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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Oklahoma Contract Sale Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Oklahoma Contract Sale Form

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Check How to Enter the Oklahoma Contract Sale Form

the reason I'm here I think I can be a.motivation to some of the fellow.investors because I have no background I.have no family or friends in this field.before I started and I have no money I.had a no time because I have a full-time.job and I have a family with two kids.and I have a lot of activities I'm a.very avid poker player and life I do.rock climbing and I do running a lot and.I don't have much skip skill I'm lazy.and I'm not happy I think the more thing.I can do is to change a lightbulb.that's about it and last one is a.socially awkward.I'm very awkward in networking and I.feel nervous in love a lot of attention.that I had a ton but even me can have.some moderate success and I'm willing to.share this thing to experience to you.guys from the middle of America welcome.to the Oklahoma City real estate show.covering local market data news and.reports to arm you with information you.need to empower your investing and.strengthen your American rights top.realtor investor husband father and.veteran here is your host Landon wit for.more information and to listen or watch.online visit OKC real estate show calm.right okay Howard it's been an honor to.have you come in to the show today and.talk a little bit about your experience.in Oklahoma City I think what's most.important today is really getting your.honest view of Oklahoma City you've.spent a lot of time working looking at.numbers getting reports back from your.property managers yeah you've had an.experience that I think is extremely.valuable for someone who maybe is.looking into Oklahoma City for the first.time and even those that have been here.for a long time already to learn maybe.from your mistakes and also your.successes so welcome to the show please.start and tell us a little bit about.your story about how you got into real.estate and then where you are now.yeah well first of all thank you so much.for having me on the show I'm a big fan.of you as I have told you I have a.listen to every episode of you on.podcast and I was a foreigner raised in.China I came to Houston for my master's.degree in 2004 and in 2006 I got a job.here so that's why I end up here.I have a engineering job is a traffic is.a branch of a civil engineering that's.how I started my life here in OKC and I.spent first my fuel working years not.knowing really taste at all so I think.up until 2010 2011 I don't have any.windows I don't know how to buy I don't.know nothing in real estate and I I.figured out I have to do something with.my money I don't I didn't have much at.that time but I read the book you.probably know no no the book and Rich.Dad for that there you go yeah that's a.book the book the book actually didn't.tell anything about how you do things.but it will change your mindset.to owning more assets than liability to.have a passive cash flow and that's I.after reading the book I was like damn.that's the way I need to go so I uh 2011.is the lowest a year in real estate so I.I was fortunate you bought a real small.single-family home and the real cheap I.think it's costing me only a fifteen.thousand bucks and I I don't know.nothing I hire somebody to manage to.repair to rent and first I was a very.nervous because it it went four months.without anybody rent mm-hmm yeah I was.nervous I was like they were cheating.then the thing won't work he said it's a.hoax but uh finally I found somebody to.move in and from then always it just it.all started mm-hmm 2011 2011 Hearst.property that the first one did you pay.cash no I I applied a furlough even the.house was pretty cheap but I couldn't.afford it so yeah so 2011 you got your.first property yeah it didn't rent for.four months or four months I I panicked.yeah yeah I've made a terrible decision.is probably what you were thinking at.that point yeah yeah I am I really think.this thing would would not work at least.not for me but after those four months I.thought I found a good 10:18 and the.family lived there for six five six.years hmm so it was it was great Wow so.four months to get him yeah um they.ended up staying for five years for five.years yeah okay.and you self-managed at that point you.were the one that was showing the.property and you were the one are you.hired a property management company to.actually no I I have my day job all the.time to now and I don't have time to.show I don't have time to repair so I.found the property manager from.one excellent axle so you've got the.first property yeah took you four months.to get it rented.you got it rented yeah did you.immediately then look for your second.property yeah I was always looking but.good deals don't come every day.so it took me a pretty long time like a.half a euro so to found another one and.so I bought I think I bought five to the.year 2013 and I took a long time off I.started buying from 2013 all the way to.last year I didn't buy anything in in.those LA in those five years the thing.is uh I figure this is a four for one is.so hard to make a well to make a good.wealth in buying real estate because the.properties are good the tenants are good.but I can only generate a probably a.hundred to two hundred bucks a month per.property so the total properties I can.the total cash I can