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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Finalizing Union Bank Of India Nri Account Opening Online Form Online

CocoSign contributes considerably to your business by enhancing mangement of document workflow and optimizing business processes. Curious to know more about the Union Bank Of India Nri Account Opening Online Form? Read on to find out how to create and complete your form easily.

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Union Bank Of India Nri Account Opening Online Form

youtube video

Instruction of Union Bank Of India Nri Account Opening Online Form

Union Bank saving account.You have your savings account in Union Bank.How to apply online.To open a savings account with Union Bank.Which documents will you need?.And here in the savings account of Union Bank.How much money do you have to maintain.That is, how much money you have to keep in your savings account.Does this account also open a zero saving account?.Let's know.Friends for that first you.Go to the description of this video.You will get a link.You have to open that link in any web browser.Then you will be taken to the official website of Union Bank.Here friends tell you some features of saving account.For example, first of all, there is an indication of eligibility..Which people can open their savings account in Union Bank.So you have to read it.Friends after reading this.Some of the features of his Union Bank Saving Account are explained below..See which is mentioned here.Atm come Deposit card issued without any charge.That is, your ATM card.That is, debit card which will be your issue.In that you will not have to pay any kind of charge.Together friends here it is mentioned.20 leaves of cheque book fee per year.That is, you will be given a 20 page check free in a year..So here you are getting a check on almost free.Below that Free Accidential Insurance cover by Debit card usage.That is, the debit card you withdraw money from.Its Accidential insurance also gives you bank.The same friends are the most important here.See this below Zero Balance Facility.A student can open Regular Saving account With Zero Balance.That is, any student has his own savings account in Union Bank.Can be opened with zero balance.After that, here friends have zero balance for their below students..After that what else will have to be maintained for those.How much money will they have to maintain.So look at that friends here.If you are in metro city.Then here you pay 500 without check.Even if you keep a check.Then you have to maintain 1 thousand maintenance.If you are in the urban area.So that too you have to maintain 500 rupees.If you open an account with a check.Then you have to do 1000 maintenance.You will have to maintain 250 rupees in semi-urban.If you take the check then you have to maintain 500 rupees.Same if you live in rural area.That is, we live in village type area.Then you have to maintain 100 rupees.And if you also have a check with an account.Then you have to maintain 250 rupees.And other friends pensioners.Who currently get pension.If they open this savings account.So they only have to maintain 20 rupees.if you take the check then you have to maintain 250 rupees.So this will tell friends how much money you have to maintain.Below that Your account benefits.Operation of Account.Nominations.Service charges.If everything is mentioned then you have to read it.And then see you last here.Apply online has Below an option of a savings account.You have to click.As soon as you click on it.So this kind of page will open in front of you.Then you have to slide normally below it.And click here for apply online saving account.You have to click.Then you will see this form type webpage open.Friends, you will find direct link of this webpage in the description of the video..So what do you have to do after coming to this page.Let's see here fill this form.See the first option here.Saving Account.Union Digital Saving Account.Pension Account.The account you want to open.You have to select normally.So if I want to open a savings account.then I will stay like this.After that, first you have to select your title here..In the second column you have to fill your full name..Third friends here you have to select gender.In which male is already selected.If you want female, then you can select Female.In the column below, you have to fill the father's name..In the column after that you have to fill the mother's name..And then friends, you have to fill a Date of Birth here.So to fill date of birth, you have to click on calendar..Here you have year.Then Month and then Date is to be Selected..Then friends, you have to fill the mobile number below..You have to fill the mobile number correctly..Because it will be a Otp.Then you have to fill that Otp.So you should fill the mobile number here.Then friends in the subsequent column.Here you have to fill your PAN number..In the column after that, you have to fill your Aadhar number..So whatever your Aadhar number is, you fill it.And then friends here in the column below the mobile number.You have to fill your Email -ID.So whatever your Email-ID is, you fill it.In the subsequent column after filling the Email-Id.You have to select ID-proof.Which ID-proof do you want to give here.So when you click on the arrow here in front of ID-proof.So a lot of ID-proof will come here.In which you Driving Licence, Govt ID, Pan card,Passport.You can give Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card or any other Photo ID-Card..So you can also select Aadhaar card here.you can also select PANCARD or any other document..I will select Aadhaar card here.Because I am already giving Aadhaar number here.So I will give the Aadhaar number in ID-Proof.So after selecting Aadhaar, ID--Proof number is in front of him.So if you have selected Aadhaar.So the Aadhaar number has to be given to you.And then friends again.In the column after that, you have to select the state here..Which district do you come from in the state.The district you want to select.Friends will be selected as soon as the district is selected.So the preferred branch in its front column.How many branches does your district have.They will start seeing here.So the branch where you want to open your savings account.Select that branch.Friends after selecting.See friends at the bottom.Is retired BSNLStaff.Are you a retired staff of BSNL.Select if you are YES.No then select NO.And friends last, you have to click on the continue.So as we continue.Then the two columns at the bottom will open here.First mobile OTP.Second Email-ID Otp.So the mobile number you have filled.And the email address that has been filled.One Otp will go on both of them.You have to fill both those Otp here..In the first column, fill in with your mobile number Otp.And in the seconds column that went to your email Otp.To fill that Otp.Have to continue again after filling.Then friends will open a form below.Address & Other Detail.Which in the first column.You have to give resident proof.So whatever you want to give in Residence Proof.There will also be an option of Aadhaar here.so you can select Aadhaar.And fill the Aadhaar number in the column in front of it.So you get Aadhaar number filled.Then friends have communication address under him.Then you have to fill your