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Utilize CocoSign's riches of templates and custom-make your own Crst Carrier Packet Form as the guideline below indicates, trimming turnaround time considerably and streamlining your workflow like no other.

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Tips on completing the Crst Carrier Packet Form

youtube video

Key Elements of Writing the Crst Carrier Packet Form

hi guys we are back with another video.um we have been getting a lot of.requests on how to create a carrier.and/or a customer packet so what we're.gonna do in this video we're gonna first.start off by creating your company's.profile sheet that's normally the first.sheet that you see when you do send over.that packet to a carrier or you do send.over that packet to a customer the first.thing they are going to see is your.profile sheet and a company profile is.kind of like each of us have a resume so.for our personal it will be our personal.resume with you know any jobs you have.works education and so forth well for.your company is all of the information.about your company for example the.company name and address phone number.and fax number your Duns number if you.have a website you will put that on.there.any of your references your insurance.information banking information and so.forth it's just a basic profile of your.company you would send that that will be.the first sheet that you send over along.with other documents and we will talk.about that later so if you guys are.watching this video you can do it along.with me or you can just watch what we.did here was went ahead and open up a.blank Word document at the top left hand.corner we have our logo if you don't.have a logo don't worry about it you can.actually start off with just your.company name and then what we will.probably do next is put our company.information.our company and you can create it or.format you know your company profile.however you like this is just a basic.document that we're gonna do to.basically show you what a profile.company profile sheet should look like.and normally again this is the first.document when you're creating your.carrier or customer packet that you.would send over when we send our packets.over we have all of the documents Canton.until one PDF so we would just send that.one document and everything it is in.that document so this video may be a.little lengthy we will try not to make.it too long we're just gonna try to make.a profile something simple nothing fancy.okay so you know if you like you can.have this as your heading and then you.could come down and put all of your.information here um so we could do our.like tax ID e AI n oh yeah yeah if you.have a Duns number.any type of numbers you have you know.registered and you know you could put.put it here and so you put your EIN your.Duns number you would probably do.references.you.and.it's just a sample guy so you know these.are not actual companies that we're.doing also when you do your references.the content names they'll be variant.that is very important.you can put contact and of course you.would have a name for your reference and.it's always good to at least have three.references when you're creating your.references so we'll put this over in the.middle we'll probably both that make it.about okay then you may have your.banking information with your bank in.you maybe with um let's see Wells Fargo.account number okay and we're gonna put.that on a second lon we're going to have.little Fargo it's going to be located at.that's gonna be the branch that you do.all your banking information with you.will probably want to put their phone.number the banking information move that.to the middle and this.just a basic company profile you could.be as fancy as you want guys we're just.kind of giving you a idea of how to.create your company profile and then.we'll also let you look at a few other.company profiles but this is just basic.you know Elementary somebody that's.started out not really curious on what.to do you know this is just basic.information so and that you may want to.put your insurance information let's.just say we're gonna put progressive you.know whatever your insurance company.name you'll also put their address so.you put their address the contact person.on to Indy Lewis from 802 to 9 1 234.attention 1 2 3 if they have a fax.number you want to put that on there too.and then you'll also want to put your.account number or policy now.okay and then again you want to go ahead.and make the changes to make everything.look uniformed and this is just creating.your profile guys so you kind of have.the hang of it you know you want to put.your EIN number if you have a Duns.number you'll put your dun number there.your references banking information.anything about your company guys it kind.of looks like a resume but this is.information about your company also if.you have officers in your company let's.say you have an accounting department.let's say you have you know different.departments you can also have a bottom.section for contact you can have.accounting you can put an email address.or you can do customer service and so.forth and you can have all your contacts.listed here for different departments in.your company so if somebody does have.that profile sheet they'll know exactly.you know who to contact concerning their.issue um it's also always good to have.you know your website one here as well.your website and email address