get in a year with.five properties is like probably a.thousand nine thousand a year this is a.real slow mm-hmm yeah so at that point.you were reassessing your strategy right.yeah thinking yes if I'm going to do.this it's gonna take me till I'm 80.years old to actually make a living.exactly retire I already know making.money you know real estate is slow but I.didn't expect is it that slow that's why.I took a long break off hmm.so from you've got six properties at.that point correct you know six.properties at that time where you felt.yeah okay that's pretty typical is those.first ten are extremely difficult with.the strategy that you're talking about.which you are buying pretty much turnkey.properties is that right I would say.he's a hundred percent turnkey above.pretty much yes.so you've gotten the six you decided to.take a break how long was that break.again the break was five years it's not.only I found this things slow so slow.and nothing is I I play a lot of Poker.at that time and I found is a better way.for me to use my capital importer animal.I'm a pretty good poker player so I I.made decent money in poker and all until.2018 which is the last year not too long.ago I found man there's another good way.that I can find value add properties and.I can jump back in again which is a that.weighs a for sheriff sale sheriff sale.auctions what year was that in 2018 last.year okay yeah and sheriff cells were.busy then how many people you think.we're in the room well I really go to -.sure sure - I will go to sheriff sale in.two counties over Harlan County and.Cleveland Cleveland and the county was.smaller they have every sheriff sale.they have about 30 to 50 people Oklahoma.County Sheriff sale was big every time.they have more than a thousand people in.there and they bid crazy but in 2018.things were not heat up as today yet.so my first sheriff a year Oklahoma.Oklahoma County I bought a property.sight unseen and that I so I shift my.interest into sheriff sale like hundred.percent I studied the numbers online I'd.roll around in our weekends to see the.properties and of course you can't get.in but you can see the outside if you if.you're for assembly you can take a good.peek and you have to study the legal.documents and make sure is first lien.first mortgage exactly or glory if you.does.the first will not get wiped you'd and I.would to pay that we don't want that and.so in you know real for time I bought.about around 24 sheriff sales hmm the.thing for chef sale is you don't need a.lot of money to keep this thing rolling.and of course you need my money into to.get started.because you will have to pay cash in.sheriff sales so soon if you win a bit.you will need to pay 10% within 24 hours.and then you pay the the rest 90% is.usually within a month or six weeks so.you will need to have cash they don't.care if your cash is the cash either.yourself or from from friends private.loan hard money loan or from live a.credit but you need to have that cash by.that time hmm.so it's it's a little hard to get.started because you need to have the.cash but the things the the the only.impress you pay for the chef sale is.like around the 60 to 70 percent of the.market of value so there's are some.instant equity there and you buy it you.spend maybe five K maybe 10 K maybe 15 K.in very bad case to rehab and the after.is all said and done you're all-in cost.is around seventy to seventy percent of.the IRA after repair value and then you.can bring that property to a lender get.either a line credit or a term loan so.you can get almost all over your money.your money back.this is the way you can you can grow.your thing without a lot of cash yeah.quickly in there but you need the.original cash to start the process and.not only just to start the process but.you probably had enough cash I'm.assuming from gambling yeah yes well you.can call it a gamble disclaimer we don't.condone gambling and.show no because it can be addictive.right yes.yes do you feel like you're addicted to.gambling I wouldn't say I'm addictive.I only gamble when I have an edge and.when fu the EDD is gone I can just stop.you have control I have that you've.managed your ego right right right yeah.a lot of people that are controlled by.the ego they will be like I have to win.today if they don't win they feel so bad.about themselves mm-hmm no I mean so I'm.pretty lucky out on all that side.hey and we talked before the show you.may be starting a podcast and about your.gambling well uh starting a poker show.yeah I thought about that and yeah.that's why I'm so excited to see you.behind the scenes stuff how you run the.show and yeah a lot of stuff so you've.got the demand for it so if you were.listening and and you know some of our.listeners may be interested in what.you're doing hey start an email chain.we'll put your contact information if.you want at the bottom of this video and.on the bottom of the podcast way they.can reach out and talk to you and ask.you I mean some of the most valuable.things we learn in this community is.when we were able to just openly discuss.with each other I think with investment.real estate there's so much about it.that's just hard work it's just.allegiance it's not like some secret.that you learn and you go out and do.this secret and all of a sudden you make.millions of dollars.yeah it's knowing data is important but.it's also hard work it's diligence it's.showing up you know those 20 times let's.say you bought 20 properties in 2018.which is crazy I mean that's that