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The Information Guidance for Office Hours Template Form

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feel free to hit them up in the.chat we'll try to get to as many of them.as we can but yeah we've also we've got.some new features and some new things.kind of coming to Luna this week that we.wanted to showcase for you guys.so yeah Connor you wanna want to take it.away and show us show the people what.they can expect in one day over at 7:00.yeah sure I'll just start by listing the.features that we're adding a few new.improvements that are gonna show up in.107 this week again on these quick.release cycles we add a lot of things or.as many things as we can that are easy.to do and really valuable to everyone.out there based on the feedback that.we've been receiving and that we've been.processing through so the first thing.I'll just touch on and then drew is.actually gonna show us a little bit more.in detail later our trim shortcuts for.using the keyboard to trim the front or.end of clips or trim a clip just to the.selection.we also are now going to create new.sessions when you create a session in.Luna we're gonna put it in a folder and.that folder will still go in your Luna.sessions folder in music and your.Documents folder and then when you.export files a folder will be created.there I'll show you guys that and then.we also have improved the feedback form.so we've been so heavily relying on the.feedback form and had a lot of feedback.about the feedback form and also the.need to you know to get better.information from it so I'm gonna I'm.gonna show you show you all those things.right now let me share my screen and.I'll take you through some of the basics.so first off.the balloonist sessions folder lives in.your you know user folder music folder.and then in Luna sessions and I've got.all my old junk in here and then I'm.gonna show you that if I create.something called Luna V 1:07 it gets.created in a folder now so this is you.know pretty standard across the board.that these things live inside of a.folder for a lot of a lot of reasons the.most important of which is that it gives.you a great place to collect exported.files so this is gonna be the case for.any kind of export it's automatically.going to default and just to catch you.up there I use the short keyboard.shortcut shift command K after I.selected this file to get to the export.Clips browser and you can see that in.the save to section it's automatically.defaulting to an exported files folder.created within the folder that was made.for the session you can see that is now.available here in finder so once I.export this it continues to show the.finder once we complete the export and.that lives inside of that exported files.folder this is also the case for export.mixdown so all the exports will follow.into this exported files folder whether.you do you know from the file menu and.choose export multitrack will all say.that can see a picker but mix down and.all tracks its files in export clips.we'll show you this save to setting for.exported files so that was really the.main reason for now for putting things.inside of a single session folder is.that it gives you a place to organize.media related to the document especially.for exports so when you do a mix down at.defaults here when you do export clips.it defaults here but then if you for.whatever reason want to change that say.to like desktop or something like that.then you a new export it will save that.location per session oh nice so that way.every time you come back and bounce you.it's not gonna make you try to find that.about where you're placing your bounces.over and over again it remembers it with.the session file exactly it remembers it.with the session file so if you're not.using that exported files default.location that gets created when you.first invoke these browsers then it'll.go to whatever location you last used in.that session.nice yep that's it for the session.folder items let's look at the new.feedback form so here it is we.previously were using just this stock.sort of like off-the-shelf feedback form.that comes with the issue tracking.software or service that we use and it's.what we use to collect feedback it.creates this webform and it sends it.into this database that we're able to.review and categorize and things like.that and based on a number of.submissions and just our own need to.categorize these better we've made a.number of improvements to the feedback.form first of all it's an actual luna.window instead of a like a luna window.with a web browser inside of it so it's.a lot more responsive and normal there.were a bunch of things that people.noticed over time or like hitting.various buttons at different times would.you know cause weird states for the.window cuz it's just a website shown.inside of a recording system so it can.be a little a little bit of like a less.than the priority to clean up right off.the bat but we've gone ahead and you.know done that because it's so important.to us to continue to get everyone's.feedback so let me take you through what.we have here the first section you'll.see is an optional topic section where.you can choose whether you're submitting.as a bug or a feature request or.feedback or all of the above these are.the three ways we break down the.feedback that you send to us a bug is.obviously just like hey I've found this.problem and I'm porting it to you a.feature request is all of the things.that you want us to add over time to.Luna and then feedback is sort of more.like oh hey I for an existing feature I.would love it if it did this or that.instead of what it does now that kind of.thing that's not necessarily about a new.item that's a complete addition it's.more of like a refinement the only field.that's required here is the summary so.you can you know type in whatever the.title of the report is you could put.that here and then you can you know.continue to provide the description you.can continue to attach files just like.you could previously there's there's no.change to the size limit or anything.like that there's still you know you can.attach it I think I think mine's yeah.it's just under 20 megabytes it's like.some weird number that's not 20 I think.it's like 19 or 18 point five for some.reason that unfortunately is outside of.our control for now.but you know most of the time the the.files that we need are not that large.unless it's the session file in which.case if you need to send us a session.file good sort of you know.troubleshooting tip here or feedback.submission tip if you need to send us a.session file put it on dropbox or google.drive or we transfer any sort of file.sharing service that's available online.and then put the link in the description.unless it's so small that it can be.attached after compressing so you can.continue to attach files and then.they're really wonderful and important.additions that we've made to help help.us help you with any sort of trouble.that you run into are automatically.attaching the current luna log file for.the run of Luna that you're in Run.meaning like since you launched it.basically so if you're having an issue.to log file as many times the most.important starting place for our.development team to look at what's going.on and see so that's just to.automatically check by default to send.that file up so you know you can choose.not to send that of course that's.totally up to you and then so that will.really be so helpful for us in.identifying particular issues the other.thing that we really need to get more of.particularly to address sort of like.longer standing hard to reproduce issues.is system profile information so what.this includes is things like your CPU.speed the amount of memory you have the.resolution of your displays the graphics.processor audio devices attached to the.system and that gives us the ability to.isolate particular issues to a.particular system types or get really.useful information about the system that.you're running on to sort of correlate.systems to types of issues the other.thing that this lets us do is if you.have when you installed the UAD software.the the thunderbolt driver and.everything for you ad checked the option.to send usage statistics this will let.us and only if that is the case this.send system profile