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Understand How to Fill in the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form

[Music].[Music].me.foreign.this.[Music].uh.experiences.number two.is.foreign.is.is.[Music].hello.uh.uh.hey.so.[Music].uh.is.lincoln north star the home team wearing.the navy blue cops and white numerals.the white bottoms with the navy blue.helmets a little bit of crimson.somewhere in those uniforms.but they're ready to go to take on the.hastings tigers who have yet to emerge.from their locker room on the east.corner northeast corner.of seacrest field we'll take a break.here again high school football brought.to you by members of the sportscasters.club.we'll continue on with more pregame in.just a moment on espn lincoln fm am.oh.[Music].[Music].christian.[Music].[Music].lincoln north star marching band tonight.here at seacrest field welcome back here.to seacrest along with tim bob.kitsmiller i'm jeff motes here on espn.lincoln fm 10115 1480 am.also at espnlincoln.com where you can.catch the audio stream.and on our sportscasters club page and.lifestyle section at espnlincoln.com.you can check out the video feed at lp.from lps.uh through their youtube page it's on.the sportscasters club page.again at espnlincoln.com just go toward.the bottom of the main page.to the sportscasters club link and.that's where you can find it so we're.we're on several platforms tonight tim.bob somebody ought to be able to find us.if you can't find us you ain't looking.that's for sure.and isn't it cool to have the technology.to be able to do all that i mean.with all the uh challenges.that covet has brought we have found and.continue to be resourceful.in terms of communicating and connecting.and and.we're all connected a lot of places.tonight and the one thing we want to.point out tonight if you are watching.the video stream at any point you may.notice on the sidelines that they're.going to try to social distance they've.got.as long as from the south end.of the 10 yard line to our right to the.north end.at the 10 yard line where the teams can.spread out.again that's all part of the social.distancing measures you can get out of.the box man yeah.so that's part of the procedures here.fans that are here tonight.the ones that are allowed to be here are.parents.of the players also that would include.some grandparents same thing would apply.to the.marching band members and to the.cheerleaders and dance team here.for north star and across the way there.are folks over there from hastings that.are here enjoying this one tonight.they made the trip about 90 miles to 100.miles away from lincoln.to come in and cheer on their tigers who.again could be a force in class b.let's see how they stacked up against.class a lincoln north star who.under third year head coach tony kobasa.is expected to be.a much improved ball team a lot of.orange over there.nice bright orange for the tigers and.the north stars over here the.gators which is always a interesting.thing.well they're navigators and they're.gators.it doesn't matter it doesn't matter.they're all the same.so it will be hastings that will come.out.and it looks like they're going to be.kicking away to start out.yeah they won the toss they deferred to.the second half.and the gators are going to take the.kick off going to go from.left to right dylan hallett will be back.to return along cold coffee.for north star off to our left.and the kicker will be brighter menke.510 150 pounds and a senior for hastings.hastings in the white tops with the.black numerals orange trim.black pants with the black helmets.and they got what looks like i can see.right tim bomb that looks like a.metallic orange colored h.oh yeah they went with the eights.instead of the the tiger.it's hard well on one side that's the.case i think it's the tiger on the other.so they kind of split it.kind of got a kind of a oregon ducks.kind of thing going on there you go.here we go.getting this thing underway and here is.the opening kick of the 2020 high school.football season.and back to returning at about the.five-yard line is hallett.cutting out toward the middle now and.working to the right side of the 15 gets.out to the 20.and he's going to till the line and he's.going to be forced out of bounds.not that of a return up to about the.30-yard line.and that's where lincoln north star will.come out we'll get our first look at dj.mcgarvey the two-year letter winner at.quarterback for the gators i have to.tell you number 17.from the north stars he got a de-cleaner.on that cutback.when the running back went to the.sideline he lit somebody up.and uh he's fired up about it he got his.hidden britches on.oh it's just great to be back in the.booth and hanging out here on a friday.night.mcgarvey will be the quarterback they'll.spread it out three receivers.left two here on the near side right got.a man in motion now we got penalty flags.come out.and it looks like on the very first play.of the 2020 football season.this will be a false start penalty.against the gators.and he expected that you're going to.have them penalties early on.it's a different thing lining up big on.big.and i tell you hastings high's got some.big boys across that front well max.johnson 6-4 285 and a junior he's on.that defensive line.showing blitz that time was hastings.here is a pitch left side on thoras who.cuts out toward the left.gets to about the 26th so a loss of.well really no gain on the play maybe.about a yard or two again they had to.move the football back to the 25 looks.like he got to about the 27 yard line so.a pickup of two athorus is a transfer.from the state of georgia.being a member of this team this fall.here at northstar.mcgarvey again the quarterback he is.the captain one of the captains of this.team he is.yelling out instructions here as they go.to a spread formation on second and long.mcgarvey over the middle pass complete.at the 40-yard line across the 45.tripped up short of the 50-yard line.and the reception made by jay sally at.the tight end got that seamer out there.got a fake to the back.got the defense moving a little bit.linebacker stepped up.hit the uh tight end that z slot.receiver right behind the linebackers.first down good good throw good catch.north star going no.huddle they're going to try to wear down.that rugged hastings defense.from their own 48 first and 10 for the.gators.here is a handoff of thoris gets it goes.through the middle tripped up by the.ankles that time gets across the 50 to.the 47 yard.line and a good play that time by beau.dreer.who comes in to make the stop from that.safety position we'll have a nice holder.running if drew doesn't come up and make.that tackle.he's going to have at least a first down.gotta pick up a five on the play second.and five from the.tiger 47. out of the gun again a little.zone read keeper no.handoff it goes to thoraz 40 35 gets the.first down.tripped up on the play short of the 30.on the left side at the 31 yard line a.first down for the gators.that's a nice hole there just a delayed.handoff there.he just patient the back found him a.hole running and he's got some.get some get up and go he's quick as a.hiccup in that.in that zone read nathan the thorace.with a 16-yard pickup to the 31 of.hastings left hash mark far side first.and ten left to right as they move the.football.low snap bobbled by a mcgarvey who has.to jump on top of it.to take a loss of yards and preventing.hastings from getting the ball.so a loss of five on the play on the bad.snap back at the 36 of hastings.yeah the ball came in low hit him about.the knees and went spinning.on the turf he had to dive on it just to.cover it and that's a.hate to get behind the sticks down in.the uh as you're moving into the.opportunity to score second and long.fake the handoff toss complete at the 35.and wrapped up and stopped that time.reception nade.bites made the catch that time got to.the 32 short of the line of scrimmage by.about a yard third and 11 coming up.just a little waggle pass got the.slot man out in the flat and a good.tackle but.almost got the penalty yard is back but.brings up third and 11..big play here for north star they got to.convert.what's being shown by hastings a doris.gets the carry spins out of a tackle and.is stopped.at the 30-yard line this will bring up.fourth and nine in decision time for.tony kovza.and his offense well i think you got to.go for unless you got a heck of a kicker.nice opening drive here for the.navigators after a.couple of penalties uh.at least one at least one here is.mcgarvey they're gonna go for it he'll.roll left.looking downfield going to lob it up in.the air and it's going to go knocked.away incomplete good defense.braden cavillage played good defense on.the intended receiver jace elliott in.the left part of the end zone.and so north star gives the football up.on downs and here come the tigers.of hastings as they will work from their.own 30-yard line on their first drive of.the 2020 season.nice play by the corner back there good.patience well i really thought mcgarvey.could.could have picked that up on the on the.run on the rollout out there.and floated it a little bit but turn.over in a good drive.flip the field we'll see what the tigers.got and they've got a big front line.across here jeff.for a class b team they are going to.match up well with this.navigator off defense so first and ten.here is jared cynic the quarterback.gonna hit it off to his tail back that.time.zade widener who gets the carry and.takes it across.the 35 and is tackled around the 38 yard.line and gets a quick.eight-yard pickup and so this will be.second in short here for.the tigers again no huddle here for.neither one of these teams cynic again.out of the shotgun formation he's at.widener with him in the backfield blitz.being shown by north star in second and.two.cynic in a scramble rolling left near.side looks upfield got a pass complete.is it going to be complete yes it is.they're going to mark him complete.as he stumbles out of bounds inside the.40-yard line.and the reception made by lyndon.check that that'll be carson shoemaker.as we talked about in pregame carson.shoemaker.gets it to the 39 of lincoln north star.so first and ten here for the tigers.well if he puts that ball on him he's.still running.that was a wide open corner squatted he.ran right behind.cynic with a little zone read it gives.it up to widener and coming in.and a fumble on the play north star gets.it back the gators get it back it is.recovered.by colton reed but just a shot out of a.cannon that time.coming in was eric polish chuck who.comes in from the linebacker spot and.makes the big hit.and forces the fumble and the recovery.made by colton reed.and this will be first and ten here for.the navigators at their own.41-yard line looks like he just came in.the defender came in and punched it out.as he was.making the tackle ball came squirting.out of there good job by the navigators.to get on it.get the first turnover of the game so.the gators back on offense the.short-lived drive for hastings ends in a.turnover.these two teams got practice started.back on august 5th.they got started several days before all.the other teams could start practicing.little zone re keeper mcgarvey's going.to keep it and he has stopped.for no gain on the play still at the.40-yard line.and again the zone read didn't work that.time for mcgarvey let's see what they.come up with next year on second and ten.look like that might have been a bust to.play mccarthy looked like he wanted to.pitch it.saw it was covered just had to eat it.get back to the line of scrimmage.smart play even though on a busted play.743 and counting opening quarter no.score.north star trying to capitalize on a.turnover here is a keeper by mcgarvey.takes it up.to about the 45 gets across there and.he's going to be stopped short.around the 48 48-yard line about three.yards shy of the first down here third.down coming up here for the navigators.they've got a big back in the number 26.they switched up a little bit for us.we don't have a number for 20 or a name.for 26 rather.here is a handoff and busting through.across the 50 to.well he's a big boy he picked up a first.down there ran over that linebacker.pick up a little extra yards and move.the chains gets to the 48 of hastings.picks up the first down.first and ten for north star inside the.left hash on the far.side mcgarvey out of the gun here.and in motion his bite who goes to the.left now rolling right a little bootleg.play.pass down field from mcgarvey is.intercepted and picked that time by.cavalej.as he is marked down at about the 26 but.a flag on the play.and let's see what the issue is.he's probably going to be a holding on.the defense maybe a horse caller.but boy he did not need to throw that.ball he was trying to force that in.there.and the defender for hastings high just.he ran right underneath it.so it's either a turnover or it's going.to be five yards in the north star's.favor i think now let's see what they.what a discussion about this.let's get the official word here.little offsetting penalties yep so the.ball will go back.never happened so forget about what.happened.651 remaining first quarter again no.score hastings.and north star hastings first drive.ended in a turnover of fumble.north star near missed there almost had.a turnover on a pick.like braden cavaledge and hastings is.not ready to go.and now what do we got here.stoppage of play yeah hastings coaching.staff.called them over north star came to the.line and and hastings was still.running out to get lined up when the.ball was snapped it went wide of the.quarterback but i think the they blew it.dead because hastings wasn't set.you gotta snap that ball go.jake snipe again is the center.and we'll line up again here we got.two splits far side left one here on the.right side.now a man in motion and they'll hand it.off.cutting out to the edge far side left.about a yard gain.to about the 47-yard line.yeah we don't have a number for 26. he's.a good-sized kid though he just went.down and he just went down in the field.he got up and started to run and then.dropped.and laying around now we want to mention.too usually at this time of the year.cramps cramps are going to be very.prominent because of the heat.and that usually tends to last into a.good chunk of september.and then once the weather starts to cool.down not as bad.but this is week zero and it's 90.degrees it's a beast outside.and if you didn't uh get your fluids in.all week you're gonna have a chance of.uh.cramps yeah so we got a injury timeout.in the field.6 15 to go here in this opening quarter.let's step aside for a.quick uh 30 second break and come back.with more here from seacrest field after.this on espn lincoln.okay.espn lincoln.com 101.5 fm 1480 a.m.back at seacrest field second and nine.from the hastings 47 yard line shotgun.snap mcgarvey sharp pass complete 30.20 15 10 5 into the end zone.touchdown lincoln north star and it's.chase elliott.on a toss from 47 yards from dj mcgarvey.and the gators strike.man they hit that seam route so quick.mcgarvey took.one step and just zipped it in there the.tight end.and it was a foot race from there.couldn't catch him touchdown.nice conversion there by the gators.first touchdown of the year got to feel.good.so the point after coming up they'll do.the swinging gate.and they're gonna run the swinging gate.yep.now they're gonna they're gonna get.penalized for not getting set up.that's what they're gonna do.when the guy starts waving his arm back.there it's counting down to 10..you're running out of time.over those who haven't seen the swinging.gates you've got all the offensive.linemen to the far.side of the field over there you've got.your three backs you got a center.and then you've got a wide receiver over.here on the near hash over here on the.numbers.and they're gonna go for it live in the.end zone two-point conversion.is complete kate sype.with the two-point conversion.yeah that was close he threw it to the.back line he they ruled really had one.foot.in bounds the other foot was out of.bounds but that's that classic you bring.that.guy out of the back field and ever it's.like a one-on-one basketball play and.quarterback threw it up high.and dropped it over the defenders.outstretched hands for a two-point.conversion go up eight.nothing so it's eight nothing north star.and that's big for north star get off.the snide get scored early.i've had some success with that seam.right a couple of times.and that was a big one 47-yard touchdown.and then again the two-point conversion.after the penalty and uh they're they.got to be feeling good about this.hastings has got a good football team.good size that fumble.was a big big check game changer.and usually they are usually turnovers.and penalties especially early on in the.season dictate who's going to come out.on top.so the two-point conversion and the.touchdown pass.puts northstar up eight nothing with 606.to go.here in this first quarter of action.and we want to let you know coming up at.halftime it is lincoln convention and.visitors bureau halftime report we'll.have a.interview with lincoln north star head.coach tony kobso we.talked to him earlier this week to talk.about getting prepared for this season.and also.the upcoming season which started here a.little while ago and his thoughts on.what the city is going to look like.and even what class a may look like.so here is the kick short end over and.over to the near side about the 24 gonna.be picked up by hastings.and a short return up to about the.33-yard line.and just kind of a line driver kicks.into the up back and he fielded it well.and he'll.start with a good field position our.last series was a turnover on a fumble.after a pretty big pass play.to uh shoemaker.and it was jett samuelson who had the.short return there for hastings.and now the tigers working on offense.for.the second time tonight they'll work.from their own 33 inside the left hatch.moving right to left first and 10. here.is sitting we're not rolling right far.side looking up field.has somebody in the area and it's going.to be tipped up no it's caught.30 20 15 10 5.touchdown reception made by braden.cavillage.wow what a play by cavaliers ball was.thrown up for grabs a little bit in the.middle of the field one-on-one.he went up with the with the defender.and brought it down with both hands made.a pivot to the outside.and then there was nothing but green.grass between him and the end zone.what a big turnaround one play.touchdown hastings.just like that.so at 5 51 to go here in the opening.quarter.hastings gets on the scoreboard.that's 72 67 67.can't count.what a big pass play big arm by uh by.sipes he uh he put it out there but a.great play by the receiver to go up and.get it they're going to go for two as.well.clock running down on them.and they're going to go rolling right.flag thrown.past the end zone is complete to.samuelson but.they're going to wave it off penalty.flags come out well i thought they got.it off.it was down to one the ball was snapped.but they're saying it wasn't uh.wasn't in time i did not see the clock.go to zero.if that's what they're calling.nice play nice pass as it flooded the.zone over there the.short side ball well delivered but now.it's going to be for naught.and we're going to back it up five and.try again.so they'll attempt to go for the.conversion once again.cynic again gets it looking to throw.sharp pass in the end zone coming in.from a slant round on the left side.complete.to shoemaker so shoemaker.well that was a nice the play before he.threw the fade route.this time he throws the dart on the.end route shoemaker just beat his man.off the line and the ball was well.delivered.right into the numbers and that's a.touch that's a conversion.it's tied up kind of just like that here.with 5 51 to go here before the end of.this first quarter.and we're deadlocked at 8 here and we.want to thank all of our members of the.espn lincoln and kfor sportscasters club.for bringing you these broadcasts this.year coming up again at halftime a.report.courtesy of the lincoln convention of.and visitors bureau will get you caught.up and.recap the first half also at halftime.we'll have an interview with north star.head coach.tony kobasa and plenty more coming up.here on opening night of high school.football week zero here in the state of.nebraska.and next week we'll have another.intercity match up here on espn.at seven o'clock and