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How to Fulfill the Report Of Adoption Form in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise Report Of Adoption Form more proficiently.

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  1. Access to the vacant form and click to look up the whole document.
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  3. Put down your personal figures in the blank form.
  4. Pick a form field and write down a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Peruse the whole form once again to see if there's anything you fail to include.
  6. Select the sign tools to write down your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by picking "Done" button.
  8. After revise the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any misunderstanding, please communication with the support team to acuqire more details.

By deploying CocoSign, you can fill in Report Of Adoption Form and write down your digital signature soon. It will definetely foster your productivity and make your life much easier.

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youtube video

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hey zoo family and welcome to today's.video this is a really important video.an important day actually it is a post.adoption home study appointment day and.we really haven't includes you guys in.to when those things happen because you.know it's just something that happens.but we only have two of them left and we.want you to know what they mean and that.they're actually happening what happens.is when you adopt from India you have to.agree in advance to these post adoption.home study reports a social worker comes.to your home asks the whole family.questions asks mom and dad ask Katie and.not really the brothers really but Katie.and mom and dad she finds out how.Katie's doing put two in a report and.then send it back to India to Cara and.updates Cara on how Katie is doing with.her new family in America and they do.this for every adopted child outside the.country you have to do these reports and.this is our 18-month report we had to do.them at three months six months nine.months 12 months now 18 and then in.November will be our last one and we'll.let you know when that happens because.that means we'll be done with all things.adoption related really for the most.part anyway but this is a big milestone.because 18 months ago we adopted Katie.from India it just feels like yesterday.that we were flying to India so this is.a neat way to mark that time because of.these reports.you really are cognizant of how long.your child has been in your family.because these reports come along and.they remind you what kids been three.months it's been six months.so the social worker is on her way now.we're gonna do a little interview with.her we're not gonna record that because.it's it's private we share a lot of.private information and then maybe we'll.do a little post post interview.interview with Katie for the vlog how.about that so do you remember the lady.now you weren't remembering her but you.remember her now be cool be yourself be.honest and everything will be fine okay.it'll be over quick she'll probably have.like three questions for you and like.eighty for us so the social worker left.a while ago we had to go back to what we.were doing is a little later in the day.but we wanted to use this opportunity.because how often you get to do videos.that are about adoption we adopted a.year and a half ago so we.put out many adoption related videos.these days but while we have this.opportunity and we're looking back and.thinking about the last year and a half.we wanted to take today's video and give.Katie a chance to really I guess share a.little bit about her first.year-and-a-half being home right.yeah and she's kind of feeling shy right.now so we'll see how much she actually.wants to talk you're gonna have to like.open the mouth and talk I remember how.much I shared earlier but I want to.reiterate when we had a home study done.before we adopted that was about making.sure this is a suitable environment in.which to bring a child these.appointments are not that they're not.like showing up and making sure this is.still a suitable environment they're.showing up an offering support and I.don't that's what I don't think I said.earlier when we were opening the video.for the day because they want to know.how she's doing how she's feeling but.they actually spend like 95 percent of.their time talking to mom and dad and.they tell and the social worker tells.her she can just go play what kind of.questions did she ask you do you.remember how some are going this right.and what else she actually what grade.you're going into yeah and you're going.into third grade and I think the only.other thing she said was how are you and.you said that was the extent of Katie's.questioning and you know we we never.know how the questioning is gonna go.sometimes they asked more sometimes they.asked less I think at the 18-month and.the two year mark they know how things.are really truly going so I think if I.remember correctly at the first visit.well you didn't you didn't speak much.English so she's an action question has.been did she know so I think when she.was when the first one that chairs a new.English they she spent I would say 20.minutes that was that was the longest.one that.she