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Tutorial as toJob Readiness Worksheets Form

alright guys we're going to go ahead and.get started there's still a couple.people on here that are logged in that I.don't necessarily have a name for it's.an FYI at the ends of this training I'm.going to send you a training completion.form if I didn't get your name that's.kind of your last chance to get on the.launcher to make sure you get credit for.the training so once you get that.training completion form just make sure.you fill it out so that I can get you on.the list if I haven't gotten you yet.alright guys let's go ahead and get.started welcome to the job readiness.training basically we've made a lot of.changes to the job readiness assessment.right now but these are also open for.suggestions.so obviously you guys have been in the.field a long time and I want to take any.kind of input that you have to give very.seriously and included into the job.readiness anything that's work for you.anything that's helpful any kind of tips.that you may be able to provide to.someone another employee that may not.necessarily have the job readiness down.would be greatly appreciated and at the.end of all the trainings I'll make sure.and review all the information I have.and then make any adjustments to what we.have so that we so that it's.all-inclusive basically can everybody.hear me.yeah all right perfect.just making sure all right so just to.kind of get into things really quick.here I just send you guys some materials.I don't know if you all got it the does.let's just go through those real quick.before we start the different materials.that I sent are basically helpful.materials that are supposed to guide the.process of the job readiness training.for you guys make materials readily.available so that it's not as difficult.to get what you need together when you.have a participative pit in front of you.so all of the forms even though they.look like a lot of work they're not.necessarily work for you for you guys.there too.help guide you guys through your job.readiness and just provide that extra.support and assistance to your.participants the very first thing that.Elsie is a job readiness training.completion form now you guys already.familiar with the drum readiness clean.training completion form scuse me.but I've updated a little bit I don't.know if you guys got a chance to look at.this but it's a little bit different.than what it was before so we're.definitely going to review this step by.step so that you guys have an idea of.what's included and what the.requirements are for completion the.other things that you're going to see.are some job readiness packets so.there's different packets for different.parts of the job readiness and basically.what these packets include is a bunch of.different information for you to be able.to provide to your participants and help.you guide them through the process you.should have four of those there's a.resume building the job sustainability.the skill development and the resume did.I already say that sorry.the interview preparation so if you guys.want to look through those we're also.going to go through them in the training.but there I set them early just so that.you can have a look at them and then.there's also the training completion.form they should already look kind of.familiar to you guys this perform that.you guys have already been using um.maybe a little tiny bit different but.basically what you're going to be able.to do welcome Aranea or ET is it irena.or EMEA.i hope i was close enough I don't need a.nail so that's what that the word.document is it's a certificate of.completion and the reason that it's in.word document form and so that you can.st. change the name and put in your date.information as well does anybody have.any questions about any of that yep all.right sorry it's like I'm only talking.to one person but I know you guys can.all hear me welcome Diego alright.so moving forward we're going to go.ahead and start from the beginning so.the job readiness training well a lot of.us some of us are doing job right.addresses some of us aren't if you're.doing job readiness and you and some.things are working a little bit better.for you than others please chime in and.let us know so that we can share that.information across the organization.basically what our job readiness is for.is to help prep our participants for.getting into the workforce so you didn't.already know but my understanding is.that most of you are pretty familiar.with the process to in place thus far so.for the current job readiness training.that we've just updated there are four.particular distinct parts those also the.packets that we discussed earlier.coincide with these different parts of.the job loneliness skill development job.search resume building interview.preparation and job sustainability are.those four parts when you win the.participate complete job readiness.they're going to have to complete one.activity from three of these different.parts please let me know if I'm moving.too fast or if anybody has any questions.okay something that hasn't necessarily.changed is some requirements that you.have for job readiness it's at this time.we're going to have to document those.requirements because they're going to be.something that we're going to be looking.for in the quality department what.you're going to include in the file is.going to be the job readiness completion.form the certificate that you've read.provide for the participant you're also.going to provide some kind of supportive.documentation from the onat profile that.you run on your participants and also.some type of support of documentation.from the financial literacy portion is.everybody here already familiar with the.o-net profile and the financial literacy.yes yes so for the most part I think you.guys already do this already but now.they're going to be requiring.documentation in the file so what it.will look like is it'll just be the.completion form it.have whatever supportive documentation.you got from the o-net profile which.could be the profile itself or whatever.you provided for the breakfast event and.then whatever supportive documentation.you got from the financial literacy and.then the certificate so the very first.part of the job readiness is going to be.skill development and job search.basically kind of tried to break it up.into pieces so that it's easy to go step.by step with your participants and.provide any kind of information that you.can to help us through the process those.different parts of the job search the.participant skills and interest because.even though a participant may not have.advanced their fields on paper they.might have skills that they don't.necessarily know we're going to be a.benefit to them in the workforce and we.want to kind of help them identify those.different skills so we want to touch.bases on their skills and interest to.see LTS both coincide with their goals.for future career aspirations formal.training or education they have plans to.advance their formal training or their.education do they want to get a new.certification do they want to get their.GED do they want to view posts do they.want to go to college is there any kind.of aspirations that they have in terms.of basically advancing their education.those are things that we definitely need.to look for and they're a big part of.job readiness especially if somebody has.a shooting for a high goal that requires.them to have those different.certifications or degrees work-life.balance is another one is very very.important we are helping people find.jobs but it's very it's very important.that we look into their lifestyles and.determine whether the position that.we're helping them find is going to be.something that they can sustain or.work-life