we'll be on the air.about 6 50 like we were tonight so.we encourage you to come back and listen.in then and.we'll have a lot of games on the.schedule here to begin 2020..have smitty on the call for that one.that'll be me oh all right.schmidty won't join us until the.southwest southeast game which is.september 4th.he's a he's a southeast grad so.he likes to do them southeast games.so here we go the ensuing kick from.hastings.and here is the boot this will be an end.over end of the far side of the field on.the right.picked up at about the eight yard line.and the return is dylan hallett.palette trying to cut up but he is going.to be stopped short.of the 20 yard line they're going to.mark him down at about the 18..so the third drive of the game here for.north star coming up now will begin from.their own 18-yard line 5 45 remaining.here in this first quarter.so far we've had two scoring strikes dj.mcgarvey with a.47-yard touchdown pass to chase elliott.and then on the first play from.scrimmage.after the kick it was jared cynic.who connected down field on a touchdown.pass of 67 yards to braden.and hastings with a two-point conversion.to carson shoemaker to tie this game up.at eight a piece.so here we go first and ten and a pickup.of about.two there's a little handoff inside.there.you're back to uh a little scat back.there number one.switched out for a number 26 heading in.for a series nathan authoris again in.their running back.i'm gonna have to practice that name of.thor's.i'm gonna say a pickup of three to the.21 this will be second and seven here.for the navigators working from the.right hash near side as they move left.to right.on your radio dial or if you're watching.at home left or right on your screen.authorise out it's a little ultimate.baxter it looks like.and we got another quarterback in for.north star that's.mountain that's coming in he's a senior.trying to run the jet sweep they'll.use the zone read and a handoff and a.dive play getting up to about the 25.close to the 24 yard line so a.quick pick up there switching out the.backs.big back in there right now bj rhodes it.looks like is the.running back and now here's a fumble on.the play no.incomplete ball complete pass ball was.thrown out there in the flat good job by.the.hastings tiger defender to be right.there and uh.going to turn it over on downs first.punt of the night for either team.which is interesting because normally in.some of the past games.opening season games that we've covered.tim bob we've seen a lot of penalties or.three and outs we really have not seen a.lot of penalties.per se but we had penalties offset so.they didn't really show up anywhere yeah.but uh.we'll see how they cover it you know.special teams is something that's hard.to practice.in the uh in the preseason and they're.trying to figure out who's supposed to.be where.and gonna have to take a time out so.time out on the field here with 452.remaining in this.opening quarter here at seacrest field.that's at social distancing they're all.spread out and.didn't see where they were supposed to.be right and we'll just keep it right.here.but it's bj rhodes who is the.alternating.running back with authoris rhodes a.senior.and uh looking for him to maybe.get some more reps like authoris who.again is new to the system in north star.but that what is that what's the size of.26 that.he looks like he's a thick thick back.now we don't have a listed weight here i.can double check though and see.in my notes to get a better probably 5.11 maybe.probably pushing 195 or so he's a big.big kid.certainly is kind of give you an idea.what north star.looks like but a lot of they've done a.nice job.with the rotation going to the uh.offense defense.that was a big change and they've done a.pretty good job with it so far.and you hope it holds on for much of the.season two.injuries will play a big part of that.for sure you know you got to get some.guys in and out.but that adds depth when you can do that.you know.lots of kids getting lots of reps.so fourth down here punt formation.and here is the boot oh nice one punt.that time by matthew coughlin.and it's gonna be fielded at around the.31 35 to the 40 bulldog from behind.in a short return for austin noward who.came over and.picked up the ball off the kick and ran.it across.got up past the 40 to about the 42-yard.line.that was a nice kick it turned over well.got a good spiral good coverage there by.north star.nata thorus is 5'6 145 pounds.i don't know about that but okay so he.he's one guy that.we'll keep an eye on and trying to get a.weight check there for.bj rhodes again we got some new guys.and some returning guys for this north.star football team.first and ten from the 42 handoff it.goes.widener going right side cuts out 50 45.40 flag gonna be thrown.this will probably come back he is.forced out of bounds around the 30-yard.line in north star.territory but i think this is going to.come back because of a block in the back.well it just couldn't stop himself.number 61.right there the back hesitated and he.just couldn't stop himself from flying.into the fender.and that's what popped a running back.free down the sidelines quarterback.talking to him.good job good leadership there by the.quarterback to settle his linemen down.but you're right it's going to come back.so that'll come back boy that looked too.good to be true.yeah because it looked like he was about.to get stopped and all of a sudden he.had a wide open lane and that was the.block in the back that.because that.he's some pretty good shakes but not.that good.so they'll move the football back it's.going to go to the 37-yard line.so first in 15 four hastings.they'll put two splits here on the left.side.cavallage is over here with shoemaker.two splits far side right.widener in the backfield with cynic the.quarterback looking to throw.pump fake airs out near side left gonna.be a tip thrill.carson shoemaker couldn't get to it it's.out of bounds anyway incomplete.and that'll bring up second down here.cynic had a good look but.good coverage up field by north star in.that secondary coupling was there to.help in the coverage.yeah he gave that up early missed that.coverage before that time he stayed with.him.and didn't allow shoemaker to make the.play along the sideline.this will be second down and 15 again.with 4 28 remaining in this opening.quarter kind of a long first.quarter well the first quarter.it has really been moving at kind of a.slow pace but we've had some excitement.here.and now senate going to keep it 40 near.side 50.ran out of bounds across the 50-yard.line they're going to mark him out at.the north star 49..he had a kind of scramble it was kind of.a broken play it looked like for.hastings.but he's able to keep things alive run.the bottom bounds and gets positive.yards and his within a yard of getting a.first down.at the gator 49 yeah it looked like the.gator's got a.jailbreak got broke through the line of.scrimmage put pressure on him but.he's a big guy and he broke to the.outside came up just short third and one.that's a good conversion.opportunity here on third down near.midfield to.move the chains play clock at nine.421 on the game clock here in this first.quarter.down to three down to two got to get the.snap off in time and now they jump off.side.they being lincoln north star assuming.that's what it is.instead of a delay a game let's see what.it is it could be a delay a game that.was a procedure over here on the left.side.the slot receiver moved and that's going.to push them back five yards.i kept my eye on that north star.defensive line they were the ones that.i thought maybe jumped into the neutral.zone first but.it's going to be a false start penalty.against hastings they're going to move.the ball.back opportunity for the north star to.get off the field for the gators to get.off the field here on third down.because they're third and third and six.so they'll go with three receivers far.side right.shoemaker among them jones is over there.too.one here on the left that's kevin.and now out of the snap cynic looking to.throw he's gonna air to the far.side got somebody down there it looks.like a shoemaker did he catch the ball.no it's broken up on the play incomplete.good defensive coverage there from.colton reed.as the defensive back and that's gonna.bring up fourth down and the tigers are.forced to punt for the first time.tonight.what play drives me crazy jeff.you need six yards and you try to go for.a 20 yard bomb.just hit the guy on the flat pick up the.first down move the chains but.that's just me i'm an old school kind of.guy.well it wasn't the home run ball no no i.mean.but i i understand what you're saying.and now timeout gonna be called here it.looks like against uh it'll go to.lincoln north star we'll.we'll keep it here again 4 15 to go.in uh quarter number one and we're tied.at eight.between the navigators and the tigers.and social distancing is the name of the.game.tonight my mask up and stay six feet.apart.and i think a lot of people are doing.that tonight everybody.was told when they entered seacrest.field.that you are to wear a mask and.when you're in a gathering like this yes.you have to and of course families.they have to sit six feet apart from.everybody else.and uh be aware of their surroundings.making sure that they're.not encroaching on anybody else's space.and of course the band.north star band they're spread out far.apart from one another.but you know considering the.circumstances tim bomb really not a bad.crowd over here on this side of the.of seacrest field no not bad at all.not bad at all and a few folks that.showed up from.south central nebraska across the way.down here.so brayden cavaledge will punt.here's the nice spiraling booming punt.and that one's going to go into the end.zone for a touch back.as dylan hallett was going to let it go.anyway and that's what happened so the.gators will take over.you're right a couple of good punters.man that was a nice.booming pun puts them back inside the.20. so both teams.have to punt on the after uh both teams.scored.so everybody's holding serve but we.still got four minutes to go in this.first quarter.lord love a duck it's been a marathon so.far but we'll do our best as.we still got three more quarters of.football to go and i'm gonna complain.it's just odd.it's nice to be out of the basement and.be able to do a little football.and be among the living room and be.among.and now we got flags coming out again.this could be a procedure penalty.against north star.and it will be so they'll back it up.five yards we'll put it back down to the.15..penalty is kind of piling up both teams.getting a little ragged here.by the way go ahead jim no no no i was.just going to mention that.for folks that want to check the.schedule for our upcoming broadcast they.can go to espn lincoln.com.look at the sportscasters club page at.the bottom of the screen.as bj rhodes it looks like he got the.carry and he was picked up and bear.hugged and.taken down looks like by max johnson the.big six foot four.285 pound junior from hastings.yeah he's he's a big horse right there.in the middle of that line.playing that two technique.that was a thorus who had to carry that.time instead of road so second and long.here for the.navigators mcgarvey in the pocket trying.to get out of a jam.and he's going to try to take it himself.and he has tripped up.at about the 17 yard line on a short.game this will bring up a third long.here for north star.and we've seen some broken plays here.from both of these teams become more.of an issue here in the last couple of.series but.well both teams making adjustments on.the defensive side.and again it's the first game of the.year third and.long again and mcgarvey is going to be.picked up and bear hugged and taken down.73 he's a big boy too lucas.is the guy that came in and sacked.mcgarvey.6'5 285 pounds senior for hastings.and that'll bring a fourth down and.north star is forced to punt.well that's nice to nice size for a.class b i mean there's some.some horses over there so now pin back.deep.punter kicking from his own end zone.opportunity here.going to have to get off a good one or.he's going to get either way going to.give good field position to the tigers.here's the punt booming punt gonna be.waved as a fair catch.oh the flags come out no.yes they do absolutely a little bit of.too much momentum there the punt.retrieved by austin nauer and then.coming in with a late hit will be kate.sype.yeah he just he didn't see the fair.catch ball was caught and boy he lit him.up and hastings tiger laid there for a.minute he wasn't expecting that hit and.i don't think katie.intended to hurt him but no he was just.moving too fast.too much momentum he just couldn't stop.but it regardless.it is a it's a late hit it's gonna be a.15 yard or two.this could bode well for hastings.and we'll see how northstar's defense.will.withstand that test.so this is huge for hastings yeah they.were going to have good field position.anyway there it's about the 45-yard line.and uh now they're going to set up here.just outside the 30 it looks like.short field for sure 31 yard line of.north star inside the left hash.227 to go here opening quarter.yep we're still in the first quarter.usually first quarter gets done about.what.20 after seven in some cases yeah.here's jarrett cynic quarterback almost.picked on a pass attempt at the right.side of the field.and the slant route was thrown behind.his receiver.goplin almost had a pick the intended.target was.drear for hastings and the pass was.thrown.behind drear he kind of was trying to.slide back and make the grab but.coughlin almost had a pick.yeah he really did it looks like he.quarterback was expecting to sit down in.that window and.he continued to drift inside and you're.right he about hit him right on the cut.navigators would have had a score the.other way trips far side right one here.on the short side left cynic.on second and 10 rolling right looking.downfield got somebody there at.shoemaker but it's overthrown in front.of him incomplete.coplin was on his heels again as he's.heading toward the end zone.big third down coming up here for.hastings.well inside started out three for three.big plays and he's missed his last four.and uh the navigators have made nice.adjustments seeing that they like to go.to shoemaker.down that sideline a little wheel route.and uh not letting him get.loose and we'll see what they do here on.third and 10..218 to go here opening quarter cynic out.of the gun widener with him in the.backfield gives it to him.and weiner tries to break through the.tackles and he's taken down quickly.james seizer the linebacker the junior.for north star comes in and makes a.quick stop.right inside the 30 at the 29 yard line.this will bring up fourth down.and the tigers are going to go for it.yeah on that handoff you expected they.were going to go for it.see they couldn't pop a quick one there.but nice tackle linebacker came and laid.the wood to him.so fourth down here they'll go splits.three to the far side right two on the.left spreading it out.cynic quick pass overthrown through the.hands of shoemaker incomplete.i think what they were looking to do.with shoemaker as he was coming over.he was going to make a grab and then.wheel right in toward the middle.to get some extra yards they're going to.try to get that tunnel screen and the.head.set up pretty well but ball thrown well.over shoemaker's head shoemaker's old.not that tall and five seven 155..so coming back towards the line of.scrimmage ball thrown.well over his head and just dodged the.bullet great job there.by the navigators to get the conversion.or get the stop.and get the ball back after the big.penalty.so first and ten this will be from the.29 yard line.of north star mcgarvey gets it pass to.the far.side goes incomplete it was tipped up by.a hastings defender i think that was.calvaledge that was there.and bruggeman was the intended receiver.on the left side so it's incomplete.second and ten coming up.yeah trying to hit that quick slam the.linebacker got underneath the uh.underneath the ball and he just about.picked it off ball thrown a little high.and it goes incomplete both quarterbacks.a little.a little rattled here they started out.very well but now they kind of.missing their marks bj rhodes in it.running back.and now we have flags come out.penalties there's four.now on north star three of them.i'll start against north star they were.sending cold coffee in motion from the.left side.and it looked like mcgarvey made the.signal but i think.when that was about to take place is.when there was some movement.let's see what they do here now coffee.and milk begin.mcgarvey gonna keep it breaking through.tackle stumbling forward gets past the.30..and gonna be tackled around the 32-yard.line.get some positive yards out of it.yeah just quarterback keeper there pick.up about seven.maybe eight and third.third and seven that's manageable watch.for that tight end in the scene they've.hit that a couple of times.so third and seven this is from the 32.of north star gators just trying to keep.this drive alive here with a minute.seven to go in the first quarter.and what do we got here another whistle.is the timeout maybe i don't know.didn't see anybody move line judge.called it.no harm no foul everybody reset.so they'll get set up again.rugerman split here on the right side is.one of the receivers they'll send bites.in motion he'll go to the far.side left running up now mcgarvey.rolling left looking up field got.somebody over there.ball tipped up was it caught.no incomplete broken up there by widener.of hastings that's going to bring up.fourth down.lights was the intended target it looked.like for north star.yeah i tried to roll it over to the.short side of the field flood the zone.over there and.tried to squeeze one in but even if he.had caught it he'd been well short.of the line to gain so gonna punt the.ball away again.i've had some pretty good punch so far.tonight.third one here for the navigators.here's the snap coupling with the punt.nice spiraling boot picked up at the 31.yard line on the return far side right.is drear down the far sideline 50 into.north star territory and he's quickly.stopped by the punter coupling.and kaplan gets him down at about the.43-yard line so.hastings will take over here 38 seconds.to go.in this opening quarter we are dead.locked at eight that's a good pun return.got a good block by his.partner in crime back there and uh.when the punter has to make the tackle.that's not a good thing.good field position by hastings last.time they had good field position.and weren't able to move the ball.navigators defense held.got the turnover on down.[Music].and now cynic will hand it off widener.going to the left side cuts back into.the middle around.40 and a fumble on the plate loose.football and lincoln north star gets it.back and they're going to pounce on top.of it around the 43-yard line.eric polish comes up with the fumble.recovery.and the gators get it back that's a big.turnover force by north star once again.yeah nice hit there ball just came.shooting right out of the breadbasket he.wasn't holding it high and tight.and we got the turnover and that is two.two fumbles.by hastings and a turnover on down so.that's a big big play last time this.happened the navigators were able to.score.right quick off of that turnover they're.going to call a hold.on hastings wave it off.and the gators will take over.so the navigators get the ball back.another opportunity switch quarterbacks.here.30 seconds remaining here in this.opening quarter it's been a very long.first quarter we got started at seven.we're about 45 minutes into this first.quarter.and now mcgarvey gets a snap on first.and 10 from the 43.instead of mcgarvey that's not him.throwing the ball it's his backup.quarterback hunting.mountain and a pass downfield goes.incomplete there was a collision between.one of the receivers from north star.which happened to be hallett and a.defender from hastings which happened to.be austin nauert.and i think that's a good call uh the.defender was running he.he wasn't impeding and the receiver ran.into his back.it wasn't like he stopped and now and uh.stopped his.he ran into the back of the defender and.they both fell.and the ball fell incomplete a lot of.following on that play.mountain again the quarterback in for.mcgarvey.oh and a loose football mountain's gonna.keep it as he retrieves it off the bad.snap.and he'll pounce on it back behind the.40 at the 39..that's about the third or fourth one.those they've had and each one of them.has cost him about five yards.final ten seconds of this first quarter.gonna wind out here.and when we resume it'll be a third and.long situation here for lincoln north.star.and a deadlock game at eight with the.hastings tigers.come back to seacrest field here in just.a few moments on espn lincoln fm 115 14.80 am.