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the Honorable Chief Justice and.associate justices of the Supreme Court.the house will come to order Senate will.come to order.you.thinking about I'm chair members of the.committee Housefull 1061 is a.constitutional amendment and changes the.official committee on disabilities.basically what this would do is give the.Commission the ability to remove judges.who one refuse to enforce applicable law.or court rules constitutional provisions.rendered a decision or issued an order.that is contrary to the law court rules.constitution revisions knowingly.discarded law court rolls a.constitutional revision so I'll be brief.and turned over mr. Andrews is the.expert on this but I think we've seen.even in our committee that different of.frustration where we pass laws here and.the judges seem to ignore them and we've.had witnesses coming up time with a.judge's not enforcing the laws or.ignoring the law on things like that so.mr. Andrews has a long time frustration.with that too that's why you came up.with this amendment so that'll turn it.over to him thank you delegate huff.madam vice chairman chairman vallario I.thought maybe I would probably spend my.three minutes going over the letter that.I think you have all received from chief.judge Bell the court of appeals because.he makes some points that that are.rather essential to your debate on this.issue which I take issue with Chief.Judge Bell is basically standing for the.proposition and pages four and five of.his letter the last two pages that the.courts the judges have the right in the.moral duty to change the law now I don't.agree with that I think the General.Assembly is where the law should be.changed judge Bell does mention the.common law I still don't agree I don't.believe the judges of the state should.be changing law even common law I.believe if there's a if there's a change.needed if a judge whether it be a court.of appeals judge or a trial judge.believes that a law is archaic or simply.not in the best interest of the citizens.of Maryland the judge should refer the.matter the General Assembly which they.do from.time I think they should be that all the.time you are the folks that have these.hearings that listen to the evidence.that debate the issues you should be the.ones creating the new laws but the.problem with judge bells analysis is.he's looking at the judiciary as this as.this large thing of a public policy.whereas what it comes right down to is a.civil case between two litigants and.when one litigant has relied on the law.of the state in his and his conduct and.he presses a matter in court based on.that law and then a judge decides.they're going to be as as judge Bell.said creative that litigant who has.relied on the law of Maryland now gets.told oh we've decided to change the law.of Maryland this particular case and.perhaps for all other case that that.have the same circumstances that's not.fair the litigant has relied on the law.of Maryland he's conducted as the fair's.based on the law of Maryland now he's.told not by you people not by the.General Assembly of Maryland that you.haven't changed the law the judge has.changed the law during the case or at.the conclusion of the case in other.words it defeats the whole purpose of.having laws because when you pass the.law everyone in the state of Maryland's.on notice what those laws are and we can.all conduct our affairs and and and.align with those laws but when a judge.does it he's changing the game he's.changing the rules of the game midway.he's saying well it's great that you.relied on that law mr. litigant but.you'll is because I'm changing the law.that's not fair now if i can just.mention a couple of things again that i.take issue with the first on page five.of Judge bells letter he mentions the.very qualities that one looks for digit.in a judicial applicant independent.thought courage of conviction and.open-mindedness are the qualities that.would be likely to get a judge in.trouble once appointed I note the judge.nowhere in that list mentioned strong.legal reasoning skills now my God if I.was looking at a judicial candidate.strong legal reasoning skills would be.first and foremost and.when I read that I thought to myself do.we really want judges to be independent.and have courage of conviction and.open-mindedness because when I read that.I thought that's what you people should.have that's why you're elected you're.elected to be the creators of law you're.elected because you might be creative.you might have independent thought you.should be open-minded I don't think we.want our judges to be like that we want.our judges to take the laws that you.pass through that process and say okay.this is a law I'm going to apply to the.facts that's what we're taught in law.school and that's what the judges should.be doing again if the judge wants to be.created up he should get elected to this.body here and serve with you and the.state legislature he shouldn't be on the.bench creating these laws another thing.the judge says to that same point we.have never construed us it to inhibit us.meeting the courts from changing or.modifying a common