now it is important good.example why it's important to check into.these different things is say someone.has five kids and they want to work.nights and they don't have a partner.they're single and they're trying to.make it work well there's not going to.there's going to be some positions that.aren't necessarily going to fit that.lifestyle so looking into that lifestyle.before looking through to job or career.advancement it's very important because.then we're basically helping people find.jobs that they can't keep or don't want.to keep because they mess with their.lifestyle too much so those are things.that a lot of people don't look into but.we definitely want to look into.especially because the demographics that.were look that we're working with.definitely need support in some of these.areas we have some videos that's one.thing that I didn't list earlier and my.apologies for that when I sent out that.you know I also included a list of job.readiness videos that we already had in.our archive so these are already videos.that maybe you guys have already seen.we're still going to look at some of.them so that you get an idea of how.flexible you can be in terms of videos.for job readiness some people like to.keep it light some people try to keep it.kind of direct but the idea is that you.guys have a wide array of videos to.choose from so that you can make that.decision based on your relationship with.your participant so we're just going to.watch a couple of these if you think of.other videos that you're using that I.don't have in this archive please send.them to me I'm happy to add them to our.list so that we have more to choose from.and then if you have any suggestions or.thoughts or ideas on these videos just.let me know I'm going to go ahead and.play play them for you so that you can.get an idea of what we're looking at.that was the very first one I'm like I.said these videos might not be for.everyone and I plan to expand this video.list by a lot especially based on the.input that you guys give me so keep it.flowing um here's another one this one's.a little bit more on the funny side and.like I said it may not be for every.participant but it's definitely one of.the options that you can choose.all right guys.those are just two videos that were just.kind of selected out of there for you to.get an idea what you have to work with.there's a couple questions that I want.to touch base on that we're going on in.the chat room during the video I.apologize guys for the video I don't.know what's going on with that but I'll.make sure to mess with it by the time we.get the next ones up so that you guys.can hear them um a couple questions that.you have about going in there can.everybody hear me now by the way yes.okay good - I apologize about that I'm.not sure what happened but I'll stay on.top of it a couple things that you guys.said Dao is talking about some of the.tools necessary to complete job.readiness for we OA those should be.included in year Diego and these are.just basically tools that should help.you complete those requirements so if.there's anything that we're missing out.of there that you feel like should be.included please let me know I'm very new.to job readiness as well and a lot of.this was taken from information that we.had and the contracts and things like.that but if there's anything that you.feel that we didn't touch on let me know.and that way when we finish all of these.trainings I can make all the necessary.changes okay um in terms of job.readiness being required it is job.readiness is required for all of help.New Mexico's programs other than the.Foster Grandparent program and the.senior Companion program as of now so.right now when quality checks your files.for completion they're going to be.checking for job readiness in each file.so just make sure that you're doing the.job readiness with with your.participants the one thing though about.that is I mean job readiness should be.something that comes fairly um the job.readiness opportunities anyway should be.something that comes very often when.we're working with our participants.because a lot of them are looking for.advancement it just can take a little.bit more fishing to get the information.that you need to help them through the.process so just remember that that just.made sometimes probing your participants.a little bit more.and getting into detail with them about.what their specific goals are might.bring you into your job writing it's a.little bit easier and let me know if you.guys have questions or if I'm moving too.fast okay um like I was telling you.earlier each part of the job readiness.program has a packet to go along with it.with support and information and.different activities that you can do.with your participant this is a skill.development in job search packet.included in this as well a lot of.different things with basic information.on them quick tips for successful job.search is a really big one a lot of.people have difficulty finding positions.especially now that positions are very.rare so anything that can make that job.search a little bit easier is going to.be an asset to your participant the.quick tips page is something that you.can go through with your participant and.help them define different ways to job.search other than basically getting on.the computer and being stuck with just.that there's different options that they.have and there's a few quick tips that.can help them get ready for that job.search work/life balance tips like I was.saying before you definitely want to.probe your participant for what exactly.their needs are from a personal.perspective because like I said we're.going to help them find positions and if.those positions don't fit their.lifestyle they're not going to be a.lasting position another good example of.that would be say someone living in a.very rural very rural area and wanting.to apply for a position that's 30 miles.away but they don't have a vehicle and.there's no buses around well that's not.something that's going to be sustainable.to them and even though you're going.through this job readiness fad are these.different job readiness skills with them.that may not be something that comes up.if you guys aren't probing and talking.to them a little bit more about it so.definitely asking them you know what.their life is like what kind of support.system they have how is their.transportation who how many kids do they.have so on and so forth so that you.of what jobs are going to be within.reason for them goals worksheet a lot of.times we don't write down our goals.sorry I went a little bit quicker than I.wanted to on that one a lot of times we.we don't write out our goals and writing.out your goals can be very very helpful.and just identifying apples because a.lot of people don't necessarily identify.that they have goals within the next.year within the next five years or don't.think about it they're just trying to.get through the day.so sometimes writing out those goals and.writing out steps to those goals can be.very helpful in the job search process.and the job readiness process and like I.said once again let me know if I'm going.too fast and let me know if you can't.hear me in that chat room another.portion of this packet is the basic.skills in today's workplace so this one.is really really important especially if.someone is thinking from changing from.one position to another or they're.looking at in positions that they may.possibly think they'd be interested in.or may want to go to school for there.may be skills that they need to advance.just basic skills that they might not.necessarily need a class phone or may.need a small class on depending on their.situation it's very important to kind of.gauge someone as to what these skills.are so like their basic computer skills.basic math