communication address in all three columns.Your permanent address will come under it.So in front of the permanent address, friends will write the same as communication address..A box will come before that.So if your communication address and permanent address are both included.So you tick that box.Then the above address will be selected at the bottom.Then friends have other details below him.The first column of which is occupation.So friends in occupation, whatever you do now.If you are a student, or if you do business.Or Do anything else that is your occupation.You want to select it.The column of religion will come again.So In religion you select your religion.Your category will come again.What category do you belong to.What is your cast.You guys have four options here.General , OBC, SC/ST , Others.So whatever category you fall into.You select it.Then friends to come down.Then again the first column will be Annual Income.How much money do you earn in a year.Select everything you earn on your behalf.If you don't earn money.So Normally you have to select the first option.Then friends will ask the source of income.What is your source of income.Where do you earn money.In which you have many options.So if your money comes from salary then select salary.If you get pension, select pension.House ,Property ,Rental ,Business ,Profession.Whichever way you come, you can select it.So you have to select source of income.Then friends are in front of the network column.So whatever network you have, you can select it.The first option of which you will get less than 10 lakh.Then you have to select it.Or if you have more then you can select more.Then friends again you have to come down.So the first column will ask the place of birth.Where was your birth.Then you have to fill that column.Only then the country of birth.What country were you born in.In which you have to select India.In the column after Nature of Activity.That is what you do.What type of business is that or what do you import or export?.Or do you both or do not export imports.So according to you what you do.You can select it here.After that, the last column of friends is Marital Status.Have you been married yet.Or are you not married.You have to select below.So if you are single then select single.If you are married then you select married.Then friends, in the last, you have to click on the continue here too..As soon as you click on continue.Then you will open a form below.Nomini Detail.Friends, whenever you open any kind of savings account.So in that you have to add a nominee.So what is this nominee.Friends if you die for some reason.And you have money in your account.So the bankers will give that money only to your nominee..Or only your nominee can control your account.So friends here, this is why nominee is added.So here you get two options in Nominee Required..If you want to add now, then select Yes.Do not want to add, you can also add a nominee later.Then you can select No.If you have NO on Nominee Required.So now only other facility will be left.You are asked in other facilities.Which service do you want to use on your account.That is, you want to use your savings account Internet Banking.ATM ie you want to take a Debit card.Do you want to use mobile banking.SMS BAnking Or Cheque Book.Do you want to take all the services Yes or not?.So what are the services you want to take.Before that there is a box made for you Normally.Tick ​​them all over.So I want to take netbanking.So I will tick it I want to have ATM too.Whatever you want to take, you have a tick.After that friends lastly, you have to click on submit application..As soon as you click on the Submit.Then a new webpage will open.In which Your onlinerequest has been registerd.& The Tracker ID for Reference is.Whatever your reference number will be, you will see it here..Which is Valid for 30 Days.Please Visit Your Preferred Branch.You have also applied in the branch.The address of that branch will come.So after applying to you guys here.This is what you are doing when you apply online after that..The branch in which you have applied within 30 days.You have to go.And look at the friends below here, there are more options.Which has track your application.Union Bank Home page.And below that is the download application form.You have to click on the download application form.Then a PDF will open.You have to download.After downloading, when your pdf is downloaded.If you have a printer then print it out.If it is not there, you can print it from any shop..After printing, you friends here.You will get a space for photo flipping.There will be some space to sign.So where the photo tells you to stick.Have to paste the photo.Where there is a column of sign, you have to sign.And then friends, whatever document you put on here.That is, you PAN card and Aadhar card.And what you have given in residential proof.If you have given Aadhaar card then it is not the case.So here friends, you will get your Aadhaar card and PAN card.One photocopy of both will be attached with this form.And then you have to go to the branch.After going there, you may be asked for an original document..So you have to take them together in the original document.If you agree with me then you have to give the Normally original document.They will verify your original document.And then from that time you will open your savings account.Then after opening a friends saving account.At the same time you will be given a welcome kit.In which your passbook , Net Banking , Mobile Banking or Atm Card.These can be all things.If you are in an urban area.If you are in a rural area.Then you have Net Banking, Passbook or Mobile Banking.These three things you will find in the Welcome Kit.And the remaining ATM cards and cheque will come through the post office at your home..Same if you are in urban area.Then you will come through the cheque post office.And other things Passbook, Net Banking ,Mobile Banking or ATM.Will meet the bank immediately.Then you can activate your ATM card from any Union Bank ATM,.And after that you can use your savings account and ATM at Normally.So in this way, friends, you can open your zero balance saving account in Union Bank..So if you like this video, you can like this video.If you notice anything bad in this video.So you can comment in the comment box of the video.So that we can improve our upcoming videos.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Union Bank Of India Nri Account Opening Online Form online

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Union Bank Of India Nri Account Opening Online Form FAQs

Comply with the below common doubts about Union Bank Of India Nri Account Opening Online Form. Talk to directly if you still have other queries.

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As a NRI do I need to provide the details of my bank accounts abroad while filing Income Tax returns in India? (The IT filing INSTRUCTIONS clearly mention that “This schedule is to be filled up by a resident assessee. It need NOT be filled up by a ‘not ordinarily resident’ or a ‘non-resident’.”)

Yes, you’re right. As long as you are NOT Resident and Ordinarily Resident (ROR), you are not required to fill this schedule (precisely Schedule FA) to declare your overseas income/assets.

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