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How to Finish the Exclusive Right To Sell Listing Agreement Nc Form in 9 Steps on the Internet?

CocoSign aids each user to simplify the workflow and increase work productivity by having a better management of the files. Check the below steps to have a better understanding of how to finish Exclusive Right To Sell Listing Agreement Nc Form more quickly.

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Instruction of Finishing the Exclusive Right To Sell Listing Agreement Nc Form

okay so four listings first thing we're.gonna do is I'm gonna do a pretend.listing we'll pretend like it's you know.well just make up some dress work.basically so you're gonna go in zip.forms new new listing and that's going.to ask you to create a file so you could.do it by your clients name or you can do.it by the property address for this one.we'll just do one two three four apple.lame and we'll say it's in Concord NC.you click residential and then save and.so it takes you automatically into your.portal so you can feel all of this.information out if you want to totally.up to you I don't ever fill it out.because all this has to be filled out in.the sky slope anyway.I basically use this because I like this.for my documents so you're gonna go to.your documents and you'll see that at.all applied the template of everything.that you need for a listing most of the.time if for some reason this stuff isn't.here is the same as always you're gonna.go to all forms here make sure you have.you're working with real-estate agents.you're gonna make sure you have your.exclusive right to sell and you're gonna.make sure you have your property.disclosures mineral oil and gas if the.property was built 1978 or before you're.gonna do your lead-based paint addendum.- so we know how to do working with real.estate agents so we're gonna go in and.do the exclusive right to sell listing.so you open it up and you can write and.we'll say our sellers are John Smith and.James Smith types this morning and Jane.Smith and then the firm is going to be.exp Realty and it comes down and you're.basically this top portion right in here.is stating hey this is a contractual.agreement entered into between John and.Jane Smith and exp Realty as the firm.it's going to be deemed to include the.agent that assigning this Agreement and.any other agents in the firm too so if.the property was most recently owned.by a person who is now deceased the tax.listing or last recorded deed to the.property may not accurately identify the.parties who should be named as the.seller in such a case the deceased.owners will or applicable North Carolina.law if deceased owner died without a.will will determine the correct parties.to sign the agreement so anytime and I.know this doesn't pertain to you Merida.but anytime you have an estate or.something like that you're gonna want to.consult with an attorney on who needs to.sign the agreements even if they have a.will and everything like that you always.need to consult with an attorney to make.sure that hey do I have everybody on.here that needs to sign so you come down.it says the term of this Agreement shall.begin on its effective date and end at.midnight on the expiration date and the.effective date of this agreement becomes.between the seller and the firm's.respective rights and obligations shall.commence as follows so you could put the.effective date shall be the date that.this has been signed by both the buyer.and or by the seller and firm agent or.in situations where the listing is.currently marketed with another firm and.it's set to expire you can put whatever.data they that that previous listing.expired on note down here according to.article 16 of the Realtors code of.ethics which were all Realtors Realtors.shall not engage in any practice or take.any action inconsistent with the.exclusive representation or exclusive.brokerage relationship agreement that.other Realtors have with clients so what.that means is even if you sign this.agreement and you click the property is.currently listed for sale exclusively.with an expires it means that you cannot.do any type of marketing until that.expiration date so it saved this expired.on for eighteen twenty twenty so at.midnight on for eighteen twenty twenty.that is when you can begin marketing the.property under your listing every month.so down here you're gonna put the street.address one two oh sorry one two three.four.Apple Lane will say it's.and contoured for the city we'll just do.to a zero to five and then County.Cabarrus or whatever County it is and.then your expiration date the agreement.shall terminate at midnight on so you.will get a lot of different feedback on.how long you should make it a listing.agreement for before my rule of thumb is.normally a year you're investing.marketing dollars Photography dollars.time effort so you want to make sure.that you give yourself enough time if.the seller is blocking out a year and.they don't want to get your I highly.suggest you go into MLS and find out.what the average days on the market is.in that area and make it for at least.two months longer than that and that way.you have some kind of recourse when he's.like oh no I only want to sign three.months you can see mister mister seller.the average days on the market here's.four months or something to that effect.so right here I see I'm going to put in.for one eight twenty twenty-one that's.what I want my agreement to expire one a.full year to market this property then.you come down and it's asking for your.plat reference your lot unit your block.section and subdivision the property ID.and other description all of this can be.found in matrix so if you're in matrix.and you're like where do I find all of.this information some of it will be.there and some of it won't say for.instance we were doing 41:59 tight Road.and Stan filled the parcel ID is going.to be the same as the property the pin.so I would copy that now if for some.reason you don't have a listing you can.go into tax records and you can get all.of this information from there too so.we're coming in what's my computer loads.and I'll just use my address as an.example so I put in the address it pulls.up my tax barn eventually it's going to.pull up my tax court and we come down.you can see a lot of it for me.your zoning codes you can see the.neighborhood code what township it's in.all of that information but if you keep.scrolling down you'll see down here.we've got the parcel ID so you would.copy this and then I'd go back to