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Tips on completing the Nondot Applications Form

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Steps of Customizing the Nondot Applications Form

hello my name is crystal Jackson.vice-president and agent at Bobby.Jackson insurance today I will be.talking to you about how to complete the.application for your do team if you.would like more information about how to.determine if you need a do t number and.where to get started please refer to our.previous video done by Caleb Jackson to.get started the Federal Motor Carrier.Safety Administration will be the.authority responsible for issuing ADOT.number on their website here they have.their overview for new applicants we're.going to get started with urs by.clicking here ok here is where we get.started we are a new applicant as you.are if you're watching this video you.can see up here this little taskbar.tells us our progress on completing the.application again the application for a.do 2 number just by getting to this page.we already have a 5% Head Start and.you're our new applicant so we're going.to click here and then it wants to.verify that we are not a robot you're.going to select all images with grass.now that it's verified 1 on the robot.we're gonna click the yellow Next button.this is gonna start our introduction.process for completing the application.this page just tells you that it will.create a user ID annual set up password.this is temporary for the application.purpose but very important that you do.save it so that you can come back and.access it later if you do not wish to.complete the application all at one time.feel free to pause the video if you want.to read over any of the information here.just a small description on what to.expect with the process we're ready to.go and click Next required information.if you're a corporation whether it be an.LLC ing S Corp you'll need your federal.employer identification number your EIN.if you're an individual sole.proprietorship you'll need your social.security number.and bradstreet numbers only needed if.applicable in this a lot apply most.you'll also need to know the owner's.infinitive as an individual or the.company officers and titles if an LLC or.corporation we're going to go ahead and.click Next.financial responsibility applicants that.are required to file financial.responsibility it will be determining.through the application process based on.the information provided or you may.already be aware that you will need this.again if it's required it will prompt.you through the application designation.of process agent notice certain.applicants may be required to have this.additional information if you're not.familiar with it then it's not going to.apply to you and again as it goes.through the application process if.something changes you will be notified.next issuance of the active usdot number.you may not operate without registration.in an active usdot number and when comes.active after the registration has been.granted by the Federal Motor Carrier.Safety Administration also known as.FMCSA this application will be sent to.the Federal Motor Carrier Safety.Administration for approval which will.then lead you through the process of.being granted an active USDOT number at.the end of the application you will need.to certify and verify the information is.correct and that you have the.authorization to complete the.application on behalf of the company so.you will need to know your relation to.the business as a sole proprietor the.owner partnership one of the partners or.as a corporation one of the officers or.managing members also an individual who.obtains power of attorney to act on.behalf of the applicant may complete.that as well click Next information.collection notice this is just letting.you know that the information is private.and used for the purposes of determining.eligibility for a USDOT number they.estimate that it will take one hour and.20 minutes to.played the application I found that I.was able to do it between 15 and 30.minutes depending on the information and.the size of the business it very well.may take up to one hour and 20 minutes.also internet speed will play a factor.this video has been condensed so as to.allow you to go through the information.and pause as needed for information.while completing once we get started.you're ready to get started click Next.and here's where we're gonna start it.will create a user name for you you can.see here my applicant ID is user 6 7 3 4.8 I'm going to want to make sure I write.that down and you will as well again.this is the temporary username created.for you while doing this application.process as you can see in this blue box.applicants have 30 days from the start.of the application to complete the.process and submit it or the information.will be discarded this will allow you to.not have to sit down and do the whole.application in one setting or if you.find there's information we didn't have.prepared to get started you can come.back and complete it you can go ahead.and create my password you can see it.does pop up with information of what the.character requirements are on the.password I'm gonna verify it here and.we're going to scroll down we need to.select security questions once you've.completed your security questions in.your username and password go ahead and.click Next.application contact this information is.very important this is where we're going.to set up with who will be responsible.for the corporation in for the deity's.contact for verifying information so to.start with we're going to choose the.application contact type we're going to.say a company contact this information.is extremely important when you're.creating and I want to give you an.example here because this is very.important as you go to apply for.insurance if.any discrepancies for example if I'm the.owner of the company and I'm the driver.and I'm the contact I'm gonna use my.information however I may have my waifu.is not a driver of the company but she.handles all of the DMT records when.applying for insurance any listed.contact on the d-o-t site will show up.and the insurance