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Steps of Customizing the Nd Petition Form

current resolution 30-11 Madam Secretary.house concurrent resolution 30-11 your.conference committee senator hulk.chairman recommends that the senate.received from the senate amendments as.printed on house journal pages 12 30 to.33 and adopt further amendments and.placed 30-11 on the seventh order.senator hope mr. president house.concurrent resolution 30-11 is a.resolution that proposes to amend.section two article 3 of our North.Dakota Constitution and that provision.relates to the initiated measure process.little history mr. president about the.how this bill started out it started out.in the house of course and what it.proposed was that if a initiated measure.was going to have a fiscal impact of 20.million dollars or more it should be on.the general election ballot rather than.the primary ballot that's the way the.House passed it when it came over to the.Senate we amended the bill and we.amended it to say that we really.shouldn't have a flat dollar amount in.the Constitution so we changed it from.20 million to 40 million and we put an.index clause in the provision as well so.that the the substance of the provision.at that time when it when we passed it.in the Senate was that if it had a 40.million dollar fiscal impact.inflation-adjusted that those measures.would have to go on the general election.ballot what we did in conference.committee mr. president is we combined.two ideas that we in the Senate and the.house has passed concerning the.initiated measure process and so the.other part of what we did to the to the.bill and conference committee is if the.if the chamber will recall we also.passed a measure that said if a.initiated measure has a substantial.fiscal impact and the figure we chose.was 50 million dollars.inflation-adjusted that there would be.some review of those large spending.measures.well the conference committee discarded.that concept and simply said because we.have the ability as a legislative.assembly to review initiated measures if.they are statutory through a two-thirds.vote we really didn't as a legislative.assembly need to look at those initiated.measures so what we did is simply.clarify that for constitutional measures.constitutional initiated measures that.would appropriate dollars for a specific.purpose we said that those types of.initiated measures could not be could.not be circulated for petition now we.what we did mr. president is we we sort.of shadow box with all of the various.initiated measures that have been.proposed over the past four years and we.came to the conclusion that under this.provision all of them would still be.able to be circulated and the the intent.of the people who circulated that their.intent could still be met but what the.policy what the policy were trying to.avoid with with the house concurrent.resolution 30-11 as amended is we're.trying to avoid one putting large.spending measures on the primary ballot.and to putting spending continuing.appropriations embedding that within the.Constitution we think the policy is if.you're going to propose a measure that.spends money on a continuous basis it.should be a statutory measure so those.are the changes mr. president that the.conference committee recommends on 30 11.and it passed on a vote of five to one.and we recommend that the full Senate.adopted conference report any further.discussion on the conference committee.report senator and rest mr. president I.have a question for the carrier.get your question please my question for.the carrier is mostly theoretical.couldnae initiated measure deal with a.policy that required an expenditure but.didn't set forth with the expenditure.should be would leave it in the hands of.the legislature their Hogue mr..president I I'll need to ask for.clarification do you mean if a measure.said we want we have some objective we.don't know how much it's going to cost.but we expect it to be implemented by.the Legislative Assembly there is that's.generally my my question as a for.instance could it say that the.legislature shall create a Heritage Fund.to be invested in conservation purposes.and if it didn't specify the amount then.would it be permissible under this.legislation there hope mr. president yes.I believe that it would and and the the.the example mr. president that we talked.about the most it wasn't the Heritage.Fund but it was the old measure two from.the 2010 general election ballot where.we had a measure which prohibited or.banned all property taxes but then at.the same time it obligated the.Legislative Assembly to appropriate.money to all the political subdivisions.to meet their their budget and.operational needs now under this.provision that measure would still be.permissible except it could not direct.the legislature to appropriate that.money but what they could have done is.say we're banning property taxes and you.have to authorize political subdivisions.to.to have the ability to raise revenue for.their operational expenses currently mr..president for example we limit the.amount that cities and counties may.impose in terms of sales taxes and that.measure could have said you must permit.we're eliminating property taxes and you.must permit the political subdivisions.to substitute that loss of revenue with.whatever source of revenue they choose.to impose either through sales taxes or.other forms of taxes the example that.the or the question from the senator.from district 2 would also be.permissible as long as we're not.embedding a stream of spending in the.Constitution so that would be perfectly.acceptable send your access as president.have a question for the carrier and the.question is I'm wondering if the.conference committee at all discussed.these pretty sweeping changes with the.Secretary of State at all and if so what.was his opinion on putting this in the.Constitution Center hope you wish to.answer the question I do we did not.discuss it with the Secretary of State.frankly we regard this body as the.policy-making branch of government and.and the Secretary of State is somebody.who implements that policy mr. president.any further discussion zehnder Dodson.rod thank you excuse me thank you mr..president and also I have a question now.for the carrier and that is the voters.approved the Legacy Fund at the ballot.and it amended the Constitution and set.aside thirty percent of the off the top.of oil revenues if this measure had been.in place at the time would that have.been a