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[Music].hello welcome to the unemployment.insurance agency Michigan employer.informational webinar my name is Darryl.hunter division administrator for tax.and employer Services in the Michigan.unemployment insurance agency today.we're going to be talking about some.programs that can be beneficial for.employers in case your company is.affected by the corona virus epidemic or.in any other situation when layoffs are.a possibility we want you to know that.the uia is here to assist you in your.workers and we want you to have all the.information you need to be prepared.please make sure you contact us at our.Ombudsman department at 855 four eight.four two six three six.that's our office of employer Ombudsman.we have several employees there waiting.to take your calls there's also a chat.option where you can talk to a live.representative during the hours of 8:00.and 5:00 after hours if you go to your.my wham account at WWE chigan gov / UI a.you may leave us a web notice on your.uia account we know these are tough.times but we're here to help there's.also a feature that while you're waiting.online we'll give you a call back and.you will not lose your space in line our.first presenter is Dineen Tess and she's.going to talk to you about some of our.programs in uia that will assist Thank.You Darryl my name is Dineen test I am.the field audit manager at tax and.employer services with the unemployment.insurance agency today you will hear.presentations about the work share.program you will hear about our employer.file claims program by Tawana rogers as.well as a presentation by Samuel Johnson.and the benefits division special.projects at the end Angela Williams the.tax office manager.we'll provide you with frequently asked.questions that you may have we here at.the unemployment insurance agency have.compiled information to help you.understand the role that the uia can.play in your planning covin 19 is.affecting workplaces throughout Michigan.the nation and the world we know you are.trying to understand the financial.impact Cova 1990 Cove in nineteen will.have on your business we also know you.are looking for ways to be flexible and.accommodate the needs of your employees.and support the communities in which you.do business on March 22nd 2020 governor.Whitmer issued executive order 20 2020.which imposed limited and temporary.restrictions on the use of places of.public accommodations examples of.Venice's businesses that were affected.include restaurants breweries bars.vaping lounges libraries museums.gymnasiums fitness centers exercise.studios spas casinos for a complete list.please visit WWE ghen gov and look at.the conveyor Karuna virus affected.executive order 20-20-20 excludes.businesses such as grocery stores.pharmacies drug stores health care.facilities residential care facilities.crisis shop learners and food courts.inside the secured zones of airports.in response to the executive order our.staff has created a guide for you who.are complaint contemplating potential.layoffs if you are planning to cease or.limit operations employers are strongly.encouraged to place their employees on a.temporary leave as opposed to.termination temporary leave for an.employee could potentially provide them.with paid family medical leave employers.are also encouraged to advise their.worker that they are expected to have.work available for them within 120 days.[Music].here at uia we have provided the.employer with suggested steps for.placing your employee on unpaid leave.some of these suggestions are let the.employee know that the situation is.fluid and subject to change provide your.employee with a formal unemployment.compensation notice UI a form 17:11.communicate to the employee about their.rights as of March 16 2020 if workers.are placed on leave due to closures sick.quarantine immuno comprised or have an.unanticipated Family Care.responsibilities they are eligible for.unemployment insurance benefits please.ensure your employees are provided with.information on how to obtain.unemployment insurance benefits other.suggestions include obtaining each.employee's up-to-date contact.information communicate with your.employees with up-to-date information on.your website internet or whatever.applicable that you have you may appoint.a single or limited number of.individuals to look feel questions and.communicate information directly to your.employees it is suggestion that you keep.a tally of all questions and answers and.periodically share those with those who.are separated.as an employer you may ask but what if I.have to layoff an employee where do I.refer these employees please know that.Michigan's unemployment insurance.program provides temporary income to.workers who have lost their job through.no fault of their own the program is.funded through unemployment taxes paid.by the employers employers are suggested.to refer their employees to the michigan.web account manager also known as my lam.for faster service we strongly encourage.you to inform your poi to have them file.for their unemployment claim online.through their my Lam account please note.that due to the high volume use during.the office hours of 8:00 to 5:00 they.may experience slow use we suggest using.this function on non peak hours please.also note that local offices are closed.and are only by appointment only a call.for an appointment can be used at one.eight six six five zero zero zero zero.one seven please also know that you.should inform your employee that @ww.michigan.gov/uia they can have they can.view the toolkit for claimants as well.as fact sheet number one sixty that may.answer their