information will.give us a sort of identifier that we can.use to look up any crash reports that.are submitted so that's another thing is.that if you're crashing and you check.said system profile information and you.describe what's going on for your crash.we should be able to link that up to the.data that we got back from from the.crash report and then a great deal of.folks requested which makes perfect.sense because previously you couldn't.save any of the information again.because it was this sort of stock.website the the ability to never have to.type in your name and email address.again so no of course put your name and.name and your email and the email field.and check remember me and that data will.be stored for you each time you enter.the feedback form so the other thing.that's kind of nice about this is that.you know you can you know it's not.necessarily something that would do like.just continuously but you can leave this.open and drag it off to another screen.and and like continue working or.whatever and keep adding stuff to it if.you're trying to catalog a lot of ideas.or issues and you won't you know lose.any of the information there so yeah.that kind of covers the feedback form.again you know it's so important to us.to continue to hear the issues you face.the things that you want and be able to.categorize this and get really useful.information for any issues that you.might be having and this is really gonna.help us a lot with that to move forward.on some of the harder to identify things.that were you know that we're hearing.about but not necessarily able to.specifically identify with that a great.deal more information the other thing.that if you you know do indeed end up.contacting customer support for any.reason you can you know say like hey I.submitted feedback item and I my email.is this or my name is that and you know.customer support can go and look at this.based on that information that you that.you submitted and it actually.automatically get things that they would.have asked you to go and find manually.that can sometimes be hard to get all at.once or require you to go to different.places to dig up so that's the feedback.form a lot of a lot of help that this.will add to us and you know addressing.the the things that you report to us oh.there was good comment there there you.know there is an all buttons mode for.feedback now too so you can you hit all.three buttons and put it put into.overdrive State there you go.that's right it's like it's like 1176.all over again it's great but this gonna.be super helpful and especially be able.to you know automatically send the data.that you guys need the most you know I.can't count the number of times I've.submitted feet.for you guys and then I get hit up on.our internal comms and you're like hey.can you share your log files or like.session files stuff like that being able.to just have that integrated in one.place without the need to have to reach.back out Oh go find your log files in.this folder and then attach them and.yeah just simplifies that whole process.yeah it's gonna be really helpful really.excited to get this out there for for.everyone to send us the information that.they're that we're gonna collect with.this now it's gonna be really helpful oh.yeah well and then so that's a bunch of.the kind of back-end things he guys are.done but we added yet again you guys.keep on adding more shortcuts I love.this like the you know the it never.stops evolving kind of adding more.workflow enhancing uh stuff to Luna.so drew do you want to want to show your.screen and kind of let's walk people.through some of these new trim shortcuts.and then kind of also show them how how.these shortcuts kind of work together.some of the ones that we've been adding.and and past releases as well yeah yeah.so we wanted to you know we were talking.you know the other day and we were.thinking well as you know instead of.just showing you know hey it does this.this and this we wanted to try and do.you know make them little learning.opportunities and make things a little.bit more contextual so as Connor.mentioned specifically the the tooth the.the three things that were added were.some handy sort of what we're calling.sort of left-hand workflow type stuff.right we want to try and help you get.really fast here and so specifically let.me just show you what was added and it's.three basic things it's that you know.Luna has this sort of single button.keyboard focus mode where you're able to.do things like T and R to zoom in and.zoom out those are some that you might.be familiar with and using on a day to.day day-to-day basis I'm also going to.try and work in some other ones in this.demo but does the three that were.specifically added were the letter A the.letter S and then command T right so the.letter so a is when you park the cursor.here and this will apply to whatever.track is selected so I just have one.track selected and if I hit the a key.then you'll notice that it trims to that.to the start point I left a little.little straggler there I can get rid of.so so that's a good way of trimming up.your clip so if I tab to the beginning.of that and I hit the the colon to come.down I.and I can clean up those other ones so.you're just going : pulling a race oh.yeah and this is this the you know I.know this workflow as well from coming.from Pro Tools but like these kind of.single key being able to just quickly go.in move your cursor around trim and also.you can do fades and yeah so you can do.D F you know you've got some you've got.D F and G so for example if I click here.and if I hit D it'll do fade to the.start if I were to hit G it would fade.to the end of course that goes off the.screen but it's quite a long fade you.know you can also do things like and.this all combines with with your.selection and cursor selection and track.selection being linked so if I were to.just click and drag here and and.actually you know Lunas smart if it.knows that even though I've gone off the.boundary edge if I just hit F it'll do a.fade in because it's the only thing.that's available it's the only thing.that makes sense right so you can do.that I'm gonna hit the apostrophe key.which will take me to the next curtain.clip boundary right we're all we all.might be used we all might be familiar.with using tab to transient so tab.tabbing me into transients but if I'm in.the middle of a clip and I want to get.to the end I can just hit that.apostrophe key and it'll gret it'll take.me to the end so that's basically making.so if you guys hopefully all you guys.are in front of keyboards right now if.you look down you got you know P : Cole.and apostrophe you've got that those are.kind of like arrow keys in a way for.your for your playhead selector right.yeah and combined with you know combined.with making selections like for example.if I shift tab to make that selection.and I hold down shift and hit the colon.key I can make selections right and if I.continue to hold shift I can select.backwards to the previous clip boundary.so you almost get to be sort of almost.Mouse 'less mouse lists in a lot of.workflows you know yeah so that's what.we wanted to try and do today is to kind.of bring some of this together so for.example here if I was in sort of cleanup.mode right let's pretend that I kind of.purposely picked a dirty session here.because I wanted to kind of this is a.session that you know a tracking session.lots of edits and we want to kind of get.this ready for mix so you know one of.the things I like to do is I don't like.to mix a dirty song I don't know about.you've been I don't know how'd you guys.I can't mix a dirty song a just the OCD.doesn't let me do it so I'm gonna do.option command bracket he's gonna blow.up my waveforms that's always a nice.thing when you're in this mode because.as you can see I now know where the.actual where the actual meaningful audio.has ended there right so if we work in.one of our new other new commands if I.key commands if I were to park my cursor.here shift : to come down to select.those three so you can see I've got.those three selected there and then I.can invoke that S key and it will trim.to the start and again I've left these.little stragglers there but I can come.over and just get rid of those so and.then if I'm if I'm in here I can click.use one of our other one of our