my.listing and put it right here where it.says parcel ID now if you wanted to.include like the legal description down.here which I highly recommend it because.sometimes numbers can be off and it'll.allow you to make sure you can put the.legal description and other and try to.fill this out as much as you can but.don't stress on making sure every single.little thing is filled out if you were.if you were the type of person that.wants every little thing filled out.right here you're gonna need to go and.and fund the deed on the Register of.Deeds website and that's going to give.you your lot unit your block section.it'll give you what plat book and slide.that's on what deed book and page is on.you can do a deed search with whatever.county that home is in so Cabarrus.County Register of Deeds Union County.register and feed so on and so forth you.come down pictures and exclusions so you.learned your pre-licensing what a.fixture is this is basically telling.your sellers hey guys these have to.convey with the home so how I explained.this is everything we've seen on this.list.mr. and mrs. seller are things that have.to convey with the home they are.considered a fixture in North Carolina.and they convey a no additional price so.is there anything on this list that one.you don't want TV or two may be leased.or you still owe money on and say say.they come back and they say well yeah.our alarm system is leased we don't own.that so on and so forth so I would put.it down here in items least or not owned.alarm system if they were like hey we.really really really want to take the.chandelier in the dining room you would.come down and put other items that do.not convey chandelier in the dining you.want to make sure that they know hey.it's better to go ahead and replace that.she Taliah take it down and replace it.with whatever lights going to convey.that way they know exactly what they're.getting when they're viewing the home.but if they don't there's a place in MLS.to include exclusions personal property.say they say yeah we want to leave our.fridge washer and dryer that's where you.would put this so think of it in terms.of if you got a house on the market and.you got them a full price offer and the.fridge washer and dryer and everything.and they balk at the fridge washer and.dryer they get fed up with you and they.say you're not doing your job you can.always come back and say I got you every.single thing I said I would get you and.our contractual listing agreement right.so make sure that anything you're.flipping on this listing agreement.you're doing because these are your.obligations and their obligations in.home warranty if the seller is going to.get a home warranty and pay for it at.closing you can put a grease or you can.put does not it really depends on your.marketing plan what you're gonna do I.personally don't advertise home.warranties that's a negotiation tool.unless it's a really really old home or.it's a brand new construction home that.has a home warranty automatically that.we don't pay for it listing price so you.agree to list the property we'll say two.hundred and thirty five thousand so that.means mr. mrs. seller I bring you an.offer of 235,000 you are agreeing that.you're gonna sell it for that right and.then you look at the types of financing.that you're gonna take on so cash if I.love cash conventional conventional is.pretty good the things you need to be.aware of it's the FHA the VA and the.USDA for FHA and VA if you have a really.rundown property for FHA they need to.understand that FHA may require certain.repairs be done before closing by the.seller same with VA with VA they need to.know that typically the sellers are.responsible for paying for a termite.inspection and that has to be done.before closing with USDA how to find out.if our home is in a USDA area you go on.google USDA eligible.an app you click on USDA eligibility and.it goes welcome to this let's see come.up here we want single-family houses.guarantee they're gonna give you a.property disclaimer you accept it and.you're gonna go in and type in the.address of the property and this will.tell you if it's USDA eligible or not.and then I will explain to you why this.is important so it is in an eligible.area what you need to do is you need to.print this screen out that is your your.protection that hey at the time of.listing it was in a USDA eligible area.if for some reason it wasn't this would.say is not so in this you would put USDA.if it was Bentley loan assumptions most.lenders no longer allow a loan.assumption and I never click on that if.you get an offer for a loan assumption.cross that bridge when you get there and.check with the seller's lender to see if.it's even able to be done the reason.this is important when you're clicking.on what is acceptable number one it.protects you if you get a two hundred.thirty five thousand dollar offer for.FHA the seller can't suddenly say well I.don't want to accept that hm you didn't.do your job.no you agreed to accept FHA offers but.also when you go to put this listing in.MLS you you're gonna represent that the.property is eligible for certain types.of financing say for instance you put.FHA and get an offer it gets accepted.you've got due diligence earnest money.and inspections on the line and then it.comes back that it's not FHA negligible.well you as the listing agent.representative was sorry for that leap.blowing when kids are going outside but.you represented that it was and what.could happen and of course we all know.it has to go to court in everything like.that the what could happen is you could.be sued and the buyers could say we want.all of our money back because.you should've known this was not an FHA.property you represented it as an FHA.eligible property and we lost money.because of your misrepresentation so.what I suggest is if you're not sure if.it's FHA eligible or VA eligible do not.put it in MLS you can click here but.don't put it in MLS disclosed in the.bottom that you're open to those but.that you're not going to be liable for.any if they're not eligible or not.buyers should insure beforehand.something to that effect so you come.down and it's firms compensation so as.we know guys fees are negotiable they're.not anything I charge 6% on our listings.most of the time there's very few times.that I just count my listing price I'm.not gonna say I'd never do because that.would be a lot there very few times if.for some reason you were gonna do like a.flat fee or instead of a percentage it's.a dollar amount that they agreed to pop.by okay you would take the percentage.out and then you would put we'll say.