questions regarding.claiming unemployment benefits in.Michigan during the Kovan 19 on March 16.2020 and continuing through midnight on.April 14th 2020 governor Whitmer enacted.executive order 2020 - 10 this is.allowing temporary expansion expansions.and unemployment eligibility and.cost-sharing.Executive 2020 - ten extended.unemployment benefits would be extended.to workers who have unanticipated family.care responsibilities including those.who have childcare responsibilities due.to school closures are those who are.forced to care for loved ones who become.ill it also extends unemployment.benefits to workers who are sick.quarantine or immuno comprised and who.do not have access to paid family and.medical leave or are laid off it extends.to first responders in the public health.community who become ill or are.quarantined.due to exposure to cope in nineteen.executive order 2020 - ten also allows.access to benefits for unemployed.workers will also be extended we have.increased the benefit weeks from twenty.to twenty six the application.eligibility period will be increased.from 14 to 28 days the registration and.work search requirements will be.suspended please note that not waived.during on the executive order 20 2010.are the eligibility requirements.regarding monetary requirements for.information regarding eligibility.benefits please go to WWE and go view.the toolkit for claimants.[Music].some employers hire independent.contractors pay their persons in cash or.issue a 1099 please note that.independent contractors paid in cash or.1099 are not eligible for unemployment.benefits to determine if a person is an.employee or an independent contractor.the state of michigan uia follows the 20.factor IRS tests fact sheet number 155.located on WWE chigan gov will tell the.employer whether or not this person is.an employee or an independent contractor.as an employer you might ask what if I.misclassified my worker as an.independent contractor pay them in cash.or 1099 when I should have noted them as.an employee we suggest that that person.file a claim for benefits a claims.investigation will be open when there.are questions about the employer status.or wages and services a claims.investigation case is used to determine.the claimants eligibility for benefits.and the amount of the benefit the.claimant is entitled to it is also used.by the agency to make determinations of.employer liability and assessment of.taxes you will be contacted by an.auditor with questions regarding the.independent contractor the person paid.in cash or the 1099 please answer the.auditors questions either by telephone.or by email in order to facilitate the.payment for benefits.[Music].next is the work share program work.share is an alternative to layoffs it's.an option for employers to reduce.employee hours instead of cutting the.workforce this helps employers retain.their skilled workforce and helps.workers maintain their jobs during a.downturn in business the advantages of.work share is that it minimizes or.eliminates the need for layoffs.businesses can reduce employee work.hours to reflect decreases in business.demand it enables a business to retain.trained employees and avoid the expense.of recruiting hiring and training new.employees when the business improves it.saves money and keeps your skilled.workforce and tack it can be used in.almost any type of business or industry.employees are spared the hardship of.full unemployment and receive more.income than if they were fully laid off.how does work share work well rather.than being laid off employees work a.reduced number of hours and receive a.portion of their potential weekly.unemployment compensation based on the.percentage of the reduction in hours for.example if your employees weekly.unemployment benefit amount is 360.dollars and their hours and wages are.reduced by 20% the worker would receive.a weekly work share benefit payment of.72 dollars what is the employers.responsibility for work share.eligibility well the employer must have.paid wages for 12 the previous quarters.waived by the executive order are the.unemployment taxes must be current also.waived is the experience account must.have a positive reserve.what are the employer requirements for.work chair the employee work hours must.be reduced by at least 15 percent but no.more than 45 percent all employees in.the affected unit must participate in.work share the employer cannot hire new.employees into the affected work unit or.transfer employees into the unit nor.reduce work hours below the number.agreed upon the plans may be approved.for up to 52 weeks who can participate.in work share any employer whose.reduction in production services or.other conditions which will cause.potential layoffs participating.employees must be eligible for regular.unemployment benefits be a full-time.employee and have earned a sufficient.amount of wages in order to establish an.unemployment claim and receive work.share benefits please note that work.share does not apply to seasonal.temporary or intermittent employment.some details for a work share plan.include implementation for one or more.departments shifts or units a unit can.consists of two or more employees as the.employer you have the flexibility to.stop or continue with the time frame of.your approved application factsheet.number one five six located on WWE.chigan gov /u ia will provide you the.employer with information on questions.that you might have regarding program.eligibility and application process for.more information please call one eight.four four wo RK s thr or you may call.the office of employer Ombudsman at one.eight five five four eight four two six.three