single.modifiers G fade out so fade out down.fade out down I tend to do this quite a.lot and if you've blown up your.waveforms and you kind of want to either.pull them back you can do option command.bracket down or if you add in control so.control option command and don't leave.us hanging and that's when your internet.cuts out control option command bracket.I believe was what he was about to say.right yeah it's that left bracket will.reset the waveform zoom and that will.get you back to the state where your.waveforms are at their default zoom.level meaning you know they're there.they're appearing and like a one to one.relationship to their signal level based.on the track of the height the height of.the track I should say is yeah oh wow.zoom zoom is also crapped out here so we.are you know we're oh there he goes.all right so I can let me take over a.little bit from which we were shown.there I unfortunately don't have a.session loaded up here with audio in it.so let me just quickly make one.and we're just gonna do this all with.little clips what's the what's the.what's the shortcut for creating a clip.with tone in it ctrl shift option 3.weight control consolidate + control.yeah I hear you taking screenshots.though it's you know I think you've got.command held down so you got a shift.control option you're right gotta learn.the keys as we get what you're trying to.say so so here here I've got a much.simpler way for drew to rejoin us here.again yeah a we've got s but the other.new one that was just added is command T.so that allows you to take a selection.any area inside of a track hit command T.and it automatically trims around that.it's just super helpful especially like.for what drew was showing there we've.got stay like a guitar part or a vocal.part with you know with just stuff on.the sides you know some pre-roll or post.roll may have some click bleed some.mouth noises you can just select the.area that you want to keep of that.region command T and it automatically.cuts both sides what's up dude.welcome back dude oh yeah you meet it at.the moment sorry about that yeah I'm not.sure I don't know what happens you just.kind of went a little nuts and took me.offline for some reason yeah dude it was.weird it was a weird assuming I've seen.where the wouldn't even let me stop your.screen share for a second oh wow yeah.sorry about that.oh so yeah sorry let me so I don't know.where you don't know what you did.spoiled your surprise of command T but.on some test tone so they haven't seen.how it actually really works okay so.yeah so yeah sorry about that so back to.back to this so so the a and the s we've.done and then the T is the T is nice for.things like for in a situation like this.where you have a lot of things that are.the same right so if you have a lot of.stacked background vocals and you're.gonna you're gonna really refine this.selection and you want the same thing to.happen to all of these then T's really.good at that because it just makes you.allows you to make that selection.and to then just hit command T and it'll.trim those up to that to that selection.so this for me is I like all my stuff.that is similar that enters and exits at.the same time I like for them all to.kind of do that together you know and.and again you know you've got you can.pop up your waveforms to be able to do.that and then kind of just come in here.and throw a little fade on there.well the nice part too but you know so.especially if you're going from a big.session right so you had a tracking day.like this you've got a lot of.multi-tracks we've got some parts that.are kind of cutting in and out the other.nice thing is you know when you're in.that if you want to show the workflow.menu real quick mixing you know how.shows you the universe we can kind of.see an overview of your whole session by.going through and cleaning up these.regions it kind of makes a little bit.easier to identify like oh where are.those two guitar parts you know you can.now look in that you know itty bitty.universe and you can quickly see how.there's my blue blocks click right.before there and it helps you kind of.navigate around a tracking session much.easier yeah yeah for sure so those are.the specifics the AAS and then the.command T for trim one one use that I.love with command T and another recently.added keyboard shortcut which is the nav.2 next in previous bar so either left.and right bracket or one and two so if I.I'm just you know playing like a bass.line or guitar part that I then like.just I'm kind of go into the click and.just kind of experimenting with stuff.and then like oh I really like these two.bars I can kind of you know park nearby.and then press like the right bracket.and then shift right bracket right.bracket to get maybe two or four bars or.whatever and then press command T and.out of like maybe I was you know.noodling around for a minute or two.minutes and I'm like I only want this.then it just it isolates it down to.those two bars really yeah yeah super.fast way of doing that mm-hmm and the.men and yeah you know all these all.these are really the goal right Connor.is to be able to just power around your.session and be really kind of using the.keyboard shortcuts just to quickly.quickly clean kind of quickly edit.quickly count like all these different.workflows are meant to just keep you in.the moment.as opposed to like mouse click zoom trim.like it could be a multi-step process.that can feel tedious whereas once it.kind of master these keyboard commands.editing and cleanup just becomes like a.quick little you know 1/2 minute job.totally and that that's totally the goal.and and there's definitely an investment.if you're not familiar with the.particular systems keyboard shortcuts.and a big part of why we you know or.kind of derivative in a lot of ways is.to not reset that for a large number of.people but if you're not you know.necessarily right off the bat familiar.with these keyboard shortcuts you're.likely familiar with a bunch of keyboard.shortcuts from where you're coming from.are still working and you know how.important those are but if you're still.someone that's just kind of like you.know experimenting around with the mouse.and getting getting a lot of mileage out.of that that's cool but there really is.this next level of creative access that.you get your ideas when you add a few of.these keyboard shortcuts into your into.your memory now as a permanent way of.working it's really just kind of stuff.that you start to you know not be able.to live without and it just changes your.day to day stuff where you're like yeah.I just got to get this clip cleaned up I.got to get this session in a good state.to work or I want to duplicate the right.parts I want to edit the right parts you.know I've really personally since we've.added the follow transport like you auto.scrolling feature and the navbar and.these trim shortcuts it's like there's.such a huge evolution just the ease of.working with like which the way I you.know like make music and few bars at a.time it's like kind of where I'm stuck.you know as a musician like all right.I'm gonna I've got four bars now I'm.gonna like you know build to these four.bars and then extend for these whatever.so if I go I'm you know transient wine.and stuff like that I'm using shift a to.turn on and off the auto scrolling and.I'm watching for we're you know watching.and listening like oh here's the place I.click and adjust shift a to turn it back.on you know the nav by bar shortcuts and.these fade and trim shortcuts the drew.just showed and highlighted really like.you know are such a core set of key.commands and we've kind of you know got.a really good baseline now for the basic.editing stuff that you have to do all.day long if you're a clean it audio out.yeah because it makes a huge difference.to be able to tap around.yeah it's just it's so much editing.workflow especially yes yeah if you're.coming over from Pro Tools they're gonna.be super familiar with with all these.key commands and and actually been I had.a I had another I had a quick little.demo a little and this is not directly.related to these shortcuts but it's a.little sort of workflow thing that kind.of ties in with this that I figured I.would show real quick.and and it's it's something I've been.doing with Pro Tools for for for many.decades and it's