skills time management and.organizational skills interpersonal.skills it's very important to ask them.about these different things because.these are things that are needed.commonly throughout the workforce and.building on these skills no matter what.position they're in is going to assist.them but especially advancing the skills.that they're going to need nowadays like.basic computer skills it's very very.difficult to get a position almost.anywhere now without having the very.basic computer skills it's even harder.to look for a position if you don't have.basic computer skills because most job.applications are done online these days.so just gauging your participant to see.where they're at in terms of their basic.skills is important moving forward not.only for you but for them.and then of course we always put a.special area here for special skills and.talents because I just want to retouch.on the idea that a lot of people have.skills and talents that they don't.necessarily know we're going to benefit.them in the in the workforce and it's.important for us to be able to pull.those out so that we can either improve.them or explore them a little bit more.moving forward the very next part of the.job readiness is resume building Diego I.know that was something that was.included in your question so please feel.free to chime in at any time and let me.know if you have any questions about any.of this a basic part of resume building.the format and the format of your resume.and your cover letter or overall a lot.of people don't know what a resume is.more or less what format it should be in.and even us as us as case managers.assisting our participants.we're not rather the experts either so.it's important that we have as many.tools as we can to go through that.process with the participant and get.them as close to what they needed we can.references a lot of the participants.that we're working here may not.necessarily have references at all they.may have no experience no references.especially if they're planning to change.into a different workforce like say.they're going from being an agricultural.worker to to say maybe some office work.they may not have a resume references.that are going to follow them through.there so building on that on that.reference sheet is very important so we.included some information on that and.the resume builder portion different.resume types there's different types of.resumes for different positions and.we'll look into that a little bit more.application requirements a lot of.applications are done online but a lot.of times when when a participant gets an.application I'm sure there's a lot of.positions that they don't apply for.specifically because they're intimidated.by that application so it is t-to.to do an application with them or.make them or help them get a little bit.more comfortable with us what.applications are going to look like or.what wording they can use on an.application so that's also included and.then of course there's basic do's and.don'ts that you can just basically.review with your participant to make.them feel more comfortable does anybody.have any questions but everybody can.still hear me right yes okay good so.here is another video it's basically how.to write a resume now I don't.necessarily agree with everything in.this video but depending on the.participant and it may or may not assist.you moving forward so I'm going to go.ahead and play this please let me know.if you can't hear in the video I think I.got it taken care of now.so hopefully this works and then let me.know if there's any questions guys hi.I'm Mike this is my friend Jeff well you.probably know us at the end of you guys.today Jeff and I are talking about one.of the most important requirements for.getting a job introduce your resume.whether you're applying for a job as a.cashier of a doughnut shop like our.friend Shirley here or as the CEO of a.major corporation your resume is an.extremely important part of your job.search you wish you are applying for a.job you're Jeff I mean you come here so.much that you may as well work here what.can I say I'm a bit of a Long John guy.few more of these doughnuts you'll be.looking more like a wide John guy anyway.your resume acts as the first impression.with your potential employer and.ultimately can be the deciding factor.and whether or not you even get an.interview and that's why we decided to.give you our top five tips for getting.the most out of your resume and make.sure you watch this video until the end.because we're going to show you exactly.how to make sure your resume stands out.against all of your competition so.what's the first step like our first.resume tip is to keep it simple in terms.of design if your resume looks cluttered.and confusing to you imagine what the.hiring manager is going to think that.you're a cluttered and Confused employee.you also want to stay away from using.any fancy designs and fonts that means.none of your signature smiley faces or.hearts okay Jeff copy that Mike tip.number two is that you need to include.important keywords in your resume.companies nowadays.use digital database technology to scan.resumes for important keywords meaning.that if you don't have those keywords in.your resume then your resume won't get.put in the yes file you can generally.find the best keywords to use with job.description.our third resume tip is to use what we.like to call power words instead of.writing that you worked on this or.worked on that try using more effective.vocabulary like implemented developed.initiate it or execute it these power.words will show the potential employer.that you are capable and intelligent tip.number four is to remember to tailor.your resume to the job you're applying.for every job you apply for is going to.have a unique set of requirements and.you should ensure that your experience.and skills are completely aligned with.those requirements you should have a.different unique resume for every job.you apply for and last but not least tip.number five is to consider getting.professional help while you're.definitely capable is putting together.an acceptable resume in today's.gruelling job market sometimes.acceptable just isn't enough it's really.important that you stand out so having a.professional writer in your corner will.not only save you a ton of time but also.ensure your first impression is a.memorable one okay so now you have the.tools to ensure that your resume passes.all the tests with flying colors and.always ends up on the yes file but as.you know this is only the first step.toward getting a job the most important.step is the next step and that is acing.your job interview but in order to do.that you're going to need to know how to.give perfect answers to the topics.interview questions but don't worry.because the interview guys have got your.back because we've prepared a special.report that outlines exactly how to.prepare perfect answers to every.interview questions that's right we walk.you through our proven step-by-step.process for giving perfect interview.answers in our hugely popular FREE.special report so to get the special.report simply click the link in the.middle of your screen now we're Justin.Mike the interview guys saying thanks.for watching now go ahead and click the.button on your screen now all right guys.thank you for being patient it looks.like everybody could hear that one yay.so that makes me very happy so you guys.don't have to be completely bored going.through the video just watching it talk.does anybody have any questions about.that video excuse me.all right so just moving along we have a.resume building packet which should.assist you with this portion of job.readiness like I said guys we know we're.not all perfect at writing resumes we.don't all like the guy on this video.says that