kind of like not interrogated but.just wanted to meet her and yeah see how.well she was communicating and things.like that right and then these days.she's more here to lend support to mom.and dad to figure out you know maybe how.to deal with the latest problems of.rearing a child or just you know like.friend for instance with our family we.just have things we're working through.the three of us together and you know.those are mom and dad private things and.between us and Katie sometimes when.you're adopting you need a social worker.to help you figure out how to navigate.you know different problems because none.of us are perfect right we all make.mistakes mommy and daddy make mistakes.you make mistakes and we're still we're.still bonding even after all this time.and sometimes it's just good to have a.social worker kind of like you know you.go to a therapist when you need a.therapist you go to a physical therapist.when you need a physical therapist well.a social worker can really help moms and.dads of adopted children to kind of.navigate life's issues as they come.because they don't all happen in the.first few months sometimes they take a.year or two to happen so it's really.great to have that support so it went.really well and again she spent like 95%.of her time talking to us about just the.little details of raising the child and.and then that was kind of it for that.appointment so in regard to your first.18 months home your first.year-and-a-half home what do you want to.talk about we kind of left it up to her.what do you want to talk about how is.your life going in America we said what.do you want to talk about that's what.she said how your life in America is.going and how do you think your life in.America is going doing great that's.awesome.she always says good so for Katie to say.great that's pretty awesome yeah yeah.what what is so great about it Katie.like going out somewhere.and okay and without like that that is a.huge answer and could you tell me why.that is so unique here in America for.you did you ever get to go out in India.no did you ever leave you orphanage once.when I had to when one day realize.because I got a dog yeah and then made.and that was just to bring you from one.orphanage to the other right that was.just a transport so it wasn't like.getting to go to the mall so just so so.then you're saying getting to just go to.the store getting to go places and do.things as you need right it's really.cool what else movies yeah having snacks.at the movie yeah that's cool what else.anything else what about what about some.memories what are your favorite memories.that we've made things that we've done.together since since you've come home.yeah that was pretty cool in it yeah you.got to see snow pretty soon when we came.home right you got to see more we've.seen more snow with you in our family.than will he ever saw with you out of.our family I think their name was pretty.insane Maine and Vermont were pretty.insane but we've seen more snow with her.in our family than we ever did in all of.the years before her that's so funny and.it that way that worked out well that's.cool and you like our cabin too right.yeah yeah having a cabin not a bad thing.and what about Disney what about Disney.how many times you got to go to Disney.did you ever think you'd get to go to.Disney did you ever imagine what that he.was before you came to America no no.what are some other memories even joyed.making like.about the picture that my when we first.found out that mom yeah in letting that.a good moment that was a great moment.there's been so many little moments and.so many big moments it's cool that you.remember one of those that's not travel.related it's just in our backyard Maine.yeah when we did that video and remember.how we had you turn around and mommy had.the number on her tummy what did you.first think were you excited or scared.or confused or like what is happening.and then I'm like Katie she's having a.baby and then what did you think did you.want to have another little sibling yeah.so why do you like little baby so much.that's a great answer how many little.babies were you around in India now but.now the Javan were there a lot of them.there are a few of them like something.were big but they like can't take them.like as a baby but when you were able to.be around them did you think they were.cute too yeah that all the time whenever.I go for dinner like oh really and she.always came to you to play well that's.really sweet you were getting practice.to be a big sister for their Daisy and.Chloe that's good practice that's great.practice well that's awesome any other.memories you remember that you want to.talk about yeah Panama City Beach when.that amazing we totally took a gamble.you know we'd never been there right no.yeah that was our first time we totally.took a gamble on Panama City Beach a.random location.yeah yeah we found it cheap we found a.cheap air B&B that's what it was we will.search in every coast in Florida for a.chief air B&B and we found one and we.tend to gravitate towards the west coast.of Florence and the East Coast cuz the.sands a lot nicer yeah yeah it was.beautiful I love that too that was very.memorable you're not the only one all.the kids loved that one everyone wants.to go back because I get to see other.classes at lunch today.she's a very social girl I can't cannot.tell we asked her what her