company underwriters.are going to ask why that person is not.listed as a driver in turn they also may.require that persons driver information.ie Jade of birth and driver's license.number to verify their motor vehicle.report if you do not wish to have a.third parties information inquired about.then it's best to select the company.contact who's also involved in the daily.operations and also a driver you'll.notice once the page is completed enough.to allow you to advance to the next.section this box over here will light up.yellow letting you know that you're able.to proceed so we're gonna go ahead and.click Next and now it wants the beep.business details regarding the aperture.I do not have a Dun & Bradstreet number.if you don't suppose the legend oh and.now we can go to the next page legal.business name again this is very.important that all documentation matches.up so if you are we're gonna say ABC.choking Inc that is how I'm legally.filed in the state of Florida with son.biz that was my corporation name that is.what I'm going to put here if I were an.individual or a sole proprietorship then.the applicant would be my individual.name 'crystal Jackson and then my DBA.may be ABC trucking and again I would.select the DBA here since I'm a.corporation I do not have a DBA as a.corporation you still may have a DBA.we're gonna simplify this and say we.don't have anything and we're going to.go ahead and click Next you can see this.does not need to be filled out is the.applicants principal place of business.address the same as the apple.Haitian contacts address so what it's.asking me is the contact information ie.Christa Jackson being the contact for.the business is it the same as the.business and in this case it is yes and.in most cases it will be but if that.were my home address and my business was.operated as a different address these.would not - that is ok - since I said.yes it's going to pre-fill the.information for me the address 721.Ashland Drive and I want to say yes the.mailing address is the same as the.principal place of business isn't gonna.go next again it wants the telephone.number for the business which is going.to be the same information I had for the.contact your information for your.business may be different than your.individual contact information it only.needs at least a phone number I.recommend putting as much information as.you have available for contact purposes.but for speeding of the process here.we're just going to go with the phone.number and click Next the next thing.it's going to ask me is do I have an EIN.or a social security number I can.remember as a corporation as an LLC.you're gonna have an EIN number if you.are an individual sole proprietorship or.a partnership then it would be your.social security number now that I've.selected Union it wants my AI yet number.so go ahead and enter your number here.and once you've completed that click.Next is the applicant and unit of.government so basically what this is.asking us here we a city state or.federal branch of the government if you.are just a private company then the.answer here will be no form of business.again lots of verification here we said.that we were a corporation so we will.select that here and it wants to know.this specific state in which we are.incorporated in which in our case here.will be Florida and I.I'm a US citizen so owned and controlled.by a citizen of the United States this.application process does go through.Mexico and Canada so make sure you're.selecting the right option for you.this information is different from the.contact remember a very first screen was.the contact for the business which could.be a spouse a secretary an office.administrator somebody involved in.business but not ownership this screen.wants to know who the owners of the.business is so if it's a sole.proprietorship this is going to be the.individual name again if I was crystal.Jackson DDA ABC trucking and the owner.would be crystal Jackson in this case I.am a corporation so it wants the.officers of the corporation and click.Next now this is the address for the.business so if my individual address.before would have been at my home and my.business may have been located out of an.office this address would be different.but in this case I'm let's just say I'm.operating the business out of my home so.that address school match next we was.just verifying that the address is the.United States Postal Service okay as it.told us in the beginning introduction at.the end of each section it will give us.a summary of all the information we've.completed so again our legal business.name is ABC trucking Inc the address for.the business and the contact is the same.it's also the same as our mailing.address this moves vary depending on.each application situation we go out.that were not a form of government the.name and partners if you have more.partners that will allow you to add.visit as well and you can see that we're.22 percent complete with the application.we're going to hit next so now we're go.into operation classification next the.first question are we an intermodal.equipment provider these are the large.shipping containers where they are going.to.come off of and there's the large.machines that load them on to the trucks.for the purposes of this application I'm.going to be a single operator with no.intermodal equipment will I be.transporting property yes I will be.transporting property so this question.reads will the applicant receive.compensation for the business of.transporting the property belonging to.others ie am i trucking for hire and yes.I am a trucking for hire operation you.can see the pictures do help a lot over.here with describing so acne Inc is.paying J&I LLC to truck their property.for them what type of property will the.applicant transport this is a very.important strain so I do want to make.sure to spend a little bit of time here.if you are a new venture and you are.just getting started you may not know.exactly what you're going to be hauling.yet because the possibilities are.endless.please do not check off every single box.or every box that you could potentially.be hauling it greatly limits you