law rule by judicial.citizen judicial decision excuse me.where we find in light of chains.conditions or increased knowledge that.the rule has become unsound in the.circumstances of modern life well I.disagree i think that that change should.be made by statute again by you people.you're the General Assembly you're the.lawmakers you have been elected by the.people you should be changing these laws.and again the courts have from time to.time referred matters to you say they've.issued their decision that's in.compliance with the law they've.acknowledged that they don't like the.decision because they don't like the law.and they referred it to this body or to.the General Assembly and and asked you.to change the law and you have responded.in kind so I don't see any reason that.the judiciary should ever have to change.the law they can always refer the matter.to you and you can decide if the law.should be changed or not this is where.it should be decided not in the course.have I used my three minutes and.decision any questions.thank you very much mr. Dugan is here in.opposition.non chair a committee I come in.opposition to a bill that would.basically eviscerate a branch of.government it would take an entire.branch of government the judiciary and.make it subject to an appointment of the.governor's a group of people appointed.by the governor not all of whom are.judges in fact a very few of whom of.judges it would have no right of appeal.it would have no way of dealing with.constitutional issues it treats the.Constitution of the United States like.it's the Dead Sea Scrolls our.Constitution is not the Dead Sea Scrolls.we have numerous opinions coming out of.our Supreme Court that are five to four.decisions which means there are.disagreements as to what the meaning of.the law is what the meaning of the.Constitution is we have a very small a.very short Constitution and as you all.know our founding fathers were very.careful to talk about the fact that.there are a lot of Rights that may go.even beyond the Bill of Rights in fact.one of the reasons they didn't want to.have a bill of rights initially was so.that people would understand that that's.not a limitation of what our rights are.now you're all familiar for example with.the right of privacy you will find it.nowhere in the black and white of the.Constitution but we're all very happy.about the fact that it is there this.bill in the guise of of attempting to.correct to to disagree with certain.rulings of the court and and it starts.right off the bat by treating the.judiciary like it's an opera like like.like there's some type of executive.apparatchiks.who are supposed to quote and force they.don't enforce anything they interpret.the law they don't enforce it they're.not police officers they're not military.there nothing whatsoever to do with.enforcement so this this bill and I and.I think that frankly that statement that.was referred to by judge Bell is a.beautiful statement of the qualities.that we would hope we would find in our.judiciary the very qualities independent.thought courage of conviction.open-mindedness are the qualities that.you want in all of our judges and I.would encourage you and and they're.gonna and I'm sure the entire bar would.join in encouraging you to kill this.bill because it is not it has no place.in our form of government not from the.beginning not now not ever if we're.going to have the type of Republican.democracy that we have it would destroy.an entire branch of government thank you.for your attention I'm sorry but when i.saw this Bell mr. Dugan the how many how.many judges have been removed in.Maryland for misconduct in office last.ten years you know I don't know offhand.what that number would be I don't know.if it's an e to tell you the truth I.don't know what that what that number.would be you think it's because the.judiciary is is so staunch in their.application of the law and so thorough.and they're judiciousness that they.don't have any problems and need to be.corrected by removal from office well.you're raising two different issues one.is do people disagree with what they say.sure I've disagreed often with what.judges have rolled in my case is so sure.we all would disagree just as your.constituents probably often disagree.with this.you make or would would disagree with.what the government with what the.governor might might want to do so sure.there's there's areas of disagreement.but it doesn't necessarily mean that you.throw the governor out because you.disagree with them or that you throw the.legislators out because you disagree.with them or that you throw the judges.out because you disagree with them the.and the difference of course is that.every four years that voters can do just.that they can throw out a legislature.they can throw out a governor you know.they can throw out an entire.administration if they if they choose to.because they don't like the actions that.have been taken by that administration.and the the redress that I see in the.bill it seeks to basically redress some.of the issues that the governor either.chooses to overlook himself or the.legislative body because we're a.one-party state