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The Information Guidance for Physical Therapy Intake Form Template

The useful way to key in Physical Therapy Intake Form Template online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the cushiest tool online. To use the tool, follow the procedure given below.

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Guide of Physical Therapy Intake Form Template

hey guys Tim with Petey progress and in.this video we're going to take a look at.the top 10 subjective interview.questions I recommend asking during a.physical therapy evaluation so one of.the most intimidating things for a new.graduate or a student physical therapist.is to take the lead during an evaluation.of the new patient now this can go quite.a few different ways because everybody.is different you might have one patient.who is very quiet and doesn't really.want to share much and you have to drive.it out of them all those questions and.you might have someone else who wants to.share their entire life story with you.and you can't really get out of question.to keep the evaluation focused and on.track and in either of those situations.it can be really helpful to have a sort.of roadmap to approach the evaluation.and as one of the reasons why I created.these 10 questions to ask during a.physical therapy evaluation so if you're.interested in printing out this.checklist of questions you can grab that.link below and get that list for.yourself but before we dive into these.questions I want to make one thing clear.and it's that these questions that.you're asking on the list they aren't.the end-all be-all of questions you may.ask during an evaluation your job is to.have a conversation with the person.across from you and to lead that.conversation to cover important items.that ultimately help you in providing.treatment or recommendations for that.person ok so before you dive into just.running down the list of questions I.like to take a few seconds to introduce.myself and to make the person feel.comfortable by knowing what to expect.during the evaluation so let's dive in.and see how I might introduce myself and.lead right into the first question oh.hey there I'm Tim I'm one of the.physical therapists in the clinic I've.been here for the past four years and.treat a lot of people with back pain.knee pain and especially shoulder issues.so you're definitely in the right place.today's evaluation is going to take.about 45 minutes to an hour and we'll go.over things like your range of motion.your strength and then we'll finish out.with some exercises and recommendations.you can start doing at home but before.we get into any of that I just like to.get to know you a little bit and see.what's been going on what brings you.into the clinic today now there's a good.chance that you've already seen their.patient intake form at least I hope you.have and you should have a good idea of.what you're seeing them here in the.first place but sometimes you don't know.if there's a specific injury or if.they've been dealing with this issue for.a long time so it's important to ask.about the reason they're coming to you.today for treatment so when you ask this.your goal is to direct them to explain.what it is or why is that they're coming.to.see you today so again that first.question is simply what brings you in.today and since we don't really have a.patient here to go back and forth with.these questions I'm just gonna go in.rapid succession and count them down.adding a little commentary if I need to.do so so let's dive into number two do.you have any history of this type of.pain or other injuries that could be.tied to it now if they're coming into.the clinic for back pain it can be.helpful to know if they've had back pain.all their life or if this was the first.time that they've ever experienced back.pain so this question is to help you.understand the onset of pain and how.long they've been dealing with it okay.number three is this tell me a little.bit more about the pain when do you.notice it most do you have problems with.standing sitting walking or laying down.now here I like to dive into functional.items that they're having problems doing.you can say tell me a little bit more.about the pain but I really do like.driving it towards functional movements.and this is really going to help you.create a specific plan of care and to.write out a descriptive evaluation.that's focused on helping the patient.reach their functional goals okay number.four can you point to the area or how.would you describe the pain or the.feeling that you're having right now so.most of the time you need to document a.description of the symptoms whether that.is dull sharp achy throbbing and during.this question I usually interact and say.do you have any numbness or tingling and.from a scale of zero to ten how would.you say your pain is 10 being take me to.the ER right now and look I know these.aren't exactly ten single questions you.might have to ask one or two additional.questions within each of these major.questions the idea is that we cover some.of the major areas in such a limited.amount of time so we ask these questions.because we have to move on and perform.special tests and other treatment items.during our evaluation as well okay.number five is this have you had any.previous treatment for this particular.issue or any other physical therapy.injections chiropractic and did it help.now I like asking this question because.it gives you an idea of whether or not.the patient perceived benefit from the.specific treatment and it's not to say.that you shouldn't avoid certain.treatments because the patient said it.didn't work but it's just helpful to.understand what the patient is thinking.especially if they've had physical.therapy in the past and you hear them.say something like well I've tried all.these exercises and they don't work or.they say something more general like I.try exercising I try.these types of treatments they just.doesn't help me at all and as a side.note if I'm doing exercises or.treatments with the patient and they.have this opinion that exercises don't.work I'll often ask them well have you.done this specific exercise right here.and if they haven't I'll say okay this.is great because this is different than.what you've been doing in the past so.let's give this a try and see if this.helps to relieve some of the symptoms.you're having like a back pain or.shoulder pain or whatever it is okay.number six is this have you had any.imaging done and I'm not asking this so.I can read or see the actual imaging.sometimes it is helpful to see the.imaging report or the summary but my.biggest goal in asking this question is.to understand the results of the imaging.number seven is this are you currently.taking any medications for this pain or.symptoms and how often or how many are.you taking these can be good questions.if you're going to create goals around.pain and you want an objective measure.on decreasing pain medications or.whatever it is that you have as a goal.with the patient number eight is this.have you noticed any other changes in.your health.things like night pain fever chest pain.bowel or bladder changes and these are.all kind of red flag questions that we.are looking for items that might lead us.to refer out or to recommend another.provider if we hear specific feedback or.answers from the patient and these.questions okay at this point of the.evaluation there's a good chance that.you've gathered a lot of information.about the history so I like to wrap it.up with these last couple questions and.number nine is this is there anything.else that I should know about your.overall health history things like.cancer blood pressure high blood.pressure diabetes surgery anything like.that now you'd be surprised with how.many people come into the clinic with.something like ankle pain and they've.had surgery a couple of weeks ago for a.hernia a hysterectomy or whatever it is.and you have no clue because you didn't.ask this question now we can't always.catch everything but I like asking this.question because if there was something.major that was going on and it's not.really related to this issue that.they're coming in for hopefully the.patient is willing to share that with.you because it might impact the way that.you provide treatment in order to.protect that area or to avoid disrupting.it with specific movements or exercises.okay in the final question that I like.to ask before going into objective.measurements or special tests is this so.what are your goals for therapy are the.things that you want to return to doing.you're currently limited in doing.because of this now you're going to get.all sorts of answers on this one because.some people might get really specific or.some people might try to be funny and.talk about unrealistic goals but things.they've never done before like running a.marathon and they want to start running.a marathon now but my recommendation is.to bring it back to functional things.that might be related to their biggest.problems so if they're having back pain.one of their goals might be able to.reach down to the ground and pick up.items without experiencing sharp pains.in their back that's a great functional.item and it's a great goal to work into.their plan of care if you want to print.out a copy of these ten subjective.interview questions that I recommend.asking during your evaluation go ahead.and see that link in the comments below.also if you like this video I would love.it if you gave it a like below and be.sure to subscribe to the channel and.I'll see you in the next video.

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Physical Therapy Intake Form Template FAQs

Here are the answers to some common problems regarding Physical Therapy Intake Form Template . Let us know if you have any other problems.

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