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Must-do's in Signing the Used Car Inspection Checklist Form on Mobile

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Tips on completing the Used Car Inspection Checklist Form

youtube video

Steps of Customizing the Used Car Inspection Checklist Form

hey this is josh with budget mechanic.if you are looking at buying a used car.there's a long list of standard.practices such as making sure the title.is clean.getting a background check done taking.it for a test drive.looking for mechanical or physical signs.of damage.but in this video i want to share with.you some of the biggest and.most overlooked red flags when looking.at a used car.that could cost you an arm and a leg.down the road so let's take a look at.this one.so we're going to start on the outside.of the car besides all the obvious.cosmetic stuff that you want to be.looking for.what i'm interested in is do my does my.body.match and does my body kind of fit.together so what i'm talking about is.do the doors close properly and are the.lines correct.if i look down the edge of the car are.there any big wavy dents or anything.like that.because those kind of things are going.to indicate potential collision damage.that could be deeper than just cosmetic.and that could be.extremely expensive if you find that.your car has frame damage or internal.damage.like that another thing is if you look.at the paint.is the paint all one color or has.someone tried to hide an accident.by doing like a little garage paint job.one little trick you can do.is you can pop the gas cap.and you can look at the color.inside the gas cap door and make sure.it's the same as the rest of the car.sometimes people will repaint the car.but they'll miss.inside here so if you haven't already.got a background check on a car that you.see some of these things in.definitely want to make sure you check.that out and make sure that.something fishy is not going on in the.car's history one thing you need to know.when looking at a used car.is how long before you need to replace.these tires because tires are actually.quite expensive.minimum you're paying a hundred dollars.per tire for a new tire on a car.but often if they're more sporty tires.or if you have a truck.um you can rack up a thousand dollar.bill just on tires alone.so besides looking at the tread wear.which is kind of what everybody knows to.look for.i'm looking at the inside edge which is.really hard to see from the outside.so i try to get the the wheel turned to.the right or the left really far so i.can get a look at the inside edge.so even though the tread looks pretty.good on the middle of this tire.because it's wearing so badly on the.inside it not only means that you're.going to have to replace this tire.sooner.but you're also going to need to get.your car aligned which is another.expense that you're going to have to pay.that you may not have known about if you.just looked at the outside of the tire.so when we get under the hood obviously.there's lots of things that you want to.be looking for in a used car.dangers but i want to really go after.three red flags which are fluids right.now.it's going to be your transmission fluid.your oil and your coolant and i'm going.to show you specifically what i'm.looking for.so you want to check your coolant don't.make the mistake of checking your.reservoir sometimes cars have coolant.reservoirs.other places but you want to try to find.the high pressure cap.that has a big danger warning sign on it.and don't open it when it's hot because.you'll get hurt.you're looking to make sure that you.know the guy.selling it is keeping the car full of.coolant that it is coolant and not.water you don't want it to be full of.water it's really bad for the system.and you want to make sure that it's.clear so.dangerous signs would be oily residue or.skunk floating in this coolant.and that can point to bigger stuff like.a head gasket break and oils getting.into your coolant which can be very.expensive.also that it's not super rusty really.rusty coolant.again probably coming from using water.in your system instead of coolant.but um you're just looking at stuff like.that that gives you indication of how.well it's been taken care of or any kind.of abuse that it's suffered.so if you're seeing any of those signs.in your engine coolant it's a good.indication that you could have some.expensive repairs in the future.the next fluid that i'm looking at is a.little more obvious it's the oil.and not only am i looking for a good oil.level because if there's an oil on the.dipstick then the car's been running.without the proper level of lubrication.and the engine life is being shortened.i'm also looking at the color.has the guy changed the oil before like.is it too dark is it completely black.and super dirty really hard on the.engine.but i'm a big danger sign i'm looking.for is white milky.oil so oil should be clear if it's got.any white or milkiness to it that.indicates coolant getting through into.the into the oil system which is.extremely bad for the engine.usually indicates some sort of like a.head gasket leak or something like that.also can look under the filler cap i can.see down in the engine looking for signs.of.of water or really bad carbon buildup.from.bad oil so checking out your oil really.well.is going to give you an indication if.this car has been taken care of.as well as if you have a potential head.gasket problem which could be very.expensive.so the last fluid i want to check is the.transmission fluid on a lot of cars you.have to check it with the car running.there's a few models out there a car.that doesn't have any way to access the.transmission fluid and you can't do.this but on most cars you find the.transmission or the transaxle.and the dipstick is going to be.somewhere on top of it.i'm looking at the transmission fluid.level first.this says that this is uh indicating the.hot level.so i would want to make sure that the.car was heated up before i really.determined the level.um but if it's extremely low like if the.fluid wasn't even on the dipstick.who knows how long it's been running.that way that would be extremely bad for.your transmission.and obviously a transmission is.extremely expensive to replace.another thing i'm looking for is the.color if it's kind of a clear red.that's great if it's a really dark brown.or a black.that indicates really dirty fluid that.is going to need