something that I.thought maybe people could use as far as.it's a way of a quicker way of doing.some some some copying and some tracking.workflows so a lot of people you know a.lot if you have it let's say you have a.vocal section here and a lot of people.are you know if you need to punch this.section a lot of people are worried that.they're going to they don't want a SSE.they don't want to mess with the.integrity of that let me just go back to.console here and get my cue back up they.don't want to mess with the integrity of.that so I there's a little workflow.thing that I've been doing for a long.long time and you can see it looks like.I'm about to punch into my take and so.I'm gonna park my cursor here my hit.play and I'm gonna drop in and I'm gonna.hit record and it looks like I'm.punching into that but if a ctrl.backslash before hitting Trant stop on.the transport it will store it on to a.new playlist a new version then I can.and if they if they want to do that.again I can shift up back to the.original hit play drop into record and.do it again and so what I've done now is.without having to duplicate the original.playlist I now have the original and.then I also have the first punch and the.second punch on their own version on.their own version so this is so now you.could do this and in that way you.maintain the you have the original.integrity of the performance but then.you can shift up to your various punches.and the cool thing about this a lot of.people do this where what they'll do.instead is they'll duplicate the.playlist in order to maintain the.pre-roll and this allows you to this.allows you to continuously use the.pre-roll of the first take and it also.works by the way let's say I'm down here.I can hit play punch move it up to.number two hit stop and it gets added to.that second one so that's always that's.all.my first set of punches this is always.my second set of punches this is my.original playlist so it's a very clean.way of tracking this holds this will do.for multitrack drums as well but it's a.really like effective way of giving the.artists what they want pre-roll and post.roll but if you as long as you hit the.new the new or the shift up and down.prior to hitting stop on the transport.Luna will put it on to the appropriate.playlist that's super slick man very.nice that's a cool way to keep it keep.it organized but yeah it kind of show it.demonstrates from the real-time nature.of Luna right of its it's reacting in.real-time to what you're doing and.there's no fear about am I gonna lose.this take because I changed playlist mid.take no it's still there it's good it's.good to go it's and it's something it's.ironic I don't know if got you know.Connor might even know if that's but.it's something I've been doing for many.decades and maybe not a lot of people.not a lot of even Protocol's users know.that but it's interesting how Luna kinda.just does it too right so it's something.that like it's a natural progression for.me something I've been doing for 20.years but I figured I'd show that it's.not really related to this book but sort.of kind of is I guess so yeah I.definitely you know plays on the idea.that these keyboard shortcuts when.learned fully integrated can just.completely connect you with the workflow.that you need yeah use your creative.goals yeah yeah for sure for sure so uh.yeah man drew thanks that was a really.good tour of some of the new trim.shortcuts and then just overall how that.adds up to kind of editing cleaning.workflow for you you know and dressing.up your sessions so next on our list.over here we've got there's a bunch of.good questions coming in so let's let's.hit a few questions real quick number.one I guess should we say what about 107.should we finish oh no seven yeah by.saying one one when are we gonna see.this do we think that'll be this week.you know yeah it's hard we don't want to.say exactly what day because there's.always you know could be surprises and.and gotchas but we're looking good for.this week so awesome keep keep your eyes.peeled on the update button as you know.if you've been sticking with us.throughout these updates.one day you'll just launch and you'll.see the auto-update notification and.then if you don't you can always hit.check for updates but yeah once you log.in after.a new version has been released you.should see that auto-update and you can.always go to the website - and pull down.a version of luna association la is.asking any news on the pops and clicks.that were coming in on 1:06 he had to.revert back to 105 he was wondering if.1:07 has kind of resolved any of those.issues so we've spoken with a number of.customers so far who had that experience.I'm 106 and we so in order to understand.everything that's going on there it's.really an individual investigation so if.you haven't contacted customer support.yet please do so so we can work with you.to understand what's going on of the.cases that we've encountered so far we.were able to reproduce the issues in 105.with that user in in real time and also.basically go and recreate the exact same.session in logic which is like you know.apples to apples with audio units and.stuff like that and and at the same.buffer size you know 512 it's the.running engine size would would see.issues as well so those are just.specific cases we're not done.investigating by any means but if you're.you know definitely seeing issues in 106.and not in 105 we definitely just want.to talk to you we want to you know get.get in touch with you please contact.customer support because whatever's.going on there we need to identify we.are sort of on the on the trail of like.you know fan speed ramping up and and.render pops and clicks and there's a lot.of indication for some for some cases.that GPU usage could be involved and.we're starting to identify some trends.around particular Intel chipset in Apple.and in certain MacBook Pro it's like the.Intel iris chipset that's just a clue.for us for right now or we're looking.into that and working hard on figuring.out what's going on there and working to.address that but yes so far we haven't.seen a case that where 106 definitely.caused some issues but we are aware of a.lot of that feedback so we just need to.get we just need to get in touch so.please if that is what you're.experiencing please contact customer.support so we can work with you Andre.over in Facebook was asking any way to.save favorites as far as plugins to.avoid unnecessary scrolling not yet but.the search feature is something.that you know one of those muscle memory.things that if you just start typing the.first few letters of the plug-in or they.don't even have to be the first few.letters necessarily just like the ones.that will match at any point in the.plugin like me for something like that.you know you're gonna get a bunch of.your you ad needs or what have you but.certainly that's a great feedback.feature request so once 107 comes out or.even now you can you know especially in.107 check feature requests and say.plug-in favorites or preset favorites.that's definitely the kind of thing that.the browser is gonna make really easy to.navigate and it set up and configure and.modify and all that stuff so those are.the kinds of things that we had in mind.when thinking you know this browser is.gonna play out really nicely over the.over the long haul because you can do.things like that so naturally in a.ListView like that so definitely.something that's on our radar just not.available yet then say no as a as we say.as a preview you know one of the one of.the things we had on tap for today was.Ben's gonna show us a little bit about.building a production template so andre.you might find that segment that Ben's.gonna do a little later useful as well.so stay tuned yeah yeah given more.questions about you know audio story.bouncing plays freeze these are all.great feature requests so keep on.hitting the feedback audio quantize and.it was another one.yeah control surface for it so you guys.may feel like we've already heard it.enough but the feedback we kind of use.that to help gauge the interest as well.right Connor yeah absolutely just.because you know I would say don't hit.feedback every day requesting the same.thing you know but maybe once a week.yeah just you know at the right level of.input you know we get the best.information so