if you have the option to pay.for someone to write your resume a lot.of us don't have the option to paper a.professional to write a resume and to a.lot of our participants we are the.professionals so as much materials as we.can use to support us will be great so.that's basically what this packet is.meant to do is help you through the.resume writing process so first very.importantly it explains what a resume is.what the different parts of a resume are.because believe it or not a lot of.people don't necessarily know what a.resume is um and that's included on the.back of the sheet as well as the rest of.the resume description.it also gives a description of what.specifically a cover letter is and what.format it should be in as well and this.one is also key because if people don't.know what a resume is there's even more.people that don't know what a cover.letter is and not all jobs asked for a.cover letter or not again you know so.it's it's difficult to to say on the.cover letter because not all positions.even if you're helping someone apply are.going to require a cover letter but it's.good to know and it's good to build one.with your participant moving forward um.there's a sample template of a cover.letter so in the instance that you.wanted to sit down and write a cover.letter with your participant and you.don't necessarily know the format or.you're not even comfortable with the.format here is the basic format for a.basic cover letter so you can basically.sit down with your participant you could.go over what the cover letter is what.what is specifically included in each.portion of it and then you could.actually sit down with them and write it.with them if you didn't have the.opportunity with to do that you could.also just provide them with the packet.you could go over what the cover letter.is and if they're not comfortable with.you doing the letter with them you can.have them take this template home and.they could try it out themselves and.bring it back and go with you then.so there's a lot of different options.and flexibilities when when you're.working with it did you have a question.no okay next we include sample templates.of different resumes most importantly I.wanted to provide a sample template of.an agricultural worker resume because a.lot of you guys are going to be working.with agricultural workers so it's kind.of difficult to gauge what a resume for.an agricultural worker is going to look.like especially if you've never done one.or if they've never done one so it's key.to have kind of an example for them.moving forward so that if they're.looking for another agricultural.position they know how to fill out that.resume with the right wording or more.comfortable wording it's the one on the.right hand side is a resume for someone.with no experience that's also key a lot.of the participants that we're going to.work with are not going to have.experience either either because they.never had a position in that field or.they've never had a position at all so.it's very important that you know have a.template available for people that don't.have experience or don't have as much.experience as the next person next part.of this packet is the application for.employment I picked the most difficult.application for employment on here and.that's for a specific reason like I said.a lot of the applications that are out.there are very confusing and if you're.not used to filling out an application.you're going to be even more confused so.I picked a more difficult application to.put into the packet because if you're.able to fill this out with your.participant they're not going to be as.intimidated when they're looking at some.of the worst ones online so I picked.more of a kind of difficult resume so.that they can get comfortable with.filling or I'm sorry application so they.can get comfortable filling out that.application and not be scared to death.when they go online and see something.similar to it and this is something that.you can sit down with your participants.and go through a mock applica.in process with them and get them.feeling comfortable doing that dudes in.zones like I always said it's always.important to go over basic tees and.build sometimes you're gonna have to.work this with this better like they're.just not that into it I already have a.resume or I don't need one for what I'm.doing or I don't think I want to answer.I don't even want to work on my job.readiness skills at all that still.doesn't mean that that still doesn't.mean that we don't have to do it right.you still have to provide them with the.options of the information so sometimes.when you have a participant like that.one of these do's and don't sheets can.come in real handy you can give it to.them you can go through it with them and.see if any activities arise out of it.but it's key that we at least give them.the information and they have the.opportunity moving forward to do what.they like with or without our support.the reference sheet like I was telling.you just basically tips on how to.formulate references especially if.you've never had any in the past and.then of course there's always that big.question on whether or not references.should be included with your resume.there's a ongoing fight about this one.I'm definitely on the fence about it but.I do like the idea of a reference page.either way so basically what a reference.pages is it will list out all the.references where the references come.from their address or basic contact.information and the reference sheet is.good because you don't necessarily have.to include it into your resume you can.keep it separate from your resume you.can keep track of your references that.you already have on there without having.to go back and remember what was the.address for this place where did I know.this person from so on and so forth am i.spelling their name right you already.have that listed on your reference sheet.and it's something that they can keep.with them to keep track of their own.references too so not only does it look.really nice when you're giving it to it.to a potential employer but it's also a.way of tracking your references for.yourself and please like I said if I'm.going too fast or you guys have anything.to any kind of input please let me know.so the very next part of the job.readiness is the interview preparation.is can be one of the crucial points in.job readiness because I mean a person or.a participant can become their own worst.enemy in the interview process and I'm.sure we've all had that experience in.the past it's very easy to mess up your.own interview just because you're.nervous or scared or you're just not.prepared for it so we thought we would.expand on the interview preparation part.a little bit what's included in this is.planning basically planning ahead for.your resume your interview making sure.that you're prepared and that you're.comfortable with where you're going.where your resumes out who you're.speaking with and what information you.brought with you once again what to take.to an interview standard interview.questions because that can be a.difficult one expressly if you're doing.mock interviewing and you're the case.manager you have to come up with those.questions for that participant so it's.very good to have a list of standard.interview questions that you can ask.them that will actually be relevant to.them when they go into that interview.stress and anxiety tips that's a big one.and the reason why is a lot of first.impressions are everything we already.know that but a lot of times becoming.your own worst enemy in that interview.because you're stressed or you're.anxious about what's going on happens so.preparing the participant for that can.be one of the best things you do for.them dressing for success this was also.key because we're working with