it's going to ask.you for that token and as long as that.token matches you can put in a new.password and log back into their app.again up here we're going to give you.the reminder that it needs to be enabled.by your provider administrator and you.had to go through that setup feature.which is going into settings any.questions on that self password reset.while I log back in.okay so since we're talking about.passwords let's talk about the password.policy that the state of South Carolina.requires I'm going to be sending you a.link to this document it's going to.remind you how to go in and set up your.password policy and on page two it's.going to actually show you exactly what.that policy needs to look like in your.account so I'm going to go back in here.to therap.here's provider I'm going to click on.this password policy what I have set up.here matches that document that I'm.going to send you so basically what the.state is saying is that your password.for therap needs to be a minimum length.of eight characters out of all of those.characters one must be an uppercase.letter one must be a digit and one must.be an other character you have a maximum.attempt of four times to put in your.password if after those four times your.password is still incorrect therapod.matically going to password lock your.account having that sole password reset.is what's going to quickly help you go.in and reset your password if that.happens in addition all users are going.to have to reset their password every 90.days they're going to get a warning of.14 days so what will happen is the.beginning of those 14 days a message.will pop up and say your user your.password is going to expire in 14 days.do you want to change it now you can.click on yes and change it and have it.down and over with if you click on no.this reminder will continue to pop up at.the end of those 14 days you will be.forced to change your password as super.admins you're going to have to change.your password every 60 days again you'll.have that 14 day warning of when your.passwords.going to be expiring and then the number.of the most recently used passwords that.cannot be reused is three so it's.basically saying that the three most.recent passwords that you had used in.therap you cannot use you have to.continue coming up with a new password.and then you could go back in and.recycle those that you had rigidly.started with once you setup all of these.parameters you're just going to click on.save here at the bottom and your.password policy will have been saved.since we're up here on provider the.other document that I'm going to send.you is regarding preferences so there's.two items within our provider.preferences that the state would like.you to do so I'm going to click on.preferences here the first one is your.session timeout they would like you to.come in and change your session timeout.to be 15 minutes we normally have it set.to 30 or 60 minutes the state of.Carolina once it's set to 15 so if you.have been an active within their out for.15 minutes it's automatically going to.give you a warning and log you out the.other thing is there is a PDF preference.of what you can have printed on the.headers so under this PDF preference the.state of South Carolina only wants to.see that individual name and that date.of birth to appear on the header of all.PDFs they do not want to see Medicaid.member or social security number so just.come in here and click that individual.name and date of birth.and that's all that you have to make on.this page so again I'm just going to.click on save and that will update all.of my provider preferences and again I'm.going to have a document that looks just.like this that you're going to have a.link to that's going to show you exactly.what you need to do on this specific.page any questions when it comes to the.password policy or it comes to those.provider preferences I mentioned earlier.when we were setting up a new staff.member that you could actually set up.notifications within their app so.anytime you get a new service.authorization or a new individual is.admitted into your account you can.actually get notification of that to do.that I'm going to come back down to my.settings turning on that enable.notification is what allows me to see.this notification information and this.notification profile if this is not.turned on and you don't see it all you.have to do is come up here to your.personal details and click on edit so.here's that personal information that we.just saw when we were setting up that.new staff member and down here under.preferences you'll just click on that.enable notification and down here at the.bottom you'll click on update once you.go back to your dashboard it's going to.show you that notification information.and profile the first step is setting up.your notification information and.basically it's saying how do I want to.be notified here's my email and/or text.that I want to receive the second step.is your profile so here I'm going to.come in here and I'm going to click on.configure under the module name I'm.going to come down here and I'm going to.select this individual data.basically what I'm going to do is down.here under notification events I'm going.to click yes next to admit it so what.this is going to do is anytime a new.individual is admitted into my account.I'm going to get a notification I'm.gonna get an email down here under.notification events is how you select.the media how do I want to be notified.so here I can set it up that I just get.it to my email if I have that phone or.text message email I can change this to.yes otherwise just leave this at no or I.can select secure communications again.this secure communications is their apps.version of internal email so if I wanted.it to go there I could click on yes here.I just click on save at the top it's.going to say it's been updated and I can.go in and select another module name.you'll have the ability to come in here.and select it for service authorizations.you can do the exact same steps of.setting it up for your service.authorizations in addition if you want.to get notified anytime that you receive.a message within therap you can set.select the secure communications and set.it up at any time you receive a message.down here you select your media there's.two types of messages you can receive.within their app you can receive a.general message you can receive an.individual care message we have.different notification levels I've set.mine to high medium and low so basically.it doesn't matter what type of.notification level it is any time I get.a message I'm basically now going to get.something in my personal email that says.hey you've gotten a new email you need.to log into their up and take a look at.it again down here I just click on save.now I will tell you personally I do use.this feature I have quite a few states.that I support so anytime I get a.message within their app I automatically.get an email and it prompts me to go in.log into that account look at that.message that it's been sent and I can.respond so it is quite handy and it.saves you from having to log in every.day and go do I have any messages that I.need to look at any questions on.notifications our s comms are located on.the right hand side of your screen so as.you can see any time that you have.messages is going to give