[Music].so.[Music].so.[Music].welcome back to seacrest field here on.espn lincoln fm 115 1480 am also at espn.lincoln dot com and on our sports.casters club page at espn lincoln dot.com.right toward the bottom if you click on.that link you can watch.the video web stream of this game.courtesy of lincoln public schools they.were gracious and asking us if they.could borrow our play by play feed.tonight and we said you bet you can.and we're proud to help them out tonight.here to get the season started in 2020..we're tied at eight here north star will.go right to left here to begin.the second quarter is bound on third and.long scrambles keeps the football.he's going to keep it alive past the 50.and he scrambles around to the right.side of the field and he gets a first.down.in hastings territory shy of the 45 at.about the 46..nice job there rolled out didn't have.anything open got into the flat.and then saw the first down had to make.a cut back to the middle of the field.take a hit.but he went ahead and got that first.down.with the lean forward and moves the.chains that's a big conversion for north.star they're gonna mark it at the 45 of.hastings right hash far.side this is first and ten for the.gators.bound is going to be the quarterback.he'll work in that backfield behind him.will be.nathan the thoras and the thorus on his.left gets the pitch.goes around left side inside the 45.tries to cut back in about the 43 he has.swarmed around a bunch of.tiger defenders finally brought down.close to the 41 yard line.so um about a four yard gain roughly.they'll mark them down around the 41..just a classic.quick pitch out to the wide side of the.field trying to get elaine to.run in gets four yards on first down not.bad at all.11 minutes and counting here in this.first half we're just underway with the.second quarter here and it's about a.quarter till eight.handoff and thorus gets it around left.side found a crease inside the 35.finally knocked down by gareth jones.of hastings inside the 35 at the 34-yard.line.and it's a first down for the gators a.shoestring tackler he might have taken.that one to the house.he gets a crease he is uh a little scat.back he's hard to.find in between those big bodies.about and again here on first and ten.it's a thorus who gets the carry gets it.down to the 30 yard line gets a pick up.about four on the play immediately.met up with linda jacobus six foot 200.pound senior linebacker coming in to.make the stop.for hastings running the ball here a.little bit i like this.they've been throwing the ball quite a.bit but better see it on the ground.move the ball a little bit wear down.that front of hastings tigers.and again here's a pitch right side it.goes to thoraz cuts back inside the 30.undercut that time finally brought down.at about the 27 yard line beau dreier.came over.and kind of slid under to take out the.thorus legs.as he got flipped up there and went down.so.they're gonna mark him for about a two.yard gain to the 28 yard line.third and short here for the navigators.got a bunch formation on the right side.oh bad bobble of the football there on.i thought would have been a bad snap but.it was a good snap to bound and he just.took his eyes off it for a moment and.lost the ball and it lands back behind.the 31 yard line so this will bring up.fourth down so wasted down there for.north star.as i said before they've had about four.of those and every one of those is like.having a five yard penalty.it really is that that miss snap whether.it's communication or it's just.off the mark has really cost them some.drives here.two splits here on the left rugeman out.there along with.hallett one far side right.and the zone read handoff give it to a.thoraz as he breaks through that.defensive line it looks like he picked.up a first down as he got all the way.from out to 31 to about the 24 yard line.got a seven yard gain on the play.and enough for our first down so running.the football has proven to be successful.so far in this drive tim you know.they've been attacking the middle of.this uh.hastings defense here on this drive.runs into another and he is still.fighting his way for yardage as he.stretches across.no gain on the play still marked down at.the 24 yard line.got better penetration by the.so a thoroughs will come out and the.roads will come in right.defense got got too much penetration.that time.and uh didn't allow him to get into the.into the crease for no gain on the play.so second and ten for the navigators.looking for dj mcgarvey on the sideline.looks like.he may be okay but bound still in there.for this drive.and baton's going to keep it himself.running what looked like an option kind.of an improvised option set up as he.gets down to the 20-yard line gets a.pickup before in the play.it looked like hallett was coming in.from the receiver position.that would have been one option pitch.obviously the handoff to.rhodes would have been another but he.kept it we're on left side well i think.he wanted to pitch it but.there was so much space between him and.the pitch man.he was afraid to do it so he just tucked.it up inside and got some positive.yardage.gonna get a timeout as uh one of the.hastings tigers tries to race to the.sideline.and uh that that shade sun went down.it's.cooled off with just a pin and it's.starting to get a little dark here as.ducks.starting to settle in here 7 36.remaining here in this first half tied.today between nordstrom.hastings back in 30 seconds on espn.lincoln.[Music].[Applause].from seacrest field opening night week.zero of the 2020 high school football.season here on espn lincoln fm one one.five fourteen eighty a.m.tied at eight north star and hastings.north star driving they're down at the.20 of hastings third and six to go.fountain quick slant wrap pass on the.left side sliding in.toward the 15 yard line was bruggeman.who made the catch.but they're going to say was incomplete.oh really okay.and that's going to bring up fourth down.trying to get that little slant route.there and uh.ball thrown behind the defender the.receiver he had to go down and get it.and.probably guess wasn't able to hold on to.it so.gonna go for it on fourth down inside.the red zone.so fourth down here for the gators.rhodes the running back in there he's in.the backfield with hunt mountain the.quarterback who gets the snap rolling.right far side looking downfield.throws the ball in the air and a diving.grab no broken up incomplete.nice play by the defender to come over.ball tried throwing.pretty well uh looked like we might get.caught in the defender.dove in there number two for hastings.high and knocked it away.that was austin nauert and the intended.receiver was jase elliott for north star.so there's a turnover on down both teams.about to turn over on downs.when they were you know in the uh well.into the uh.the defense's territory.and both teams of hell kind of staggered.here a little bit after.two scores right quick back to back in.that early first quarter.defense is settling down a little bit so.jared cynic.is in at quarterback and it looks like.it's widener who gets the handoff for.hastings and he takes it through the.middle of that.north star defensive line gets it up to.about the 24 yard line so a short game.for him about a pickup of four for the.tigers 7-10 and counting.second quarter of action coming up at.halftime brought to you by the lincoln.convention and visitors bureau.we have an interview with north star.head football coach tony kobasa.he's pretty pumped up about this team he.should be this is a good looking.group i mean you see some improvement.but you see some first game jitters and.how about the blitz.yeah two guys from north star coming in.there.polish check was over there to start out.along with isaiah mata who came over.there he's a senior.and motto is the first guy to get to.cynic.and forces a loss of yards for the.tigers back behind the 20 at about their.17..that's a nice play there on defense got.pressure up the middle.quarterback wasn't able to step up and.then the defender came around the.outside and.and they uh met at the quarterback which.is a great defensive play.dropping for losses back inside the uh.the 20 was about the 14. oh i'm sorry.16..so third and long here four hastings.running back in the backfield with cynic.the quarterback is jeff samuelson and.another timeout gonna be burned.taken by hastings here with.604 to play in this first half.a lot of fine members of the.sportscasters club bringing you these.broadcasts.and we like to thank them very much for.their support and you got to remember.between.kfor who's had the sportscasters club.for more than 65 years and it's been a.part of espn lincoln for well over 20.years.you know you're looking at the combined.years of high school sports coverage.between both stations it's remarkable.we are continuing that tradition and.we've become.that outlet one of those long time.outlets have been able to bring you high.school football.in lincoln and in lancaster county too.for many many years and we're proud to.do it once again especially at a time of.the pandemic.we're here to bring you all the action.and uh provide.the best coverage we can we've had some.folks like lincoln public schools who.have asked us to help provide the.play-by-play for tonight's broadcast and.we're proud to do that and help them out.and we can't thank them enough for the.years that they have allowed us to come.out here and cover these games they've.been a great partner they really have.they really haven't we couldn't bring.you these games without the.sportscasters and.if you'd like to be a part of this.broadcast as a sportscaster business out.there we'd love to have you.to continue this tradition just give us.a call at the.studio and we'll find a way to.get you on the program and we're going.to keep our coverage going this season.as long as this pandemic situation will.allow us.so here we go on third and long cynic is.scrambling he is running into trouble.gets out of the gym cuts back up to the.20 gets the 25 and he's going to be.taken down by the shoelaces just across.the 25 yard line.and that was a saving tackle by amane.that time for north star.they had him dead to rides and again.he's got good size he scrambled out of.it.looked like he was going to break it but.a great tackle by uh by the.navigators to bring him down and force.the punt.i mean how many times we've seen forced.punch tonight.defenses have adjusted well after they.really have.we've seen some good hits we've forced.some turnovers some fumbles.and it's nice to see the competition.here tonight because you got a very good.class b.team in hastings going up against a.class a team in lincoln north star.they're used to seeing.a lot of the top teams in class a not.just here in lincoln but.in the omaha area and of course out.around grand island and.kearney and some of those places.hallett back at around the 35 of north.star here is the boot from caveledge oh.and this one is off the side of his foot.a wobbling punt.that goes into the north star sideline.and was that coach kobe's that caught.the ball.one-handed he caught it one-handed on.the sideline.yeah just as casual as you want tip the.cap just like they do in baseball.tip the cap exactly well that's a big.that's a big miss that's a.we've had some really good punch tonight.but that was a shank off the side of his.foot and they're going to take over the.north star navigators are.at the 35 34 yard line short field great.opportunity.see if they can take advantage of it.both teams have kind of stalled on.offense.as defenses kind of reared its head 5 18.to go here in this first half in a very.long first half.from the 34 hastings left near side.here's dj mcgarvey back in the.quarterback pitch to.thor's right side finds a crease gets.the 30 stiff arms his way.gets inside the 25 and he may have.picked up the first down about the 24.yard line it looks like he did.and this should be a first down here.very no no they're going to say he's.short very good block out there on the.outside that's the key to that toss.sweep.that time they did it to the wide side.of the field with one receiver.got a good block on the corner allowed.him to duck inside and get back to the.outside.and pick up nine second and short that.was a good run by.thoras another pitch to him he'll go.left side.flag comes out this will probably go.against the navigators on offense.yeah the uh offensive lineman that left.tackle there.locked up with a lot of defensive end or.the linebacker and i think he got hold.of a jersey.and go back him up penalties have been a.problem and that that's a definite.momentum killer.and when you see something go right on.defense you want to capitalize and.something like that.happens and it just takes the wind out.of the sails if you will but.well it's a different call from second.and two to.second six.yeah they'll put it 10 yards so.yeah they're gonna be the second nine.now that's a different play altogether.still in hastings territory working from.the 33..mcgarvey gets the snap out of the gun.hands it off now to athorus goes around.left side gets inside the 30 and he's.finally.dog piled on around the 30-yard line.inside there toward the 29-yard line.he's really been impressive he's had.some pretty good runs he's found creases.to get over.he's strong too for his size he.he's uh he'll deliver a blow so he's he.picked up about five on that four on.that play.third and five 407 and counting here in.this first half mcgarvey.out of the gun again third down quick.toss to elliott pass broken up.incomplete gareth jones with great.defense for hastings that time.broke up the pass play again intended.for jace elliott.man just they're throwing that slant.back towards the line of scrimmage.and they just got to get the ball down.you cannot throw it high.it's hard to handle as a receiver and it.also exposes you to a big hit.gotta get that ball down when they're.coming back on that slant route.three wide outs far side to the right.one on the left here on the nearest side.that's elliott.mcgarvey rolling right got somebody on.his tail and he's going to be tripped up.and he's going to be stopped short.of trying to get the first down on.fourth down another great defensive.effort from the hastings tigers.it looked like lyndon jacobus was the.guy that came running in he was chasing.after.dj mcgarvey and kind of tripped him up.and stopped the momentum and so.northstar unable to capitalize hastings.will get the ball back with less than.four minutes remaining here in the half.yeah both defenses have really stepped.up that was a.effort play there from the far side of.the field chase the quarterback down all.the way across the field dove and.got an ankle and brought him down to uh.prevent the conversion gets the it's the.ball back both teams have just.had opportunities and couldn't uh.couldn't connect.so first and ten from the 27 in their.own territory hastings with a football.low snap gonna give it up that time to.widener who gets the handoff and he.manages to push.forward and pick up about a couple of.yards gets to about the.well they're gonna say about a yard of.the 28 that's all he got one yard on the.gain.as north star's defense was able to.converge on him.335 enrolling here second and nine for.the tigers.tied at eight here in quarter number two.three splits here on the right side for.the tigers one on the far side left on.the short side low snap to cynic.eludes a tackle looking to throw he is.surrounded he's going to be taken down.on the sack.behind the 20-yard line give credit that.time.lorenzo vales comes over to make the.tackle and gets the sack for the.navigators.and it was the pressure up the beef diff.uh the middle right there big number 76.put the pressure on forced the uh.quarterback out of the pocket and.and is a partner in crime there 73 was.able to get the.tackle get the sack and push them back.third and long.a loss of about eight on the play isaiah.donaldson was the guy that was.helping out that's number 76 for.lincoln north star sorry i don't have.the.names and numbers and probably the.numbers in front of me 6-3.305 is donaldson here's a pass from.cynic down on the near sideline and a.one-handed attempt doesn't go well for.cavaliers as he was heading toward the.50-yard line as it goes.incomplete and again a four-down.situation here comes the punting unit.for hastings well they had the receiver.open but that was pressure.in his face ball had to come out quicker.than he wanted to and he.got popped and that's why the ball was.thrown wide of the mark.so good pressure up front this north.star defense.front four is getting pressure to sack.and then the.hurry on that play so cavaliers who.tried to make the gravel now.punt for hastings last punt he had went.off the side of his foot here's the boot.again.not too bad this one's short takes a.bounce around the 46..in north star territory they're gonna.let it roll to about the 42-yard line.where the navigators will take over with.220 to go here.in the second quarter don't forget.coming up at halftime an interview with.tony kopsa.head coach of lincoln north star brought.to you by the lincoln convention.and visitors bureau this quarter moving.much.better it's two minutes and nineteen.seconds to go.and it's been it's compared to what we.had in the first quarter it's been a.faster paced.quarter run the ball more less uh less.passing.less incomplete less stoppage of the.clock.so first and ten for the gators moving.right to left as we see it here at sea.chris mcgarvey out of this.gun gets a snap pressure's on he's going.to be taken down from behind.and taken down for a loss of yards back.around the 31 yard line jacobus again.was in pursuit for the tigers he was.help.helping out making the stop that time.he's been on in on some big defensive.stops tonight for hastings.yeah he really has this defensive line.defensive front has been aggressive.and uh again defense is usually ahead of.offense early in the season and we're.seeing that here.in the second quarter with a couple of.sacks and some hurries.both sides mcgarvey pass complete pallet.stiff harms his way 35 40.45 gets up toward midfield short of the.first down.he is taken out in front of the hastings.sideline.on the far side looked like jones was.there to make the stop.gonna be marked out around the 50.so it'll be third and short.third and two for north star at the 50..with a minute 39 left here in the first.half.got that drag route and got him open in.space.out of the gun again mcgarvey gives it.up to authorize.spins his way across the 50. looks like.he got the first down even though he's.forced back down.i think he got it got across the 48.where he had to get to.it's close yep first down north star.so the drive continues.well they really minute 35 number 34 to.go they need to go down here and.get some points even if it's a field.goal attempt.trying to get something going here.mcgarvey gets it pass over here in the.near side hallett gets at the.45 and he's gonna be corralled around.the 44-yard line.surrounded by two hastings tiger.defenders.widener was over there cavaliers was.over there too.they're going to credit cavaliers with.the stop.second and we'll call it six here for.the navigators.mcgarvey gets the snap looking to throw.gonna lob it down field near side.brookeman.almost had the grab had one hand on it.but it was incomplete.on his tail was gareth jones who was.covering for hastings.pretty well thrown ball dropped in there.pretty nicely just.a little hard to handle he wasn't able.to get both hands on it.came in a little flat might have.surprised him.but should have had a had an opportunity.there to score the thank you is about.around the 20-yard line at that point.trying to make the grab.so third and six.garvey all by himself in the backfield.gets a snap draw play he's gonna keep it.and gets down to the 40-yard line short.of the first down.he had to get to the 38-yard line so.this will bring up fourth down here with.41 seconds and counting.and i think you're in a