is a.lot of properties for one year that is.to not buy it as part of one portfolio.package or something but you probably.didn't buy properties a lot of times you.went as well is that true Betsy that's.true.I uh I Drive through most of the.properties on the list sheriff sale they.have a list and I Drive through most of.the properties I can see other than the.real bad area real for once if it's the.close enough and if if it's a halfway.decent I would drive by it I will.evaluate and I will put.bid on that and I put max B's um I would.say about 60 to 70% on all the produce.from the list and I probably only get.one for every 40 to 50 bits so sometimes.my bid is even lower than the starting.bid hmm so I didn't even get a chance to.you to bid yeah sure but and that's the.bank driving that yes so for those that.haven't been to the sheriff sale yet and.I do.I recommended on BiggerPockets yesterday.to a gentleman that said you know what.do i do how do I get started you know I.don't have any money yet but I'm in a.couple of months I may have enough to be.able to start and what do you recommend.that I do and I told him I said go to.the sheriff cell because you can watch.these other people you can get to meet.other people too and just see what.they're doing and a lot of them will.even talk to you you know yeah yeah yeah.you know you know are you new to you.know you see you bid it on a lot of.properties today you know how many.properties do you have and yeah a lot of.the people I've noticed that are there.are flipping the property right if.you're flipping the property you need a.different margin than if you're buying.and holding like what you're doing.that's exactly right.so a lot of the people that you're.competing against if they're competing.to flip the home you guys will be in two.different bids in two different.situations yes and they're not gonna.often compete with you just because the.margin for you what you need is much.smaller than what they need they need a.very large margin to flip would you.agree with that yeah he says he sees.that true on that and it's funny you.mention that because I was gonna talk.about there are three type of Peters in.the in the on the scene there are.flippers.there are buying the hot guys like me.and there are first-time homeowners you.would probably be a surprise that there.are first-time homeowner they want to.buy for their own home and for those.people they probably know is their.neighbor's house that's going on that.the sale and that they want to own that.home because they already know the whole.hmm so for those people they can they.can be the highest.because they investor that there are no.way for investor to compete it with them.because they they buy because they loved.it they loved the location they loved.the home they have emotions on the home.not us we go by the numbers mm-hmm and.then the flippers they need a wider.market because when they rehab the home.they need to rehab to a higher standard.than us to buy and hold rental guys and.for us we can we our Maureen can be.smaller than the flippers and there's.also another thing is our focus are.different we focus on a sweet zone from.the value of I would say probably sixty.thousand dollars to a hundred twenty.maybe a hundred thirty or forty but you.can go higher than than that if you.could go higher than that the rent to.value ratio is not gonna be good but for.the flippers they don't care they.actually prefer the higher dollar homes.because for let's say if a real cheap.home if ninety thousand dollar home the.flippers can buy it for fifty thousand.right third its own there's only a.40,000 room for them to play and they.have to pay the rehab the holding cost.and at the end of the day there are.Maureen's not that much even though the.fifty thousand purchasing price is only.was sixty one percent of the price but.it's not only the percent is the actual.actual dollar amount that matters so.they can take him buy a 250 thousand.dollar home with one hundred sixteen.thousand bucks the percent is higher but.the dollar amount is bigger so they have.because some of the costs it doesn't.matter if it's a big home or small home.it's gonna be pretty much of the same.mm-hmm yeah Bob lie if they get a.dumpster there right yeah the down Zura.the holding call that the the the.interest intact.yeah electric bill yeah yeah yeah all.the same yeah I did notice that you know.there are some individuals that are.bidding and and you see that especially.at the sheriff sound I'm glad we're.talking about the sheriff sale because.we haven't really talked about it on the.show I've talked about it off the show.quite a bit.I personally failed miserably at the.sheriff sale just because I was looking.for a different margin and I felt like.the banks oftentimes like you would you.would be bidding against somebody right.and then the bank would say you know.just 61 thousand you know sixty nine.thousand three hundred sixty one.thousand four hundred yeah and then the.bank would finally say sixty six.thousand four hundred and thirty five.dollars and then you know that's the pay.as their final price exactly yeah but.then ten other guys would jump on and.start bidding you know cuz you'd finally.those guys wait numbers so exact then.they jump yeah yeah yeah you end up.spending so many so much time and energy.and then getting to a point where you.you go gosh is it worth it and I think.you know we got burned in a couple cases.where the property had foundation issues.and stuff that you couldn't