okay and.again guys is this your pay your basic.sheet your company profile sheet so ours.doesn't look too fancy but this just.give you an idea of how to create your.main company profile sheet again it's.going to be any pertinent information.concerning your business you can do this.however you like so now that we have.created you know just a sample form.we're going to look at some other.companies so you can kind of get an idea.of how everything should look all righty.so this is absolute this is their.carrier setup packet okay.their carrier setup packet and I forgot.to talk about the MC and DLC number you.do want to put that as well and again.they have their mailing address here in.the red and if you look below their.mailing address they have their MC.number their tax ID number their scat.code their Duns number banking.information SunTrust Atlanta Georgia.their surety bond and their insurance so.they have all the information about.their company again they have formatted.their sheep different you can format it.however you like right by their name.they have their logo okay then they also.have some information about their.company in 2012 13 14 and 15.they were the fast 50 award winner for.star rated internet trust I'm member so.this is all great things about their.company and again guys you want to.include that so people can know more.about you your brokerage or your.trucking company just because you have a.trucking company doesn't mean you can't.have a company profile sheet again this.is your resume and whenever you send.something over to others and they want.to learn more about your company they.will have that profile sheet to go off.of.okay and actually on their profile sheet.if you can see they have their p o-- box.address phone number fax number and.email address at the bottom on the sheet.that we did the practice sheet we added.it at the top however it doesn't matter.top bottom you know whatever your.preference is so let's continue to go.ahead and look through their packet so.next they have the new carrier document.checklist this is everything they need.to go ahead and get you set up with.their company the carrier profile the.broker carrier agreement your w9m c and.your certificate of insurance okay this.is a carrier profile normally this is.your second piece of information you.need in your packet so first it's going.to be your customer packet make sure you.take notes guys your customer.information packet that is the first.packet first sheet of paper that you.want to have second you want to have.some type of carrier profile now you can.type it up yourself you can go on google.and you can actually download a copy you.can just type in carrier profile.template you can download it but this is.the second sheet of information you need.to know your carrier you need their MC.MDOT number their tax ID number their.name their address dispatch information.operations manager after-hours contact.if there is an emergency who can you.contact.um some companies also want to know how.many trust is that carrier you have how.many trailers the type of trailers if.they do team work and so forth insurance.company name phone number and.information so you can call to get that.certificate holder you may also have you.know freight that goes to the port and.if it does you may want to know this is.carrier have twig there drivers have to.it that way if you get free and it has.to go to the port you know hey maybe.this carrier is interested let me give.them a call or so forth so the carrier.profile is just all the information in.regards to your carrier and then you.also may want that carrier to give.references so you can call their.references in Tennessee you know what.type of work does that carrier do are.they on time are they late for their.appointments.um do they counsel those you know.whatever you want to know the reputation.of that carrier especially of that.carrier haven't been around a long time.and their MC area Authority is he knew.so this is all up to your discretion.some companies just do the carrier.profile but you may want reference this.as well again this is the EPS packet.then they have their payment terms so.with your packet you want to make sure.you have your payment terms how can that.carrier get paid how does your brokerage.pay you know where do they send their.paperwork to so this is the payment.terms they pay 28 days from the date of.receipt so you can do an email to.accounting at EPS logistics fax or you.can mail it in um they also have a name.and phone number you could come tack.someone in accounting concerning your.payment they also have a quick pay.available and make sure you read the.fine print quick pay is available after.three loads have been completed so if.you sign it with apps and you only have.completed one load to their carriers you.cannot get quick pay that's why carriers.have factoring company so they can make.sure they receive that quick pay so the.for flow that that carrier does qualify.however your brokerage or your company.may say we offer quit pay for a 5% fee.their quick pay is 2.5 2.5 percent of is.over 800 or $20.00 flat fee of is under.