because.of the demographic that we're working.with a lot of people may not have the.money to buy what they need to dress for.success or what the standard is to dress.for success for our idea is just basic.grooming tips and different ways that.they can just take care of what they.have and still feel comfortable in that.interview and then of course basic do's.and don'ts so if you have that.participant that just doesn't want.anything to do with the job readiness.program which happens I totally.understand that this happens if that is.the case then you can always go over the.do's and don'ts with them at least so.that they can take that information and.decide what they want to do with it or.if they want to ask you about it in the.future.another video that we have now this.video I pick specifically because I.definitely do believe in the idea that.mock interviews help and they help a lot.especially when you're doing with young.participants they're very nervous and.that's what usually kills the interview.process is people's nerves they're.nervous about you know what they're.going to say what they're going to do.and the idea that practice makes perfect.means the same thing when it comes to.job readiness if you have the.opportunity to do mock interviews with.your participants I definitely would.have them act as if they're going to an.actual job interview and go through the.process with them and hopefully I.provided the tools that make that.process a little bit easier but here's a.video that you can use for your.reference and we can always add to this.later as well in this week's video we're.going to go over the do's and don'ts on.the mock interview.[Music].hey guys I'm Kim with Snagajob a number.one source for hourly jobs and welcome.to our weekly advice oh let's face it.getting a job interview is really badly.if you see a little bit nerve-racking.like the saying goes practice makes.perfect so setting up a mock interview.before your job interview is a wonderful.way to really make sure that you'll.bring your a-game so here are a few do's.and don'ts of a mock interview to help.you out do dress appropriately.wear professional clothes that you would.wear to a real job interview don't just.roll out of bed oh oh this mock.interview over with do prepare like you.would for a real job interview this.means bringing copies of your resume and.preparing interview questions and.answers based on the qualifications for.this position in our previous work.experience I can get me a great fit for.this position don't weigh it biggest.weaknesses Wow probably my biggest.weakness is having to be strike two.feel free to start over nice practice.your answers so if you stumble or make a.mistake gather yourself and start over.my biggest strengths are a strong.attention to detail and let's just start.over because you asked me that one again.don't freak out if you made a mistake.well they see my previous work.experience ah.oh god no do take feedback.constructively learn from the feedback.you receive so you can better prepare.for your real job interview thanks for.pointing that out.I would hate it if I did it in the real.job you don't take it personally I think.you can make better eye contact what me.you are able to read these are some.youtubers i canta doing a mock interview.before the actual event will help you.gain confidence and give you any.mistakes that you might need to work on.you'll be that much closer to a new job.so thanks for joining us today if you.like this video please let us know so we.know to keep making videos like this you.can have any questions.you doctors asked alone I'm sorry all.right guys have any of you guys ever.done mock interviews with any of your.participants yes how does that work for.you that's Diego right just remember me.yay how does it work is it I mean would.you it helps yeah it absolutely helps.because um you know I know here in riri.but that's often what we do is they get.to interview with the prospective work.site and it really prepares them for.what's to come and you know you do run.into instances where individuals take.things personally and you know some of.the mistakes pointed out in that.Snagajob video so you just got to kind.of run with it and as you progress a.week continue to do it it gets easier.but if I think it's helpful yeah yeah no.no I totally agree with you Diego 100%.and as a matter of fact when I said the.last couple trainings and we did mock I.did mock interview so that I could get.this job you know what I mean and I've.been on many interviews in my life but I.still needed them so yeah I probably.agree and as I'm going back to the.resume um like for examples of resume I.use the one that got me this job so.really you know yeah I love me yeah yeah.which put any note of a cover letter and.especially like when you go to workforce.connections and most of us work with a.lot of our one stops um workforce.connections conducts these little attend.services that teaches you about.interviewing and resume building and one.of the things that is really and if.you've ever been like on a hiring panel.the one thing that separates your resume.from everybody else's is that cover.letter I love it I love it Diego you're.absolutely right though it is because.like I said a lot of jobs don't ask for.it a lot of jobs do not ask for it but.it really really can pull you out of a.crowd.if you have it especially when they're.not asking it and the other thing is.that reference page - I mean just to.have it available when they are free it.can be so helpful you're absolutely.right Nate oh it looks like Marie was.saying she she just some vocabulary.coaching and key words that's absolutely.correct vocabulary coaching key words.things like that definitely can make it.feel more comfortable because a lot of.people don't know what to say at all.when they go in there and then when they.start stumbling and you know falling.over themselves then they basically just.give up because they freak out instead.of taking a step back and saying you.know it's okay for me to ask this.question again it's okay for me to start.over if I have to that's absolutely fine.and doing that mock interview are.working with them it's going to make.that easier you ever absolutely yeah I.think it ultimately prepares that.individual for a panel interview because.that that's usually was conducted.especially like with the type of.businesses that don't require a whole.lot of credentials which is the gaming.industry you know in New Mexico right.now every interview that's done usually.in those in those entities is done by a.panel and that can be pretty imitating.oh yeah absolutely absolutely especially.if you're not surrounded by smiling.faces and that's not always the case.right.everybody's been interviewing all week.when you get in there so if you're that.if you're coming in on Friday to do that.panel interview you're at lunch yeah pop.rock interviews and we're absolutely.correct thank you guys so much for.including our including yourselves in.that - I love it.okay so if you guys don't have any.questions we can with word and like I.said I know I keep saying this and I.don't want to sound like a broken record.but I like the idea of us all working.together on this because what works.through one office may not work for the.other or you guys might run into things.like different tips and things that will.make it easier for our organization and.channel so if you guys have any input I.am very receptive to feedback.and if there's something that can be.helpful in this I want to include it so.even if it's not during the training if.it's something that you want to include.after that's perfectly fine just please.let me know if there's anything that.we're missing or anything that you feel.like you might like to see in there so.like every portion