$5,000 a flat fee and that's where we go.but in this instance we're going to do.6% and then it says the circumstances.set out have not occurred and it's.within 90 days after expiration seller.directly or indirectly sales or.exchanges the property or anything like.that.anybody that has seen the property.during the term of this listing your.agreement that you're still do a.commission I generally do 90 days that's.three months six months is a really.really long time a years even longer and.I guarantee you're not going to keep up.with the property and who all feud it.that long fees are doing payable so once.earned I set forth above the fee will be.doing people at payable at the earliest.of distribution of proceeds from the.sale the seller speller to sell the.property included but not limited to the.sellers refusal to sign an offer to.purchase the property at the price and.terms stated herein remember what we.talked about so remember guys like.they're they're saying if you bring me.offer that abides by the terms we're.setting out in this contract.I'm gonna sell it so if you do that as.their listing agent you or do a.commission whether the seller wants to.sell or changes their mind or what um.transfer of interest and business entity.if the seller is a partnership.corporation or other business and entity.and an interest in the partnership.corporation or other business entity is.transferred whether by merger outright.purchase or other lot otherwise in lieu.of a sale of the property and a full.boat applicable law does not prohibit.the payment of a fee or Commission so.what that means to say you took on a.listing for a company that was building.houses right.and suddenly the company decides hey.we're going to change our name and.Jonathan's not going to be a part of.this company anymore.and so we we don't have a valid listing.agreement anymore I'm not paying you.anything what this is saying is that no.they still owe you money.they can't just change their name or.transfer a partnership interest or.anything this listing agreement conveys.with any kind of change within the.business itself additional compensation.so if additional compensation incentives.bonuses rebates or any other valuable.consideration is offered to the firm.from any other party or person in.connection with the Sullivan property.the seller will permit the firm to.receive it in addition to the fee of the.sellers are green to pay so what this.means is you know it's really odd that a.seller is going to get any kind of bonus.from anybody but say you get a gift card.from the home inspector and thanking you.for letting him in the listing the.seller can't say well that gift card was.worth $50 you need to deduct that $50.off of your commission a closing.attorney fees and costs if the firm is.the prevailing party in any legal.proceeding brought by the firm against.the seller to recover any or all fees.firms shall be entitled to recover from.seller reasonable attorney fees and.court calls so basically that means it's.mr. mrs. seller you don't do what you.say you're gonna do in this contractual.obligation and we have to take you to.court you're not only going to be.responsible for whatever the judge says.you are but also our our fees and the.cost it took us to take you to court.so says down here cooperate with.sub-agents representing the seller and.offer them the following compensation.the gross sales price exp does not let.you do that what that basically means is.mierda I could come in and I could show.your listing and I could take the and.say the buyer doesn't want me.representing them they want to represent.themselves if we clicked cooperate with.sub J sub agents and offer them this.price what would be happening is we.would essentially be giving up our.Commission is my understanding of it.from what XP said I've had it where I.used to click this in the XP said we.don't offer that so I never mess with.that one.cooperate with buyer agents representing.the buyer and offer them the following.compensation so 3% of the gross sales.price or if it were flat feed but it.right there in addition you're going to.cooperate with and compensate other.cooperating real estate firms according.to the firms attached policy firm will.promptly notify seller at compensation.offer to the cooperating real estate.firm is different than what is set forth.here below sellers should be careful.about disclosing confidential.information so basically you're saying.we're gonna we're gonna give the buyer.agent 3% of the 6% and then we're also.saying that hey that 3% is going to be.going to the real estate firm this down.here basically is about the realtor code.of ethics and our fiduciary duties and.all of that stuff and you're holding us.harmless for certain things and then.this is also where if our seller came in.and said you are not to show this.property to anybody that is Jewish we.would have to be like you know that's.against the law.I cannot discriminate on anybody based.off their race color religion sex.national origin handicap familial status.or any party or prospective party to.this agreement with regard Seth will do.these so on and so forth so it doesn't.matter what they say anybody that wants.to view that property if they are ready.willing and able they can view it and.they can buy it you cannot not let them.so commencement of marketing the firm is.authorized to commence marketing the.property as described and sub.rafi below on the effective date which.will be the date both party sign are in.a delayed marketing date so you get the.listing agreements on but they're not.ready to go live today what you're gonna.say is mr. and mrs. seller when when do.you think you're gonna be prepared to go.laughing they're gonna say Oh May first.we just need to get home clean and ready.for pictures great right here I'm going.to put on and I'm good May 1st as our.marketing day and the reason that's.important is if there was ever dispute.and they go you you didn't market our.property on April 18th.2020 so you didn't click this and you.didn't put their property live in MLS on.April 18 2020 you have breached your.contractual obligations at that point.even if they told you don't put it live.until May 1st if it's not in writing.statute of frauds so make sure that.you're coordinating with your sellers.the date they want marketing to begin.additionally say April 30th comes around.and they're not going to be ready for.May 1st you need to cross out May 