see from the.outside right so most of our family's.portfolio we have ninety properties that.are all paid off yeah.most of that was acquired during the HUD.home store when I really started in the.early 2000s okay gosh there was some.laws at that time period where a bank.could only hold a property for a year.and then they had to do something with.it.now for some reason they can hold it for.forever so when you see these vacant.boarded up homes those can actually be.purchased by investors in China arm.wrestlers and you somewhere in Europe.and they literally hold those properties.for twenty and thirty years some of them.and then they just sell it off without.doing anything to it other than paying.the holding cost just because they've.looked at the tax mmm-hmm the tax rate.versus the appreciation rate they do the.math it makes sense and they just pay.the tax.because you can only appreciate a.property.I think it's 2.5 or to 2% annually is.the max the county can appreciate a.property that hasn't been sold I've to.get that number but it's something like.like 2% in Oklahoma County I do that.yeah so if you don't ever refinance or.you don't ever do a transaction on your.home the county then reappraise is it.only when they do their annual.reappraisal but there's a law to prevent.them from raising it too much okay yeah.that's so that's important when you buy.a property for $15,000 that's crappy.right yeah you just pay the taxes on it.which is only a couple hundred dollars a.year yeah you hold that property for six.or seven years.you let the appreciation go up and then.you sell the same property without doing.anything to it yeah this is a corporate.investor mentality.let's talk so you've now got 25 property.at 26 properties we've talked about up.till now then you started getting.involved with some friends and you grew.your portfolio even faster and now.you're at 50 homes that you're involved.in is that correct that's correct.yeah fifty something is my thank you.something Congress yeah I lost the.calendar from 30 I think yeah I I have a.very few good friends and I partner up.with them and we bought a small I.wouldn't call it apartment but it's for.taxes file building the before praxis.it's actually real close to the plaza.district on 17th Street and that's.that's my first try with the partnership.a partnership with a friend and that we.pull money together and of course they.are they are not local they are in China.or Hong Kong and so I put the work in.and we put equal amount of money in and.I owe a little more share so that's how.it works and of course because there are.they're not local they don't know the.market well so I do all the work and.they they don't stick here and they say.hey you should do this you should do.that so basically I I run the show so.you got experience on at this point.20:18 was an incredible year for you I.mean in terms of real estate numbers.Evan it is yeah your talk but that.wasn't I mean we were working that I.mean 2018 are yes we did a lot of sales.that year but it wasn't anything.spectacular like it wasn't a recession.there wasn't so it seems to be that you.were you knew your numbers right you had.learned a method and you were looking.for though that specific margin and when.it came along you pulled the trigger.yeah I mean your deals.can't have been like crazy great night.right right okay so walk me through kind.of quickly what what did you look for.what was your recipe to buy 20 homes in.one year okay.when I when I compared deals I uh cuz I.did I listen to your show a lot and I.know you talk about a lot on cash flow.and that's very very very important and.you have to have positive cash flow but.when you compare deals with when you.compare dua from DOB from DC which one's.the best the thing is you don't directly.look to cash flow not yet you look at a.cap rate mmm because cap rate is how.it's all about the property itself it's.not about the loan because I've been.talking about cash flow you need to know.how much monthly payment you need to pay.on the property and you take that as as.expense but when you look cap rates you.only look at the net operating income.that's the income that's the the was.that divider the one the number above.the line.no that's the median there's a.denominator oh yeah yeah denominator.denominator and the divisor of the.number below the line.the easier all in purchases that casa.will include the participate in for.rehab mm-hmm so so it's a net operating.income on pop and your all-in cost in on.the bottom for the net operating net.operating income.you take your gross rent - all of it are.expense - all over the tax property tax.- the inference and - any vacancy type.of cost and that would be it.you don't you you don't subtract any.mortgage payment any mortgage the.interest not that only the net operating.income so you calculate the cap rate.over the purchase price position over.the acquisition price yeah plus your.your rehab cost Oh play okay play yeah.yeah so you wrap up the so your but.you're just saying ten to fifteen.thousand dollars is what you were doing.on your metric right right already which.is pretty conservative yeah I I don't do.crazy a rehab for the homes because it's.a rental home and you don't want a fancy.car pay the fancy with the floor in.there I do vinyl plank for all of the.properties about three grand yeah and.and the pricing is up a little bit but.that that's another issue.so yeah you calculate all that number.and it will give you a percentage is.urea from