you don't have to shy.away from submitting the same thing.twice but you know we also you know get.a sufficient volume of feedback that.it's not like you know anyone's gonna.spend their time trying to gain the.system or or even have that kind of.impact cuz we get a lot of feedback.submissions and each item that we get is.counted it's it's like like the amount.of categorization that I've done is.ridiculous but it's so worthwhile.because it's given especially as we're.we're just starting something that we.really want to evolve to bring people in.and sort of show them like why the UAD.to plug in platform.and Luna and the integration with with.Apollo hardware is like truly a new it's.like game-changing for your musical.creation experience it's like it's it.has been for me it has been for many.many people in the feedback that we've.gotten just in the sonic quality with.Neve and and tape and all these things.and then the ease-of-use that it's like.there's really something here and we.want to keep you guys engaged so if you.hit that feedback button and give us.your input we're gonna listen and we.have been and there's just a you know.because there's so many things to get to.I guess just to sort of wrap it up.there's a number of things that we're.getting to very quickly and then there's.a set of items that are harder to.implement and so you know we've been.working on those with all this time in.some cases and you know you'll continue.to see smaller releases and then we're.gonna start of course adding larger.features over time and those just take a.little bit longer or sometimes a lot.longer so we've got a great.understanding from the feedback of what.is the most important and we're you know.trying to work as best as we can kind of.in that order because we really want to.keep folks engaged and keep people.coming and sticking with Luna nice.awesome and uh and speaking of feedback.trust me we see a lot we see the.feedback about the cursor sizes not this.seems like it was like a couple people.that really wanted a bigger cursor sighs.I've slightly increased my cursor size.today we'll see how it feels last time.last time as a joke I made it way too.big and it was impossible to click on.anything so we're gonna try we're gonna.try a moderately bigger cursor size for.this next segment so yeah Matt let's.skip over we were gonna talk a little.bit about backing up sessions but it.sounds like just from the gauging from.the chat everyone really wants to see.this template session that's the juicy.stuff exactly and maybe as you're.setting that up and Aundre had a couple.follow-up questions he was asking about.the county and we don't you know luna v1.doesn't have accounting but you can use.pre-roll as a workaround so if you set.the pre-roll you know to a bar for.however many bars you like that can.function as as the countin and then also.he asked about can you use loon without.the internet and you know the answer to.that is yes of court you can each Luna.each system gets two luna authorizations.one class.one physical so if you get a get.yourself a nighlok physical I lock key.you can have the second authorization or.the the physical I lock authorized and.you don't need any internet and you.don't have to be logged into your UA.account either so so no internet needed.just to follow up on Andres questions.nice really good all right so let me.share it let me share my screen and I'll.show you guys I wanted to take you.through you know we've actually kind of.shown off my template stuff a little bit.in the past but it was based on the.template I already made so I figured.what would be kind of a good thing to.show you guys is how specially inspired.from what Tom shared last week with.taking us on a really big deep dive.inside the shape you know the whole time.all I'm thing is like man there's some.of these go twos that you really just.want to have at your fingertips.anytime you go in to start making music.so what I've done here is I've started.off with a just a blank session and a.moderate cursor size and we're gonna.come in here and it's a simple you know.to get a kickstart it's as simple as.making tracks so I hit command shift and.to pull up my new track dialogue over.here on the left now I can hit command.down arrow and you'll notice whenever I.go down it's cycling through the.different types of tracks so you can.make audio tracks instrument tracks or.bus tracks so for my template you know.we're gonna make one with a music.production workflow in mind you know.this would be a little bit differently.for mixing or mastering and if you guys.enjoy seeing this stuff we can kind of.dive in maybe in a future episode about.mixing and mastering workflows and how.to create templates and how to altom.utley not just create them but use them.and put them into practice but for music.production number one I'm gonna want.some instruments and why not let's just.go ahead and start off with four.instances of shape because you can never.have too many shapes and the great part.about shape as well as that is the.included creative toolkit so it's what.like 10 gigabytes of sounds and patches.there we go haven't seen it please go.and watch Tom's deep dive on shape it's.two and a half hours of just awesomeness.you'll learn a lot and you'll get.inspired.be sure and do that absolutely yeah that.that's what inspired me to do this right.so here on my first instance the shape.and this is you know Japan how you under.your music making workflow this might.change but shape opens up by default.under avail LT which is a really.beautiful.[Music].briea it's a it's the light version of.Ravel which is you know our UAS first.acoustic instrument just modeled after.like a Steinway model be recorded at.ocean weight studios.it's an incredible sounding piano but.for my template I'm a little bit I don't.know if you guys noticed over my left.shoulder here I'm a little bit more of a.Rhodes guy so you know if I'm feeling.lazy you don't want to necessarily have.to go over there and use the real thing.or if I just want to stay in front of my.screen here to get an idea down let's go.ahead and throw that up call it Rhodes.now my second track here this is this is.essentially what to me making a template.is is putting the sounds I'm gonna want.right away in as my basically as my.default session to load up so I can come.in here you know I'm always gonna want.was at the timeless kit this is it's one.of my favorite drum kits inside of Luna.and again so there we go.so now I've got some rows I've got some.been default drums always take the time.and Navy tracks guys never hurts never.hurt nobody to name some tracks and then.of course I can come in here I don't.always have to you shape the great part.about Luna is that you can also blow din.stuff like this is one of my favorite.sub bass plugins by fa w called sub lab.it's it's a instrument it's an.instrument completely dedicated to 808.sand sub bases and it doesn't strap very.very well so I always love having that.at the ready and let's go ahead and just.for good measure let's add in 1/4.instrument here and if you guys are.watching you know Ben is showing you the.that in the track name in the timeline.do is the one place you can get to those.track comments are the name comments.rather um so you could even add.descriptive stuff in there if you wanted.to remind yourself oh yeah yeah let's.good call.so this is another Medusa talking about.here is these comments so you know if.you want to leave lovely.notes to yourself later like yeah wait I.was gonna write an affirmation here we.go you've got this so now like whenever.I come back to rename this track once I.decided what's gonna actually go in.there have a little positive.reinforcement for myself.and just to round that one out command.left and right while that is open cycles.through all the tracks so you know type.and then command left and right and type.in command left and right and type so.that you don't have to double click or.there's even arrow buttons in the header.so you can use the mouse if you prefer.but you can also keep command around -.yeah so there's there's the there's the.mouse way and then it's command left.right arrow tab through them and then.the up tab goes between your different.areas of that yet again Connor with the.shortcuts it's like it's like you know.them alright so so