position that.you might as well go for it 30 seconds.clock running it's another draw play.mcgarvey going to get.through the middle of that defensive.line gets the first down he's going to.launch forward.and gets to the 36 to keep the drive.alive here with exactly 30 seconds to.play.in the second quarter they're going to.go to a hurry up offense if they can.we'll go with two splits each side.mcgarvey all by himself gets the snap.lobbing it down field near side looking.for a forest and was out in front of him.by about two yards or more incomplete.right around the two yard line.try to get the thorus on the wheel route.well covered down the field.good good play though get it down the.field give a chance to.score stop the clock 20 seconds.north star band gonna perform here at.halftime.as they get lined up and situated in the.end zone socially distanced beyond the.south end zone by this.up the hill dump them oh yeah.second and ten mcgarvey gets the snap.dropping back alluding a tackle not for.long he is taken down by jacobus.back around the 40-yard line that's a.four-yard loss.clock will stop with 13 seconds.remaining here in the quarter.big play there by jacob he looked like.he might have had some room to run but.great tackle good push up the field.get a little tired both hands both teams.got their hands on their hips it's hot.it's first game of the year so yeah.stamina is a problem here.and uh especially when you're trying to.go hurry up and it's.late in the late and a half so you know.why you got to run those.gassers at the end of the practice right.keep up your stamina and.making sure that you can finish strong.of course.by getting a little water here and.hydration obviously key early on in the.season.preventing muscles from cramping up we.only had one player that.went down with cramps earlier and is.back in that's bj rhodes.haven't had any besides that that we've.seen on the field.training staff doing a good job then.keeping everybody hydrated.and everybody doing the best they can to.stay socially distant.on the sidelines this nice big.booth we got we can sit and we we are.definitely six feet apart.and when they rebuilt these booths here.at seacrest field in 2015.they were thinking space no doubt and.and they.had a great plan laid out and they did a.terrific job.and climate control yes we're very.thankful for.that especially late in the season third.and long here with 13 seconds to go.working from the 40th hastings pass.tipped up in the air.and it's intercepted picked up that time.by gareth jones.i believe cavaliers may have had a hand.in the passing lane that tipped it up.and jones with the interception as.returns it to about the 37-yard line.with six seconds remaining here in the.first half.yeah i tried to force one into a window.defender got it underneath it and tipped.it up.tip drill nice job by the hastings tiger.again that ball thrown high in that seam.route or that.quick slant and when that happens it is.bad things happen.let's see what jarrett cynic.and his offense decides to do they'll.probably go for one last play instead of.taking a knee let's see.well looks like maybe maybe not this.looks like victory.nope they're going to go for it cynic.launches the ball down field it's going.to be short incomplete.time runs out had two receivers to.choose from jones.and calvaledge both they're trying to.cross on routes.and it goes short and we're at the break.here at seacrest field.and we're tied at eight between lincoln.north star and hastings halftime is.brought to you by the lincoln convention.and visitors bureau they're proud to.support high school sports here on espn.lincoln.for more information on the great events.happening in lincoln visit lincoln.org.again tie the date here at the break.between hastings and lincoln north star.come back with more in a moment on espn.lincoln.[Music].[Applause].[Music].foreign.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].ladies.[Music].[Music].[Applause].oh me.caught up with lincoln north star head.football coach tony copesa earlier this.week to get his thoughts.on what's been going on in terms of fall.camp for them and how they've kind of.uh reacted to the covet 19 pandemic and.plenty more.we'll hear that from him and in an.interview coming up.in just a few moments here again we're.at halftime.it's brought to you by the lincoln.convention and visitors bureau.and high school sports here at espn.lincoln brought to you by the cbb.looking to plan your next group meeting.or outing to lincoln let the lincoln.convention and visitors bureau go to.work for you.for more information visit lincoln.org.time today here at halftime on espn.lincoln.ladies and gentlemen.[Music].the percussion and structures.[Music].[Music].my.[Music].[Applause].so.[Music].so.north star head football coach tony kosa.entering his third season with the.navigators and coming off a two and.seven record.in 2019 coach thank you for joining me.here.as we look ahead here to a brand new.football season how are things going for.you.so far uh you know so far so good we're.excited you know we're.gonna get a chance to play a friday.night game and there's some questions.about that at first but.can't complain since we're still on path.so with.covet 19 it's there's been a lot of.uncertainty that's.been circulating around since welds.the start of summer workouts for a lot.of other programs obviously baseball had.to go through the same thing but now.we're into football.how has that changed the landscape of.how you guys have been preparing for.another football season oh man.well when you look at what we did this.summer we started back in the weight.room.june 15th and you know normally you have.as many kids in there as possible.and energy's high and we were able we.had to separate so there was.you know no more than 25 kids at a time.in the weight room.um kind of changed our rotation with.that.every other day the kids have done an.incredible job.of uh of embracing that um knowing that.whatever they have whatever they have to.do to get an opportunity.is they're willing to do wiping down.bars.and wiping down benches with a bleach.mixture and wiping down.helmets and face masks after every.practice and.footballs you know it's just added um.another step to uh to what we have to do.um but no one has complained no one has.been upset about it they just.keep going forward and know that they.want to have football this is what we.kind of have to do.i think that's probably the case for a.lot of other sports and.you know winter sports are probably.going to be extra careful too.since we're going to be getting into the.full and cold season at that point and.there's talk of maybe another ramp up of.of covet cases.i know there were some basketball.players i believe in north star that or.at least.one that came down or somebody.affiliated with the program.came down with kevin 19. once that was.reported did you guys have to kind of.pull back on what you had to do for.any sort of summer conditioning or other.workouts.no we didn't um and and the biggest.reason was because we were doing things.correctly.the kids always were wearing masks we.were completely separate.so in order to keep us moving forward we.knew we had to keep that cohort of 25.kids.and so they didn't really cross over at.all until we went to camp at the end of.july.so that was uh that was a situation.where you know.if anything was a wake-up call that if.you're not doing things correctly.and not that they weren't but um to.really focus on making sure that.you're around around people who.are part of the program and making sure.that we are.we're not doing things that that are.going to get us to a point of not being.able to.to be together so what uh when that.happened you know we just.um we kept moving forward and we had to.uh.just remind the kids to be safe be smart.and and.to do the things we're asking was there.any skeptical thoughts on.whether or not the season would take.place for you guys.after hearing that omaha public schools.was not going to field any false sports.this year.yeah um that was uh that was a big one.for us that we saw that.that we kind of looked around and.started looking at other metro schools.and within the district and.you know there's a there's been a lot of.nervous nights nervous you know.the phone rings you get an email from.from the district and you can.kind of hold your breath a little bit.but lps and the lancaster county health.department has done an incredible job.with a plan.and it's always kind of been with the.understanding of we're probably going to.see.a positive test somewhere and so if we.do.how do we respond how do we make sure.that we limit.limit contact with that and what can we.do to make sure that it doesn't impact.everyone else in the district as we look.at your team coming into 2020.i'm talking with tony copes of the head.football coach at lincoln north star.there's a lot of depth that you have.coming back uh.led by two years starting quarterback dj.mcgarvey.you have some experience on the line and.guys like jake site.colton reed another player that comes to.mind that.would be a a key component of your.defensive.backfield what are the expectations for.this team you're in year three of this.program and you've.slowly been building this thing back up.and it sounds like you've got some good.talent coming in too.what what are the expectations now for.for this season.you know this is a this is a group of.kids we we have.uh had in the teens when it comes to.seniors the last couple years.right now we have 34 seniors out for.football and that's a.that's a huge number wow when you want.to have success.so if if you have a good strong senior.class.and you can fill in other spots with.sophomores and juniors.you're you're kind of ahead of the curve.and we are really excited about what we.have coming in.um we've gone to a platoon system this.year so we've had uh we've got the.numbers and the depth where.kids are focusing on one side of the.ball and what that's allowed us to do is.when we.when we run our one offense we're going.against our one defense.the competition has been great so uh.sometimes when you.when you're going against the scout.defense and and you love those kids they.work hard.they're not going to give you quite the.same look that you're going to get on.friday night.where right now you know i believe we're.playing one of the better defenses that.will play.every day in practice and so.as i look at those kids coming back that.have played for a couple.of them this will be their third year.starting we've had a few transfers come.in that are going to help with our uh.depth as well we had a kid nate a.tourist in atlanta georgia transfer in.and he's been just a a great kid to have.in the program and.and he's going to have an opportunity to.be successful so.um i our student newspaper interviewed.me.and they asked you know who who's your.key players and i said.it's too early there's so many kids.across the field.i don't think we have any of that top.you know division one.level talent but we've got a lot of kids.who are really good football players.that.that i think after friday we'll see who.kind of rises to the top.what are your thoughts and how things.are going to look this year across class.a and.in here in lincoln well uh.class a wise i think you look at.bellevue west millard west.and omaha west side and millard south i.think those four teams kind of.they set the tone for what the rest of.class is going to look like especially.without an omaha north and omaha burke.and so those four i think are really.your.kind of top teams right now there's a.lot of other good teams you look at.elkhorn south they're.building they're you know they're still.they're still new to class a.but man they bring an army of kids when.they come they have they have a ton of.kids.if you look um in if you look in lincoln.i think southeast is one of those.programs it just kind of continues to.reload they lost some depth last year.but.they always have kids coming up being a.former southwest coach.it pains me to give sherman credit once.in a while you know.they're going to have kids and they're.going to compete and they're going to.play hard.i i honestly think right now.[Music].based on what's coming back because we.haven't really had a chance to prove.anything.i think we're going to be good i do um.but i think lincoln east.uh with their younger classes the last.few years really has a chance to be.pretty good this year.coach tony kova from lincoln north star.thank you for joining me i appreciate.your time good luck this season.thank you i appreciate it thanks for.having me on.[Music].[Applause].[Music].facilities.i've already.[Music].is.[Music].[Applause].facilities.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].oh.[Music].oh back here at seacrest field.jeff moats tim bob kitsmiller with you.tonight here on espn lincoln fm 10115.1480 am.espn lincoln dot com and tonight.we're also providing the play-by-play on.the lincoln public schools webpage.and their youtube account as they had.reached out to us before.uh tonight's game actually earlier this.week and.we said we'd be glad to help you guys.out and we're proud to do that and of.course we've been.very much working hand in hand with.lincoln public schools for.a very long time between kfor and espn.lincoln and we were fortunate to be.doing these games and we thank them for.allowing us to do that and we.in return want to help them out so again.thanks to them for being a part of this.as well but here at halftime we're.deadlocked at a tim bomb.couple of big touchdown passes from each.side and.one for 47 yards to jace elliott that.put norris drop plus the two.point conversion and then braden.cavaliers goes.on a 67 yard touchdown catch himself and.two point conversion and we're.deadlocked at eight it's been all.defense.well you had those big explosions big.plays in the first.quarter and then both quarterbacks.struggled after that mcgarvey.going uh wind up going six of 13 after.hitting.three of his first four and uh cynic.hitting three of three to start and wind.up going three of ten.um again both teams over 100 yards.passing but most of it on.you know a handful of passes rushing the.ball.um pretty even um.189 yards 89 yards i'm sorry rushing for.north star and their their new back.um just went blank on his name.help me that'd be nathan the thoracic.thank you to thor's he's got 65 yards.he's got the.lion's share on the other side um.they're they're running back number.seven or the tigers.he's fumbled the ball twice only has 22.yards rushing so.uh him and the quarterback been their.main star so 189 yards on the north star.side.140 on hastings high side a lot of.penalties a lot of turnovers a lot of.miscues.um both teams had turnovers on downs.uh interception fumbles and we got a.little bit what you'd expect.in the first game hopefully settle down.here in the second half.value the ball a little bit and uh for.north star one of their biggest problem.is isn't the penalties.as much as those miscues on the snap.which are just like penalties.and again it's the first game of the.year jake stripe who has been a part of.this football team.uh the last several years he's a senior.he's very aware of what.has happened and he is going to regroup.and continue to improve and and does.such a great job in those trenches for.for north star and again it's it's the.opening game of the year.so you're going to have some of those.miscues you're trying to work the bugs.out as much as possible before.what does lie ahead uh with this season.and of course we're.gauging things week to week because of.the pandemic.but if you do continue on playing you're.looking to improve week by week that's.the goal.that's the basic mantra for a lot of.football teams improving week to week.even if you're a winning program that's.certainly the case so northstar.will kick away here to begin the second.half hastings will receive.and i believe northstar will continue.going right to left as we see it and.hastings left right.if you're following along with us on the.radio and of course if you're watching.on.the video web stream from lps that's how.we're going to see it here from.the west side of seacrest field so north.star and hastings deadlocked to eight.north star from class a hastings from.class b it's been.well over 25 years since hastings has.played a class a.team to my knowledge uh the the one i.think of is from 1993.when uh they beat lincoln southeast for.the class a.championship and then they won the next.year in class b.so i believe it's it's been at least 27.years since.hastings is playing a team uh again i.could be wrong they may have played.grand island a couple of times in that.neighborhood battle that was constant.for many years in football.i used to be a really vicious rivalry.and and it's it's always been.grand island hastings and and of course.you throwing carney now it's become.carney and grand island in class a.but it'd be neat to see how grand island.senior high would go up against hastings.high in football.they really would really would and of.course their new rival.in b has been grand island northwest.here's the kick.and hastings will get it picked up at.about the 18-yard line.and that is shoemaker who gets the.return he is spun and.stomped around the 30-yard line forced.out.so it will be hastings taking over at.their own 30 to begin the second half of.action here at seacrest.and if they did charlie shoemaker be.very familiar with the stadium there.in grand island as a central catholic he.coasted for a number of years and.that's where they played their home.games with their grand island uh.stadium memorial stadium so which is.undergone improvements too.yeah i saw the the layout of the press.box that.that they were going to build and even a.couple of pictures of the finished.product and that thing looks immaculate.jet sweep fake there roll out here to.the right cynic up field.pass is caught at the 40 30 20 15.10 5 into the end zone touchdown austin.nauert.on a touchdown reception but this might.come back.we got penalty flags on the field around.the 35 yard line.an eligible super downfield so that's.going to come back.so take away the six wow that was a.beautiful that was a great.play great play beautifully thrown pass.ran a post corner ball put right on the.money and there was just nothing but.green grass.and art with a great catch and ran down.along the near sideline.wow that's a huge huge call.against hastings high must had a.receiver covered up.it went downfield didn't get her lined.up properly.because it came out quick enough i can't.imagine a lineman being downfield.so they're going to move the ball back.to the 25 yard line.snap to cynic handoff goes to widener.the ball carrier as zade widener gets up.to the 30-yard line the original line of.scrimmage for the tigers.and this will bring up second and ten.here for hastings.40 seconds into this third quarter tied.at eight.great start to the 2020 campaign.and the only football in the fall you're.going to have here in the state of.nebraska.high school football cynic.pass goes incomplete underthrown by at.least five yards he was looking for.braden cavaledge on a slant route from.the right side.it looked like there was maybe supposed.to be a pivot play like an in and out.and he went in and he stayed in the ball.went out so.it was it took a nosedive around the 45.and cavaliers was close to 50 at that.point.yeah he uh that was that would have been.his first completion.since uh early in the first quarter but.it was called back.cynic on third down and 10. has to give.the ball up the pressure was on.north star's defense breaking through.and.cynic had to get rid of the ball pass.goes incomplete here on the near side.about the 35 yard line in.a three and out situation to start the.second half for the tigers.three and out after just a huge penalty.so uh navigators dodge a dodge a bullet.gonna get the ball back here.uh after they get the punt here on about.30 yard line where the deep man standing.pretty good pun other than that one.shank tonight.alet back around the 29 here's the boot.and what do we got here.he kneeled down he did.he kneeled down braden cavillage when he.got the snap.his knee went down.and that's going to be costly for.hastings.north star is going to get the football.and they're going to put it at the.20-yard line of hastings.yeah that was a low snap he went down he.put one knee on the ground.fielded it and the back