of this job readiness.there is a packet this is the interview.preparation packet very first thing.included in there is just it for staying.calm during your job interview because.just like Diego was saying and Loreen.was saying when people are nervous they.can stand in their own way and it's.definitely happens I know I've done it.and just helping them become might be.what they need even if it's just for one.specific portion so like the B prepare.fortune excuse me I saw the cost guide.so just bear with me um the be prepared.portion is not necessarily just wake up.in the morning make sure you have a.resume or make sure you have a pen on.you but what about driving to the.location before is knowing where it is.so that you're not freaking out in the.morning trying to find it if you're.running late different things like that.different tips like that can make a.whole lot of difference using the.bathroom hey if you smoke serious don't.smoke a cigarette before you go into.your interview you know different things.like that or if you are gonna smoke a.cigarette make sure you wash your hands.and go on the bathroom and you know.prepare yourself before you go in.because even simple things like that.not like I'm against serous and your.employer might not necessarily be.against cigarettes but the situation.that you're in might make it more.difficult so just different things like.that very simple steps or very simple.stick tips can be useful um.dressing for success like I said before.a lot of our participants are not going.to have the money most of our.participants I'm not gonna have the.money to go out and buy a brand new now.if you have the opportunity where you.have access to like any kind of work.clothing which I know in some of our.communities we do like we can go find.different places where we can get.donated things and stuff like that that.also may not be an opportunity for you.if you're more.if you're in a more rural area you might.not have access to go help somebody find.something aware or something like that.or just not having funding for it if.that's the case you want to focus on the.other things right.basically prep what they already have to.help them with that interview so I know.a lot of these grooming tips seem very.basic but believe it or not they could.be very useful when you come out of your.participant and you're not saying hey.you need to wear a suit and tie if you.come at your participant in your thing.hey you know to shave brush your teeth.make sure you're using mouthwash so on.and so forth and you kind of list those.different things it can be a little less.self-defeating if they don't have the.money to dress how they think they.should be dressing common interview.questions this is both for you guys and.the participant this is something that.you can go through with the participant.or is something that you can use to set.up your mock interviews or you can send.it with the participant so they can read.over it and then see if they have any.questions about any of the questions.that are being asked to them or what's.the best way to respond to it is one of.the things that came up and one of the.other training as Debbie was asking.about the strengths and weaknesses.questions but you know when she's.talking to our participants about.explaining their strengths and.weaknesses she has a difficult time.explaining to them you know how to.answer that question or what the best.way for the math of that question is.because it can be very confusing right.now that's question I asked you and I.want to get more information on so.that's actually something that I'm.working on that will be included so look.for that in here but just differently.like that like that's a perfect example.of what can come up when you're going.through these packets using those once.again we always use do's and don'ts and.like I said that these adults keep it.very simple for when you have a when you.have a participant that's just trying to.run out the door and doesn't want.anything to do with your job readiness.study those doesn't help come in handy.because you can give it to them you can.go through it with them and you can say.you know here's this information if you.have any questions come back to me but.you're still doing that you're.question of the job-readiness even.though they don't want anything to do.with it does anybody have any questions.I just want to make sure I'm not talking.over anybody okay guys so just let me.know feel free to interrupt me if you.need to some more mock interview.questions for you guys for them and you.because you just can't go wrong there.and this one is broken up by subject so.you can just basically look at the.subject and see you know you're looking.at a question on education you can just.look at education and pull one of those.questions if you need to does anybody.have questions about any of that alright.so next is job sustainability a a lot of.job readiness does not necessarily.include job sustainability but I think.it's key because once again it puts us.back in that situation where you know.we're helping people find jobs but.they're not the right job for them or.they don't fit their lifestyle or they.don't know how to communicate in that.position or you know they still worried.about something that's going on.ethically uncomfortable with something.that's going on and they don't.necessarily know if they're making the.right decisions those are all different.things that can help you while you're in.your job and part of being ready for.your job is being able to sustain a job.that you get right so different parts of.that I'm sorry was somebody going to say.something no okay different parts of.that or you know your work habits how.can you develop your work habits make.them easier or I'm sorry make them more.beneficial to you ethics what ethics is.some ethical situations that you may run.into communicating with management.that's a big one if you don't feel.comfortable communicating with your.manager but yet you have saying you have.an idea about how to make something more.effective how to make a process go.better and you can't communicate with.your manager it's going to be very.difficult for you to you know make your.job easier or even move up in that.position so sometimes just being able to.communicate effectively and still.comfortable communicating is something.that you can look into for your.participants.and of course just so that I don't bore.you to death with my voice I have also.included more videos from our long list.video so a tease.if you guys have any questions about.these or you want to add anything too.and let me know we're going to start.with the workplace habits not to have.