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youtube video

Form E6 City St Louis Inquiry Instruction

hey folks we're here at the City Museum.today in st. Louis and out of everything.we were doing on this trip this was.absolutely what I was most excited for.this is it's a meet says it's a museum.but it's really I think more of a giant.fun house and really weird really crazy.I've been wanting to view it in this.place for years let's go and check it.out so if you walk into the City Museum.this section is going to be on the.ground floor on your right hand side.you've got this big tree house looking.structure with things the kids could.climb in and there's things that you.could climb in all over this museum a.one interesting thing about this area.this is where the aquarium is so if you.look at that glass there there's.actually live fish in there.now whole buncha different fish people.could look at we've got some more.climbing structures in front of you this.place is really crazy as you can see.kids sliding down underneath the tree.there to go into some sort of a.structure I don't think I did that one.but the place is just bonkers you can.see them people could pop up in there.it's not a pretty it's very pretty place.to very art school now underneath that.elephant that's actually something you.crawl out of you know one of the wilder.experiences in this whole place now the.city museum I loved it you know you can.see it's very different very artsy but.uh sort of like an artsy funhouse in.front of us here is this big whale and.this whale is the entrance to get to the.caves section and to get to the caves.you well you go right through this.whale's mouth.this is also in another area to view the.aquariums and stuff like that is through.the whale's mouth but at school not.every day you get to walk through a big.whale there's more the museum over there.on the left I think that's where you.enter museum proper heading on into the.whale's mouth past kids there are kids.everywhere so if you are are somebody.that does not like kids very much.definitely not the place for you and.into the darkness here in the whale's.mouth you take a left I believe it's.right there that's where you get to the.caves section go ahead I think you get a.little bit more things to climb on and.some views those aquariums as well now.let's talk a little bit about the caves.themselves they very much feel like if.you ever been to Thomas where's island.at Disneyworld.it kind of gives me that kind of a feel.except for more things and more places.and tunnels you could climb through also.a little bit darker so definitely not as.lawyer it up as you'd find at the the.Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland.place.like that the caves area is actually.really cool to lots of exploring not as.well lit so I'm editing it's very very.easy to lose your kids in there so I.just be wary to keep an eye on them.especially in the cave section and lots.of things you could crawl through and.you know explore and you never know like.where that cave might lead or might not.lead it might lead to a dead end or it.might lead to you know a slide it's that.the wood makes the City Museum so unique.is the really that vibe of exploration.and I think the caves area might have.that more than anything else probably.has to do with the darkness you don't.really know where these pathways lead.all right and also in the caves area.themselves you can find our next.attraction and that is the ten story.slide yes probably the most famous part.about the city museum this was built out.of an old abandoned shoe factory that.later became this part of the museum so.they took those shoe things and made him.into a 10-story slide also they're in.this area of the museum there's more.fish now this is actually one of my.larger disappointments here at the City.Museum as well it sounds really really.awesome to go on a 10-story slide built.out of an old shoe factory the problem.is it was probably better at moving.shoes than it isn't moving people so.there's a different points in the time.of the slide I kind of get stuck.obviously a little bit shaky as this.really was not designed initially as a.people transportation device it didn't.really move as well as some of the other.slides it's still something cool to say.that I've done it but this is definitely.a one and done kind of thing to do with.the City Museum it's not one of those.super fun side you want to keep going on.again and again and again do you like it.that it ends in this kind of a cool red.light lit area once you get to the.bottom and my favorite part is watching.this audio bag at one point in the slide.I must have bumped my head let's listen.and watch that clip now.just gotta show you how to put it the.Hyuga wing of an airplane is like the.platform and then you go from like.there's one airplane over here go to the.skeleton and airplane over here stuff.crazy you want to right over to the.cockpit I think hope there's a child in.there are you in luggage sit down for a.while yeah yeah.another cool slide here in the outdoor.area that's shaped like a dragon.it is fun to watch the adults try to go.through this thing because it is so.difficult I I bent my body in ways that.my body should not bend to go through it.is a great old-school ferris wheel there.overlooks the top of the city here.really neat.