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The Key Elements of Writing Da Form 5692 R on the Website

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  4. Choose the check box if you fulfill the condition.
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Da Form 5692 R Demand Assistance

hey guys welcome to another episode of.initial DIY mods.today we're gonna be taking apart our.dsm-5 speed for g63 all-wheel drive.transmission it's pretty similar for the.evo and for the front-wheel drive.transmission but there's a few little.subtle differences we're only gonna go.into the all-wheel-drive variant today.this comes out of the all-wheel drive.mini cooper swap that we've done check.out those videos here in the card please.share with your friends as well I'm sure.that they love cars just as much as you.so they'll be interested in seeing this.as well now let's get to this.transmission first thing we did was we.took our bearing races and we double.bagged them and throw em in a bag of.water ice and salt to really try and.shrink down the bearings a little bit.this helped to bring our intermediate.lower especially to be able to put in.the hole it's still pretty hard to kind.of mallet in but at least we're not.damaging it this way we use the old race.to help tap it in as well some of the.other ones we didn't have to freeze but.it really did help to get a little bit.of extra clearance there an extra.thorough.now there is no race for the front.differential these are not tapered.roller bearings they are just standard.ball bearings so the clearance is a.little bit wider and you do have no.actual bearing races to install.now we're doing our solder on these and.we're using our three millimeter solder.here first to go underneath the output.shaft so this hole right here and so.using this wider solder helps fill up.some of the gap a little bit better for.these ones specifically we will use the.thicker solder on the all-wheel-drive.output pinion shaft as well as on the.center differential all the other ones.will get the 0.06 two inch rather than.the three thirty-seconds for the three.mil larger stuff so we just go ahead and.push them in now we can go ahead and try.and balance these sections of solder.onto the onto the bearings tediously.like we're doing right here and we will.spin them just ever so perfectly in the.right place and as soon as you bump it.the whole thing falls over so again this.is possible I did this the first time I.did this but what I ended up doing later.on was playing a little bit more of a.game-like operation where I used some.needle nose pliers and I went ahead and.just tucked them in using a flathead to.help push them on this was a lot easier.to do took way less time way less effort.if your seals aren't in place so if your.seals are already installed you don't.want to pop em out you can do it the.other way too now we're gonna take our.bell housing bolts we're gonna go ahead.and tighten this down and torque it to.spec this helps to crush the solder in.place so that we go ahead and get the.perfect measurement of what the end play.is but you need to make sure that where.you place your solder on the bearing.race is avoiding the letters that are on.the race the brand names because that.will throw off your measurements in the.end so now we need to drop in our gear.sets we don't need to worry about shift.Forks or anything like that right now we.can drop in our center differential and.now we need to put in our races on the.other side now these ones are much.easier to tap in which is really helpful.considering we need to take them in and.out a few times to do our siming we're.gonna do the shimming completely three.different times we want to make sure.that all of our measurements line up.accurately if we're not getting them.accurate we do it again so we're using.our point oh six to here we got the.resin core ones these ones tend to be a.little bit easier to squish to fill up.that gap again we're trying to use this.as like a clay to really measure the end.thickness that is in between the extra.space that's between the back of the.race and the K.when everything is assembled.so now we're putting on our end case.over we already have our we already have.our solder in place and we're going to.torque everything down to spec we're.gonna go ahead and let this sit for a.couple hours 15 minutes is usually okay.if it's a warm area maybe go a little.bit longer overnight if you're lazy like.me and then you got to take it all back.apart and we need to use a micrometer to.measure the solder.so these are not as good as a vernier.micrometer which is like a mechanical.micrometer that machinist used but they.are usually a lot cheaper you can get.one usually like 25 bucks or something.like that a Harbor Freight they're.pretty easy to to use as well as they.give you a nice digital readout so we're.going to go ahead and put this in place.if there's any letters that transfer.from the bearing you want to make sure.to avoid those so that you get a nice.clean flat reading which I'll repeat a.few times usually three to make sure I.don't have any sort of taper going.across