here I've got I've.kind of got a real basic songwriting.template I've got roads for some chords.I've got my default drums just to be.able to quickly lay down a groove sub.bass for some bass and I've got contact.and you know I love those analog strings.by output so here I've just got a quick.little quick little pallet of sounds I.always want to start with but we don't.stop there because I do enjoy also.messing around and being bad at guitar.so let me have a guitar the itraq.sitting here ready to go and then this.is that's what I kind of really love.about doing this in Luna is that Luna.not only stores you know my instrument.settings up here but it will also record.it will also save any record effects.that I have so you know this is a DI.what better way to Josep a DI then throw.it through a Fender and then you know.just for some classic level control just.add a little la-2a and again you can do.this all the taste so if you have you.know if you've got a default setting for.the Fender 55 that you like better than.others such as this one feel free to.steal it.this is kind of my go-to for for the.fender now this is saved with the.session.so anytime I open up and I'm ready to go.record guitar all I have to do is record.enable this track automatically loads.the fender loads the la-2a and I'm ready.to go but we can take this another step.farther because of course what's what's.better than just like all these dry.sounds which is you have some effects.that have some delay some reverb.available on all these tracks ready to.go so I can come in here what it is I.hit the plus button on the sends which.brings up over here create a new bus.call this reverb and let's go ahead and.create one called delay there we go so.now I've got a reverb and delay and.again that's part of my template making.I'm gonna pull out my favorite tape.delay I like working I like rocking this.thing in sync mode and just starting off.with a little where's my thumb there's.my Athan out fully wet when you're on a.send mm-hmm I was like kind of chilling.out those a little bit again the whole.goal here is I don't have to come in and.whenever I open up my template now these.settings are gonna be restored just.sitting there ready waiting for me same.thing with the chambers I go ahead and.load that up as my default reverb just.feel fully aware of how spoiled I am to.be able to have capital chambers as my.like template default reverb so now if I.come over here in my roads I can say.some delay reverb just option click on.on the sends here and that automatically.brings them up to zero DB so we can have.it fully wet.[Music].there we go.vibes vibes all sorts of Ives.so that is instrument tracks that is.audio tracks that's some some delays.some reverbs you can also you can come.in here you can you can play around with.having tape enabled on your tracks by.default you know so I can load up oxide.especially on the drums and say the.roads now you know a thing to know is.that as we talked about as Drew.explained in our arm deep dive Lunas.going to be extra smart about what is.included when you're recording you know.so when this isn't record enable you can.see the yellow little outline box these.are all the elements that are currently.enabled by arm so that's my inserts.that's my sons and my returns over here.are all covered by arm tape is one of.those areas that only activates during.playback just like real life you know.you don't you don't listen through the.tape as you're tracking to it you listen.back off of the tape so this is the same.same sort of workflow and in signal path.so but it is nice to have this just.sitting there ready to go so then as.soon as I'm done with my take it'll now.be passing through your tape and I get.that little extra touch of oxide yet.again one of the included Luna.extensions that comes comes free with.with Luna but of course if you own the.Studer you can add that on there as well.alright so that is instruments delays.reverbs the other thing I always like to.do is I like to just go ahead and have a.limiter setup on my main again when I'm.in arm mode when I'm just writing it's.gonna bypass you'll see you notice how.the Rhodes is not passing through my.main fader if I take it out of arm it.would pass through that main fader but.then I'm dealing with a little bit of.latency but yet again this is a great.thing so as soon as I've done it take.I'm no longer having to worry about.possibly going over because one of the.things I don't know about you guys but.the thing I'm probably the worst at when.I'm just in a creative mode is gain.staging for some reason everything just.starts getting louder and louder so you.can either be very diligent about your.gain staging or you know play it safe.and just load up a limiter here with uh.with.trim turn down a touch on the end and.again this is just kind of I want these.things in place so when I start making.music I'm not having to recreate this.from scratch every time and then yeah.the final thing I really wanted to show.about my production template in terms of.creating it is integrating analog.synthesizers along with this workflow.I've seen a lot of people kind of asking.about you know how to integrate these.two together so let me show you how I do.it so I've created two tracks here we're.gonna call this one modular and we're.gonna call this modular MIDI so by.making this two tracks this gives me.kind of the ultimate control over what's.happening so if we're modular this is an.audio track this is here to accept the.signal back in from my modular so you.know click the plus up in the input.assignment select modular left right now.my modular MIDI gonna come I'm gonna.leave the instrument blank that leaves.this is just a regular MIDI track that I.can assign inputs and outputs say MIDI.in I only want it to come from the.keyboard here right in front of me and.then MIDI out I want this to go out to.my key step which is currently.controlling the modular behind me so now.if I record enable this and I record.enable this.here in the roads and the modular.because I left the roads enabled there's.some beautiful space music coming in.from the back and yet again I can cut.since since this is my template I'm.gonna go ahead and put all my favorite.things.at my fingertips yeah it sounds a little.[Applause].fallout so that's how you integrate.external instruments and now I can just.record MIDI using this MIDI track and.then have it play back through the.modular a little tip here for if you're.trying to come up with your parts and.not necessarily commit there's two ways.two schools of thought here you could.leave it record enabled so now when I.record I'm recording both the MIDI and.the real-time results coming off of the.synth this is kind of my preferred way.because you never know when you're gonna.have a happy accident or you're gonna.have something like you know the thing.could just freak out right now and it.would be something that I could never.get back again just by having the MIDI.data so I personally can't leave like.this but the other thing you can do is.you can put it in input monitor and.leave it out of record and now I'm just.recording MIDI but still able to monitor.what's coming off of my modular and you.know work on the part find the loop that.I want to create and then come back in.you know take the MIDI out of record but.the modular and the record and record.the final results and hope you guys are.maybe seeing this I'm flexing a little.bit here one of the things Luna can do.is drop tracks in and out of record.without having to stop the playhead this.is and you can create them too you can.make tracks while the transports rolling.mm-hmm Oh Kenny yeah yeah oh yeah oh.yeah oh yeah look at that.oh yeah and drop it into record and set.an input well let's do that so I'm still.recording let me set up my guitar same.workflow here another the new let's go.instrument track with none on it okay.MIDI in I'm gonna use a keyboard we're.gonna send it out to my Minotaur record.enabled recording table there you go.