judge called it.right away.had a good angle i've never seen that.it's just like down in the ball yeah i.know that but i've never seen anybody do.that.yeah yeah i don't know i've seen it.that's i mean you don't see that often.let's just put it that way not in high.school or college ball no.you really junior a little little league.football right.yeah that's that's my point yeah.so first and ten this is going to be.marked at the 19 of hastings.and in prime real estate is north star.mcgarvey pass thrown.over the middle flag thrown ball.it looks like it's an incomplete pass.but mcgarvey took a lick.well he really tried to jam that in.there and yeah.max johnson coming over there too among.others.ineligible receiver.i think mcgarvey saw the the.blitz coming from hastings and he had to.get rid of that ball in a hurry.otherwise he was going to take the loss.on the sack.but he probably would should have just.done that because the penalty.is just yeah about the same get to play.get to play over though which is true.so maybe the penalty was worth it now.it's going to be first and long.at the 24 of hastings in between the.hash marks moving right to left as we.see it.is north star.out of the shotgun snap gives it up now.to rose working around left side 20.tripped up knocked down around the.15-yard line not sure who it was from.hastings that.managed to knock down ropes but the way.he went down he went down.awkwardly guy was kind of running.at an angle and boy he just got.flattened yeah but he's hopped up he's.all right.he's pretty pumped up got him.i liked about eight on the play that's a.good pick up.yeah ball at the 16 this will be second.and.seven for the navigators from the left.hash near side.but thor is going to go over here spin.around cuts back in flag thrown.is this going to be a holding penalty.against north star let's see.i think so a bit of a take down here on.the edge.penalties have come in and started.dictating things they really have.in addition to the defense but the.penalty.flags have been abundant.let's see what the official ruling is.holy man they were it is holding yeah.that's a big play.pushes them back to about the 29.and they they should take advantage of.this opportunity now it's second and.twenty.you just you can't shoot yourself in the.foot over and over again you just can't.in motion and now another flag.left tackle moves up early.back it up another five this will be.back at the 34..and it's a matter of just maybe a little.bit of just tired.i mean it's a different practicing and.then playing four quarters.first quarter took a long time it took.45 minutes to play the first quarter.and there was a lot of wear and tear.going on elliott in motion.mcgarvey gonna throw looks for a man.downfield that's hallett and he almost.had it and it's broken up incomplete.that's a pretty well thrown ball there.he was around the 10 or.5 yard line in between there and he.looked like he had a good chance to make.the grab.and it goes incomplete yeah like just.didn't get his fingers didn't get his.fingertips together and the ball.ricocheted through it and that's a.missed opportunity.maybe third and 20..try to get half of it back maybe get.within field goal range.that'd still be a pretty good field goal.just get the ball as close as you can to.where you could try to do that.and a pass attempt that's good is that.an interference call no well i really.thought that.i thought that was that goes incomplete.that looked like there was some.interference maybe.between one of the receivers from north.star and braden cavaledge.boy i really thought that was before.they let it you know they called it off.let it go because it was you know.incidental but i don't know what that.was.but either way it brings up fourth down.and 20.and they got no choice but to go for it.from here you're in no man's land.the other team has been able to.get into a situation where they could.try to go for a field goal.the team has taken advantage of some.opportunities you've had some short.fields.in that first half and neither team has.been able to score.since that early on and give a little.credit to the defense defenses have.played well but.penalties have played a role in it.elliott in motion.mcgarvey in the pocket scrambling he's.going to try to keep it he'll take it.himself.down the far side 20 and he is forced.out of bounds.inside the 20-yard line and it looked.like gareth jones was over there to.force him out.on the right side not enough for a first.down so.hastings will get the football back.looks like they'll work from their own.18-yard line here with just under 10.minutes to go in the third quarter.well that's a mismissed opportunity.there by the navigators they really had.the short field and.penalties cost them on that missed uh.opportunity on a look like a catchable.pass.and now hastings gets the ball back here.basically where they.where they downed before.so cynic at quarterback he's got white.nerd with him in the backfield.and cynic will keep it he'll go around.right side and he's going to be stopped.around the 25-yard line looked like he.picked up about seven on the run as he.kind of.went around down through the middle kept.him himself.and seneca is very athletic and good.size too.it's six two and two hundred yeah he's a.good good sized kid that's an eight yard.pickup.and we got an injury on the field looks.like another cramp.and it's kate sype who is down getting.his.calf his right calf stretched out.and so clock stops here with 9 43.remaining in this.third quarter of action wouldn't be.surprised to see more of those as this.game.wears on it's a it's been a hot day hot.night.and uh it's just part of it.played a lot of snaps and looks like.he's okay.a lot of twitter love coming in on the.espn lincoln.twitter account account also my personal.account at jeff modes kfor.i appreciate them putting up with me in.your.and you're oh you're fine you're a great.call play-by-play.a lot of people don't realize you're.from what southern oklahoma.they didn't take them long to figure it.out.that boy from around here and you came.from some pretty good high school.football country.yep and of course you get into texas.it's it's king down there.cynic on second down he's trying to give.the ball up and widener.was his intended target on a last minute.toss.on the right side around the 25-yard.line it goes incomplete.and that northstar defense again that's.the one thing that's been the big.difference tonight.is the defense north star's defense.looks really intense.hastings has got a pretty good set of.defenders too but i mean that's been the.name of the game in addition to the.penalties.well in the it's the pressure they're.getting from that that front three that.front four they're not having to bring.linebackers to get pressure and that.makes a big difference on the back end.shoemaker in motion on the jet sweep.gets around left side he may get the.first down does so.35 down to the 40 and he runs out of.bounds and that's a big gain.up to about the 40 yard line he gets a.pickup of roughly 12.no 15 on the play 15 on the play for.carson shoemaker and i do not know why.that play works but it is a staple of.nebraska football the jet sweep.going back just a great design and you.can.count on it and when all else fails just.run the jet sweep if you've got the.wheels.pickup of 12 actually they're spotting.the ball at the 37 blitz being shown by.north star first and 10 for hastings.handoff widener bearing through tackles.that time runs into one.taken down sizer was there the.linebacker for north star to make the.stop.gets past the 40 up to about the 43.just across the 42 to about the 43 yard.line.still in hastings territory 904 and.counting third quarter were still tied.at eight.you know there's been a physical game.too.and the defenses have hit hard.cynic out of the gun gives it up and the.handoff.right through the middle and it's.widener who gets it to about the 46.pickup of about four in the place short.of the first down.third and about a yard to go here for.the tigers.big stand here gotta get off the field.on third and short.cynic two receivers here on the right.make that three.jet sweep they'll go to shoemaker again.from right to left and he's gonna be.forced out of bounds.great play on the sideline number 34.i believe came up from the linebacker.spot.and did not let him get the first down.pushed him out of bounds maybe lost a.yard.24 i'm sorry not 34. 24..a money minifenanga nice play was the.guy that made the stop and that's gonna.force fourth down behind the 45 at the.44..and now hastings now watch they're close.enough to a first down.and i think northstar is aware they.haven't tried it yet tonight but let's.see what happens with hastings.and they're going to punt away and what.do we got here.timeout taken by northstar.so tony kobs is going to burn a timeout.with 16 remaining here.in this third quarter as hastings was in.the process of punting.that was a big play by that north star.defense third and short ran the jet.sweep to the short side of the field.usually a you know a guarantee you're.going to get at least a couple.safety came up laid the wood took him.out of bounds killed him up short going.to force the punt.and get the ball back here after.hastings had kind of driven it off of.there.out of their red zone and got it out.near midfield so.if they can get the ball back here the.defense as you said.has played with some intensity and and.has risen to the occasion.it's a pretty good hastings football.team good size good physicality got some.athletes.and they're proving that they compete.with a class a level team.right and and that's that's good to know.if you're a hastings tiger fan.north star who in in year three of tony.kopsa has.started to make some strides defensively.speaking they've done pretty good.offense is still struggling yeah they're.still trying to get things worked out.but they had one big pass play earlier.for a touchdown here's the punt.from cavaliers kind of a wobbly high.spiraling punt.bounces out of bounds around the 30-yard.line.i've been a little generous oh we got a.flag on the field and we got somebody.down from hastings.isaiah henry gets up and hobbles off the.sideline.number 58 for hastings.flag on the field.what was on north star that would be.just.well that would be a momentum boost for.for hastings obviously.wouldn't it be frustrating.defense played well.do what the call is we're having an.aquatic quite a conference there.now three of the officials are talking.like it's going to be a first down.they're signaling towards.yeah i think so.let's find out.[Music].so after the play it was after the play.a personal foul against north star.not sure who it was but a hastings.player was down on the turf that was.henry he got up and hobbled off i don't.think he was involved necessarily in the.personal foul.or being the victim of a personal foul.from what we could tell but.new set of downs for hastings are going.to work now.in north star territory they're trying.to get the chains untangled and get.set up and this ball is going to go.all the way down.to the navigator 25 yard line i think.let now let's see.at the 25 yeah they're still waiting for.the chains to get set up.wait a minute now something's not right.hold on here.they're they're pulling okay yeah okay.so now.it will be north star ball actually and.bj rhodes gets to carry and he has.quickly stopped at the 27 yard line.and uh the guy that made the stop for.hastings is on the field on his back.hurting.not sure who it is couldn't get a read.on his number.he's setting up like 61. he's setting up.that's blake davis.senior linebacker six foot 225 he's.sitting up.not sure what the issue is but he's yeah.it's a crash it's a cramp.north star training staff out there to.help.block stop with 7 57 remaining here in.quarter number three.we approach the nine o'clock hour we.thank you for joining us tonight.on radio audio web stream video web.stream.we've got it all for you on all sorts of.platforms.big thanks to our sportscasters club.members and we forgot to mention half.time again was brought to you by.the lincoln convention and visitors.bureau they're proud to support high.school sports here on espn lincoln.check out the visitors center at 7th and.p in the haymarket or visit lincoln.org.and it looks like blake davis is going.to get up and walk off on his own toward.the sideline.and north star will have the ball off.that rhodes carry of two yards at the 27.second and eight here for the navigators.left hash mark near side.moving right to left as we see it here.at seacrest field.on the west side rhodes in the backfield.mcgarvey works out.the pistol formation but he'll put davis.toward his left.coffee was in motion they're gonna fake.it it's an option keeper on left side.mcgarvey gets the first down past the 30.past the 35.and finally tackled around the 39-yard.line here on the left side of the field.what a game that was for mcgarvey a.12-yard gain for.he's him to hobble off a little bit he.he kind of sold out.pick up that first down got popped there.at the end yeah.so number 11 jumped back in there nice.to have that back up quarterback he's.got some reps in the first half and.that's hunting mountain who comes in.he's a senior.elliot the split on the far side right.trips here on the left on the short side.and a penalty flag coming out this will.be a procedure penalty against the.navigator so we'll back it up to the 34..well those are really costly they have.just had a.slew of penalties here in this third.quarter.which is dragging a little bit itself.yeah well we saw the first quarter.what that was like that that took.roughly 45 minutes.and we didn't get to half time till.about.quarter after eight.person long fountain and the blitz is on.in a sack.coming in that time jacob kiker comes in.and makes the tackle.and he makes the stop.and it's a loss of yards back at the 28.of north stars.second along here for the navigators.there he disguised it well came right.off the corner quarterback wasn't even.didn't get a chance to get set up and.the safety of your linebacker was up on.him.on him like white on rice.and now it's bound who's gonna keep it.around left side gets to the 30. tries.to cut back into.31 stretches across and tries to get the.ball.up field as much as possible they're.going to mark them at the 32 yard line.622 and counting here quarter number.three another.third and long situation here for north.star.now when you get behind the chains with.a sack or a penalty those type of things.it just.kind of takes they ran the ball well.late in that second quarter.but they haven't been able to get that.going just do the penalties here.in the third a lot of shifting up front.trips on the right side one here on the.left mountain.pass thrown behind the back of the.intended receiver which was nato thorus.tried to catch some of that wheel.wrapped ball thrown well behind him.norris.uh arms a thorace didn't see it coming.and we're gonna punt.so pun formation here as compliment will.come in and punt.and austin our boat drear back over.hanging around the 30-yard line or to.our left between there and the 25 for.hastings.waiting for the snap compliment gets it.here's the punt.off the side of his foot a wobbly kick.takes a bounce to 45.and they're going to let it roll and.mark it down at the 45 yard line right.in between the hashes.we had some very good punts early on but.the last few have been a little bit.rushed i think and and uh have come off.as a.wobbly sidewinder.i've seen a couple of punts that were.shanked off the side of the foot earlier.one from cavaliers of hastings.and so the tigers in decent field.positioning here they'll have it at.their own 45.in between the hashes and now we got a.timeout on the field are we.we have a clock issue of some sort let's.try on the side.i-13 here on the game clock.they're trying to tell.[Music].upstairs here what the clock should be.they try to get that situated.as we approach nine o'clock this is klms.lincoln.fm10115 1480 am espn lincoln.com.[Music].all right so 526 is what they reset the.clock to.cynic first and ten low snap from the 45.pass the flat far side left is caught by.shoemaker.who gets across the 50 down the far.sideline and is forced out of bounds.short of the first down and they're.gonna.mark him down at the 49 of north star.that is the first completion since early.early in the first quarter.that's a six yard pickup for hastings.second and four for the tigers from the.left hash far side moving left to right.shoemaker on motion fake the jet sweep.hand off cynic rolling right near side.looking downfield got somebody there.and it's gonna be caught at the 13-yard.line and corralled.inside at the about the five yard line.it was austin narrat who made the catch.and was taken down.by cayden lill and this will be a first.and goal for hastings at the north star.5..that is a beautifully thrown pass ran a.post corner.got great separation from the corner.ball thrown out there.over the shoulder just let him run.underneath it caught from behind but.that is a nice throw on the run.uh from uh from the hastings quarterback.cynic on first and goal pump fake.looting tackles keeps it himself dodging.tackles trying to stretch his way in.toward the end zone.he has stopped short at the two yard.line gets a three yard gain out of it.he wanted to throw that quick slant it.was they jumped the route he pulled it.down and ran with.it we got a player down maybe cynic.i don't think it's cynic.not sure who it is 52 52 which is an.offensive lineman.that's justin musgrave he's got a cramp.again he's.limping over there like it's a cramp so.musgrave is the guy that went down and.he.is going to hobble over to the hastings.sideline on the far.side but just like that tigers are.threatening.big pass play there to narrow it they.had one called back.about to start this second half there.was a touchdown very similar play.and uh this one puts them right here on.the goal line i think that was what a 44.yard pickup.second and goal pass into the end zone.goes incomplete nobody there really.pressure was on though cynic had to get.rid of the ball.so colton reed came in to put pressure.on cynic.third and goal from the north star two.yard line.447 on the clock here in this third.quarter we're still tied at 8..let's see what hastings does here on.this next attempt.he'll put jones out on the left side as.one of the receivers.cavaliers here on the right.that pistol set up blitz being shown.roll out left pursuit is on cynic.looking into the end zone underthrown.incomplete.good pressure that time from north star.and that's going to bring up fourth down.now.if you're charlie shoemaker do you risk.the field goal attempt you're in.relatively close.range tim bob thai ball game but points.are hard to come by if you had a field.goal kicker i'd kick it.your defense is played well but there's.confidence in this offense to put one in.big test here for the gator defense.gonna go for it no timeout gonna be.called by hastings and we'll.keep it right here with 4 42 to go here.before the end of this third quarter.as hastings will burn a timeout 4 42.here in this third quarter again.tied at 8 between hastings and.lincoln north star next week you're on.espn lincoln fm 10115.1480 a.m we plan on bringing you north.star and lincoln high.it'll be the season opener for lincoln.high.coverage will begin at 6 50 all brought.to you by the sportscasters club.and everybody else gets underway next.week.that lincoln high north star game was.supposed to be next thursday night but.because.of southeast not being able to play.omaha north.next friday night because the ops.schools.opted not to participate in fall sports.because of the pandemic.southeast rescheduled and got carney so.they head out to kearney next friday.night.the other big game in town next friday.night will be east and pius the 10th.that's the battle of a street.battle of a street that'll be a great.one and that's the neighborhood.battle that will take place down at.aldridge field down the street from here.about a mile.so now fourth and goal from the north.star two and hastings is gonna go for it.trips here on the right doubles on the.left far side.cynic by himself in the backfield draw.play he's gonna take it.right in toward the end zone and he's.going to be denied.stood up at the goal line what a.defensive ever from the navigators.boy looked like he was going to get in.there and just got stuck.right at the goal