1st.and put a new date in and all parties.need to initial think of it like.counteroffers you need to make sure that.anything that changes from the original.inception of the contract is changed on.the actual contract itself and all.parties initial beside of it understand.if the delayed marketing date is.selected that the property cannot be.shown to any real estate agents it can.the firm is obligated to present to the.seller any offers on the property that.may be submitted to the firm prior to.the delayed marketing date and it is in.the best interest of those sellers to.get the highest possible price on the.best terms for their property and.maximize exposure to a drive attract all.of the offers so basically what that's.saying is mr. mrs. seller I can't show.this to any real estate agents including.firms prior to the delayed marketing.date on here but if for some reason we.get an offer on your property before.then I have to present it to you and you.know we we can accept it still but I.need you to understand if we do that.that is not in your best interest most.of the time to accept an offer before.everybody that could be.interested it has had a chance to see it.then it says marketing authorization if.you click these you need to do them.again contractual obligations to signs.signs are going to be put in the.half-yard open houses are gonna happen.listing service so that means that we're.gonna put it in MLS lock boxes on the.door advertising other than internet so.flyers or anything like that and then.internet advertising this is where you.discuss some sellers don't want a sign.in their yard so if they're not you're.gonna make sure that that's not checked.they don't want their neighbors to know.they're selling some sellers are like no.I don't want a lockbox on my door and I.will have the key for you when showings.occur so you would but does not.authorize the firm to place a lot.lockbox.some don't want it in MLS so you're.gonna unclick that and then you're gonna.have them fill out a certification to.withhold from MLS and again they.understand that by doing that they're.not getting the best for their price but.make sure that you're clicking.everything that needs to be clicked it.says down here that the property like.the sellers have to understand that the.internet advertising that occurs is.usually syndicated from the mls and that.we as the firm have no control over.their websites like Zillow having the.wrong information.the wrong zestimate any comments that.are made about the property on social.media that are negative we don't have.any controller for that and this is the.disclosure about that to them so if you.get into it and they're like you didn't.do your job because Zillow is showing my.house is three veterans and it's really.for you can mister missus seller I.contacted Zillow but I had no control.over their website remember our listing.agreement that we signed where I just.lose that this could occur and there's.not much we can do it says no ncar form.105 may be used to limit or prohibit.internet advertising and explains how.such limitations may or may not be.effective so what that does it's.basically a disclosure form in AR if.they.say we don't want it syndicated too.Zillow or something like that if you're.doing coming soon so you're not supposed.to go live until May first but they're.going to be ready to roll pictures are.in on April 25th and you want to go.ahead and let every general public know.hey we've got this coming soon if you.thinking of buying a house don't buy it.until you see this one whatever the case.may be we're going to put it didn't.coming soon and then it says our are not.attached to this Agreement yes they are.because you're going to fill out the.coming soon at the same time that you're.filling out your listing agreement.you're coming soon forms are also in the.all forms drop down menu and you know if.you're gonna do that we'll go over it.it's a seller acknowledges and.understands that while marketing.services selected above will facilitate.the showing and sell of the property.certain risks are associated with them.including but not limited to and you.know we'll do everything we can but some.things are beyond our control.so unauthorized use of a lockbox I can't.control if John Smith from ABC Realty.does not go in showing time and you.can't hold me liable for that we can.file a complaint against John Smith they.can't hold me liable we have no control.of the visitors during or after a.showing or open house including the.taking of use and use of photographs of.videos in the property they're not.supposed to but we can't control that.so if John Smith is taking his buyers to.property and they take a picture and the.buyers are excited and they put it on.their social media we have no control.over that inappropriate use of.information about the property place on.the internet or furnished to any listing.services in the firm that's affirm.participation that goes back up here to.internet advertising we can't control.inaccurate information well and other.websites.it says information about the property.placed on the internet by or through any.listing services in which the firm.participates which is inaccurate or.dated or information about the property.which we remain on the internet.following the expiration so we've all.seen it where the listing expires and.it's still showing up on will say homes.calm and you.still showing as the listing agent.there's nothing we could do about that.seller acknowledges and understands that.neither before firm nor its agents have.control over information about the.property that has been placed on the.Internet.guys this is a big one this there's a.reason this keeps popping up and it's.because this is one of the biggest.complaint sellers have is my house.wasn't listed right on Coldwell bankers.website we have no control over that.notice this morning it may be a crime.under federal and state laws to listen.to or record and oral communication.through the use of electronic mechanical.or other devices without the consent of.the party that is happening so you need.to tell your sellers if you have.security systems ring doorbells whatever.the case may be that picks up voice you.need to disable those for showings we we.are not allowed to listen in on buyers.and their conversations with their.agents and you need to make sure that.your sellers know that earnest money so.unless otherwise provided in the sales.contract and initial and additional.artist money deposits and any other.Ernest monies paid in connection