six next I'd like to introduce.Tawana Rogers will give you information.regarding employer filed claims thank.you thank you Denning what is the.employer file claims program the EFC.program as we call it allows authorized.employers to submit unemployment claims.information online on behalf of their.full-time workers who are temporarily or.permanently laid off this fast secure.way of transferring claims information.allows the employer to better manage the.accuracy of the information provided.Tullio uia using EFC also means.employers will have a record of all.approved layoffs to match against.incoming unemployment charges to your.account.is the employer file claims program.right for you one have at least one or.more layoffs yearly this would count as.your one layoff yearly to have full-time.permanent employees that file for.unemployment benefits at least once a.year if your employee has never filed a.claim this would be considered as their.once per year 3 you the employer must.have a Michigan web Account Manager am i.WAM account this is how you access and.submit a file benefits to EFC program.participants participants are your.employees there are climates the.participants climates will get an.exclusive team of UI customer service.professionals with a toll on a toll-free.hotline to service the needs of EFC.program participants so each time that.they file a claim if they have any.questions they would access our.toll-free line and speak with an.approved EFC agent temporary waivers of.work registrations are available to.assist employers but with this day and.time of what's going on waivers are not.required to apply but in the future said.you need unemployment claims you would.not that would not have to do an.application it would be part of the file.that you would send us we offer.informational meetings customer help.resources materials for employers and.for the workers I'll explain different.fliers and options we have now that we.can't go out and see employers or come.to your locations.the authorization process you would.consult with the EFC analysts such as.myself regarding the file specification.to ensure all necessary claim.information and software is available.for your claims submission you will.review an email of the MOU the memo of.understanding our agreement the file.specification and a sample file we.emailed that to you.once you have contact with someone from.employer file claims a company officer.signs the MOU.a EFC analysts authorize your employer.account for employer file claims so that.you can submit the prepared file.informational seminars for upcoming.layoffs can be scheduled and.informational fliers are drafted the MOU.or our agreement so the agreement is.signed by office of your company in the.unemployment agency your file will be.submitted to UI a by the 8th business.day after the effective date of layoffs.so you have 8 days after the last day of.work a business days to submit that file.so that all of the claims are timely.federal requirements relating to.verification of each workers SSN has to.be met with the w2 verification system.that's an employer's responsibility to.make sure all workers are have are.allowed to work in the United States.also all legal documents will be mailed.to each claimant based on the contact.information submitted by your company so.it's very important that when you submit.that file that you have the current.information for your employees we agree.to electronically transmit a weekly list.of benefit payments so that you can see.who has requested unemployment for.particular weeks.I have a couple of samples to show you.the informational flyer would be.prepared for your company with your.company name on it it explained to their.your employees what's going to happen.after the last day of work what their.responsibility is and what they need to.look out for what they need to do for.the layoffs this is a document that is.mailed to claimants after you have.submitted a file it generates a monetary.determination or the uia 1575 C it tells.them that I put the employer has filed a.claim on their behalf you don't have.your company name it'll give them their.claim summary their weekly benefit.amount.how many weeks they're eligible for how.long their claim is for it gives them.all the necessary information and our.contact information for employer filed.claims a second example of a letter they.might received after you've submitted a.file would be notice of an employer.filed claim processed as an additional.claim this is called the uia 1220 letter.these letters are not issued for someone.who files a claim on their own it's only.issued for employer filed claims so that.we can inform them that you have have.successively successfully filed a claim.on their behalf also no mid-page it.gives a day of the week in an hour for.Marvin or certifying that doesn't exist.you can call Marvin 8:00 a.m. to 7 p.m..Monday through Saturday or they can log.into the my wim account and process.Marvin or certify that information and.any other work registration any.pertinent information to their claim is.found on this letter we instruct.employers to instruct their employees to.watch for this letter.my EFC contact information.I am Tawana Rogers on the analyst in the.employ file claims unit we also have.Brad Jimmerson who's also an analyst in.the unit you can call us directly to get.more information if you like the.information emailed to you please use.our mailbox e FC at Michigan gov if you.call the employer line office of.employer Ombudsman that's eight five.five four eight four two six three six.option two is employer filed claims that.does put you into the customer service.phones