favorite part.of school was and it's just seeing.people right being around people she.loves temple and if you go back to the.gender-reveal party it will always stick.out to me that in the gender-reveal.video when all the other girls came over.they all gravitated right to her and it.was like watching her be a host a.hostess she was walking around with her.Cup and talking and like talking to.people and it's just like a little lady.so she's so you're so social and that's.a wonderful thing you're like your mommy.you're hospitable you care about people.and you you know how to make them feel.welcome and that's a really great.quality but you have a natural gifting.for that you make people feel welcome.it's no surprise to me that that she.goes to school and it's concerned with.people me you know it's not like she's.just distracted but that's just yeah her.heart is people-oriented not task.oriented so what else about school.anything else about school at school at.PE we saw a turtle.that is Katie right there it's not like.yeah we did math and I liked learning.how to count change it's like we saw a.mama and a baby turtle moments that.touch her heart yeah are you seeing the.pattern moments that affect her heart.are the ones that stick with her that's.amazing okay any other special memories.school travel birth announcements.anything else that you remember that.it's really important to you since.you've been home not on not on Skype.right not on the computer because we.chatted with them on the computer a lot.but never got to see him in real life.that was really cool to have them over.yeah so you're seeing a pattern.she's people-oriented she loves people.she loves socializing she loves moments.that steal her heart and those are the.moments in life that connect with her.which is why she remembers her gotcha.day so vividly she remembers things that.involved people you won't hear her.remembering quiet moments where she was.alone in her room it's always who I was.with and how much fun we were having and.that is just that is so cool I love that.you're that way I love that you're that.way you're just like your mama that's so.neat the way that worked out anything.else you want to talk about the cruise.oh man the cruise that was a good memory.too Wow what was your favorite part.yeah people and out now that's uncle.Brian and Grandma and Grandpa - what was.your favorite part of the cruise right.next to us like you know okay yeah.getting - yeah that's right that's right.we had two adjoining rooms we went to.hit children.yeah yes there wasn't dough okay yeah.yeah just getting to be together with.people there it is again.all the memories I want to set food.oh yeah food Katie oh that's they had.Indian they dated in yeah on the buffet.right when we got in the ship they had.Indian hood right you had me get that.for you at every meal I yeah go give me.some of that Amy a lot of spicy and yeah.like kind of salt like some chutney too.right were there chutneys like little.sauces and stuff yeah.the stuff that is like a topping that.you're supposed to put on top of stuff.she's like no I just want a pile oh that.really that would be like me in the pile.of salsa yeah and she was digging in she.loved it.mom do you any favorite memories just.being together being together and.embracing this little girl it's been.it's been an adventure and it's been.really fun yeah there's definitely.nothing absolutely there's definitely.times it's been challenging you know.whenever you're adopting a child it's.beautiful it's so wonderful to open your.heart that way but you learn a lot about.yourself and everything you find out.about yourselves not always pretty you.find out areas where you had a lot more.love to give than you realized there's.there's good and bad but it's it's all.together it's really beautiful it really.is we can't we cannot say enough how.much she's impacted our life and we.trust that we've done the same for her.so we hope you like this video this like.a unique video I'm glad that we brought.you in to one of these post-adoption.reports and just so you can see you know.what they entail and yes we still have.checks yeah and balance yes.we're still accountable to India yeah.for now but we have one more and this.has just been an awesome video just -.you get to hear her speak more I think.you're right that should be awesome for.you guys I saw the veil of shyness come.down a little bit a little bit I'm.talking to a camera is not always easy.mommy used to have that paranoia of like.I can't talk to a camera it's never been.a problem for me but I could talk to the.vendors post so thanks again for.watching this video like mom said we're.really glad you got to see a little a.little view into how we are continuing.to I guess adapt and make memories and.how those things are clearly impacting.kay.and sticking with her we love that her.heart is just so people oriented and.that she takes in every moment and at.the moments that sometimes take her.breath away are the very simple moments.where she remembers something that.affected her heart I just that is so.cool that's what this video is about.Billy so thanks for watching we love you.Zoo family and we will see you next week.[Music].

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Report Of Adoption Form FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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