with.the transaction shall be held by the.firm in escrow until consummation or.termination of the transaction any.earnest money for feeted by reason of.the buyers default under sales contract.shall be divided equally between the.firm and the seller and no event shall.the Sun pay to the firm because of a.buyer's default be in excess of the fee.that would have been do if the sell it.closed as conflated in sales contract so.for instance you know an exp does not.hold earnest money usually the buyer.designates an attorney to hold darkness.money there are some listing firms that.require the earnest money be held there.like you know Allen Tate I believe.requires earnest money to be held at.their firm this is just letting the.seller know that hey if the buyer.defaults we're gonna split the money.because I weren't before yeah seller.representations is it in a flood zone so.the seller is gonna say is not does not.that's fine if they sound like if.they're 100 percent sure it's not in a.flood zone great.you still need to verify because.remember.the sellers we are we are held to a.higher standard than the sellers so the.seller may not know they're in a flood.zone but you ask the agent should know.that they're in a flood zone so FEMA.flood search maps this is just prior to.you know going going live you're doing.some research in the back in so you type.in FEMA flood maps it's gonna ask you.for an address 8230 and again this is.what you print out so you want to print.it out because flood maps can change any.time and you want to have proof that you.did your due diligence so if you look at.8230 Chilkoot Lane you will see that.this is zone X that is not a flood zone.it does not require any kind of special.hazard flood insurance but the address.itself is 80 to 30 it's this house right.here and you'll know this and you will.see that that is in the blue that is a.zone AE so you print that out and then.you as the agent should an agent remarks.be disclosing located in flood zone AE.and you should be going back to your.sellers and saying hey I know you said.you weren't in a flood zone but I'm.pulling your house up as a flood zone.are you sure you know I have to disclose.this just to let you know you come down.synthetic stucco owners association so.we have owners association its Meadow.Creek Village HOA it's you know the name.and address of the President and a.telephone number we you see the.management we would put all that in.there if it is new construction and then.you don't have to have them fill out the.property disclosure so you would put no.new construction is a home that is as.being built and has never been lived in.never been occupied whatsoever yeah I.don't care if the house was only.occupied three months it is not new.construction and they still have to do.the residential property disclosures and.you cannot put it in MLS as new at the.sellers expense the seller authorizes.and directs any owners association or.any management company of the owners.association.- the firm true and accurate copies of.all things so architectural guard.guidelines your account statement your.financials your CCR HR Articles of.Incorporation all of that this says hey.my seller authorized a cedar management.group to talk to me as their agent if.there is a termite bond you click is if.there is not you put not you'll find.that out from the seller and then has.the property been owned for less than.one year at least one year or does the.seller not own the property yet so.seller does not own the property yet a.way to think of that is you have an.investor and they are in the process of.building a house with the contractor and.everything and they're doing they're not.doing a construction firm the Builder.themselves are are footing the bill for.it so right now the builders name is.what's on that address and that property.in that house being built but you are.going ahead and getting a listing.agreement signing so what's going to.happen is once the Builder finishes the.property will convey to your seller and.then your seller is going to have you.put it on the market to make profit.that's one example of when does not own.the property that comes into play so.receipt of sample forms you can get your.sample offer to purchase and your.professional services disclosure in.election form here how you're going to.get the sample copy is you're going to.go up to print and then you're going to.put print sample and so what's gonna.happen is it's gonna have sample written.all across because we can't give out our.forms to just anybody.current liens if they have a balance.owed to their lender it is encumbered.and you're gonna find out who their.lender is the approximate balance of the.loan and phone number and address this.will be utilized for the closing.attorney if they own it outright you put.is not encumbered by the seller is.Colonel on all payments for loans.identified and the seller is not.defaulted on any loans identified in any.of these so you notice there's several.spots so if you have a first mortgage a.second mortgage or a line of credit or.something like that you would put all of.those in here.outstanding liens that may affect.proceeds so if the seller had a.contractor come in to work on their.house and a mechanic's lien was placed.for non-payment this needs to be.disclosed here because that's going to.have to be paid off that closing seller.is not under bankruptcy protection it is.not contemplating bankruptcy protection.those are material facts so they need to.be honest about it.seller represents that the property has.legal access to a public right-of-way if.access is by private road easement or.other seller further represents that.there is or is not an agreement.regarding maintenance of a private road.they will know this if they say I don't.know if we have a private road agreement.then they don't because they couldn't.have got a loan on the house without a.private row to bring up least to the.best the sellers knowledge the property.is or is not subject to at least so if.you're selling a property that has.tenants in it it's going to be subject.to a lease and if it's not then it is.not um if the property is subject to.lease or is not subject to a lease and.it is managed by a property management.company you need to get the managers.name and contact information because.they will need to know as well FHA.appraisal if you're taking on a listing.you need ask them has it been FHA.appraised in the last four months what.that means is they could have been.refinancing and an FHA appraiser came.out