chooses to overlook the.actions of certain action basically.activist judges that are using that.creativity maybe beyond the scope that.even judge Bell would would say is.appropriate well activist seems to be a.word that's used by those who disagree.with the decisions i might view our.Supreme Court is being extremely.activist when some of the some of the.views that they've taken other people.might not I think it's a question of.whether people agree or disagree they.use that word activists but I think that.our government is set up in such a way.that with the branches of government.that in fact the legislature and the.executive are responsive to the majority.of the citizens judges are designed not.to be it is their role to sometimes.stand up for minorities and say you the.majority are wrong this is what we're.going to do because it's the right thing.to do because it's what our Constitution.demands even though the majority of.people disagree with it you said that.the Constitution should not be viewed as.a Dead Sea scroll and yet you seem to.want to make judges look.on as Moses and I I I don't see where.within the concept of what this bill.tries to address which are since.basically employees of the state of.Maryland that are acting inappropriately.like we would judge any other employee.the state of Maryland that's not.fulfilling the responsibilities or the.duties that they've been entrusted which.one of those duties is is to respect the.Constitution not only of Maryland but.also the United States Constitution to.respect the laws to respect previous.rulings to respect that process we have.judges in Maryland that are not.respecting that process which is brought.on a lot of angst by people that are.frustrated because they're they're.changing the rules as they go and.playing out of the back side of their.pocket instead of dealing with things.that are judicially I don't know we say.rulings that have already been looked.upon and have not been mocked laughed at.or thought to be somehow rulings that.are inadequate that everybody else is.looking at in this country looking.outside the scope of that at that's what.this is trying to address this is this.didn't come out because somebody's just.unhappy this is coming out of people.that feel like they're being abused by a.system and and that system by your own.admission doesn't offer much correction.to its employees that's not true we have.a system of a judiciary system that has.one layer after another layer after.another layer after another layer after.another layer of people are viewing it.by the time it gets through all those.layers by God they do a pretty good job.of seeing what they're dealing with and.trying to balance out the equities that.exist out there the fact that they that.them that that there are groups of.people who disagree with them that's to.be expected the fact that you may.disagree with them that's to be expected.their job as a as a separate branch of.government is as a check as a check to.the legislative and executive branches.of government just as you are a check.and so that check has to be kept in.place not some gubernatorial commission.that's answerable to no one I agree with.you that it is.a check and balance within government.the judiciary although a lot of American.citizens and a lot of Marylanders feel.is out of control is not balanced and is.not it is not it's doing more than.providing that check this bill seeks to.address that and bring it back to where.it should be you can't even point to me.a judge that we've removed from office.and either either that means that every.judge with in Maryland is acting exactly.the way they're supposed to or we're.simply not doing a good job of policing.ourselves well there is already a.judicial disabilities Commission isn't.that and like I asked you sir how.effective has that been at keeping these.types of judges are you I mean I'm.willing to make the argument that.there's a judge out there that needs to.go but I would submit to you that every.every different level of government.either police's itself or has outside.people auditing and policing its actions.the voters police us and that's the.process I mean if judges want to come up.for reaffirmation every four years like.I do then perhaps we could start there.but they don't and we separated that out.for this purpose and it's it's so that.this is not a political process how is.it that a commission that oversees these.people that understands what would be.expected of an employee because that's.what a judge is he's an employee of the.state of Maryland he's not he's not a.limp is sitting up there on a cloud.making a finding he's an employee he's a.separate branch of government he's a.separate branch of government an.employee is a person who works for the.executive branch of government this is.not an employee this is a separate.branch of government when he gets his.check at the end of the month who signs.it who signs that judges check is that.what determines whether you're a part of.a separate branch of government who.signs whether or not you're an employee.of somebody I suspect it's not God.signing his check.well I think I heard how