for claimants you would just ask.one of the agents to transfer you to an.analyst or the manager because you're.interested in the employer file claims.program thank you.next we'll have the Trade Adjustment.Assistance taa by Samuel Johnson thanks.to water so my name is Sam Johnson and.I'm here to talk to you about Trade.Adjustment Assistance or taa taa is.potentially useful for Human Resources.it provides assistance to workers who.lose their jobs as a result of foreign.trade an increase in imports the shift.in production or acquisition of services.from another country so this includes.offshoring and separations could have.occurred anywhere in the past year the.intent is to help laid-off workers.return to work as quickly as possible at.a comparable wage.as far as eligibility your workers must.have had a qualifying separation on or.after the impact date and before the.expiration date of the certification to.be eligible for services and those dates.are provided by the US Department of.Labor please note that workers who have.a document at separation in the future.may be eligible for services also.including classroom training and.registered apprenticeships the major.components of the taa program are case.management services free training job.search allowances relocation allowances.reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance.or RTA a trade readjustment allowances.or tra and health coverage tax credit or.HCTC as far as training goes there are.two types there's employer based.training and those classroom training.and please note that eligibility for.training has to be determined by.Michigan Works and must be approved by.them first employer based training.breaks down into three different types.there's on-the-job training where the.taa program can pay for a portion of the.wages while the person's learning a job.there's customized training which is.requested by an employer or a group of.employers the promise to hire afterwards.and there's also registered.apprenticeships.for job search relocation allowances.here are some details for job search.allowances it assists workers to secure.a suitable work outside their normal.commuting area in Michigan right now.that means anywhere more than five miles.away from the residence reimbursement.can be up to 90% of allowable costs up.to one thousand twelve two hundred and.fifty dollars relocation allowances.allows workers to move and their.families to relocate anywhere in the.continental US more than five miles away.from their current residence if they.find suitable work reimbursement again.it's up to 90 percent of reasonable and.necessary expenses that can also be an.additional lump sum of one thousand two.hundred and fifty dollars the health.coverage tax credit program or HCTC.is actually administered by the IRS and.what that is briefly is that if the.person has the right kind of insurance.the program can cover seventy two and a.half percent of allowable premium costs.and one thing that employers provide is.Cobra that is one type of insurance that.is allowable for this program at the.bottom of this slide is the address for.the IRS site for more information and.for individuals to sign up for the.program the last benefit I'm going to.discuss is the RTA a program here's a.wage subsidy to help people bridge the.gap between what they used to make in.the old job and what they get in new.employment individuals must be at least.50 years old and apply within the.eligibility period which is usually two.years when they get the job and the new.job has to pay less than $50,000 a year.not counting overtime.[Music].for more information which includes how.to submit a petition to the US.Department of Labor you can contact the.state of Michigan Workforce Development.at five one seven three three five 58 58.or email them at taa.at Michigan gov also provided is the.Department of Labor website which gives.you information about the Trade Act.program thank you.next I'll turn it over to Angela.Williams good afternoon again my name is.Angela Williams and I am the tax office.manager and as we've worked on this for.the last few weeks we found that there's.a similarity in questions and so we've.created a Q&A for you all and I'm gonna.get started with the first question will.an employer benefit claim affect me as.the employer employees claiming.unemployment must file with the.unemployment office when they claim.unemployment benefits you will receive a.monetary determination letter which is a.UI a 1 5 7 5 e letting you know who.filed a claim and how many weeks of.eligibility that claimant has according.to executive order number 2020 - 10.temporary expansions and unemployment.eligibility and cost-sharing signed by.Governor Gretchen Whitmer on March 16.2020 indicates the following effective.immediately and continuing until April.14 2020 at 11:59 p.m. an employer or.employing unit must not be charged for.unemployment benefits if their employees.become unemployed because of executive.order requiring them to close or limit.operations next question what if I'm not.listed as an affected industry if you.are not in affected industry benefits.payments being charged to your employer.tax account will result in an increased.UI tax and tax rates.can I protest the employee benefit claim.absolutely yes as an employer you can.protest the employee claim if you feel.that the employees should not receive.benefits protest instructions are.located on the monetary determination.letter you received informing of the.claimant name and amount of the weekly.benefit and the benefit of this is also.this detects fraud and allows us to.collaborate and work together.I am requiring an