it could have been under contract.with another firm and an FHA appraisal.was performed whatever the case may be.what I will say in this is if you take.it on in it initially it has not been.performed on the property you go under.contract and an FHA appraisal does occur.and it comes in low or the contract.falls out you need to come back and fix.this and put has and then all parties.need to initial and a special assessment.so if there is a special assessment and.I'll give you some examples the HOA is.doing a $5,000 per household special.assessment in order to fix the roof the.county is doing a special assessment to.each homeowner of three thousand dollars.to connect to city water any kind of.special assessments are right there.and this says proposed or confirmed so.even if it isn't for sure thing your.sellers need to know if it's been.proposed you need to disclose it if you.guys are doing a manufactured or mobile.home you need to get the VIN numbers for.them if you have a fuel tank so if your.client if you're in the house and you.notice a gas stove or you notice a gas.fireplace you need to ask them is this.natural gas or your propane if there's.propane you need to know where the.propane tank is and then you need to.disclose that there are fuel tanks.located on the property then find out.deep on that tanker do you lease it when.was the last time it was filled up all.of that fun stuff.sellers duties um they are agreeing to.provide in a timely manner the property.disclosures mineral oil and gas rights.lead-based paint or lead-based paint.addendum provide the firm copies of.restrictive covenants bylaws all.Articles of Incorporation rules.regulation title insurance policies.attorneys some of these things they.won't have them we'll catch them in.title but they need to make a good.effort to get that to us seller.authorizes an attorney presently or.previously representing seller to.release and disclose any title insurance.policy information they're gonna the.seller is immediately going to refer all.enquiries or offers to the firm so what.that means your friend John Smith from.work once well our seller is John Smith.job Jones wants to buy this house and he.worked with him and he gives them an.offer the seller can't cut you out and.they can't negotiate and all that stuff.they need to tell you immediately seller.is representing that they're going to.provide a general warranty deed when.conveying the property fee-simple.marketable title that means that it they.can't you know we're gonna give you this.property but we're still going to retain.10% ownership in that seller represents.that they have the right to invade the.property under no current currently no.circumstances that prohibit the seller.from conveying marketable title I set.forth in the preceding sentence it.that4s follow so if there's any.exceptions that's where you put this if.any cell of the property is a short sale.consideration should be giving by.attaching NCAR form 104 as an addendum.so if there if the bank is approving a.short sale you need to put that addendum.on Home Inspections seller usually is.not going to agree for a home inspection.but some people are some agents like.that the home pre inspected and in this.case it would put agrees and then pay.for a home inspector home inspectors.come in within so many days of the.execution of this agreement this is if.you guys are going to offer a home.inspection for pre-listing put this here.and then come down and put in additional.terms because that is telling the seller.that he agreed to have a home inspection.done seller acknowledges receipt of copy.of questions and answers on the home.inspections again that's in your all.forms tab photographs and other.materials the seller understands that.those are bought for and paid and they.belong to the firm and so they terminate.with you they can't keep your flyers and.pass your photos on to the next agent.and then additional terms and conditions.is anything that you feel needs to be.said here if the seller says I want to.list my house at 5:50 I know you say.it's only worth five hundred.let's try five fifty but will reduce if.we don't get any bites down here you're.going to put seller agrees to reduce to.five hundred thousand for recommendation.of the agent if no offers are presented.by May 31st this is that contractual.obligation down there for them dual.agency this is we all know dual agency.but you're going to explain dual agency.again you should have done it with.working with real estate agents but.you're gonna explain it again and this.is where they authorize the firm to act.as at the wager so what they need to.understand is if they are authorizing.the firm to act as a dual agent and they.just initial right here that means that.you can represent a buyer and them if.they are like hey we want people in your.firm to be able to show the property but.we don't want you representing the buyer.then.would initial right here authorizing the.agency but then they would initial down.at the bottom saying designate an option.only if the sellers like no I don't want.your firm to represent a buyer at all.they need to understand that nobody with.the exp Realty can show their property.to any of their clients and then they.would initial right here they also need.to understand and if they are going to.do designate an agency and you just pop.up and have a buyer that happens to.inquire about it this can always be.changed it just needs to be authorized.in writing by both parties prior to an.offer being written mediation if the.dispute arises the seller is going to.agree to try and negotiate or mediate to.settle the dispute if the need for.mediation arises the parties will choose.a mutually acceptable mediator and will.share the cost of mediation equally wire.fraud warning nobody is ever going to.ask you to send them funds or gift cards.or anything like that towards the end of.the transaction you may get a request.from the closing attorney for wiring.information I always saw my sellers.before you do anything with that call me.and I'll confirm that it's real come.down you're gonna have all parties name.signature date it's good to have their.contact information and mailing address.on here if it's a corporation right here.is going to be the name of the.corporation so if it was ABC rbac.construction you put that in there by.it's gonna be the whoever the managing.member is is going to sign and date.you're going to print their name and.then their title within the corporation.and then put all their information this.is