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The Information Guidance for Jd Cv 41 Form

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figure.out where we are and most importantly an.aircraft carrier we figure out all going.to be in 90 minutes because that's the.cycle yep the pilots would welcome back.to them does it take them back to where.they left there won't be a platform that.point and if you look around in this.space and kind of think about prime fly.that we just left in here there is no.external communication it's relatively.quiet at best.under normal conditions there were three.or four enlisted people standing watch.they they were dealing with ships going.12 13 14 ours rather than planes.hundred and sixty nights it is a very.very important space but believe is a.lot easy to spend four hours in here.that was spent four hours up to nothing.front door and he'll have some shots.laid out on these tables on the floor.table he's acoustic Japan will be live.home imported from 1973 until 1991 first.I went home Porter's carry overseas we.still do that Cusco underneath the.display cases suited man a talking when.Middle 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gets a very flattered.daughter from the from the planning.officer it's a townsman the right 10.degrees rudder come to new course 0 9 0.how did you get up here.did you put the letter we're in this.before.first an echo still gets rigged from a.drug at these homes when zero nine zero.zero nine zero will repeat that when it.gets their sister now staring zero nine.zero standing right where I am.be the lead Huntsman and this is called.a annunciator it's - clapping bottom.line I'll get into that when given a.speed change.he'll dial in a new speed whether it's a.a head stand that had one-third back a.head full back one-third and the.corresponding she had four evolutions.for those two that particular speed.those signals started four engine rooms.so it's in the engine rooms not up here.where they open closed open or closed.the throttles you know you're not.supposed to knock that ladder yeah.that's why it says don't ever the signal.star the interims it's the engine room.to open closed the throttles when.whenever to the speed they'll they'll.match this signal you'll report that we.don't report to the fighting officer all.engines ahead standard.the Quarter Master the watch or the.audio log Olivia radar appreciate the.status would keep a working radar office.working with a radar operator and in the.Junior ops the watch keeping track of.the unknown surface contacts to make.sure they don't become problematic the.Midway and depending on slow and I will.have a messenger to help the officer.Jack Hanley in the most middle isolated.I mentioned that the captain spends a.great deal of time appealing ships in.the way he actually had what's called as.axiom it's not a trade.they say the cap spends a great deal.time up here uh yeah but actually it's.called this at-sea cabin just after here.the left you see it as you exit it's a.place where you can go to get a little.bit of downtime between flight cycles I.have something to eat not very far from.this captain's chair and he's always.available to the officer detect if the.OD needs helping it in any given.situation um it's pretty small but if.you are a junior enlisted person on.Midway and you lived up in the folks in.your book they bunk three deep in your.shower than running 20 of your closest.friends it would look like a pretty good.place to spend a fuse so anyway oh one.more thing if you haven't seen his.employed cabin yet when you leave here.you come right back out on the flight.deck the two hatches after the sign said.Admiral and captain's country back down.through the air yeah I roll a lot of.ships of shards of timeless and maybe.this is by the nature of what I was what.I was did most of my taxi time I saw a.lot of sea cabins that put input cabins.that is really nice one is they did a.nice nice job on it so take a look at.that yeah I would like you to exit now.thank you for coming up as you hit the.exits you see that y'all chain you go.down thread actually right back out on.the flight deck.[Music].[Laughter].[Music].you.[Music].

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Jd Cv 41 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding Jd Cv 41 Form . Let us know if you have any other confusion.

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