$800 so you just want to have you know.your payment terms and then the most.important this is the meat of your.carrier packet is the broker care of.your country now we get a lot of.questions guys on how to create this it.is so easy you actually can go over here.to a thing called Google you can type in.broker carrier agreement PDF they have.certain ones you can download or you can.type in dot if you do doc again you have.so many of them that you can download.broker carrier agreement and.you can just change it up and put it.into your own words make sure everything.goes out of there if you download a.sample one make sure you have all of.your company information in there or you.can print it off and you can type up.your own a broker carrier contract that.is something you can find on Google and.this is the basic of a broker and.carrier contract you're going to have.the date between the carrier and their.MC number and that brokerage now with.this brokerage they want you to initial.each page for the contract and then.you're going to sign the last page okay.so the end of each broker and carrier.agreement or contract they have a place.for the carrier name signature to print.their name and also title and most of.the time they have date as well I'm not.sure whether date is left off of this.one but a lot of them do have the date.so this is just basically one packet one.sample packet and everything that is in.it so now guys we're gonna go ahead and.look at another one which is a really.big company by the name of tql all.righty now this is their company profile.sheet as you can see in the top.left-hand corner they have their company.name at logo they also have a billing.address in an overnight address they.also have the company phone number the.1-800 or the 5:13 alrighty they have a.little bit of information about their.company and the box below that and then.again under tql company information they.have their tax ID their MC number their.blue book number their red book number.their Duns number how many employees.they have insurance in the middle their.banking information over on the right.they have a surety bond $200,000 surety.but they also put you know a little bit.extra so Reaser sahaba tql their carrier.references these are carriers and all.Loes for them you know these are the.carrier references they have and this is.a really good example of a profile sheet.again the one we did was just basic but.this is a really good example and again.at the bottom you know they just have.their open 24 hours a day seven days a.week.okay this is their carrier profile form.carry your name dispatchers address and.so forth their payment terms and you.could create your payment terms however.you like but you do need to include it.so your carriers know how they can get.paid they do a one-day quick pay at five.percent charge payment is made with a.come check which includes a twenty five.dollar port in per invoice come check.fee or direct deposit with a note come.check see seven-day quick pay in a.28-day pay is how they pay.come check authorization this must be.filled out for tql especially when you.have drivers and dispatchers because you.don't want anybody calling in to maybe.be able to authorize that come check so.they just need to know who can get a.come check on behalf of your company.direct deposit agreement so you have a.brokerage and you're going to be doing.direct deposit you just want to make.sure you get some type of agreement in.place for your carriers where their bank.information is so forth your carriers.will send in a w-9 and this is their.broker carrier agreement and we're just.going to go to the bottom.okay so at the bottom here is where you.know the carrier would fill out the name.they would sign date and so forth and.then the only other thing that you can.include in your carrier packet most of.the time what we do is we include our.authority a copy of our license from the.FMCSA you conclude a copy of your surety.bond and you can include a copy of.insurance or any information that is.helpful that your company have that you.want to show your carriers you know.here's a copy of our surety bond here's.a copy of our authority and so forth so.you can include all of those as you can.see here they included a copy of their.authority their license their brokerage.license they have it here ok guys so I.hope this video has really helped you.guys understand you know how to create a.carrier packet what goes in a carrier.packet if you guys have any other.questions you know any more information.if you need any more information just.send us an email our email address is.info INF o @ bumble bee dispatch com is.very easy if you have any.recommendations of videos send it there.and we'll try our best to go ahead and.get something uploaded for you guys.thank you so much please remember if.you're watching this video and you have.not subscribed please hit that red.subscribe button also share our videos.to any of your social media sites and.like the videos that you like this.really helps us grow and we're trying to.reach a thousand subscribers by.Christmas so if you can do that we would.greatly appreciate it thank you so much.guys.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Crst Carrier Packet Form online

You must be drawn to a multifaceted solution to electronic signatures for Crst Carrier Packet Form . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Searching for, a single online application that does not need any more installation.

You just need to have a satisfactory internet connection and your preferred appliance to utilize. Follow this steps to e-sign Crst Carrier Packet Form easily:

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Crst Carrier Packet Form FAQs

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