when.going for insurance remember this.information is going to be reported to.the safer site it's also going to show.on a cab report that all insurance.companies have access to so if you find.that you have the opportunity to haul.equipment that's it you're gonna be.trucking equipment and on here you've.selected household goods movers.hazardous materials we can scroll down.and there's several other options as we.go into this further it's going to mean.the insurance companies are going to.want to write you for those classes.because they feel that's what you'll be.doing.so my recommendation it's always easier.to come back here and add things later.but for now keep it pretty concise to.what you do hope to be doing the.majority of the time again if you're.going to be doing hazardous materials.fuel flammables etc.you start there your household goods.hauler will go here that's gonna be your.movers etc exempt commodities farm.agricultural and then other non has that.hazardous Freight this is where the.majority will fall into and you'll see.this is what we're going to select will.have more options next this is another.important question will the applicant.transport non hazardous materials across.state lines otherwise known as.interstate commerce if you leave the.state in which you're operating.Authority is under and you will be.required to have filings what's known as.NCS 90 file it depending on what you.will be hauling there could be other.filings that go along with it cargo.filings but the most common one required.for crossing state lines is the MCS 90.the federal filing answering this.question you can really make a big.difference again for what you're you'll.need for your DoD application process as.well as for your insurance if you're.planning on staying within your state.the answer to this question will be no a.lot of people even if they're hauling in.a small radius will need to cross state.lines so we're going to say yes we will.be doing interstate commerce well we.will the applicant transport their own.property I'm going to say no because.most trucking operations and I'm for.hire do not have a business or their own.property they're hauling a good some.others this would be great if again the.example here Acme Inc has their own.trucks to get their own equipment from.say their processing plant to the retail.dealers that would be the situation we.would say no but again we're gonna say.that we're hauling for hire and we will.not be transporting our own property I.said I was a trucking operation I'm.hauling property I will not halt any.passengers if you are a limo bus taxi.then the answer to this question would.obviously be yes and we'll take you.through a difference.questions the applicant provide property.and household goods broker services so.the question it's asking you here.is will you act as a broker meaning you.will talk to the individual with the.goods and set him up with the trucking.company to transport the goods.I am a trucking company so I'm gonna.rely on a broker to help me do that but.I myself will not be acting as a broker.if you are directly working with.somebody hauling their goods you're.still not a broker you're just an.independent operator a broker would be.someone who exclusively sets it up and.does no trucking with their own well the.applicant provide freight forwarder.services so freight forwarder services.is going to work as a third party you.will be picking up from somebody else.not at a location but almost like a.handoff relay person and getting you.from getting the property to the final.destination most will not be afraid.forwarder services it will go from one.warehouse to another warehouse for.example directly well the applicant.operating cargo tank facility again I'm.I'm not here but if you are going to.have tanks you want to answer them.accordingly the applicant operate is a.drive away so a drive away can be this a.truck pulling another truck almost on a.bob-tailed fashion it could also be.someone who goes and picks up large.motorhomes that can be transported and.delivers them to a facility drive away.is an independent operational on its own.and again we're not gonna be doing that.here all right is a touch totally new a.tow truck you're not okay we have now.gotten into the more specific operations.you can check as many of these as you.would like but please remember that.anything you check here is going to have.an impact when you go to purchase your.insurance so if you may if you're.getting started you say I might do Motor.Vehicles.I may do mobile homes you know what.get the opportunity some produce then.and you select each one of those but.realistically you're only gonna be doing.say general Freight which is a drive and.container you're doing moment type Goods.then a lot of this is not going to apply.to you so again I recommend trying to.pick with one to get started you can.always come back and add more later it's.very easy to do so so for this purpose.we're gonna say that we are a general.Freight basically a drive an or it could.be a flatbed but it's going to be like.your consumer goods walmart type.products and next we're 27% done with.the application and we're at the summary.screen that's gonna recap everything.that we've just answered and completed I.recommend taking a look to make sure.there's nothing that needs to be.corrected before proceeding to the next.section okay now it wants to talk about.the Motor Vehicles that we plan to.operate so you can click Next here.please provide the number of non CMV the.applicant plans to operate.Sandhya's commercial motor vehicle so if.you own entity that's applied for year.again another reason to go back to if.you're an individual that anything you.own in your name would have to be.considered on the application there is.another benefit for having an LLC.because you can just register the.vehicles views for the business under.the LLC or the corporation name and.those will be the only ones that must be.disclosed on this application non.commercial motor vehicles would be your.personal auto or maybe a private.passenger vehicle owned by the president.of the corporation you do have to put a.number