[Music].[Music].one of the big stars on the show in the.rooftop area is the praying mantis slide.and one thing that makes this slide.really unique is that there's a climbing.apparatus on top of the slide itself so.if you want to climb up you're on the.first level and then you slide down.below the people climbing on the lower.level and first of all let me tell you.you could take the stairs or you could.do this crazy climb I recommend taking.the stairs I'm gonna speed up this clip.because it's about four minutes long it.took me four minutes to climb all the.way up this stupid planning mantis thing.and it was pretty exhausting.so I'd recommend taking the stairs.unless you're up for a an adventurous.very very very long climb and then slide.itself tons of fun I quite a one of the.better slides in the eight in the whole.museum.[Music].[Music].[Music].objection.for free is big fun.which is cool because it's got like its.old-timey our speed games.there's a bar in here too under many.bars.you can buy a Wolverton toys from a.vendor over there.something else really is.an old-timey bumper car.[Music].anyway this is uh.[Music].interesting part Anu please have a drink.on top of all the other shenanigans here.they do a circus act.they're only circles.so this slide here is a great example of.let's see where this goes.the sechín one of my favorite slides in.the entire City Museum as you can see.with this guy hanging on there it is.really really steep this slide was.almost vertical from what I remember and.I it's kind of thing you don't know how.far it is how long it goes or whatever.it is but it's very fast very smooth and.super super fun so big thumbs up to this.when I was referring to as the.boiler-room slide as it ends up down.here in this like maintenance facility.now that's the good part and this slide.so much fun the bad part is getting out.of this slide there's two different ways.to escape neither of them are any good.you could go straight ahead and that'll.be really really tough we're in this way.that I chose to as you can see from that.kid in front of me you have to like.military crawl on your your stomach to.get out of this thing so I will say like.if you are a claustrophobic at the city.museum you might not want to go and just.go on so many adventures because it.could lead you to something like this.where you're then crawling on your your.your stomach out beneath that elephant.that I mentioned earlier so this thing a.lot of fun that escaped not so great.also this is another slide what I well.watching back the audio I made a really.funny noise coming down so let's go.ahead and play that clip right now of me.going down that slide and listen along.[Music].something I bummed is not operated as.the city express it is your like.miniature railroad like like Walt Disney.had in his backyard kind of mini.railroad.then the mini railroad you ride goes.back past like your model train type of.city.and then there's other things like you.could end up if you take some of the big.tunnels you could end up in the middle.of the train tracks and it's also this.is as with anything else here at the.City Museum it is not your typical model.railroad as it's being attacked by a.giant bug and fire-breathing dragon now.let's take a little walk around the.rooftop area here with the ferris wheel.and this big wide slide a whole bunch of.people could go down at the same time.there's that mantis slide I was talking.about earlier now moving along you are.on the rooftop of a 10 plus storey.building so you get some amazing views.of the city of st. Louis and that's uh.you know always a plus.couple some a little bit of information.about the rooftop it is an extra charge.to go up there you could buy a ticket to.the museum and not get the rooftop.included so it is a bit of an upcharge.I decided to take this dangerous stone.walk over the water also the rooftop.area is only open during the warmer.weather seasons so if you were to go to.the museum right now in January it would.not be open when I film this back in May.it was open another one of the iconic.parts of the City Museum is this guy.here and that is a school bus that is uh.hanging off the side of the building and.you could go into it really a pretty.neat thing here you know it not every.day you get to go on a hop on a bus.that's hanging over the side of a.building and it kind of gave me vibes of.like Jurassic Park to where they win.that RV that's sort of hanging over and.it's just a bus and now one of my.favorite features about the bus whoa not.only that you could go in it but you.could sit down here into the driver's.seat and just as you would hope that it.would the the door the bus door it opens.up that's caged off so you can't go over.there but a cool visual that is right.guys just hanging out on the roof of a.building in a bus play with a door man.very neat.I guess this on the website lucid as the.beastie park without skates.and the teachers like ulcers from ramps.and stuff that you can run up and down.whatever honors some of these things are.over here.I guess you can run up and.I mean that's.quick shot here in the dome area they.had these cool top light chairs you can.sit in and