to be flushed out of.the system which requires a special.machine.so transmission services are often very.expensive as well.so obviously when you're checking out.the car at some point you're going to.want to get inside it and start it up.and.take it on a test drive so here's a.couple things to look for.that not many people would think of so.the next red flag to be aware of is.going to be instrument panel.i've actually been personally burned by.buying a used car one time.where they managed to disable the check.engine light itself.so there was engine codes but nothing.was showing up on the dash.so what you want to do is turn the key.to the accessory position.and make sure that the end that the.lights.actually physically work so airbag.check engine and oil are the main.culprits that you want to make sure that.the the indicators are actually working.and then when you start the car you know.they may disappear but you want to make.sure that the lights themselves are.functioning properly.so like i said before once you get the.car started all those warning lights.should disappear.if they don't for example the check.engine light is still on you know you.have a problem don't just take the.previous owner's word for what the.problem is.get the code red with either your own.code reader go.on amazon get a 10 code reader or take.the card to an auto parts store that.offers free code reading.and find out what the code is write it.down do some research.and see what's actually going on the.obd2.code reader is what it's called hooks.into a port that's usually under your.steering wheel somewhere just under the.plastic.oh there's the one for this car is right.here.you're going to plug it in and you're.going to make sure the car is either.running.or it's in the accessory position so.this is also a good way to find out if.there have been codes in the car but the.owner just cleared the codes before you.got there.so you can actually find out some.history if your code reader will support.that.so another light that i take very.seriously on the dash is the airbag.light.just like the engine light the repairs.for the airbag system can range from.really simple to extremely expensive.the trick with the airbag light is you.can't just scan that system with a.normal scan tool you have to have some.advanced equipment.as well as they don't recommend you work.on airbag systems a lot yourself.but in some states you can't even get.your car registered if that light is on.it will not pass.safety inspections or what have you so.if that's on.you really want to be careful because.that could run you into some expensive.repairs.so while i'm talking about the.instrument panel i want to bring up.mileage.because everybody knows that the higher.the mileage of a car the less it's worth.etc etc but what a lot of people don't.realize.is that while cars if they're well.maintained can go for hundreds of.thousands of miles.the components that make them up.especially the engine parts.aren't designed to go that long i hear a.lot of stories of people that.all of a sudden they feel like.everything's breaking on their car so.many problems and they bought a lemon.when in fact they're just hitting that.90 to 120 000 mile.window where a lot of the components.wear out need to be replaced there's a.reason.car companies often only offer a 100 000.mile warranty.because that's kind of when stuff will.start needing to be replaced.so if you're looking at a car that's got.90 000 100 000 miles.and the previous owner hasn't really.done any work on it chances are.you're going to be the one that's going.to start needing to replacing starters.alternators.suspension elements a big one is a lot.of cars.have a timing belt which is a rubber.belt that wears out often around 100 000.miles.that if it breaks before you replace it.can be catastrophic for your motor.but to get your timing belt replaced is.actually quite expensive.so if you're looking at a car that's.around that hundred thousand mile range.it's just really important to know what.the owner has done maintenance wise.repairs that he's done it's really great.to see records of that.because if it's not something they've.done you're probably looking at doing it.pretty soon this one may be a little bit.more obvious to people.but when you're on your test drive you.are feeling the car out for transmission.trouble.what i mean by that is uh if the car is.hesitating to shift into the next gear.or if it shifts really hard and kind of.slams into the next gear.or if there's any hesitation you shift.into reverse the car waits a second.before it.gets into gear all those things.especially.if it's in conjunction with really dirty.or low transmission fluid that you.looked at before.big red flag for the transmission and as.you can imagine getting your.transmission repaired or replaced.extremely expensive the next big red.flag that i hear about a lot.is the owner says the ac is a little.warm sometimes but i refill it with a.can from the auto parts store and it.works great.problem with that is ac systems usually.get worse not better.and some parts of it are extremely.expensive like the evaporator core in.this car.probably costs you twelve hundred.dollars to get replaced so if cold air.is important to you.this is a big red flag and the last.trouble area i'm looking for in a used.car.is customizations non-stock add-ons that.someone has done to the car.especially if they haven't been.professionally installed suspension or.racing parts engine mods.uh electrical stuff like big sound.systems or.electrical accessories if they haven't.been installed professionally there's a.really good chance that they've messed.up the electronics of a car or the.suspension of a car.so if the owner is bragging to you about.all the performance parts that he's.added or accessories that he's wired in.chances are.you're going to be inheriting a problem.that he doesn't want to work on anymore.and or the car has been raced driven.hard.really not well taken care of and it's.not going to last much longer so might.be one you want to walk away from.again this is not a comprehensive list.of what you should be looking for in a.used car.but if you look for these few trouble.areas you can avoid a lot of expensive.surprises.thanks for watching i hope this was.helpful as always please subscribe and.we'll see you next time.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Used Car Inspection Checklist Form online