[Music].welcome submitting on the new stuff you.might have entire original copy out.there we all happen from the classroom.to the bathroom but when bad habits.following you into the workplace you can.leave your dog what are the worst.defenses a very young tenement Michaels.is out on the street find out ok I'm.here on the street to find it the top 10.worst habits gonna work and there are.some people that are completely.unprofessionalism.hello how are you I'm a reporter so I'm.very popular hi yes Rachel.so we track down several people to give.us the top 10 we're seven to heaven what.so that's on a roll roll the tape so.we'll roll the tape see my way man hey.hello talking about the worst habit to.have in the workplace what do you think.they are popular in the Delta.watch blown up excuse me oh hey what's.up oh you got out of jail that's a good.thing.you lose customers hmm giving just jump.to your friends when you're not supposed.to using Flanders gang talk in front of.customers and taking a gang added to.network salute word Stefan Rahmstorf.another bad habit in the workplace.arguing which it was not taking.criticism looks not taking criticism.well I'll a couple producers I have that.problem with assuming everything is.because of racism I get it all the time.sister people find any the white plane.well get outta here.thank you things are going through.company there's a stapler count yeah.what about a coffee maker so so I got.the cars right out then definitely does.not show enough to work with really.excuse not even cotton what's the worst.excuse you've heard the next day I.couldn't get it right couldn't get a.rush.I had to welcome you with your tea.anything enter pected it's pronounced.quinceañeras so you're wrong and you're.fired.so double strike strike and strike my.brother went to Purdue that's a great.idea the work for raising waters like my.mother with the raging looks like with.snow theme parks are out fighting what.yours is a two-shot fighting with chords.in front of customers it's just a.two-shot Derek are you doing a two-shot.can I do I have to do your job too.ah Derek no that's what I got for you.today there's a couple of favorites like.alien abduction my personal favorite.carjacking what also works what that's.what I don't know had that was supposed.to be the top ten you can service it up.please yeah I want to do a baker's dozen.I dated some things to work with I.rounded up because that's what a good.employee does goes that extra mile.remember these happy baker's dozen bad.habit and avoid them at all cost.how can I stay home and kind of.customers being rude to customers giving.discounts to your friends using plenty.Bangkok or giving a gang allocated at.work standing around instead of working.arguing and not taking criticism.assuming racism is the cause of a.problem using profanity heavy things.that belong to the company not gonna.work without calling first.and finally fighting with your.co-workers in front of the customers.although after today's broadcast I.choose understanding Oh Oh mr. Simms.said you're hired.you can't do this to me not with my.mother in a Mexican prison just waiting.to celebrate my sister's quincenera and.my brothers in prison.ah oh you know you want to fire me read.between exes or news on the news.Oh Rico Fabio moon I really like that.one that was pretty funny and now the.next one just to keep it light again.guys we're going good on time so I may.have you out a little early um like I.said let me know if you have questions.okay here's another one.I will go first.when I discovered you guys work five.days I did nothing.I keep seeing Chocolate Rain about a.thousand times.at the Stanford branch they all play.this world war two video game called.call of duty and we're all really into.it until it started as a team-building.exercise emotionally I really thought.that oh I keep various weaponry.strategically placed around the office.I saved Jim's life with a can of pepper.spray.I had velcroed under my desk people say.oh it's dangerous to keep weapons in the.home or the workplace well I say it's.better to be hurt by someone you know.accidentally than by a stranger on.purpose farewell card for Debbie Brown.and the undecided so a couple of bucks.and that's what you get some children I.feel terrible that Debbie Brown.she had fired the cousin joint so I.thought I pass around a goodbye card if.everyone could put in a couple of bucks.to help her through these difficult.times.why did bad things only happen to good.people.strategy just tragic.- the adopted women oh we are recycled.equipment you don't why doesn't separate.attraction went to go all right I don't.know how many of us are going to be.passing out birthday cards next month.- try that yeah I love it.okay so moving forward of course we have.a job sustainability packet that goes.with that so different parts of the job.sustainability packet of course work.habits to develop we want to focus on.you know good and bad work out is of.course but we definitely also want to.focus on developing that the work out is.we already have right so that's.something that also is a part of job.readiness is development we all want to.see people advance and we definitely.want to see our participants advance so.is there something that they're good at.take some steps with them to help them.get even better and that's definitely.something that you can utilize as an.activity with your job sustainability is.helping them to grow and some of the.things that they already have.communicating with management I.definitely wanted to include this.because a lot of people have a difficult.time are intimidated by their managers.and so you know that can definitely.stipple stifle your opportunities to.advance but not only to advance just to.make your job easier without that.communication there it's very difficult.so that's something that definitely was.included something that you can go over.with your participants as well setting.goals in your new job so some people may.just be getting a job just for the time.people but some people may really really.like their job and want to advance and.you know want to write out some goals.for that position specifically so if you.help someone to get a position and they.really really like that position.definitely help them to write out some.goals and some different steps.they can take towards those goals.different barriers and different support.systems that they can use to make those.things happen because a lot of the times.just regular life gets in the way of.your goals and writing them out can be.very helpful ethics in the workplace a.lot of people don't know what ethics is.so it's important to point out you know.that one person's ethical perspective is.not necessarily going to be the same as.another person and it's not always going.to be good versus bad it might be kinda.good versus kind of bad and so.recognizing that with your participants.and letting them know that those are.obstacles that they may potentially face.it's definitely something that will help.them in the future see so just to go.through your job readiness documentation.okay I know we talked about it a little.bit earlier but I want to talk about it.again just to make sure so if you guys.have any questions please chime in once.again we have the job readiness training.completion form this is one of the.requirements for tracking your job.readiness so at the beginning basically.you're going to fill out the basic.program information in the center.there's that area where you would put in.the completion date for your financial.literacy and the onat profile now what I.would do and I mean everybody's workflow.is different right so please let me know.if I'm wrong but what I would do.immediately is just get that financial.literacy and o-net profile done.immediately because from what I saw on.the Annette profile that can help you.lead into different activities and can.also help you with your participant.getting them directed towards more of.what they want I mean the on that.profile is pretty awesome to me so I.would do that right away just to get it.done and then use that in your job.readiness completion that help that.person advance we don't have a very.specific requirement for the.documentation that you would include for.financial literacy in the o-net profile.and that's because everybody's is going.to be different right depending on you.know what you're doing for that person.so.what we want is just some sort of.supportive documentation I think some of.the financial literacy courses have.certificates at the end of them the.o-net profile you can print out the.profile or whatever documentation you.give to the participant.we just want something showing that you.completed it in there and please like I.said stop me if you have any questions.moving forward so the training topics so.right under that is basically a listing.of all the parts of the job readiness.training that we