mr. Dugan felt.I just want him to know how a lot of.people in Maryland field well I hope I.represent what a lot of people in.Maryland field as well thank you um do.you agree that some of these judges are.making life-and-death decisions on the.bench well well let me let me okay.without answering the question let me.let me go into let me go noise suck.couple I think I can cite three cases in.Baltimore County alone you have a judge.in Baltimore County they don't a fifth.occasion of a DWI she liked the guy walk.out of the cart room which the turn him.around that night from going out and.drinking again five times five DWI is.and this guy walks out of the courtroom.with you know a suspended sentence or.you know probation or whatever it is.there's nothing to stop him from turning.around number six going out drinking.tonight and killing your wife my wife my.kids my grandkids when the floor because.she didn't do her job as a lot of people.will tell you they agree she didn't do.her job yet nothing happened to her we.have another judge in Baltimore County.that was going to let a murderer go.because it in her opinion fingerprint.evidence wasn't acceptable in a court of.law now this is a case that it's been.forever and ever and ever fingerprint.evidence has been a a standard you know.if you can convict somebody on.fingerprint image she didn't think.fingerprint evidence was acceptable.luckily the federal government turned.around in chart and and took this guy.into custody and retried him and found.him guilty of murder she was going to.let this guy walk because of fingerprint.that's all they had was fingerprint.eminence you have another case in.Baltimore County were a judge a domestic.violence case came in told the people.told the woman go get go and get a.marriage certificate instead of trying.them at a time do get a marriage.certificate come back into my courtroom.he took him in the back married them and.now she's not compelled to testify.against him anymore so we have problems.I mean I'm just talking about three.incidents in the last year in Baltimore.County alone but and and what happened.to any of these three judges not a whole.lot the one with the marriage thing was.suspended for a while but you know I.mean he's still getting paid by the.state I don't think he he wasn't fired I.think they're going to give him the.option to retire but the other two.judges are still hearing cases so these.are people making life and death.decisions on the bench that I think we.need another layer to take a look at.them we need some new rules in place.because the rules that we have in place.are just not doing the job right now.well in terms of layers there are layers.as you as you mentioned with with regard.to the one the next layer picked up with.regard to the one the judicial.disabilities did come down with it with.a punishment with regard to that one.with regard to the the person who had.multiple drunk driving convictions I.don't know the facts of the case I don't.know what the judge was looking upon I I.do think that it's true that we we do.put a great deal responsibility on our.judges and that these judges do have to.weigh a lot of different factors in.making their decisions I am sure that.when I I know I talked to one judge who.who a fellow went out from his courtroom.and turned around and murdered someone.and believe me that Judge lost a lot of.sleep over that but he but he had to.base it on what was before him it may.not have been he may not have made the.right decision but he plied the right or.the right type of approach to it and was.wrong and that's going to happen made a.decision on the evidence presented.before him look I was in court of many.times as a police officer you know and I.didn't just I didn't agree with the.decision but the judge made the decision.because of them but I'm giving you three.cases where these decisions were not.made based on what you know the evidence.presented them they in all three cases.they were it was a their own opinion as.to why this person should either not be.found guilty or walk or whatever and.that's where we have the problem I think.we need somebody to you know we need.some rule changes and I'm I'm glad.delegate Huff brought this up because.you know for years I've been trying to.think and we and I'm just cite in three.cases look as a police officer I saw.many many many more cases and I you know.I've been trying to figure out a way.that we can hold these judges.accountable and unfortunately the system.we have now.it's not working because one judge is.judging the other judge and and I can.tell you that it you know their thing.i'm not i'm not saying what they're.thinking but i'm assuming they're.thinking you know what I may have to go.before that judge you know before this.discipline board and I don't want to.make you know piss somebody off and no.no uncertain terms because that may be.me sitting there one day and I don't.want them to make that decision where I.get thrown off the bench thank you for.your opinion now we appreciate it well.thank you thank you very much faq you.that I appreciate your testimony.you.

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