permissible measure could the.voters have have done such a thing would.they have been able to have the.opportunity to vote on that if this.measure was in place and I guess a.second question if at some future time.they're initiated measure would come.forward to designate a purpose for the.funds.that are in the Legacy Fund would that.be permitted under this provision.considered ho doers to answer that.question I mr. president I'll trial I.think there was two questions the latter.one I don't think would be permissible.again if you are going to put a measure.on the ballot and you're proposing to.amend the Constitution to generate.revenue from some form of Taxation and.at the same time you want the.legislature and because only the.legislature can appropriate money you.want them to appropriate it as it says.for a specific purpose that would not be.permissible on the other hand if you if.you decided that you wanted to put that.in statute you wanted to create a.Heritage Fund in statute and you wanted.100 hundred million dollars for a.heritage fund that would be perfectly.permissible with regard to the legacy.fund a little history mr. president that.was not a initiated constitutional.amendment that was a resolution that.this body passed in the in the 2009.Legislative Assembly and we put it on.the ballot for the people to to vote on.for the discussion any further.discussion senator senator mr. president.question for the carrier regarding who.makes the determination on whether or.not a an initiated measure can go.forward if it's brought from the people.is that the attorney general's office is.it the Secretary of State who legitimate.I who says that those are legitimate.constitutional amendments Center hoke do.you wish to answer that question mr..president we're not changing that.process what happens presently under our.Constitution is the first thing that has.to happen is that the the sponsoring.committee and typically it could be 25.people they will go to the Secretary of.State.and before they can start circulating.petitions for an initiated measure or.for a referral they have to get it in.the proper form it's got to the the text.of the measure has to be summarized by.the Secretary of State and he's got to.make sure that that summary is a fair.representation of what's in what's in.the actual measure and once he does that.then those petitions are approved for.circulation the Attorney General under.our Constitution has to be consulted and.that that process happens up front one.of the things we liked about this.measure is that if somebody was if a.group was aggrieved by this this change.the benefit of this is that they will be.always be able to challenge that up.front to the north dakota supreme court.so they don't have to go through the.effort of gathering signatures only to.find out that the secretary of state or.the Attorney General doesn't doesn't.agree that it's a constitutional measure.so that's the other benefit the.challenge if there is a challenge is.upfront before the signature gathering.goes on further discussion hearing on.the questions on the adoption of the.conference committee report on house.concurrent resolution 30-11 as many.singers are in favor please say aye all.opposed say nay the eyes have it the.resolution is adopted yeah switching.down to the 14th order still on house.concurrent resolution Madam Secretary.house concurrent resolution 3011 a.concurrent resolution to amend and.reenact section 2 of article 3 of the.Constitution of North Dakota relating to.the fiscal impact of measures to.initiate constitutional amendments and.to the placing of initiated measures on.the ballot sender Hogue mr. president I.believe I've explained that the.provisions of the bill but I did want to.talk a little bit about the policy.behind it mr. president I firmly believe.we are the policy-making branch of.government and one of the things that.I've always been concerned about is we.just as a body we don't do enough.strategic thinking we're always.concerned about the biennium and.balancing the current budget but we.don't look out into the long term and.that's our constitutional charge mr..president this measure does that we talk.about what are the things that could.derail this economy that we have today.certainly we know the price of a barrel.of oil could do that we know that.commodity prices could do that we know.that the federal government's continuing.cost shifting on things like water.projects and Medicaid funding could do.that and all of those things are beyond.our control every one of them here's.another issue that could derail our.economy and that's the idea that we have.a surplus and when you have a surplus.there are lots of people who have lots.of brilliant ideas of how to spend that.money and this is something that this.body can do to help shape our long-term.prosperity and so that's why I support.this measure and that's why I think the.Senate should adopt mr. president for.the discussion senator Schneider mr..president just very briefly think with.all the constitutional measures were.putting on the ballot when voters kept.their third ballot is going to look like.one of the Dead Sea Scrolls I don't.particularly like this resolution mr..president I think the people have used.the power of the initiated measure.process very responsibly in fact the.example cited by my friend from my not.measure to which was actually during the.the june twenty twelve election that.went down overwhelmingly and so i think.that is a vindication and in a.validation of the people and the way.that they use this power so i don't.think this resolution is particularly.necessary i do have every faith that the.people will reject this but on the other.hand why don't we just save them some.trouble save some ink and just reject.this today for the discussion.hearing none the questions on the final.adoption of house concurrent resolution.30-11 because it is a constitutional.matter we will proceed by way of.recorded roll call vote with the.secretary please open the key all.senators have voted any senator wishing.to change their vote secretary closed.the key final tally on house concurrent.resolution 30-11 reveals 29 senators.voting a 18 senators voting nay the.resolution is adopted senator klein mr..President may we be on the 17.

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Nd Petition Form FAQs

Note answers to questions about Nd Petition Form . View the most useful topics and more.

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