anywhere from five to eight.percent for most of the single families.of five to eight percent five to eight.percent of the cost total purchase price.of the home is the is a renovation know.that you spend no uh the the Kaprow the.Capriati okay the Katia yeah is zero to.five percent five to eight percent is.that what you said yeah okay so five to.eight percent by any number any number.below five being a number that is a.no-go.he supported.to load to go the reason is yeah the.reason is you are any numbers below 5%.to ask yourself can I borrow money.cheaper than 5% can I find finance with.less than 5% interest if you can't that.means isn't it's not perfect you are o.for the property so you can't finance or.refinance so if you refinance all those.kind of property you pay five point five.percent of the interest you're losing.money now every dollar you borrow.you're losing but if you find a property.with let's say six point five percent of.a cap rate that means with every dollar.you borrow if it's lower than six point.five percent the interest you're making.money so for every dollar you pay.interest you're making probably one cent.or one send in half for your own profit.mmm that's my my logic in comparing.deals mmm so when do you feel.comfortable pulling the trigger what is.that cap rate that you pulled in 2018 of.twenty eight of all twenty deals what.would you say was the cap rate I mean.the range obviously between five to.eight what was the most common cap rate.the most common I would say probably six.to six point five percent is around that.barrage and of course the first two.properties I bought I didn't have a lot.of the interest I didn't have a lot of.experience so those two are they have a.pretty pretty low cap rate the part of.the reason is because one of the.property of what it has a very bad.swimming pool is just very old and the.nasty swimming pool in the yard and to.keep it as a rental I have to fill that.out and that costs a lot cost me about a.thousand bucks hmm so that drag the cap.rate down a lot yeah but which is.something in the future that do you feel.like if you would have climbed up the.fence.somehow gone to the back of the proper.even satellite imagery would have shown.you like Google Google Earth would have.shown you that there's a pool back there.yeah exactly forever if you want to see.if there's a pool is the best way to see.is not climbing over the fence it's.through through the map yeah Google.satellite the map there you go satellite.map or a drone maybe if somebody has.grown yeah yeah yeah better yeah get.real-time imagery yeah so we're almost.out of time here today I want to we're.probably gonna have to have you on the.show again because you're just a wealth.of knowledge and you and your knowledge.that has happened recently I think a lot.of our 50-plus property owners have.purchased property over time and a lot.of them have purchased a maybe a few in.the last five years.yeah whereas you've purchased the bulk.of your portfolio in just the last.couple years so your information is.really current which is great talk to me.a little bit about area are you Area.agnostic do you not care where you're.investing or or do you look at specific.areas of Oklahoma City yeah I I do care.I do care about the area and Oklahoma.City is I would say it's hard to say.this whole area is good or that how area.is bad because we have a lot of pockets.in the area and that only the pockets is.good but the rest is bad that's why I.Drive around for most of the properties.but generally speaking the the area.you're focusing on which is the north.west right the north west they there are.tons of a good talking in those and I I.buy a lot in those areas which is north.of i-40 and west of i-35 yeah and of.course the real high-dollar area like.the village the Nichols Hills I try to.stay away because those areas are it.costs too much.but even west of i-44 or Lake Hefner.Parkway there are a lot of good pockets.in the neighbor and you just need to.find them and I generally fight to stay.away.from the north east side each sub I to.35 and the north of i-40 that area is.kind of rough steel high crime area the.cash flow looked good but maybe only.good on paper so you probably will find.bad tenants or they don't pay and or.issues in the extended stuff so I.generally try to avoid that and the LCD.on the Midwest city is interesting you.need to really dig into there to find.the good ones I have a four or five.property property in those areas and I.think it's a interesting is probably.booming because one where shows talk.about a recent at tinker project I.believe and winger's the hangar and.which will create what a thousand drops.also it's estimated one thousand fifteen.hundred thousand two scenarios are.contracted positions eyes and those area.we have opportunities it probably in the.future even in today so that's good and.on the south side maybe close to I to.forty or little further south that those.errors are the good ones.so yeah we talked in the last show but.the wheeler district okay yeah we're.just south of on Western just south of.i-40 yeah that area is also the river.right right just south of the river it's.still high crime rate as you've said.before this but I feel that with the.infrastructure going on with the wheeler.district that we talked about with.potentially a charter school going in.there and just the close proximity to.the Strawberry Fields project the 130.million dollar scissortail park we're.just going to extend to the south side.which