whirl around and well they're.more wild than they look.and Russia.I got a background enter into our loving.teens.does what's making the shoelaces.so from the first floor you can access.the outside ground floor area I think it.said Montrose City is the name of it and.it's got a giant ball pit more slides.some really crazy looking climbs bike.out of the airplanes and stuff like you.look at it like oh that doesn't look.like it should be a thing but it's a.thing and I just more craziness now but.should be a lot of cool stuff with the.the inner loop GoPro camera.unfortunately as you're going to see in.this next clip one of the rope climb.slides destroyed the casing on the GoPro.camera now the GoPro itself it's fine.but uh the casing not so much so I'm not.gonna be able to get to any GoPro stuff.out here.anything they're indestructible.[Music].so far from the slides and all that.there's also like real Museum a type of.parts of the city museum like there's a.whole floor I guess or a section of a.floor dedicated to architecture a lot of.it looks like it's being redone but uh.you know a this piece here is something.else hey Molly what time is it a.much-needed fear theory yes so the city.of you seems like the most exhausting.place in the world we've been here for.about an hour and a half and but I love.this not only do they have multiple bars.like I think there's three or four.different bars here but they also have a.city museum Pilsner check out that.artwork like that is fantastic.ten bears not bad either it's like six.bucks so not too bad of a value for an.attraction beer more weird typical.museum type stuff too with you know dead.animals and.gems.so here's something I originally was not.gonna do with the museum.I saw it I'm like oh that looks.interesting but it probably pretty.challenging and I'm not sure if I would.fit up there I fraid I might get stuck.and then I saw like a a 50 year old man.do it I might no there's no way I'm.definitely gonna do this thing so in.this footage you get to see me struggle.mightily while I'm trying to make my way.up this dome and you essentially climb.on the outside of a dome itself in this.weird fence type concoction all the way.up probably good 70 feet in the air at.one point you could see me struggle my.pants are falling down so a good thing.you're you're getting this view and not.the butt view but there we go enjoy me.struggling I think there's a kid that.pesters me and asked me question is I'm.really really struggle towards the top.enjoy.[Music].[Music].and getting a nice bloodshot.[Music].[Music].are you going down the slide again.and that will do it for our time here at.the City Museum and it's really a hard.place to describe for me I absolutely.loved it like this I'm lucky enough that.we get to travel over the country goes.all over the world and I've never seen.another tourist attraction anything like.the City Museum it is so bonkers so much.fun and completely and utterly.exhausting we've been here about three.hours and I think by this point I'm in.ok shape and I've sweat through all my.clothes and everything first and.unfortunately I do have some battle.scars as I'm going to pass the phone to.Molly as they tell you some important.tips for your visit.this is when you talk like one your.pants might get damaged make a horn.pants that was not there at all so we're.on may be slippery pants yes I wear.something that would work on slide yeah.and then too there are stains everywhere.did I just wake up a belt and yep yeah.that's what I said right here these two.there's holes and belt loops not no.longer attached there and stains on your.pants yeah oh man yeah I I'm one of the.slides like I think I burnt my but I've.got a slide burn on my cheek yeah.but overall man this is some of the best.you know 19 dollars you could spend I.had a blast for me one of the things I'm.thinking like the kids in st. Louis are.so lucky to have this like I would be.here all the time if I was a kid that.lived around here it's great I think.because you're adults don't need to be.with you the entire time.no and you're like small okay yes I'm.gonna keep speed okay yeah you're small.the wrist bit yeah also in the wrist.bands if they give you a space to write.your phone number for when you know the.kids needs their parents every hour also.there's nice legal disclaimer on there.that they're not responsible for.injuries as people must get hurt here.all the time.guys if you're in st. Louis you've got.to go to the City Museum where some of.that let it close good slide pants and.you might need a hot tub the next day I.think everything's gonna hurt but if you.have any question about the City Museum.let me know in the comments below get.here man I cannot give this place high.enough regards.

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Form E6 City St Louis FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Form E6 City St Louis are:

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How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?

If your bank is national but has a branch in your town/city you can enter your town/city as the bank's address. Your employer is not relying on the bank's address you enter on the form.

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