line and he's going to.come up just.for a half a yard short ball is sitting.there.right off the goal line jeff big big.play by the navigators.fire it up over here on this sideline i.wish we would have had instant replay.here in the booth because that thing.that defensive effort right at the goal.line that was just.tremendous big on big but.navigators are pinned back here against.their goal line and they have struggled.on offense so they're gonna have to get.something to get off of this goal line.flip this field otherwise you run the.risk of a safety.and dj mcgarvey is going to come in at.quarterback.and he'll put two line outs here on the.left authorise among them over here on.the left along with jace elliott.brugaman among the three on the right.side now we got penalty flags.on the field clock ran out.got zero on the clock so came back it up.there ain't no half the distance yeah.unless you got a centimeter back there.you ain't got no half.play clock at 20. mcgarvey goes under.center.he's going to take it forward on a sneak.play and gets behind that offensive line.to get some breathing room up to about.the four yard line.so mcgarvey took advantage of the.opportunity.and went under center i like that play i.was just sitting there thinking boy i'd.hate to snap.this thing back into the end zone and.they've been having trouble with the.snap so that's a.smart play a good call by the coaching.staff to get up under center.push that thing off the goal line get at.least three out of it.second and seven this is from the four.of north star navigators working out of.the spread.handoff it goes they're gonna give it up.now to.their running back going around left.side.ball carrier that time happened to be.dylan hallett.who is a wide receiver but ran act as a.as a running back that time he gets a.yard pick up to the five.so a third and six with 3 44 and.counting in this third quarter again.still tied at eight.trying to work out of the cellar.mcgarvey out of the gun he'll send a man.in motion and now we got more penalty.flags you got to back it up half the.distance of the goals chase elliott.was coming into motion well the tigers.smell blood in the water they are.crowding that line of scrimmage.well and this is a chance for their.defense to really shine through.they come up well short of getting into.the end zone at the goal line.and so the balls backed up to about.the three yard line third and eight.mcgarvey will send elliott in motion.and zathoras who gets to carry tries to.run out of tackles and he's going to be.stopped.essentially for no gain on the play it.looks like this will bring a fourth down.and the gators are going to punt it out.of the end zone.and the gators have struggled in their.punting game.last few have been short punts and.they've got a.short snap here you're right standing.with your heels on the.inline there.either way tigers stand to get good.field position out of it.so shoemaker playing the field position.game and now you got uh confusion on the.kicking team clock running down play.clock at five.trying to get set up there here's the.punt compliment with the boot this one's.going to go over here to the left side.of the field around the 30 yard line.on the north star sideline they're going.to mark it at about the 30.let's see they're going to put it right.at the 29 it looks.like well i think he rushed that i don't.think he had to.hastings really didn't bring the the.pressure that he thought he would but i.think it was just the whole.people running on late and all that.confusion now seem to sing it so great.field position here by hastings.if if you are hastings right now this is.redemption right here for what you.couldn't do before it gets stopped to.the goal line on fourth down.boy i'm throwing for the end zone here.quick turn.cynic out of the gun fakes the handoff.gonna keep it goes around left side but.not for long the north star defense it.was.kate sype who first got to him and then.it was james cyzer who came in to help.finish him off.and we got an injured north star.navigator on the field that might be.isaiah.no that's lorenzo vellegas who's down on.the field for.north star it looks like he's had a.cramp and they're gonna try to stretch.out that.leg to get rid of the cramp well north.star's front.four has played really well up front.they.got pressure there got in the backfield.as the quarterback was trying to make.the handoff.and that disrupted the whole play i.still would have.taken a step back and throwing one deep.yeah you know.quick change pressure on the defense.but great play by the navigators they.get a two yard loss.all in between the hash marks at the 31.so it's a loss of.two for hastings and.they're still working on valegas's leg.and we've seen several guys go down.tonight with cramps.didn't look like it was going to be the.case early on tim bob because i think.everybody was well hydrated.but it's still warm out still muggy yep.where that's still going to be an issue.and so out of the injury timeout will.resume.play hastings with the ball at the north.star 31 in between the hashes second and.long here.for cynic and company two splits each.side for the tigers cynic out of the gun.whitener within the backfield cynic and.a pump fake going left.looks downfield far side left ball in.the air knocked away incomplete.flag thrown and they're going to save.pass interference on copplin who is.covering.who was covering carson shoemaker the.intended receiver.and looked like there may have been a.bump around the ten or five yard line.between the two not sure.from that close i mean we're we're far.away from where we're at but.well the line judge or the side judge.over there was right there on the play.and he threw the flag right away.there must have been some contact that's.what it's going to be pass interference.so that'll be a automatic first down.here for.hastings and as they get into.even further deep into north star.territory.the greater the opportunity here for.them to capitalize they're going to.spot the ball at the gator 16 on the.left hash far.side so they'll spread it out with trips.here on the right side.cavaliers on the outside one split on.the far.side left i think that shoemaker over.there it is and widener gets the handoff.as he bounces off tackles through the.middle.and gets from the 16 down to the 13 yard.line.of north star for a three yard pickup.when they brought the run blitz too he.just.missed it and uh went wide and widener.cut back inside and picked up three but.they brought the linebacker on that wide.side.short side of the field that time on the.run blitz.so second down and seven with a minute.50 to go in the third quarter.ball at the left hash of the 13 yard.line of north star.trips here on the right one far side.left.cynic in the backfield with whitener.cynic gets the snap rolling right.pressure's on cuts back throws down to.the far side sliding grab goes.incomplete.it was carson shoemaker who almost had.it he was right in the end zone toward.the left corner.he just could not corral it in time to.complete it.yeah the defense forced him back.quarterback reversing field and it.opened up shoemaker cutting back across.the field.quarterback couldn't get his feet under.him ball thrown low.and shoemaker just could not bring it in.that is a break for the navigators.brings up third and seven still at the.13 of north star the clock stop with a.minute 31 to go.in the third play clock down to 11..time running out trying to get the ball.snap play clock at five.jet sweep they fake it cynic rolling.right looking down in the corner near.side it's cavaliers who completes the.catch for the touchdown.on a 13-yard toss braden cavaliers with.another reception.boy he threw a bullet didn't he he rared.back and just.threw that thing on a dime threw a bb.into the corner.court receiver brought it down knocked.out of bounds we got a foot down and.it's a conversion.and uh boy short field a lot of pressure.on the defense.and hastings has got the uh swinging.gate nope they're gonna let him kick the.field.yeah they're gonna go for the point.after.so wait for the point after here coming.up.snap of the hold flags come out.looked like brian menke's attempt was.good.but i think they'll re-kick.the ball was snapped low and i don't.know there was somebody offsides but a.side judge came in running in with a.stop to play.i don't see a flag on the field do you i.don't.so they're going to re-kick lined up in.the neutral zone.minky will attempt it cynic the hole.here's a snap the boot and the kick is.blocked.[Applause].boy that didn't take much to block it's.just a matter of.didn't take your head off he kicked that.he hit that ball high.yeah on the obviously didn't get his.foot right.and the ball just he didn't even would.have cleared the line of scrimmage.so a minute 24 to go third quarter your.score is hastings 14.north star 8 on espn lincoln.no matter your ailment.[Music].101.5 fm 14 80 am.back here at seacrest field 13 13-yard.touchdown pass from.cynic to cavalej and the point after was.blocked.and hastings now up 14-8 over north star.with a minute 24 to go here in the third.quarter i don't know if it's so much a.block or defensive position but.[Music].but navigators need to respond here the.offense is kind of sputtered defense.been on the ball.on the field a long time they need to.take a drive and make something happen.here's the boot end over end and take a.bounce around the 24.copplin picks it up at about the 22 and.he gets to about the 23.but i think they're gonna mark him at.the 24 yard line that's where the ball.went down at least.keep that little pooch kick over there.and the.gunner on the outside just about got.there.[Music].coppin made a good job of fielding it.and they'll take over there at the.24..and they're telling everybody to hustle.up eight seconds.running playing on the play clock they.don't have people out there.they're not lined up yet they're gonna.take a timeout they lost they're going.to take a delay a game.yep.so a delay a game against lincoln north.star with a minute 22 here in the third.quarter.and it just seemed like with the play.clock rolling i mean they weren't really.keeping an eye on it they thought they.had plenty of time to go out and get set.up.well the coach had him huddled over here.talking to him.and uh maybe he wasn't aware that the.clock was running or been.blown in to start i'll work from the 19..farther side hash mark on the right.here's a snap to bounton.toss now to hallett who cuts out left.side 25 30 35 40 down the near side.gonna be ran out of bounds.by beau dreer.toward midfield at the 43-yard line.and this will be a first down good play.there on the.run that time from dylan hallett the.sophomore.was a nice design play was just kind of.a forward toss play.he came across got a great block hit.that seam.got up field and broke through and was.run down but.that's a big play to get them going.maybe it'll jump start this drive.they need to respond with a minute 13 to.go here at the end of the third.another discussion on the sideline with.the officials.i didn't see anything like a clean.tackle so it looked like two.i don't.know timeout called it's it's an.official.either that or no maybe it is an.official timeout taken by north star.and we'll just well there's player down.i see it down.the player down here oh i see it it is.an injury timeout.let's uh let's step aside really quick.for a quick break 14.8 hastings ahead of north star here.minute 13 left in the third.and we'll come back after this on espn.lincoln after this 30 second timeout.my friends.[Applause].and the injured player for hastings beau.drear he's getting up and walking off.and has the hastings training staff with.him.walking over to the other sideline.minute 13 to go here in this third.quarter.and the tigers with a 14-8 lead over.north star.jeff moats tim bob kitzmiller with you.tonight here at seacrest field we're.glad to have you here.glad to be with you yeah.nice to have a little normal football.this feels like.what is supposed to be going on on a.friday night.hunt mountain trying to get everybody.set up here.in the backfield is natha thoras they'll.send elliott in motion now toward the.right.side of the line he's the tight end.bowton.scrambling in the pocket looking to.throw down the near side of the field he.goes.throws it out of bounds he was looking.for cold coffee.and coffee was toward the near sideline.around the 30-yard line and.the ball's overthrown out of bounds so.that'll bring up.second and ten here for the gators from.their own 43..tried to get a little misdirection going.that way fake the toss sweep pull the.linemen out.the ball was well overthrown out of.bounds not a chance to catch it.second and ten.here is a handoff and it's a thoras who.i think me no he kept the ball but he's.taking that it looked like the way the.guys were converging in on him.around the 48 yard line he may have lost.the ball but nope he kept it.just left the ball out of his hands once.he was brought down.down to 42 seconds here third and five.here for the gators at their own 48..thoras gets the carry looking to run out.to the near side left 50.45 cuts back in 40 and he's still down.the near sideline still in bounds but.they're going to say he was out.they're going to mark him out of bounds.he gets the first down.they're going to mark him out at the.hastings 34 yard line around the 35.that was a nifty run looked like he was.caught in the backfield.juked inside bounced outside found him.elaine.looked like he might have gone stepped.outside bounds and that's a big.conversion.by just a nifty move by the back thorus.gets the carry goes through the middle.and he's going to be tripped up.inside the 30 yard line at the 29 gets a.pickup of five on the play for the.gators.now the gators have run the ball well.when they've stayed ahead of the chains.and run the ball with the force he's.done.well it's when they get behind the.chains and those first down with.penalties.they run into trouble final play of the.quarter here we're down to five.seconds here's the snap to bow and flags.come out.i spoke too soon.[Laughter].well yeah it's the first game it's the.first game.all starting against north star so we'll.back it up five yards so that'll go back.to.and again that's just 34. you're sitting.there second to five now you're back to.second and ten and it's just frustrating.these little penalties that i'm sure the.coaching staff will address.next week and they're gonna let the.clock run out the third quarter comes to.a close here at seacrest field we are.through three.we go to the fourth quarter here and.it's hastings 14.and lincoln north star eight come back.to seacrest field after this.on espn lincoln.[Music].[Music].[Music].am welcome back.to chris field along with tim bob.kitzmiller i'm jeff motes here on espn.lincoln.fm 10115 1480 am espn lincoln dot com.and on the espn.uh website you can watch the video web.stream on the sportscasters club page.that's being provided tonight.by lincoln public schools and we can't.thank them enough for allowing us to be.out here.each and every friday night.second and ten navigators been moving.the ball.need to go down here and get a score tie.this ball game or take the lead with a.two-point conversion.here it is a thorace gets the handoff.and he runs into a.tackle and he's going to be brought down.for a loss of yards.well there's a big play by the middle of.that hastings defense.number 82.62 62 that would be sean aperspot.nice job third and lost a yard on that.play.that penalty just plays so big into this.this series you were second and five now.you're third.and twelve and it looks like some.confusion.pocket ten play clock under ten yeah.they're.they're letting it wind down some more.that's not good we're down to four.down to three not going to get it.they're not going to get it off in time.and that has got to be at least the.third or fourth time tonight tim bob.that lincoln north star has picked up a.delay a game penalty.yeah again it may be first game in.communications and getting all the right.personnel in the field but.that's just frustrating that's clock.management and you don't want to waste.the time out you're.you're down by a score you may need them.late and so you're taking another.penalty now again we go from second to.five now we're gonna be third and.eighteen third and seventeen.now let's see what they do here.on third down they may have given them.the time out.they may have taken the time out coach.may have called time out from the.sideline.that's what it looks like now to me.timeout taken here by lincoln north star.again third and 12. when we resume play.out of the timeout.ball is at the 36.of the hastings tigers.either way that's costly whether it's a.penalty or a timeout.and we do have the backup quarterback in.there.that's ballon hunt mountain who's.over four throwing the ball.here is the handoff this one's gonna go.to bj.rhodes who gets to carry and he is.stopped.by the tiger defense for a loss of yards.that's going to bring up fourth down in.fact.i don't think there's any forward.progress tim bob now that.there's way way too much pressure.penetration by that tiger front four.and you got to go for it if you're north.star you're in that that kind of that.gray area.right too close to pond too far for a.field goal attempt you can look at this.where the young man's due like i said.he's.he's lacked complete one yet two.wide outs each side mountain looking to.throw he's going to air it to the near.side of the field he's got.coffee at the 10. who makes the catch.and gets the first down.brought down at the 10-yard line he was.covered by jett samuelson of hastings.what a play that was first and goal for.north star.they were due what did i say he was due.he certainly was.ball thrown well to the outside defender.lost the receiver he had to go down and.catch it.on his backside but it's a completion.and an opportunity here for the gators.to tie this ball game or take the lead.two back set rhodes and a thorus in the.backfield with bounton.thorus gets the handoff around left side.tries to cut in.he gets to about the eight yard line he.is just swarmed.by several defenders from hastings.i've been pretty impressed with the.physicality of hastings oh man.they're coming out and they're playing.they're hitting they're hitting i mean.it's a physical game now we got a.defender.down and that might be i don't know if.that's max johnson or not it looks like.it could be for hastings.well they have just really come and hit.that linebacker spot.it is johnson he's down with a cramp.another injury time out here with 10 12.to go in the ball game.well you know and and again this is a.the first game of the year for these two.teams.nothing's been perfect i don't think.anything was expected to be perfect.right off the bat.but the effort has been excellent it has.been.on both sides defensively oh i i'm.impressed with both defenses number one.yeah the way that they've really played.tonight and the fact that.north star has only allowed 14 points.against a highly respected class b team.in hastings that that does say.they're going to put up some points on.some people this hastings team.and this quarterback and these receivers.they're going to put up some points.and we saw them in the playoffs a year.ago in class b when they came all the.way back here to play at waverly and.you know early on they gave way really a.run for their money but you know where.lee.of course won the game and that was in.the quarterfinals before.uh they went on to play omaha in the.semifinals.so hastings coming into this season.receiving a lot of attention.and they should second and goal from the.eight.here it is a handoff to a thoracic he's.going to be brought back down behind the.tent.around the 11-yard line for a loss of.yards.three-yard loss on the play.zade widener comes in to make the tackle.on authoris.this will be a third and goal and.they're going to mark it back.at the 12. so third and goal from the 12.of hastings 9 34 and counting hastings.holding on to a 14-8 lead over north.star.the thor is in motion play clock at five.going toward the edge and left side down.to twos here's the snap.fountain looking to throw looking into.the far corner into the end zone was a.caught notes drop.incomplete.and that was brugueman the intended.receiver he was deep in the left corner.trying to make the grab.and that's going to bring up fourth down.and if you're tony kovza yes let's go.for it.bring them back to your other.quarterback backhand.they're gonna go to they've been going.to a two quarterback setup and now.mcgarvey is back in here for fourth down.play clock at 15 now they're going to.reset it.fourth down here play clock reset they.get the snap off.mcgarvey pitch and catch attempt no.incomplete nobody anywhere close.the closest guy was cool coffee and he.was covered.toward the right side of the end zone by.jett samuelson.and nobody there to make the catch and.north star cannot convert.on fourth down and the hastings tigers.dodge a bullet.and they get it back at their own.12-yard line with 908 remaining.it was a good drive gave your defense a.rest now the defense has played well.they need to have a stop they need to.get the ball back here and give their.offense a chance.get off the field here pressure on the.defense.and now i hand off.was the carrier that time.so it's a carry of.about four up to the 16 second and six.here for the.tigers working from the right hash as.they move right to left as we see it at.seacrest field 843 to go.holding on to that six point lead over.north star.cynic out of the gun gets it looking to.throw toward the right side it's caught.at the 35 all the way past the 50 down.the far.sideline green space ahead for nart into.the end zone.touchdown hastings well that is a.beautifully thrown ball he took.one step forward that linebacker bit he.dropped it over the receiver hadn't even.looked for the ball.yet when it was in the air he turned his.head and it was right on the money and.it was nothing but a track meet.right down the sideline for a touchdown.and what a momentum killer.what a change of events for the for the.tigers.i believe that's an 84 yard toss.he's had some big ones today he's only.there's only five of 19 but the ones.he's completed.have been big big plays 84 44.in the first half he had a 62.so big big plays point after attempt for.menke is up and it is good.