You must into a adaptable solution to electronic signatures for Used Car Inspection Checklist Form. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Finding, a single online app that does not need any other installation.

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  3. Select the types of signatures you need to place. It can be drawn, typed, or uploaded signatures.
  4. Once you have selected the type, choose 'Ok' and 'Done'.
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Chrome has been more and more popular as a convenient browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to choose the form that fulfill your need without searching for it in a long time.

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Here are the basic key elements you need to follow:

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How to create an electronic signature for the Used Car Inspection Checklist Form in Gmail?

Mailing documents is so useful that majority of businesses have gone paperless. Therefore, it will be a great selection if one can esign form online from Gmail in a straight line. You can do it by adding a CocoSign extension on your Chrome. Here is what you need to do:

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The signed file is in the draft folder. You can easily share it to your required mailing address.

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How to create an e-signature for the Used Car Inspection Checklist Form on iOS?

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How to create an electronic signature for the Used Car Inspection Checklist Form on Android?

These days, Android gadgets are commonly used. Therefore, to assist its customers, CocoSign has developed the app for Android users. You can use the following intstructions to e-sign your Used Car Inspection Checklist Form from Android:

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Used Car Inspection Checklist Form FAQs

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How can I electronically fill out a PDF form?

Assuming the PDF has not been configured for electronic typing (Usually indicated with light blue fields wher edata can be entered), many PDF viewers have a “typewriter” function that allows you type on the form. I use Foxit PDF Reader but there are others available, most at no cost.

How do I inspect a used car checklist?

Short answer: Respectfully decline the trip to the mechanic. I’m assuming you intend to treat the buyer the same way you would expect to be treated and have either repaired or will reveal any known defects. No need to nit pick every scratch that can be seen by the buyer, but if you know the vehicle has a blown head gasket or needs some major repair, say so in your ad. Otherwise you’ll attract the wrong buyers and invite bad Karma. That said, some buyers may perceive an independent inspection as the wise thing to do, but my experience as a seller is that the inspection will most often kill the Continue Reading

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