is extremely important it's.arising next to each other right Rio.with correct so if you know where.scissor del park is or you know where.the new Convention Center is being built.you can see that on satellite imagery.now on satellite Google Earth right now.it's just a big brown mud pit yeah but.now it's got green grass and a lake a.three acre lake and and a 10,000 seat.amphitheater the.important thing though is that park is.north of i-40 and then south of i-40 is.the southern half which will open this.coming year okay and it has a bridge a.pedestrian bridge that goes across the.de few you can actually go up there now.and walk across that bridge but that.bridge will become popular because it.would be the first opportunity that.we've ever had to have pedestrian.traffic go from the south side into.downtown hmm it will be walkable for the.first time ever across i-40 for.individuals that obey the law I mean.people would been walking across these.other bridges and walking down traffic.and all this but this is specifically.for pedestrians and it's nice it's got.wood bridge yeah.you know this big scissortail art.looking thing is supposed to be the tale.of a scissor yeah that scissortail bird.very tall is very good to look at and.then at night it has different colors.that is shine I've actually in making my.wife on a d8 there and actually they.have a bunch of locks on this bridge.they're little padlocks yes all in both.long did you see people put their.relationship nay on there yeah yeah they.put their name on that there are tons of.law yeah.padlocks and some of them are hanging.off the edge over the traffic yeah it's.got to be dangerous he's really showing.her his love you know but anyways make a.long story short that trend of now the.downtown being open and accessible the.south side yeah you've got the wheeler.district eventually that's going to be a.good opportunity so I think you know.we've got some properties on themselves.side they perform okay and they're.Section eight right now I'm not buying.any properties that I have to rely on.section eight anymore for yeah because.I'm not sure what the future of section.8 is trum gets reelected again who knows.what's gonna happen with seven eight.he's very against just the free section.eight that we did have in the past gosh.to limit that type of funding and.although section 8 vouchers are handed.out locally and mostly funded locally.the federal funds behind those and.determine how many we hand out so make a.long story short if you can get in at a.cash rate that works that you can keep.that property afloat and.you can buy in accede to that area I.would do it now this is a time 7 3.what is it 1 0 2 or something like that.I think is a zip code there just south.and i40 and western just southwest of.there that zip code well speaking of the.opportunity that there are I have a.question probably other audience have.the same questions too if if the.government's trying to do a big product.in certain area how do you make the.people move do you display them high.dollar money to move real high dollar.and the what if some people just refuse.to move ok so there's a eminent domain.is when your government does right okay.in a minute domain you don't have a.choice.you are basically subject in your deed.and this is the part where landowners in.America get a little bit squirming right.so we think in in America that we own.the land in two hours forever.right not true we own the land and we.have to pay taxes right in to the United.States of America yeah but America has.something called eminent domain in that.if the government by direction of the.people it has to be in in for the good.of the people.it can't just be a random act of control.but if the people determine that a.stadium has to be put here or a park has.to be put here or a hospital needs to be.put here and you have real estate.property that you own in that area but.the people have voted for the hospital.to be there they can buy your property.without you deciding thank you for you.called eminent domain bun they must give.you fair market value okay that's the.part where it goes to court and people.argue over what fair market value is.argue right now you can you can fight it.and this is what happened with I 35 in.the 1930s and 40s are the 50s when after.World War two we came in and we made I.35 I 40 all the interstates of yes.America right well where did those go.through they went through American farms.right yes so eminent domain had to come.in and go we're going to buy your.farmland to put a road through here for.the better for the good of the nation.because in the long run we all agree an.interstate was worth it right yeah we.need good quality roads right yeah same.thing in this if we determine that we.need a big highway running through.Oklahoma City everybody votes on it you.have not have no choice at that point.you get paid and if you don't leave the.sheriff's coming for you to take you off.your property so watch what your deed.means in the United States of America as.unless the United States government.needs it you own it is your right yeah.so I spent some time I had a lease.actually in the Dominican Republic and.some of you know this story but before I.got into real estate here I was I had.gotten out of the Air Force and I was a.bit depressed about my experience in the.Air Force and I sailed a sailboat 2,000.nautical miles solo spent over nine.months at sea I don't think between the.islands of the Bahamas I went from North.Carolina to