[Music].so just like that it is a 21-8.lead and.north star down now 21-8 will take a.break and back in 30 seconds after you.hear this on espn lincoln.[Music].jeff motes tim bob kitsmiller with you.here on espn lincoln fm 115 1480 am espn.lincoln dot com.it is 21 to 8 hastings ahead.of lincoln north star here at seacrest.field.and that was a big big play by the.hastings tiger.well well thrown ball caught the.receiver in the seam and he just.took it to the house man.that was perfect.here's the kick go inside on side kick.did they get it back.and hastings will get the football an.onsite kick.widener got the ball back and they'll.have it at the north star.34-yard line ball was just kind of a.little pooch kick over that first line.he'd done that all night this was a.little shorter.it skipped up and the gunner on the.outside was able to slide in there and.recover it.and here we go hastings tigers got great.field position and the defense has got.their back.up against the wall again man.and this is the hastings football team i.think a lot of people are anticipating.to see.at some point especially.i think they're a good football team.gators have played them well.they really have in incredit north star.they've they've hung with them most of.the night.it's just been big plays like that that.have happened.here's cynic running out of room finds a.receiver that was already out of bounds.around the first down marker.inside the 25 of the 24 and it's.incomplete.and i think that might have been.ryan bauer that was over there he was.the guy that caught the ball he was out.of bounds.gotta know where you're at on the field.so it's incomplete to him this will be a.second and ten here.for the tigers with 8 20 to go here in.this game they lead it 21-8 over north.star.again that's the case they wanted to go.deep and it was well covered on the back.end and pressure on cynic.cynic keeps it running around right side.tries to get out of a tackle not for.long there coughlin comes in to make the.stop.as cynic gets inside the 30 to about the.28 yard line.so about a pickup of five on the play.for cynic.third and five at the 29 yard line.under eight minutes to play in this one.gators really need to stand here can't.afford to give up another score.7 47 clock running.a lot of time here in the fourth quarter.but can't afford to give up another.score.trying to get everybody lined up play.clock at two they get the snap off in.time cynic rolling left near side.looking to throw.down field wobbly toss in the air tip.thrill.gonna be knocked away incomplete deep.coverage that time.north star had two guys down there.colton reed was down there.they've tried that play a number of.times where they roll the quarterback.one director.direction and try to catch that corner.on the back side they got it early in.the game.but since then the north star defenders.have stayed with their man on that back.side.and not allowed that to be an easy play.but cynic has a heck of an arm rolling.one way throwing back the other way.he's playing safety right now or was he.was on defense early but cynic on a draw.play.gonna keep it dodging tackles got the.first down take it down at the 20-yard.line.you kind of zigzag through the middle of.that defense.[Music].and with 7-17 enrolling hastings is at a.point now tim bob where.they can control the temple they can let.the clock run.as long as they can you know you're up.13 at this point.cynic jogged all the way over the.sideline to get to play from the coach.you know taking his time getting the.live scrimmage.and neither one of these teams tonight.have really done any huddle i mean it's.it's been no huddle a lot of the time.that's the way it is cynic handoff.widener runs into.north star defenders lorenzo vallegas.over there among them.got big number 76 in there linebacker.flying in.loss of one.6 29 to go 21 8 hastings ahead of north.star.and they haven't given up much on the.ground it has all been big pass plays.through the.air yeah i mean essentially that's what.the scoring's been tonight.it's all been through the air no runs or.anything like that.second and eleven cynic looking to throw.far side and it's caught did he get into.the end zone they're going to say he was.out of bounds reception made by gareth.jones.just outside the goal line i think.they're going to mark him.at the north star.two well that ball was thrown right.along the sidelines the receiver did a.nice job of.controlling his momentum to catch it.before he went out of bounds but.couldn't get.back for the touchdown they put one in.here.it it's pretty much a done deal you have.to borrow the door.but in north star tonight their defense.has been playing extremely well and.you're at a point now where.i think there's not enough fuel in the.tank.to really keep things going but you.never know.well there's a penalty going to back.them up delay a game we've had a lot of.those tonight.oh you bet we have a ton of those on.both sides and.part of it's just you know getting used.to playing you know um.football i mean practice is one thing.and you can simulate but.getting the game and getting the plays.in getting them called for the.coaching staff as well as the players so.we've seen a lot of that.uh tonight.out of the pistol formation i'm gonna.give it up.and i think that was widener that time.that took the carry is.he went around left side.and was taken back for a loss of yards.it looks like.back at the seven so second and goal.coming up here for hastings.you know the longest run for scrimmage.has been that jet sweep.that they had the shoemaker back in the.third quarter everything else has been.three and four and five yard carries um.nothing big on the ground yeah.that's true when you get down the goal.line it squeezes in here a little bit.it's a little harder to.get those passes fitted in here is cynic.rolling right.looking in toward the end zone got a man.in there touchdown.hastings that was a well that was a.garrison.ball yep gareth jones comes up with a.catch from about six yards out.roll the quarterback out to the wide.side receiver just ran a little stopper.out to the inside froze the defender.ball was thrown on time as he turned to.the outside and.touchdown so big big.lead at this point gonna go for the.extra pour the extra point to go up by.20..snap in the hold here's the kick it is.up.and it is good for minke with 5 12 to go.here in this game and your score is.hastings 28 lincoln north star eight.and we'll keep it right here with 5 12.remaining here.in this ball game and so.been a tough one here the last quarter.or so for.north star it looked very good.most the game and it's again offense.it's been about.penalties sustaining drives you know.when you make a big run on one down the.next time up.you shoot yourself in the foot and you.lose yards you have a penalty.yeah you really have and they've missed.some opportunities they've had some.short fields.throughout the night and the offense.hadn't been able to capitalize and.and you're playing a good team in.hastings they've got an explosive.offense and.and you give them too many chances and.they certainly haven't and back-to-back.scores.the big 84-yard touchdown and then the.score.after uh recovering the onside kick and.those are back breakers.no question.so jones with a six yard reception.and the point after for minke makes it.28 to eight hastings.short kick picked up at the 25..on the move is kade sipe who retrieved.it.and he gets up to about the 39-yard line.so a short return for him.i i like this hastings ball club yeah i.really i mean i'm i'm very impressed.with them.and i think who they play this year in.class b.probably needs to take note that they're.they're not going to mess around with.anybody.well and class b football has always.been for this for me in the state of.nebraska.one of the most competitive you know it.really has the board.you know you think about you know some.great teams out of a cook and aurora.and uh now i know hastings is our roars.dropped down to.uh c1 but for many years they were a big.big powerhouse garvey with a pass.attempt looking for jase elliott around.the 50-yard line threw it behind him it.goes incomplete.adam central uh.northwest last few years yeah well.waverly waverly has been norris.scott scott always ron roncalli.i mean you go border to border you got.some really good you got some good class.b.teams mcgarvey scrambling here on second.at 10..finds coffee at the hastings 48.retrieves it.and finally tackled at about the 47-yard.line on the play good.pick up there for cole coffee good look.there from mcgarvey.yeah i got the stop round coming back.rolled him out to the outside and.hit the open receiver they needed that.that gets them across midfield.[Music].first and ten mcgarvey pitch and catch.boris had it but dropped it good tackle.good.coverage that time from hastings jet.samuelson was in on the coverage for.the tigers four minutes and 44 seconds.to play here in this game again 28 to 8.our score in favor.of hastings but class a this year is.going to be much different because it's.different yes.you don't have every omaha team involved.well you have burke.north or central who were highly favored.pass on the far.side incomplete on the far side looked.like that uh.hallett was the intended receiver around.the 40-yard line of hastings so.this will be a third down in 10 coming.up at the 47 of hastings but.with the ops schools not a factor you do.have the millard schools bellevue.schools.west side prep and them playing.regardless though this.this whole year is so odd it's going to.have an asterisk.yeah it's going to be very lopsided in.the record books.because of this pandemic.third and ten mcgarvey nope mountain.back in he'll keep it.stutter steps cuts out to the right side.around the 40 gonna be forced out of.bounds.a late hit as a flag comes out and i.think they're going to mark him.out at the 38 but i think with the late.hit that's definitely going to give them.a first down.so yeah i just didn't see where he was.at along the sideline.quarterback did a nice job wasn't.anything there saw the lane got up the.field.put a little juke on and got bumped and.then going to get the tack on from the.penalty and that's going to put them.down.they're probably inside the 30..and we hope we get this season in we do.too i mean we really do.i mean i think but we understand we.understand i understand it could go.anywhere but right now.cases seem to be tended trending in the.right direction and we're very fortunate.compared to other states you know.and again you know the lincoln mass.mandate i think has helped out quite a.bit.in a lot in a lot of aspects as bowton.looks to throw pass gonna be.caught by elliot did he catch it yes he.did wow.enough for a first down they're gonna.mark him at the 12-yard line of hastings.so still a lot of fight left.with this north star football team but.again.siding on the side of caution is.probably the best way to go forward here.for everybody if the case numbers keep.continuing to go down.overall right first and ten mountain.gonna air it out near side right into.the end zone of mcgarvey who.went out as a wide receiver and it goes.incomplete he was covered by austin.nauer at that time.and now we're at 5 10 mcgarvey about 6'5.i think he just lost in the lights ball.kind of was like.fluttering up there but you had the.heights advantage and an opportunity to.jump ball.good call.i'm going to do it again in the end zone.and then it's intercepted by nard.nart he's down the near side 30 40.he's to the 50 he's to the 40. he's.going to be blocked.and now it's going to take it all the.way into the end zone.for a touchdown on a pick six.i think that was 98 yards i was gonna.say 98 99 yards.he picked it right at the goal line ball.was thrown up we're trying to get that.jump ball and he timed it well ran right.underneath it.and he took it all the way back 99 yards.got a great block there at about the.20-yard line.from his teammate and took it into the.end zone.and that's a back breaker.i had to put a kink in your hose right.there.wow big plays by hastings late in this.game have just blown it wide open.yep that's been the big difference.and mickey's point after attempt is up.and it is good so it's 35 to eight.hastings over lincoln north star with.351 to go in the game.and that's disappointing they had a good.drive going they made some conversion.thrown some.gotten some completions drove it all the.way down there.and uh just a great defensive play ball.thrown up a little bit.but defenders played it well and uh made.the break on the ball.and took it all the way to the house you.may need a little.oxygen over there on the sideline that's.a long run on a hot night.well that was a big play it was a great.defensive play it was.tremendous.[Music].so hastings really flexing their muscle.here in the last quarter.yep and we'll we'll talk more about that.here coming up.once we get into postgame and uh.obviously.northstar who had been hanging with this.team all night long.i mean they're they're doing all the.best they can to.well and again their their defense just.on the field a lot.big play team offense has uh.struggled penalties have been a big part.of it.yeah and you just can't leave those.opportunities out there with an.explosive team.like hastings high right now.well some folks on twitter said 98 we've.said roughly 99.98 need a replay to be sure.yeah i think 98.99 is probably the best.bet.here's the ensuing kick picked up.and wide open is dylan hallett gets up.to the 40.tries to cut back out to the outside.brought down around the 43-yard line.he had a great big hole to run through a.33-yard return there for him.a couple of safety people back there to.keep him from.breaking that but best return of the.night.i'm sure you're going to see some.reserves in here maybe yeah.from hastings high get some playing time.here tonight.in this well it's a great i mean you.come to seacrest field and play.under the lights it's a great.opportunity for hastings eye uh.you know to play in this in a situation.i mean i said they hadn't been here.since since early 90s so.yeah great opportunity for these young.men hastings would come to lincoln every.now and then to play.class a teams from here and that's back.in the days when.lincoln had four class a schools handoff.given up now to.jaden hernandez the junior running back.into the game gets a carry up to the.50-yard line and a pickup of seven.which doesn't seem like it's been that.long ago tim bob but.it's it's been quite a while gets away.from you in a hurry.and you got two more schools are going.to be built here in the next couple of.years here's a.drop ball about in the quarterback and.amanda's pounces on top of it to recover.it and keeps it at the 45 for loss of.yards well and elkhorn has moved up to.class a they're building another high.school.they got two more high schools going on.going in in omaha.so the class a is going to expand and.you know some of these other schools.from out west or outside the omaha and.lincoln metro areas.you know it's hard to say if they're.going to stay in or if they're going to.move down.hernandez gets the hand off again tries.to go around right side and.really no gain on the play still at the.46. that'll bring up fourth down here.with 240 to go in the game.i have to say and again i know.caution was what was the uh reason.and coveted but you worry about some of.these schools losing a season and what.that can do.to a program it could be devastating i.think the program and i understand the.reason why.but they're just it can be devastating.to lose that gear.uh in any program but some of these.marginal schools up in up in omaha you.worry about them.fun formation here is compliment boot.away and.fair catch gonna be signaled right at.about the.24 yard line by austin nauert.as we approach the final two minutes of.this one here.at seacrest field next friday night more.football planning on north star and.hastings or north star and lincoln high.next week.that's the plan for now well.north star i'll have to regroup for that.one.thinking i always have some athletes.this is true.of course they had a great group a.couple of years ago and oh boy.we did that game with them in miller.north that was a heck of a game down.feature field eastern field.and a new new set of downs here a new.drive here for.hastings and it's widener who is stopped.clock running minute 48 and counting.second along here for hastings and this.is just the time for them to.run out the clock here and get ready to.go back on the bus and head 100 miles.down the road back home.it'll be a better trip home if you won.with this kind of score than.if you lost so north star though.we've seen progress yeah the defense.looks really good.offense is still going to have to find.his footing they've got a good look a.couple of good looking backs.problem has been having a consistent.passing game and the penalties getting.behind the chains has really hurt them.if they can clean up those penalties i.think they've got some guys up front.that can.get them some yards and they're running.back to do it and that that.helps if you can run the football now.the final minute here this one and again.we want to thank lincoln public schools.for.allowing us to provide play-by-play for.their video web stream tonight.and of course we'll have coverage on the.radio.and on our website all year long at espn.lincoln.fm 115 14 80 a.m and espn lincoln dot.com.so last things on the radio the rest of.the season.next week you got north star and lincoln.high.that's the plan right now as third and.13 here and a handoff around right side.and the ball stopped at about the 28.yard line that's pretty much gonna do it.and i think that'll put a wrap on things.here neither team will have to meet at.the 50. i think they're just going to.wave at each other and say nice game.good luck the rest of the way go get.some gatorade and.go home as the clock winds out that's.going to do it tonight here from.seacrest field.your final score is hastings 35 lincoln.north star.eight so hastings begins the year with a.win.and uh north star will drop dole in one.and.we'll see how things go the rest.of the way for both teams so that'll do.it again the final.hastings 35 lincoln north star eight.will be back to wrap things up here.in just a few moments and for those of.you on the lps web stream thank you for.watching tonight.we'll talk to you again soon back with.more on espn lincoln after this parade.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form in Chrome