[Music].look is that never had to come out of.the moment it was so cool like this is.it's allows you to keep on jamming.especially if you're not by yourself if.you were you know able to socially.distance along with somebody and be in.the same room jamming together it allows.you to be you know your guitar player.gonna be over there just having a having.a blast you know like man I need to add.you know my roots to this you can create.a track you can drop it in you can do.all this stuff without having to.interrupt anybody else's flow so now.guys I've kind of I've kind of messed up.my template here so I went from a blank.template I went from a scratch pad to.something with some with some.information on it so this is this is.whenever the next step of using it of.this template thing is actually you know.putting it into use so to in for that.like I don't necessarily want to every.song I create from now on I don't.necessarily want to be reminded of you.know this little spotty and that's going.on down here so fairly simple to fix.this up all I gotta do press Delete.so that was half of it that was step one.of creating my tenth of cleaning up my.template now let's go and audio then in.a production template here we go so now.what I'm going to do is I'm gonna close.my production template and here and.finder I'm going to right click on that.session file and you'll notice if I do.get info here it's actually it's.probably gonna have a little bit of size.to it since since a recorded audio into.it it's just not showing up for me right.now but I can go show package contents.and inside of you'll see there's this.folder called audio so here are here's.the audio files that I just recorded.that don't need in future versions of.this template so I can just delete those.a save command command delete sends to.the trash sends it straight to the trash.and Connor that's that's all I really.have to do right it's just yeah delete.audio empty the trash I've now cleared.that folder out and the session file.will now we'll probably hear in a.I can go down from 64 down to like.couple of megabytes since there isn't a.ton of data in there so now all I have.to do command D on my production.template I was like tiling stuff with.the date the office a la space and I of.course and this is this is a trick that.I drew you and I were talking about.so now you know duplicated my folder.titled that folder now if I go into this.folder just before there we can do is if.you hit enter it automatically selects.the whole name so I've now put that name.into my copy clipboard and then come in.here rename that session commando to.just open that session up and now here.in Luna look how big that beach ball is.[Laughter].so big so now when I open up this.session it's going to populate a backup.with my four shader was two shapes a sub.lab contact a modular my guitar my.Minotaur all my favorite tools wait.today I just delete all the audio from.the session I did just delete all the.audio from the session folder dance.that's because the for a template that I.don't want the audio that was existing.inside that template for me you know.shiny showing off how to record you know.whenever I make a song I just want a.blank template I want no audio in there.you know so I'm starting completely from.scratch each time one two things.actually one just flashed across the.screen for the very discerning pixel.hunter you may have noticed that the.progress bar color is now actually.something that's visible you know just.kind of gooey cleanup so that actually.came in a bunch of the feedback button.and you know we finally in 107 we have.improved the visibility of the progress.bar the other thing now that we have the.session folder what you did been there.was totally one totally one way to do it.but if you go and rename this session in.Luna.it also renames the folder is possible.so just to say that for the purpose of.the demo is you can do it either way and.it will rename the.if possible there are some cases where.it's not possible with it so I'm.assuming I probably broke it since I did.you know my folder names got a little.space in the hour and this one doesn't.I imagine if let's try yeah yeah it.might be out of sync though it might.just replace it so we'll see what.happens yeah it's just I left it in.there but change the session yeah it's.like if there's something like I said.there's some there's some weird TWiki.cases where like if you were out of sync.it won't try to match them and things.like that but yeah there's a good.example of if it's out of sync it won't.try to right change it yes.yeah Vance this wasn't really a feature.it was added it's just it's something.that's been here from the get-go and fab.actually showed this trick off for.creating a mix template and one of the.first tales from the switch so yeah.you've always been able to right-click.on the session file package contents go.into the audio folder and clear that out.the only you know the difficult thing.here is that it's it's easy to clear all.of the audio app it's difficult to clear.out some of the audio since as you guys.who notice all of the file names inside.of your session package or gibberish you.know that it's all a database file so it.it's using rather than clean names it.uses these crazy I don't know what you.call those Connor is that hash it's a.it's like a unique identifier so it's.it's labeled that way so that the.program never ever loses track with it.or could possibly confuse it with any.other file and it's it's part of the.whole database driven nature so you used.a good term for this which is crazy this.is a crazy way to delete media from a.session document so please know all of.you listening and watching this is not.how it will always be media management.is absolutely a very high priority.feature for us and though it according.to the feedback button it's not as high.a priority for y'all out there as you.might expect so if it's something that.you're very interested in please.continue to be back yeah it's one of.those things that like you know in many.cases we're going top-down but in other.cases were like oh my god like we you.know we like we don't have this critical.feature of a managed media system which.is the ability to see all of your files.and delete them so rest assured is.something that we're working on it's a.huge priority and it's it's it won't be.this way forever.this is a totally functional way to do.it now but just know it's something that.will will be enhanced in the future and.so fanservice wanax how am i connecting.to all those extra live keyboards at.once via MIDI well the cool thing about.MIDI recording I think this is your.question you is that you know I can.record enable multiple tracks of MIDI.and they're all it's like three tracks.all being recorded at once so since.these are most of these are being driven.by the all-in of course as you notice I.got specific when it comes comes to.these ones because since I've got.swimming MIDI inputs and outputs on my.setup it can quickly get confused or.like I have a drum machine starting to.send out no data that don't necessarily.want to hear so you just click on the.all area up here in MIDI in and that.brings up all of the available MIDI ins.and outs I mean all the available MIDI.ins of course if you click on MIDI out.this is all your available outputs and.I'm running some slightly the eye.connectivity mio XL + XM MIDI interfaces.to be able to have these all connected.it once and preset but of course it.works stress is great you know this.keyboard in front of me is hooked up via.USB.I've got like a MIDI you know on one.side so you can mix and match any MIDI.device and as long as it's showing up in.your audio MIDI settings on the system.level will show up here inside of Luna.so yeah that is so that's how you make a.template that's how you duplicate the.file create a template and now you know.so now I've got that template stored you.know it's clearly labeled that's my.template duplicate the folder duplicate.the file I don't have to do that.clearing out again I only had to do that.once so now each time I create this.session I'm giving myself a blank slate.filled with all my favorite inputs.outputs effects sends limiters tape.effects everything's all kind of sitting.here ready for me to start making some.music yeah so this is kind of your.production template workflow and I think.you know we have in the works we have.some mixing template workflow segments.scheduled and we're prepping for as well.as Ben mentioned earlier some mastering.we're going to do.the mastering template workflow segment.so stay tuned to this this Monday slot.is kind of our little