each piece of solder.so in this case we got 0.056 for as our.micrometer reading I like to take photos.of these in the location that I pulled.them from in the background so I know.later on exactly where I got these.measurements from it's kind of an easy.way to make sure you don't forget you.need to do this to both sides of each.bearing and you need to do it at least.three times total or until your.measurements are consistent for me that.took like seven or eight tries to really.get this compression right so for.example if our crush solder is 0.056.for like it was in the previous sample.then our preload spec would be let's say.four to seven thousand zero point zero.zero four two point zero zero seven so.then you add those two together and you.get your shim measurement of between.0.060 four and point zero six three four.for that location you then go to the.spec sheet and pull all of those.measurements that you need for those.different shims you get those part.numbers and then you use those part.numbers to order your different shims.for each specific location each pair of.bearings needs one shim this is what the.shim looks like and it goes in place now.in this case we replace this one bearing.in our last video with the new bearing.but we measured the shim for the old.bearing so that no longer will work in.order to make our own shims we went.ahead and bought this stainless shim and.a can which is 0.3 millimeters thick.we're then able to cut out a piece of.metal and use it as our shim in some.cases you can buy the shims directly I.bought several shims they took about a.month to arrive from Japan and that was.when I found out that two of the shims.were actually cancelled and then I said.screw it.it's DIY let's make it ourselves so.we're cutting these out with some tin.snips and we're trying a few different.ways we're trying to punch out the.center section we're trying to drill out.the center section and we're trying to.use tin snips to cut out the center.section none of these really worked very.well so we ended up switching over to.the dremel with a flex shaft and kind of.little by little cutting out that.intersection there until we can get.enough daylight to be comfortable and.then switching it around and doing the.same thing now we can stack shims so for.one of our shims we need to take the old.one shave it down and.jacket with a new 30,000 shim on the.other hand there's a second bearing that.needs a full replacement shim that's.gonna be a 30,000 measurement so it's.pretty much perfect in both these cases.so we got our front front diff in you.can pop in the new bearings and our.output shaft in and we went ahead and.swamp down our magnet here this little.trash magnet you can buy a 3/4 inch.neodymium magnet on eBay I think it was.like I got 10 magnets for 3 bucks or.something like that I cleaned out this.old piece threw in this new way way way.stronger magnet this rare-earth magnet.and it's just significantly better just.spend the 3 bucks get these things when.you're doing it.use a little bit of oil on our shafts so.they're not totally dry when we install.these bearings.this is how everything's going to go.into place I find it's a little bit.easier to put these the intermediate.shaft and the input shaft in while we.get the reverse setup first then I pull.them back out so I'm putting a little.bit of red lock tight on this tapered.screw that we're throwing in here I went.ahead and replaced it with a new one.because the old one basically stripped.out removing it.and here's how you're gonna install your.reverse lever make sure you don't forget.that and you're gonna install this.little piece here that helps to guide.the the gears in place so I went ahead.and aligned my shift Forks with the.gears outside of the transmission and.then drop them in as one assembly and.then wiggling and fiddling everything.kind of in place this was just a lot.less stressful and a lot less of a.annoying jigsaw puzzle with bad.tolerances once those were in place we.reinstalled our verse idler and our.reverse shift mechanism as well make.sure you test everything out here.because if something doesn't shift right.here you know you will have a little bit.of play that you weren't intending for.but overall if it doesn't go into gear.or something's binding it's wrong figure.it out do it again before you put it all.together we're gonna throw in a little.coat a light thin coat of RTV.I said thin y'all just to make sure that.it seals up those imperfections.everything else will bolt together and.we'll torque it to spec.we're gonna go ahead and throw in our.reverse bolt as well this is what aligns.the reverse idler gear shaft and we'll.double check our shims make sure we're.taking the right ones and we're not.trying to put them in the wrong case so.we got our 0.046 shim and we're gonna.throw that here underneath this one came.straight from Japan so it's perfect.our next shim will double-check just.make sure that the packaging lines up.0.048 and with our phone that matches.point oh four eight what we needed now.for this next one we went ahead and cut.out another piece of metal.another shim and a can to