employee to take a.leave of absence due to kovat 19 will.the employee be eligible for.unemployment benefits yes according to.executive order 2020 - ten's permits.benefits however please let me repeat.this however workers who are receiving.vacation paid sick pay personal time off.equivalent to their normal weight of pay.are ineligible for unemployment benefits.also if you provide your employee with.severance pay bonus pay let me just give.you some money to help you tied over pay.they may not be eligible for benefits if.you ask why because vacation paid sick.pay pto severance pay bonuses are all.considered wages my employee is taking a.voluntary unpaid leave of absence as a.result of kovat 19 will the employee be.eligible for unemployment benefits.according to executive order 2020 - 10.permits the employee to be in to be.eligible for benefits what should I do.if I cannot file my quarterly wage.report or pay my UI taxes on time due to.the kovat 19 wage detail and UI tax.payments for the first quarter 2020 are.still due on April 25th we are sensitive.to the crisis to the detriment of our.society but we are still.acquiring you to pay your quarterly.taxes on time however if you cannot pay.your quarterly taxes on time please.request a waiver through your my whelmed.account and another alternative is.employers can also be eligible for.apportionment apportionment can be.requested if you are a contributing.employer having 25 or less employees you.can spread your first corner payment.over four quarters to do this you must.again log into your my WAM account and.check the apportionment box when filing.your quarterly report we know that this.is a public health crisis and it's.creating economic hardship for our.Michigan families and we are here for.you and we understand that people are.calling and they can't get through to.the lines people are complaining but.this is also a crisis for us as well but.we are doing everything here at uia to.meet your needs we are encouraging you.to work online to get everything done.timely again if you need any assistance.you can contact our office and employer.Ombudsman office at one eight five five.four eight four two six three six I'm.going to change it turn it over to our.administrator Darryl hunter for our.concluding comments thank you thanks.Angela and everyone now we know that.this public health crisis is creating.economic hardship and an excruciatingly.time for people businesses of all sizes.and communities across the state but we.are here to assist you for any.information that you need please contact.our office of employer Ombudsman that's.our Ohio at one eight five five four.eight four two six three six now at that.number you have the option to chat and.if the lines are long.we'll call you back but please make sure.that you contact us for any information.that you need also you may send us a web.notice through your my way account at.WWE chigan gov / UI a we have some.additional websites for you to look into.as it relates to the coronavirus.throughout throughout Michigan these.sites will be able to help answer some.questions that you have especially.according to the newzik executive orders.that the governor may release and for.more guidance on applying for seeking.liquidity relief including applying for.economic injury disaster loans visit the.Small Business Development Center or.contact the Michigan Economic.Development Corporation for support that.number is eight eight eight five two two.zero one zero three if you have any.questions again we will try to answer.them on this YouTube and also contact.our offices we thank you please stay.safe.

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CocoSign is a browser based system and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the easiest method to e-sign their Form Uia 1718 .

It offers an all in one package including protection, enjoyment and effectiveness. Follow these points to write down a signature to a form online:

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  3. Pick the option of "My Signature” and pick it.
  4. You will be given way after picking 'My Signature'. You can choose your personal signature.
  5. Personalize your e-signature and pick 'Ok'.
  6. Tick "Done".

You have successfully finish the signature online . You can access your form and foward it. Excluding the e-sign way CocoSign come up with features, such as add field, invite to sign, combine documents, etc.

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Google Chrome is one of the most liked browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of various tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

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Form Uia 1718 FAQs

Here you can obtain details to the most popular questions about Form Uia 1718 . If you have specific queries, tick 'Contact Us' at the top of the site.

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Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?

While I did not study physics this is something that relates to my field as well. One thing to remember is the scope of the field which you are talking about. With physics it might seem narrower than History or Archaeology but I suspect that when you boil it down it isn’t. It would be impossible to cover everything in a subject even going all the way through to gaining a doctorate. The answer you got and posted up is very accurate and extremely good advice. What a lot of it boils down to in education (especially nowadays) is not so much teaching specific facts but teaching themes and how to find Continue Reading

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