Florida from Florida through.the Bahamas yeah and then I went through.the Bahamas and then over to Turks and.Caicos and four Turks and Caicos down to.the Dominican I found a bar called Bryza.Del Mar this bar was about what was it.680 square foot at the bottom level but.it had its outdoor patio seating and it.overlooked this Lagoon where sailboats.stopped on their way to Puerto Rico and.the rest of the Caribbean islands right.yeah so people would come from Turks and.Caicos they would stop here and they.would spend several weeks waiting on the.weather to get better or whatever and.they would sit and drink and have a good.time and they would tell other sailors.about your bar and so it seemed to be a.good investment for me the Dominican.Republic is very difficult to buy.property and owned it outright okay you.have to be in a lot of cases a local.resident or have a local resident on.your business yeah panel so yeah if you.so anyways so we decided we were going.to lease well Lisa for a while she.didn't work so he leased a property.I had this bar and on top of it had an.efficiency where you got a bed you could.stay and live and I went back to the.United States to continue working on my.college I was going to floor.quis Community College there in Florida.will you have somebody else that.managing that part exactly I left a.mnemonic in there that was from.Connecticut that I met while sailing.yeah he he would wake up in the morning.stumble down the stairs turn on the.lights and open the bar that's all he.had to do right and it was Christmas it.was like December 20th of that year I.got a call from this property man this.general manager of Brezza Delmar our bar.in the Dominican Republic and he said I.need to borrow 50 bucks mm-hmm and I.said what do you mean he said I went to.I'm in jail and I need to borrow 50.bucks to bail myself out we were at the.beach and and and one of the local guys.local law enforcement officers came by.and we were doing drugs and we got put.in jail and I my first reaction was why.are you calling me for 50 bucks yeah and.the u.s. do here in the United States.yep and then I heard the entire story.that he had blown all of our funds he.had he had gotten involved in a cocaine.habit and had done several different.gambling situations over this cocaine.habit and had basically used our entire.funds for the bar operation and left us.with nothing down there and so we ended.up having to close the bar huh and we're.actually still in cut in touch to this.day he's says he's drug-free now but.that was a lesson in business operation.you know that that it still sticks with.me to today but I learned a very.valuable lesson and it didn't it didn't.hurt too badly because we had the lease.and and luckily there weren't any drugs.on in the property so we don't get.raided or anything like that we just.ride on the funds a typical bar that.runs out of money so anyways the make a.long story short that's why I was.intrigued when I became a realtor to.understand the law behind you know our.properties in the United States and if.you look at this eminent domain and you.look at what it is you're simply leasing.the property from the federal government.the FATA yeah they say is you are a base.not they have the final say that's.correct that's correct and as you know.it's been great it's the greatest.country I mean nowhere else in the world.they don't even have 30 year you know a.country that has a 30-year mortgage.there's no situation like this I mean.the fact is they have a 30-year mortgage.to somebody that is an investor is.that's people brains yeah I mean just.it's you know the federal government is.helping you as an investor you know when.that program was designed for primary.homeowners so right I it's very.interesting but you know we've we're.about out of time here what would you.say to those that don't know Oklahoma.City do you plan on continuing to invest.in Oklahoma City now but it's gotten.popular now that the word is out that.Oklahoma City is the place to be.definitely well as a long-term longtime.listener of your show I definite I you.ignited my you reignited my love for.Oklahoma City here in local and I know.it's a linear market as you have been.saying for like 10 times it's a linear.is the annual appreciation is around.three percent of 3.4 I think that's your.number but last year I think is God.heated up I think 2018 we went up for 8%.maybe or close to that number is heating.up this is a place to be.I think Oklahoma now is pretty much like.a Dallas in 2013-2014 I don't I don't.like to do forecasts on the market of.value but I think we are comparable to.Dallas in five years ago mmm I think.that that's the case and also our.economy dependent on all your on the gas.is shrinking is it becoming lower and.lower.we are not so oil dependent and we.create a lot of jobs on health aviation.and a lot of other area so it's.definitely a multi non multi-purpose was.the word for that we are we are not a so.economy that only oil dependence we are.open to you to all the good things and.we are booming so this is a chance I'm.long for Oklahoma City I will continue.to University in here and I will root.here I will listen to your show of.course always thanks for coming on the.show today our thank you so much okay.for more information and to listen or.watch online this is OKC real estate.show com.[Music].[Music].

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Oklahoma Contract Sale Form FAQs

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