create our own.shim so we're just taking off the edges.here just to make sure it's a little bit.duller and instead of trying to dremel.out the inside I said you know what it's.all gonna get pressed together it.doesn't matter if there's a cut across.it so I went ahead and just trimmed it.out.and throw our old Shem onto the belt.sander and what we're doing here is.we're trying to evenly apply pressure to.the entire Shem and little by little.we're gonna keep checking as we go and.shave down this Shem to the spec that we.need so that this old Shem shaved down.plus the new Shem we just cut out equals.the exact size that we need so now we.have our 0.05 6-3 which was cancelled.when it came from Japan so we took our.old Shem shaved the down added our new.Shem and got our 0.05 6 6 spec that we.needed.so we can throw these the one we made.and the one that we had before the stock.one and we'll throw them together and.this is you know pretty close we get.0.058 five so we're 2002 some calipers.here and not an actual micrometer.now we're gonna head and coat everything.in oil especially your bearings and.gears these are gonna be basically you.don't want to install them dry you want.to lubricate them as you do it I wait.till now because it makes a little bit.less of a mess and they're a little bit.easier to handle again.another coat here of art gray RTV ultra.gray the rigid stuff another layer of.oil we're gonna go ahead and throw this.bearing onto our output shaft and we're.gonna just throw it up inside here going.through the centered if we're gonna make.sure to put our little ball in there a.retaining ball and then as we drop this.viscous coupler on top that's gonna.sandwich that ball in place and hold the.shaft in place so we don't put too much.pressure we'll put a block of wood in.there then we can get in our snap ring.measure up our clearance and make sure.it's not too good feels a little loose.but overall it should be okay it's just.trying to retain a bit there we'll throw.in our fifth gear on the intermediate.side and we'll put in our bearing on the.input side throw in our fifth gear throw.in our synchro throw in our shift fork.align the shift fork.that in place give it a little tap tap.tap-a-roo and now we can throw in our.pin now we can throw on our next nut and.torque it down to 109 foot-pounds we're.gonna bring back our two pennies from.the first episode and we're gonna torque.these down to spec these do get awkward.sometimes you got to get kind of crafty.and how you can hold that thing in place.and get your torque then you're gonna.throw in some more RTV on this last.layer here don't forget if you've.already done your RTV to go ahead and.punch in your your transmission nuts and.make sure you get your outer synchro in.place for fifth gear.another little heavy helping of oil on.these gears and then you can throw in.your end case you're gonna throw in your.your bolts just as you normally would.torque those down I think it's 35.foot-pounds but always check your manual.to confirm wipe off any excess just so.it looks a little bit prettier it.matches that gray paint so perfectly now.we're gonna throw in put our washer onto.our reverse switch for the reverse light.and now we're gonna put in our vents.here we're just putting a little bead of.RTV around it just to help keep them in.place and try and keep everything sealed.up.worst-case if I have to install these.again I'll rip the old ones out and.throw them away buy new ones put more.RTV on it they're not that expensive now.we'll go ahead and change our pivot ball.now since you did all these new gears.and everything when you put in your new.clutch and your new shift fork and.everything else you've replaced you want.to make sure that you are shimmed.properly I had to pull my transmission.after I put everything back together see.that old drop bearing it's gross.throw a new one on get the OEM ones I.hear they're a little bit better I can't.vouch for that.as your clutch wears or as you get an.aftermarket clutch you will end up with.a different spacing and if you don't.check that stuff before you install your.transmission fully you're gonna end up.with some some paints to a painstaking.process of taking it all back apart so.now you can go ahead and just Hulk this.thing down and get it aligned now once.you get all this stuff bolted together.if your engine starts trembling in fear.kind of like this then you know you did.a good job and it's ready for some.serious horsepower enjoy I hope you guys.like this build please check out the.patreon page please get on social media.like follow us share and subscribe and.for more content so thanks again.everybody I hope this video was helpful.please let me know any questions.comments you have below and we'll.respond as quick as we can so with that.thank you guys for watching and check us.out on the next episode of initial DIY.mods what is this a phone call am i.leaving a voicemail son-of-a-bitch.

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Da Form 5692 R FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Da Form 5692 R are:

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