you a number.here that says here's how many messages.are waiting on you so if I click on my.inbox here it looks basically just like.a regular email one thing I want to.point out to you is underneath the.settings section besides being able to.add a message footer or an auto response.we have down here that any messages that.are in your Inbox your sent items your.drafts and your trash are only going to.be visible on your current view for two.months this is the default you can.change it to one month or two weeks but.it just basically says that your current.view is just for two months after that.two months the messages are going to.drop off your current view they're not.gone you just have to search for them a.way around that is to create folders.it's quite easy you can just click on.this create give it a name and click on.done what's going to happen is this.manage folders is then going to open and.it's going to show you here's all of the.folders that I have created any messages.that goes into these folders that you.created do not apply to that two months.so those messages from three months a.year five years ago are always going to.be in this folder and you can easily.look through those folders for those.messages.as I mentioned we have two different.types of messages that you can send and.as you saw notifications you can send a.general which means it's not specific to.an individual or you can send what we.call an individual care individual care.just basically means you're specifying.the individual that you are sending this.message about both of these have this.cross provider Escom basically when you.check that that says I need to send a.message outside of my account to a case.manager or staff at the state office.here I can start typing in the.individuals name so if I type in Maria.again it's going to kind of come up with.those different individuals I now select.Maria it's automatically going to.default with my oversight account so.here I can just click on this blue arrow.up here at the top it's going to tell.you this message is specific to Maria.because she is who I chose here is where.caseload is going to come into play.again when you are sending a message to.staff they all must have Maria on their.caseload in order to send them that.message so if I have a colleague Sarah.and she is actually a case manager and I.have a colleague Shae and she's.basically a program manager here you're.going to notice that this is color coded.anything pink is outside of your account.anything blue is within your account so.both of these have Maria so I'm able to.send them a message now let's say I have.a I need to send Tanner a message you're.going to notice that Tanner's name.stands in red so basically is telling me.Tanner doesn't have Maria on his.caseload so I cannot send anything to.Tanner.if you want to look at anything or look.up names here at the end you can click.on this advanced recipient selection.it's going to show you all of the staff.that have Maria on their caseload it's.actually going to tell you where they're.located so if they're in your account if.they're in a case management or an.oversight account you can also filter so.if I wanted to filter for a case manager.I could put that in and it's just going.to show me all of those with case.manager over here I can also sort that.provider name it's just clicking on.these arrows and now it's going to sort.of by that provider name again we just.asked you for notification so what's the.importance is it low medium or high give.it a subject and then down here you can.type in your email you do have the.ability to attach files they just cannot.exceed 10 megabytes so these are any.files you're uploading from your.computer if you ever decide to use their.up more than just the service.authorizations we do have certain.modules that you can attach forms from.within.Thera on these therap forms there is no.limit of the number of forms that you.can attach Norris or size limit it's.just on those documents that are.attaching outside of there down here you.would just click on set.and then if I would open it up so here's.like something from Steven this is what.it looks like when I tear up form is.attached so as long as I also have that.ability to look at individual data I can.actually click on this open and it's.going to open up that form that was.attached any questions on our s coms the.last couple of things I'm going to show.you is down here at the bottom you.always have access to our help and.support site so if I click on help and.support it's going to bring me right up.to our main page it's going to allow you.to look at release notes provider admin.and some of our top user guides so if.there's something that you're looking.for specifically you can actually type.it in so maybe it's on the self password.reset I can just type in that cell.password reset and search and it's going.to bring me up here's a user guide.here's um configuring a cell phone and.pagers for notification and self.password reset and here's kind of like a.quick webinar that we created that goes.through how to do that setup also if you.prefer a video if you need.to get a hold of us with an issue you.can click on feedback just select a.category give it a title if there's.anything that you want to attach you can.click that click to attach file down.here just put in your issue your.suggestion question etc and click on.submit we do have staff that is.constantly checking this site for all of.these feedbacks that are submitted in.addition you have access to Live Help so.when you click on the link the only.thing it's going to ask you is you know.do you need step-by-step instructions is.there an FAQ that you can possibly look.at clicking on this live online help is.going to basically connect you with a.therap staff member and you will be able.to ask your question and they will be.able to assist you if at any time that.they say you know we're gonna need to.take this back to maybe our programmers.oh I need to send this back to someone.else and they will follow up with you.all of your feedback and anything on.life help can be seen under this issue.tracking and my issues it's going to.list out anything that I submitted for.feedback the same thing with Live Help.underneath here is going to be the title.and it will have a blue link that means.you can basically open it and you can.look again at the question you've sent.and our response when we respond over.here it will say unread and again you.just click on this tile to open it and.see our response.questions so again this is going to go.live.November 4th we're going to have a.separate webinar that's going to address.the service authorizations how you can.find them and how you're going to be.able to approve them and then again we.can also address questions you have at.that time if there's no other questions.this is all I have for the webinar today.again what I'm going to do is I am going.to be sending all of you a email it will.have your login name your password and.your provider code it's also going to.have three links to those documents that.you're going to need from the state of.South Carolina and that'll get you.logged into your account.since there's no questions thank you.everyone for your time this morning.have a great rest of your day.

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