the firm's information license number.for the firm the office address the.agents signature so your signature your.license number date and all of that so.you'll notice your to make this an.executed binding agreement you're gonna.have to have all sellers initial down at.the bottom and.you initial down at the bottom on every.single page and then the signature page.at the end and once that occurs you have.an agreement so I'm going to go back for.a minute when you go to a listing.appointment bring your property.disclosures and you're gonna bring your.mineral oil and gas rights ideally they.should fill those out within 24 hours of.execution because that's gonna help you.complete the MLS listing so you come in.here you cannot fill these out for them.but you need to explain to them what yes.no no no but representation means and.you need to explain to them that even if.they choose no representation to a leak.in you as an agent no foresight there is.a leak you have to disclose that mmm so.yes means yes I know of a problem and.I'm gonna elaborate down at the bottom.no means nope absolutely sure there's.not a problem we're good to go no.representation means you know what I.really don't know if there is or isn't a.problem they need to understand that no.representation it scares people so if.they are going to put in their.representation a lot of people are going.to be gun-shy because a lot of people.look at that as oh they know something.they just don't want to tell us that's.not always the case but that's how the.general population looks at it that's a.quick question but do you know if any of.these forms like the MOG and the proper.disclosure do you know if that's.available in Spanish.it looks like it's all in English okay.but what we can do is after we finish we.can look on the North Carolina real.estate commission site and I can contact.one of our burglary charges and ask if.there's a way to have the forms in.Spanish okay sure there's got I would.think there are but then at the same.time you've got to understand these.forms are going in MLS being signed by.your buyers for your listing so if your.buyer doesn't know Spanish oh yeah I'm.not the one for them to fill out but in.Spanish so they know what they're.feeling out so they understand but I'll.be filling out the English one just have.the Spanish one as a reference that they.can yes so I can I can find out for you.for sure if for some reason there's not.what I would say is go through with them.because you're gonna be translating for.them right go through with them and.explain you're not filling it out you're.just explaining it you're translating it.you're not steering them to pick one way.or another and you're definitely not.putting your PIN to that paper oh no no.and that's what you would do right here.aim with the mineral oil and gas it's.asking you know hey did the previous.owners do this and have you done it yes.no no representation and then yes or no.because if a seller will know if they.themselves have severed the rights for.minerals or gas that's why they don't.have an option for no representation.there's any way for them not to know so.keep in mind this right here is buyers.initials your sellers are not going to.do anything on the left hand side.they're just going on the right hand.side and clicking boxes and then they.are signing where it says owner.signature asserting that they field is.owned so any questions about the listing.agreement.um I think I'm good.real quick I want to kind of show you in.matrix so first let you go to the.listing appointment you do your listing.a phrase presentation you get them to.sign the exclusive right coolest yay.first thing you're gonna do is you're.gonna put it in size loop and set up a.transaction in sky slopes so let me show.you this will be brief because it's kind.of self-explanatory it walks you through.but when you log into sky slow you're.going to have the option to manage or.create transactions manage or create.listings if you've done sky slope.training you know transactions or your.by side listings or your lists ID so.you're going to create a listing and.then you're going to click enter and sky.up there is going to walk you through.everything you need all the information.she's asking you is going to be on your.listing agreement which is why I say try.to get it filled out as thoroughly as.possible then comes time for putting it.in matrix so say you get it signed today.and you want to start working on your.MLS entry on the 22nd and you've got.disclosures back you go into your matrix.and you're gonna do an ad edit you're.going to add a new listing single family.home right you can do this several.different ways.you can feel from realist tax search or.you can start with a point listing or if.you previously had the listing and.inspired and you're doing a new one you.can still from that MLS number you.cannot feel from someone else's in a.lesson but only from yours and then it.walks you through adding in them you.guys will have here let me do an example.real quick so make sure your county is.checked if you're gonna fill from tax.records and sometimes it'll let you and.sometimes it won't but I just want to.get in so 8 to 3 0 chill boot plane and.use search alright so there it is I'm.gonna fill it in and so what that does.is it fills a lot of information and for.me already.you're gonna do incomplete because you.don't want anybody seeing this right now.right say you get to the point where.you're ready to go coming soon no show.you would do coming soon no show and put.May first because that was the date it.was supposed to go live in this box.right here on @midnight on May 1st is.automatically gonna go live or stay.you're ready to throw it active now and.it's may 1st and you're ready to go.you're can click active marketing date.May 1st and you go to your location.information you'll see tax records.filled most of it in there's going to be.some things that you do have to fill in.this is not going to let you submit.without all the required information in.what will happen and I'll see if I can.show you submit listing see how all.these red things popped up you've got to.put that information in tax location.you're going to find this on the tax.records and realist listing office.information you see it's got to have all.this stuff filled in so you're gonna go.through fill it all out and then when.you're ready click Submit and it'll put.it into and I'm gonna cancel it so I.don't actually have it but it's gonna.put it into your listings and so if it.is an