here so I only have one.commercial vehicle and I'm gonna say I.have zero non-commercial vehicles now.it's I have to put a number in for each.field but it wants to know the type of.vehicle I have and how they're owned or.used so I'm going to say that I have one.truck tractor and one semi-trailer that.goes with it that.I don't have any term least I don't.which means I don't own them I'm leasing.them on tripley's would be for a.specific incident our trip and I don't.have any tow drive aways or service.vehicles I also don't have any straight.trucks I think the best way to do it is.select what you do have and then put.zeros for the rest all right number of.vehicles that will operate in Canada or.Mexico I am NOT going to Canada or.Mexico I will be saying in the United.States so will so he's you know to both.of those this question very important it.touched on it briefly please provide the.number of commercial motor vehicles the.applicant will operate solely in.interstate commerce interstate means it.will cross state lines and leave the.state that you operate out of so I'm.going to say one because I already.selected that I will be crossing state.lines now it wants to know how many.vehicles will operate solely in.intrastate commerce which is going to.mean staying within the state and I have.authority in my authority is out of so.you could have let's say I'm a large.operation out of Florida and I have.three trucks one may do long haul or at.least just longer and leave the state of.Florida so I have one that does.interstate commerce and I have two that.just do my local deliveries those would.be interesting so you may have some that.fall under either category remember for.this purpose I'm a one truck operation.so I have interstate and no interesting.and you can see down here again we've.got another summary of all the.information that we've inputted we're.get there 36 percent done now we want to.get information about our drivers what.are the number of drivers who will.operate as interstate remember crossing.state lines within a hundred-mile air.radius or beyond a 100 air.radius so you may be in a part of the.state that leads you know you're right.on the border for example where our.office is located I only have to drive.30 miles and I go from Florida to.Alabama so if you're in a part of that.state you may stay within a hundred mile.radius but still need to cross state.lines I'm gonna say I'm doing long haul.so I need to go beyond 100 mile radius.and I only have one driver myself I.don't have anybody else and I could.again have some drivers that staying.within stay some that leave the state.etc to eat some mats with a zero there.when it says 100 air mile radius that's.also people more commonly may know as as.the crow flies so it's not driving miles.it's air miles as the crow flies and.again how many drivers will you have.that operates solely within the state.that you're in and if you're in a large.state like Florida you know I could stay.in the state of Florida and go 500 miles.and be nowhere near the other tip so I.am NOT saying I don't have any drivers.that just stay in Florida so I'm gonna.stay zero for both of those what are the.number of drivers with a commercial.driver's license it could also be a.valid Canadian license different classes.apply or even in Mexico I only have one.driver and I have a seat I'm going to.say I have a CDL for the purposes of.this application so or even save one.there what are the number of drivers who.will operate in Canada or Mexico.remember I'm not leaving the United.States so we're gonna say 0 to both of.those and we've now completed that.section so in review your summary and we.can continue based on the information.that I've provided it is telling me that.I would be required to carry a minimum.of seven hundred and fifty thousand.dollars for bodily injury and property.damage or seven hundred fifty thousand.combined single limit now it wants.information as far as the relationship.with the FNC is a regulated entity.so we're going to continue into this and.if you'll notice we've jumped up now.we're at 77% complete affiliation with.others this is very important.does the applicant currently have or has.had within the last three years of the.date of filing this application.relationship involving common stock.common ownership common management.common control or familiar relationships.or any other person or applicant for.registration what does this mean it is.asking me if I crystal Jackson the.officer of ABC trucking in the last.three years been involved in any type of.ownership management or registration.with another entity so for example if.I've started I'm applying for you do t.number but two years ago I owned XYZ.trucking company I would need to answer.that question as a yes if in the last.three years you have had no other.ownership in any other company or entity.or management which I have not we can.say no here and after the summary we're.to click Next we're almost done with the.application now the certification.applies to the responses provided to.this application by the applicant you.must certify to the truthfulness of.statements in this application under.penalty of perjury this is where I'm.going to leave you I am doing this for.purposes of helping you complete the.application and will not actually be.filing it so I do not want to submit it.but what I would do is as the authorized.person for this company my first middle.last name I can go ahead and do it I.just want something there and then it.wants you to put in the password this.anyone that you said at the beginning.today's date now here's where I would.select next and that would submit the.application and complete go through.completing the process yet I would.advise you to review everything one more.time if your uncertainty of any of the.information completed I thank you for.taking the time to watch this video.and if you do have any questions about.the application or how it may pertain to.applying for insurance please feel free.to give the office a call at eight five.zero three eight nine two zero zero one.thank you again.

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