Chrome is probably the most handy browser in recent, and it's no wonder. It has all the features, integrations and extensions you can urge. It's extremely useful to have all the tools you use available, due to the browser extensions.

Consequently, CocoSign has be the partner of Chrome, so you can just go to the Web Store to get the extension. Then, you can sign your form directly in the browser. These are a few simple instructions to lead you through the signing process:

  1. Notice the link to the document that needs to be signed, and press 'Open in CocoSign'.
  2. Use your registered account to log in.
  3. Notice the link to the document that needs to be signed, and press 'Open in CocoSign'.
  4. Navigate to 'My signature' and design your personalized signature.
  5. Find the right position on the page, put the signature, and press 'Done'.

After completing the instructions, you can either email the document or share it to as many recipients as you need.

You will notice that CocoSign has made efforts to make your Chrome signing experience as joyful and relax as possible, by adding a wide range of handy features, like merging PDF files, adding multiple signers, and so on.

How to create an electronic signature for the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form in Gmail?

Email is the major method to transfer documents in recent, and going paperless has a lot of superiority, speed being the main one. You can sign a document and have your partner receive it right away.

Your email recipient is one click away. This simple process can be applied to any files that needs a signature: contracts, tax forms, and all kinds of agreements or declarations.

The great thing about CocoSign is that it helps you sign online the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form in your Gmail, without having any other equipments involved. You can do that using the CocoSign Chrome extension. There are only five simple instructions you need to follow to sign your form right in your Gmail account:

  1. Find the CocoSign extension in the Chrome Web Store, and place it to your browser.
  2. Log into your Gmail account.
  3. Navigate to the Inbox and find the email containing the form you need to sign.
  4. On the sidebar, you will find the button 'Sign'; click it and design your designed e-signature.
  5. Once you press 'Done,' the signature will be completed, and the signed document will be automatically saved in a draft email generated by the CocoSign application.

Quick was the primary concern behind the efforts made by CocoSign to develop a simple and fast application that can allow you to forgo signing documents physically.

Once you try the application, you will right away become one of the lots of satisfied clients who are enjoying the superiority of e-signing their documents right from their Gmail account.

How to create an e-signature for the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are so evolved in recent, that you can make use of them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are signing documents from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

It's also a huge benefit work at home. As long as your internet connection is stable, you can conduct your business everywhere.

When you need to sign a Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form , and you're outside, the CocoSign web application is the answer. Signing and sending a legally binding document will take seconds. Here is what you need to do to sign a document on your phone:

  1. Use your browser to go to CocoSign and log in. If you don't already have an account, you need to register.
  2. Notice the document that needs to be signed on the device and select it.
  3. Open the document and go to the page to add your signature.
  4. Press on 'My Signature'.
  5. Design your personalized signature, then place it on the page.
  6. Once you have done, check the document finally, press 'Done'.

All these instructions won't take long period, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant superiority of CocoSign is that it's adaptable with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal choice, and it simplifies workflow, it's paperless.

How to create an e-signature for the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iOS devices is not at all complex. You can sign the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will notice the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to check CocoSign.

These are the guides you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Place the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Utilize your email to design an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Notice the PDF that needs to be signed on the iOS devices or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Notice the section where you want to put the signature; press 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Draw your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

After finishing, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and fax it. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can sign and send documents immediately.

How to create an electronic signature for the Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form on Android?

iOS has a large number of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most mobile users have an Android operating system. To serve the needs, CocoSign has developed the application, especially for Android users.

You can acquire the app on Play Market, install it, and you are capable to start signing documents. These are the instructions to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Press on '+' to select the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Notice the section where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write down your signature.
  4. Put down it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to email the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your recipients immediately. CocoSign is the best way to sign a large number of docs every day, all at a cost-efficient price. It's time to forget all about signing docs with pen and keep it all electronic.

Lincoln Public Schools On Line Transcripts Form FAQs

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