incomplete listing it will show.under editable listings if it is under.contract it'll be under contract if it's.active active coming soon coming soon so.just to kind of go over some stuff with.you this is how it's going to look when.you put it in you have to put pictures.in MLS it doesn't have to be a lot it.can be just one but you got to put.pictures in MLS and as you're doing your.first one if you guys need help call me.reach out to me and I can help you with.that so once you get it in MLS you've.got to set up your showing time so you.will notice if you go into your showing.time let me see if I can get logged on I.do not remember my password or I could.do it in matrix here let me go to my.active listings will do what Hearst and.you guys can come down go edit and then.you can see where it says manage showing.time.and it's making me log back in first I.don't work because I need it or alright.so now you're in your showing time in.your under your listing this is where.you're going to put how the agents going.to access the home if it's on the combo.box what the combo is you're gonna add.your owners to here so they can confirm.it and then you're going to share this.app with them so that they can log in.with their email and home this is where.you put any showing restrictions.anything like that if you want as soon.as an appointment is confirmed if you.want an attachment of a brochure or.something you can set it from here so.that's your next step get it in MLS get.showing time set up once your showing.time is set up in your life you're on.the market a couple of things I do want.to say after you get the listing.agreement sign there are certain things.that you need to do in order to get your.your house on the market so one you're.going to need to measure it yourself or.get a measure professionally that's.going to give you this information let.me get to this information here and you.cannot submit the listing without this.information so you're going to want to.have your measurements then you're gonna.want to schedule your photos get your.sign and your lockbox out that's.literally the for things other completed.in MLS that you have to do this will go.along with your marketing what you do.for marketing and things like that so.for me I do professional carpet cleaning.so I would make sure that the carpets.are clean prior to pictures and then you.start marketing your listing on social.media you start you know checking out.any showing your quest what I do and not.everybody does but if you go into your.listing you can see what agents have.clients that this has gone out to and if.their clients liked the property it'll.have a light bulb if their clients.favorited the property and I'll have a.heart.you can email those agents directly from.here so that they can reach out to their.client to is there any questions this is.this is basically listings from listing.presentation getting things signed to.putting it in MLS.this is great stuff you have any.questions because I think your questions.are going to be really valuable to.anybody that might watch this in the.future I think I had a question but I.have to wait to speak with my client to.figure out how I'm going to print it in.the in the listing agreement so I guess.I guess once I figure out what that.question is going to be depending on.what they tell me.I can I can let you know and we can find.a way of maybe sharing it with everybody.else okay you want to tell me what the.question would be and what can just do.an example of what we would do if their.answer was what we thought it was going.to be yeah let me go back to sip forms.and.give me just a second anybody that's.gonna watch this this video I'm sorry.for the background noise yes I'm sorry.too I had my kids here to real life.training right oh yeah.so it was about the the fee if I'm.representing the client and helping them.buy a home and then I'm also helping.them sell their home I can offer them.instead of you know since the fee can be.instead of charging them six percent I.can say five percent because I'm helping.them right and then you would just.determine whether you're gonna get the.cooperating buyer's agent three percent.of that five two and a half percent of.that five what you're gonna do okay and.I would discuss that with your seller I.always let my seller know.and I'll give you the exact skills that.I give them right now.mr. and mrs. seller as a firm we are.charging you 5% of that 5% we offer a.portion of that to our buyers vigilance.I will say that part of my job is to.make sure your house is as marketable as.possible so you need to understand what.the implications could be although.they're not supposed to.there are realtors out there that will.still steer their buyer away from your.house if you do not offer at least 3%.they're not supposed to do that and you.don't have to offer 3% but I want you to.know the pros and cons and the way I.look at it is think of it this way if.there are four houses four so in your.community including yours and three of.those houses are very similar to yours.and those particular agents are offering.buyer's agents 3% and then the buyer.agent comes to your house they're going.to disclose to their client hey you're.gonna have to come to the table with the.other point zero five percent for my.compensation and most of the time buyers.are going to go to the house where they.don't have to bring as much money so I.strongly strongly recommend of that five.percent that we offer a buyer's agent at.least three percent and if you're not.comfortable with that let's discuss why.at the end of the day you have to do.with your seller tells you to do you.want them to know the worst thing in the.world to do is to discount your.commission to five percent and then you.keep three percent and give a buyer's.agent two percent and in the listing.agreement it did not specify that.because then you're in breach of.contract additionally you're gonna get.some side-eye from an agent at the.closing table when they see you took the.whole three percent and makes it - okay.got it.also remember if you're going to for.double deals if you're going to discount.Commission still like for me what I do.with my clients is usually someone is.selling their home and buying something.more expensive so I will discount my.list side Commission but I won't.discount my buyers on Commission okay.questions nope I think that was it.alright I'm gonna stop the screenshare.and I'm gonna stop recording you hold on.one sec.

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