QA slam sandbox.but it's also like an area where we can.do little pro tips and where we can just.sort of help you guys get your tighten.up your workflow and speed things up and.all that jazz so you know stay tuned we.got a lot more stuff in the pipeline.yeah absolutely.were there any other questions I miss 12.it was racing through all that when.muting the shape instrument track it.still plays a MIDI even when the track.is muted is that normal that is the way.it is now and but it won't be the way it.always is so get one of those things.that's totally on the radar to change.doesn't hasn't been changed yet but we.will definitely that's the totally a.common-sense thing that we can do and.we'll do at some point we want some.stock you ad stock lunar plugins basic.compressor to use reverbs delays.limiters etc yeah did will want and you.haven't you have them yeah so there's a.when you guys by any Apollo comes with.the analog classics bundle which.includes all the ton of great tools and.I believe it's the analog classics plus.right that comes with you know something.like the precision channel strip this.was a sleeper that I learned about on my.first season of office hours.I was totally sleeping on this one this.is a great vibe and EQ compressor.all-in-one and yeah I've really kind of.fallen in love with using this one.because it is such a lightweight low DSP.but of course you know the other staples.you've got a 610 that comes.sorry it's is it the beer the a that.comes with other B so B is included for.free.you've got an 1176 the Ln so this gallon.76 you get a la 2 a that kind of you.know these are and there's so there are.upgrade versions especially for it's.good to know for the 1176 in LA to it.we've gone back and remodeled these with.more with the Transformers with the.tubes with just more detail and revised.methods of modeling but what comes with.is still a it's a really great model of.both of these compressors for reverb I.believe it comes with is it real verb.still yep yep it was a real verb Pro and.if you google just google you ad analog.classics the first hit is going to be.the the document to let you know what.comes with each interface because if.you're buying an Apollo or versus a.satellite or other accelerator that the.plugins will be slightly different so.make sure you check out that page the.other thing so it won't appear here.because Ben of course has every.universal audio plug-in in his my.universal audio folder but your.universal audio folder out there at the.top is always called my universal audio.and it will show you the plugins that.are either running as demos or that you.own outright and the ones that you own.outright or some of those are the.included plugins that we've discussed.here so you'll see in the my universal.audio folder all of the ones that you.can currently run many of which are you.know you're able to run permanently if.they are included in analogue classics.yeah so yeah Nia the real word Pro is.just one of the reverb plugins it's.included you also get the precision.reflection engine there's another good.one.oh yeah that's a really good one.precision reflection engine and yeah.don't sleep on these on these ones yeah.a no real verb looks like it's straight.out of the 90s but the some of the stuff.that you're able to do in here is is.really wild and like you can you can get.through you can customize the shape of.the room the material of the room just.the amount of control that you have over.this you can create some really cool.sounds on top of the you know when you.hit on preemie click on presets you can.see there's a huge huge catalog of.presets in there and luna office hours.number 21 luna office hours number 21 at.the one hour mark one hour at eleven.minutes mark tom goes over everything.that comes with each apollo and shows.you all of the plugins on the screen.kind of like what Ben's doing here but.fully shows the entire thing so that's.office hours number 21 at the one hour.and 11 minutes in case you ever wanted.to hear what your guitar sounds like.played through a partial square partial.cube soil hardwood mix three over pro is.the plug-in for you.you know you don't it gets a real little.nice warm earthy tone to it so that's.right yeah.great Brown brand sound is there.something I'm doing wrong with my.universal plugins only show when using.unison but not as an input on an audio.track for use during mixing yeah that.sounds like a bug I would hit hit the.feedback button and send a screenshot.and well maybe maybe wait to fix it.until tomorrow so we can get your log or.the sometime this week when 1:07 comes.out and because that way we can get the.log file or if you got a second contact.customer support but that should not be.the case my Universal Audio should show.up when you're recording abled or not.record enabled so there's just something.weird happened in there and if CI MCS.been asking a bunch here in the chat if.this is a feedback form work if you're.on the beta team with us yes yes that's.why I thought yep and it actually the.part of the new beta part of the new.feedback form will automatically.identify if you're a beta user on our.end so we'll be able to really easily.categorize like what user role you are.when if you're logged in you don't know.just to say that - you don't have to be.logged in to use the feedback form or.send us any of that information you can.you know be just have to have internet.connection to send it up to us and you.don't have to log into to Luna at that.point in time but of course logging into.Luna is so easy and you should always be.logged in but why why not be like it.doesn't appear when clicking on the.feedback button that's weird so you've I.think you found a bug if you if you're.clicking the feedback button Monacan the.feedback form.that's about if that's coming from a.beta user make sure to pull down the.latest beta to you mm-hmm.awesome well god how about trashing.prefs anything if you go to the UAD.forum there's the segment for trashing.Luna prep that might help that'll.probably fix the my universal audio.issue it would be my guess and then the.feedback forum thing we did have a if.that is someone in the beta program we.had an issue where in some cases it.wouldn't come up for some systems but.that should be fixed so.yeah yes well awesome guys well in this.cool preview of some of the new stuff.coming in 107 it's a quick look at how.to make some templates if you guys are.enjoying this let us know you definitely.got some more stuff on deck for next.week already and yeah if you guys have.got music you want us to feature during.the countdown as always hit us up live.at you audio com.we love featuring music from from all of.you guys out there in the community same.goes for the photos just put them up on.instagram hashtag universal audio we'll.find them well make them part of our.countdown it's been so cool like I you.know as much as I love talking to you.guys before the show it's actually kind.of fun to look up and see all the cool.studio setups and see all the creative.ways people are using their Apollo's and.Luna so yeah guys thank you so much for.joining thank you everybody for tuning.in for all the good questions.drew Connor Matt thanks so much for for.walking us through all these new things.and that we'll be back here tomorrow.with fav for another tales from a switch.I think we're getting close to finishing.the tracking of the song which is great.if you guys haven't seen it already go.back watch last week or the week before.where fab has been brave and he is doing.a remote recording session through the.wires of the internet with a remote.control in the software it's it's a.really cool experience but it's.ultimately kind of it's really helping.to showcase the real-time nature of.recording inside of Luna and then.Thursday this week Matt's gonna take us.on a deep dive of all of the MIDI.editing track creation workflows video.so we can't touch the surface a little.bit today with with the template stuff.but if you guys still have many.questions about Luna Thursday we're.gonna answer them all everything that.we're no MIDI Rock will be unturned.we're going deep oh boy yeah so we got a.great week of shows guys and we'll catch.you back here on the next one bye.everyone you guys.[Music].you.

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