just went through.there's a skill development and the job.skills the resume building the interview.prep and the job sustainability and then.within that there are different areas.for you to check different activity.areas that you would be doing with them.like I said everybody has to have.training in at least three topics so say.this skill development resume building.an interview breath then you would just.check next to what's closest to what you.did with that participant going forward.there's also separate areas for you to.write out activities the time spent on.those activities and the date you.completed those activities because there.are going to be different job readiness.activities that you do outside what's.listed or that are a little bit.different say just for example I think.it was Diego but someone was discussing.how the Workforce Development Center.maybe you took someone over to the.Workforce Development Center and took.them through the process of getting.registered there those are something.that's going to be listed on the front.of this job readiness for our personal.job readiness right so you can write.those activities here the time spent you.want you spend on that activity and the.date that you completed that activity.that way it's a little bit more flexible.because we don't want you to say oh this.is job readiness and this is just what.you have to do like I said though that.those documents are used to kind of help.you complete job readiness but they're.not the overall requirement for job.readiness right you want to use those.different things to help you complete.different activities so this is the area.where you would blend.any kind of activities that you did with.the participant like that oops sorry I.went a little bit too fast and then at.the end there's an area for referrals so.these are specifically for job readiness.referrals and that was a question that.came up in one of our other training is.whether or not other referrals needed to.be included in here and the answer is.absolutely not beer just specific to.your job readiness referrals but also.remember that can be very general -.right so part of job readiness is.helping people develop skills or maybe.look into secondary education well if.that's the situation and you gave them a.referral to see one of the community.colleges to get information you could.include that in your job readiness.because that is a part of job readiness.as they're going in to develop or to.advance their education and part of that.is part of job readiness so that's.something that you could include so.remember just because it's not the norm.in terms of referrals on job readiness.doesn't mean it doesn't belong there and.also there's no requirement for these.referrals now definitely do you want to.light your fruit yes because more than.likely you're giving them referrals.anyway so you might as well write them.down but there are five different spaces.just in case you have more than one.prefer baby those five spaces aren't.there because you're required to fill.out five refills and then of course at.the bottom and I'm sorry once again.excuse me my voice is going out a little.bit so if you don't hear me I will.repeat it.um the purchases myth signature and then.of course the case manager signatures.are located at the bottom and that's.this is certified that you guys have.completed the job readiness together.will you include for the participant and.their certificate once again like I said.that's in a word document so you should.be able to go in and just put in the.version late and then sign and put the.date on the bottom and provide that to.them you're going to give the.participant a copy and then you can go.in and put a copy in in the file for.your.so once again those are four things that.you're going to have in every file for.your job readiness that's going to be.the completion form supportive document.for the ownit supportive document for.the financial literacy and the.certificate of completion are there any.further questions about job readiness.and I'm looking in the chat to if you.okay um okay well let me know if you.guys need to include anything let me.know if you have any questions moving.forward because this is always a work in.progress like I said we want to make it.great for the organization also.something to take with you as well there.will be a Spanish packet put together.within the next month or so hopefully.quicker than that but I'm giving myself.a month to make sure um so if you are.working with brain they're primarily.Spanish speakers that is something that.we are addressing and we'll we'll have a.packet prepared for Spanish speakers.only so just be looking out for that.another thing is look out for the.training completion form so that I don't.send you another invite because if you.don't complete the training completion.form I'll think that I missed you and.I'll keep inviting you until I get one.from you so that should be sent here at.the end of the day today and thank you.guys so much for joining my training.Thank You Phyllis yeah of course.Diego you guys have a good afternoon.okay you too.

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Job Readiness Worksheets Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common problems regarding Job Readiness Worksheets Form . Let us know if you have any other problems.

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What is the right way to fill out Two-Earners Worksheet tax form?

You might have found answer, but I am posting a link to help others who hit this question: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/IRS-Withholding-Calculator This gives a fairly accurate guidance

How do I get updates about the government jobs to fill out the form?

Employment news is the best source to know the notifications published for govt job vacancy. The details are given in the notices. The news available on net also. One can refer the news on net too. It is published regularly on weekly basis. This paper includes some good article also written by experts which benefits the students and youths for improving their skill and knowledge. Some time it gives information regarding carrier / institution/ special advance studies.

How do I fill taxes online?

Online-Accounting Service is the global accountancy firm which provides fast and Quick Tax Return Services in MYOB. Apply for free trial now at http://online-accountingservice.com .

How do I fill out the income tax for online job payment? Are there any special forms to fill it?

I am answering to your question with the UNDERSTANDING that you are liable as per Income Tax Act 1961 of Republic of India If you have online source of Income as per agreement as an employer -employee, It will be treated SALARY income and you will file ITR 1 for FY 2017–18 If you are rendering professional services outside India with an agreement as professional, in that case you need to prepare Financial Statements ie. Profit and loss Account and Balance sheet for FY 2017–18 , finalize your income and pay taxes accordingly, You will file ITR -3 for FY 2017–18 31st Dec.2018 is last due date with minimum penalty, grab that opportunity and file income tax return as earliest

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can a job ask you to fill out forms but then tell you that you didn't get the job?

By managing your expectations; that is, by informing you that filling out the forms does not guarantee that you will be chosen for the job. Companies should further manage expectations by describing the actual selection process in more detail and including a time line for the final selection. Armed with this information you can decide whether you wish to spend the time required to fill out the forms.

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